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“This,” wrote the Google Ventures general partner David Krane yesterday on Twitter. “10 years ago, today. A day I’ll never forget…”谷歌创投(Google Ventures)普通合伙人戴维·克莱恩8月19日在Twitter上写道:“这是10年前的今年。我永远无法忘记的一天……”The object in question was the photo-of-a-photo seen above, of Google executives preparing to ring the opening bell of Nasdaq in New York on August 19, 2004. As Fortune wrote yesterday, Google was a much smaller company then. It was involved in far fewer businesses, had dramatically less revenue, and employed just five percent of the people it does today.他所说的正是上面我们看到的那张图,那是2004年8月19日,谷歌高管团队准备在纽约敲响纳斯达克(Nasdaq)开市钟时的合影。正如《财富》杂志(Fortune)另一篇报道中所写的那样,那时的谷歌还是一家小公司,公司业务比现在小得多,更没有如此巨额的收入,员工人数也只有如今的百分之五。The people on stage for Google’s initial public offering that day didn’t even represent 1% of the company’s employees at the time, but many of them were important to the company’s early success. Below, a list of who those people are, what role they played on that day in 2004, and where they are today.谷歌上市当天,登台的人数甚至不到当时公司总人数的1%,但其中许多人对于公司早期的成功发挥了重要作用。下面是照片中各位人物的介绍,他们在2004年谷歌上市当天的角色,以及他们的现状。In the front row前排Left to right:从左到右:Unknown Nasdaq executive身份不明的纳斯达克高管David Krane—then, Google’s director of Global Communications and Public Affairs;now, general partner at Google Ventures.戴维o克莱恩——时任谷歌全球通信及公共事务部总监;现任谷歌风投普通合伙人。George Reyes—then, Google’s chief financial officer; now, retired.乔治o雷耶斯——时任谷歌首席财务官;现已退休。Eric Schmidt—then, Google’s chief executive officer; now, Google’s executive chairman.埃里克o施密特——时任谷歌首席执行官;现任谷歌执行董事长。Larry Page—then, Google’s president of products; now, Google’s chief executive officer.拉里o佩奇——时任谷歌产品总裁;现任谷歌首席执行官。Robert Greifeld—then and now, Nasdaq’s chief executive officer. (You may remember him for bearing the criticism for Facebook’s botched IPO in 2012.)罗伯特o格雷菲尔德——时任及现任纳斯达克首席执行官(2012年,他曾因Facebook IPO被搞砸饱受批评。)Unknown Nasdaq executive身份不明的纳斯达克高管In the back row后排Left to right:从左到右:Mona Chu—then, Google’s director of SEC reporting amp; technical accounting; now, unknown. (She left Google in June 2013, according to her LinkedIn profile.)莫娜o朱——时任谷歌SEC申报与技术会计总监;现状未知(根据其在LinkedIn上的资料,她已于2013年6月离开谷歌。)Unknown executive身份不明的高管Mark Fuchs—then, Google’s vice president of finance and chief accountant; now, unknown.马克o福克斯——时任谷歌财务副总裁兼总会计师;现状未知。Pietro Dova—then, Google’s corporate controller and finance director; now, a founding partner at XG Ventures (with ex-Googler Andrea Zurek).彼得罗o多瓦——时任谷歌公司控制官兼财务总监;现任风险投资公司XG Ventures创始合伙人(与原谷歌员工安德里亚o祖瑞克合作)。Marissa Mayer—then, Google’s director of consumer Web products; today, Yahoo’s president and chief executive officer.梅丽莎o梅耶尔——时任谷歌消费者网络产品总监;现任雅虎(Yahoo)总裁兼首席执行官。Douglas Merrill—then, Google’s chief information officer (he stitched together the IT behind the very complicated, multi-bank “Dutch” auction system); now, founder and chief executive of ZestFinance.道格拉斯o梅里尔——时任谷歌首席信息官(他将非常复杂的多“各自付费”拍卖系统进行了成功整合);现任金融公司ZestFinance创始人兼首席执行官。Tim Armstrong—then, Google’s vice president for advertising sales; now, AOL’s chairman and chief executive officer.蒂姆o阿姆斯特朗——时任谷歌广告销售副总裁;现任美国在线(AOL)董事长兼首席执行官。Omid Kordestani—then, Google’s senior vice president for worldwide sales and field operations; now, Google’s interim chief business officer (since the departure of Nikesh Arora last month) and special advisor to the CEO.