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济南省中医医院要预约吗The first step to taking care of yourself and de-stressing is to make sure that your environment is in order. Seeing your house full of clutter can affect your mood negatively and make your personal space seem like a place you want to escape from, rather than something to look forward to coming home to. Organize a ;throwing out; day every month to make sure that you don#39;t have clutter building up. Here are some things you should consider purging from your home:关爱自己,释放压力的第一步就是要保自己的生活环境整洁干净。看见自己的房间被杂物堆满,你的心情会很差,这时候,只想赶紧逃离这个杂物堆了,而没有想回家的欲望了。每个月安排一天作为自己的“清空日”,把杂物都处理掉。现在,下面这些杂物你该考虑清空了:Old magazines旧杂志Get rid of old magazines you have lying around because chances are, you aren#39;t going to them again. Find places where you can donate your magazines to such as child care centers, doctor#39;s offices, nail salons, nursing homes, and libraries. If there#39;s an article that really speaks to you, scan a digital image of it and keep it in your computer. Or keep a folder of magazine clippings if you like saving magazine articles.把房间里到处丢的就杂志赶紧清理了吧,因为你可能再也不会读了。你可以把这些旧杂志捐出去,比如:保育院,医务室,美甲店,养老院或者图书馆。如果其中有些文章对你来讲很重要,那么你可以进行扫描,保存到电脑里;如果你喜欢收集杂志文章,就做一个剪报收藏。Clothes衣Use the two-year-rule for clothes — get rid of apparel that you haven#39;t worn in two years. Sell them to a thrift store or donate them to the needy.收拾衣要采用“两年原则”,即处理掉那些两年你都没有穿过的衣。卖给二手店或者捐给那些有需要的人。Books书籍Go through your bookshelf and gather together books you haven#39;t touched in months and ones that you aren#39;t planning on reing. Be realistic and make sure you#39;re ruthless. If you haven#39;t touched it in a year, you#39;re most likely not going to it again. Sell the books on Amazon, or eBay. You can always donate them as well!查看自己的书架,把那些你几个月都没碰过的书,或者是你也不打算读的书,整理到一起。实际点儿,无情点儿,该出手时就出手。如果一年的时间你都还没看过这本书,估计你也不会再去读了。你可以把书放到Amazon或者eBay上卖掉,或者把书捐掉。Medicine and vitamins药品和维生素片Take a look at your medicine closet and clear out drugs that have expired, medicine that has sat on your shelf for too long, or ones that you no longer use. First, check to see what the proper disposal methods are for the medication, and if you can#39;t find any, check to see if your community has a drug take-back program.查看一下自己的药箱,清理掉已经过期的药物、存放了太长时间的药物、以及你再也不会用的药物。首先,检查一下这些药物的处理方法;如果你没有找到说明,查看一下自己的社区有没有药物回收计划。Makeup and perfume化妆品和香水Go through your beauty cabinet and get rid of makeup that#39;s too old or that you don#39;t use. There are programs out there that let you recycle your makeup, such as MAC, which has a program that lets you exchange six empty containers for a new eyeshadow, lip gloss, or lipstick.查看一下自己的化妆箱,清理掉太旧的或者不用的化妆品。你还可以参与到一些循环利用化妆品的活动中,例如MAC开展的一项活动,这项活动让你可以用六个空化妆品容器换一个新的眼影、润唇膏、口红。Jewelry珠宝饰品Go through your jewelry and dispose of the broken costume jewelry and make plans to sell ones that you don#39;t wear. For fine jewelry, look up appraisers. Once you have a ed price, shop around at auction houses, estate buyers, pawnshops, and jewelers to see if you can find a better deal.