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“我坦白”在英语中的种说法 -01-7 ::55 来源: I have a confession. 我要坦白I have something to confess.我有事要坦白I need to tell you something. 我有事必须告诉你I have a confession to make. 我要坦白I have a secret. 我有一个秘密I'm keeping a secret. 我有一个秘密I'll fill you in. 我要把一切都告诉你I'll tell you all about it. 我要告诉你一切I'll level with you. 我就直说吧I'll tell you frankly. 我坦白告诉你I'll be frank with you. 我会对你坦白的I'll be open and sincere with you. 我会对你开诚布公的I'll tell you the truth. 我告诉你真相 说法 英语 坦白 告诉我喜欢淡淡地思念一个人,静静地将自己包围在沙发之中,任思绪在回忆里飘荡…… 爱也要淡淡的爱,不要成为囚,少是愁多也是忧…… I like the subtle fresh green budding from the branches of the tree -- the herald of spring, ushering in the dawn... I like the subtle flow of cloud that makes the sky seem even more vast, azure and immense... I like the subtle wind. In spring, it steals a ki ss on my cheek; in autumn, it care sses my face; in summer, it brings in cool sweet smell; in winter, it carries a crisp chilliness... I like the subtle taste of tea that lasts long after a sip. The subtle bitter is what it is meant to be... I like the subtle friendship that does not hold people together. Instead, an occasional greeting sps our longings far beyond... I like the subtle longing a friend, when I sink deeply in a couch, mind wandering in memories of the past... Love should also be subtle, without enslaving the ones fallen into her arms. Not a bit le ss nor a bit more... You’re listening to Faith Radio Online-Simply to Relax. I’m Faith. Subtle friendship is true; subtle greetings are enough; subtle love is tender; subtle longing is deep; subtle wishes come from the bottom of your heart... 3禀赋迥异,万物各就其位;倘若我不能将森林背负,你也无法将坚果打破The mountain and thesquirrel——Ralph Waldo EmersonThe Mountain and the SquirrelHad a quarrel;And the Mountain called the Squirrel LittlePrig.Bunreplied,You are doubtless very big;But all sorts of things and weatherMust be taken in together,To make up a yearAnd a sphere.AndThink it nodisgraceTo occupy my place.If Im not so large as you,You are not so small as I!And not half so spry.Ill not deny you makeA very pretty squirrel track;Talents differ;All is well and wisely put;If I cannot carry ests on my back,Neither can youcracka nut. 7196

他不会看到我停留于此,凝视他的林子雪花纷飞我的小马一定以我为怪,近无房舍,为何停伫Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening---by Robert FrostWhose woods these are I think I know,His house is in the village though.He will not see me stopping here,To watch his woods fill up with snow.My little horse must think it queer,To stop without a farmhouse near,Between the woods and frozen lake,The darkest evening of the year.He gives his harness bells a shake,To ask if there is some mistake.The only other sound's the sweep,Of easy wind and downy flake.The woods are lovely, dark and deep.But I have promises to keep,And miles to go bee I sleep.And miles to go bee I sleep 56

It’s been my experience that at the very moment I feel like giving up, I'm only one step from a breakthrough. Hang on long enough and circumstances will change, too. Trust in yourself, your dream and spirit. 97英语口语每天说上半小时0(85) -- ::00 来源: 85.Interview 高速下载 1. Could you tell me something about yourself ?. How do you like it here ? 3. Why do you want to work here ? . Do you know any shorthand ? 5. What’s your major ? 6. I’d be very glad to know something about you.7. What’s your turn ? 8. Would you mind saying that again please ? Dialogue 1A: Can you type , Jane ? B: Yes , I can . A: How many words a minute ?B: About 0 words a minute . A: En … and can you speak any eign languages ? B: Yes , I can speak Spanish , and I can also speak Chinese . A: Really ? that’s very good .What about French ? B: No , I can’t speak French . But I can speak Italian , not very well though .A: … Can you start next week ? B: Next week ? A: Yes , on Monday .B: You mean I have the job ? A: Yes , that’s right , you have the job now . Dialogue A: Now , Mr. William , a little personal inmation first , are you married ?B: Yes . I am . Actually my wife is a teacher .A: What’s your major ? B: German . A: How long have you been study in German ? B: Since I first met my wife , about three years .A: And just one more question , would you like to be an interpreter ? B: Yes , I’d like to do that , A: Very good , you can come here to work next month . B: Thank you . Dialogue three : A: Well , how was the interview ? B: Not too bad , I suppose .A: What did the woman ask you ? B: Oh , she asked me all sorts of questions . She asked if I smoked , and whether I played sports , she asked me where I went to school , and what subjects I took . and she asked me if I like to meeting people .A: Did she ask you any questions about your family ?B: Well , she asked me if my parents wanted to be a strides . A: Did she tell you whether you would get the job ?B: No , but she told me to telephone her next week . A: Thank you coming interview last Tuesday . we have considered your application carefully , but we’re afraid that we are unable to offer you the post . While your secretarials skills are well up to the standard required , I did not feel that your commend of French was sufficiently good our purposes . In addition , you seem to lack confidence in dealing with people , which will certainly be a handicap if you want to work as an receptionist . May I suggest that you might do better to look a job involving ruling office work ? Interview : 1. Thank you having talked with me .. Thank you the interview , I hope to see you again . 