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Scrapping one-child policy should help China ease challenges of an aging society取消独生子女政策可以有效地帮助中国缓解老龄化社会这一挑战The scrapping of the one-child policy is expected to add more than 30 million people to China#39;s working-age population by 2050, helping the nation avoid a looming labor shortage, a senior family planning official has said.近日,一位高级计划生育官员表示,取消独生子女政策将有助于在2050年增加超过3000万的劳动人口,从而帮助国家避免可能出现的劳动力短缺问题。The number was revealed by Wang Pei#39;an, vice-minister of the National Health and Family Planning Commission, at a news conference on Jan 11 held by the State Council Information Office.这一数字是国家卫生计生委副主任王培安在1月11日召开的国务院新闻办公室发布会上对外公布的。The size of China#39;s labor force aged 15 to 59, which has continued to dwindle since peaking at 940 million in 2012, is forecast to be 700 million in 2050, thanks to the two-child policy.中国15岁至59岁的劳动力人口的规模,自从2012年的达到9亿4000万的峰值后,近年来持续下降。不过多亏了这项“二孩”政策,预计在2050年,这一数字将会达到7亿。;There is an irreversible downward trend in the size of the working-age population, and the entire population, but the new two-child policy will help to slow the decrease,; says Yuan Xin, an expert in population studies at Nankai University.南开大学的人口研究专家袁辛表示:“在工作年龄人口和整体人口的规模上,我国将会遇到一个不可逆转的下降趋势,但新的二孩政策将有助于减缓这一下降的速度。”The Chinese government late last year announced it was scrapping its one-child policy, which had been in place since the late 1970s, on Jan 1, and the new policy came into force. Leaders are also discussing other policies, such as delaying the retirement age and improving the quality of human resources, to help sustain a high-efficiency labor force.中国政府去年年底宣布取消自上世纪70年代末就开始的独生子女政策,并且新政策于今年的1月1日正式生效。国家相关领导人还讨论了其他的政策,比如推迟退休年龄,提高人力资源的质量,以此来帮助维持高效率的劳动力。According to Wang, the two-child policy also will help address challenges of the rapidly aging population. Without the policy, the number of people age 60 and older would make up 25.7 percent of the population by 2030. The policy is expected to lower that number by 2 percentage points.王培安主任表示,二孩政策也将有助于解决人口迅速老龄化这一问题。如果不出台这项政策,到2030年,60岁以上的老人将会占据总人口的25.7%。该政策预计将会将这一数字降低2个百分点。Beside, China#39;s switch to a universal two-child policy has sparked a rise in sales of large three or four-bedroom homes in major mainland cities.此外,全面二孩政策出台后,中国内地主要城市三居室或四居室的大户型房子销量大幅上升。Many couples in cities like Beijing and Shanghai are making early preparations for bigger families by hunting for larger homes with a better environment. Those families say they need at least three bedrooms: One for the parents and the younger child, one for the elder sibling and the other for grandparents or a domestic helper.北京和上海等许多大城市的很多夫妇,正在搜寻居住环境更佳的大房子,为家里添丁加口早做准备。这些家庭表示他们的最低需求是三居室。一间给自己和新生儿住,一间给第一个孩子,一间给父母或保姆。 /201601/422295。

  • Research has shown that the world spent nearly one trillion hours using smartphone apps last year and according to new data, this trend is still on the rise.一项研究称,去年全世界的人在智能手机APP上花费了近1万亿个小时的时间,而最新数据表明,这一趋势仍在上升。App Annie, a business intelligent firm, has discovered that the amount of time had increased by 25 percent in the first quarter of 2017.商业情报公司App Annie发现,2017年第一季度人们使用APP的时间增加了25%。On average, smartphone users were found to access more than 30 apps a month and each person had launched at least 10 apps per day.平均来看,智能手机用户每月使用30多个APP,而每人平均每天都要登录至少10个APP。