查看一下自己的各类珠宝饰品,扔掉那些已经坏掉的人造珠宝,把那些自己不戴的珠宝卖掉。对于贵重的珠宝,你可以去寻找那些珠宝鉴定商。得到报价之后,去拍卖行、预购商、当铺、和珠宝商各处逛一逛,价比三家。Food食物Go through your pantry and fridge and clear out items that need to be thrown out — the old, unused, and rotting. Do this weekly instead of monthly, just to make sure you don#39;t have any unpleasant surprises!查看自己的食品储藏室和冰箱,清理掉那些需要扔掉的食物——过期的、不吃的、腐烂的。一个星期清理一次,不要一个月才清理一次,确保自己别时不时来点“意外惊喜”。Some memorabilia纪念品Many organizing experts advise to be ruthless and throw away memorabilia like cards and gifts you don#39;t use. I agree, but I think you can keep some of them by perhaps creating some sort of poster with old cards or designating a small shoe box for memorabilia. Resolve to throw away anything that can#39;t fit into the box.很多整理专家建议大家狠心一点儿,扔掉那些没用的纪念品,例如卡片或者礼物。我同意上述建议,但是个人认为,我们可以利用这些卡片做一些海报,或者设计一个纪念品盒子, 把那些没法装进盒子的纪念品就处理掉吧!Notebooks笔记本I don#39;t know about you, but I have a ton of notebooks lying around. Take a look at them and throw out the ones that you no longer need.我不了解你是什么样的人,不过我可有一吨的笔记本堆在那里。看看这些笔记本,把那些没用的就丢掉吧! /201302/224877济南三院有四维彩超吗Finally, I ask your indulgence to talk about my novel Life and Death Are Wearing Me Out. The Chinese title comes from Buddhist scripture, and I’ve been told that my translators have had fits trying to render it into their languages. I am not especially well versed in Buddhist scripture and have but a superficial understanding of the religion. I chose this title because I believe that the basic tenets of the Buddhist faith represent universal knowledge, and that mankind’s many disputes are utterly without meaning in the Buddhist realm. In that lofty view of the universe, the world of man is to be pitied. My novel is not a religious tract; in it I wrote of man’s fate and human emotions, of man’s limitations and human generosity, and of people’s search for happiness and the lengths to which they will go, the sacrifices they will make, to uphold their beliefs. Lan Lian, a character who takes a stand against contemporary trends, is, in my view, a true hero. A peasant in a neighboring village was the model for this character. As a youngster I often saw him pass by our door pushing a creaky, wooden-wheeled cart, with a lame donkey up front, led by his bound-foot wife. Given the collective nature of society back then, this strange labor group presented a bizarre sight that kept them out of step with the times. In the eyes of us children, they were clowns marching against historical trends, provoking in us such indignation that we threw stones at them as they passed us on the street. Years later, after I had begun writing, that peasant and the tableau he presented floated into my mind, and I knew that one day I would write a novel about him, that sooner or later I would tell his story to the world. But it wasn’t until the year 2005, when I viewed the Buddhist mural “The Six Stages of Samsara” on a temple wall that I knew exactly how to go about telling his story.最后,请允许我再讲一下我的《生死疲劳》。这个书名来自佛教经典,据我所知,为翻译这个书名,各国的翻译家都很头痛。