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Are you looking at the clothes? Eva Longoria Parker stripped off as she posed with husband Tony to advertise the London Fog fashion line. Eva Longoria Parker sits topless, her hand across her chest, while her husband Tony looks down at her with a wry smile.   But these intimate photos aren't just headed the family album. Instead they are the new advertising campaign fashion label London Fog, which has signed up the couple.   你的目光是否停留在绝望主妇伊娃已经掉下来的衣上呢?这就是伊娃和老公帕克为国际上享有盛誉的美国名牌伦敦雾(LONDON FOG)而拍摄的广告伊娃上半身以’全空”视人,双臂环绕在自己的酥胸,而老公帕克呢?他正“坏坏”地看着自己的爱妻呢! 69



  Cache High School students are starting a new program in the hopes of increasing ing scores and student learning. Starting on Tuesday at a.m., each class will devote 30 minutes a day to ing as a class or individually. The entire school will be ing “The Hunger Games” by Suzanne Collins.美国卡什高中正在开展一项新项目以提高学生的阅读分数和学习能力该项目于周二上午点开启,每课时为三十分钟,学生们在这三十分钟里进行集体阅读或各自自由阅读书籍全校将阅读苏珊·柯林斯的作品《饥饿游戏The new ing program was developed after school principal Sheri Hansen saw the students’ ing scores from the beginning of the year.学校校长谢里·汉森看到学生自年初以来的阅读课成绩之后,决定开展这样一个项目“Once I saw those, I started thinking about options out there that would help the most,” Hansen said. “I just decided that as a school, if we take a book that is interesting and discussed it and practiced ing, all the way around, it would help our ing; it would help our confidence in front of other people.”“当我看到学生们的成绩的时候,就开始设想怎么做才能更好的帮助学生们自我提高,” 汉森说“我想到,如果校方能够选出一本学生们感兴趣的书籍,让学生们练习阅读、相互讨论,这不仅可以提高学生的阅读水平,也能提高学生们在其他人面前的自信”Research has shown that ing either as a class or alone improves both ing comprehension and ability. Hansen hopes the new 30 minutes a day will accomplish just that.研究显示,不论是集体阅读或是独自阅读,学生的阅读理解能力和阅读技能都会有所提高这正是汉森希望通过每天30分钟阅读达到的目标“The Hunger Games,” written in , is about a -year-old girl who lives in an post-apocalyptic nation where order is maintained by using a lottery system to select one boy and one girl from each of the districts participation in a televised fight to the death. The book and its two subsequent sequels received critical acclaim. The first book, “The Hunger Games,” was made into a movie, released in . The second book, “Catching Fire,” was released on Nov. .《饥饿游戏写就于年,故事的主人公是一个岁的女孩,她住在一个后末日时代的国度里,这个国家实施政令的方式是像摇票一样,从国家的个区域中选出一名男孩和一名女孩,让他们参加一场有电视直播的生存之战这本书及其两部后续作品在界广受赞誉由第一部《饥饿游戏改编的电影在年上映了改编自第二部《星火燎原的电影于年月日上映The book was chosen by the school’s counselor, librarian and Hansen herself. The three administrators began looking at books within the ing level they wanted.这套书是由该校的顾问、图书管理员和汉森本人共同选定的这三位校方管理人员都认为,这套书是符合学生阅读水平的心仪之选The school administration will evaluate the program once the book is completed. Hansen hopes it will have an effect on student ing scores.校方会在学生读完全书的时候对这个阅读项目进行效果评估汉森希望这个项目能够切实有效的提高学生的阅读成绩“I hope that they can better,” Hansen said. “I want them to be ing and comprehending.”“我希望他们的阅读水平有一个全方面的提高,” 汉森说“我希望他们养成阅读习惯,提高阅读能力” 65

