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大余县妇幼保健院不孕不育医院预约挂号石城县中医院新地址'Baby brain' is a myth - women's intelligence increases during motherhood, claims studyThe popular belief that pregnancy addles women's brains is a myth, a comprehensive study suggests.Mothers claim to have suffered 'baby brain' or 'preg head', characterised by lapses in memory or logical thinking.But researchers who tracked 2,500 women over ten years found no difference between their brainpower before and during their pregnancies.In fact, the scientists believe, pregnancy and motherhood could actually improve women's mental abilities - and the improvement may be permanent.Previous studies have claimed that pregnant women's brains decline in size and that they consistently perform worse than other women on tests for memory and verbal skills.They have suggested that the difference could be as great as comparing the mental ability of someone aged 20 with someone aged 60.But Professor Helen Christensen, of the Australian National University in Canberra, said her study is superior to previous research because it compares the same women before and during pregnancy.'Women often report problems with memory and reasoning after they become pregnant,' she said. 'But the latest findings from our decade-long study, the most in-depth to look at this issue, has proven they do not.'The researchers studied 2,500 women aged from 20 to 24, first in 1999 and then again in 2004 and 2008.'We found that women who were pregnant during the second or third batch of interviews performed the same on tests of logic and memory as they did before, and there was no difference between the pregnant women and the controls,' she said.'It really leaves the question open as to why women think they have poor memories, when the best evidence we have is that they don't.'Perhaps women notice minor lapses in mental ability and then attribute it to being pregnant because that is the most significant thing in their mind at the time.'Or sleep deprivation could mask the positive cognitive effects.' /200902/62068上犹医院网上预约 The world's ten most unanswerable questions include "what is the meaning of life", "does God exist", showed a study made by Ask Jeeves, a popular search engine in US.美国著名搜索引擎Ask Jeeves最新调查发现,世界上最难回答的十大问题包括“生命的意义是什么”、“有没有上帝”等等。 /201009/114487导读:坐免费班车回家,还能结交朋友?近日,一辆名为“爱在三环”的交友班车(dating coach)出现在晚高峰的北京市三环路上,提前在线预约的上班族可以免费乘坐。据悉,组织者的灵感来自晚高峰时青年男女们扎堆等车的情景。Chances are you spend a lot of time waiting for or riding the bus, alongside dozens of strangers in often uncomfortably close quarters. Ever spent that time wondering about the lives of those fellow travelers or even whether you may be compatible with that handsome stranger or pretty passenger?你或许常常需要花许多时间在拥挤的陌生人群中等公车,或者和一群陌生人挤公交。你是否会忍不住去猜测那些陌生乘客的生活,甚至是想象自己可以和这些俊男或美女有一段难忘的邂逅?其实真爱可能就在其中。Now a new service, dating around the Third Ring Road, answers the question of romantic possibilities by offering passengers a friendly atmosphere in which to meet other singles over the course of three-hour journey, starting every Tuesday and Thursday from 6 pm at Gongzhufen.现在一项名为“爱在三环”的全新务正好可以制造这样的浪漫邂逅,该交友班车每周二、四晚六点与公主坟站发车,在三个小时的车程中,活动组织者为那些单身乘客营造了一个很好的交友氛围,这样他们便可以结识其他的单身一族们。The trip offers a relaxing space for busy office workers so they can make friends while efficiently using the service to commute home, the organizer Zhangpeng explained, saying they were inspired by seeing hundreds of people waiting to catch buses home in Guomao.该活动组织者张彭表示,交友公车之旅一方面为那些平日忙忙碌碌的上班族提供了一个放松的交友空间,另一方面也为他们提供了便捷的乘车方式,节省了时间。他称该创意来自一群人在国贸扎堆等车的场景。 /201009/113156于都县岭背镇上营村卫生所治疗阳痿哪家医院最好

赣州安远医院男性专科Five Reasons Why Your Man is Cheating on YouLadies Some Reasons Why Your Man Is Cheating.Face it ladies alot of men love to cheat and we always want to know the reasons why they did what they did, but the truth is that the relationship might be lacking in one area or another. If you want to know some reasons why your man cheated on you just continue ing down below.1. Men Need Alot Of Spice- Men crave alot of spice in their life they need variety in all areas of their life. You see when a man’s sex life tends to become a repetitive routine they start to look for more spice in their sex life and that is one reason why men tend to cheat on their partners. You need to keep your man guessing or else they will start to wander which often leads to alot of heartache in the end.男人渴望自由:男人希望多姿多的变化不定的生活。当生活开始安定,一成不变的时候,他们开始寻找新的变化。 /200911/89612赣州市长安正规的吗 Men help the women initiatively in public.1、男人在公共场合主动要为女人帮忙 /201001/95367兴国县妇幼保健院治疗前列腺疾病哪家医院最好

