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济南人流痛不痛历城区妇幼保健院官网Car parking停车场Four wheel fever四轮热Even with a mayor, Bristol may not get a coherent transport policy即便市长出马,布里斯托尔也不见得能出台一个合理的交通政策Try and put a ticket on this贴张罚单试试CLIFTON, in Bristol, is an unlikely hotbed of political activism. Behind high streets filled with independent cafés, posh delis and expensive flower shops sit grand Regency houses. Yet three times this year residents and businessmen have marched through the streets of Bristol—first carrying a coffin and then, twice, with a tank—to protest against plans by the mayor, George Ferguson, to roll out stricter parking regulations. Their discontent hints at the powerful sense of entitlement felt by Britains car owners. It also highlights the limits of devolved government.布里斯托尔的克里夫顿不太像是政治激进主义的温床。在满大街独立咖啡馆的后面,精致的食品店、高档的花店坐落在华丽的摄政风格房屋里。然而这已是今年第三次居民和商人们在布里斯托尔街上游行了——第一次带了一个棺材,第二次带了一辆坦克,他们反对George Ferguson市长推出更严格的停车规章计划。他们的不满暗示了英国车主们强烈的权利意识。这也显示出了地方政府的不足。Bristol is one of the most congested cities in Britain. Traffic during the evening rush hour moves more slowly than anywhere except Belfast, Edinburgh and London. Fashion and official prodding have put more bicycles on the roads: bike traffic has grown by 25% since 2003. But car use has not dropped. Getting around in the city can be unbearable, concedes Mr Ferguson: “If were just one great bloody traffic jam were not going to be an economically thriving city.”布里斯托是英国最拥堵的城市之一。除了贝尔法斯特、爱丁堡和伦敦外,这里晚间高峰期的交通比任何地方都缓慢。时尚和官员督促使得道路上出现了更多的自行车:自2003年以来自行车交通上涨了25%。但汽车使用率却没有降下来。在城市间穿行可以说令人无法忍受,Ferguson承认说:“若我们是这样拥堵的一个城市,那么要变身成经济发达之城是不可能的了。“Bristol was the only city to vote for a mayor in a series of plebiscites held in 2012; nine others rejected them. And Bristolians plumped for a man who promised to do something about traffic. Mr Fergusons first pledge was “getting Bristol moving”. He has abolished Sunday parking charges. But the mayor is also in the process of introducing tighter parking restrictions beyond the city centre, often in places where parking is currently free, along with 15 resident parking zones. Locals will pay 48 (81) for the first permit to park near their homes.布里斯托尔是2012年举行的一系列公民投票中唯一一个投票选举市长的城市;其他的九个城市都反对。布里斯托尔居民选举了一个承诺要解决交通问题的人。Ferguson的第一个保是要“让布里斯托尔动起来”。他废除了星期天停车收费制度。但这位市长同时也计划在市中心外的区域加强停车限制,这些区域通常目前是免费的,还包括15个居民停车场。市民将为获得在家附近停车的第一许可而付48英镑(81美元)。Under current plans, businesses will only be allocated a handful of parking permits. Employees who do not get them will have to find other ways of getting to work in a city with a less than wonderful bus network. This irks business owners. “Potentially 45 minutes will be added to a long commute,” complains Jonathan Marchant, who works at an accountancy firm in Clifton. Other companies are threatening to move out of the city.在现有计划下,商家们将仅分得少数停车许可。没有停车许可的职员将只能在这个公交系统不尽完善的城市寻找其他通勤的办法。这令公司老板们不胜心烦。在克里夫顿一家会计公司工作的Jonathan Marchant 抱怨道:“这将可能给通勤时间加上45分钟。”其他的一些公司威胁要搬离城市。Mr Ferguson has much less sway over public transport than the mayor of London does, which makes it harder to lubricate unpopular changes. When Ken Livingstone, the former boss of London, introduced a controversial congestion charge to the city in 2003 he was also able to promise to lay on more buses and pump a successful transport system with cash. All Mr Ferguson can really do is negotiate with the privatised bus operator to bring down fares and extend routes slightly. For big projects he depends on largesse from Westminster even more than London mayors do. And cash to spend on big projects is tight these days in any case.