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From the ground, this planned 67-storey skyscraper looks entirely wholesome - but look down from a passing plane and it#39;s a whole different story.从地面上看去,这座按计划修建的67层天大厦非常壮观,但如果从路过的飞机上向下看,就完全是另外一回事了。The £800 million project, called Spire London, in London#39;s docklands will provide luxury living for the 765 people who buy a home there, say developers.这座耗资8亿英镑的建筑被称为“伦敦之巅”,位于伦敦码头区。据开发商表示,765名购房业主将享有奢华的居住体验。But it has been pointed out that the tower looks like male genitalia from above - which is unfortunate, as it is close to London City Airport.但有人指出,从上面看下去,这座建筑形似男性生殖器,这非常不幸,因为这里离伦敦市机场非常近。The skyscraper is expected to be open by 2020.这座天大厦预计于2020年建成。At 771ft, the 67 storey building will be the tallest in the UK and Western Europe, more than 150-feet taller than St George Wharf Tower, currently the tallest residential building in the capital.这座67层的建筑有771英尺(约合235米)高,将成为英国乃至西欧最高的建筑,比目前伦敦最高的住宅建筑乔治码头大厦还要高150英尺。It will also be one of the most luxurious, with homeowners enjoying a paved piazza, sculptured benches, birch tree lined entrance driveways and a dancing fountain inspired by the one at Somerset House.这座建筑也将成为最豪华的建筑之一,业主将享受到铺设好的广场,雕刻装饰的长凳,私家车道旁栽着白桦树,还有受萨默塞特府的设计师启发而修建的音乐喷泉。There will be a concierge at hand at an orchid shaped reception desk in the lobby with six metre high ceilings, columns, feature lighting and lounge seating.大厅兰花型的接待前台处有看门人,大厅高6米,有廊柱,特色照明灯光以及休息区。The frustration of waiting for a lift will disappear, with nine lifts providing a waiting time of just 35 seconds, say developers. Once in the lift, the cars will shoot up at six metres per second.业主不会有等待电梯的焦虑。开发商表示,大厦有九部电梯,等待时间仅有35秒钟。进入电梯轿厢后,运行速度为每秒6米。It could make a natural partner to the famous Al Wakrah Stadium in Qatar, which will host matches during the 2022 World Cup.这座大厦自然成为了著名的卡塔尔沃克拉体育场的好拍档,2022年卡塔尔世界杯将在沃克拉体育场举行。Aerial images have led to it being described as the #39;accidental vagina stadium#39;.沃克拉体育场的航拍影像使之被称为“意外的女性生殖器体育场”。 /201611/476535

Jiajia, a third grader who was born with the congenital disease aplastic anemia, wrote an affecting article that moved many netizens.今年三年级的佳佳患有先天性再生障碍性贫血,而她最近写的一篇感人的作文感动了很多网友。In the article, she shared her biggest wish: to survive so she could take care of her grandparents.在作文中,她分享了自己最大的心愿:要活下去,这样她就可以照顾她的爷爷奶奶。Jiajia, 9, currently lives in the city of Suining in Sichuan province.佳佳今年9岁,住在四川省遂宁市。In the article, she writes, ;My heart gets heavier each time I see my grandma weep for me. If I ever get to grow up, I will take good care of her.;在她的作文里,她写道:;我看见我的奶奶为我的病落泪的时候,我的心情很悲伤。如果我能活着长大,我一定会好好孝顺我的奶奶。;Jiajia contracted pneumonia when she was 4 months old. Since then, she has required a blood transfusion every two weeks.佳佳在4个月大时得了肺炎。从那时起,她就需要每两星期输一次血。After her parents#39; divorce, her grandparents took her in and confronted many challenges in the process of raising her.她的父母离婚后,就由爷爷奶奶照顾她,而抚养她的过程中面临着很多挑战。The girl#39;s article was only 235 words long, and it was handed in as a school assignment.女孩的作文只有235字,是交给学校的作业。Nevertheless, Jiajia#39;s words ;deeply impressed; her elementary school teacher, who then posted the article online, where it struck a chord with many people.尽管如此,佳佳的话;深深地震撼;了她的小学老师,这名老师随后把佳佳的作文发到网上,打动了很多人。Up till now, a fund started by teachers at Jiajia#39;s school has reached more than 30,000 RMB, which will be put toward Jiajia#39;s future blood transfusions.截至目前,佳佳学校的教师们已筹集到3万余元的善款,这能够让佳佳继续输血治病。 /201610/473022

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