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襄阳人民医院怎么样襄阳中西医结合医院是正规医院吗襄阳一医院时间作息 A few years ago, Beyoncé Knowles was like any other record-breaking pop star in an aly crowded field. Then something changed.几年前,碧昂斯·诺尔斯(Beyoncé Knowles)像其他任何打破记录的流行歌星一样,是本已拥挤的歌坛的一员。然后有些事情发生了变化。If you#39;ve ever seen Beyoncé Knowles astride a concert stage or a red carpet, you know she is a woman with a flair for dramatic entrances. But no previous coup de théatre prepared the world for the arrival of the singer#39;s fifth full-length solo record, ;Beyoncé,; the ;visual album; that airdropped onto iTunes at midnight on Dec. 13, 2013. For months, the music press had seethed with speculation about Beyoncé#39;s delayed record release, with rumors of disastrous studio sessions and dozens of scrapped songs. ;There is utter disarray in Beyoncé#39;s camp,; the website MediaTakeOut.com hissed. It was an unheard-of turn of events for Beyoncé, whose career had been a testament to, as it were, array: a regal, orderly parade from hit to hit, milestone to milestone, strength to strength.如果你曾见过碧昂斯·诺尔斯登上音乐会舞台或踏上红毯的情景,你就知道她是个具有戏剧化登场天分的女人。但是之前的轰动并没有让世界准备好迎接她的第五张个人完整长度专辑《碧昂斯》(Beyoncé),这张“视觉专辑”于2013年12月13日午夜空降iTunes。之前的好几个月,音乐媒体因对碧昂斯专辑的推迟发行众说纷纭,有谣言说录音过程出现了灾难,几十首歌报废了。“碧昂斯的阵营出现了完全的混乱,”MediaTakeOut.com网站发出嘘声。对碧昂斯来说,这是前所未闻的剧变,因为之前她的事业像是有序的皇家阅兵,一首又一首金曲,一个又一个里程碑,她的实力不断增强。Sure enough, the alleged behind-the-scenes chaos turned out to be the usual behind-the-scenes order, in disguise: While the gossip mills whirred, Beyoncé stealthily recorded 14 songs and shot 17 s, which she unleashed in that December sneak attack. Purely as a feat of information management, ;Beyoncé; was impressive. The National Security Agency couldn#39;t stop its secrets from spilling all over the place; Beyoncé kept the lid on a project which, conservatively, involved hundreds of individuals — studio musicians, cameramen, key grips, personal assistants, even record executives, as a rule the least trustworthy people on the planet. The arrival of all that music, all at once and out of the blue, was an unprecedented shock-and-awe move, which rocked the record industry back on its heels and convulsed the Internet. A single Beyoncé is capable of staggering the senses; the simultaneous release of 17 of them — an onslaught of sound and spectacle and costumes and choreography and, in the case of a like the one for ;Rocket,; stately slow-motion images of billowing silk sheets and water droplets tumbling onto Beyoncé#39;s bare midriff — it was a lot to process. We can only imagine the feelings of Beyoncé#39;s pop diva competitors, whose carefully plotted monthslong album rollouts were instantly rendered quaint, and moot. That whining, whirring sound you heard on Dec. 13, mingling with the strains of ;Drunk in Love; — that was Lady Gaga, in her gloomy castle keep, chainsawing a meat dress into sackcloth.毋庸置疑,所谓的幕后混乱实际上是正常的幕后秩序:在流言满天飞的时候,碧昂斯暗自录了14首歌,拍了17个录影带,在12月份的那次突袭中一下子推出。《碧昂斯》像是一场信息管理的大胜仗,让人印象深刻。国家安全局都无法阻止自己的秘密四处泄露,碧昂斯却能严守自己项目的秘密,保守估计,这个项目涉及几百人——一般来说,录音室乐手、摄影师、道具员、私人助理,甚至包括录音主管都是世界上最不可信赖的人。这些作品突然全部发布是一个前所未有的令人震惊的举措,震惊了唱片业,震撼了互联网。碧昂斯的一个录影带就能让人大开眼界,同时发行17个,更是够人享受很长时间。这些录影带是声音、场面、装和编舞的猛烈冲击,而《火箭》(Rocket)这样的录影带中有丝绸汹涌飘动、水滴跌落到碧昂斯裸露腹部的慢镜头。我们只能想像其他和碧昂斯竞争流行天后的歌手们有何感受,她们花几个月时间精心策划的专辑发布瞬间变得徒劳无功。12月13日,伴着《醉在爱里》(Drunk in Love)的旋律,你可以听到Lady Gaga哀怨的呼叫,她在自己阴暗的城堡里把一件肉做的连衣裙锯成碎片。