相较于伦敦市长,Ferguson在公共交通的问题上显得有心无力,这也使得这个政策很难缓和那些不得人心的变化。当伦敦前任市长Ken Livingstone于2003年开始收取饱受争议的拥堵费时,他有能力许诺开通更多的公共巴士并投入资金构建一个成功的交通系统。而Ferguson能做的只是与私有巴士运营商协商降价并稍微延长路线。在大项目上,他仰仗于来自威斯敏斯特的慷慨,这一点甚至超过了伦敦市长。而近些时无论在任何方面大项目的资金都很紧张。Worse, Mr Fergusons reach does not extend far. Around two-thirds of metropolitan Bristol is under his control; the other third is run by another council, South Gloucestershire. This makes co-ordinating transport policy tricky, and increases the likelihood that politicians will squabble. Even if the mayor succeeds, the metropolis might not benefit much. In Clifton, a suspension bridge links Bristol with North Somerset. “Everybody and his daughter will park there and walk across,” predicts one resident. Rather than solving a citys traffic problem, Mr Ferguson might just end up pushing it elsewhere.雪上加霜的是,Ferguson的权力范围并不广。布里斯托尔约三分之二的辖区在他的控制之下,另外的三分之一由南格洛斯特郡议会管理。这使得共同协商交通政策变得棘手了,并增加了政客们发生争吵的可能性。即便是市长成功了,这座城市也许也不会从中受益很多。在克里夫顿,一座吊桥连接了布里斯托尔和北萨默赛特郡。一位市民预测:“每个人,包括Ferguson本人的女儿都会将车停在那儿,然后走过来。”与其说解决了城市的交通问题,不如说Ferguson只是将这个问题推向了别处。译者:王颖 校对:张娣 译文属译生译世 /201507/389666济南妇幼保健院b超贵不贵 The Labour Partys funk工党的下坡路Running out of road背离大路Labour is an increasingly unpopular party with lots of popular policies工党政策广受称赞,自己却日益遭嫌IF POLITICAL platforms were the sum of their parts, the Labour Party would tower over its rivals. In recent months Ed Miliband, its leader, has produced several overwhelmingly popular policies. According to YouGov, a polling firm, voters support the partys plan to increase the top rate of income tax by three to one. By about the same margin they like its talk of tackling dodgy landlords, blocking foreign takeovers of British firms and boosting the minimum wage.如果政治舞台是所有因素的综合体,那么工党必称霸政坛。近几个月,工党党首埃德·米利班德提出了几条非常受欢迎的政策。根据民调机构YouGov的数据显示,工党提高所得税最高税率的计划,得到选民持的比率为三比一。但也有同样比例的选民持政府对付狡猾的房东,限制外资收购英国企业,并且提高最低工资标准。Yet Labours polling lead over the Conservative Party is slipping. According to YouGov it has fallen from an average of seven points in November to two-and-a-half points in May so far. It is quite possible that the populist right-wing UK Independence Party will beat Labour to first place in elections to the European Parliament on May 22nd (see next story). Not long ago Labour staffers were confidently describing the European vote as a dry run for the general election, due to be held in a years time.然而工党领先保守党的优势正在慢慢缩小。根据YouGov的数据显示,从去年平均领先7个百分点,滑落到今年五月的2.5个百分点。在5月22日的欧洲议会选举上,民粹主义右翼独立党极有可能干掉工党,夺得头筹(详见专文)。不久之前,工党的工作人员言之凿凿地把欧洲议会的表决,形容成一年之后大选的预演。Labour, then, is an increasingly unloved party with increasingly popular policies. What explains this? The familiar answer is to blame the messenger. Mr Miliband struggles to appeal to voters through the mass media, often coming across as pleading and uncomfortable. His team have hired a broadcast expert and David Axelrod, who helped Barack Obama win two presidential elections, to improve their mans performance and messages. A series of awkward interviews in the run up to the European vote suggested that both would have their work cut out.