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Maiden No More 6不再是处女 6It was a Sunday morning in late October about four months after Tess#39;s arrival at Trantridge ,and a few weeks after the night ride in The Chase.这是10月末的一个星期天的上午,苔丝来到纯瑞脊已有四个来月,距离骑马到逐猎林那个晚上也有几个星期了。Carrying a heavy basket and bundle, Tess was walking towards the hills which divided her from the Vale,her place of birth.挎着一个沉重的篮子和包袱,苔丝正朝那些把她与她出生所在的山谷分开的山峦走去。The scenery and people on this side were very different from those in her village.这边的风土人情与她村里的大不相同。Marlott people mainly thought and travelled northward and westward, while on this side people were interested in the east and the south.马勒特村的人们主要想着往北部和西部迁移,而这边的人们感兴趣的是东部和南部。She walked up the same hill which drsquo;Urberville had driven down so wildly that June day.她正向一个山头爬去,6月的一天,就是在这座山头,德伯曾疯狂地急驰而下。On reaching the top of the hill,Tess paused and looked for a long time at the familiar green world of home.到达山顶后,苔丝停下了脚步,久久地凝望着家乡熟悉的绿色世界。It was always beautiful from here,but since she had last seen it,her view of life had changed.从这儿看上去,它总是那么美,但是自从她上次见到它以后,她对生活的看法已经改变了。She had learnt that wickedness exists,even where there is beauty,and now she could hardly bear to look down into the Vale.她已经懂得邪恶是存在的,哪怕是在很美的地方。现在她几乎无法再往下看山谷了。Then she looked behind her and saw a carriage coming up the same hill that she had just climbed,with a man leading the horse.Soon he caught up with her.她往身后看了看,发现一辆马车正朝着她爬过的同一座山驶上来,车上有一个人在赶着马。很快他就赶上了她。lsquo;Why did you slip away in secret like that?rsquo; asked drsquo;Urberville breathlessly.;为什么你要这样偷偷地溜走?;德伯上气不接下气地问道,lsquo;I#39;ve been driving like mad to catch up with you.Just look at my horse!;为了追上你,我像疯了似地赶车。看看我的马吧!You know nobody would have prevented you from going.I#39;m going to drive you the rest of the way, if you won#39;t come back with me.你知道没有人会阻止你走的。如果你不愿和我回去的话,剩下的路让我送你走。;lsquo;I won#39;t come back,rsquo;she said quietly.;我不愿回去。;她轻轻地说。lsquo;I thought so!Well,let me help you up.Give me your basket.rsquo;;我知道你会这么说的!那好,让我帮你上车吧,把篮子递给我。;She stepped up into the carriage and sat beside him.她登上马车,坐在他身旁。She had no fear of him now.现在她已经不怕他了。The reason for this was also the reason for her sorrow.不怕的原因也正是她痛苦的原因。They drove along,drsquo;Urberville making conversation and Tess thinking her own thoughts.车子往前驶着,德伯说着话,苔丝想着自己的心事。When they approached the village of Marlott a tear rolled down her cheek.当他们临近马勒特村时,一滴泪珠从她的面颊上滚落下来。lsquo;Why are you crying?rsquo;he asked coldly.;为什么要哭?;他冷冷地问道。lsquo;I was only thinking I was born over there.rsquo;;我只是在想,我出生在那儿。;lsquo;Well, we must all be born somewhere.rsquo;;嗯,我们都是要出生在某个地方的。;lsquo;I wish I had never been born,there or anywhere else!rsquo;she said quietly.;我希望我从没出生过,不论是在那儿还是在别的任何地方!;她轻声说。lsquo;Well,you shouldn#39;t have come to Trantridge if you didn#39;t want to You didn#39;t come for love of me, anyway.rsquo;;哦,如果你不愿意你就不应该到纯瑞脊来。反正,你也不是因为爱我才来的。;lsquo;That#39;s quite true.If I had ever loved you,if I loved you still,I could not hate myself for my weakness as much as I do now.rsquo;;一点儿不错。如果我曾经爱过你,如果我仍然爱着你,我就不会像现在这么恨自己的软弱无能了。;He did not look at her.他没有看她。She added,lsquo;I didn#39;t understand your intention until it was too late.rsquo;她继续说道:;当我明白了你的企图时,已经太晚了。;lsquo;That#39;s what every woman says.rsquo;;每个女人都这么说。;lsquo;How dare you say that!rsquo;she cried angrily, her eyes flashing at him.;你怎么敢这么说!;她愤怒地叫道,眼冒怒火地瞪着他。lsquo;My God!I could hit you!Did you never think that some women may not only say it but feel it?rsquo;;天哪,我会揍你的!难道你从没想过,有些女人不仅这么说,还真地这样感觉吗?;lsquo;All right,rsquo;he said laughing,lsquo;I am sorry to hurt you.;好吧,;他笑着说,;伤害了你我很抱歉。I did wrong;I admit it.Only don#39;t keep accusing me.我做错了事;;我承认。 只是不要再没完没了地谴责我了。