  Dan Stevens, who plays Matthew Crowley, won’t return season of Downton Abbey, Creator Julian Fellowes gave an interview to a British newspaper that explained why he “didn’t really have an option” but to end the character’s run on the Emmy-winning drama.在《唐顿庄园中扮演大表哥Matthew Crowley的男演员Dan Stevens将不会在第四季中回归,近日该剧制片人Julian Fellowes接受应该报纸访问时,解释了自己为什么说除了结束在该剧的拍摄,他(Dan Stevens)没有其他选择“We have always tried to persuade him to stay,” Fellowes told the Daily Telegraph. ”He had done fantastically well the series and his creation of Matthew was terrific. But this is life. Dan felt that this was right thing him, and the right moment to move on to different areas.”[en]“我们都劝过他,要他留下,”Fellowes接受《每日电讯报采访时说“他在剧中表现得非常出色,并且把Matthew这个角色创造得非常好但是这就是生活Dan觉得离开剧组对他来说是件正确的事情,他觉得现在是他抽身并投入其他领域的最好时机[en]Viewers in the U.K. discovered that Stevens was leaving the show after watching a Downton Abbey Christmas special earlier this week. (Here’s a Daily Mail recap). The actor — who, like other cast members, was only optioned three years — apparently made the decision to pursue new roles bee filming began on season 3. “I’m pretty sure he’s got a terrific future,” Fellowes said. “We will miss him.”英国的观众发现,在该剧第三季的圣诞特辑早些时候播完之后,Stevens就已经离开了剧组和该剧的其他演员一样,Dan的合约也是三年,所以他在合约到期之际,在第三季开拍之前就已经决定要去演别的新角色“我敢很肯定他的未来会很美好,”Fellowship说“我们会想他的” 36Having weathered two bruising presidential campaigns and seven turbulent years in the White House, President Barack Obama will now put his survival skills to the test in Alaska wilderness.经历过两次激烈的总统大选和七年动荡的白宫生涯,这次,美国总统奥巴马将在阿拉斯加荒野考验自己的生存技能N announced on August 31 that Obama will become the first sitting president to appear in a special edition of the reality show Running Wild With Bear Grylls, which will be taped during his three-day trip to the region beginning Monday.美国全国广播公司(N)当地时间8月31日宣布,奥巴马将成为参加真人秀《越野千里特别节目的首位现任总统奥巴马于当地时间8月31日前往阿拉斯加州,行程为3天,期间奥巴马将参与节目录制The president will spend three days in the Alaska Arctic attending a climate change conference, visiting glaciers and meeting with Native American leaders.奥巴马将在阿拉斯加北极地区呆3天,出席气候变化峰会、探访冰川、与印第安部落首领会晤According to a press release put out by N, the commander-in-chief will meet up with the celebrity survivalist to observe first-hand the effects of climate change in Alaska.美国全国广播公司(N)召开新闻发布会表示,奥巴马总统将与著名野外生存家贝尔·格里尔斯(Bear Grylls)一道,亲自观察阿拉斯加州气候变化的影响The White House confirmed on August 31 that the shoot will take place Tuesday in Exit Glacier in Kenai Mountains, reported the New York Times.据《纽约时报消息,当地时间8月31日,白宫实了节目录制时间为9月1日,地点在基奈山的出口冰川The expanse of ice is retreating, in what environmentalists say is a dramatic sign of warming temperatures.当地的冰川面积正在减少,环保人士称之为气候变暖的明显标志The president will then join Grylls in the woods a crash course in survival techniques. The episode will be aired on N later this year.奥巴马将跟随《越野千里贝尔·格里尔斯进入丛林,上一堂生存技巧速成课这一集将于今年晚些时候在N播出 396683

  She might have millions in the bank and a bright future ahead of her - but fashionista Emma Watson missed the sartorial mark when she sent a birthday message to her fans today to celebrate her 1st. The Harry Potter star looked somewhat frumpy and dowdy with a rather bouffanty version of her short crop that looked a bit too middle-aged her elfin features. Her overall look wasn't helped by a rather nondescript black v-necked top and necklace in the arty-looking black and white clip. 