奥米德o柯德斯塔尼——时任谷歌全球销售与现场运营高级副总裁;现任谷歌临时首席商务官(自上个月尼科什o阿罗拉离职以来)及CEO特别顾问。Michael Grimes—then and now, head of global technology investment banking at Morgan Stanley.迈克尔o格兰姆斯——时任及现任根o士丹利(Morgan Stanley)全球科技投资部门主管。Jeff Donovan—then, a Google lawyer; now, unknown.杰夫o多诺万——时任谷歌律师;现状未知。David Drummond—then, Google’s vice president and general counsel; now, Google’s senior vice president for corporate development and chief legal officer.大卫o德拉蒙德——时任谷歌副总裁兼总法律顾问;现任谷歌公司发展高级副总裁兼首席法务官。 /201408/323622Could Google’s new self-driving car one day have to yield to an oncoming smart bicycle?谷歌(Google)新研发的无人驾驶汽车会不会有一天向尚未问世的智能自行车低头?Samsung introduced the prototype for its Smart Bikeat a design trade show in Milan earlier this year, showing off a form of two-wheel transportation that connects to a Samsung KRX smartphone to enable onboard sensors, GPS and other safety high-tech features. Design Boom reports that Samsung teamed up with Italian frame-builder Giovanni Pelizzoli to build the Smart Bike, which sports a curved frame meant to reduce the roughness of riding on urban terrain.今年年初,三星(Samsung)在米兰设计贸易展览会上展出了旗下智能自行车的原型。这种新型双轮交通工具可与三星(KRX)智能手机相连,驱动车载传感器、GPS系统等高科技安全保护功能。据设计邦(Design Boom)网的报道称,这款智能自行车由三星集团携手意大利车架设计专家Giovanni Pelizzoli共同打造,车身总体采用曲管设计,以缓解都市路面的颠簸。The bike also has safety features such as laser beams that create an individualized bike lane and a rearview camera, which syncs with the handlebar-mounted smartphone to allow riders a view of whatever is behind them. Business Insider notes it is not clear yet whether the Smart Bike, which comes enabled with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, will go into full production anytime soon.此外,三星智能自行车还配备了其它安全保护措施,比如车载激光器可以投射出激光束自行车道,车上还有一台后视摄像机,与手把中间的智能手机同步,车主可以对背后的情况一清二楚。商业内幕网(Business Insider)称,尚未有确切消息明这种装有Wi-Fi和蓝牙的智能自行车会很快投入批量生产。Samsung isn’t the first entrant into the smart bike market. Vanhawks Valour recently waged a successful Kickstarter campaign to fund the production of its connected bike, which tracks the rider’s performance and also features security sensors and syncs with smartphones to provide interactive feedback. Helios also offers a bike model with built-in Bluetooth and a GPS tracker.其实,三星并不是抢占智能自行车市场的第一家公司。近期,凡浩克斯公司(Vanhawks)在众筹平台(Kickstarter)上成功募款,筹得的资金用于生产旗下一款名为“凡浩克斯o勇气”(Vanhawks Valour)的智能互联自行车。这款自行车能追踪车主情况,同时还配有安全传感器,能与智能手机同步提供双向反馈。另外,海里欧(Helio)也推出一款内嵌蓝牙与GPS追踪器的自行车模型。Meanwhile, Google GOOG is thinking a little bigger, having announced plans last month to build a fleet of 100 driver-less cars that can shepherd up to two passengers to a destination relying only on sensors to detect location and any possible obstacles, including (maybe?) smart bikes.谷歌(GOOG)这时候也没闲着,正在忙着规划一次大型活动。它上个月宣布,要组建一个100辆无人驾驶汽车车队,护送两乘客至目的地,全程仅依靠传感器监测位置与障碍物,它所指的“障碍物”其中(说不定)就包括智能自行车。 /201406/306056Odds are, you’re ing this article when you’re supposed to be working.你在阅读这篇文章的时候,很可能正是你应该在工作的时候。A new study from Kansas State University suggests that we spend even more time than previously thought aimlessly browsing the Internet during our office hours.据堪萨斯州立大学的一项新调查显示,我们在办公时间内花在漫无目的浏览网页上的时间比我们预想的还要多。