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无锡/肝泰肛医院无锡/市肛泰医院治疗直肠脱垂价格宜兴/市/第四人民医院肛肠科 World Bank President Says Too Soon for China to Roll Back Stimulus世行行长持中国继续扩张经济政策After meeting with Chinese leaders, including Premier Wen Jiabao, World Bank President Robert Zoellick says he agrees the country should continue expanding the economy instead of looking for an exit strategy from current stimulus spending.世界行长佐利克与中国总理温家宝会见之后表示,他同意中国应该继续扩张经济,而不是从当前刺激经济的出努力中开始实施退出战略。World Bank President Robert Zoellick says China is pleased with its recovery, but leaders recognize there are still large uncertainties. He told reporters in Beijing he is not worried about inflation in China, and agrees China should stay the course with its stimulus policies.世界行长佐利克说,中国对其经济的复苏感到满意,但是中国领导人意识到,仍然存在很大的不确定性。他在北京对记者说,他不担心中国会出现通货膨胀,并且同意,中国应该继续实行刺激经济的政策。"China's actions have helped the global crisis from getting worse, and I agree with its leaders that it is too early to rollback fiscal and monetary measures," said Zoellick. "Recovery may be here, but it could falter."佐利克说:“中国的行动阻止了全球危机进一步恶化。我同意中国领导人的看法,停止实施宽松的货币和财政政策还为时过早。经济复苏可能已经开始,但可能出现曲折。”Zoellick says to maintain recovery, China should keep markets open and resist protectionism.佐利克说,为了持续的经济复苏,中国应该保持市场的开放,抵制贸易保护主义。In June, the World Bank upped its forecast for China's growth in , from 6.5 percent to 7.2 percent. Zoellick says he predicts China will grow more than eight percent this year. 世界今年6月把对中国年经济增长的预测从6.5%上调到7.2%。佐利克说,他预计中国今年的增长将会超过8%。While he praises China's growth and domestic demand as key contributors to boosting world confidence, he also cautions the financial crisis will come in waves. Therefore, he says Chinese leaders are correct to remain cautious even though the country's economy is growing.佐利克赞扬说,中国的经济增长和内需是提升全世界信心的关键因素。但是他同时提醒说,金融危机可能会分阶段接踵而来。他说,因此,中国领导人在经济增长的同时保持谨慎是正确的。This is Zoellick's third visit to China as World Bank president. Besides discussing China's economic recovery and ways to boost domestic demand, he says a big focus of this trip is potential cooperation between the World Bank and China in Africa.这是佐利克担任世行行长以来第三次访问中国。他说,除了讨论中国的经济复苏和促进内需的方法以外,他这次访问的一个重要焦点是探讨世行和中国在非洲展开合作的可能。Zoellick says some World Bank economists, including chief economist Justin Lin, are interested in the possibility of Chinese manufacturing firms investing in Africa beyond resource development and infrastructure. Zoellick spoke with China Commerce Minister Chen Deming about possible cooperation on industrial zones in Africa.佐利克说,包括林毅夫在内的一些世界经济学家对中国除了在非洲的资源开发和基础设施项目以外,由中国制造业公司在非洲投资的可能感兴趣。佐利克与中国商务部长陈德明讨论了在非洲建立工业区进行合作的可能。Zoellick says during all his meetings with Chinese leaders he constantly raises the issue of investment in other developing countries.佐利克说,他在所有会见中国领导人的场合中,每次都提到在其他发展中国家投资的问题。"For every hour that I spend discussing ways that we could help China's development, we probably also spend an hour discussing ways we can work with China in supporting development elsewhere," he said.佐利克说:“我每次会谈的时候,花在讨论我们如何与中国合作帮助其他国家发展的时间和讨论我们如何帮助中国发展所用的时间一样多。”Zoellick says the world cannot rely on the American consumer, and developing countries in places like Africa can offer sources of demand and become future regions of growth. 佐利克说,世界不能依靠美国的消费者,包括非洲国家在内的其他发展中国家也能成为需求的来源,也能成为未来经济增长的地区。Zoellick will travel Thursday to Anhui province to visit several World Bank agriculture and forestry projects, as well as a science and technology university. He will also visit an energy-efficient cement plant.佐利克星期四将前往中国安徽省考察世界在那里的农业和林业项目,以及参观一所科技大学。他还将参观一座有效利用能源的水泥厂。On Friday, the World Bank president leaves China for the G-20 finance ministers meeting in London. There, he says he hopes to press the need for more support for developing countries.世行行长佐利克星期五将离开中国,前往伦敦参加20国集团财长会议。