App Annie recently released its 2017 #39;Spotlight on Consumer App Usage#39; report where it analyzed 10 countries around the world: India, Brazil, China, South Korea, Germany, the US, France, the UK, Japan and Mexico.App Annie公司最近发布了《2017年APP使用报告》,对包括印度、巴西、中国、韩国、德国、美国、法国、英国、日本和墨西哥等10个国家进行了分析。#39;This increase in total time is largely a result of an exploding global user base,#39; App Annie shared in the report. #39;However, user-level metrics, such as the number of apps used and the average time per user, are vital in understanding what lies behind the cumulative hours.#39;App Annie在报告中表示:“APP使用总时间的增加,主要是全球智能手机用户增加的结果。然而,诸如使用APP的数量、每个用户使用的平均时间等用户级别指标在理解这些时间背后的含义方面至关重要。”#39;By and large, they prefer to manage their lives through apps. For many industries, apps are increasingly becoming a must-have.#39;“总的来说,人们更喜欢用APP来管理自己的生活。对许多行业来说,APP正日益成为一个必须的工具。” /201705/508880。
  • Dame Stephanie Shirley, one of Britain’s most inspirational entrepreneurs, has some bracing advice when it comes to Brexit. 英国最富感召力的企业家之一斯蒂芬妮.雪莉夫人(Dame Stephanie Shirley)对于英国退欧有一些令人振奋的建议。Just get on with it, my friends, she told a tech crowd at Google’s London headquarters last week.她上周在谷歌(Google)的伦敦总部向一群科技界人士表示:接受这个现实吧,我的朋友们。As a child refugee who arrived in Britain in 1939, the founder of a pioneering all-female computer software company in the 1960s, and an active philanthropist to this day, 雪莉夫人在1939年作为一个儿童难民来到英国,她在上世纪60年代创立了一家开拓性的、员工全为女性的计算机软件公司,至今仍积极从事慈善事业。Dame Stephanie has overcome far bigger challenges than Brexit during her lifetime.她在一生中克了比英国退欧大得多的挑战。And, for the most part, Britain’s tech community has been following Dame Stephanie’s advice. 在大多数情况下,英国的科技界确实遵循了雪莉夫人的建议。After the UK’s Europe referendum result, which few in the industry expected or welcomed, tech entrepreneurs have been trying to make the best of it. 在英国退欧公投之后(科技界没什么人预料到或者欢迎公投结果),科技企业家们一直试图随遇而安。Those who love nothing better than talking about how to inflict disruption on others are learning to embrace a little of it themselves.这些平素最喜欢谈论给别人带去颠覆的人们,现在自己也在学着拥抱一些颠覆性影响。Some ominous clouds, though, are massing on the horizon. 然而,一些不祥的乌云正出现在地平线上。There was a sharp slowdown of start-up financing in the UK in the third quarter, although that was matched elsewhere in Europe. 英国第三季度初创企业融资急剧放缓,尽管欧洲其他地区同样如此。Rival European tech centres, from Lisbon to Berlin, have been actively targeting restless UK businesses.从里斯本到柏林,与伦敦竞争的欧洲科技中心积极吸引心神不宁的英国企业。Many entrepreneurs in Britain tell tales of foreign employees returning home while new foreign recruits (and their families) have been reluctant to move to the UK.英国许多企业家谈到外国雇员回家的现象,同时近期新招的外国员工(以及他们的家人)不愿搬到英国来。But a string of recent announcements has shown that the UK remains a strong magnet for tech companies, especially after the weakening pound has reduced the comparative cost of employing engineers in Britain.但最近一系列宣布表明,英国依然对科技公司有着强大吸引力,尤其是在英镑贬值降低了在英国雇佣工程技术人员的比较成本之后。Last week, Google said it would almost double its employees in London to 7,000 over the next few years, citing Britain’s pool of talented computer scientists, world-class educational institutions, and passion for innovation. 上周谷歌表示,将在今后几年将伦敦雇员人数增加近一倍,至7000人,理由是英国云集了才华横溢的计算机科学家、世界级教育机构,而且洋溢着创新。Facebook quickly followed, saying it would add 500 jobs.Facebook迅速跟进,表示将增加500个就业岗位。