刚刚在自己的微薄上“泄露天机”的艾玛在如愿以偿当上年兰蔻全球代言人后,电影《哈利波特的女主角赫敏以百万身家一跃成为全球最年轻、最会赚钱的女星之一在暂时告别了自己所在的布朗大学,辍学并积极投入自己所喜爱的演绎事业后,赫敏用一则视频来答谢粉丝庆祝自己的1岁生日然而,在这一个黑白生日答谢视频中,以一张“懒散”“拖沓颓废”的面孔出现,着实像一名中年妇女,让喜爱她的粉丝大跌眼镜,惊呼:“赫敏过于成熟了,尽管身穿低胸V字领,搭配项链也不能让她符合她原有的年龄,展现1岁女生应该有的美丽” She said: 'Just a quick message to say thank you all the Birthday wishes and gifts you’ve sent. I’m continually overwhelmed by the support from you all. It means so much to me, so thank you very much.'Turning 1 is a significant occasion everyone, and it’s proved to be quite a milestone...this year I plan to continue pursuing my love of fashion, working as an ambassadress Lanc?me.' Fashionista: Emma also confirmed her role today as an 'ambassadress' French beauty brand Lancome. In her meanwhile, Emma revealed she had also been hard at work learning an American accent her thcoming new movie Perks Of Being A Wallflower. She gushed: 'You guys are absolutely amazing. So yeah, it's turning out to be quite a big year in a way and I just want to say so much all of your continuing support. 赫敏在视频中说道:“在1岁到来的时候,我想用一个生日答谢视频来谢谢喜爱我的粉丝们,我收到你们的祝福以及生日礼物,很是感动一直以来,你们一直义无反顾地持我,你们的关心和持对我来说十分重要,真的很谢谢你们!1岁对于每一个人来说都是重要的,而对于我来说也是一样,是具有里程碑意义的一年我打算在1岁到来的时候,全身心投入我的挚爱----时尚担任兰蔻的形象大使”此外,赫敏还在视频中透露她自己正在很努力地学习“美式口音”英语,在即将开拍的电影《 壁花少年中有良好的、新的、不同于《哈利波特的表现 'You've been absolutely amazing and a real comt and I'm very grateful to you all. Yeah, I'm 1! Crazy, crazy! Thank you so much!' In a press announcement released yesterday, French beauty house Lancome said: 'Thanks to her charm, romanticism and her incredible modernity, Emma Watson has become the icon of her generation. 'We are delighted by this new collaboration.' Emma follows in the footsteps of other renowned actresses, such as Julia Roberts, Penelope Cruz, Kate Winslet and Anne Hathaway, who have also starred in campaigns the brand. 法国兰蔻官方代表回应到:“感谢艾玛·沃森对于我们品牌的大力持,她的吸引力、美丽以及浪漫的感觉符合我们品牌的现代风格艾玛是能够代表她的年代、具有时代性特征的女性我们非常荣幸能与其合作”据悉,艾玛并不是代言兰蔻的第一人,在她之前代言兰蔻的女星各个都“令人咂舌”,有茱莉亚·罗伯茨(诺丁山女演员)、凯特·温斯莱特(泰坦尼克号)、佩内洛普·克鲁兹(西班牙女影星)以及最近演绎事业如日升天的安妮·海瑟薇Anne Hathaway等等 758

  After spending months apart, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson may be rekindling their romance ... again.分别数月之后,克里斯汀·斯图尔特和罗伯特·帕丁森的恋情似乎又一次死灰复燃了The mer couple was spotted leaving Robert Pattinson Beverly Hills home on Friday (Nov. 1) after reportedly spending four hours together. Stewart was photographed leaving in her blue Toyota pickup truck while Pattinson followed close behind her in his silver Jeep.据报道,这对前任情侣上周五在罗伯特·帕丁森的比佛利山庄别院里独处了个小时,离开时被仔队发现斯图尔特开着蓝色丰田皮卡离开,帕丁森驾驶着他的银色吉普车尾随But once the pair realized they were being followed by photographers, Pattinson reportedly turned around and headed back to his pad.两人后发现记者跟拍,帕丁森立刻掉头回家Stewart and Pattinson dated three years bee officially ending things in May. Although they tried to work things out following Stewart cheating scandal in July , the mer ;Twilight; co-stars decided to go their separate ways.斯图尔特和帕丁森的情侣关系持续了3年,直至今年5月公开宣布分手在年6月斯图尔特传出劈腿已婚男导演丑闻之后,二人曾试图恢复关系,但并未成功最终,这对因为合作电影《暮光之城而走到一起的情侣决定分开;There was lots of animosity after the split, but as time moved on they moved on and they gradually got over it,; a source said ;They are cordial now.;据知情人士称,“二人分手之后一度对对方多有敌意,但随着时间流逝,这种敌意也释怀了现在他们之间的关系非常诚恳”According to reports, the duo spent Saturday (Nov. ) together as well, celebrating Dia de los Muertos, the Mexican version of Halloween, at Hollywood ever Cemetery in Los Angeles.报道称,二人上周六还在洛杉矶的好莱坞永久墓园一期庆祝了墨西哥万圣节 359