他说,他希望在会上强调向发展中国家提供更大的持。09/83236Fans in Asia Remember Jackson Fondly杰克逊去世的消息震撼亚洲歌迷 People in Asia woke Friday to news of the death of Michael Jackson, an American pop icon who left behind fans throughout the region.亚洲各国星期五惊悉迈克尔杰克逊去世。这位美国的流行音乐之王的歌迷遍布亚洲各国。The music sounds like the 1983 Michael Jackson-Paul McCartney duet, "Say, Say, Say." The singer though is China's top rocker Cui Jian, who recorded this cover in the 1990s.这段演唱听上去象是1983年迈克尔杰克逊跟保罗-麦卡特尼的二重唱,“说,说,说”。不过实际上这是中国摇滚乐歌手崔健在1990年的作品。Throughout Asia, people were saddened by news of the death of the pop superstar.在亚洲各国,很多人因迈克尔-杰克逊去世的消息而深感悲痛。In Taipei, Claire Chen said she at first did not believe it.台北一位姓陈的女士说:“我不知道这是真的还是假的。”Chen says her sister called her Friday morning and told her the news. She says she thought Jackson was going back on tour soon, but after she realized the singer was indeed dead, she went to watch all of his s on YouTube.“今天一早我打电话给我,她说你听到这个消息吗?我说什么消息,她说迈克尔-杰克逊死了。我说这怎么可能,他不是7月份还要来台湾举办演唱会吗。我就立刻上网去看,结果全部都是他的新闻。我还跟我的同事上YOUTUBE上看他的所有的影片。”In Seoul, 49-year-old Jung Ji-Sun remembers he was able to become wealthy, even though he was black, because he was a brilliant singer.在首尔,一位49岁的歌迷说,迈克尔-杰克逊虽然是一个黑人,但是靠自己的音乐天才而成为一位富有的人。Jung says she remembers songs like "Billie Jean" and "Beat It." 她说,她十分喜欢"Billie Jean"和 "beat It"这两首歌。She says she used to imitate his gestures and moves during aerobic dance sessions. Now, she says she feels grief and sorrow.她说,她曾经在健身舞蹈运动的时候模仿迈克尔-杰克逊的动作。迈克尔-杰克逊去世的消息令她倍感悲痛。In China, 28-year-old musician Ray Wang says he heard his first Michael Jackson song, "Dangerous," when he was 14 years old.在中国,一位姓王的歌手说,他在14岁的时候第一次听到了迈克尔-杰克逊的声音,那是一首名为“危险”的歌曲。He didn't like it at the time, but grew to like and appreciate Jackson' music more as he got older.他说,他当时并不是很喜欢迈克尔-杰克逊,但随着年龄的增长,他越来越欣赏他的天才了。Wang says there are many musicians in China who were influenced by him. He says all Chinese musicians have at least heard the American singer's songs.他说:“国内有很多,可以说所有音乐人都听过迈克尔-杰克逊的歌。”At the same time, he says it has been hard for Chinese fans to separate the man from the music.他说,对中国歌迷来说,人们很难把他的经历跟他的歌曲区分开来。Wang says many Chinese people don't like how the black singer lightened his skin, in what they saw as an unnatural effort to become white.他说:“很多中国人对他印象不好的地方是他原本是一个黑人,然后他自己做皮肤,变成一个白人。这方面有些人不喜欢他,觉得不真实。”Although that is one of the strongest memories Chinese people have, Wang says they also will remember Jackson's dancing and the unique way he sang. Wang says although another person may try to sing a Jackson song, he will never be able to give it the same feeling.他还说,虽然很多人对迈克尔-杰克逊改变肤色印象很深,但是他们也为迈克尔-杰克逊的舞蹈天赋以及他的独特演唱风格所打动。这位王先生说,也许有歌手能唱他的歌,但是没有人会唱得像他那样传神。06/75821常州二院看脓肿多少钱

无锡/肛肠专科医院在哪里Britain's Queen Pays Tribute to British Forces英国女王发表圣诞节讲话In her annual Christmas message, Britain's Queen Elizabeth the Second has paid tribute to those serving in her country's armed forces.英国女王伊丽莎白二世在一年一度的圣诞节讲话中赞扬在英国军队中役的士兵。The Queen, the symbolic head of the British military, spoke of the loss felt by many, in this, the deadliest year to date for British forces in Afghanistan. 伊丽莎白女王作为英国军队的象征性最高统帅,谈到在对英国驻阿富汗部队来说伤亡最惨重的这一年里,许多人都感同身受的损失。"I am sure that we have all been affected by events in Afghanistan and saddened by the casualties suffered by our forces serving there," she said. "Our thoughts go out to their relatives and friends who have shown immense dignity in the face of great personal loss."她说:“我相信我们所有的人都受到了发生在阿富汗的那些事件的影响,所有的人都为我们驻阿富汗部队所遭受的伤亡感到悲伤。我们惦念着这些军人的亲朋好友,面对巨大的个人损失,他们表现出了极强的尊严。”Britain currently has just over 9,000 forces deployed in Afghanistan. The Queen also paid tribute to members of other Commonwealth states that have sent troops to the region.英国目前在阿富汗部署着9千多名军人。伊丽莎白女王还对向阿富汗派兵的其他英联邦成员国表示了敬意。"