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When someone accepts your help, that person is giving you a wonderful opporty. You're not only helping that person but you also have the opporty to grow in compassion. 每当有人接受你的帮助,他就给了你一次绝妙的机会;你不只是在帮助这个人,你也得到了一次在同情中成长的机会 936Plate Tectonics and Sea-floor Sping36.Plate Tectonics and Sea-floor SpingThe theory of plate tectonics describes the motions of the lithosphere, the comparatively rigid outer layer of the Earth that includes all the crust and part of the underlying mantle. The lithosphere(n.[地]岩石圈)is divided into a few dozen plates of various sizes and shapes, in general the plates are in motion with respect to one another. A mid-ocean ridge is a boundary between plates where new lithospheric material is injected from below. As the plates diverge from a mid-ocean ridge they slide on a more yielding layer at the base of the lithosphere.Since the size of the Earth is essentially constant, new lithosphere can be created at the mid-ocean ridges only if an equal amount of lithospheric material is consumed elsewhere. The site of this destruction is another kind of plate boundary a subduction zone. There one plate dives under the edge of another and is reincorporated into the mantle. Both kinds of plate boundary are associated with fault systems, earthquakes and volcanism, but the kinds of geologic activity observed at the two boundaries are quite different.The idea of sea-floor sping actually preceded the theory of plate tectonics. In its original version, in the early 1960rsquo;s, it described the creation and destruction of the ocean floor, but it did not specify rigid lithospheric plates. The hypothesis was substantiated soon afterward by the discovery that periodic reversals of the Earthrsquo;s magnetic field are recorded in the oceanic crust. As magma rises under the mid-ocean ridge, ferromagnetic minerals in the magma become magnetized in the direction of the magma become magnetized in the direction of the geomagnetic field. When the magma cools and solidifies, the direction and the polarity of the field are preserved in the magnetized volcanic rock. Reversals of the field give rise to a series of magnetic stripes running parallel to the axis of the rift. The oceanic crust thus serves as a magnetic tape recording of the history of the geomagnetic field that can be dated independently; the width of the stripes indicates the rate of the sea-floor sping.板块结构与海床扩展板块结构理论描述岩石圈的运动岩石圈是相对坚硬的地球外层,包括全部地壳和部分地幔岩石圈被划分为几十个大小不同形状各异的板块,一般而言这些板块都处于相对运动之中一道中海脊是板块之间的边界,在那里新的岩石圈的物质从下部注入当板块从中海脊脱离时,它们滑向在岩石圈基部较易变形的地层上因为地球的大小本质上是不变的,只有同等数量的岩石圈物质在其它地方被吞没,新的岩石圈才能生成销毁旧岩石圈的地方形成另外一种板块边界:一块潜没的区域在这里,一块板块潜没到另一板块的边缘之下并结合入地幔之中两种板块边界均与地层系统、地震以及火山活动有关,但在两种边界处观察到的诸般地质活动却迥然不同海床扩展说实际上早于板块结构理论在世纪60年代它的理论雏形中,描述了海底的生成和毁灭,但没有详细介绍坚硬的岩石圈板块这个假定不久之后为发现所实该发现表明地球磁场周期性的逆转被记录在海洋地壳中当岩浆从中海脊下涌起的时候,岩浆中的磁铁矿物质地磁场的方向被磁化岩浆冷却并凝固下来后,地磁场的方向和磁极被保留在磁化了的火山岩中磁场的逆转形成一系列与断层轴线平行的条形磁区这样海洋壳就扮演了磁带的角色,记录下可以鉴定时间的地磁场的历史条形磁区的宽度表明了海底扩展的速度 6An Hour bee Sunrise日出前的一小时An hour bee sunrise in the city there is all air of cold, solitary desolation about the noiseless streets, which we are accustomed to see thronged at other times by a busy, eager crowd, and over the quiet, closely shut buildings which throughout the day are swarming with life. The drunken, the dissipated, and tile criminal have disappeared; the more sober and orderly part of the population have not yet awakened to the labors of the day, and the stillness of death is over the streets; its very hue seems to be imparted to them, cold and lifeless as they look in the gray, somber light of day- break. A partially opened bedroom window here and there bespeaks the heat of the weather and the uneasy slumbers of its occupant; and the dim scanty flicker of a light through the blinds of yonder windows denotes the chamber of watching and sickness. Save that sad light, the streets present no signs of life, nor the houses of habitation.日出前的一小时,城里一片冷清和孤寂,我们惯于看到的在一日中其他时刻挤满匆忙人群的大街变得空荡荡、静悄悄,整天人来人往,活动频繁的房屋,此刻门户紧闭,寂静无声醉鬼,放荡者、犯罪分子都不见了,居民中比较循规蹈矩,持重沉着的人们还没有醒来开始他们一天的工作,大街死一般地寂静,似乎也染上了死一般的色,在拂晓阴沉、灰暗的光线里显得冷清而毫无生气到处都有一扇扇半开半掩的卧室窗户,表明天气炎热,屋主人睡眠不宁,那边百叶窗里透露出摇曳的微光,表明那房间里有人卧病或守夜除了那忧郁的灯光,街上一片死寂,住房里也没有人活动的迹象 55