  KARACHI, Pakistan — When I heard that the fourth season of Showtime’s “Homeland” would be set in Pakistan and Afghanistan, I awaited its season premiere with anticipation and trepidation. A major American television show would be portraying events set in my country, but I knew those events would be linked to the only thing that seems to interest the world’s eye: terrorism and how Islamist extremism affects Americans and the West.巴基斯坦卡拉奇——当听说Showtime的《国土安全(Homeland)把第四季的故事背景放在了巴基斯坦和阿富汗时,我开始充满期待和担心地等待这一季的首播一部重要美剧将讲述发生在我的祖国的事情,但我知道这些事情只会与一件事有关——这似乎也是唯一让世界感兴趣的事:恐怖主义,以及伊斯兰极端主义对美国和西方所造成的影响As advertising the season premiere was heating up, a short essay by an American writer and activist, Laura Durkay, appeared on The Washington Post’s website under the headline “Homeland Is the Most Bigoted Show on Television.” Ms. Durkay wrote, “The entire structure of ‘Homeland’ is built on mashing together every manifestation of political Islam, Arabs, Muslims and the whole Middle East into a Frankenstein-monster global terrorist threat that simply doesn’t exist.”随着这一季第一集的广告片开始热播,美国作家与活动人士劳拉·杜尔考伊(Laura Durkay)的一篇短文出现在了《华盛顿邮报(The Washington Post)的网站上,文章的标题为“《国土安全是最狭隘的电视剧”杜尔考伊写道,“《国土安全的整个结构建立在这样一个基础之上:把政治伊斯兰、阿拉伯人、穆斯林和整个中东地区的方方面面融合在一起,形成一个弗兰肯斯坦怪物般的全球性恐怖主义威胁,虽然它根本就不存在”The show’s reputation along those lines had kept me away, even as I longed to examine Claire Danes’s portrayal of Carrie Mathison as a conflicted C.I.A. agent immersed in a male-dominated world, and engaging with Middle Eastern and Muslim characters. How could the show’s creators have dreamed up such a complex protagonist, while depicting the sociopolitical milieu in which so many of its characters exist with so little nuance?这部电视剧的名声和这些说法使我对它敬而远之,虽然我也想看看克莱尔·达内什(Claire Danes)如何演绎中情局(CIA)探员凯莉·马西森(Carrie Mathison)——这个充满矛盾色的角色身陷男性主导的世界,还需要与中东和穆斯林角色打交道该剧的主创是如何构想出一个如此复杂的主角,却又与此同时将其诸多角色寄身的社会政治环境描绘得如此简略粗疏?Yes, Hollywood isn’t known historical accuracy or impartial portrayals of any fictionalized “other.” But I still couldn’t resist trying to see what Pakistan, my homeland, looked like through its eyes. I’m a writer of fiction, so I know about imagined worlds. You look not complete truthfulness, but verisimilitude — the “appearance of being true” — so it can give your art authenticity, credibility, believability. And we in Pakistan long to be seen with a vision that at least approaches the truth.的确,好莱坞(Hollywood)不以历史的准确性或对任何虚构的“他方”的公正描述而闻名但是,我仍然无法抵抗诱惑,想看看我的祖国巴基斯坦在它的眼中究竟是何模样我是一个虚构类作家,所以我对想象出来的世界有所了解你寻找的不是完全的真实,而是逼真程度——“表面上看似真实”——它能给你的艺术创造提供真实感、说力和可信性我们这些身处巴基斯坦的人希望别人对我们的看法至少能接近真实Pakistan has long been said to have an image problem, a kind way to say that the world sees us one-dimensionally — as a country of terrorists and extremists, conservatives who enslave women and stone them to death, and tricky scoundrels who hate Americans and lie pathologically to our supposed allies. In Pakistan, we’ve long attributed the ubiquity of these images to what we believe is biased journalism, originating among mainstream American journalists who care little depth and accuracy. By the time these tropes filter down into popular culture, and have morphed into the imaginings of showbiz writers, we’ve gone from an image problem to the realm of Jungian archetypes and haunting traumatized psyches.