Beyoncé is 32 years old. She was 9 when she began singing with Girls Tyme, the group she formed with friends in her hometown, Houston; when the successor to Girls Tyme, Destiny#39;s Child, first cracked the Top 5 on the Billboard Hot 100, in 1998, Beyoncé was just 16. She never seemed like an ingénue, though: Even as a teenager, she had gravitas. In one of the centerpiece songs on the new album, Beyoncé gazes backwards: ;Look at me — I#39;m a big girl now . . . I#39;m a grown woman.; But the innocence-to-experience cliché doesn#39;t square with Beyoncé#39;s life, or art. From the beginning her message has been professionalism, perfectionism, power — ideals exemplified in her fearsome live performances and dramatized in songs that view romance through the lens of finance. Hits like ;Bills, Bills, Bills; (1999), ;Upgrade U; (2006) and ;Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It); (2008) have found Beyoncé figuratively hunched over a balance sheet, weighing the costs of affections dispensed and luxury goods accumulated. She#39;s afit star for our new gilded age, and an apt match, musical and otherwise, for her husband Jay Z, another arch-capitalist. In recent years, Beyoncé has toned down the materialism a bit, but ambition remains her calling card. In the torrid 2011 single ;Run the World (Girls); she sang: ;We#39;re smart enough to make these millions/Strong enough to bear the children/Then get back to business.; The song is a postfeminist anthem, sure. It#39;s also a business plan that she#39;s followed to a T.碧昂斯32岁了。她9岁起在女孩时间(Girls Tyme)乐团唱歌,那个乐团是她和朋友们在故乡休斯敦组建的。1998年“女孩时间”的后继者真命天女(Destiny#39;s Child)乐团第一次跻身“公告牌”百大金曲前五名时,碧昂斯才16岁。不过,她似乎从来没经历过天真少女的阶段:甚至在十几岁时,她都很稳重。在新专辑的一首主打歌中,碧昂斯回首过去:“看看我——我现在是大姑娘……是成熟的女人。”但是从无知到成熟的老套路线与碧昂斯的生活和事业都不吻合。从一开始,她传递的信息就是职业素质、完美主义和力量——这表现在她令人畏惧的现场表演中,体现在她透过金钱看爱情的歌曲中。像《钞票,钞票,钞票》(Bills, Bills, Bills, 1999)、《提升你》(Upgrade U, 2006)和《单身女士》(Single Ladies, 2008)这样的热门歌曲让人觉得碧昂斯在俯身看一张资产负债表,权衡付出的感情成本和积累的奢侈品的收益。她是适合我们这个新的镀金时代的明星;不管从音乐还是其他方面,她与丈夫Jay Z都十分般配,因为Jay Z也是业界重要的资本家。近些年,碧昂斯稍稍弱化了物质主义,但野心仍是她的重要特点。在2011年热情的单曲《统治世界》(Run the World)中她唱道:“我们足够聪明,能挣几百万/我们足够强大,能养育孩子/然后还能继续干事业。”这首歌当然是后女权主义的赞歌,也是她严格遵循的事业计划。In 2014, Beyoncé#39;s grip on the zeitgeist has become a stranglehold. A recent ;Saturday Night Live; skit revolved around the gag that Beyoncé-worship has become compulsory in the ed States, that Beyoncé refusniks will be tracked down and eliminated by deadly government goons, the Beygency. (;He turned against his country . . . and its queen,; boomed the voiceover.) As ;SNL; suggests, Beyoncé has become something more than just a superstar. She is a kind of national figurehead, an Entertainer in Chief; she is Americana. Someday, surely, her ;Single Ladies; leotard will take its place alongside Mickey Mouse and the Model T Ford and Louis Armstrong#39;s trumpet in a Smithsonian display case.2014年,碧昂斯对时代思潮的把握变成了一种束缚。《周六夜现场》(Saturday Night Live)最近的一个小品讲的就是碧昂斯崇拜在美国已经成义务了,排斥碧昂斯的人将被致命的政府暴徒“碧机构”(Beygency)追踪并消灭(“他背叛了自己的祖国……和它的女王,”画外音洪亮地说道)。就像《周六夜现场》暗示的那样,碧昂斯已经不只是个超级明星。她是一种国家领袖,是圈的老大;她是典型的美国事物。毋庸置疑,有一天,她在《单身女士》录影带中穿的紧身连衣裤将和米老鼠、福特T型汽车以及路易·阿姆斯特朗(Louis Armstrong)的小号一起出现在史密森尼物馆的展柜里。Historically speaking, this is no small achievement. Black women have always been dominant figures in American popular music, but no one, not even Aretha Franklin, has reached the plateau that Beyoncé occupies: pop star colossus, adored bombshell, ;America#39;s sweetheart.; Inevitably, Beyoncé is also a flashpoint, provoking ire from naysayers and ideologues of all stripes. In March, Bill O#39;Reilly decried ;Partition,; a song that details a Beyoncé-Jay Z tryst in a limousine, for setting a poor example for ;girls of color.; (Postmarital sex between consenting adults: immoral.) Last month, the black feminist author and activist Bell Hooks told an audience at a New School symposium: ;I see a part of Beyoncé that is in fact antifeminist, that is assaulting — that is a terrorist . . . especially in terms of the impact on young girls.; There is a growing scholarly literature on Beyoncé; the Women#39;s and Gender Studies department at Rutgers University has offered an undergraduate course called ;Politicizing Beyoncé.; Beyoncé is, as a cultural studies professor might put it, popular culture#39;s most richly multivalent ;text.; The question these days is not, What does the new Beyoncé record sound like? It#39;s, What does Beyoncé mean?