I am y to pay for it.You need never work on the farms again.rsquo;我是准备付出代价的,你再也不用到农场干活了。;Her lip lifted slightly as she replied,lsquo;I will not take anything from you!I cannot!rsquo;她的嘴唇稍稍撅起,回答道:;我不会从你那儿拿任何东西的!我不会的!;lsquo;One would think you were a queen as well as being one of the real drsquo;Urbervilles!;人们会认为你是个王后,就像认为你是一个真正的德伯家族的人一样!Well,Tess dear,I suppose I#39;m a bad sort of man.哦,亲爱的苔丝,我想我大概是个坏人。I#39;ve always been one, and I always will be one.我一直是个坏人,将来也一直会是。But I promise I won#39;t be bad to you again.但是我保再也不对你做什么坏事了。And if anything should happen;you understand;if you are in any trouble or need anything,just drop me a line and I#39;ll send by return whatever you want.rsquo;如果有任何事情发生;;你明白;;如果你遇到任何麻烦或需要任何东西,来封短信就行了,我会送来你想要的任何东西。;She stepped down from the carriage and was going to leave him,when he stopped her and said,lsquo;You#39;re not going to turn away from me like that,dear?Gome,let me kiss you!rsquo;她从车上迈下来,正准备离他而去,他拦住了她,说道:;亲爱的,你不会就这样离开我了,是吗?来,让我吻你一下!;lsquo;If you wish,rsquo;she answered coldly.;如果你想这样的话,;她漠然地答道。She offered her cool cheek to him,but her eyes rested on a distant tree as if the kiss had nothing to do with her.她向他仰起了冰凉的脸颊,目光却停留在远处的一棵树上,仿佛这亲吻跟她丝毫不相干似的。lsquo;You don#39;t give me your lips,Tess. I#39;m afraid you#39;ll never love me.rsquo;;你没有把你的唇递过来,苔丝。恐怕你永远不会爱上我。;It#39;s true. I have never loved you,and I never can.rsquo;She added sadly,lsquo;Perhaps I should tell a lie and then I could lead a comfortable life.But I have enough honour not to tell that lie.;是的,我从来没有爱过你,也永远不会爱上你。;她又伤心地加上一句:;也许我该撒个谎,这样我的日子就会好过了。但是我还有足够的自尊,不撒那个谎。If I loved you,I might have a very good reason to tell you so.But I don#39;t.rsquo;如果我爱过你,我会有很好的理由告诉你,但是我没有。;Alec sighed heavily,as if this scene were depressing him.亚历克沉重地叹了口气,好像这一席话令他很沮丧。lsquo;well,you#39;re very sad,Tess,and you have no reason to be.;嗨,苔丝,你很伤心。你这样是没有理由的。You#39;re still the prettiest girl for miles around. Will you come back with me? Say you will!rsquo;你仍是方圆数里内最漂亮的姑娘。你愿意回到我身边吗?说你愿意!;lsquo;Never,never!I#39;ve made up my mind, and I won#39;t come.rsquo;;不,不愿!我已经下定决心了,永远不会回去的。;lsquo;Then goodbye!rsquo;and Alec jumped up into his carriage and drove off.;那么,再见!;亚历克跳上马车,驾车走了。Tess did not watch him go,but continued her walk alone.苔丝没有看着他离开,只管一个人继续走着。It was still early in the day and the sun was not yet giving any warmth.现在还很早,太阳射出的光芒尚未有一丝暖意。Tess felt even sadder than the autumn sadness which surrounded her.悲凉的秋意笼罩着她,而她觉得自己的内心更加哀伤。But soon a man came up behind her,a man with a pot of red paint in his hand.但很快有个人从她后面赶了上来,手里提着一罐红色的颜料。lsquo;Good morning,rsquo;he said, and offered to carry her basket.;早上好!;他说,并提出帮她提篮子。lsquo;You#39;re up early on a Sunday,rsquo;he continued.;你在星期天起得可够早的。;他继续说道。lsquo;Yes,rsquo;said Tess.;是啊,;苔丝说。lsquo;A day of rest for most people, although I do more real work today than in the rest of the week put together.rsquo;;这是大多数人休息的日子。但我在这一天做的真正工作,比一星期的其余六天加在一块儿还多。;lsquo;Do you?rsquo;;是吗?;lsquo;In the week I work for man,but on Sunday I work for God.That#39;s better work,don#39;t you think?;别的日子我为人们工作,但星期天我为上帝工作。这是一种更好的工作,你不觉得吗?Wait a moment,I have something to do here.rsquo;He stopped at a gate, and in large red letters on the middle bar of the gate he painted some words from the Bible:等一下,在这儿我有点儿事要做。;他在一个大门前停了下来,并用很大的红字在门中间的栏杆上刷上《圣经》中的几个字:PUNISHMENT AWAITS YOU惩罚等着你In the soft air,against the gentle green of the trees and the peaceful fields, these great red words stared at Tess.在柔和的空气里,在嫩绿的树木和宁静的田野的包围中,这些大红字在盯着苔丝,They pointed a finger at her.This man was a stranger and could not know her story, but the words accused her.它们在指责她。 刷字的只不过是个陌生人,他并不知道她的经历,但这些红字在谴责她。lsquo;Do you believe what you paint?rsquo;she asked in a low voice.;你相信你刷的那些话吗?;苔丝轻轻地问道。