一直以来,巴基斯坦据说都存在一个形象问题,这委婉地说明,世界往往只会从一个角度看待我们——将我们视作一个恐怖分子和极端主义者的国度,这里的保守主义者会奴役女性,用石块把她们砸死,而且这里还有狡猾的骗子,他们仇恨美国,经常强迫性地对我们所谓的盟友撒谎在巴基斯坦,我们一直认为,这种广为人知的形象源于我们眼中的存在偏见的媒体报道,这种报道则来自对深度和准确性不甚在意的主流美国记者当这些描述渗入流行文化,演变为界作家的想象时,我们就从形象问题走进了荣格原型和无法摆脱的受创心理的领域Whenever a Western movie contains a connection to Pakistan, we watch it in a sadomasochistic way, eager and nervous to see how the West observes us. We look to see if we come across to you as monsters, and then to see what our new, monstrous face looks like. Again and again, we see a refracted, distorted image of our homeland staring back at us. We know we have monsters among us, but this isn’t what we look like to ourselves.每当一部与巴基斯坦有关的西方电影出现时,我们都会以一种受虐狂的心态去观看我们总是迫不及待地想看看自己在西方世界眼中是什么模样我们想知道,我们是否在你们的眼中变成了怪物,以及我们的怪物新形象是什么样的一次又一次,我看到都是我们国家变形而扭曲的画面我知道我们当中有怪物,但是在我们看来,我们并非如此There have been previous international attempts to portray Pakistan on film: “A Mighty Heart,” about the kidnapping and murder of Daniel Pearl; or “Zero Dark Thirty,” about the assassination of Osama bin Laden. The Pearl film was shot largely in India, with some scenes in Pakistan; the Bin Laden film was shot in Jordan and India; in these and other films, streets and shops in India were given nominal Pakistani makeovers, and Indian actors were hired to pass as Pakistanis. In them, I have seen India’s signature homemade Ambassador cars traveling down Pakistani streets; actors who play tribal Pashtuns but look Bihari; Western women wearing chadors where they don’t have to, or going around bareheaded when they should be covered.国际上有人曾试图把巴基斯坦拍进电影:讲述丹尼尔·珀尔(Daniel Pearl)遭到绑架和谋杀的《坚强的心(A Mighty Heart),以及讲述奥萨马·本·拉登(Osama bin Laden)被暗杀故事的《刺杀本·拉登(Zero Dark Thirty)珀尔的那部电影主要在印度拍摄,只有一些场景摄于巴基斯坦;本·拉登的那部电影则摄于约旦和印度在这些和其他电影中,印度的街道和商店都被装扮成了带有些许巴基斯坦色的样子,剧组还会聘请印度演员扮作巴基斯坦人在它们当中,我看到印度特有的国产大使车沿着巴基斯坦街道行驶,扮演普什图族的演员看起来像是比哈里人,而有时西方女性会在不需要穿黑色罩袍的时候穿罩袍,或者在需要把头盖住的时候,四处抛头露面In the season premiere of “Homeland,” Carrie Mathison orders an airstrike on a terrorist compound in a Pakistani tribal area bordering Afghanistan. It is utterly surreal a Pakistani to watch a fictional imagining of the ded strike from the viewpoint of the person ordering it in an American control room: the disconnection, the studied casualness, the presenting of a birthday cake afterward. It’s not clear who the monsters are in this scene, even bee it’s revealed that the strike hit a wedding party, killing women and children. It’s a moment of obvious reversal, but also of nuance, when I wasn’t expecting it.