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襄阳妇幼保健医院网上预约襄阳谷城人民医院是私立医院吗China plans to restore the admission of pediatric undergraduates in universities to cater to the increasingly urgent demand for pediatricians after the country#39;s only-child policy was loosened.我国计划恢复高校儿科学本科招生,以应对全面二孩政策出台后国家日益急需儿科医师的现状。The National Health and Family Planning Commission announced on its website on Thursday that it ;will join hands with the Ministry of Education to resume the admission of undergraduates in the pediatrics departments in universities; in 2016.国家卫生和计划生育委员会上周四在其官网表示,2016年将会与教育部携手恢复大学儿科本科招生。A total of 8 universities, including China Medical University and Chongqing Medical University, will take the lead in enrolling pediatric undergraduates this summer. China aims to have at least one higher learning institute in each provincial-level region offering undergraduate pediatric courses by 2020, according to the Ministry of Education (MOE).中国医科大学、重庆医科大学等8所高校将于今夏率先开始招收儿科学本科生。教育部表示,力争到2020年每省(区、市)至少有1所高校举办儿科学本科层次专业教育。In 1998, the Ministry of Education closed all undergraduate pediatrics departments in the country#39;s universities in order to adopt a more general medical education system. The decision greatly reduced the number of pediatric graduates.在1998年,教育部为了采用通科的医学教育体系,关停了全国高校的所有本科儿科学院。这一决定大大减少了儿科专业毕业生的数量According to the 2015 China Health Statistics Yearbook, there are only 43 pediatricians for every 100,000 children, compared with around 160 doctors for every 100,000 children in the US. And an investigation by the National Association of Pediatricians showed that China lacked 200,000 pediatricians, but only 5,000 pediatricians can be trained and begin practicing in the coming five years.根据2015年中国卫生统计年鉴统计显示,每十万名儿童只能对应43名儿科医生,而美国则是每十万名儿童对应160名医生。而且根据全国儿科医师协会的调查显示,中国目前缺少二十万名儿科医生,但是在接下来的5年内,只有5000名儿科医生可以接受训练并开始实习。Long working hours and low pay are also blamed for medical students being unwilling to choose pediatrics – reports show that working hours for pediatricians in China are 1.48 times longer than the average working day for other physicians, but they only earn 46 percent the average salary for doctors.工作时间长、薪酬待遇低也被认为是医科学生不愿意选择儿科专业的原因。有报告显示,中国儿科医生的工作时间是其他医生平均工作时间的1.48倍,但是他们只能挣到医生平均工资的46%。As the government relaxed the national family planning policy this year, 90 million Chinese women will be allowed to have a second child, and an expected baby boom in coming years greatly increases the need for child care professionals.随着我国政府今年全面放开计划生育国策,将有九千万名中国女性会被允许生二胎。预计未来几年的婴儿潮将大大增加对儿童保健专业人士的需求。 /201603/428918襄阳襄州人民医院在线 Britain#39;s decision to leave the EU has led to a ;dramatic deterioration; in economic activity, not seen since the aftermath of the financial crisis.英国脱欧已导致经济活动“急剧恶化”,其严重程度为金融危机余波以来之最。Data from IHS Markit#39;s Purchasing Managers#39; Index, or PMI, shows a fall to 47.7 in July, the lowest level since April in 2009. A ing below 50 indicates contraction.研究机构IHS Markit数据显示,7月份英国采购经理人指数或PMI降至47.7,为2009年4月以来的最低水平。该指数降至50以下则意味着经济萎缩。The report surveyed more than 650 services companies, from sectors including transport, business services, computing and restaurants. It asked them: ;Is the level of business activity at your company higher, the same or lower than one month ago?; It also asked manufacturers whether production had gone up or down.