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Microsoft has provided support for Windows XP for the past 12 years. But now the time has come for us, along with our hardware and software partners, to invest our resources toward supporting more recent technologies so that we can continue to deliver great new experiences.微软为Windows XP系统提供务已有12载,对于我们以及我们的硬件、软件合伙商来说,是时候将资源投入更新的科技产品,如此我们也能为用户提供更好的体验。As a result, after April 8, 2014, technical assistance for Windows XP will no longer be available, including automatic updates that help protect your PC. Microsoft will also stop providing Microsoft Security Essentials for download on Windows XP on this date.这样一来,我们将从2014年4月8日起停止对Windows XP系统的技术持,包括自动进行系统更新等保护个人电脑的程序。届时微软还将停止提供Windows XP 系统微软免费杀毒软件的下载。If you continue to use Windows XP after support ends, your computer will still work but it might become more vulnerable to security risks and viruses. Also, as more software and hardware manufacturers continue to optimize for more recent versions of Windows, you can expect to encounter greater numbers of apps and devices that do not work with Windows XP.如果你在停止务后继续使用Windows XP系统,你的电脑仍能运行,但安全风险及病毒危害也将更大。同时,由于硬件及软件商也在不断地更新优化他们的产品以配套较新版本的Windows系统,你也会遇到更多与Windows XP系统不兼容的应用及设备。 /201402/276273Children whose minds wander might have sharper brains, research suggests.研究显示,那些爱走神的孩子也许脑子更灵活。A study has found that people who appear to be constantly distracted have more ;working memory;, giving them the ability to hold a lot of information in their heads andmanipulate it mentally.一项研究发现,那些似乎老走神的人拥有更多;工作记忆;,让他们能在大脑中储存许多信息,并能在大脑中对其进行操纵。Children at school need this type of memory on a daily basis for a variety of tasks, such as following teachers#39; instructions or remembering dictated sentences.学校中的孩子每日需要这类记忆来完成各种任务,例如遵从老师的教导,或记住听写的句子。During the study, volunteers were asked to perform one of two simple tasks during which researchers checked to ask if the participants#39; minds were wandering.在研究过程中,研究人员让志愿者执行两个简单任务的其中之一,并在执行过程中不时询问参与者是否在走神。At the end, participants measured their working memory capacity by their ability to remember a series of letters interspersed with simple maths questions.最后,参与者用自己对穿插着简单数学题的一连串字母的来测算自己的工作记忆容量。Daniel Levinson, a psychologist at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in the ed States, said that those with higher working memory capacity reported ;more mind wanderingduring these simple tasks;, but their performance did not suffer.美国威斯康星大学的心理学家丹尼尔bull;雷文森说,报告显示,那些工作记忆容量更大的人;在执行这些简单任务时更常走神;,不过他们的成绩并没有受影响。The results, published online in the journal Psychological Science, appear to confirm previous research that found working memory allows humans to juggle multiple thoughtssimultaneously.这一研究结果似乎实了先前的研究发现,即工作记忆让人类能够同时思考多样事情。《心理科学》杂志在网上发布了这一研究结果。Dr Jonathan Smallwood, of the Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Science in Leipzig, Germany, said: ;What this study seems to suggest is that, when circumstancesfor the task aren#39;t very difficult, people who have additional working memory resources deploy them to think about things other than what they#39;re doing.;德国莱比锡马克斯bull;普朗克人类认知和大脑科学研究所的乔纳森bull;斯默伍德士说:;这项研究似乎表明,当完成任务的环境不是很困难时,有多余工作记忆容量的人会运用这部分容量来思考所执行的任务以外的其他事情。;Working memory capacity is also associated with general measures of intelligence, such as ing comprehension and IQ scores, and also offers a window into the widesp, butnot well understood, realm of internally driven thoughts.工作记忆容量还和阅读理解和智商得分等智力衡量通用方法相关,并为我们了解内部驱动的思想王国开启了一扇窗。尽管大脑人人都有,但是我们对它的理解却很不够。Dr Smallwood added: ;Our results suggest the sorts of planning that people do quite often in daily life ; when they are on the bus, when they are cycling to work, when they arein the shower ; are probably supported by working memory.