在《国土安全第四季的第一集当中,凯莉·马西森下令对与阿富汗接壤的一个巴基斯坦部落地区的恐怖主义建筑发动空袭让一个巴基斯坦人从一个在美国控制室里下令发动空袭的人的视角来观看这种虚构的可怕袭击,实在有种非常之超现实的感觉:那种疏离感、那种故意为之的漫不经心,以及随后的生日蛋糕在那一幕中,人们还不能清楚地看出怪物究竟是谁,在剧情揭露此次空袭袭击了一个婚礼,导致许多妇女和儿童死亡之前就是如此它是一个明显的逆转时刻,但同时也颇具微妙之处,在那一刻,这完全出乎我的意料Still, the season’s first hour, in which Carrie also goes to Islamabad, offers up a hundred little clues that tell me this isn’t the country where I grew up, or live. When a tribal boy examines the dead in his village, I hear everyone speaking Urdu, not the region’s Pashto. Protesters gather across from the American Embassy in Islamabad, when in reality the embassy is hidden inside a diplomatic enclave to which public access is extremely limited. I find out later that the season was filmed in Cape Town, South Africa, with its Indian Muslim commy standing in Pakistanis.但这一季的第一集中依然出现了众多蛛丝马迹,告诉我这不是我长大或生活的那个国家在剧情方面,凯莉也去了伊斯兰堡当一名部落男孩查看他所在村子里的死者时,我听到所有人说的都是乌尔都语,而不是该地区的普什图语画面上,抗议者聚集在伊斯兰堡美国大使馆的对面,而在现实中,美国大使馆隐藏在一个外交机构聚居地内公众要想进入那片地区,会受到极大限制稍后我发现,这一季是在南非的开普敦拍摄的,那里的印裔穆斯林群体扮成了巴基斯坦人I realize afterward that I’ve been creating a test, the creators of “Homeland” and all who would sell an imagined image of Pakistan: If this isn’t really Pakistan, and these aren’t really Pakistanis, then how they see us isn’t really true.后来我意识到,我一直在为《国土安全的创作人员,以及所有兜售想象出来的巴基斯坦形象的人,进行一种测试如果这不是真正的巴基斯坦,这些人也不是真正的巴基斯坦人,那么他们对我们的看法,实际上也是不准确的A verse in the Quran says, “Behold, we have created you all out of a male and a female, and have made you into nations and tribes, so that you might come to know one another.” Even after everything that’s happened between us, we in Pakistan still want you to know us, not as you imagine us, but as we really are: flawed, struggling, complex, human. All of us, in the outside world as well as in Pakistan, need art — film and television, story and song — that closes that gap between representation and reality, instead of prying the two further apart.《古兰经中的一节说,“众人啊!我确已从一男一女创造你们,我使你们成为许多民族和宗族,以便你们互相认识”尽管我们之间发生了那么多事情,但我们身在巴基斯坦的人,依然想让你们了解我们,不是你们想象中的我们,而是真实的我们:不完美、艰难谋生、复杂、通人情我们所有人,不管是世界其他地区的人,还是身在巴基斯坦的人,所需的电影、电视、故事和歌曲等艺术作品,要能缩小描述与现实之间的差距,而不是让两者进一步背向而驰 68。

  Swedish Princess Madeleine fell in love in the Big Apple. Now she has said ;yes; to New York banker Christopher ONeill in a lavish and emotional wedding ceremony in Stockholm.瑞典公主玛德琳在有“大苹果”之称的纽约坠入爱河在斯德哥尔奢华感人的婚礼上,玛德琳公主对纽约家克里斯托弗·欧尼尔说:“我愿意”Madeleine, 30, was wearing a stunning silk organza dress with a lace top and four-meter (-foot) trail, designed by Valentino Garavani, when she tied the knot with British-American ONeill on Saturday. Around 70 European royals, top New York socialites and celebrities were in attendance.婚礼上,现年30岁的玛德琳身穿加拉瓦尼(Walentino Garavani)亲自设计的华美丝质婚纱与英裔美国人欧尼尔喜结连理,公主的婚纱上部缀有蕾丝,拖尾长达米(约合英尺)约70位欧洲皇室成员、纽约各界名流出席了结婚庆典The 38-year-old ONeill fought back tears as the princess walked down the aisle with her father, King Carl XVI Gustaf, to a traditional Swedish wedding march permed by a children choir. The bride and groom were visibly moved as the ceremony proceeded with hymns in both Swedish and English, and permances by Roxette singer Marie Fredriksson and Broadway ;Phantom of the Opera; star Peter Joback.