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南安妇幼保健院怎样泉州正规美容医院在哪里泉州激光黄褐斑去哪里 (QeC+cEp8BFM[6(x~lA!@qSsi9E9@9P3f5%8n;DCharles found a glass bottle. He found the glass bottle in his back yard. It was a pretty glass bottle. Itwas dark green. He looked inside the dark green bottle. He couldn’t see anything. He shook the bottle. Something came out of the bottle. It landed on the ground. It was a bug. Charles picked up the bug. He looked at it. The bug looked at Charles. Charles put the bottle back on the ground. He put the bug on the ground, next to the bottle. The bug crawled back into the bottle.kzs8tMXbpg*#sS~(vXXVZc_EE#-a#K!s[Gz3ildf;Igl(Iig]H0|)GY-BabueR;gy, 37At the gravesideHolly:It seems so strange to be here, burying you, but it not you.Taylor:Ashes to ashes and dust to dust...Holly:This has been the worst and best day of my life, Taylor. They kept you in the hospital, and...Taylor:Ill tell you all about it another day.Holly:But youre OK? It was nothing serious, was it?Taylor:You ladies look very elegant in black. But I dont want you to wear black in my honor a long time yet to come...参考译文:在坟墓旁荷莉:待在这里挺怪的,埋葬你,却又不是你泰勒:尘归尘、土归土……荷莉:这真是我这辈子最糟糕也最棒的一天了,泰勒他们不让你出院,而且……泰勒:我改天会跟你解释一切荷莉:但你还好吧?不是什么大毛病吧?泰勒:两位女士穿黑衣看来非常优雅不过我希望在漫长的将来,你们都不用为了我穿上黑衣……重点词汇:grave (n.)坟墓,埋葬处;graveside (n.) 坟墓旁Ive been laying flowers every day on my mother grave years.我曾经一连好几年每天到母亲坟前献花bury (v.)埋葬A: When will the casket go in the ground?这个棺材何时入土?B: Well bury it tomorrow.明天我们会把它埋了final words(葬礼结尾的)最终宣读My father final words were, ;Love her, and bring her joy.;我爸的遗言是:「钟爱她,并让她快乐」elegant (a.)优美的,雅致的A: You look so elegant in that tight dress.你穿那件紧身洋装看起来好高雅B: Thanks—I got it on sale.谢谢——我在拍卖时买的 3773泉州哪里去疤好

泉港区治疗粉刺多少钱泉州祛痘医院哪个好 Voice 1: It is a sad fact that in many countries people are killing each other. Does this have to be? If you did not agree with somebody, would it not be better to go and talk to that person? Or would you want to kill that person instead? Bishop Desmond Tutu said this about the people of Ireland:声音1:可悲的是,许多国家都发生了人们互相残杀的事件这有必要吗?如果你不同意其他人的观点,和那个人谈谈不是更好的方法吗?还是你想直接杀了那个人?大主教德斯蒙德·图图是这样形容爱尔兰民众的:;They are wonderful. They have big hearts. They have a great sense of humour. I want them to show us that they can come out of their terrible suffering as better people. I want them to show us that it is possible enemies to become friends.;“他们很棒他们胸怀宽广他们有很强的幽默感我希望他们能向我们明,他们可以走出可怕的痛苦,成为更好的人我希望他们能向我们明,敌人是有可能变成朋友的”译文属 850泉州市第二医院门诊怎么

医科大学第二医院祛胎记North Korea Hiring English Teachers北朝鲜聘请英语老师North Korea is working on expanding tourism. To do this, it plans on hiring a handful of English language teachers from abroad. The teachers will work with tour guides at a tourism college. Even though these are short-term voluntary positions, many curious teachers are aly showing interest. Instead of receiving asalary, each teacher will have to pay approximately ,000 to cover travel costs. The teachers who are selected will have strict travel regulations, and will be monitored very closely. Currently, only a limited number of visitors are allowed into North Korea as part of a closely guided tour.北朝鲜正在扩宽旅游业为了实现这一目标,计划从国外聘请一些英文老师教师将一同与导游在旅游大学接受学习尽管这些只是短期的志愿岗位,但是已经有许多老师展现出了对这一岗位的兴趣教师没有工资,每名教师反而要缴纳大约00美金的车旅费被选中的老师将进行严格,仔细的出行制度检查目前,在导游的陪同下,只有少数游客能够进入朝鲜旅行译文属原创,,不得转载 3786 The family arrives by car. As soon as the car stops in the car park, the children are out and running excitedly the playground. The parents bring the Esky full of food and drinks, the picnic rug and any sports equipment they may have bought. They find a spot near the playground, either a nice piece of shaded grass, or perhaps there is a bench and table available under the shelter. They set up their picnic. Next one of them takes the meat and goes to the nearest barbeque. At Ruffey Lake Park the barbeques are electric. Underneath each barbeque plate is a button. By pushing this button about seconds, the barbeque will turn on. A light next to the button tells you the barbeque is turned on. It free and it stays on around minutes.一家人开车去公园把车停在停车场以后,孩子们就会下车,兴奋地跑向活动场家长拿着装满食物和饮料的埃斯基冰袋、野餐毯和一些运动设备跟在后面家长会在活动场附近找到一处树荫下的草坪或是有遮盖物的长椅和桌子接下来他们要为野餐做准备一名家长把肉拿到最近的烧烤场地去在鲁菲湖烧烤是用电烤炉在每个烤炉下面有个钮下钮约秒以后,烤炉就启动了钮旁边的灯会提示你烤炉已经启动烤炉是免费的,可以用分钟左右Once hot, scrape the hot plate clean with your barbeque spatula and lay on your meat cooking. Umm… There is nothing better than the smell and sound of sausages or steak cooking on an outdoor barbeque. When cooked, call the children in and pile up your plate with salads, a b roll and some cooked meat. And dont get the tomato sauce!烤炉热了以后,用烧烤铲把烤炉擦干净,然后在上面放上各种肉开始烤嗯……没有什么比在户外烤香肠和烤牛排的香味更美味的食物了烤熟以后,叫孩子们过来,然后把沙拉、面包卷和烤好的肉放在盘子里不要忘了番茄酱哦!Now enjoy the meal and the day. Another summer day in Australia — magic!现在开始享受美食和美好时光吧!澳大利亚的夏日——棒极了!If you have a question or a comment to make, please leave in the comments box on on my website at www.slowenglish.info. Goodbye until next time.如果大家有问题或者想留言,请在www.slowenglish.info网站上的栏处留言下期见Rob.罗布 译文属 36696南安市botox除皱多少钱一支南安用什么能去眼袋



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