赣县妇幼保健院属于几级摘要:访问英国的人会发现传统英国酒吧是最能领略当地文化的地方。但对于初来乍到的异国人来说,这些友善的酒吧却犹如潜藏着有惹事危险的"地雷区"。Visitors to Britain may find the best place to sample local culture is in a traditional pub. But these friendly hostelries can be minefields of potential gaffes for the uninitiated.An anthropologist and a team of researchers have unveiled some of the arcane rituals of British pubs--starting with the difficulty of getting a drink. Most pubs have no waiters--you have to go to the bar to buy drinks. A group of Italian youths waiting 45 minutes before they realized they would have to fetch their own. This may sound inconvenient, but there is a hidden purpose. Pub culture is designed to promote sociability in a society known for its reserve. Standing at the bar for service allows you to chat with others waiting to be served. The bar counter is possibly the only site in the British Isles in which friendly conversation with strangers is considered entirely appropriate and rea1ly quite normal behaviour. "If you haven't been to a pub, you haven't been to Britain." This tip can be found in a booklet, Passport to the Pub: The Tourists' Guide to Pub Etiquette, a customers' code of conduct for those wanting to sample "a central part of British life and culture". The trouble is that if you do not follow the local rules, the experience may fall flat. For example, if you are in a big group, it is best if only one or two people go to buy the drinks. Nothing irritates the regular customers and bar staff more than a gang of strangers blocking all access to the bar while they chat and dither about what to order. /200904/68468 这早莎朗·斯通的原话: Sharon Stone made a not so smart statement while on the red carpet in Cannes. She was asked if she had heard about the disaster that hit China recently, and her answer was: "Of course I have. Well you know at first I thought I'm not happy with the way the Chinese are treating the Tibetans….and I've been concerned with should we have the Olympics because they're not being nice to the Dalai Lama who's a good friend of mine. And then all this earthquake and stuff happened and I thought, 'Is that Karma, when you're not nice and the bad things happen to you?'" Well that's one way of looking at things, Sharon. Although, we don't think most people agree with that way of thinking. She tried redeeming her comment afterwards but you can't take what you said back. Dear Ms. Sharon Stone,This is writing from an ordinary Chinese actor, who took part in the Festival for his film “Half Water Half Blaze” in Canna. I was extraordinary scandalized at your “Nemesis” saying about Wenchuan earthquake happened in our country several days ago.Wenchuan earthquake brings the vastness disastrousness to all Chinese people. There are thousands of life got killed in a minute, and millions of people become destitute and homeless. It’s such a very unusual tragedy even in the whole world. People of disaster areas get huge support, encourage and reinforcement from people all over the world with feeling and conscience.There’re many people in China who likes you and your films, they do respect you as well. But your saying about Wenchuan earthquake really hurts those people extraordinarily, not only Chinese but also Americans who care and support people of disaster areas.However, whatever your extreme and unwisdom saying comes from, there’s one thing we can be quite sure enough that you are devoid of humanity. There’re something else besides your grace and exquisite acting skill on the silver screen, and your beautiful face, that is your venomed and vanished conscience heart.I condemn you strongly on behalf of all Chinese actors and actress who were in Canna. Also we require you to take your irresponsible and extreme saying back, meanwhile make apology to all Chinese people.Huinan ZhaoMay 26, 2008cannes尊敬的莎朗斯通女士:我是中国的一位普通演员,本次因为自己参演的电影《一半是海水\一半是火焰》展映来到戛纳,在这里我非常震惊的听到您有关我国汶川大地震的“报应”言论。汶川大地震已经给中国人民带来了异常惨重的损失,数万生命转瞬即逝,百万群众流离失所。如此惨重的灾难,在全世界范围内都是极为罕见。全球华人,全世界有良知和悲悯之心的人们都给予了灾区人民巨大的持、鼓励、援助。作为一位有着世界影响力的影坛明星,许多中国人都异常的喜爱您的电影,并给予您本人应有的尊重和敬意。但是您关于我国汶川大地震的“报应”言论,却极大的伤害了我们,更加刺痛了所有为灾区奉献爱心的人民,其中也包括美国人民。由此我得出结论,不论您的言论从何而来,因何而来,在人的立场上,您缺乏基本的人性关爱。在您优雅,精湛的银幕表演下面,有着非常恶毒,几近泯灭天良的本质。对此我代表在戛纳的所有华人演员对您和您的言论进行最强烈的谴责,并要求您收回那些不负责人的言论,同时向中国人民致歉。赵会南2008年5月26日 戛纳 /200805/40452南康市中医院在哪里赣州妇保医院包皮手术多少钱



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