在儿童唱诗班咏唱的传统瑞典结婚进行曲的旋律中,瑞典国王卡尔十六世·古斯塔夫(King Carl XVI Gustaf)挽着玛德琳公主步下走廊时,现年38岁的欧尼尔强忍激动的泪水当婚礼进行到赞美诗部分,罗克赛特女主唱玛丽·弗莱德里克森(Marie Fredriksson)和百老汇《歌剧魅影男星皮特·乔巴克(Peter Joback)分别用瑞典语和英语演唱,令新郎新娘十分动容With a smile on her face, Madeleine out the wedding vows in Swedish while ONeill his in English in the Royal Chapel, decorated with typical Swedish summer flowers. After the wedding, the couple kissed on the steps of the palace in front of a cheering crowd of several thousand who had gathered in the sunshine waving Swedish flags.在用最具瑞典特色的夏季花朵装点的皇家小礼堂中,玛德琳面带微笑,用瑞典语宣读结婚誓词,欧尼尔则用英语宣读誓词婚礼结束后,这对新人在台阶上拥吻,灿烂的阳光下成千上万的瑞典人聚集在周围舞动瑞典国旗;We hope she will be very happy in the future, the princess Madeleine,; Julia Huelsman, who had traveled from Munich, Germany, the occasion, said.专程从德国慕尼黑赶来的茱莉亚·赫尔斯曼(Julia Huelsman)说:“我们衷心祝愿玛德琳公主将来生活幸福”Later, the newlyweds travelled in a procession through the crowded streets of the capital in a special horse and carriage. They then sailed to the royal residence and UNESCO World Heritage site Drottningholm Palace, kilometers (6 miles) west of the city center, where a private wedding reception will be held.随后,这对新婚夫妇坐在特制的马车上,在首都热闹的街道开始婚礼游行游行结束后,他们乘游艇前往位于市中心西面公里(约合6英里)处的皇室官邸,并将在这所被列为联合国教科文组织世界遗产的官邸内举办私人婚礼宴会Madeleine is the youngest of Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia three children and fourth in line to the throne. She became known as Sweden party princess in her early s, when she was frequently spotted at Stockholm high-end nightclubs, and has attracted widesp attention her stylish clothes.玛德琳公主是瑞典国王卡尔十六世和王后西尔维娅三个孩子中年纪最小的,拥有第四顺位王位继承权她在二十岁出头的时候经常出入斯德哥尔高端夜店,而她的潮流穿着也受到广泛关注,被称作瑞典派对公主But her life hasnt always been a fairytale. Madeleine extravagant lifestyle has often been criticized by Swedes, who prefer the down-to-earth attitude of her sister, Crown Princess Victoria, who married acommoner. And in , she fled to New York after breaking off her first engagement to Swedish attorney Jonas Bergstrom amid media reports that he had cheated on her.然而,公主也并非一直过着童话般的生活,玛德琳奢靡的生活方式经常遭到瑞典民众的批评,他们更为欣赏玛德琳的维多利亚公主的务实作风,维多利亚公主此前也嫁给了一个平民年,媒体曝出与玛德琳订婚的瑞典律师乔纳斯·伯格斯特洛姆(Jonas Bergstrom)出轨,订婚取消后,玛德琳逃避似的去了纽约Since then, Madeleine has held a lower profile, working the nonprofit World Childhood Foundation in New York, where she met ONeill through mutual friends. The couple was first spotted together having lunch at the Central Park Boathouse in January and they announced their engagement in October .自那以后,玛德琳一直保持低调,在纽约为公益性世界儿童组织工作,经两人共同的朋友介绍才与欧尼尔相识年1月两人第一次曝光,当时他们正在纽约中央公园船屋(Boathouse)餐厅共进午餐,同年月,两人宣布订婚ONeill was born into a wealthy family. His late father, Paul ONeill, set up the European head office of Oppenheimer amp; Co. in London in the 1960s and his mother, Eva Maria ONeill, is involved in several charities. He studied at a boarding school in St. Gallen, Switzerland, and holds a bachelor degree in international relations from Boston University and a master degree from Columbia Business School in New York.欧尼尔生于富裕家庭,他的父亲、已故的保尔·欧尼尔(Paul ONeill)先生上世纪六十年代在伦敦设立了奥朋墨姆公司的欧洲总部,他的母亲爱娃·玛利亚·欧尼尔(Eva Maria ONeill)参与多项慈善事业欧尼尔曾就读于瑞士圣加伦(St. Gallen)的一所国际学校,拥有波士顿大学国际关系学学士学位,并在位于纽约的哥伦比亚大学商学院获得硕士学位ONeill, who holds dual American and British citizenship, has declined a royal rank in Sweden, which would have required him to become a Swedish citizen. He has chosen to continue working and the newlyweds are expected to move back to their apartment in Manhattan.