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2019年10月15日 21:27:58

At least two people have been killed and dozens injured after a coach carrying more than 50 passengers collided with a height restriction barrier in Tianjin municipality, China today.今天,一辆载着50多人的长途客车撞到了天津市的一个限高栏上,导致至少两人死亡,几十人受伤。Without explanation, the 59-seater vehiclehad driven into an ordinary bus lane, which has a height restriction of 2.8metres.在未经解释的情况下,这辆59座的汽车开进了一条普通巴士道,而这条巴士道限高2.8米。After crashing at speed, the top of the buswas virtually ripped off as the black and yellow barrier tore through the coach#39;s metal exterior.在高速撞击下,这辆客车的顶部几乎被切开,黑白色的限高栏直接穿过客车的金属。Smashed glass and broken metal could be seen littered around the crash site aspolice cordoned off the road this afternoon.玻璃和金属碎片到处可见,警方已将现场隔离。The driver has been arrested and the cause of the accident is under investigation. 司机已经被逮捕,目前正在调查事故原因。The crash took place at about midday, according to state-owned China Central Television.据中央台报道,事故大约发生在中午。Those injured were treated at two nearby hospitals.这些伤者被送到两家医院进行救治。 /201501/356720泉州新阳光妇科医院看乳腺检查好吗The next time you power on your television or game consoles, take a second to think about the waste associated with it.大家下次给电视或游戏机通电时,花点时间想想这些设备造成的浪费吧。A report by the International Energy Agency, an organizations that advises developed nations, released on Wednesday did just that and the sum is astounding. Over billion in power was spent unnecessarily in 2013 because of inefficiencies with the world’s 14 billion online electronic devices, including printers, gaming consoles and televisions.上周三,为发达国家提供建议的国际能源机构(International Energy Agency)公布报告,分析了联网设备造成的浪费,计算出的数额之大令人震惊。2013年,由于全球140亿台在线电子设备能效低下,导致800多亿美元的电能白白浪费。这些设备包括打印机、游戏机和电视机。By 2020, that number is expected to climb to 0 billion as more devices like washing machines, light bulbs and refrigerators are connect online, according to the report.这份报告还指出,到2020年,随着洗衣机、电灯泡和冰箱等设备也纷纷联网,这个数字预计将攀升至1200亿美元。“Electricity demand of our increasingly digital economies is growing at an alarming rate,” the report said. The IEA, which is based in Paris, found that devices consumed about 616 terawatt-hours of power in 2013. The catch? Most of that power was used while the devices were in standby mode.报告指出,“在日益数字化的各大经济体中,电力需求正在以惊人的速度增长。”总部设在巴黎的国际能源机构发现,各类设备2013年大约消耗了616太瓦时电能。问题在于,其中大部分电能是设备处于待机模式时消耗的。“The problem is not that these devices are often in standby mode, but rather that they typically use much more power than they should to maintain a connection and communicate with the network,” said Maria Van der Hoeven, the IEA’s executive director, in a statement.国际能源机构总干事玛丽亚o范德胡芬在声明中称:“问题不在于这些设备往往处于待机模式,而在于它们维持联网状态、与网络通信所耗费的电能过多。”The IEA also said that the idea of the standby option on a devise is a “misnomer.” While it “suggests that the device has gone to sleep and is almost off,” the agency found that’s not the case. “In reality, most network-enabled devices draw as much power in this mode as when activated to perform their main tasks,” theagency explained.国际能源机构还表示,设备上的“待机”选项“名不副实”。“待机”听起来感觉设备已经休眠,几乎跟关机差不多。但国际能源机构发现,事实并非如此。该机构表示:“事实上,大多数可联网设备在待机模式下与被激活执行主要任务时的能耗一样大。”“Just by using today’s best-available technology, such devices could perform exactly the same tasks in standby while consuming around 65 percent less power,” she added.范德胡芬补充说:“通过采用当今最先进的技术,这类设备能在待机模式下执行完全一样的任务,同时少消耗约65%的电能。”To put it in perspective, the agency said that more efficient technologies could save the equivalent of over 600 million metric tons of CO2 emissions, or closing the doors on 200 coal-fired power plants.国际能源机构称,采用更高效技术所能节省的电能相当于减少6亿多公吨二氧化碳排放,或关闭200座燃煤发电厂。 /201407/310995泉州新阳光妇产无痛人流价格When you retire, you gain eight or more extra hours of leisure time each day. Retirees are generally using that extra time to linger a little longer over meals, sleep, do household chores, and watch a lot more TV, according to recently released American Time Use Survey data for 2011. Here#39;s how people age 65 and older are filling their days:当你步入退休生活后,就会至少拥有8个小时的额外休闲时间。根据近来发布的美国居民时间配调查数据显示,一般而言,退休党们会将这些额外的时间用于多玩一会儿、吃饭、睡觉、做家务以及看更多的电视。以下便是在65岁及其以上年龄段的老年人们打发时光的做法:Relax.休闲放松。As you might expect, retirees have a lot more time for leisure activities than people who are still working. People age 65 and older spend an average of just over seven hours per day on leisure and sports, compared to just over five hours among the overall population.