“Cyberloafing” — wasting time at work online — takes up as much as 80 percent of the time people spend online at work, according to the data collected by Joseph Ugrin, an assistant professor at Kansas State, and John Pearson, an associate professor at Southern Illinois University. The results were published in the latest issue of the journal Computers in Human Behavior.根据堪萨斯州立大学副教授约瑟夫#8226;乌格林和南伊利诺伊大学副教授约翰#8226;皮尔逊所收集的数据,“网上闲逛”——上网工作时浪费时间——占据了人们网上办公高达80%的时间。研究结果将刊登在《计算机在人类行为中的应用》杂志最新一期上。Their results also suggest that traditional work guidelines surrounding Internet use are not enough to police worker behavior, and that if companies really want to scale back the amount of time their employees spend surfing the Web, they must “consistently enforce” sanctions to uphold their cyberloafing policies.研究结果还表明,用规范互联网使用的传统工作守则来管辖员工的行为已经远远不够了,如果公司真想减少员工上网浏览网页的时间,就必须“始终如一地执行”相关处罚措施,以保网上闲逛政策的实施。;We found that for young people, it was hard to get them to think that social networking was unacceptable behavior,; Ugrin said. ;Just having a policy in place did not change their attitudes or behavior at all. Even when they knew they were being monitored, they still did not care.;乌格林说道:“我们发现很难让年轻人觉得(上班时间)上社交网络是不良行为。仅是制定出相关政策根本不能改变他们的态度或行为。即使他们知道自己的行为被监控,他们也会若无其事。”Then again, not necessarily all ;cyberloafing; can be measured as a net loss for businesses. A 2011 study found that in certain fields, when people spend time casually browsing the Web at work, they actually end up being more productive and creative.话说回来,并不是所有的“网上闲逛”都是企业的净损失。2011年的一项研究发现,在某些领域,当人们在上班时间随意地浏览网页时,他们的工作更富成效和创造力。The risks for employers go beyond lost productivity. Ugrin and Pearson point out that cyberloafing also poses legal risks for companies, if their employees are engaging in activities like viewing pornography or taking part in illegal transactions.员工“网上闲逛”的风险远不止使生产率下降。乌格林和皮尔逊指出,如果员工浏览色情网站或参与非法交易等行为,网上闲逛还会给企业带来法律风险。Ugrin and Pearson found that time-wasting was employed in nearly equal measure across different age groups but that generational differences were expressed in the various ways in which people specifically waste their time.乌格林和皮尔逊发现,不同的年龄组在网上浪费的时间几乎一样多,但人们以不同的方式浪费时间,从中体现了代际差异。;Older people are doing things like managing their finances, while young people found it much more acceptable to spend time on social networking sites like Facebook,; Ugrin said.乌格林说:“年长一些的人会做管理自己财务的一类事,而年轻人则认为在脸谱网这样的社交网站花费时间很理所当然。”And while the study’s authors endorse tougher sanctions to enforce productivity and worker conduct, they say employers must maintain a healthy balance in order to not negatively affect office morale.尽管研究的作者持采取更严厉的惩罚措施来保生产效率和员工的行为表现,但他们表示雇主必须让办公环境保持健康的平衡,不对办公室士气造成负面影响。;People will feel like Big Brother is watching them, so companies need to be careful when taking those types of action,; Ugrin said.乌格林说:“公司在采取这种处罚措施时一定要谨慎,否则人们会总感觉有‘老大哥’在盯着他们。” /201302/224867It#39;s called Argus One; the Pentagon#39;s newest unmanned spy plane. But cheeky observers are aly calling it the ;Flying Sperm;.美国国防部最新研制无人侦察机;百眼巨人1号;,但一些;无礼的;观察人士已经给它起了个外号,名为;飞行的精子;。It has the capacity to carry 30 pounds of high tech sensors and cameras and the ability to hover over remote locations between 10,000 and 20,000 feet, even in rough weather.这种侦察机能携带30磅重的高性能传感器和照相设备,而且就算天气情况恶劣,也能在偏远地区1万到2万英尺高的空中进行侦查工作。