3. Thank you giving me this opporty . . Maybe you’ll find out that I’am easy to approach .5. I think you’re unique , needs a man like me . 6. I’d like to hear your opinion .7. The vocational training I have received fit me very well this job . 8. Of course , I’m afraid I am not the possible candidate . Dialogue 1: A: Mr. crabby ,I’m pleased to see you .B: I’ve looked over your resume , ms. Jane . I see you’ve aly have quite a lot of experience in secretary work , could you tell me something about your talent with that company ? A: Oh , yes , I worked there two years , just graduated from college . B: en ? A: It was a good company to work , I enjoyed my time with them .B: You like that work ? A: Yes , I like it very much , the work was not very demanding , and the people I work with were friendly .B: Why do you want to leave the company ? A: Make an age of challenges , I must accept the new challenge in my life . Dialogue : A: I’d like to apply a secretarial position .B: Very well , do you know any shorthand ? A: No , but I can write very fast .B: Can you use the computer or other office machines ? A: No , but I’d like to learn how to use them . B: Yes , I see , this is a permanent position . A: Can you work every day from 9 to 5 ? B: Oh , no , I’m student at a university , and I have to study most of the time . I can only work part time . A: I couldn’t possibly hire you . You can’t take shorthand , you can’t use a computer , and you can only work part time . Dialogue 3 : A: Very glad to know something about you , then what are you going to do when you finish .B: Oh , I’ll go to shanghai to practice there.A: Oh , that’s a good idea . It must be easy to find a job in shanghai .B: I think so , you know there is a great deal of opporty business there . A: And English is very useful in your job .B: I think it will be very useful in many ways . Beside , shanghai is an important trade center , not only in China , but also in the world , English is useful in almost all walks of life . A: You will be a very promising one . B: That’s my wish . I have been a journal ten years , I often interview people . Today I am at a Parents’ meeting with high school , I ask some parents questions . I asked the first parent , whether she minded telling me what they thought of the school , she told me that they were quite pleased with it , and then , I asked what grade was her child in , she said that she had a son at the fifth grade , he was quite good at science , but he was wake in English . Then I interviewed some other parents , and they gave a lot of inmation about this school and their children . After three hours interview , I came about the interview and report the inmation to the public . 小时 上半 每天 英语口语

How To Tell When She Flirt With YouFlirting is an art m --it takes much practice to do it with perfect timing. It's often hard though, to recognize when a woman's flirting with you.Women are masters of subtlety, so it's your job to remain aware of every gesture, every word, and every move they throw your way.The women might simply be nice and friendly with everyone, and not flirting with you. If you see her often. at work example, pay attention to how she reacts to others. If it'sthe same way she behaves with you, then don't get your hopes up.The following flirting signs are good all settings, whether ia a coffee shop, restaurant, nightclub, or at work.Number She keeps glancing at you. Are her eyes aimed at you every time you look her way? And does she avert her gaze whenever you catch her starting? If so, she might be interested in you. If she doesn't prolong eye contact, she's probably just shy. Go up to her, introduce yourself, and get her talking. You Know you're doing well when she is glad to be talking with you.Number 9 She smiles at you. Many people ce a smile when trying to be polite, but if she shows her teeth and has a sparkle in her eyes, then she's probably enjoying your company. Your only job is to keep her smiling by smiling back.Number 8 She goes out of her way to get you to notice her. If she's always taking unnecessary detours to meet you, she might be trying to get your attention. And if she smiles at you on her way, she's definitely interested in you.Number 7 She plays with her hair. Women's hair is a source of power and confidence to them-- why else would they get so depressed by bad haircuts? If you see her twirling her fingers through it or tossing it around like in a shampoo commercial, then she might be flirting with you.Number 6 She starts the conversation. Taking the first step to start a conversation with you is a huge sign that she's interested. she says something to you that begs a response, like"You remind me of someone I know,"that's a concrete sign she's interested.Number 5 She laughs at your jokes. When you tell her a funny story, does she just look at you and say, "Is that supposed to be funny?" If so, she's not interested in you. But if she acts captivated by your words you could soon be hearing wedding bells. Other reactions to look out include "Really?" and "Wow" with the mouth opened in amused disbelief.Number She asks if you like certain activities. Does