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湘南学院附属医院有治疗前列腺炎吗郴州东方医院体检中心栏目简介:《造物小百科How it#39;s made》介绍了许多东西的制作或者说发明方法,非常实用。其中的英语视频发音地道,内容浅显易懂,过程形象生动,是提高英语听力水平,积累英语知识和一些简单生活常识的好素材。 Article/201508/391974苏仙区人民中妇幼保健医院看男科怎么样 A barramundi is a really positive sign.澳大利亚肺鱼的标记真是振奋人心It means there must be water nearby and a chance of catching some food.它意味着附近肯定有水源 有可能搞到些食物It#39;s a whole river.Still want to be a bit careful with rivers,even this far inland.这是一整条河 就算身处大陆深处 碰到河流也要小心Still got saltwater crocodiles here.咸水鳄鱼仍然可能出没But look. It#39;s only knee-deep,and it#39;s crystal clear.但是你瞧 水只有没膝深 而且清澈见底For the survivor, lost in this hot-and-dry environment,对于迷失在这种干热环境中的生存者而言it doesn#39;t get any better than this,cools you down and makes life bearable again.这种情形再好不过 它能让你冷静下来 重新焕发生机Very, very, very nice.This is probably why that aboriginal camp was there.非常 非常 非常棒 也许这就是为什么土著会在那边扎营They were close to a water source.Okay, I need a refill.Oh, simple pleasures.距水源很近 好 把水壶灌满 快乐就这么简单Arnhem Land#39;s freshwater streams are home to black bream and jungle perch.阿纳姆地的淡水溪流 是黑鳍鲷和水马骝的乐园But other creatures also patrol these shallows.Water snake!但是其他生物也会从这些浅水巡游而过 水蛇Yeah, you can just see his tail under here.没错 看 它的尾巴就在下面Good-sized one. Get him up on this bank.It#39;s a file snake.个头不小 把它搞上岸 是条锉蛇Look. That really rough skin.That#39;s why they#39;re called that.看 表皮很是粗糙 所以才给它们起了这么个名字And these guys, what they do,use their tail,wrap around,look,这东西 会使什么招呢 利用自己的尾巴 绕过去 看好了 like he#39;s trying to do to my fingers ,cling on to a branch,就这样缠住我的手指头 绕根树枝and as he gets his prey,will constricts it and then swallow it.一旦捕住猎物 就锁紧它 然后整个的吞下 Article/201612/486466郴州治疗前列腺增生大概需要多少钱

郴州哪家不孕不育医院比较好北湖区治疗前列腺炎哪家医院最好 栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghai#39;s English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。 Article/201504/368488郴州男科检查医院