渐渐的,工党成了一个政策越来越受欢迎,而本身却越来越不是受欢迎的政党。怎么解释这个现象?都是相似的:都是信使惹的祸。米利班德努力试图借助大众传媒来笼络民心,常常会流露出恳求和不安。他的团队已经聘请了一个广播专家和戴维·阿克塞尔罗德美化其个人形象,促进其思想的传播。而戴维·阿克塞尔罗德是奥巴马总统的顾问,帮他连任了两届大选。但从他在欧洲大选前那几场采访中尴尬的表现来看,上述两目标恐怕是要泡汤了。But that problem is older than Labours poll slump. Instead, three things seem to account for the partys recent woes. The specific one is that Labours propaganda machine is not working. Policy announcements have been rushed, too close together and quickly forgotten for lack of follow-up, sighs one Milibandite. A pledge to cut waiting times for doctors appointments was a case in point: unveiled with great fanfare on May 12th, it was not once mentioned by Mr Miliband in Prime Ministers Questions just two days later. Sometimes messages clash. Labours response to UKIP has ranged from cool dismissal to angry denouncement. An execrable electoral depicting the Liberal Democrats as the gullible stooges of evil Tory toffs collided head-on with Mr Milibands talk of making politics less petty.但是问题远比工党持率滑坡来的历史久远。相反,有三件事似乎可以解释工党最近的不振。尤其是因为工党的宣传不起作用。一位米利班德持者叹道,政治宣传太过急躁,政治结盟太过亲密,以及太快忘掉自己没什么跟随者。政府担保削减就医预约时间就是一个例子:政府的这个保,在5月12日出台,颇受人民欢迎。仅仅两天之后,在首相问答环节上,米利班德就提到了这个问题。两方是不是会就这个问题进行交锋。针对英国独立党的问题,工党的回应介于冷冷的不予理会,与愤怒的公开谴责之间。拙劣的竞选视频把自民党描绘为上当的傀儡,夹在邪恶的保守党与米利班德正面交锋之间,而米利班德正致力于促使政策登上大台面。A bigger problem is that Labours central economic message, that the recovery is failing to lift living standards, is running out of road. Real wages are beginning to emerge from their long slump, making people feel, if not richer, at least not poorer. And Labour lacks a fall-back argument: the party has done little over the past years to dispel the reputation for spendthrift ineptitude that it acquired during the financial crisis. The Tories lead over the opposition on economic competence has grown from two to 14 points in the past year.工党还有一个更大的问题,那就是中央经济报文的作用已经穷途末路,变革没能使生活标准有所提高。实际工资正渐渐从漫长的经济不景气中复苏,使民众觉得:既然没有更富,那至少也没再穷下去。并且工党缺少备用方案:这些年来,面对经济危机中而得的愚笨浪子臭名,工党并未好好去改变。经济上,保守党领先其反对党,由去年的2%增至14%。Finally, as the general election approaches, the main job of the opposition shifts from holding the government to account to proposing an alternative. But Labours messages remain deeply negative and gloomy. It has repeatedly told people how much they are being ripped off by energy firms and other businesses, but has failed to put forward a hopeful vision of a prosperous Britain, grumble internal malcontents. Patrick Diamond, a former policy adviser to the party, adds that by taking advantage of public mistrust of business, Labour is at best telling voters what they aly know (that the party cares about the little guy). At worst it risks alienating those working in the private sector.最后,随着大选的临近,在野党的主要任务从把持政权,转变成了提出第二选择。但工党方面的消息仍旧非常负面和悲观。英国一些对现状不满的群众发牢骚道,人们被反复告知他们的钱被剥削的数额,而罪魁祸首就是能源企业和一些其他公司,但是人们并没有在经济繁荣的英国看到充满希望的前景。帕特里克·戴蒙德是一名前党内政策顾问,他补充道,通过利用公众对商业的不信任,工党最好还是告知选民自己所得到的消息(即政党很关注那个小人)。最糟糕也不过是承担与私营部门决裂的风险。These three problems add up to one big one: although voters like the partys individual policies, they do not like the overall image that these convey. Until Labour corrects this, says Deborah Mattinson of Britain Thinks, a polling outfit, the gush of announcements may do it more harm than good. If people do not trust the party in the first place, she argues, they just see these as craven attempts to win their votes. The Conservatives, by contrast, can trade on their overall competence. “They are not out to please people,” one swing voter told Ms Mattinson, and “that means they can just get on with it.”这三个问题加在一起,就成了一个大问题:虽然选民持工党的独立政策,但对于整体形象的呈现却并不看好。狄波拉·马丁森来自调查机构Britain Thinks,她认为,除非工党修正了这些问题,不然各个声明的涌现只能帮倒忙。她认为,如果一开始民众就不信任政党,他们就会视这些软弱的努力只是为了赢得选票。相比之下,保守党可以好好利用他们的整体竞争力。一位摇摆不定的选民告诉狄波拉道,“他们并非试图讨好民众,这意味着他们只能继续进行下去。”译者 周雨晴 校对 徐珍a 译文属译生译世 /201508/391851山东公立三甲医院可以做输软管吻合术吗