The suspect design has been attributed to improved ;flight stability and aerodynamic control; as well as giving the aircraft a longer flight time.引发争议的设计被认为是出于改进;飞行稳定性和空气动力操纵;,并延长侦察机的飞行时间。The Argus One, named after the Greek god Argus who was the all seeing god with one hundred eyes, is designed to be an ;eye in the sky; even in very remote areas.它的名字取自希腊神话中无所不见的;百眼巨人;阿格斯,而这架无人侦查机在偏远地区也会如同一只;天空之眼;。The aircraft was created by the World Surveillance Group Inc (WSGI) for the Pentagon and is now being tested at an undisclosed location.该款无人机由全球监控集团为美国国防部研制,目前正在一个秘密地区接受测试。;The Argus One has a low radar footprint making it virtual stealth since the payload bay located on the forward module of the airship is the only radar reflecting material on the airship.; a statement from WSGI said.全球监控集团在声明中说:;这款侦察机执行任务时几乎是隐形的,很难被雷达探测到,仅有机身前端模块的有效载荷区会产生雷达波反射。;The aircraft#39;s ;flexible, non-rigid; body also makes for easy storage and transportation.侦察机;灵活、非刚性;的机身也便于存储和运输。Argus One can be assembled and launched in hours from virtually anywhere, including remote, mountainous territory.无论在任何地区,;百眼巨人1号;都可以在数小时内组装完成并进行发射,包括偏远的山区。The device has been especially designed to meet the requirements of US military and other governmental agencies.这款侦察机是根据美国军方和其他国家机构的要求特别设计的。It can also wirelessly transmit critical live and other information directly to a ground control station or system.它可以借用无线实时传输重要视频和信息,由地面控制站或控制系统直接接收。The ground control system also allows the operator to control Argus One either manually or remotely by programming it for GPSndash;based autonomous navigation.地面控制系统还允许操作员通过GPS自动导航系统对侦查机进行人工或远程操纵。 /201202/169671

JERUSALEM — Last month, on a freeway from Jerusalem to the Dead Sea, I sat in the driver#39;s seat of an Audi A7 while software connected to a camera on the windshield drove the car at speeds up to 65 miles an hour — making a singular statement about the rapid progress in the development of self-driving cars.耶路撒冷——上月,在从耶路撒冷到死海的高速路上,我坐在一辆奥迪(Audi)A7的驾驶座上,而与装在挡风玻璃上的摄像头相连的软件,则在驾驶这辆汽车以每小时65英里(约合104.6公里)的速度前进,显示着自动驾驶汽车发展的神速。While the widely publicized Google car and other autonomous vehicles are festooned with cameras, radar and the laser range finders called lidars, this one is distinctive because of the simplicity and the relatively low cost of its system — just a few hundred dollars#39; worth of materials. ;The idea is to get the best out of camera-only autonomous driving,; said Gaby Hayon, senior vice president for research and development at Mobileye Vision Technologies, the Israeli company that created the system in the Audi.受到广泛宣传的谷歌(Google)汽车和其他自动驾驶汽车装满了摄像头、雷达和被称作“激光雷达”(lidar)的激光测距仪,而这部汽车的独到之处却在于简洁,以及成本相对较低的系统,材料只需几百美元。为奥迪研制这套系统的以色列移动眼视觉技术公司(Mobileye Vision Technologies)负责研发的高级副总裁加比·阿永 (Gaby Hayon)称,“我们的想法是充分开发只用摄像头的自动驾驶系统。”The Mobileye car does not offer the autonomy achieved by Google#39;s engineers. The Google car, which has been tested for more than 300,000 miles in California traffic, will merge onto freeways, drive safely through intersections, make left and right turns, and pass slower vehicles.使用移动眼的汽车不具备谷歌工程师所实现的那种自动化程度。谷歌汽车曾在加利福尼亚进行过30万英里的驾驶测试,它将会出现在高速公路上,在交叉路口安全行驶,能左右转弯,还能超过速度稍慢的汽车。