We can be proud of the positive contribution that our servicemen and women are making, in conjunction with our allies," she said. "Well over 13,000 soldiers from the ed Kingdom and across the Commonwealth - Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore - are currently serving in Afghanistan. The debt of gratitude owed to these young men and women and to their predecessors is indeed profound."她说:“我们对我们的男女军人与盟友一起所做的积极贡献感到自豪。目前,英国和加拿大、澳大利亚、新西兰以及新加坡等英联邦国家一共有1万3千多名军人驻扎在阿富汗。我们向这些年轻男女以及在他们之前派驻阿富汗的军人表达深切的感激之情。”More than 100 British soldiers have died this year in Afghanistan. That is the most since the lengthy deployment began back in 2001. Since then, a total of 243 have been killed.今年有100多名英国士兵在阿富汗死亡。这是自2001年英国向阿富汗派兵以来,伤亡人数最多的一年。自2001年以来,共有243人阵亡。Polls here repeatedly show that average British citizens want to see the troops brought back home as soon as possible.多次民意调查显示,英国公民普遍希望英国部队尽快回家12/93304江阴治疗尖锐湿疣医院 Israeli Settlers Disrupt Palestinian Olive Harvest以定居者干扰巴勒斯坦人收获橄榄 An annual Palestinian harvest means trouble in the occupied territories. 巴勒斯坦人一年一度的橄榄收获季节到来了,然而,这却意味著约旦河被占领土上麻烦的开始。Jewish settlers attacked two news photographers covering the Palestinian olive harvest in the West Bank. Video showed four Israelis move into a grove near their settlement where Palestinians were picking olives with the help of Israeli and foreign supporters. The settlers punched and kicked the Palestinian photographers and grabbed one of their cameras. They also assaulted a British activist. One of the photographers threw stones at the settlers. 以色列定居者袭击了两名前来报导约旦河西岸巴勒斯坦人收获橄榄情况的新闻摄影记者。录像显示,四名以色列人进入了定居点附近的一个树丛,当时,巴勒斯坦人正在那里采摘橄榄,另外还有一些以色列人和外国持者在给他们帮忙。四名定居者对巴勒斯坦摄影记者拳打脚踢,并抢走了其中一人的照相机。他们还袭击了一名英国活动分子。录像上,一名摄影记者向定居者投掷石块。It was the latest in a series of attempts by militant settlers to disrupt the annual olive harvest which is vital to the Palestinian economy. Israeli police intervened and broke up the brawl. There were no serious injuries and the settlers were allowed to walk away. 这是激进的以色列定居者干扰巴勒斯坦人一年一度收获橄榄的最新一次企图。橄榄是巴勒斯坦经济的重要组成部分。以色列警察前来干预,驱散了吵闹的人群。没有人在冲突中受重伤,定居者后来被放走了。Palestinian parliamentarian Moustafa Barghouti was there. 巴勒斯坦议员巴尔古提当时也在冲突现场。"Palestinian villagers are encountering a terrible war by the Israeli illegal settlers and the Israeli army against their trees, against their land," he said. "We are here to help them in a peaceful, non-violent resistance to maintain their land." 他说:“巴勒斯坦村民正在经历一场可怕的战争,以色列的非法定居者,以色列军队针对他们的树林、他们的土地发起的战争。我们到这里来帮助他们,以和平和非暴力的方式来抵抗,来保护他们自己的土地。”The settlers say disrupting the olive harvest is a legitimate response to repeated Palestinian vandalism and attacks. 以色列定居者说,干扰巴勒斯坦人收获橄榄是对巴勒斯坦人一再发动破坏和袭击的最合理的还击。200810/53322常州二院治疗肛门瘙痒价格

无锡/痔疮那家医院好New BMW M3, boy racer gone pro 2008 edition of this high performance vehicle is faster, lighter and more elegant then ever. Hi, I’m Sue Callaway, Car columnist of Fortune Magazine. 20 years ago, BMW thrilled the performance road with the introduction of the first M3, the E30. The company called the car a 3-series variant. But in reality it was a teenager on testosterone, a rebel with the cars, pure performance. 2 decades later, here comes the 2008 M3, the car’s grown up, it’s better educated, it’s well-rounded, it’s worldly. Purists are worried it’s gone soft. But I disagree. This is the boy racer, who’s finally gone pro. Everything on the new M3 is purpose built, from the guerney spoiler lip on the rear deck for increase down force at high speeds, the flat flurr panel underneath for increase air dynamics. The car’s lost a lot of weight, too. Aluminum suspension parts and aluminum hood help. But the biggest piece is right here, the trick carbon fiber roof. It weighs 11 pounds less than the traditional steel roof and 45 pounds less than the steel roof with a moonroof(a glass sunroof,1973) in it.Let’s