从历史角度讲,这绝不是小小的成就。黑人女性一直是美国流行乐坛的主力军,但是没有人,甚至包括艾瑞莎·弗兰克林(Aretha Franklin),曾达到碧昂斯现在占据的高度:流行歌坛巨星,性感尤物,“美国甜心”。同时,碧昂斯也必然是个导火线,引起了爱唱反调的人以及各种思想家的愤怒。3月份,比尔·奥赖利(Bill O#39;Reilly)认为《隔离》(Partition)给“深色皮肤的女孩”树立了一个坏榜样。这首歌详细描述了碧昂斯和Jay Z在豪华轿车中的一次约会(成年人的婚后性爱:有伤风化)。上个月,黑人女权主义作家、活动家贝尔·胡克斯(Bell Hooks)在新学院(New School)的一次研讨会上对观众说:“我觉得从某些方面讲,碧昂斯实际上是反女性主义者,有破坏力,是恐怖分子……尤其是从她对年轻女孩的影响方面讲。”有越来越多的关于碧昂斯的学术研究。罗格斯大学的女人和性别研究系开设了一门本科生课程,名叫“碧昂斯政治化”。就像文化研究教授可能说的那样,碧昂斯是流行文化中最具有丰富多重意义的“文本”。如今的问题不是碧昂斯的新专辑听起来如何,而是碧昂斯意味着什么?Of course, the meaning begins with sound — with the tone and timbre of Beyoncé#39;s voice, one of the most compelling instruments in popular music. Beyoncé has traditionalist skills. She can belt an adult contemporary ballad like Barbra Streisand; she can deliver a fiery gospel testimonial; she can channel Michael Jackson (;Love on Top;) or imitate Prince#39;s falsetto (;No Angel;). But she is unmistakably a product of the hip-hop era, a singer who has assimilated the aggression and slippery rhythms of rap into a virtuosic and strange vocal style. We have gotten so used to Beyoncé, it may be hard to grasp what an oddball she is, how different her approach to rhythm, melody and harmony are to those of previous generations. You can hear that eccentricity in the wild timbral shifts and skittering syncopations of ;Drunk in Love,; a half-sung, half-rapped hit that sounds, in the best sense, like a song Beyoncé is improvising from scratch in real time. Like all innovators, Beyoncé has pushed back boundaries, expanding our sense of what music should sound like. To the extent that we hear Beyoncé as ;pop,; it#39;s because she has taught us to do so.当然,意义始于声音——碧昂斯的音调和音质是流行乐坛最引人注目的利器之一。碧昂斯还有传统主义技巧。她能像芭芭拉·史翠珊(Barbra Streisand)那样高歌成人当代抒情歌曲,也能演唱热烈的福音歌曲;她能模仿迈克尔·杰克逊(Michael Jackson,比如《爱情至上》[Love on Top]),也能模仿“王子”(Prince)的假声(比如《非天使》[No Angel])。但她毋庸置疑是嘻哈音乐时代的产物,她吸收说唱乐的攻击性和变幻的节奏,形成一种艺术性的、奇怪的演唱风格。我们太习惯于碧昂斯的唱腔了,所以可能没有想过她其实是个多么古怪的歌手,她对节奏、旋律和和声的把握与之前几代音乐人是多么不同。在《醉在爱里》狂野的多音色变化和跳跃的切分音中,你能感受到那种古怪。这首半演唱半说唱的热门歌曲听起来像是碧昂斯从头即兴创作的一首歌。和所有的创新者一样,碧昂斯打破界线,扩展了我们对音乐听起来应该是怎样的看法。以至于我们觉得碧昂斯就是“流行音乐”,因为她教我们这样认为。She#39;s taught the world to see music differently, too. The 17 s for her latest album capture the star in a head-spinning variety of attitudes and alter-egos: as a beauty pageant contestant; as a moll with a flapper haircut; as a roller-disco queen; as the leader of a militant street mob with her hair dyed green; as a Houston homegirl, vamping on a street in the city#39;s hardscrabble Third Ward, with a nasty-looking dog on a leash; as a stripper, an ardent lover, a wife; and, in ;Blue,; as an earth-mother-with-child, strolling a sun-dazzled strip of Brazilian coastline with her daughter, Blue Ivy. More than three decades after the rise of MTV, there are still those who view music s as debased or ;inauthentic.; But Beyoncé#39;s music is inseparable from her movie-star magnetism: the way she stares down a camera, strikes a pose, wears her clothes and, especially, the way she dances. And why not? Popular music has always been an audiovisual medium. If Beyoncé is the dominant figure in 21st-century music, perhaps it#39;s because pop has circumnavigated back to its 19th-century vaudevillian roots, to a time before disembodied voices came to us through hi-fi speakers or noise-canceling headphones, when music was, exclusively, a performing art. Beyoncé is the greatest old-fashioned singer and hoofer, the supreme show-woman, in an era when, once again, we#39;ve learned to love a splashy musical show.她还教这个世界用不同的眼光看音乐。在她最新专辑的17个录影带中,这位巨星表现出令人头晕目眩的各种态度和人格:选美比赛选手;发型轻佻的;旱冰迪斯科女王;好斗的绿发街头暴徒头目;休斯敦居家女孩,在该市贫穷的第三区的街头色诱男人,手里牵着一只长相凶恶的小;脱衣舞女,热烈的情人,妻子;在《蓝色》(Blue)中,扮演一位能生儿育女的母亲,和女儿布鲁·艾薇(Blue Ivy)在阳光炫目的巴西海岸漫步。