Japan’s SoftBank, which recently acquired Britain’s chip design company Arm Holdings for bn, has promised to run its 0bn global tech investment fund out of London.日本的软银(SoftBank)承诺将在伦敦运营其1000亿美元的全球科技投资基金。它最近以320亿美元收购了英国芯片设计公司ARM控股(Arm Holdings)。Sir James Dyson, who backed Brexit, is investing in helping to educate a new generation of engineers. 持英国退欧的詹姆斯.戴森爵士(Sir James Dyson)正投资帮助培训新一代的工程师。The Chinese private equity firm CSC Group is teaming up with Founders Factory, a London incubator, to back artificial intelligence start-ups in the UK.中国私人股本公司中科招商(CSC Group)与伦敦孵化器Founders Factory合作,持英国的人工智能初创企业。These investments are a shot in the arm for digital Britain, but three issues remain critical for its long-term health: migration, education, and regulation.这些投资对英国数字行业来说不亚于一剂强心针,但该行业的长期健康仍取决于三个关键因素:移民、教育和监管。Many tech businesses in Britain are heavily dependent on the creativity of foreign employees. 英国的许多科技企业严重依赖海外雇员的创造力。London has to remain a place where ideas can come to have promiscuous sex, as one investor puts it.正如一位投资者所言:伦敦将不得不依然是一个让创意能够自由交融的地方。Britain’s universities, which underpin the tech sector, are similarly reliant on foreign researchers and students. 作为科技行业的后盾,英国大学同样依赖外国研究人员和学生。They are seeking to reassure staff over the future loss of EU research funding and the openness of the UK. 它们正设法就未来失去欧盟研究经费和英国的开放程度安抚员工。Theresa May appears to have heard those concerns. 特里萨.梅(Theresa May)似乎听到了这些担忧。The prime minister is increasing spending on research and development, and promises to make Britain the global go-to place for scientists, innovators and tech investors.英国首相增加了研发出,并承诺让英国成为科学家、创新者和科技投资者的全球首选目的地。The previous coalition government certainly made a great play for global tech investors by adopting one of the most responsive regulatory environments in areas such as driverless cars, commercial drones, and fintech.上届联合政府在无人驾驶汽车、商用无人机以及金融科技等领域营造了反应最灵敏的监管环境之一,必定给全球科技投资者留下了深刻印象。Although some may worry about the risk of crashes, both physical and metaphorical, regulatory flexibility appears vital for continued investment. 尽管一些人可能担心崩盘风险(包括物理碰撞和市场暴跌两方面的涵义),但监管灵活性似乎对持续投资至关重要。For example, Amazon is basing much of its commercial drones business in the UK largely because of the company’s positive dialogue with local regulators.例如,亚马逊(Amazon)将商用无人机业务的很大一部分放在英国,很大程度上是因为该公司能够与当地监管机构展开积极对话。Brent Hoberman, chairman of Founders Factory, says the UK tech industry’s mood is based on the assumption of a soft Brexit. Founders Factory董事长布伦特.霍伯曼(Brent Hoberman)表示,英国科技行业的情绪建立在英国软退欧假设的基础之上。The tech community is full of entrepreneurial optimists, he says. 他说:科技界充斥着具有创业精神的乐观主义者。People have the belief that somehow we are not going to commit economic suicide in the UK.人们相信,英国怎么都不会干出经济自杀的蠢事。The manner of Brexit therefore matters enormously. 因此,英国退欧方式至关重要。But it is far from clear how the government can square popular demands to cut immigration with the tech industry’s needs to remain open to the world. 但目前远未清楚的是,英国政府如何既能顺应民意减少移民,又能满足科技行业的需求,保持对世界的开放。So far, only a trickle of UK businesses has left following the Brexit vote. 迄今为止,只有一小部分英国企业在英国退欧公投之后离开。But Mr Hoberman predicts the trickle will become a flood if that free flow of people comes to an end.但霍伯曼预计,若人员自由流动被切断,涓涓细流会变成洪流。It is worth watching what happens to Britain’s digital start-ups given they are among the businesses most connected to the rest of the world — as well as being the most mobile.值得观察英国数字初创企业的去向,因为它们属于与其他国家联系最为紧密的企业,也是最具流动性的。Where they go, the British economy is likely to follow.它们的出走将是英国经济的损失。 /201611/479995。