lsquo;Do I believe those words?Do I believe I am alive!rsquo;;你问我相信那些话吗?就跟相信我活着一样!;lsquo;But,rsquo;she whispered,trembling,lsquo;suppose you were forced to do wrong?rsquo;;但是,;她的声音很低,有些发颤,;假如你是被迫做错了事呢?;He shook his head.lsquo;I can#39;t answer that question.I paint the words and leave others to think about them in their own hearts.rsquo;他摇了摇头:;我无法回答这个问题。我刷写这些话是留给人们用他们自己的心灵去思考的。;lsquo;I think they are horrible words!rsquo;cried Tess.lsquo;I#39;ll take my basket and go on now, and she walked away from him,her heart beating fast.lsquo;I don#39;t believe God said those things!rsquo;she thought,as she reached her village.;我认为这些话很可怕!;苔丝喊道。;给我篮子吧,我要走了。;她从他身边走开了,心在剧烈地跳动着。当她到达村子时,她想:;我相信上帝是不会那样说的!;There was smoke coming from her father#39;s chimney, but seeing the inside of the cottage made her heart ache.家里的烟囱冒着烟,但屋子里面的情景让她觉得心痛。It was as poor as ever.Her mother jumped up,surprised to see her.这儿还像过去一样贫穷。见到她,母亲觉得很奇怪,急忙站了起来。lsquo;Well,my dear Tess!rsquo;she said,kissing her.;哦,我亲爱的苔丝!;她一边说,一边吻着她。lsquo;How are you? Have you come home to be married?rsquo;;你好吗?你是要回来结婚的吗?;lsquo;No, not for that, mother.rsquo;;不,不是为那个,妈。;lsquo;What,isn#39;t your cousin going to marry you?rsquo;;什么,难道你表哥不打算跟你结婚吗?;lsquo;He#39;s not my cousin, and he#39;s not going to marry me.rsquo;;他不是我的表哥,他也不会跟我结婚的。;Her mother looked at her closely.lsquo;Come,you haven#39;t told me everything.rsquo;她的母亲关切地看着她。;过来,你还什么都没跟我说呢。;Then Tess went up to her mother,put her head on Joan#39;s shoulder,and told her the whole story.苔丝走近母亲,把自己的头靠在琼的肩上,把事情的来龙去脉都告诉了她。lsquo;And you haven#39;t persuaded him to marry you!rsquo;cried Joan.;而你没有说他跟你结婚!;琼叫道,lsquo;What#39;s the good of going there? Why didn#39;t you think of doing some good for your family instead of thinking only of yourself?rsquo;;那去那儿有什么好处?你为什么不能想想为家里做点儿好事,而不是只考虑你自己呢?;Tess was confused.苔丝很迷惑。Alec had never mentioned marriage to her.亚历克从来没有提过要跟她结婚。But even if he had,she would never have accepted him, because she did not love him.而即便他提过,她也永远不会接受他的,因为她不爱他。This made her hate herself for what she had done.这一点让她为自己所做的事而恨自己。She would certainly never love him in the future.将来她当然也不会爱上他的。She did not quite hate him, but did not wish to marry him,even to remain respectable.她并不十分痛恨他,但她不想跟他结婚,哪怕是为了维护自己的尊严。lsquo;You ought to have been more careful if you didn#39;t want to marry him!rsquo;;如果你不愿嫁给他,你就应该更小心才是!;lsquo;Oh mother!rsquo;cried the poor girl,her heart breaking.lsquo;;哦,妈妈!;可怜的女孩哭道,她的心碎了。Why didn#39;t you warn me about men?I was a child when I left home!;为什么以前你没警告我要提防男人?我离开家的时候还只是一个孩子!I didn#39;t know how dangerous they can be,and you didn#39;t tell me!rsquo;我不知道他们会有多危险,你并没有告诉我!;lsquo;Well,we must make the best of it,rsquo;said her mother.lsquo;It#39;s only human nature, after all.rsquo;;嗯,我们必须尽量往好处想。;她母亲说,;毕竟,这只不过是人类的天性。;That afternoon the little cottage was full of Tess#39;s friends, girls who lived in the village and who had missed her while she had been away.那天下午,小屋里坐满了苔丝的朋友。她不在的时候,这些村里的姑娘们都非常想她。They whispered to each other that Tess was sure to marry that handsome gentleman.她们在私下里互相说,苔丝一定会嫁给那位英俊的先生的。Fortunately Tess did not hear them.很幸运,苔丝没有听到她们说的话。She joined in their laughing and talking,and for a short time almost forgot her shame.她加入到她们的欢声笑语中,在这段短暂的时间里,她几乎忘却了自己的耻辱。But the next day was Monday,the beginning of the working week, when there were no best clothes and no visitors.但第二天就是星期一了,一周的工作又开始了。这天人们不会穿最好的衣,也不会有人拜访。She awoke with the innocent children asleep around her,she who had lost her innocence.苔丝在一群睡在她身边的天真无邪的孩子们中醒来,她自己却已失去了贞节。She looked into her future,and grew very depressed.想到今后的日子,她变得非常忧郁。She knew she had to travel on a long,stony road, without help or sympathy.