斯默伍德士补充说:;我们的结果显示,人们经常在日常生活中;;在巴士上、在骑车上班时,或在淋浴时;;构思的种种计划很可能就是工作记忆持的。;Their brains are trying to allocate resources to the most pressing problems.;;他们的大脑试图把资源分配到最紧迫的问题上。; /201203/174768Facebook is working on a new website called “Facebook at Work” to get a foothold in the office that will see the social network of more than 1bn people compete directly with Google, Microsoft and LinkedIn .Facebook正在研发一个名为“Facebook at Work”的全新网站,以此获得在办公领域的立足之地。这个用户数超过10亿的社交网站,将在该领域与谷歌(Google)、微软(Microsoft)和领英(LinkedIn)展开直接竞争。The Silicon Valley company is developing a new product designed to allow users to chat with colleagues, connect with professional contacts and collaborate over documents, competing with Google Drive and Microsoft Office, according to people familiar with the matter.知情人士称,这家硅谷公司正在开发一项新产品,其设计目的是让用户可以与同事聊天、与业内人脉沟通,以及协同完成文件,从而与Google Drive和微软办公软件Microsoft Office展开竞争。The new site will look like Facebook, with a news feed and groups, but will allow users to keep their personal profile with holiday photos, political rants and silly s separate from work. Facebook declined to comment.新网站将与Facebook形似,拥有信息流和群组分类,不过将允许用户把包含度假照片、政治言论和视频的个人资料屏蔽在工作之外。Facebook拒绝就此置评。Facebook employees have long used the site in their daily work, and expanding this to other companies has been discussed for some time. The project began in earnest during the past year and is being tested with companies as its launch approaches. Some of the engineers developing Facebook at Work are based in London.Facebook的员工长久以来一直在日常工作中使用这一网站,将此推广给其他公司的想法已经讨论了一段时间。过去一年来,这一项目开始步入正规,目前正在一些公司试用,估计不久就会开通。开发Facebook at Work的一部分工程师位于伦敦。Facebook’s new product could take market share from LinkedIn, the social network for professionals with 90m active monthly users. LinkedIn has become the dominant site for online business networking, but Facebook at Work could also challenge Google’s drive, email and chat products and Microsoft’s Outlook email service, Office software and Yammer, the corporate social network it bought for .2bn in 2012.Facebook的新产品可能会抢占领英的市场份额。领英是一家为专业人士提供务的社交网站,月均活跃用户数达9000万。领英已成为在线商务交流领域最重要的网站,不过Facebook at Work可能也会挑战谷歌旗下的Drive、电子邮件和聊天类产品,并叫板微软的Outlook电子邮件务、Office软件、及其2012年以12亿美元收购的企业社交网络Yammer。 /201411/342592

Even the unflappable Francis Underwood perspires in ultra high definition.在超高清分辨率下,即便是淡定的弗兰西斯#12539;安德伍德(Francis Underwood)也会出汗。Yes, I spotted sweat on the upper lip of Kevin Spacey#39;s fictitious vice president while streaming Netflix#39;s #39;House of Cards#39; on a new 65-inch Ultra HD television from Samsung. It#39;s the kind of discovery you can make with a technology that#39;s pushing for the mainstream this year: televisions that have four times as many pixels as the industry-standard high definition. That#39;s more pixels than some cinema projectors, packed in so tight they just melt away.这是真的。当我用三星(Samsung)新款65英寸超高清电视在线收看Netflix的《纸牌屋》(House of Cards)时,我可以看到剧中饰演副总统的凯文#12539;史派西(Kevin Spacey)上唇出汗了。给你带来这种发现的技术在今年正奋力成为主流:超高清电视,其像素是行业标准高清电视的四倍。其像素比一些电影放映机还多,像素密度之高,人眼已无法分辨单个像素。Ultra HD (sometimes called #39;4K#39;) televisions have been around for more than a year, but until now held limited appeal. Prices were stratospheric, making it hard to justify a bump in clarity. Now Ultra HD prices are flying closer to Earth: Brand-name sets start below ,500, and ,000 will get you Samsung#39;s top 65-inch curved-screen HU9000, which I tested this week.超高清电视(有时又称为4K电视)问世已经有一年多时间了,但目前吸引力还是有限。此前其价格高得离谱,这让分辨率的提高很难说是物有所值。现在超高清电视的价格变得接地气了:品牌厂商的超高清电视机价格开始跌破2500美元,5000美元能买到三星旗舰65英寸曲面屏超高清电视HU9000,就是我这周在测试的这款。