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襄阳保康县妇幼保健院中医院好嘛襄阳哪家医院做人流更专业Jigsaw Puzzle拼图玩具For Chinese who attach a great importance to the development of children#39;s wisdom, jigsaw puzzle (;Qiqiaoban;)might be the most ideal choice. Composed of 7 pieces in a certain shape, this toy requires one#39;s brain exertion to join those pieces into a given pattern without leaving any gaps. The puzzle ring is another well-known game. It is said to originate from the Warring States Period (476-221 ). Appearing to be one of the most incomprehensible games in the human history, it even aroused the attention of Western mathematicians. To separate the nine rings which are buckled together or to join separated nine rings together is quite intricate indeed.对于重视儿童的智慧发展的中国人,智力拼图(“七巧板”)可能是最为理想的选择。它由有一定形状由7块板组成,这个玩具需要一定的脑力,使这些片段连接成一个给定的不留任何空隙的图案。九连环是另一个知名的游戏。据说,起源于战国时期(公元前476-221)。似乎是人类历史上最难解的游戏之一,它甚至引起西方数学家们的注意。分离和拼九连环是很复杂的。 /201610/471437襄阳襄城妇幼保健院中医院地址查询 Monday mornings are rarely a time for celebration. We#39;re too rushed to put on a decent face of make-up, too tired to go to the gym, and very possibly nursing the effects of an excessive weekend.周一早晨很少被当成是节庆时光。我们匆匆出门、没时间打扮的漂漂亮亮的,工作疲乏得不想去健身房运动,而且很可能遭受周末过度带来的不适应感。And now there#39;s another reason to hate Mondays as a study reveals that not only do we feel ugliest on the first day of the working week - but that information is used by cynical beauty companies who cash in on our insecurities.现在我们又多了一个讨厌周一的理由——研究显示,不仅我们在一周的头一天觉得自己最难看,而且尖刻的美容公司正在利用我们的这种不安全感来赚钱。The study, by London-based global media agency PDA, was designed to discover when women felt at their most unattractive - and therefore at their most vulnerable to be marketed to by beauty firms.一所坐落在伦敦的全球传媒机构PDA进行了一项研究,旨在发现女性感觉自己最不具吸引力的时间点——也就是她们对美容公司的销售策略最无力抵制的时候。The company questioned women aged 18 and over to identify when they feel most vulnerable about their appearance in order to determine the best timing for beauty product messages and promotions.该公司向18岁及以上的女性发放问卷,以此辨明女性对自己的容貌感觉最脆弱的时间,从而确定投放美容产品信息和促销手段的最佳时间。The results showed that 46 per cent reported feeling at their worst on Mondays.研究结果表明,46%的女性称其感觉自己在周一最为糟糕。Reasons cited took in stress, lack of motivation to make an effort and visible and emotional effects of the weekend showing on the face.研究认为上述现象的原因有压力、缺乏努力工作的动力、以及显而易见的,从面部表情可以看出的周末活动留下的情绪影响。The report showed that women feel their best on Thursdays, when the working week is coming to an end and the weekend is in sight.研究显示,女性在周四感觉自己状态最佳,这时一周的工作日接近尾声,周末近在眼前。The information gleaned works both ways. While sometimes it suits a company to catch a customer when they#39;re feeling low, in other situations it might be best to engage with a customer feeling happy and confident.这项收集来的信息有两种运用方式。一些公司也许适合于在顾客自我感觉低落的时候抓住顾客的心,而另一些公司也许更适合于在顾客情绪良好,充满自信的时候跟顾客打交道。#39;Identifying the right time to engage with consumers with the right message is Marketing 101,#39; said a spokesman for PHD.#39;But when you are trying to connect with women on so personal an issue as appearance, it can be even more important to understand the wrong time as well.#39;“选择正确的时间,用正确的信息和顾客交流是销售的基本原则”,一位美国PHD公司的发言人说,“可是当你试图跟女性就外貌这样的私人话题进行交流的时候,除了要了解正确的时间,还要了解错误的时间,这也许是更加重要的。”Monday becomes the day to encourage the beauty product consumer to get going and feel beautiful again, so marketing messages should focus on feeling smart, instant beauty and fashion fixes, and getting things planned and done.