欧尼尔拥有英国和美国双重国籍,谢绝了需要加入瑞典国籍才能接受的封爵他准备继续现在的工作,这对新婚夫妇可能会搬回他们在曼哈顿的公寓Guests at the wedding included the U.K. Earl and Countess of Wessex, Prince Edward and Sophie; Princess Takamado of Japan and princes and princesses from Norway, Denmark, Greece, Luxembourg and Monaco.本次婚礼的来宾包括英国威塞克斯 (Wessex)伯爵夫妇、爱德华( Edward and Sophie)王子夫妇、日本宪仁亲王妃久子(Takamado)以及来自挪威、丹麦、希腊、卢森堡、纳哥的王子和公主们ONeill had also invited many of his super-rich friends, such as Opel heir Georg von Opel, Cadbury chocolate heir Joel Cadbury, Colombian billionaire Alejandro Santo Domingo, and Aidan and Fizzy Barclay. Other well-known invitees were Duran Duran band member John Taylor, the CEO of fashion retailer Hamp;M, Karl-Johan Persson, and golfer Jesper Parnevik.欧尼尔还邀请了很多富豪朋友,如欧宝汽车公司继承人乔治·范·欧宝(Georg von Ope)、吉百利巧克力继承人乔尔·吉百利(Joel Cadbury)、哥伦比亚富豪亚历杭德罗·桑托·多明戈(Alejandro Santo Domingo)以及艾丹·巴克莱和菲兹·巴克莱(Aidan and Fizzy Barclay)其他受到邀请的名人包括杜兰杜兰乐队(Duran Duran band)成员约翰·泰勒(John Taylor)、Hamp;M 公司首席执行官卡尔#539;约翰#539;佩尔松( Karl-Johan Persson)以及高尔夫球员杰斯佩-帕尼维克(Jesper Parnevik)The marriage is the latest in a series of glamorous royal weddings that have mesmerized Europe in the past few years. In June , Madeleine older sister Crown Princess Victoria wed her personal trainer Daniel Westling in a grand ceremony in Stockholm and the year after, Britain Prince William and Kate Middleton tied the knot in extravagant fashion in front of an estimated billion television viewers. Also in , Prince Albert II of Monaco wed Charlene Lynette Wittstock and in , Prince Guillaume of Luxembourg ed with Belgian Countess Stephanie de Lannoy.此次婚礼是近年来一系列令欧洲着迷的奢华皇室婚礼中最新的一个,年6月,玛德琳的瑞典女王储维多利亚公主(Crown Princess Victoria )和她的私人健身教练丹尼尔·韦斯特林 (Daniel Westling)在斯德哥尔举行结婚盛典,翌年,英国威廉王子和凯特·米德尔顿( Kate Middleton )在约亿电视观众共同见的奢华婚礼上喜结连理同样是在年,纳哥阿尔贝二世亲王和夏琳·丽奈特·维斯托克( Charlene Lynette Wittstock )结婚,年,卢森堡大公储纪尧姆( Guillaume )和比利时女伯爵斯蒂芬妮·德·兰诺伊( Stephanie de Lannoy)结婚The Swedish royal family has only ceremonial duties, such as attending award ceremonies, promoting Swedish businesses abroad and supporting charities. As the head of state, the king also receives eign dignitaries on mal visits to Sweden.瑞典皇室家族仅担负礼仪性职责,比如出席颁奖典礼、帮助瑞典拓展对外经贸、资助慈善组织等作为国家的精神领袖,国王也会接待来瑞典进行正式访问的外国政要 75

  Miss Piggy appeared on the cover of Time Magazine, and Marge Simpson famously posed on the cover of Playboy. Now Smurfette has followed in their footsteps by modelling Harper's Bazaar.  都说顶级模特的代言费高得让厂商们承受不起,这不,聪明的厂商们想出了一个“新招”---接二连三让卡通人物穿上自己旗下品牌的饰和配饰为自己做宣传首先是猪登上了《时代杂志的封面、其次是全美最受欢迎的卡通长寿剧《辛普森一家的女主人玛吉·辛普森(Marge Simpson)在《杂志上崭露头角,最后就连“蓝精灵”都登上了《时尚芭莎封面 Kate Moss eat your heart out: Smurfette models Marc Jacobs' latest collection in the August's Harper's Bazaar.  蓝精灵替代名模凯特·斯:国际品牌马克·雅可布请“蓝精灵”代言最新秋冬季时尚展品,登上《时尚芭莎封面  The blue-skinned beauty, who is voiced by Katy Perry in the upcoming Smurfs movie, shows the supermodels how its don as she strikes a pose in the season's hottest new accessories. Each photograph sees her model a different designer's autumnwinter look.   据悉,这个拥有着蓝色皮肤的小美人儿也同时“肩负”了为即将上映的卡通电影《蓝精灵做宣传,时尚厂商与电影厂商所谓的强强联手创造的“双赢广告效益”让人不可忽视此外,蓝精灵这一系列的造型都在“山寨”顶级模特的经典造型达到宣传设计大师秋冬季时尚理念的效果 38


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