If you#39;re the kind of connoisseur who wants to be first to see Mr. Spacey sweat, it finally makes sense to make the leap to an Ultra HD television. The arrival of the new Ultra HD sets is part of a home-theater renaissance that#39;s making the tube cool again and making me consider an upgrade.如果你是那种希望最早看到史派西出汗的尝鲜友,那么飞跃到超高清电视的时候终于到了。这款新超高清电视的到来是家庭影院体验重现的一部分,这让电视再次变得炫酷,也让我开始考虑升级。But to enjoy the full benefits of UHD, you#39;ll need a fast broadband connection, and possibly a couch that#39;s much closer to your TV.但要全面享受到超高清的优点,你还需要飞速的宽带网络,可能还需要一个和电视距离更近的沙发。The biggest reason to finally give Ultra HD a look has to do with content. Previously, there was very little made-for-UHD , and -- even worse -- no good way to deliver its giant files to homes.最终让人考虑超高清的最大原因与内容有关。此前为超高清制作的视频还非常少,更糟的是,还没有好办法将巨大的文件传送到家庭。Though there#39;s still no TV programming broadcast in UHD -- and none on the way, for the time being -- the equation changes this spring when Samsung, Sony, LG and Vizio couple their Ultra HD TVs with streamed content from the Internet: UHD programs like #39;House of Cards#39; from Netflix, with more shows and films on the way from Amazon.com, M-Go and Comcast.尽管现在依然没有以超高清格式播出的电视节目,而且暂时也没有相关计划。但在这个春天,情况开始发生了变化。三星、索尼(Sony)、LG和Vizio将他们的超高清电视与互联网的流媒体内容关联了起来:例如来自Netflix的《纸牌屋》等超高清电视节目,随后还有来自亚马逊(Amazon)、M-Go和康卡斯特(Comcast)的更多电视剧和电影。So here#39;s the ,000 question: What can you really see with Ultra HD? On the Samsung HU9000, I experienced a qualitatively better image both with UHD content and regular Blu-ray HD content that the TV #39;upscaled#39; to Ultra HD. That said, it isn#39;t the kind of transformative experience you had the first time you saw a sporting event in regular HD.所以现在就是5000美元到底值不值的问题:你究竟能从超高清电视上看到什么?在三星HU9000上,我体验到了显著提升的画质,不仅是超高清内容,还有提升到超高清画质的普通蓝光高清内容。而且,(这种提升体验)可不是你第一次在传统高清电视上看体育赛事时感受到的那种变革。What you do get with Ultra HD is a sense of detail that sneaks up on you, especially on wide shots. For example, an overhead scene at the beginning of the film #39;World War Z#39; looks like ant-sized people are scrambling around on my HDTV. But in Ultra HD, you can see, in horrifying detail, those poor souls being tackled by zombies.超高清电视带给你的是一种扑面而来的细节感,尤其是在视角开阔的镜头中。举个例子,《僵尸世界大战》(World War Z)电影开头那种俯拍镜头,在我的高清电视上看,人物就像是蚂蚁在爬行一样。但在超高清电视上,你就可以看到令人惊骇的细节:那些可怜的人正在被僵尸所吞噬。With that kind of resolution, sitting closer to the screen makes you feel much more like you#39;re in on the action. In fact, some argue you must sit closer -- or buy a larger TV -- for the eye to benefit from the extra resolution. You#39;ll likely want to rearrange the furniture. For the 65-inch set I tested, I scooted my couch up until it was just 6 feet away. Get too close, though, and you#39;ll start to get the same dizzying feeling you get in the front row of a movie theater.得益于这样的分辨率,如果坐得和屏幕近一些,你就会感觉似乎自己就置身于画面之中。实际上,有人说你必须坐得近一些,要么就买个更大的电视,这样可以让眼睛享受到多出来的像素。你可能需要重新放置家具。在测试这台65英寸电视时,我把沙发往前推到距离电视只有六英尺(约合1.83米)的地方。不过,靠太近的话,你会像坐在电影院前排一样开始感觉晕眩。The curved screen, a feature I was skeptical about, was actually pretty nice for creating an immersive experience, especially with a close-up couch. Probably its key benefit, however, was minimizing glare during daylight hours. It adds about ,000 onto the price of a basic Ultra HD set.虽然我曾经持怀疑态度,但这台电视的曲面屏幕带来的实际体验相当出色,创造了一种浸入式的体验,尤其是坐在很近的沙发上观看时。但或许其最大的好处是在白天收看时把耀光降到了最低。这项功能要在常规的超高清电视价格基础上再加1000美元左右。Samsung makes fantastic screens, but the rest of the package is mixed. The sound built into the HU9000 model I tested was anemic, but presumably anybody buying such a big TV would have a sound system. Samsung#39;s #39;SmartTV#39; interface has been improved for switching between live TV and streaming, but still isn#39;t as simple as set-top boxes like the TiVo Roamio.三星打造出了梦幻级的屏幕,但这台电视的其他方面就参差不齐了。