音乐录影带崛起30多年来,仍有人认为它低劣、“不真实”,但是碧昂斯的音乐和她电影明星般的魅力是不可分割的:她注视摄像机、摆姿势、穿衣、特别是跳舞的方式,特别吸引人。为什么不呢?流行音乐一直都是一种视听媒体。如果说碧昂斯是21世纪音乐界的主导人物,也许是因为流行音乐又回归到了19世纪轻歌舞剧的根源,回到了我们通过高保真音响或降噪耳机聆听没有实体的声音之前的时代,那时音乐是唯一的表演艺术。碧昂斯是最优秀的传统歌手和职业舞蹈家,是无与伦比的表演歌手,在这个年代,我们再次学会了热爱炫目的音乐表演。Of course, she#39;s more than that. Literally and figuratively, Beyoncé is a moving target — it#39;s as difficult to get a fix on her as it would be to keep up with her on the dance floor. Beyoncé represents down-home earthiness and impossible glamour, soul-woman warmth and diva hauteur, a nose-to-the-grindstone work ethic and garish 1 percent excess. Her new album is sexed-up to the point of lewdness, with punch lines about body fluids on evening wear and intimations of rough sex. Yet the sex — in the limo, in the kitchen, everywhere, apparently, but the bedroom — is married sex, family-values sex, which, the album makes clear, produced a bouncing baby girl, a result perhaps even Bill O#39;Reilly can feel good about.当然,她不只如此。不管从字面意思还是象征意义上讲,碧昂斯都是一个移动靶——你很难定位她,也很难在舞池上跟上她的步伐。碧昂斯既有美国南方的质朴,也有不可思议的魅力、黑人女性的温暖和天后的傲慢——专注的职业精神和1%的过分炫耀。她的新专辑对性欲的挑逗达到了淫荡的程度,其中一些歌词提到了晚礼上的体液,暗示着粗野的性爱。但是其中的性爱——在豪华轿车上,在厨房里,在所有的地方,但是显然不在卧室里——是婚后的性爱,是家庭价值观念里的性爱,专辑中明确说明,这样的性爱育了一个活泼的女婴,这样的结果恐怕连比尔·奥赖利也会感到欣慰。Beyoncé#39;s songs are packed tight with such contradictions. Think of ;Single Ladies,; an anthem of feisty feminist solidarity that endorses the most retrograde diamonds-are-a-girl#39;s-best-friend brand of transactional romance: ;If you liked it, then you should have put a ring on it.; Or consider ;***Flawless,; on the new album, which throws together a dizzying mix of sounds and signifiers. There#39;s a clamorous trap beat and pitch-shifted vocals; there are shout-outs to Houston (;H-town vicious;) and to Jay Z#39;s record label, Roc Nation (;My Roc, flawless;). There are coarse mean-girl threats (;Bow down, bitches!;) and a sampled snippet from a TEDx talk by the Nigerian novelist Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie titled ;We Should All Be Feminists,; which wags a finger at mean-girl threats: ;We raise girls to see each other as competitors.; The intersperses an excerpt from 10-year-old Beyoncé#39;s appearance on the TV talent show ;Star Search; with the current-day Beyoncé, clad in Kurt Cobain flannel, executing a spectacular dance routine in a dank basement surrounded by skinheads. It#39;s all tied together by a refrain — ;I woke up like this!; — which, among other things, does double duty as a boast about effortless beauty and a mantra of enlightenment. What does Beyoncé mean? What doesn#39;t she mean.碧昂斯的歌充满了这样的矛盾。比如《单身女士》,它是一首对活跃的女性主义团结的赞歌,但是它赞同最退化的“钻石是女孩最好的朋友”式的交易型恋爱:“如果你喜欢它,那你就应该在上面放个戒指。”又如新专辑中的《***无瑕》(***Flawless),它把声音和信号令人眩晕地结合在一起。其中有喧闹的打击乐和音高不断变化的唱腔;有对休斯顿的呼喊(“堕落的H市”),也有对Jay Z唱片公司Roc Nation的赞美(“我的Roc,完美无瑕”)。既有刻薄女孩的粗俗威胁(“鞠躬,贱人!”),也有尼日利亚小说家奇玛曼达·恩格兹·阿迪切(Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie)在TEDx大会上的演讲片段,演讲题目叫《我们都应该做女权主义者》(We Should All Be Feminists),它不赞同刻薄女孩的威胁:“我们养女孩就是要互相竞争。”音乐录影带把碧昂斯10岁时在电视才艺表演节目《明日之星》(Star Search)中的片段与如今的碧昂斯的镜头穿插起来,现在的她穿着科特·柯本(Kurt Cobain)式法兰绒衣,在一个阴湿的地下室跳舞,周围全是光头青年。一句副歌把这些联系到了一起——“我醒来就变成这样了!”——这句话和其他很多内容一样,有双重意义,既是对自己天生丽质的吹嘘,又像是开悟的咒语。碧昂斯意味着什么?她意味着一切。 /201409/329821女士们,先生们,同志们,朋友们:Ladies and gentlemen, comrades and friends: 我们即将迎来充满希望的2014年。一元复始,万象更新。在这里,免费英语学习网站,我向全国各族人民,向香港特别行政区同胞和特别行政区同胞,向台湾同胞和海外侨胞,向世界各国和各地区的朋友们,致以新年的祝福!祝福老人们健康!祝福孩子们快乐!祝福每个家庭幸福安康!We’ll soon usher in the year 2014 with great hopes. As the new year begins, let us also start anew. I’m delighted to extend New Year wishes to Chinese people of all ethnic groups, to compatriots in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, the Macao Special Administrative Region and Taiwan, to overseas Chinese and to friends all over the world! I wish senior people and children, and every family happiness, peace and health in the New Year. 