have a look at the heart of this beast, the engine. BMW has literally doubled the engine since the original M3, which was a four-cylinder, 195 horsepower car. Today 414 horsepower V8 with a gut engine 295 foot-pound of torque.No amount of the data can explain just how great the new M3 is for that you have to do what it does best --drive. And then you’ll see just how far in the dust it leaves the old car.BMW has created a more usable M3 with this latest edition, but it hasn’t lost the purity of its performance roots. Like Porsche with 911, BMW has refined and refined and refined this car over the years until it’s one step shy of perfection. Hey, the company makes a lot of great cars. But to my mind, this truly is the ultimate driving machine.01/61133 Chavez Celebrates End to Venezuela Term Limits查韦斯赢得废除民选官员期限公投  President Hugo Chavez is celebrating victory in a referendum to end term limits for elected officials. The president's proposal passed with 54 percent of votes cast. The measure will allow Mr. Chavez to stay in power as long as he keeps winning elections. 委内瑞拉总统查韦斯正在庆祝废除民选官员任期限制的全民公投的胜利。查韦斯的建议获得了54%的委内瑞拉选民的赞同。这样,只要查韦斯能不断在选举中胜出,他就可以无限期地掌权。President Chavez spoke to thousands of supporters shortly after the release of results showing a clear victory for the reform plan. Mr. Chavez had urged people to support the measure to give him more time in office to carry out his socialist-inspired reforms. 在投票结果显示查韦斯的改革计划获得胜利之后不久,查韦斯向数千名持者发表了讲话。公投前,他曾呼吁他的持者们赞同他的计划,以便给他更多的时间来进行他的社会主义改革。He said that everyone who voted in favor of the measure also voted in favor of socialism. 他说,任何在公投中投赞同票的人同时也持社会主义。Mr. Chavez dedicated the vote result to all of Venezuela's children, saying it was a victory for the future and for socialism. 查韦斯把投票的结果贡献给委内瑞拉所有的儿童。他说,这是未来的胜利,社会主义的胜利。The reform allows Mr. Chavez to seek re-election for a third term in a planned 2012 vote. The president has said he hopes to serve at least until 2018, but it is unclear if wants to remain in power beyond that date. 委内瑞拉计划在2012年进行总统选举。这次改革将使得查韦斯能够争取第3个任期。查韦斯还表示,他希望至少任职到2018年,但是目前还不清楚他是否有意在2018年后继续任职。Opposition leaders have accused the president of backing the reform in an effort to cling to power. They note the reform sets Venezuela apart from all other nations in the hemisphere -- except Cuba - which impose term limits on top elected officials.  反对派领导人指责查韦斯企图把持权力不放。他们指出,这次改革使得委内瑞拉成为整个西半球除古巴以外唯一一个不对民选官员作出任期限制的国家。Speaking Sunday, President Chavez vowed to use the coming years to rebuild many government institutions, to help them better serve the people. 查韦斯星期天在讲话中发誓要在今后几年中重建许多政府机构,使之更好地为人民务。He said the country needs new institutions staffed by men and women who are honest and committed to public service. 他说,委内瑞拉需要由诚实和致力于公共务的男女官员所构成的新的政府机构。Over the past 10 years, Mr. Chavez has redirected significant portions of government revenue from oil sales into social programs. Scores of Venezuelans say they have benefited from the education, health and job training programs. 在过去10年里,查韦斯把政府从石油销售中获得的许多利润用于社会项目。许多委内瑞拉人表示,他们从教育和医疗制度改革以及就业培训项目中获得了好处。The president said his government has made great achievements inside the country, and now he hopes to make Venezuela into an international player. 查韦斯还表示,他的政府在国内取得了巨大的成就,同时他也希望委内瑞拉在国际舞台上发挥更大作用。He said over the next 10 years he will continue strengthening Venezuela to become an international powerhouse.  他说,在今后10年里,他将继续努力,使委内瑞拉成为一个世界大国。Sunday's vote outcome was a vindication for Mr. Chavez, who lost a December 2007 poll. Voters rejected a similar proposal on term limits, which was included in a broad package of constitutional reforms. 在2007年12月举行的一次类似性质的公投中,委内瑞拉选民对包括取消官员任期限制在内的一系列宪政改革措施表示反对。对查韦斯来说,星期天的投票结果似乎是对那次公投的逆反。02/62541无锡/妇幼保健医院治疗直肠前突价格无锡/肛肠痔瘘科



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