她知道她要走上一段漫长、坎坷的旅程,得不到帮助也得不到同情。She had nothing to look forward to,and she wanted to die.她对未来心灰意冷,她想死去。In the next few weeks, however, she became more cheerful, and went to church one Sunday morning.然而接下来的几个星期,她变得稍稍振作一点了。一个星期天的上午,她去了教堂。She loved listening to the well-known tunes, and gave herself up to the beauty of the music.她喜欢听那些熟悉的旋律,沉浸在那美妙的音乐中。She wondered at the composer#39;s power.她对作曲家的力量感到惊叹。From the grave he could make a girl like her, who had never known him,feel extremes of emotion.他虽已在坟墓当中,却能让一个像她这样与他素不相识的姑娘感受无限的。She sat in a quiet,dark corner listening to the service.她坐在一个安静、黑暗的角落里,倾听基督仪式和音乐。But when the village people arrived at church they noticed her and started whispering to each other.但是当村子里的人们来到教堂后,他们注意到了她并窃窃私语起来。She knew what they were saying and realized she could come to church no more.她知道他们在说什么,同时知道自己今后再也不能来教堂了。So she spent almost all her time in her bedroom,which she shared with the children.因此,她把自己整天关在这间与其他孩子们共有的卧室里。From here she watched the wind, the snow,the rain,beautiful sunsets and full moons,one after another.在这儿,她看刮风,看下雪,看雨点飘洒,看美丽的日落,还有一轮又一轮的满月。People began to think she had gone away.人们渐渐以为她外出了。She only went out after dark, to walk in the woods and the fields.只有在天黑以后,她才会出来,到树林里和田野上走走。She was not afraid of the dark or the shadows; it was people she was anxious to avoid.她不怕黑暗和阴影,她极力想避开的只是人群。She was at home on the lonely hills, but she felt guilty surrounded by innocent nature.在孤寂的山上她感到自在,但被纯净的大自然包围时,她又有一种负罪感。When it rained, she thought nature was crying at her weakness,and when the midnight wind blew she thought nature was angry with her.下雨时,她会想到是大自然在为她的软弱而哭泣;而午夜的狂风又让她觉得大自然在生她的气。But she did not realize that although she had broken an accepted social rule, she had done nothing against nature.她没有意识到,虽然她触犯了一条公认的社会戒律,但她却从没违反过自然。She was as innocent as the sleeping birds in the trees,or the small field animals in the hedges.她就像树林里熟睡的鸟儿或树篱下的田间小动物一样清白无辜。 Article/201203/173781。

Water 'found on Mars' 火星上“发现”有水The brine seepage is believed to be in Candor Chasm 咸水渗出物应该是在Candor Chasm There is currently water on the surface of Mars, Nasa scientists believe. The evidence is contained in pictures taken by the Mars Global Surveyor spacecraft, which is in orbit around the Red Planet. The images show what appears to be brackish water seeping from beneath the Martian surface. The discovery, if confirmed, will mark a turning point in our exploration of the Red Planet, with future missions to Mars being directed to the locations of seepage. 美国国家航空和宇宙航行局的科学家们相信,目前在火星表面有水。正围绕着这颗红色的行星运转的火星球面勘测仪所拍摄的照片,包含有火星上有水的据。图片显示有咸水样的东西从火星地表下面渗出来。这一发现如果被实,将标志着我们探测这一红色行星的一个转折点,将来登陆火星的任务将是寻找这些渗出物的位置。 Article/200803/31537。

Catching the look on Harry#39;s face, he added quickly, But people only die in proper duels, you know, with real wizards.瞥了一眼哈利的表情后,罗恩很快地又加了几句,通常只有很特别的决斗才会死人啦!只有真正的巫师们才有这种能力。The most you and Malfoy#39;ll be able to do is send sparks at each other.你和马尔夫嘛,最多就互相对打一番。Neither of you knows enough magic to do any real damage.毕竟你们两个都还不懂什么真正能杀人的巫术。I bet he expected you to refuse, anyway.我想,那家伙一千个希望你会出口拒绝他的挑战。And what if I wave my wand and nothing happens?假如我的魔法杖帮不了我忙呢?Throw it away and punch him on the nose, Ron suggested.那就干脆扔掉魔法杖,对着那家伙的鼻子送他一拳尝尝!罗恩给哈利出了个主意。Excuse me.打扰了。They both looked up. It was Hermione Granger.两人抬头一看,原来是荷米恩。Can#39;t a person eat in peace in this place? said Ron.难道我们想安安静静地吃顿晚饭都不行吗?罗恩说。Hermione ignored him and spoke to Harry.荷米恩不理他,她冲着哈利说I couldn#39;t help overhearing what you and Malfoy were saying.刚才我听到了你和马尔夫说的话。Bet you could, Ron muttered.真希望你没有听到。罗恩低声响咕。And you mustn#39;t go wandering around the school at night, think of the points you#39;ll lose Gryffindor if you#39;re caught, and you#39;re bound to be.你最好不要夜里起来在学校里走来走去。假如你被抓住的话,想想格林芬顿将会因你而被扣掉多少分!你得为此而负责!It#39;s really very selfish of you.哼,你太自私了!And it#39;s really none of your business, said Harry.无论怎样都不关你事!哈利回答道。Good-bye, said Ron.再见!罗恩说。。