在这辞旧迎新之际,无数工人、农民、知识分子、干部仍然坚守在工作岗位,不少同胞依然奔波在世界各地为祖国辛勤工作,许多人民解放军和武警官兵、公安干警正在履行光荣使命。他们有的远离祖国、远离亲人,有的不能同家人团聚。我代表祖国和人民,向他们致以诚挚的问候,祝他们平安顺利!At a time to ring out the old year and ring in the new, countless workers, farmers, intellectuals and cadres still remain at their posts working hard. Many of our compatriots are on the go, working in various regions of the world for the motherland. Many members of the People’s Liberation Army, armed police and public security are performing their glorious duties. Some of them are far away from the motherland, and their close relatives and some cannot have a reunion with family members. On behalf of the motherland and people, I’d like to offer my sincere greetings to them and wish them a peaceful and smooth new year.2013年,对我们国家和人民来说是很不平凡的一年。我们共同战胜了各种困难和挑战,取得了新的显著成就。成绩来之不易,凝聚了大家的心血和汗水。我向大家表示衷心的感谢!The year 2013 has been an extraordinary year for our nation and people. We have worked together in overcoming a variety of obstacles and challenges, and made new outstanding achievements. The achievements have not come easily as they are the result of blood and sweat from all. I’d like to convey my heartfelt gratitude to you all. 2013年,我们对全面深化改革作出总体部署,共同描绘了未来发展的宏伟蓝图。2014年,我们将在改革的道路上迈出新的步伐。In 2013, we made an overall plan on comprehensively deepening reform and laid out a grand blueprint together for future development. In 2014, we are expected to make new strides on the road of reform. 我们推进改革的根本目的,免费英语学习网站,是要让国家变得更加富强、让社会变得更加公平正义、让人民生活得更加美好。改革是需要我们共同为之奋斗的伟大事业,需要付出艰辛的努力。一分耕耘,一分收获。在改革开放的伟大实践中,我们已经创造了无数辉煌。我坚信,中国人民必将创造出新的辉煌。We have advanced reforms with the fundamental purpose of making our nation stronger and more prosperous. We also aim to achieve a higher degree of impartiality and justice in society so that people can live a better life. Reform is a great cause that calls for common commitments and strenuous efforts from us all. We must sow before we can reap. In the great practice of reform and opening up, we have aly made countless spectacular achievements. I firmly believe that the Chinese people will create new spectacles. 宇宙浩瀚,星汉灿烂。70多亿人共同生活在我们这个星球上,应该守望相助、同舟共济、共同发展。中国人民追寻实现中华民族伟大复兴的中国梦,也祝愿各国人民能够实现自己的梦想。我真诚希望,世界各国人民在实现各自梦想的过程中相互理解、相互帮助,免费英语学习网站,努力把我们赖以生存的地球建设成为共同的美好家园。There exists an immense and vast universe with bright stars. More than 7 billion people inhabit the planet Earth. We in the same boat should keep watch and help each other to achieve common development. We Chinese people seek to realize the Chinese dream, a great revitalization of the Chinese nation, and also wish that the dreams of people of all countries will come true. I sincerely hope that people of various countries in the world will understand and help each other in the course of realizing their dreams and build the Earth that we rely on for survival into a common beautiful homeland. 生活总是充满希望的,成功总是属于积极进取、不懈追求的人们。我们在前进的道路上,还会遇到各种风险和挑战。让老百姓过上更加幸福的生活,还有大量工作要做。我们要谦虚谨慎、艰苦奋斗,共同谱写伟大祖国发展的时代新篇章。 Life is always full of hopes. Success always belongs to those who keep forging ahead unswervingly. On our way forward, we will encounter various risks and challenges. We still need to complete a lot of tasks so that common people can live a happier life. We need to be modest and prudent and work hard together in writing a new chapter for the development of our great nation. 谢谢大家。Thank you all. /201403/278014襄阳襄州人民医院打胎