郴州市妇幼保健医院男性专科#39;At the chief#39;s house,在村长家#39;he#39;s doing his bit to prove not all men are useless in the kitchen.他正在身体力行的说明,并非所有男人在厨房里都是废柴#39;He#39;s making chicken soup with ginger and chilli.#39;他用姜和辣椒做鸡汤This dish is relatively simple.这道菜相对来说比较简单He#39;s very smart not to do anything complicated!他很聪明的没有做更复杂的事But I think people don#39;t realise, when you#39;re cooking at home,但是我觉得人们没有意识到,在家做饭时you should keep it really nice and simple.应该做到简单精致#39;I#39;m using chilli and garlic to make one of my favourite dishes -我用辣椒和蒜做了一道我最喜欢的菜#39;chicken stir-fry with fresh herbs.#39;用新鲜的草本植物爆炒鸡肉I#39;m just going to put my chicken in.我准备把鸡放进去Adding the marinade in there...然后加上卤汁..and I#39;m going to add all my lovely herbs here.然后加我喜欢的草本植物#39;This is what I love about Chinese food. All you need is a wok,这就是我喜欢中国菜的原因,你只需要一口锅#39;a flame and fresh ingredients to make a simple and delicious supper.一把火和新鲜的佐料就能做出一道美味#39;To go with the chicken, I#39;m making a classic Yunnan dish.我用鸡肉做出了一道云南经典菜#39;Pineapple rice.#39;菠萝饭Ginger, a little bit of salt.姜和少许盐Then we do our rice.然后开始做米#39;The key ingredient in this dish is pre-cooked cold rice,这道菜的关键是先把生米煮一下#39;ideally a day old, stir-fried in very hot oil.理论上要先(把煮过的米)放一天,用热油烹#39;To break up the clumps, give the rice a good stir.#39;把米块打碎,充分搅拌#39;Then add the pineapple and fresh mint.然后加上凤梨和新鲜薄荷#39;The wood fire gives it a lovely smoky flavour.柴木给了这个菜增加了烟熏的美味#39;With fresh local ingredients,用当地新鲜的佐料#39;this is traditional village cooking at its best.使这种传统的家常菜达到极致In Thailand, we say ;hom;. What mean ;hom;?在泰国,我们说hom 这是什么意思Fragrant - if something smells good,是芳香—如果味道好闻we say ;hom;. ;Hom;?我们说HOM. HOMFragrant? We are y.芳香,我们准备好了Just have to wait for Ching and the rest of the women for the fish.等女人们弄好鱼就好了Yeah, everyone is hungry.大家都饿了So this is the banana leaf wrap, that#39;s the fish.这是香蕉叶,那是鱼Ah, beautiful!很不错She says it#39;s very good!她说这个不错This is a soup the chief made,这是村长做的鸡汤and this is pineapple rice.这是菠萝饭You know what you just ate? No. It#39;s a centipede.你知道你吃的是什么么。不,蜈蚣啊Oh! That#39;s an interesting flavour!多有意思的美味It#39;s quite sweet.尝起来有点甜Yes, but I wouldn#39;t order it every day.恩,但我觉得我不会天天吃这个Wow, this rice is delicious!这个米太好吃了So inspired by their use of the local ingredients,他们对自产食材的充分利用fishing for your own fish.自己抓鱼这种方式启发了我You can#39;t get fresher than that. Isn#39;t that wonderful?最新鲜也不过如此了,太棒了不是么They#39;re really close to the earth. Nature. Yes.这里的人真的是亲近土地。是的,接近自然 Article/201510/402769 Every day I walk through the Egyptian sculpture gallery at the British Museum, and every day there are tour guides, speaking every imaginable language, addressing groups of visitors who are craning to see the object that I will be talking about in this programme.每天,我走过大英物馆的埃及雕像厅时,总有操着各国语言的导游带领着一团团游客在那里参观。游客们都伸长了脖子观看这件展品。It is on every visitor#39;s itinerary and, with the mummies, it is the most popular object in the British Museum.每一位游客的游览计划里都有它。它和木乃伊是大英物馆内最受欢迎的藏品。Why? To look at, it is decidedly dull - it is a grey stone, about the size of one of those large suitcases you see people trundling around on wheels at airports, and the rough edges show that it#39;s been broken from a larger stone, with the fractures cutting across the text that covers one side.为什么?它的外表毫无特色,只是一块灰色的石头,大小如同机场常见的人们拖在手里的带轮大行李箱。粗糙的边缘表明,它只是一块更大的石头的碎片。石片的一面布满文字,And when you that text, it#39;s pretty dull too-it#39;s mostly bureaucratic jargon about tax concessions.但如果你驻足阅读,便会发现那文字的内容也很乏味:But, as so often in the British Museum, appearances are deceiving, because this dreary bit of broken granite has played a starring role in three fascinating and different stories:是一份关于税收优惠的官方文件。但光看外表是不行的,物馆中的很多物品都是如此。这块外表沉闷的花岗岩碎片在三个精的故事中都扮演了重要角色:the story of the Greek kings who ruled in Alexandria after Alexander the Great conquered Egypt;亚历山大大征埃及后,统治亚历山大港的历任希腊国王的故事;the story of the French and British imperial competition across the Middle East after Napoleon invaded Egypt;拿破仑入侵埃及后,英法争夺中东的故事;and the extraordinary but peaceful scholarly contest that led to the most famous decipherment in history-the cracking of hieroglyphics.以及学者们和平竞争、破解埃及象形文字的故事。 Article/201411/340852宜章县人民中妇幼保健医院治疗生殖感染价格郴州最好的男科医院是哪



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