When everyone had eaten as much as they could, the remains of the food faded from the plates, leaving them sparkling clean as before.每个人都吃完饭后,残羹剩菜都自动从盘子里消失了,盘子又变得像开始时那样光夺目.A moment later the desserts appeared. Blocks of ice cream in every flavor you could think of, apple pies, treacle tarts,过了一会儿,甜品出现了。你所能想到的各种口味的大块大块的雪糕、苹果馅饼、蜜糖果饼chocolate eclairs and jam doughnuts, trifle, strawberries, Jell-O, rice pudding.巧克力棒糕、果酱油炸饼、草莓、咖胆、米饭布丁;;应有尽有。As Harry helped himself to a treacle tart, the talk turned to their families.哈利拿起一块蜜糖果饼正吃着的时候,话题转到了各人的家族上来,I#39;m half-and-half, said Seamus. ;Me dad#39;s a Muggle. Mom didn#39;t tell him she was a witch lsquo;til after they were married.我出身于半魔法家庭,我爸是马格人,我妈直到结婚时才告诉我爸她是个女魔法师Bit of a nasty shock for him.;当时他一定非常惊讶而且很不愉快。The others laughed.其他人都哈哈大笑起来。What about you, Neville? said Ron.那你呢,尼维尔?罗恩问。Well, my gran brought me up and she#39;s a witch, said Neville, but the family thought I was all-Muggle for ages.我外婆把我养大的,她是个魔法师。;尼维尔说,;但我家人长期以来都把我当普通人看待。My Great Uncle Algie kept trying to catch me off my guard and force some magic out of me,我的舅公阿吉却总想把我训练成魔法师.he pushed me off the end of Blackpool pier once, I nearly drowned ; but nothing happened until I was eight.有一次,他把我从布莱克浦码头推了下去,我差点被淹死了;;不过,我八岁前的生活没有什么特别的。Great Uncle Algie came round for dinner, and he was hanging me out of an upstairs window by the ankles八岁那年,阿吉舅公来我家作客,他抓住我的踝关节,把我倒挂在楼上窗户外面练功,when my Great Auntie Enid offered him a meringue and he accidentally let go.安迪妮舅婆递给他一张甜饼时,他竟一不小心松了手But I bounced ; all the way down the garden and into the road. They were all really pleased, Gran was crying, she was so happy.但我不仅没摔死,而且还从花园里一直弹到马路上,当时外婆见我安然无恙,喜极而泣。And you should have seen their faces when I got in here ; they thought I might not be magic enough to come, you see.找到这儿的时候你们都应该见到我外婆他们了吧。 虽然我也许还不够格到这儿来学习Great Uncle Algie was so pleased he bought me my toad.但阿吉舅公高兴极了,还买了这只癞蛤蟆送给我呢。On Harry#39;s other side, Percy Weasley and Hermione were talking about lessons在哈利的对面,伯希;威斯里和荷米恩在谈论功课。I do hope they start right away, there#39;s so much to learn, I#39;m particularly interested in Transfiguration,我真希望他们现在就开始努力学习了,要学的东西太多了。我对变形情有独钟you know, turning something into something else, of course, it#39;s supposed to be very difficult你知道吗,把东西变来变去可有意思啦。当然,也有一定难度You#39;ll be starting small, just matches into needles and that sort of thing.你得逐步积累、稳扎稳打才行喔。Harry, who was starting to feel warm and sleepy, looked up at the High Table again.哈利感到了温暖和倦意,又抬头看看高台上的主席台。Hagrid was drinking deeply from his goblet. Professor McGonagall was talking to Professor Dumbledore.哈格力正品尝着美酒,麦康娜教授正和丹伯多教授交谈。Professor Quirrell, in his absurd turban, was talking to a teacher with greasy black hair, a hooked nose, and sallow skin.戴着可笑的无边帽的屈拉教授则正和一位长着油黑的长发、鹰钩鼻子、土黄肤色的老师说话。It happened very suddenly. The hook-nosed teacher looked past Quirrell#39;s turban straight into Harry#39;s eyes一切都来得很突然,那个钩鼻子老师的目光穿过上屈拉的帽子直射入哈利的双眼,and a sharp, hot pain shot across the scar on Harry#39;s forehead.哈利前额上的伤疤感到一阵火辣的剧痛。Ouch! Harry clapped a hand to his head.啊!哈利连忙用手拍拍头。What is it?asked Percy.怎么了?伯希问。N-nothing.没,没什么。The pain had gone as quickly as it had come.那阵剧痛已经稍瞬即逝了Harder to shake off was the feeling Harry had gotten from the teacher#39;s look ; a feeling that he didn#39;t like Harry at all.只有那从对面老师的眼神中看出的感觉令哈利难以释怀;;他一点都不喜欢哈利。Who#39;s that teacher talking to Professor Quirrell? he asked Percy.和屈拉教授说话的那个老师是谁呀?他问伯希。Oh, you know Quirrell aly, do you? No wonder he#39;s looking so nervous, that#39;s Professor Snape.哦,你已经认识屈拉啦?那是史纳皮教授,看来他是紧张过度了。He teaches Potions, but he doesn#39;t want to ; everyone knows he#39;s after Quirrell#39;s job. Knows an awful lot about the Dark Arts, Snape.他是教药剂学的,但他不愿让别人知道。人们都知他想得到屈拉的职位,史纳皮对黑巫术有很深入的研究。Harry watched Snape for a while, but Snape didn#39;t look at him again.哈利观察了史纳皮很久,但史纳皮再没望他一眼。。