我对佛教经典并没有深入研究,对佛教的理解自然十分肤浅,之所以以此为题,是因为我觉得佛教的许多基本思想,是真正的宇宙意识,人世中许多纷争,在佛家的眼里,是毫无意义的。这样一种至高眼界下的人世,显得十分可悲。当然,我没有把这本书写成布道词,我写的还是人的命运与人的情感,人的局限与人的宽容,以及人为追求幸福、坚持自己的信念所做出的努力与牺牲。小说中那位以一己之身与时代潮流对抗的蓝脸,在我心目中是一位真正的英雄。这个人物的原型,是我们邻村的一位农民,我童年时,经常看到他推着一辆吱吱作响的木轮车,从我家门前的道路上通过。给他拉车的,是一头瘸腿的毛驴,为他牵驴的,是他小脚的妻子。这个奇怪的劳动组合,在当时的集体化社会里,显得那么古怪和不合时宜,在我们这些孩子的眼里,也把他们看成是逆历史潮流而动的小丑,以至于当他们从街上经过时,我们会充满义愤地朝他们投掷石块。事过多年,当我拿起笔来写作时,这个人物,这个画面,便浮现在我的脑海中。我知道,我总有一天会为他写一本书,我迟早要把他的故事讲给天下人听,但一直到了2005年,当我在一座庙宇里看到“六道轮回”的壁画时,才明白了讲述这个故事的正确方法。The announcement of my Nobel Prize has led to controversy. At first I thought I was the target of the disputes, but over time I’ve come to realize that the real target was a person who had nothing to do with me. Like someone watching a play in a theater, I observed the performances around me. I saw the winner of the prize both garlanded with flowers and besieged by stone-throwers and mudslingers. I was afraid he would succumb to the assault, but he emerged from the garlands of flowers and the stones, a smile on his face; he wiped away mud and grime, stood calmly off to the side, and said to the crowd: For a writer, the best way to speak is by writing. You will find everything I need to say in my works. Speech is carried off by the wind; the written word can never be obliterated.我获得诺贝尔文学奖后,引发了一些争议。起初,我还以为大家争议的对象是我,渐渐的,我感到这个被争议的对象,是一个与我毫不相关的人。我如同一个看戏人,看着众人的表演。我看到那个得奖人身上落满了花朵,也被掷上了石块、泼上了污水。我生怕他被打垮,但他微笑着从花朵和石块中钻出来,擦干净身上的脏水,坦然地站在一边,对着众人说:对一个作家来说,最好的说话方式是写作。我该说的话都写进了我的作品里。用嘴说出的话随风而散,用笔写出的话永不磨灭。I would like you to find the patience to my books. I cannot force you to do that, and even if you do, I do not expect your opinion of me to change. No writer has yet appeared, anywhere in the world, who is liked by all his ers; that is especially true during times like these.我希望你们能耐心地读一下我的书,当然,我没有资格强迫你们读我的书。即便你们读了我的书,我也不期望你们能改变对我的看法,世界上还没有一个作家,能让所有的读者都喜欢他。在当今这样的时代里,更是如此。 /201212/2129933 Fast and Festive Christmas Wreaths3款喜庆圣诞花环 快速搞定有妙招It doesn#39;t take hours to fashion these Christmas wreaths that welcome visitors to your home in holiday style!如今,制作喜迎宾客的圣诞花环不再需要花费大量时间了!Merry Musical Accent愉悦的音乐之声Invite carolers and neighbors to warm up in a front hall echoing with the joyful sounds of the season.邀请颂歌者与邻居在回响着欢愉的节日颂歌的前厅做好准备。Shiny brass jingle bells, horns, and little toy drums blend with tiny scrolls of sheet music, sprigs of holly, and a festive holiday bow to trim the wreath above and trumpet #39;Happy Holidays#39;!装饰音乐之“环”的材料有:金灿灿的黄铜门铃、号角、小玩具鼓、微型乐谱、冬青树枝以及喜庆的圣诞“结”。音乐之“环”的“宣言”是——“节日快乐”!For the Kitchen 温馨的厨房Red gingham ribbon twirled and tied in a big bow cooks up a hearth-warming country look for this wreath.红色格子布的缎带缠绕在蝴蝶结上,为这款花环平添一份暖意浓浓的乡村味。Silver tea balls and measuring spoons add holiday sparkle and shine. Cinnamon sticks tied with red raffia lend a spicy scent tucked among jolly Christmas cookie cutters. For a fun finishing touch, try penning some whimsical recipe cards for #39;Reindeer Treats,#39; #39;Elf Snacks,#39; and #39;Santa Sugarplums.#39;而银色的茶球(茶包)及量匙又增添了节日的光。红色的酒椰与肉桂棒系在一起,其散发的辛辣之味,在圣诞饼切的“欢快飞舞”下“藏”了起来。