襄阳枣阳市妇幼保健院中医院投诉电话Are You Losing Your Life To Television? Few people realize the number of issues that television causes in our life.你是不是把生活浪费在看电视上吗?很少有人会意识到看电视给生活带来的种种弊端。While many people will argue that a little bit of TV never hurt anyone, the amount of a “little bit” is constantly in debate. A Neilson report found that the average American watches more than 34 hours of television each week.很多人会反驳说看小会儿电视无伤大雅,但关于“一小会儿”是多久存在争议。尼尔森报告指出,美国人平均每周看电视的时间超过34个小时。If that number doesn’t shock you I don’t know what will. If you’re now thinking “Those people are crazy—I’d never watch that much” then I invite you to do your own maths. Simply write down all the shows you watched this week and how long they were (including commercials if it was live) plus movies, YouTube s, etc. and work out roughly how much time you spent in front of the screen.如果这个数字没有让你感到震惊,我不知道还有什么能让你惊呆。如果你现在在想“这些人太疯狂了,我可不要看那么久”,那么我请你自己算算。写下这周你看过的电视剧,你看了多久(包括直播的广告时间),还可以算上看过的电影、YouTube视频等等,然后大概计算出你在电视前驻留了多久。That number is how many hours you’re losing each week to television. This is time that could be spent with your family, friends or relaxing in other ways. Today we’ll look at some more reasons why you should stop watching television, and how it will improve your life.那个数值就是你每周浪费在看电视上的时间。你可以把这些时间用在陪伴家人、朋友,以及进行其它方式的放松。今天,我们会说说其它更多不看电视的理由,以及不看电视可以如何提升你的生活质量。11个原因告诉你 不要再看电视了!1. Wasting Time浪费时间It’s pretty obvious that when you’re watching TV you’re not doing anything else. Time spent watching television is similar to being asleep. The question is whether you want to spend even more time in your precious day asleep.很显然,当你在看电视时,你就做不了任何其它事。花时间看电视,类似于把时间用在睡觉上。问题在于,你是否想花更多的时间在前一天的睡觉上。2. Missing Out on Social Interaction错失社交活动Every hour you spend in front of the TV is another hour you’re not making the most of your life. You could be playing with your family, hanging out with friends or doing an activity you enjoy. Connection is one of the basic human needs we all have and it will never be fulfilled by your television set.你花在看电视上的每一个小时就是你没能活出精生活的另一个小时。你可以和家人一起玩耍,和朋友一起出门闲逛,或是做你喜欢做的事。联系,是我们拥有的一个基本的人类需求,而看电视是无法满足的。3. Programming Yourself with Negativity给自己灌输了负面情绪Just about every television show, from comedies to drama to reality TV and the news, is negative. If you look at almost any TV show there is a complete lack of positive redeeming messages. While there are exceptions to this rule they are few and far between, so choose carefully what you decide to spend your time watching.每一档电视节目都带有负面因素,从喜剧和戏剧,到真人秀节目和新闻。如果你把每一档节目都看遍,你会发现电视节目里完全缺失了正面积极的讯息。虽然也存在例外,但例外是少之又少,因此,请慎重选择你决定要花时间观看的节目。4. TV Poisons Your Belief Systems电视毒害了你的信念In comedies, we laugh at the stupid/overweight/socially awkward/different people. The news is filled with stories of pain/suffering/disaster/death, and arguing and drama has to be about problems in order to create the drama. All of this is affecting your outlook on life and the way you see the world.在喜剧里,我们嘲笑那些愚蠢的、肥胖的、有社交障碍的、以及各色人群。故事里充满了苦痛、灾难和死亡,为了创造戏剧效果,争论和剧情都是围绕这些问题开展的。所有的这一切都在影响你的人生观,以及你看待世界的方式。5. It Creates Unrealistic Expectation它萌发了不切实际的期望Television distorts our understanding of reality. It’s filled with beautiful people doing amazing things and having great adventures every show. Ask any TV or movie star with half a brain and they’ll tell you that the images you see of them on the screen and magazine covers are completely fake.电视节目扭曲了我们对现实的理解。在每一部电视剧里,都有帅哥靓女,他们做着令人惊喜的事情,经历着伟大的冒险之旅。问问任何一位电视或电影明星,只要他们头脑还算清醒,他们会告诉你,你在屏幕上和杂志封面看到的形象完全是假的。6. Feelings of Inadequacy生活不满足感Life is never going to be like a TV show and this can make people very disillusioned when they compare it with their real life. The messages within television imply on a regular basis that we’re not pretty/smart/funny enough. Our lives can feel quite empty when compared to the perfection of the TV world.生活永远不会像一档电视节目一样,当人们把电视节目与他们的现实生活做过比较之后,他们的幻想就会破灭。电视里传达的讯息是基于常态之上的,它暗示着我们不够漂亮、不够聪明、不够风趣。跟电视世界里的完美相比,我们会感觉生活过得很空虚。7. Subliminal Programming and Advertising隐性暗示和隐性广告Make no mistake that there is only one reason why television exists, and that is to sell products. Every single part of every single TV program is designed to keep you in front of the TV and prepped to buy the advertised products through traditional advertising or product placements.