6The company of the prophets said to Elisha, "Look, the place where we meet with you is too small for us. 2Let us go to the Jordan, where each of us can get a pole; and let us build a place there for us to live." And he said, "Go." 3Then one of them said, "Won't you please come with your servants?" "I will," Elisha replied. 4And he went with them. They went to the Jordan and began to cut down trees. 5As one of them was cutting down a tree, the iron axhead fell into the water. "Oh, my lord," he cried out, "it was borrowed!" 6The man of God asked, "Where did it fall?" When he showed him the place, Elisha cut a stick and threw it there, and made the iron float. 7"Lift it out," he said. Then the man reached out his hand and took it. 8Now the king of Aram was at war with Israel. After conferring with his officers, he said, "I will set up my camp in such and such a place." 9The man of God sent word to the king of Israel: "Beware of passing that place, because the Arameans are going down there." 10So the king of Israel checked on the place indicated by the man of God. Time and again Elisha warned the king, so that he was on his guard in such places. 11This enraged the king of Aram. He summoned his officers and demanded of them, "Will you not tell me which of us is on the side of the king of Israel?" 12"None of us, my lord the king," said one of his officers, "but Elisha, the prophet who is in Israel, tells the king of Israel the very words you speak in your bedroom." 13"Go, find out where he is," the king ordered, "so I can send men and capture him." The report came back: "He is in Dothan." 14Then he sent horses and chariots and a strong force there. They went by night and surrounded the city. 15When the servant of the man of God got up and went out early the next morning, an army with horses and chariots had surrounded the city. "Oh, my lord, what shall we do?" the servant asked. 16"Don't be afraid," the prophet answered. "Those who are with us are more than those who are with them." 17And Elisha prayed, "O Lord , open his eyes so he may see." Then the Lord opened the servant's eyes, and he looked and saw the hills full of horses and chariots of fire all around Elisha. 18As the enemy came down toward him, Elisha prayed to the Lord , "Strike these people with blindness." So he struck them with blindness, as Elisha had asked. 19Elisha told them, "This is not the road and this is not the city. Follow me, and I will lead you to the man you are looking for." And he led them to Samaria. 20After they entered the city, Elisha said, "Lord , open the eyes of these men so they can see." Then the Lord opened their eyes and they looked, and there they were, inside Samaria. 21When the king of Israel saw them, he asked Elisha, "Shall I kill them, my father? Shall I kill them?" 22"Do not kill them," he answered. "Would you kill men you have captured with your own sword or bow? Set food and water before them so that they may eat and drink and then go back to their master." 23So he prepared a great feast for them, and after they had finished eating and drinking, he sent them away, and they returned to their master. So the bands from Aram stopped raiding Israel's territory. 24Some time later, Ben-Hadad king of Aram mobilized his entire army and marched up and laid siege to Samaria. 