这份报告调查了650多家务业公司,涉及到交通运输、商业务、计算机和餐饮业。这些公司需回答“贵公司商业活动与一个月前相比较为活跃,保持不变,抑或有所减弱?”调查中还询问了制造商的生产水平是上升了还是下降了。Record slump创纪录的下跌Chris Williamson, chief economist at IHS Markit, said the downturn had been ;most commonly attributed in one way or another to #39;Brexit#39;.; ;The only other times we have seen this index fall to these low levels, was the global financial crisis in 2008/9, the bursting of the dot com bubble, and the 1998 Asian financial crisis,; Mr Williamson told the B.IHS Markit首席经济学家克里斯·威廉姆斯称指数下降“很明显在这方面或那方面受到了英国脱欧的影响”。威廉姆斯先生还对B说:“指数下降到如此低的水平,我们只见过为数不多的几次:2008年9月的全球金融危机、互联网泡沫爆炸、1998年的亚洲金融危机。”The difference this time is that it is entirely home-grown, which suggest the impact could be greater on the UK economy than before.本次指数下降的不同之处在于它完全是内生性的,也就意味着它会对英国经济造成比以往更大的影响。Heading for recession走向衰退Samuel Tombs, chief UK economist at Pantheon Macroeconomics, said the figures provided the ;first major evidence that the UK is entering a sharp downturn;. Neil Wilson, markets analyst at ETX Capital, said he thought the UK was ;heading for a recession again;, and that the data would almost certainly prompt the Bank of England to roll out further stimulus.潘西恩宏观经济咨询公司首席经济学家塞缪尔·托姆斯称这些数据“首次印了英国经济正急剧下滑”。ETX Capital的市场分析师尼尔·威尔逊说,他认为英国“正再次走向衰退”,而且这些数据几乎一定会促使英格兰展开进一步的经济刺激计划。The pound has fallen in response to the publication of the data.数据公布后,英镑也随之下跌。The UK#39;s new chancellor, Philip Hammond, urged caution. ;Let#39;s be clear, the PMI data is a measure of sentiment, it#39;s not a measure of any hard activity in the economy. What it tells us is businesses confidence has been dented, they#39;re not sure, they#39;re in a period of uncertainty now.; Earlier on Friday, Mr Hammond said that he might ;reset; Britain#39;s fiscal policy.英国新任财政大臣菲利普·哈蒙德敦促各方警惕。“我们要清楚,PMI指数只能测量人们的情绪,却不能测量任何实体经济活动。它只能告诉我们商业信心受挫了,他们无法确定,他们正处于一种不确定的时期。”早在周五,哈蒙德先生就说他可能“重启”英国的财政政策。No surprise意料之中While IHS Markit#39;s ing on the UK economy was worse than most analysts expected, its verdict on the wider eurozone economy was more cheery.尽管IHS Markit的英国经济数据低于大多数分析师的期待,它对更广泛的欧元区经济状况判断却较为乐观。Europe Economics#39; Andrew Lilico, who argued during the referendum campaign that leaving the EU would be beneficial for the UK in the long term, told the B the PMI data was ;no surprise;, and that it ;doesn#39;t tell us much about what Brexit#39;s longer term impact will be;.《欧洲经济学》的安德鲁·利里克曾在公投期间声称离开欧盟会为英国带来长期效益,他对B说PMI数据在“意料之中”,它“并不能告诉我们英国脱欧会带来怎样的长期影响”。Mr Lilico said he always expected a short-term reaction, and those who voted to leave, ;expected a short-term slowdown too;.利里克先生说他早就预料到会有短期的反应,而且那些投票脱欧的人“也都预料到会带来短期的经济放缓”。 /201607/456458东风汽车公司襄樊医院是私立还是公立的

襄阳南漳县妇幼保健院中医院治疗妇科怎么样China is planning to ban online games for minors from midnight to 8:00 am, according to a draft regulation on the protection of minors issued by the Office of the Central Leading Group for Cyberspace Affairs.据中央网络事务领导小组办公室日前发布的一份未成年人保护条例草案显示,中国正计划禁止未成年人在午夜到凌晨8点这一时段之间玩儿网游。Experts believe it will be a powerful measure to prevent minors#39; Internet addiction. But implementation of the policy requires not only users#39; registration information, but a verification and recognition system for minors.专家认为这将是一项预防未成年人网瘾的有力措施。但是要实施这项政策不仅仅需要用户的注册信息,还需要一个未成年人认和识别系统。