毫无疑问,电视的存在只为一个原因,那就是销售产品。每一档电视节目的每一个环节都是为了让你驻留在电视机前,准备通过传统的广告方式或植入式广告让你购买广告中的产品。Television is designed to make you feel bad so you will buy products that make you feel better. It’s the ultimate in mind control systems. Companies figured out how to get us to voluntarily brainwash ourselves for their benefit.电视就是为了让你感觉不舒,所以你就会购买让你感觉良好的产品。这是控制思想系统的最终原则。那些公司想出了如何让我们心甘情愿地为了他们的利益而对自己洗脑。8. It Degrades Your Self Control and Discipline它会减弱你的自制和自律Thanks to the incredible psychological hooks that television uses, it’s very hard to stop watching it. We lose our self control and cannot turn off the television even though we may want to. As this continues, our self control and discipline decrease even further and the harder the battle becomes.正是由于电视节目利用了难以置信的心理钩子,做到不继续观看是很难的。即使我们可能想要这样做,我们也会失去自制力,从而没能关掉电视。这样持续下去,我们的自制和自律会进一步减弱,这场战役也就变得更加艰难。9. The Health Effects of Sitting Down坐着对健康的影响We now live a more sedentary life than ever before with most people having jobs behind a desk. We compound this problem when we go home and sit down in front of the TV as well, because the electrical activity in our muscles stops when we’re sitting. Research is showing even the most basic movement of walking or moving our bodies in subtle ways can make a big difference to our health.比起从前,现在的我们坐得更久,因为我们大多数的工作都是坐在办公室的办公桌后完成的。当我们回家了,坐在电视机前,我们又在重复这一生活方式,因为当我们坐着的时候,我们肌肉里的脉冲活动会停止。研究显示,即使是最基本的走路或是轻微地移动我们的身体也能对我们的身体产生很大的影响。10. We Teach Our Children These Habits我们教会了我们的孩子这些习惯Children are now being trained to watch TV and live a sedentary lifestyle. There is a lot of research showing the negative effects on a child’s development due to both inactivity and the influence of television. Your children will imitate your lifestyle. so any choice you make will be echoed in the generations that follow.孩子们被你训练出接受看电视和久坐不动的生活方式。大量的研究显示,不运动和看电视带来的影响将对孩子的发展产生负面作用。你的孩子会模仿你的生活方式。所以你做的任何一个选择将会被下一代效仿。11. Is It Really Relaxing?这真的是放松吗?My personal argument for watching TV is that it’s easy. You stop working for the day and get to relax and turn off your brain for a while, but the reality is that what is easy for us is hardly ever the best thing.我个人关于看电视的观点是简单的。你停止工作,寻求放松,让你的大脑清闲一会儿,但现实是对我们来说容易的事几乎没有是最好的。I also get to relax when I’m out at a kung fu or dance class. I get to relax when I’m hanging out with friends or spending time with my girlfriend. I also get to relax when ing a book, listening to uplifting audio or even watching uplifting s (like TED talks or educational materials).当我参加功夫或舞蹈课时我也可以放松。当我与朋友外出或者花时间陪我的女朋友时,我也可以放松。当我阅读书籍,听让人开心的音频文件甚至是看令人振奋的视频(像TED演讲或教育类题材时),我也可以放松。We get one life to live and it’s up to us to make the most of it. Every hour of the day is an investment that pays off right now and in our future. Invest wisely and your life will actually be filled with truly beautiful people doing amazing things and having great adventures.我们只活一次,让我们来充分把握它。一天中的每一个小时都是一份投资,它会在现在或是在将来给你回报。明智地投资,那么在你的生活里也会出现帅哥靓女,他们做着令人惊喜的事情,经历着伟大的冒险之旅。 /201309/255489襄樊市妇幼保健院是什么意思 襄阳市第一人民医院是最好的泉州妇科医院

襄樊打胎什么时候最好From Poland with love: Polish townerects fluorescent yellow statue of Lenin urinating called #39;Fountain of theFuture#39;.来自的波兰的爱:波兰城镇树立起发亮的黄色列宁撒尿雕像,雕像名字为“未来喷泉”。As the founder and architect of the Soviet Union, Vladimir Illych Lenin has been immortalisedin statuary countless times throughout the former Eastern Bloc.作为苏联的成立者和塑造者,在整个前东欧国家,人们通过雕像的形式无数次的使列宁不朽化。But this is probably the first time theMarxist revolutionary has been rendered in fluorescent yellow - while taking aleak. 而与以往都不同的是,此次列宁以发亮的黄色呈现,而且还伴随着撒尿。 /201407/310805 There have been a lot of articles written on healthy eating, weight loss and healthy living, e.g. “How to Loose Weight in 5 days ” etc., but I don’t want to bore you with that today.很多文章都是关于健康饮食、减肥、健康的生活方式。例如,“怎样能在5天内减肥”等等。Your weight control is not just about how many pounds you weighed before and after your diet. It’s much more complex。