Finders Keepers When my daughters reached the third and fourth grades,I occasionally allowed them to walk to and from school alone,if the weather permitted.It was a short distance,so I knew they were safe and no trouble would befall them.One warm spring day,a small friend followed them home after school.This friend was different from any other friend they had brought home.She had short stumpy legs and long floppy ears,with a fawn-colored coat and tiny freckles sprinkled across her muzzle.She was the cutest puppy I had ever seen.When my husband got home that evening,he recognized the breed――a beagle puppy,not more than twelve weeks old,he guessed.She took to him right away and after dinner climbed into his lap to watch TV.By now the girls were both begging me to keep her.She had no collar or identifying marks of any sort.I didn’t know what to do.I thought about running an ad in the lost-and-found but I really didn’t want to.It would break the kids’ hearts if someone should show up.Besides,her owners should have watched her more closely,I rationalized.By the end of the week she was part of our family.She was very intelligent and good with the girls.This was a good idea,I thought.It was time the girls took responsibility another life,so they would learn the nurturing skills they’d need if they decided to become mommies when they grew up.The following week something told me to check the lost-and-found section in the local paper.One particular ad jumped out at me and my heart pounded with fear at what I .Someone was pleading the return of a lost beagle puppy in the vicinity of our grade school.They sounded desperate.My hand shook.I couldn’ t bring myself to pick up the phone.Instead,I pretended I hadn’t seen the ad.I quickly tucked the paper away in the closet and continued with my dusting.I never said a word about it to the kids or my husband.By now we had named the puppy.She looked like a Molly,so that was what we called her.She followed the girls everywhere they went.When they went outside,she was one step behind them.When they did chores,she was there to lend a hand(or should I say,paw).Homework proved a challenge with her around.More than once the teacher was given a homework page that the dog had chewed on.Each teacher was understanding and the girls were allowed to make it up.Life was definitely not the same at the Campbell household.There was only one problem with this otherwise perfect picture:my conscience was bothering me.I knew in my heart I had to call that number and see if our Molly was the puppy they were desperately seeking.It was the most difficult thing I‘ve ever done.Finally,with sweaty palms,I lifted the receiver and dialed.Secretly I was praying no one would answer,but someone did.The voice on the other end was that of a young woman.After describing the dog to her in detail,she wanted to come right over. 5

这两天是儿女向父母表示一片爱心和敬重之情的日子父母们把孩子们带大,教育他们成为有责任感的公民,并给予他们爱心和关怀Mother’s Day and Father’s DayPeople in the ed States honor their parents with two special days:Mother’s Day,on the second Sunday in May,and Father’s Day,on the third Sunday in June.Mother’s Day was proclaimed a day national observance by President Wood row Wilson in 19.Ann Jarvis from Grafton,West Virginia,had started the idea to have a d ay to honor mothers.She was the one who chose the second Sunday in May and also began the custom of wearing a carnation.In 19,Mrs.Dodd from Spokane,Washington,thought of the idea of a day to honor fathers.She wanted to honor her own father,William Smart.After her mother died,he had the responsibility of raising a family of five sons and a daughter.In 19,the first Father’s Day was observed in Spokane.Senator Margaret Chase Smith helped to establish Father’s Day as a national commemorative day,in 197.These days are set aside to show love and respect parents.They raise their children and educate them to be responsible citizens.They give love and care.These two special days are celebrated in many different ways.On Mother’s Day people wear carnations.A red one symbolizes a living mother.A white one shows that the mother is dead.Many people attend religious services to honor parents.It is also a day when people whose parents are dead visit the cemetery.On these days families get together at home,as well as in restaurants.They often have outdoor barbecues Father’s Day.These are days of fun and good feelings and memories.Another tradition is to give cards an d gifts.Children make them in school.Many people make their own presents.These are valued more than the ones bought in stores.It is not the value of the gift that is important,but it is “the thought that counts”.Greeting card stores,florists,candy makers,bakeries,telephone companies,and other stores do a lot of business during these holidays. 