By June 2016, the total number of China#39;s netizens who are minors reached 160 million, accounting for 23 percent of the country#39;s netizens.截止2016年6月,中国未成年网民数量已经达到了1.6亿,占全部网民数量的23%。Given that 90.1 percent of minors in the country have online access, the online world has a profound influence on them. Therefore, the prevention of Internet addiction among minors has become an important issue for the country.由于中国90.1%的未成年人都能上网,网络世界对他们产生了深远的影响。因此预防未成年人网瘾已经成为了中国一项重要的课题。Liu Chunquan, a lawyer from a law firm in Shanghai, believes the country should implement such measures, since minors are unable to effectively control themselves, and addiction to online games may harm their mental and physical health.刘春泉是上海某律师事务所的一名律师,他认为国家应该实施这样的措施,因为未成年人无法有效控制自己,而沉迷网游可能会损害他们的身心健康。However, China Youth University of Political Studies Vice President Lin Wei told Legal Weekly that implementation of the ;midnight ban; should be based on a series of supporting mechanisms, such as users#39; registration information. Lin said the ban would be less effective if it fails to identify minors from adult users.不过,中国青年政治学院副院长林维在接受《法制周报》采访时表示,执行这一“午夜禁令”应该基于一系列配套机制,例如用户注册信息。林维称,如果不能区分未成年人和成年人的话,这一禁令的有效性将会大减。 /201702/492863谷城人民医院的权威医生 How best to solve the pollution problems of a city sunk so deep within sulfurous clouds that it was described as hell on earth? Simply answered: Relocate all urban smoke-creating industry and encircle the metropolis of London with sweetly scented flowers and elegant hedges.一座城市已经深深沉浸在硫磺雾霾之中,被称之为人间地狱,这样的污染究竟应当如何治理才好?很简单:把城市里所有制造浓烟的工业设施都搬出去,用散发扑鼻香味的花朵与优雅的树篱环绕伦敦。It sounds like one of those wonderfully daffy Fabian schemes for the betterment of mankind that were embraced by the likes of George Bernard Shaw and the Webbs. In fact, as Christine L. Corton, a Cambridge scholar, reveals in her engrossing and magnificently researched new book, “London Fog,” this fragrant anti-smoke scheme was the brainchild of John Evelyn, the 17th-century diarist. King Charles II was said to be “much pleas’d” with Evelyn’s idea, and a bill against the smoky nuisance was duly drafted. Then — it’s the mournful leitmotif of most of Corton’s tale — nothing was done. Nobody at the time, and nobody right up to the middle of the 20th century, was willing to put public health above business interests.这听上去很像萧伯纳(George Bernard Shaw)和韦伯夫妇(Webbs)等人喜欢的那种疯狂的、旨在改良人类的费边主义(Fabian)方案。事实上,剑桥学者克里斯汀·L·科顿(Christine L. Corton)在她引人入胜、研究周详的新书《伦敦雾》(London Fog)中写道,这种“芬芳抗烟方案”,是17世纪日记作家约翰·伊夫林(John Evelyn)的想法。据说,查理二世国王对伊夫林这个点子“非常满意”,一份相应的抗烟害法案也被拟定出来。之后——这其实是科顿一书悲哀的主旋律——就没有下文了。在那个时候,没有人愿意把公共健康置于商业利益之上,这种情况一直延续到20世纪中叶。And yet it’s a surprise to discover how beloved a feature of London life these multicolored fogs became. “I am their painter,” Whistler announced with characteristic modesty. Another dabbler, Claude Monet, fleeing besieged Paris in 1870, fell in love with London’s vaporous, mutating clouds. Perched in a riverside room at the Savoy, he looked upon the familiar mist as his reliable collaborator. Confronted by a distressingly untypical instance of fog-free skies, Monet grew desperate: “It seemed all my canvases were going for naught.” He had to bide his time until “little by little, as the fires were lit, the smoke and the mist returned.”然而,让人惊讶的是,这些五颜六色的雾霾却成了受人喜爱的伦敦生活一景。“我是雾霾的画家,”惠斯勒(Whistler)带着他典型的谦逊说。