至于厨房的布置,若要趣味十足,不妨试试各种搞怪的食谱卡片——如“驯鹿餐”、“精灵点心”或“圣诞老人糖果”等。Powder Room Pretty盥洗室的“小清新”Christmas is a time for memories and surprises in unlikely places. Brighten your guest bath with a seaside theme that combines beachcombing memories with special treasures collected on family vacations.或许,在一些我们不常注意的地方,圣诞节会给我们带来惊喜,并留下美好的回忆。“海滩风格”的客用浴室就是个不错的选择,以举家出游时收集的“珍宝”(贝壳、海星等)为装饰物,搭配海滨生活的美好回忆的圣诞花环真的能让浴室“亮丽”不少呢。We freshened up this wreath with starfish and tiny tulle bags filled with sweet-smelling potpourri , then gave it all a wash of gala gold and red ribbon.之后,要是能在花环上点缀上海星,挂上沁人心脾的香袋(袋中是多种花瓣与香料制成的混合物),涂抹上节日的“金色”,再配上红色的丝带,“浴室花环”或可更加“亮丽”。You could also use seashells, sand dollars, or small pieces of driftwood and beach grass.当然,你还可以使用贝壳、海胆或小块浮木以及水草。 /201212/216515济南阳光妇科医院阴道紧缩

济南阳光妇科医院在线咨询济南长清区无痛人流医院A pair of pranksters dressed up as a pantomime horse were thrown out of a Tesco supermarket after trotting around the frozen beef burger aisle shouting #39;murderers#39;.两位英国恶作剧青年扮成一匹木马冲进英国一家的乐购超市,跑到冷冻牛肉汉堡区大喊“凶手”,最后当然是被保安们给丢出去了。A of the incident, believed to have taken place in a Welsh store, has aly racked up nearly 50,000 hits on YouTube.据悉这个视频拍摄于威尔士的一购超市,目前视频在YouTube网站上点击量已经达到了5万次。The mobile phone footage shows the pantomime horse rolling on the floor near the frozen food aisle shouting #39;where#39;s my mum?#39; before a security guard asks them to leave.在这段用手机拍摄的视频中,青年扮成的木马顺着地板滚到冷冻食物区哭喊:“娘亲你在哪儿!” 保安随即赶到要求他们离开。Earlier this week Tesco was one of several UK supermarkets revealed to have quantities of horse meat in its frozen burgers.本周早些时候,包括乐购在内的英国几大超级都爆出了冷冻汉堡风波:所出售的牛肉汉堡中被发现含有马肉。The alert was first raised by Irish food watchdogs after horse DNA was found in burgers sold through Tesco, Iceland, Aldi, Lidl and Dunnes in Ireland.事件的首次曝光是在爱尔兰,在乐购、冰岛、阿尔迪、利德和邓恩等多家超市,爱尔兰食品安全局对牛肉汉堡进行抽检后发现含有马肉。It subsequently emerged that burgers from the same batches were sold in the British outlets of both Tesco and Iceland. More than ten million burgers have now been removed from sale.进一步调查发现,在乐购和冰岛超市的英国其他零售点也发现了同批次的问题汉堡。事件曝光后超过1000万个汉堡被撤下货架。Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Asda and the Co-op immediately decided to remove thousands of packs of frozen burgers as a precautionary measure.英国大型连锁超市乐购、塞恩斯伯里、阿斯达和合作社等已经决定采取防范措施,将数千包冷冻汉堡下架。David Cameron reacted angrily, condemning Tesco yesterday, saying: #39;People in our country will have been very concerned to this morning that when they thought they were buying beef burgers they were buying something that had horse meat in it.#39;英国首相卡梅伦愤怒回应,昨日谴责乐购超市时表示:“我们国家的人民今天早上在读报时肯定非常担惊受怕,他们以为自己买的是牛肉汉堡,但没想到里面竟然会掺有马肉。”#39;This is a completely unacceptable state of affairs,#39; he added, calling for an urgent investigation by Britain#39;s Food Standards Agency.卡梅伦首相还表示:“这样的事件完全不能接受”,他要求英国食品标准机构立即展开调查。Labour says comprehensive food tests are needed to let families know how far horse meat contamination has sp into the food supply.英国工党要求进行全面食品测试,让英国的家庭知道马肉掺入物在食品供应链里的影响有多深入。 /201301/221509济南市历下区第二人民医院好不好济南交通医院治疗不孕不育好吗

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