25There was a great famine in the city; the siege lasted so long that a donkey's head sold for eighty shekels of silver, and a quarter of a cab of seed pods for five shekels. 26As the king of Israel was passing by on the wall, a woman cried to him, "Help me, my lord the king!" 27The king replied, "If the Lord does not help you, where can I get help for you? From the threshing floor? From the winepress?" 28Then he asked her, "What's the matter?" She answered, "This woman said to me, 'Give up your son so we may eat him today, and tomorrow we'll eat my son.' 29So we cooked my son and ate him. The next day I said to her, 'Give up your son so we may eat him,' but she had hidden him." 30When the king heard the woman's words, he tore his robes. As he went along the wall, the people looked, and there, underneath, he had sackcloth on his body. 31He said, "May God deal with me, be it ever so severely, if the head of Elisha son of Shaphat remains on his shoulders today!" 32Now Elisha was sitting in his house, and the elders were sitting with him. The king sent a messenger ahead, but before he arrived, Elisha said to the elders, "Don't you see how this murderer is sending someone to cut off my head? Look, when the messenger comes, shut the door and hold it shut against him. Is not the sound of his master's footsteps behind him?" 33While he was still talking to them, the messenger came down to him. And the king said, "This disaster is from the Lord . Why should I wait for the Lord any longer?" Article/200809/49400。

The Oakville pier collapsed Saturday afternoon at 3:30. Although hundreds of people were on the pier at the time of the collapse, no one was killed and only 15 people were injured. One person was seriously injured. That person was a 43-year-old man who suffered two broken legs, eight broken ribs, and a punctured lung.Hundreds of people gathered around to watch the rescue efforts. Three local television stations and two radio stations broadcast live from the pier. The collapse occurred after a big rig went out of control Saturday morning and slammed into one of the main supports for the pier.For public safety reasons, a city council member wanted to close the pier immediately. However, local businesses on the pier and nearby protested. Oakville officials decided to wait until tomorrow before sending out a structural engineer to investigate the damage.“The driver reeked of booze,” said a police officer who had written the truck driver a ticket for driving under the influence. “He was so drunk that he didn't even apply his brakes before he crashed into the support. It's a miracle that he didn’t kill someone,” said the officer, who took the driver to jail.City officials said it was too early to get a complete damage estimate, but that repairs to the pier would probably cost at least 0,000 and take a month or more. The local business people are very unhappy because the repair process will significantly reduce consumer purchases for the summer season.“We make 80 percent of our annual profits from June through September,” noted one T-shirt vendor. “This is going to hurt.” Article/201106/142679。