1870年,另一位画家克劳德·莫奈逃出遭围城的巴黎,爱上了伦敦蒸汽缭绕、如同变异的雾霭。他住在萨沃伊的一处河畔小屋,把常见的雾霭视为可靠的合作伙伴。如果哪一天意外放晴,空中没有笼罩雾霾,莫奈就会特别失望:“我的所有画布好像都要空白一片了,”他不得不等待,直到“随着一家家的炉火渐渐点燃,烟雾与雾霾终于又回来了”。Visitors from abroad may have delighted in the fog, but homegrown artists lit candles and vainly scrubbed the grime from their gloom-filled studio windows. “Give us light!” Frederic Leighton pleaded to the unmoved guests at a Lord Mayor’s banquet in 1882, begging them to have pity on the poor painter and his “interminable hours, days and weeks of enforced idleness spent in the continuous contemplation of the ubiquitous yellow fog.” J.M.W. Turner never finished his rendering of the smoke-swathed “Thames Above Waterloo Bridge” because it lacked a buyer.来自国外的访客们或许很喜欢雾霾,但本土艺术家们却得点上蜡烛,还得徒劳地从脏兮兮的画室窗子上擦去煤尘污垢。“给我们光!”1882年,弗里德里克·莱顿(Frederic Leighton)在一次市长大人举办的宴会上向无动于衷的宾客们请求,请求他们可怜可怜这个贫苦的画家,“日复一日,周复一周,他只能在那绵延不绝、无处不在的黄色雾霾中虚度时光。”J·M·W·透纳(J. M. W. Turner)始终未能画完那副弥漫烟雾的《泰晤士河上的滑铁卢桥》(Thames Above Waterloo Bridge)的草图,因为根本就没有买家。Writers were equally divided. In fiction, Robert Louis Stevenson deployed fog images and vaporous metaphors to create the sense of menace that enfolds the mysterious activities of virtuous Dr. Jekyll’s evil other. In life, the gentle author (who suffered from respiratory problems all his life) attributed his own profound depressions to “nothing more definite than a certain hue of brown,” that same “great chocolate-colored pall” that hangs over the villainous Hyde.作家们分成两派。在小说中,罗伯特·路易斯·史蒂文森(Robert Louis Stevenson)使用雾霭弥漫的形象和隐喻,创造出充满威胁的感觉,逐渐揭示出善良的杰克尔士(Dr. Jekyll)另一个邪恶人格所作出的神秘行为。在生活中,史蒂文斯是个温和的人,毕生都受呼吸道疾病困扰。他说自己深沉的抑郁感“不为别的,就因为这棕褐的色调”,这也正是邪恶的海德身上披挂的“巧克力色的尸衣”。In contrast, Dickens reveled in fog, characterizing it, above all in “Bleak House,” as a venomous, slithering presence — a force his admirer Joseph Conrad would aspire to match in “The Secret Agent.” Nathaniel Hawthorne, visiting the city, found moral lessons in London’s fog, while Henry James gave it a social aspect (dank mists swirl through his working-class scenes). Mark Twain, barely visible to the tiny audiences who stumbled into a mist-veiled London lecture hall to hear him talk about “roughing it,” cut short that dismal effort.与他相反,狄更斯陶醉在雾霾之中,为它赋予个性,特别是在《荒凉山庄》(Bleak House)中,把它描述为一种恶毒而滑动着的存在,一种力量,后来他的崇拜者约瑟夫·康拉德(Joseph Conrad)在《密探》(The Secret Agent)中也对之着力进行描写。纳撒尼尔·霍桑(Nathaniel Hawthorne)来访时,从伦敦的雾霾中找到了道德教训,而亨利·詹姆斯(Henry James)则为之赋予了社会意义(在他笔下的工人阶级场景中,总是缭绕着阴冷的雾霭)。马克·吐温(Mark Twain)到烟雾弥漫的伦敦演讲厅演讲“艰苦岁月”,只有为数不多的几个观众摸索着来到这里,几乎看不见台上的他,他只好缩短了这场不幸的讲演。Twain’s complaints about the impenetrable murk alert us to the fact that London’s yellow pea-soupers (a term that derives from a much despised broth) were not confined to its streets. It’s fine to stand snugly beside Arthur Conan Doyle at a (closed) window above Baker Street while Sherlock Holmes imagines a murderer prowling through the foggy depths below, “as the tiger does the jungle, unseen until he .” And it’s funny (but also disquieting) to learn of a post-World WarI service inside St. Paul’s Cathedral when the fog hung so thickly that the text (“I Am the Light of the World”) boomed down from a pulpit that was lost from view.吐温抱怨这团看不透的黑暗雾霾,这让我们知道,遍布伦敦的黄色浓雾(它还有个别名叫“豌豆汤”,是一种非常难喝的汤)不仅仅是街头才有。隔着贝克街一扇关闭的窗子,它紧贴在阿瑟·柯南·道尔(Arthur Conan Doyle)身边,令夏洛克·福尔斯(Sherlock Holmes)想象一个谋杀犯是如何悄悄走过浓雾,“如同猛虎走在丛林,只有突袭时才现出身形。”