德州第一人民医院可以做输软管吻合术吗Imagine a situation where a person has needlessly been injured by another.想象一下,如果一个人毫无理由地被另一个人弄伤了。The injured person is naturally hoping for some help.这个受伤的人自然希望得到一些帮助。Instead, the cruel one who injured that person starts shouting terrible, insulting words.但是恰恰相反,这个冷漠的人还向这个受伤的人大声恐吓,说一些侮辱性的话。Thus, the victim has now been injured both physically and emotionally.结果,受害人身体上和心理上都受到了伤害。It is a kind of double injury, making an aly bad situation become worse.这是一种双重伤害,使本已糟糕的情况变得更糟。Now, to use this expression as an idiom, there has to be a situation in which something bad caused by another person becomes worse because of them.这种表达方式作为一个成语来使用,是指某人在做出糟糕的事后把情况弄得更糟。There need not be any actual physical injury, and no one may actually be speaking insulting words.在这种情况下,不一定造成什么身体伤害,也不一定有什么侮辱性的语言。However, it is clear someone feels injured in some way, and that injury is being increased, not lessened.但是,的确有人因某种方式受到了伤害,而且伤害还加重了,一点没有减少。For example, if a friend breaks your favorite dish, that is a kind of first injury.例如,如果有朋友打翻了你最爱的碗碟,你会感到伤心。If that friend then criticizes you for having cheap, easily broken dishes, that is adding insult to injury.但是如果那个朋友接着讽刺你专买那些便宜的和容易破碎的碗碟,这对你而言可就是雪上加霜了。 /201501/353752历城区中医院电话号码 济南妇保医院怎么样好吗

长清区中心医院在哪啊I do the dance.All right.We are back with the first lady of the ed States.我要跳舞了 好的 欢迎回来 我们今天有幸请来了美国第一夫人I dont know if you created this dance.I did not. Ok, but you know it very well.我不确定是不是你创造了这舞蹈 才没有 好吧 但你对这舞很熟Youve rehearsed it, youve practiced it,你有排练过 有练习过and uh-its part of the.. ;Lets move; Campaign. Yes.而且它算是 ;动起来;运动 是的Its important to move, important to dance,so...运动和跳舞都很重要 所以I got the dance steps the same time you got the dance steps.我跟你同时拿到的舞步指导So dont even try it!All right. Dont try to set it up!All right.所以别想找借口 好吧 别想先找台阶下 好吧We brought in some help for this dance,我们为这舞找了一些帮手Please welcome mentors Twitch and Travis Wall.让我们欢迎导师特维奇和特维斯·沃尔Along with the ;So you think you can Dance; Dancers.还有;舞魅天下;的舞者们Ok, y? Yeah.Hit it.Wait wait wait.. I lost my mic pack.好的 准备好了没 好了 开始 等等 等下 我的麦掉了The microphone.I could taken you down. Oh wait!麦克风 我本来可以趁机拿下你的 -等一下You see, yeah.It was that hip thrust. It was that.你看吧 对吧 是因为甩臀的动作 就是那个Is it gonna stay? Cause there is some hip thrusting!能固定住吗 因为有好多甩臀的动作Yes!So, there is a lot of it.Hey, if my mic falls, I may stop it.好了 好吧 有好多这种动作 如果我的麦掉了 我可能就停下来了All right, lets try it again.