周一成为了商家鼓励化妆品消费者们振作起来,重拾自信的日子,所以销售信息应围绕着树立潇洒气场,快速美容和时尚定型,为一周做好计划、诉诸实施等等展开。PDA say: #39;When it comes to engaging with women at any level, knowing where she is on her personal attractiveness index, and the appropriate messages relative to that information, can only make for a more productive exchange.#39;PDA的销售专家们说:“当你和任何层次的女性交流时,知道她的自我感受指数,以及与之相匹配的信息,这将使你获得更好的销售业绩。”For the consumer though, it undoubtedly means one thing: Less money in the bank.不过对于消费者,无疑这只意味着一件事:存款的减少。 /201704/502882Sunburned isn#39;t a good look for anyone, particularly since scorching your skin just once every two years can triple ( !) your risk of melanoma.任何人晒伤后都不好看,每两年晒伤一次更会使你患黑色素瘤的风险增加三倍。And while most people know better than to expose their skin to sunshine without any sunscreen, sometimes your best efforts to lather up just aren#39;t good enough, according to Lauren Ploch, MD, a board-certified dermatologist and member of the American Academy of Dermatology.虽然大多数人都知道不抹防晒霜就不要暴露在阳光下,但有时,你最大的努力还是不够,持皮肤科医师兼美国皮肤医学学会成员劳伦·普洛赫医学士说道。1. You use sunscreen - but use way too little.1. 你的确抹了防晒霜--但抹的太少了。Just like using foundation or nail polish, you need to apply enough sunscreen for sufficient coverage. After all, sunscreen will only perform to the full potential of its SPF - i.e., if you#39;re using SPF 30, protect your skin for 30 times longer than your bare skin would last in the sun without burning - if enough sunscreen is applied, according to Dr. Ploch, who adds that skimping on sunscreen will diminish the sunscreen#39;s efficacy. For full-body coverage, she says to apply at least one ounce (aka one full shot glass) of sunscreen. That goes for ;natural; or ;mineral; formulas, too, which people tend to under-apply since even small amounts can turn the skin white.就像上底妆或涂指甲油一样,你需要抹足够多的防晒霜才能全面覆盖。毕竟,防晒霜的效果只能如其防晒系数一般--也就是说,如果你用的是防晒系数为30的防晒霜,那么在不灼烧的情况下,相比什么都不涂,抹足够多的防晒霜能保护你的皮肤长达30多次,普洛赫士说,她补充说,如果防晒霜用的少,那么其防晒效果也会减弱。若想要覆盖全身,那就至少要抹一盎司的防晒霜(也就是一酒杯的量)。要选择;天然;或;矿物;配方的产品哦!由于抹一点点就会显白,因此人们才倾向于少量涂抹。2. You use sunscreen - but sweat like crazy.2. 你的确抹了防晒霜--但却流汗太多。Even if you lather up from head to toe in your shot glass amount of sunscreen, working up a solid sweat (or simply hanging in a humid environment, which leads to oily, sweaty skin) can completely wash the sunscreen off your body. Think of sweating as the sticky, stinky equivalent of showering or swimming, two other surefire ways to rinse the sunscreen off your skin and leave you unprotected.即使你从头到脚都抹了一酒杯量的防晒霜,但总是流汗(或是处于潮湿的环境,这样就会导致皮肤出油、易出汗)会使身上的防晒霜完全流失。流汗就是变相粘稠的洗澡或游泳,洗澡或游泳也会洗掉你的防晒霜、让你不再受到保护。To properly protect your skin, reapply sunscreen every time your skin gets wet or clammy. And because chemical sunscreens tend to stand up to moisture best, go for a ;broad-spectrum; sunscreen, which combines UVB- and UVA-absorbing chemicals and ingredients like titanium dioxide and zinc oxide to physically block sun rays.想要正确保护皮肤,那每当皮肤潮湿或粘稠时,都该重新涂抹防晒霜。因为化学防晒霜往往能最佳保湿,所以选择;广谱;防晒霜吧,该防晒霜将吸收紫外线B光谱和紫外线A光谱的化学物质以及二氧化钛和氧化锌等元素混合在一起,可有效阻挡太阳光线。3. You use sunscreen - but mistake ;waterproof; for bulletproof.3. 你的确抹了防晒霜--但却错误的以为;防水;就是防弹。Unbeknown to many sunscreen users, ;waterproof; formulas won#39;t protect your skin all day, and neither will a sunscreen billed as ;water-resistant.; (Come on guys, it#39;s not mascara!) Even without swimming or sweating, you#39;ll still need to reapply every 80 minutes, according to Dr. Ploch, since it#39;s only proven to protect you for that long.很多防晒霜使用者都不知道这一点:;防水;配方不会整天都保护你的肌肤,也不会将其称为;抗水。;(得了吧,伙计们,这又不是睫毛膏!)普洛赫士说,即使你不游泳也不流汗,但每过80分钟,你都需要重新涂抹,因为研究明防晒霜的有效时间只有80分钟。译文属 /201704/501679襄阳市第四人民医院有无痛人流