she ask you about your hobbies? Is she asking you if you like a particular pastime? Although she is not actually asking you a date, it's an implied way of doing so. She could be paving the way you to ask instead. If the activity in question is dancing, movies or dinner, then she is almost cetainly trying to ask you out.Number 3 She pays you a compliment. Women rarely give compliments, so if she throws one your way, you can pat yourself on the back, Compliments are especially good if they are about your body, as this implies she is attracted to you.Number She makes sexual comments. Some women like to put themselves in the mood to ask someone out by talking about your topics that turn them on.Number 1 She touches you. When a woman breaks the contact barrier during a conversation, it is a sure sign that she's interested in you. It can be as bovious as touching your arm or knee while making a point, or as faint as having her knees come into contact with yours under the table.A les direct way of her showing she is interested is if she minorors your body language. When you lean in, she leans in. When you rest your elbows on the table, she does the same. Duplicationg your actions is her way of showing you that she's "in-sync" with you. 0198A real doctor Agony is a remote mountain village which is far from town and far from civilization. The villagers own their own farms and open their own factories. Life here is generally quiet and peaceful. But life also means a lot of inconveniences in this part of the world. example, if someone is ill, it is difficult to get a doctor nearby. Some young people have been sent to study medicine in town, only once they are out of the village, few of them are willing to return to work here. Old Joe and his wife live in a cottage at the end of their farm. They have a large flock of sheep and quite a few horses. The couple take their animals as their family members and spend most of their time looking after them. One night, Old Joe was woken up by a piercing1) cry. He immediately realized that his sheep were being attacked by a pack of wolves. He jumped out of bed, took his gun and rushed out. In the dark, he saw a figure moving towards the sheep pen. He raised his gun and shot at it;the figure fell with a painful groan). But somehow the voice sounded like his wife’s. He hurried to the figure, only to find his wife lying bleeding on the ground. She was seriously wounded. Seeing what had happened, Old Joe couldn’t believe his eyes. He tore a piece of his shirt and wrapped up the wound his wife with his shaking hands. He then gently carried her into the room and put her on the bed. He rushed out again and jumped onto a horse. He rode fiercely 3)down to the village where he hoped he could find help. A moment later he returned with a young man who was the son of a friend and how was a medical student on holiday. Encouraged by Old Joe, the young man examined the wound and decided that surgery should be done immediately to get the bullet out. But when he saw the blood issuing) from the wound, the young man’s hands began to shake violently and it was difficult him to calm down. An immediate operation seemed impossible and Old Joe’s wife was in danger. At this moment, they heard the sound of heavy and hurried foot steps outside and then in burst a middle-aged man dressed like a traveller. The new comer had a quick glance at the wounded and then said “I can do it.” He took the instruments5) from the young man and made a sign to them to leave the room a while. Half an hour later, the middle-aged man came out and told Old Joe that the bullet had been taken out and everything would be all right. Old Joe was so grateful that he kept saying “You’re a real doctor. You’ve saved my wife. You’re a real doctor.” “No, I‘m a vet, only an animal doctor. ”The man smiled. “I’ve been making a survey my on animal raising environment in mountainous areas. It happened that I had just arrived at the village when you went to fetch this young man and I followed you here just in case you needed help. ” 88If somebody tells you, " I'll love you ever," will you believe it?   I don't think there's any reason not to. we are y to believe such commitment at the moment, whatever change may happen afterwards. As the belief in an everlasting love, that's another thing.   Then you may be asked whether there is such a thing as an everlasting love. I'd answer i believe in it. But an everlasting love is not immutable.    You may unswervingly love or be loved by a person. But love will change its composition with the passage of time. It will not remain the same. In the course of your growth and as a result of your increased experience, love will become something different to you.  In the beginning you believed a fervent love a person could last indefinitely. By and by, however," fervent" gave way to " prosaic" . Precisely because of this change it became possible love to last. Then what was meant by an everlasting love would eventually end up in a sort of interdependence.   We used to insist on the difference between love and liking. The mer seemed much more beautiful than the latter. one day, however, it turns out there's really no need to make such difference. Liking is actually a sort of love. By the same token, the everlasting interdependence is actually an everlasting love.   I wish i could believe there was somebody who would love me ever. That's, as we all know, too romantic to be true. Instead, it will more often than not be a case of lasting relationship. 569