如你所想,退休人员比工作人士拥有更多用于休闲活动的空闲时间。同所有居民每天5小时的运动时间相比,65岁以上的老人每天花在休闲运动上的时间至少就有7个小时。;These are people who have fulfilled the dream of having the complete choice of anything they want to do, and the things they choose are surprising,; says John Robinson, a sociology professor at the University of Maryland and coauthor of Time for Life: The Surprising Ways Americans Use Their Time.马里兰大学(University Of Maryland)社会学教授,《生命中的美国人消遣时间的奇异方式》的合著者约翰·罗宾逊(John Robinson)表示“这是一群做出了所有令人震惊的选择并实现了自身的梦想的群体。”;The three things that retirees spend the most extra time on are ing, resting, and TV.;“退休党们将额外时间大都花费在阅读,休息和看电视上。”Retirees spend twice as much time relaxing and thinking (0.6 hours) and ing (0.7 hours) compared to the overall population (0.3 hours for both activities). And senior citizens are equally as likely as younger people to surf the Internet for leisure and spend time socializing with friends, and only slightly less likely to exercise.退休党们将花费超乎所有公民2倍多的时间去轻松自我,思考人生(0.6个小时)以及阅读书籍(0.7个小时),而普通大众却仅仅在这方面花费0.3个小时。同年轻人一样,老年人也会选择上网休闲的方式轻松自我,并花时间同朋友相聚交谈,而在锻炼方面仅会花费很少的时间。Watch TV.看电视。Americans watch an average of two hours and 45 minutes of TV per day. Retirees watch even more, averaging 4.2 hours of TV-viewing each day. Men age 65 and older watch an hour more of TV daily (4.73 hours) than older women (3.74 hours). And people age 75 and older watch more TV than any other age group.美国人平均每天看2个小时45分钟的电视。退休党们看得更多,平均每天4.2个小时。65岁以上的男性每天看电视时间为4.73个小时,比同龄女性(3.74小时)多1个小时。75岁以上的老年人看的电视比任何其他年龄段的人都多。Sleep.睡觉。The only thing seniors spend more time on than leisure activities is sleep. Retirees spend nine hours per day sleeping, compared with 8.7 hours daily among the population as a whole.老年人在休闲活动上唯一花费最多时间的便是睡觉。同大多数人8.7个小时的睡眠时间相比,退休党们每天要花费9个小时的睡眠时间。Household chores.做家务。Retirees took an average of 2.4 hours per day to tackle household chores, compared to 1.8 hours among all Americans. People age 65 and older spend slightly longer on housework, food preparation and cleanup, and lawn and garden care.与全美所有公民1.8个小时的家务活时间相比,退休党们每天便要花费2.4个小时来处理各种家务劳动。65岁及以上的人们将花费更多的时间用以家务、烹饪、清扫、草坪和花园的护理上。Eat and drink.吃吃喝喝。The typical American spends about an hour and 15 minutes each day eating and drinking. Retirees linger slightly longer over meals, for an average of about an hour and a half each day.典型的美国人每天将花费75分钟的时间用于餐饮。退休人员们在这方面花费得略微长久,平均合计下来每天共90分钟。Work.工作。Not all people age 65 and older are retired. The typical senior citizen spends nearly an hour each day working. But seniors are less likely to work than the population as a whole, which spends just over 3.5 hours per day working. ;Older cohorts of individuals are less likely to be employed, so they spend less time working,; says Rachel Krantz-Kent, program manager of the American Time Use Survey. Retirees also seldom spend any of their time persuing formal education, compared to an average of about a half hour per day among the entire adult population.并不是所有65岁以上的人们都会选择退休。典型的老年人群每天将花费1个小时的时间用于工作。但是同整体公民相比,老年人又不会在工作方面花费太多的时间,平均每天仅有3.5个小时。美国人时间使用调查的项目经理雷切尔·肯特(Rachel Krantz-Kent)表示“老年群体一般不太容易就业,所以他们的工作时间也就相对较少。”与成人群体每天花费半小时用于学习,退休党们也很少在接受正规教育上花费时间。Shop.购物。Retirees have plenty of time to research and comparison-shop for their purchases, and they spend 0.87 hours per day doing so. Americans overall spend 0.72 hours acquiring goods and services.退休党们拥有足够的时间去做“市场调查”并通过商家之间的对比来购买物品,这样算来,每天光在这些事儿上他们就要花费0.87个小时而全体美国公民仅会花费0.72个小时来购买商品和享受商家务。Volunteer.志愿者。Retirees spend very little time caring for household members (0.07 of an hour) and helping people outside their household (0.2 hours). In contrast, Americans overall spend half an hour per day caring for family members, primarily children, and about the same amount of time as retirees caring for people outside their household. However, retirees spend slightly longer than most Americans volunteering and pursing religious and spiritual activities, doing each for an average of almost 15 minutes each day.退休人员们一般花很少的时间(0.07个小时)来照顾家庭成员但却花费0.2个小时来照顾家庭之外需要帮助的人士。相比而言,全美公民每天将近花掉半个小时的时间来照顾家人、小孩,这同退休党们照顾外人所花费的时间大大相同。然而,退休人员却比大多数美国人更致力于志愿务和宗教信仰等精神活动之中,在这些活动上他们每天便要花费15分钟的时间。 /201407/315955泉州市新阳光妇产医院网上咨询


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