减肥不只是节食后你瘦了多少。事实上它比那更为复杂We don’t want just to lose weight but also stay happy (not cranky and starved), improve our health and live longer. Is that right?我们想要的不只是可以减肥,还想要保持心情愉悦(不会反弹、不用忍饥挨饿),同时还能改善健康问题,能够长寿,对吗?Here are 5 killer strategies to lose weight that work like a charm if you follow them exactly as described.如果你按以下这五种方法减肥,你一定会变的很苗条。Make a Rock-Solid Plan制定一个坚如磐石的计划Create a weight loss goal, set the stakes and assign a family member or a friend to keep you accountable.制定一个减肥计划,为了监督自己坚持完成目标,你可以在朋友或是家人那里设立一个赌注。If you fail to do it, you give them a certain amount of money. Let’s say to a 0. Or they pay a specific charity of your choice with it.如果自己没有做到,就给一定金额的钱,比如订到50美元到100美元之间,或者根据你的意思将那部分钱捐给慈善机构。The thing about us is that we will do something about our problem only when we absolutely have to, when something big is at stake. So, this trick works like a charm.在某些事情上加上赌注,当那些事变成我们不得不做时,我们就会去做这些事。所以,这种下赌注似乎有一定的魔力。Set up a goal for a day, week, month and stick with it or your wallet will lose quite a few bucks.定下每天的、每周的、每月的目标,坚持下去,否则你的钱包就会慢慢地一点点的瘪下去。Keep Track of Your Calories by Writing Down Everything You Eat记下你每天吃过的东西,记下你摄入的卡路里This trick does really help to shed quite a few pounds. You will think twice before eating something, if you have to log it and count calories. There are also smartphonehealthy appsand weight-loss tracking websites that make looking up calories easy. They are quite great because they offer healthy recipes, planners and support groups.这个方法可以帮你把找出分散摄入的热量。这样你在吃东西前都会再三考虑,作好记录,计算你所摄入的卡路里。智能手机上也有一些关于健康的应用和记录减肥的网站也能便捷的查询食物所含的卡路里。他们所提供的健康食谱,预备好的菜单以及推荐的食物搭配也挺不错的。If you are too busy, not very disciplined and totally hate counting calories for everything you eat, you can just order pre-made healthy amp; chef-made weekly meal plans with limited calories fromDiet-to-Gothat are fairly inexpensive.如果你很忙,不能坚持,而且很不喜欢计算食物的卡路里,你可以订一份事先制定好的每周要使用的食谱,这种食谱预先就限定了减肥时应摄入的卡路里,价格也是相当便宜的。Gulp Water Before Each Meal饭前喝水Very easy to do, but the benefit of it is greatly underestimated. If you drink two 8-once glasses of water before each meal, you won#39;t overeat, lose more weight and keep it off for at least a year according to research of American Chemical Society.一件非常容易做到的事情,但是它产生的效果也是不可预料的。如果在饭前喝下八杯水,你也就不会吃太多。据美国化学研究会研究显示,想要减肥,保持体形,那样至少得一年才可以。In addition to the above, drinking more water may discourage you from guzzling soda and other calorie-laden beverages that many of us are so addicted to. Drinking more water is a low-risk way to lose excess weight.另外,多喝水也可以防止你暴饮暴食我们平时喜欢喝的苏打水以及其他卡路里高的饮料。多喝水也可以降低超重的可能性。Keep Moving运动Inactivity and laziness are death. Sedentary people do not only gain tons of weight and can#39;t keep it off, they are also at increased risk of developing heart disease and Type 2 diabetes which affects their lifestyle and longevity.不运动,懒惰减肥的大忌。长期坐着的人不止会增重,不利于减肥外,还会增加患心脏病和2型糖尿病的几率,这两类疾病会影响他们的生活方式及寿命。久坐Go for a walk. Take the stairs. Help somebody. Stretch. Whatever you do - do not just sit there!步行,爬楼梯,帮助别人,做伸展运动,不论你做的是什么都可以-不要一直坐在那里。Post a Picture of Yourself on Facebook将照片放到网上If you need some more motivation and want to make sure you stick with your weight loss goal, post your ;Before; picture on Facebook and promise to all your friends to come back in a month (or two) with the ;After; picture where you look fabulous, healthy and 20 (or whatever your goal is) pounds lighter. Science shows this really works!如果你想要别人来激励你,想要坚持你的减肥大计,把你“之前的”照片用做头像,许诺一个月后会放上“之后的”惊人的、健康的、减掉20磅后的照片,。研究表明这样会很有效。All these strategies are brain-dead simple and even a caveman can follow them. But we are much better than cavemen. And smarter. And more dedicated to our goals.所有的这些方法都相当简单的,甚至原始人都可以做到,更何况我们比原始人好很多,也聪明很多,还更专注目标。 /201309/256584襄阳包皮手术好的医院襄阳包茎包皮费用



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