By contrast, the Mobileye vehicle is capable only of driving in a single lane at freeway speeds, as well as identifying traffic lights and automatically slowing, stopping and then returning to highway speeds.相反,移动眼汽车只能以高速在一条车道上行驶,可以识别红绿灯,并自动减速、停车,之后再继续以高速行驶。But by blending advanced computer vision techniques with low-cost cameras, the company is demonstrating how quickly autonomous driving can be commercialized. ;You cannot have a car with ,000 of equipment,; said Amnon Shashua, a computer scientist at Hebrew University and a founder of Mobileye, referring to Google#39;s lidar system, ;and imagine that it will go into mass production.;然而,通过将先进的计算机视觉技术与低成本的摄像头搭配使用,这家公司向人们展示了,自动驾驶的商业化可以多么快地实现。希伯来大学(Hebrew University)计算机科学家,移动眼公司创始人阿姆农·沙舒瓦(Amnon Shashua)评价谷歌的激光雷达系统说,“要是一辆汽车搭载的设备价值高达7万美元,你是没办法设想让它大规模生产的。”Elon Musk, the automobile and spaceship entrepreneur, recently made headlines by saying much the same thing. Mr. Musk said he was interested in designing self-driving versions of his Tesla automobiles, possibly in partnership with Google, but in an interview with Bloomberg Mr. Musk said lidars were too expensive to be used in production cars. Like Google, Mobileye is not an automobile company, but rather a technology firm that is intensely focused on developing the next generation of artificial intelligence software.汽车和宇宙飞船行业的企业家埃隆·马斯克(Elon Musk)最近因发表大致相同的看法而上了新闻。马斯克称,他很有兴趣为为自己的Tesla汽车设计自动驾驶的版本,可能会与谷歌合作,但在接受彭社(Bloomberg)采访时,他表示激光雷达成本太高,不适用于汽车制造。与谷歌一样,移动眼也不是一家汽车公司,而是主要研发下一代人工智能软件的技术公司。The company was founded in the 1990s, after developers persuaded General Motors to buy an inexpensive camera that could detect vehicles in adjacent lanes.20世纪90年代,开发人员在说通用汽车(General Motors)购买一种可以探测到相邻车道上的汽车的廉价摄像头之后,成立了这家公司。Mobileye has recently begun offering the third generation of its technology, which companies like Volvo have promoted for its ability to detect pedestrians and cyclists. Nissan also recently gave a hint of things to come with a demonstration of a car that could automatically swerve to avoid a pedestrian who walked out from behind a parked car. The system was based on Mobileye technology.最近移动眼公司开始提供第三代技术,由于能够探测行人和骑自行车的人,这项技术得到了像沃尔沃(Volvo)这样的公司的推广。日产(Nissan)最近展示的一款汽车,可以自动转弯避开从停着的汽车背后走出的行人,其系统的基础就是移动眼技术。这款车可能暗示了未来的某种方向。As soon as this summer, the first limited systems offering a feature known as ;traffic jam assist; will begin arriving from more than five major automobile makers. Those cars will drive safely in stop-and-go traffic, but will require that drivers keep their hands on the steering wheel.今年夏天,首批具备有限功能,提供“堵车助手”务的系统就会装配到五家以上大型汽车制造商生产的汽车上。这些车可以在走走停停的路况中安全行驶,但司机还是需要把手一直放在方向盘上。But more advanced systems will be introduced as early as 2016, according to Mobileye, and it was that advanced capability I experienced last month, during my foray in freeway traffic.不过,移动眼透露,更先进的系统最早将于2016年推出,它正是我上个月在高速路上飙车时,体验的那套功能先进的系统。With two Mobileye engineers, Dr. Hayon and Eyal Bagon, we drove several miles east of Jerusalem, where Mobileye is located, and then pulled off at a nondescript turnout where another Mobileye employee waited in a shiny white Audi A7.在两名移动眼工程师阿永士和埃亚勒·巴贡(Eyal Bagon)士陪同下,我们在耶路撒冷以东开了几英里路,那里是移动眼公司的所在地,之后在一个没什么特征的岔道停了车,另一名移动眼的员工坐在一辆闪闪发亮的白色奥迪A7里等我们。On the way out of town, the two men were apologetic. This was a work in progress, they told me.在出镇的路上,两名男士充满歉意,他们对我说,这是一套还在研发的系统。