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Due to the Ukraine crisis, instead of holding the meeting in Russia as planned, the summit met in Brussels June 5.美WTO汽车关税案胜诉

普京:尊重乌克兰大选结果 :36: 普京:尊重乌克兰大选结果俄罗斯总统普京表示会认同乌克兰总统选举结果,将会和乌克兰新的领导层打交道Russian President Vladimir Putin says he will recognize the outcome of Ukraine’s presidential election slated Sunday, and will work with the new leadership. He said Russia wanted peace and order to be restored in its neighbour. D"There was a coup d’etat backed by our American and European partners. Then, there was chaos and now we are witnessing a fullscale civil war," Russian president Vladimir Putin said."We are interested that, on our western borders I am speaking without any irony in our brother country Ukraine, peace has begun, and calmness. And, of course, we work (even) today with those who control the power, but after the election, we will of course work with the newly elected structures," Putin said.Furthermore, he pledged that Russia "will respect the choice of the Ukrainian people" who are set to elect a new president on May 5th.Speaking on economic sanctions, introduced by the West against Russia over its alleged intereference into Ukrainian crisis, Vladimir Putin suggested some countries to gain economic advantage:"Insisting on applying sanctions to Russia, Maybe our American friends they are sophisticated guys want to get a competitive advantage in their trade and economic relations over Europe," Putin said.


  CCTV9英语新闻:中美南海问题 19 ::18 CCTV9英语新闻:中美南海问题China urges US to be cautious on South China Sea issueChina has rebuffed US Secretary of State John Kerry’s remarks on the South China Sea issue. And China’s eign Ministry urged the country to be cautious in its words and deeds. "On the South China Sea issue, China keeps smooth and effective communication with countries of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations. We hope the relevant country will respect the efts made by China and ASEAN countries on the South China Sea issue, strictly abide by its commitment of not taking a position, and be cautious with its words and deeds. We urge the relevant country to be more helpful the mutual trust among countries in the region and the peace and stability of the region, not the opposite," Hua Chunying, spokeswoman of Chinese eign Ministry, said.

  Chang asked the ed States to keep Japan "within bounds" and criticized the government of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.。

  The diplomatic departments of the two countries are closely cooperating with each other to arrange the detained Chinese fishermen to return home as soon as possible, eign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei said in a news release.

  兰古没把外卖带走,后来他在线提交了一份投诉,附带上用手机拍摄的异物照片“想到我可能会没意识到就吃了几口,我觉得特别恶心想吐”世界杯:香港商业准备好了 1:31: 世界杯:香港商业准备好了As football fans prepare to snap up over 180,000 tickets up sale on Fifa’s website this week, Hong Kong intrepid’s entrepreneurs and businesses are gearing up the windfall profits they’re expecting from the world’s biggest football event. Those who can’t fly all the way to Brazil to watch the event are expected to head to the malls in Hong Kong...where all 6 World Cup matches will be shown LIVE. Shop owners expect at least a percent uptick in sales of World Cup related memorabilia.As frenzied football fans snap up World Cup tickets on Fifa’s website from this week . Hong Kong intrepid businesses are latching on to the windfall opporty of the world’s biggest football event. Here in Mong Kok, sportswear retailer Jimmy Wong isn’t missing a beat. The 3 yearold started selling these football jerseys since December, and they’ve been selling like hotcakes since.And to get the biggest bang on his buck, Wong is setting up a popup store in this mall in Kowloon East from next week. Even this mall itself is gearing up the monthlong event. APM has set up huge screens, where it plans to broadcast live all 6 World Cup matches.Mall operator Sun Hung Kai expects sales to reach over 5 million US dollars in those 3 days, and attract up to million visitors to the mall.And there’s also something those that just want a World Cup selfie or two. This fivemeter tall Japanese anime character Kojiro Hyuga from “Captain Tsubasa” stands mighty big in one of the upscale malls smack in the middle of the world’s priciest shop rents, in Causeway Bay. He sports an “Adidas Battle Pack ndash; Brazil”, newly released by the sporting company in time the World Cup event. It’s an added attraction next to the huge Apple store nearby, and also a reminder of all the hype surrounding the event.Hype it is not, far as Jimmy’s concerned. He’s expecting to rake in to 30 percent sales here in Hong Kong over the next month from an event that’s happening half way around the world in Brazil.It just seems too strange to be true. But in the frozen wastes of Siberia two walkers claim to have found the body of an alien. On its side with its mouth slightly agape, the slender, badlydamage body lies halfburied in snow close to Irkutsk, Russia. The area is a known UFO hotspot and of the alien's corpse has become a massive worldwide hit with hundreds of thousands of followers after being posted on the internet

  :: :HONG KONG, June 9 "Passionate, creative, unique." These are the three words that fashion designer Jessica Lau, 33, used to describe young creatives in Hong Kong.

  年月大学英语四级翻译考前模拟1(中翻英) :9: 年月大学英语四级翻译考前模拟1(中翻英)中国经济的高速发展,带来了消费文化的曰益流行,同时也催 生了一批具有高学历,充分享受资本主义消费模式的年轻人,他 们习惯于当月工资当月花因而被称为“月光族”(the moonlight group)“月光族”一词出现于世纪90年代后期,是用来讽刺那 些出身富裕、接受高等教育、充分享受快餐文化(fast food culture)的 年轻人 参考译文China’s economy is developing very quickly, and has brought with it a culture of consumption more prevalent with each passing day. At the same time, it has brought into being an educated group of young people who enjoy capitalist consumption way. They’re used to spending money as soon as they get it every month, and so are called "the moonlight group". This word came into being during the 1990s, to make fun of those bom into wealth,who have received a high education, and who ap?preciate fast food culture.

  The US imposing sanctions on China would violate international trade rules, said Cao Fengqi, director of the Finance and Securities Research Center at Peking University.。

  Fewer Greeks can afd to take taxis. And eign investors and tourists hesitate to come to Athens because strikes and others protests often cause the cancellation of flights and ferry services and the closing of government offices and tourist sites. Because business is so poor, some taxi drivers take unnecessary detours to add distance, and thus money, to their fares.

  resignation to the Italian president after twoandahalf years in office.伦齐向记者们表示:“祝愿我们所有人都好运”他说道,他将在星期一下午的内阁会议上宣布辞职,而后向意大利总统提交辞呈,结束两年半的总理任期Mr Renzi said the rems would have cut Italy’s bureaucracy and made the


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