在我的测试中,HU9000内置的音响绵软无力,不过或许购买这么大电视的用户可能还会再配个音响系统。三星已经改进了“SmartTV”界面,便于在电视直播和流媒体之间进行切换;但还是不如TiVo Roamio等机顶盒那么操作简便。It#39;s true, televisions historically haven#39;t been a great technology for early adopters. Battles over standards and formats have left many in the lurch. Samsung put the TV#39;s brains in an external box that can be easily upgraded. This promises to considerably extend the life of a TV you buy today, if you#39;re willing to shell out 0 or so for next year#39;s #39;evolution kit.#39;没错,从以往来看,电视对尝鲜者来说一直不是一项伟大的技术。关于标准和格式的争斗把很多人搞得很是为难。三星把这台电视的大脑放置在一个外置盒子内,可以轻松进行升级。这有望显著延长你今日购买电视的寿命,如果你明年愿意花大约400美元购买新的“革命性组件”的话。Netflix, the first premium service to deliver UHD over the Internet, has accomplished an impressive feat in making it work over broadband (at no additional cost to subscribers). Some early testers report image quality problems in darker patches, but #39;House of Cards#39; looked fine to me. And Netflix#39;s chief product officer Neil Hunt told me the quality shouldn#39;t suffer as more people get Ultra HD TVs and all try to stream at the same time.Netflix是最早通过互联网提供超高清视频的顶级务提供商,通过宽带实现这一功能就是一项赫赫伟绩(而且还不对用户额外收费)。一些早期测试者报告说,颜色较深的地方会有画质问题,但我看《纸牌屋》时没有问题。Netflix的首席产品长内尔#12539;亨特(Neil Hunt)对我说,在更多用户使用超高清电视时,即便所有人同时连接流媒体视频也不会对画质造成影响。It won#39;t work for everyone because Netflix requires broadband speed of at least 16 megabits to sustain the Ultra HD connection. That may be easy for cable connections like my Comcast hookup in San Francisco, but it#39;s good to find out your own carrier#39;s top speed.不过这并不适合所有用户,因为Netfliex要求至少16MB的宽带才能维持超高清连接。这个网速对光纤用户来说或许比较轻松,例如我这样使用康卡斯特务的旧金山用户,但你最好还是查看下自己运营商的最高网速。As for Netflix#39;s competition, it#39;s not yet clear how much Amazon and M-Go will charge for Ultra HD streaming, or how well they#39;ll work. (Those services weren#39;t y during my test, and Samsung#39;s TV software can#39;t yet play the Ultra HD content now available on YouTube.)就Netflix面临的竞争而言,目前还不清楚亚马逊和M-Go会对超高清视频流怎样收费,也不知道他们具体效果怎样。(我测试的时候,他们的务还没有到位;三星的电视软件暂时也不能播放YouTube上的超高清视频内容。)Netflix will push UHD because it wants its streaming technology to leapfrog physical media and traditional broadcasters. But expect Hollywood#39;s own UHD content to arrive in a trickle, rather than a tsunami. Most movies and shows today still aren#39;t shot with cameras that record in UHD. While that#39;s changing -- and film tends to be greater resolution than typical high-def -- some directors still prefer the look of shots taken with older cameras.Netflix会推进超高清技术,因为他们希望其流媒体技术可以领先传统媒体和广播商。但预计好莱坞自己的超高清内容只会逐步提供,而不会全面到位。目前大多数电影和电视剧还都不是用超高清摄像机拍摄的。虽然情况正在不断变化,而且电影通常分辨率要高于普通高清,但一些导演仍然倾向于较传统摄像机拍摄的画面质感。Today, there aren#39;t even any UHD games or major sports coverage. To supplement the streams from Netflix and others, Samsung is selling a 9 add-on device loaded with five Ultra HD movies. Sony has one for 0 with 50 movies. Either way, these feel like extras they should throw in free, like floor mats in a new car.现在甚至也没有超高清视频游戏或大型赛事播报。为了补充Netflix和其他内容商的视频流内容,三星正在销售一款带有五部超高清电影的额外设备,售价299美元。索尼也有一款售价700美元、内有50部电影的设备。不管怎样,这些额外内容似乎应该是他们免费提供的,就像新车里面的脚垫一样。Some TV technologies like 3-D have turned out to be gimmicks. But Ultra HD is different because it shifts our perception fundamentally, from the pixels to the pictures. That#39;s why, despite today#39;s challenges, Ultra HD is inevitable on the largest screens in our homes. It#39;s better for movie nights and for displaying text and other information. You just have to decide when you want to make the leap.3D等一些TV电视技术最后变成了噱头。但超高清是不同的,因为其从根本上转变了我们的感官感受,从像素转向图像。这就是为什么,即便目前存在着挑战,超高清技术也不可避免地出现在了我们家中最大的屏幕上。这能为电影播放以及文本及其他信息显示提供更好的体验。你需要做的只是决定何时进行这一升级。 /201405/295253

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