I was aly feeling a little let down. In California in 2010, I had been the first reporter to drive in the Google car, a Toyota Prius fitted with sensors that created a remarkably detailed map of the world around the car. Moreover, it was connected wirelessly to the Internet, giving it access to a vast cloud-based set of data that could be matched to what the local sensors were seeing.我已经感到有点儿失望了。我曾是2010年在加利福尼亚驾驶谷歌自动驾驶汽车的第一个记者,那是一辆丰田普锐斯(Toyota Prius),上面布满感应器,它们针对车周围的世界,创造出一幅细致得难以置信的地图。不仅如此,它还能无线上网,这让它能获得以云计算为基础的大量数据,这些数据能够与现场感应器正在捕捉的图像一一契合。It was a tour de force. The car merged seamlessly with traffic on Highway 101 and then turned off the freeway to automatically drive through downtown Mountain View, Calif., where Google has its headquarters. It was taken out of automatic pilot just twice — while passing a cyclist and then again to back into a parking space. The Google engineers did not want to chance a mishap with a reporter on board.那是一件杰作。车天衣无缝地融入了101号高速路的车流,而后从高速上下来,自动驾驶着穿过加州山景市区,即谷歌公司总部所在地。车子退出自动驾驶模式的情况只发生了两次,一次是绕过一个骑自行车的人,另一次是倒车进入停车位。鉴于有一名记者在车上,谷歌工程师不想冒发生事故的风险。There was no such caution last month with the Mobileye engineers.上个月,移动眼公司的工程师就没这么小心翼翼。;Why don#39;t you drive?; Dr. Bagon suggested as he slid into the passenger seat behind a large display and keyboard. Dr. Hayon jumped into the back seat, and I had no choice but to get behind the wheel.巴贡坐进前面装着大显示器和键盘的副驾驶时建议,“要不你来开?”阿永已经跳进了后座,我别无选择,只能坐进驾驶座。The Mobileye engineers proceeded to give me a rapid-fire lesson on how to drive their robot car: Turn on the automatic navigation by pressing the cruise-control button and then pulling a stick on the steering wheel toward you to activate the ;lane-keeping,; or steering, feature.移动眼公司的工程师随即给我上速成课,教我如何驾驶他们的自动车:按下巡航控制按钮,打开自动导航,然后把方向盘上的操纵杆扳向自己,启动“车道保持”或驾驶模式。Following another engineer who had taken off in a car ahead of us, we pulled onto the highway. After a false start, I engaged the autopilot, and off we went; I put my hands in my lap and tried to relax as we snaked down a desolate canyon road on our way to the Dead Sea.另一名工程师坐在我们前面的一辆车里,我们跟着他驶上了高速公路。第一次启动失败后,我打开了自动驾驶仪,然后汽车便开动了;我把双手放在大腿上,试图在沿着一条荒凉的峡谷道路前往死海的途中放松片刻。In the Google car, I had felt detached from the machine intelligence that guided it. But in the Mobileye car I was acutely aware of the autopilot#39;s limitations. The car had a tendency to weave a bit when it started to pull away from an intersection. Once, as we were passing a parked car, the Audi pulled in the direction of the other vehicle. I lifted my hands out of my lap and nudged it back to the center of the lane. The Mobileye engineers sat perfectly calm.坐在谷歌的汽车内,我觉得自己与引导车辆的机器智能并没有太大关系。而坐在移动眼车内,我能够明显觉察到自动驾驶仪的局限性。在离开交叉路口的时候,行车的路线总会有点迂回。有一次,当我们开车经过一辆停靠在路边的汽车时,奥迪车朝另一辆车的方向驶了过去。我抬起放在腿上的手,把车重新开回路中央。移动眼公司的工程师非常冷静地坐在一旁。After 20 minutes of freeway driving, I pulled the Audi off at an intersection, and then put it back on autopilot and headed toward Jerusalem. The demonstration was not as eye-popping as my Google ride, but it gave me a clearer understanding of what the automobile industry has in its sights.在高速公路上行驶了20分钟以后,我把奥迪车停在了一个岔路口,然后打开自动驾驶仪,朝耶路撒冷驶去。这次试驾并不像驾驶谷歌汽车那样令人震惊,但它让我更加清楚地理解了汽车行业的愿景。 /201410/339019

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