73实用口语:有关“穿衣打扮”的英语表达 -- :9:9 来源:   衣装应该是一个永远都不会过时的话题无论何时何地,跟什么人在一起,衣着的话题总是能够引起共鸣今天我们也来说说有关衣装的一些常用表达吧  1. What will you wear the party?  晚会上你穿什么?  . I'll wear my blue dress  我会穿我的蓝色裙子  3. Don't you think it's too mal?  你不觉得太正式了吗?  . I like your new dress. Where did you get it?  我喜欢你这件新衣在哪儿买的啊?  5. It's not new. I bought it two years ago  不是新买的,我两年前就买了  6. You should have your suit cleaned and ironed  你应该把你的套装拿去洗烫一下  7. You'd better put on your jacket. It's cold outside  你最好穿上夹克,外面冷  8. The blouse no longer fits me  这件衬衣现在不合身了  9. My son has outgrown these trousers  这条裤子我儿子已经穿不进去了  . The shoes are worn-out  这鞋已经不能穿了  . I don't like wearing the unim  我不喜欢穿制  . The color matches you quite well  这颜色跟你很相配  . Your shoe lace is loose  你的鞋带松了  . You got to fasten the collar buttons  你忘了扣领纽了  . Take off your hat. It doesn't fit  别戴帽子不适合这个场合 英语 表达 口语 有关

Love handles 游泳圈 -01-7 00::6 来源: 今天我们来给大家讲一下"游泳圈"怎么说注意了,我要说的游泳圈可不是你游泳时带的救生圈哦,还是人们变胖后腰上的那个"游泳圈"我们来看一段对话:A: You'd better lose those love handles fast. I'm tired of having so much to hold on to.你最好快把你的肥肚子减掉我对老是有这么多(肥肉)在那里让我抓着觉得很烦B: I think I look fine, my dear.亲爱的,我觉得我看起来很好啊!上面的对话可能是一些太太会对发福的先生所讲的Love handles 是俚语,是个有点"色"的表达,because the name suggests that these 'handles' are conducive to "love making". 那么真正的游泳圈该怎么说?就是 swimming circle啦说过腰,我们再来说说"屁屁",在英文中有一个俚语表达buns,例如:A: Hey! What are you doing staring at that girl's buns?嘿,你眼睛瞪着那个女孩子的屁股看干什么?B: I'm not. I just like the skirt she's wearing.我没有呀我只是喜欢她穿的那条裙子"Bun" 本来是"圆形面包"的意思,不过二个"圆形面包"(buns) 一起是否跟屁屁看起来有点像呢?还有一个很有意思的表达,也是由"bun"的形状衍生而来的俚语是"have a bun in the oven"这个俚语字面上看来好像是"有个面包在烤箱里",不过它真正的意思是指"怀"所以当要表示"Sally 正在怀中",我们就可以说"Sally is having a bun in the oven."这个应该在形状上和意义上都蛮贴切的喔 游泳 俚语 我们 面包Suburbanization If by "suburb" is meant an urban margin that grows more rapidly than its aly developed interior, the process of suburbanization began during the emergence of the industrial city in the second quarter of the nineteenth century. Bee that period the city was a small highly compact cluster in which people moved about on foot and goods were conveyed by horse and cart. But the early factories built in the 180's were located along waterways and near railheads at the edges of cities, and housing was needed the thousands of people drawn by the prospect of employment. In time, the factories were surrounded by proliferating mill towns of apartments and row houses that abutted the older, main cities. As a defense against this encroachment and to enlarge their tax bases, the cities appropriated their industrial neighbors. In 185, example, the city of Philadelphia annexed most of Philadelphia County. Similar municipal maneuvers took place in Chicago and in New York. Indeed, most great cities of the ed States achieved such status only by incorporating the commies along their borders. With the acceleration of industrial growth came acute urban crowding and accompanying social stress-conditions that began to approach disastrous proportions when, in 1888, the first commercially successful electric traction line was developed. Within a few years the horse-drawn trolleys were retired and electric streetcar networks crisscrossed and connected every major urban area, fostering a wave of suburbanization that transmed the compact industrial city into a dispersed metropolis. This first phase of mass-scale suburbanization was reinced by the simultaneous emergence of the urban Middle Class, whose desires homeownership in neighborhoods far from the aging inner city were satisfied by the developers of single-family housing tracts. 1

打电话必备:简单几句礼貌结束通话 -- :5:39 来源:   1. I've really got to go, I'll get back to you when I get the office  我真的得走了,我进办公室再打给你  . Sorry, I must end the conversation. There's someone on the other line  抱歉,我不能再说了有另一人在线  3. Sorry, I've got to hang up. My wife's waiting me  抱歉,我得挂电话了我老婆在等我  . I think I'd better let you go. I'll talk to you later  我想我应该让你去忙了,我晚点再打给你  5. I have to get back to work. I'll call you later tonight  我要回去工作了我今晚再打给你  6. Shall we continue this later? I've got a call waiting  我们可不可以晚一点再继续谈?我有插播  7. It's kind of late. Why don't we talk about it tomorrow?  有点晚了我们何不明天再谈呢?  8. I've got to meet a client right now. Can we talk later?  我现在要去见一个客户我们可以晚一点再谈吗?  9. I won't keep you any longer  我不耽误你时间了  . Sorry, it's getting late. Can you call again tomorrow morning?  抱歉,时候不早了你可不可以明天早上再打来? 