  • Singapore has confirmed 41 cases of locally transmitted Zika virus in one neighbourhood of the city-state — the largest local cluster to be identified so far as the mosquito-borne disease sps in Asia.新加坡已确认在这个城市国家的一个地段发现41名寨卡病毒(Zika virus)本地感染者,这是该疾病迄今在亚洲发现的最大感染群体,这种通过蚊子传播的疾病正在亚洲扩散。More cases of Zika are likely to be diagnosed, the Singapore health ministry said on Sunday. 新加坡卫生部周日表示,更多寨卡患者可能会被确诊。Most of those affected so far were foreign building workers. 到目前为止,感染者大多为外国建筑工人。Seven are in hospital and the remaining 34 have recovered.其中7人还在医院,34人已经康复。Singapore’s first case of local transmission was confirmed on Saturday in a 47-year-old Malaysian woman.新加坡上周六实第一个本地感染病例,患者为一名47岁的马拉西亚女性。The National Environment Agency said it had ordered a halt to work at a large building project close to the outbreak, “as the housekeeping of the construction site was found to be unsatisfactory with potential ... habitats favourable to mosquito breeding”.新加坡国家环境局( National Environment Agency)表示,已下令疾病爆发区附近的一个大型建筑项目停工,“因为工地的保洁工作不能让人满意……可能成为有利于蚊子滋生的潜在栖息地。The agency sent out 200 officers to clean drains and spray insecticide in the affected area early on Sunday, while volunteers and contractors handed out leaflets and insect repellent.周日早间,该机构派出200名官员前往感染区域清洁下水道并喷洒杀虫剂,还有志愿者和承包商分发传单和驱蚊剂。“To minimise the risk of further sp of Zika in Singapore, it is critical that all of us as a community take immediate steps to prevent mosquito breeding in our homes#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.“为了尽量减小寨卡在新加坡进一步蔓延的风险,最紧要的是我们所有人要共同立即采取措施,防止蚊虫在我们的家园滋生……#8201;and protect ourselves from mosquito bites by applying insect repellent regularly,” the agency urged Singaporeans in a joint statement with the health ministry.并经常使用驱蚊剂保护自己免受蚊虫叮咬。新加坡国家环境局与卫生部在一份联合声明中敦促新加坡人。Zika has affected 67 countries since last year, according to the World Health Organisation’s latest count issued on Friday. 世界卫生组织(WHO)上周五发布的最新统计显示,自去年以来,寨卡疫情已经传播到了67个国家,包括处于热带地区的所有美洲国家。They include every country in the tropical Americas. In most people the symptoms of infection are minor and transient but the virus poses a risk to pregnant women because it can cause serious birth defects. 对大部分人而言,感染寨卡病毒的病征都是轻微、短暂的,但该病毒会对妇带来风险,因为它会引发严重的出生缺陷。In Brazil it has been linked to more than 1,600 cases of microcephaly in which babies are born with small heads. 在巴西,寨卡病毒已经导致了1600多例新生儿小头畸型。In the US, where mosquitoes are sping Zika in parts of Florida, the Centres for Disease Control has reported 16 cases of babies with birth defects linked to Zika.在蚊子正传播寨卡病毒的美国佛罗里达州部分地区,美国疾病控制与预防中心(CDC)已经报告了16起与寨卡病毒相关的婴儿出生缺陷病例。The WHO has said there is strong evidence that Zika can also cause rare cases of neurological disorder in adults too.世卫组织称,有强烈据表明,寨卡病毒还可能引发成人出现罕见的神经疾病。Elsewhere in Asia, Thailand has recorded about 100 cases of Zika in 10 provinces this year and there have been cases in eight other countries, though none has reported such a concentrated cluster as Singapore.在亚洲其他地区,泰国今年已在10个省份记录了100起寨卡病毒感染病例,还有8个国家也报告了相关疫情,但这些国家没有像新加坡那样集中爆发。 /201608/463613。
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