The Revolution in American Higher Education To produce the upheaval in the ed States that changed and modernized the domain of higher education from the mid 1860's to the mid 1880's, three primary causes interacted. The emergence of a half dozen leaders in education provided the personal ce that was needed. Moreover, an outcry a fresher, more practical, and more advanced kind of instruction arose among the alumni and friends of nearly all of the old colleges and grew into a movement that overrode all conservative opposition. The aggressive "Young Yale" movement appeared, demanding partial alumni control, a more liberal spirit, and a broader course of study. The graduates of Harvard college simultaneously rallied to relieve the college's poverty and demand new enterprise. Education was pushing toward higher standards in the East by throwing off church leadership everywhere, and in the West by finding a wider range of studies and a new sense of public duty. The old style classical education received its most crushing blow in the citadel of Harvard College, where Dr. Charles Eliot, a young captain of thirty five, son of a mer treasurer of Harvard, led the progressive ces. Five revolutionary advances were made during the first years of Dr. Eliot's administration. They were the elevation and amplification of entrance requirements, the enlargement of the curriculum and the development of the elective system, the recognition of graduate study in the liberal arts, the raising of professional training in law, medicine, and engineering to a postgraduate level, and the fostering of greater maturity in students' life. Standards of admission were sharply advanced in 187-1873 and 1876-1877. By the appointment of a dean to take charge of student affairs, and a wise handling of discipline, the undergraduates were led to regard themselves more as young gentlemen and less as young animals. One new course of study after another was opened up - science, music, the history of the fine arts, advanced Spanish, political economy, physics, classical philology, and international law. 61这两天是儿女向父母表示一片爱心和敬重之情的日子父母们把孩子们带大,教育他们成为有责任感的公民,并给予他们爱心和关怀Mother’s Day and Father’s DayPeople in the ed States honor their parents with two special days:Mother’s Day,on the second Sunday in May,and Father’s Day,on the third Sunday in June.Mother’s Day was proclaimed a day national observance by President Wood row Wilson in 19.Ann Jarvis from Grafton,West Virginia,had started the idea to have a d ay to honor mothers.She was the one who chose the second Sunday in May and also began the custom of wearing a carnation.In 19,Mrs.Dodd from Spokane,Washington,thought of the idea of a day to honor fathers.She wanted to honor her own father,William Smart.After her mother died,he had the responsibility of raising a family of five sons and a daughter.In 19,the first Father’s Day was observed in Spokane.Senator Margaret Chase Smith helped to establish Father’s Day as a national commemorative day,in 197.These days are set aside to show love and respect parents.They raise their children and educate them to be responsible citizens.They give love and care.These two special days are celebrated in many different ways.On Mother’s Day people wear carnations.A red one symbolizes a living mother.A white one shows that the mother is dead.Many people attend religious services to honor parents.It is also a day when people whose parents are dead visit the cemetery.On these days families get together at home,as well as in restaurants.They often have outdoor barbecues Father’s Day.These are days of fun and good feelings and memories.Another tradition is to give cards an d gifts.Children make them in school.Many people make their own presents.These are valued more than the ones bought in stores.It is not the value of the gift that is important,but it is “the thought that counts”.Greeting card stores,florists,candy makers,bakeries,telephone companies,and other stores do a lot of business during these holidays. 7All about Americans美国人面面观How the Americans See Themselves美国人怎样看自己Americans are proud to be Americans but each individual will explain that he, personally, is not like the other Americans. He is better. Americans are proud to be different from each other, and from the world. 美国人很骄傲自己是美国人但每个人又会说,就个人而言,自己是不同于其他美国人的,因为他比别人更好美国人为互不相同、为自己不同于世界上其他的人而感到骄傲There’s no such thing as a plain American. Every American is a hyphenated-American. An American will say“I’m Polish”or“I’m Italian” because his great-grandparents were born in Poland or Italy. 真正意义上的美国人是没有的每个美国人除了有美国国籍之外,还各有其祖籍一个美国人会说“我是波兰人”或“我是意大利人”,因为他的曾祖父母是在波兰或意大利出生的A spirit of rugged individualism pervades virtually every aspect of American life. Americans’ heroes are outlaws, like wild west gunfighter Jesse James,or entrepreneurs, like Sam Walton, founder of the Wal-Mart chain of superstores. Every American worker has fantasies of one day going into business himself.一种不加掩饰的个人主义精神几乎渗透到美国生活的各个方面美国人心目中的英雄是亡命徒,像剽悍不羁的西部手杰西·詹姆斯,或者是企业家,像沃尔玛连锁超市的创始者萨姆·沃尔顿每个美国员工都幻想将来有一天自己能开办企业 85

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