This traffic report is sponsored by Cerritos Auto Square. More people buy their car from Cerritos Auto Square than anywhere else in the world. KFWB news time, 8:01, with traffic on the ones. A cleanup is still underway from a SigAlert in Commerce, northbound at Washington Boulevard. The right lane is closed, and also the Washington onramp is closed. They're mopping up from an earlier diesel fuel spill.We have several other problems out there right now. In Pasadena, some wooden boxes are in the #1 lane on the eastbound 210 at Lake. Be on the lookout, because the faster you're going, the quicker you'll come up on them. Eastbound 60 in Santa Fe Springs, just before Grand Ave., there's an accident. A couple of cars in the #2 lane. Then in Pacoima, 118 westbound after San Fernando Road, an injury accident. A car went over the side. It's partly hanging over the side of the freeway. CHP and emergency crews are both on the way, so watch for activity on the right shoulder.In Vernon, 710 northbound before Bandini, watch for a broken-down car on the right shoulder. It's partly sticking into the right lane. A tow truck is en route. Finally, on the westbound 10 before Fairfax, there's a roll of carpet, a ladder, and a lawn mower in the #3 and #4 lanes. Article/201104/131427。

The giant sat back down on the sofa, which sagged under his weight, and began taking all sorts of things out of the pockets of his coat: a copper kettle, a squashy package of sausages, a poker, a teapot, several chipped mugs, and a bottle of some amber liquid that he took a swig from before starting to make tea. Soon the hut was full of the sound and smell of sizzling sausage. Nobody said a thing while the giant was working, but as he slid the first six fat, juicy, slightly burnt sausages from the poker, Dudley fidgeted a little. Uncle Vernon said sharply, ;Don#39;t touch anything he gives you, Dudley.;巨人一屁股坐在沙发上,结果把沙发给坐塌了。巨人开始把外套里的东西一件件往外掏:一个铜茶壶,一包压扁了的火腿肠,一根拨火律,又一个茶壶,几只有裂口的大杯子和一瓶琥珀状的液体,在泡茶之前他喝了一大口瓶子里的液体。接着整个房间都弥漫着烤火腿肠的香味。巨人在烤火腿肠的时候大家都一言不发,可是当他把一根又大又多汁,微微有些烧焦的火腿肠从火堆上取下来时,达力开始坐不住了。可是弗农姨父严厉地说:;不要碰他给你的任何东西,达德里。;The giant chuckled darkly.;Yer great puddin#39; of a son don#39; need fattenin#39; anymore, Dursley, don#39; worry.;巨人呵呵地笑起来。 ;你的肥仔儿子不能够再长膘了,德思礼,不用担心,我不会给他的。;He passed the sausages to Harry, who was so hungry he had never tasted anything so wonderful, but he still couldn#39;t take his eyes off the giant. Finally, as nobody seemed about to explain anything, he said, ;I#39;m sorry, but I still don#39;t really know who you are.;The giant took a gulp of tea and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand.他把火腿肠递给哈利。哈利真是饿坏了,他觉得从来没有吃过这么好吃的东西,他一面吃一面盯着巨人看。最后,他见没人发问,于是自己问了:;对不起!我真的很想知道你是谁。;巨人喝了一大口茶,然后用手背抹了抹嘴。;Call me Hagrid,; he said, ;everyone does. Anrsquo; like I told yeh, I#39;m Keeper of Keys at Hogwarts ; yeh#39;ll know all about Hogwarts, orsquo; course.;Er ; no,; said Harry.;叫我海格就行了。;他说,;每个人都是这样叫的。我已经跟你说过了,我是霍格沃茨的守卫;;你会知道关于霍格沃茨的所有事情的,我向你保。;;喔,我不知道。;哈利说。Hagrid looked shocked.海格看上去很吃惊。;Sorry,; Harry said quickly.;对不起。;哈利很快地说。;Sorry ?; barked Hagrid, turning to stare at the Dursleys, who shrank back into the shadows. ;It#39;s them as should be sorry! I knew yeh weren#39;t gettin#39; yer letters but I never thought yeh wouldn#39;t even know aboursquo; Hogwarts, fer cryin#39; out loud! Did yeh never wonder where yer parents learned it all?;;All what?; asked Harry.;对不起?;海格大叫道,转过身去看着已经缩成一团的德思礼一家。;应该说对不起的是他们!我知道你没收到我的信,但是我万万没有想到你连霍格沃茨都不知道!难道你从来没有想过你父母是从哪里学会这些东西的?;;学会什么?;哈利问道。;ALL WHAT?; Hagrid thundered. ;Now wait jus#39; one second!;;学会什么?;海格烦躁起来,;你等一下。;He had leapt to his feet. In his anger he seemed to fill the whole hut. The Dursleys were cowering against the wall.他跳了起来,他气得简直要把整个房子都掀了。德思礼一家哆嗦着靠着墙站着。;Do you mean ter tell me,; he growled at the Dursleys, ;that this boy ; this boy! ; knows nothin#39; abou#39; ; about ANYTHING?;;你们是不是要告诉我,;他对德思礼一家咆哮着,;这个男孩;;这个男孩!;;对整件事;;一无所知?!;Harry thought this was going a bit far. He had been to school, after all, and his marks weren#39;t bad.哈利觉得事情有点过火了。他上过学,毕竟他的成绩不差。;I know some things,; he said. ;I can, you know, do math and stuff.;;我知道一些,;他说,;我可以算数。;。