有意思的是(但也令人不安),书中记载,“一战”后圣保罗大教堂里的一次宗教仪式上,雾霾实在太浓重,讲坛上刻着的字(“我是这世上的光”)都看不见了。The more serious side of Corton’s book documents how business has taken precedence over humanity where London’s history of pollution is concerned. A prevailing westerly wind meant that those dwelling to the east were always at most risk. Those who could afford it lived elsewhere: The east, where the Thames flows to Gravesend, was abandoned to the underclass. Those with enough means could always take flight from the inconvenient fog; the real sufferers were those with no escape, the voiceless poor.科顿的书中更严肃的记载是关于伦敦污染史上,商业的考虑是如何战胜了人性。经常刮西风意味着住在东边的人要承担更多风险。有钱人纷纷搬家,而伦敦东部,也就是泰晤士河流入格雷夫森的地方,成了下层阶级居住的所在。有办法的人总可以经常逃离讨厌的雾霾,真正受苦的还要算那些无法逃脱的人,那些无法发出声音的穷人。East London’s slum dwellers were of no interest to Victorian champions of free trade like John Bright. (A man who might plausibly have jumped from the pages of “Hard Times,” Bright boasted of having shot down every anti-smoke bill proposed in Parliament.) Lord Palmerston spoke up for choking East Enders in the 1850s, pointing a finger at the interests of the furnace owners (all living outside London) as opposed to their victims (all haplessly resident). A bill was passed, but there was little change. Eventually, another connection was established: between London’s perpetual veil of smog and its citizens’ cozily smoldering grates. The conclusion was obvious. Sadly, popular World War I songs like “Keep the Home Fires Burning” didn’t do much to encourage the adoption of smokeless fuel.东伦敦的贫民区居民们对维多利亚时期约翰·布莱特(John Bright)这样的自由贸易捍卫者一点都不感兴趣(布莱特其人活像是从狄更斯的《艰难时世》小说里跳出来的一样,他自夸自己击败了议会中提出的所有反对雾霾的法案)。19世纪50年代,帕默斯顿勋爵(Lord Palmerston)曾经为受雾霾所苦的东区人说话,责备那些大熔炉的主人们(他们都住在伦敦城外),说他们站在自己的受害者们(所有不幸的居民们)的对立面。后来通过了一项法案,但几乎什么也没有改变。最后,人们发现伦敦持续不断的雾霾也应当归因为市民家里的舒适炉火。这个结论显而易见。悲伤的是,流行的“一战”歌曲,如《让家中的炉火继续燃烧》之类并不能敦促人们改用无烟燃料。It wasn’t until what came to be known as the “Great Killer Fog” of 1952 that the casualty rate became impossible to ignore and the British press finally took up the cause. Harold Macmillan made cynical use of his powers as minister of housing to ensure that lung-friendly decisions would not be taken. It was left to a bullish M.P., Gerald Nabarro, to steer the Clean Air Act into law in 1956. Within a few years, even as the war against pollution was still in its infancy, the ded pea-soupers began to fade into mythology.直到1952年著名的“杀人大雾”(Great Killer Fog)导致死亡率再也无法忽视,英国媒体才终于行动起来。哈罗德·麦克米伦(Harold Macmillan)动用房屋部长手中的关键权力,阻挠对呼吸有利的决策获得通过。直到1956年,固执的杰拉德·纳巴罗(Gerald Nabarro)下议员才努力令《空气清洁法案》得以通过。短短几年之内,虽然反对污染的战斗还处于初级阶段,但可怕的浓雾便已经开始退去,成了神话般的存在。Corton’s book combines meticulous social history with a wealth of eccentric detail. Thus we learn that London’s ubiquitous plane trees were chosen for their shiny, fog-resistant foliage. And since Jack the Ripper actually went out to stalk his victims on fog-free nights, filmmakers had to fake the sort of dank, smoke-wreathed London scenes audiences craved. It’s discoveries like these that make ing “London Fog” such an unusual, enthralling and enlightening experience.科顿的书把内容详实的社会历史和丰富的古怪轶闻结合起来。我们从中读到,伦敦之所以到处都有法国梧桐,主要是因为它们闪闪发亮的叶片能够抵御雾霾。“开膛者杰克”其实都是在没有雾霾的夜晚外出尾随受害者的,电影制作者们却要伪造出雾霾遍布的阴郁伦敦场景,满足观众们的期望。类似的知识令《伦敦雾》成为一次非比寻常、兴奋刺激而又充满教益的阅读体验。 /201511/408836襄樊市中心医院价目表

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