好吧 我们再试一次 /201602/427162 Its Sunshine Week, when Americans celebrate access to public information (and highlight instances where there isnt enough transparency). The Freedom of Information Act became law in Michigan in 1976. But it came with a big loophole:, exempting the governor and the lieutenant governor and their staff. This meant documents and records could be shielded from the public, except in rare occasions.Then, in 1986, the law was amended to make that loophole bigger—exempting the Michigan Legislature as well.Frank Kelley was Michigans Attorney General for 37 years (1961-1999), longer than anyone has ever held that position anywhere in the country. In 1986, he was asked to offer an opinion of the changes made to the FOIA law.;I obviously wanted the Freedom of Information Act to be as broad as possible, but the Legislature, for their own purposes, exempted themselves,; said Kelley. ;And I was asked formally … for an opinion on it and of course we got into it. And we found direct es in there, and theyre in my opinion, that the Legislature did exempt themselves from the Freedom of Information Act, applying it to all other bodies of government except themselves.;I didnt like it at the time, but I had to issue an opinion because that was the law,; added Kelley.The Flint water crisis has highlighted that Michigan is among just a handful of states that exempts their elected officials exempt from FOIA. The crisis could lead to massive FOIA reform in the state.But FOIA aside, Kelley says on his watch the Flint situation could have been avoided.;Had I been attorney general, the matter would have been handled quite a bit differently,; said Kelley. ;I dont think we would have ever gotten to the point where Flint would have converted to the water in the first place.;How would things have been different?;The attorney general would have gotten in the act a lot earlier,; said Kelley. ;If you look at the staff of the attorney general, even then, we had a public health department. We had a municipal affairs department. We had attorneys who did nothing but look after health and look after cities. They would have been on the ball and would have seen that coming and would have taken steps to avoid it back in those days. Also joining the show was John Lindstrom, the publisher of the Gongwer News Service, which keeps tabs on everything happening at the capitol.Lindstrom feels that if lawmakers werent exempt from FOIA, then our government could be a lot different.;I think anybody is always a little bit more careful about what they do when they think that someone is watching them,; said Lindstrom. ;Not wanting to ascribe bad motivations, but clearly when you think you have something of a free pass, in terms of materials getting out to the public, then you clearly feel you have a freer hand in doing certain things … free speech is often more praised than it is practiced to protect it.;Lindstrom points out that the further away we get from the origins of FOIA, the more people became complacent with the changes that have been made to the law over the years.;All of these laws, by and large, came into effect after Watergate in the 70s,; said Lindstrom. ;But as people have gotten away from Watergate, as theyve gotten away from the idea of government conspiracies in large measure, weve seen governments try to make things more convenient for themselves. What weve seen now with the Flint water situation certainly puts a bit emphasis on making changes to FOIA.;I wouldnt put a big bet on any major changes happening to FOIA any time soon. Not under the current political structure anyway,; added Lindstrom.201603/432554济南市历城区妇幼保健所彩超检查好吗历城区儿童医院在那



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