结束 通话 礼貌 简单我知道我这样做很不理智, 但我还是直奔县城, 在那里买了一本皮面袖珍词典和一金笔我向父亲的遗体告别时把词典和笔放在父亲的那双大手里, 那双手曾经是那样温暖, 那双手曾经让他生活得很美满, 但却从来没有学会写字My Father’s Hands His hands were rough and exceedingly1) strong. He could gently prune) a fruit tree or firmly ease a stubborn horse into a harness. What I remember most is the special warmth from those hands as he would take me by the shoulder and point out the glittering swoop of a blue hawk, or a rabbit asleep in its lair. They were good hands that served him well and failed him in only one thing. They never learned to write. My father was illiterate. The number of illiterates3) in our country has steadily declined, but if there were only one I would be saddened), remembering my father and the pain he endured because his hands never learned to write. He started school in the first grade, where the remedy a wrong answer was ten rule r strokes across a stretched palm. some reason, shapes, figures and letters just did not fall into the rig ht pattern inside his six-year-old mind. His father took him out of school after several months and set him to a man’s job on the farm. Years later, his wife, with her fourth-grade education, would try to teach him to . And still later I would grasp his big fist between my small hands and awkwardly help him to trace the letters of his name. He submitted5) to the ordeal a short time, but soon grew restless and would declare that he had had enough. One night, when he thought no one saw, he slipped away with my second grade er and labored over the words until they became too difficult. He pressed his ehead into the pages and wept. Thereafter, no amount of persuading could bring him to sit with pen and paper. He did still like to listen to my mother, and then to me, to him. He especially enjoyed listening to us to him from the Bible. My father was ced to let the bank take possession of most of the acreage6) of his farmland one year when a crop failure meant he couldn’t make the mortgage7) payment. He was able to keep one acre of the farmland where the small farm house was located. From the farm to road building and later to factory work, his hands served him well. His mind was keen, and his will to work was unsurpassed. His enthusiasm and efficiency brought an offer to become a line boss--until he was handed the qualification test. Years later, when Mother died, I tried to get him to come and live with my family, but he insisted on staying in the small house with the garden plot and a few farm animals close by. His health began to fail, and he was in and out of the hospital with two mild heart attacks. Old Doc Green saw him weekly and gave him medication, including nitroglycerin8) tablets to put under h is tongue should he feel an attack coming on. My last fond memory of Dad was watching as he walked across the brow of a hillside meadow with those big warm hands resting on the shoulders of my two children. He stopped to point out a pond where he and I had fished years bee. The night, my family an d I flew back to our own home. Three weeks later Dad was dead because of a heart attack. I returned to my father’s home the funeral. Doc Green told me how sorry he was. In fact, he was bothered a bit, because he had just written Dad a new prescription, and the druggist9) had filled it. Yet the bottle of pills had not been found on Dad’s person. Doc Green felt that a pill might have kept him alive long enough to summon help. I went out to Dad’s garden plot where a neighbor had found him. In grief, I stooped to t race my fingers in the earth where he had reached the end of his life. My hand came to rest on a half-buried brick, which I aimlessly lifted. I noticed underneath it the twisted and battered, yet unbroken, container that had been beaten into the soft earth. As I held the container of pills, the scene of Dad struggling to remove the cap and in desperation trying to break it with the brick flashed painfully bee my eyes. With deep anguish I knew why those big hands had lost in their struggle with death. there, imprinted on the cap, were the words:“Child-proof cap--Push down and twist to unlock. ”The druggist later confirmed that he had just started using the new safety caps. I knew it was not a rational act, but I went right downtown and bought a leather-bound pocket dictionary and a gold pen set. I bade Dad good-bye by placing them in those big hands, once so warm, which had lived so well, but had never learned to write. □by Calvin R. Worthington 18

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