襄阳第一医院做引产需要证明吗Drinking A Lot Of Water喝很多水Drinking water is good for your kidneys and skin, and keeps you hydrated. That is true. But, the plastic bottles you#39;re drinking from might contain harmful chemicals that get into your body via the water. So stick to drinking your water from a glass. That#39;s still healthy!喝水对肾和皮肤有益,能使你水分充足。这是真的。但是,你喝的塑料瓶装水可能含有有害物质,而这些有害物质会通过水进入你的身体。所以,坚持用玻璃杯喝水。那还是很健康的哦!Low Fat Diet低脂饮食Watching your calories and fat intake is a good thing, but going too extreme with a low-fat diet can actually do more harm than good. Our bodies need some fat to absorb the healthy stuff in vegetables. Plus going too low with fat intake can make you hungry and can wreak havoc on your sleep.注意热量和脂肪摄入量是件好事,但太过极端的低脂饮食实则会带来更多的伤害,而不是益处。我们的身体需要脂肪去吸收蔬菜中的健康营养。另外,低脂饮食会让你饿的快,还会严重影响你的睡眠。Making Your Bed Every Morning每天早上都叠被Who knew making your bed every morning could actually be bad for your health? Sadly, it#39;s true. By making that bed look perfectly made with those crisp corners and tight sheets, you#39;re actually sealing in moisture that has no chance to air out, making your perfectly made bed a breeding ground for dust mites. Who knew?谁曾想每天早上都叠被实则不利于人体健康呢?不幸的是,这是事实。每天早晨叠被,将四个角落铺好,将床单铺的平平整整,但实际上你却密封了被子中的潮湿气体,使其无法扩散到空气中,从而收拾得整整齐齐的床却成了尘螨的滋生地。谁曾想呢?Diet Soda健怡苏打水If you#39;re drinking diet soda because not as bad as drinking full-calorie soda, you may want to re-think that. And there are some studies that show diet soda can actually lead to weight gain. What?! So maybe bye-bye to soda and get your sweet tooth elsewhere? There#39;s always water.如果你觉得喝健怡苏打水总比喝全热量苏打水更健康,那你就得三思了。有些研究表明:健怡苏打水实则会使人体重增加。什么?!所以,你要向苏打水说再见了,也不要再想着吃甜食了。喝水就行。Avoid The Sun All Together一直不晒太阳So we#39;ve all the same studies about how bad the sun is for your skin. But the sun rays also blast your skin with Vitamin D, which your body needs. Sunscreen blocks Vitamin D. And avoiding the sun all together means your body is missing a very important nutrient. Doctors recommend 10-minutes of sun exposure during the summer (without sunscreen) and more in the winter.我们都读过这样的文章吧:阳光特别不利于肌肤健康。但太阳光线却能给予皮肤所需要的维生素D。而防晒霜却会屏蔽维生素D。一直不晒太阳意味着你的身体缺失了一种十分重要的营养物。医生建议,夏天的时候要在太阳下晒10分钟(不涂防晒霜哦),冬天的时候要晒更久。Binge Sleeping贪睡So your weekdays are jam packed, meaning you live on less sleep than college students, and so you plan to catch up on the weekends. Catching up on sleep doesn#39;t mean your body actually gets the sleep from you deprived it during the week. What the body needs is consistent sleep each and every day. A lack of sleep can lead to impaired brain function and even weight gain. So get to bed earlier during the week so you don#39;t have to binge sleep your weekend away.你的工作日很忙,也就是说你的睡眠没有大学生那么多,所以你想着要在周末补觉。补觉并不代表你的身体获得了它在工作日缺失的睡眠。身体所需的是每天一致的睡眠。睡眠不足会导致脑功能受损、甚至体重增加。所以工作日晚上早点上床,这样你就不用在周末昏睡度日了。译文属 /201704/501665襄阳樊城妇幼保健院中医院治疗妇科怎么样 襄阳南漳县妇幼保健院中医院电话号码

襄阳治疗男性不育大概多少钱When the question of what will define 2017 comes up, the response most often includes words like Trump and populism and division and anger.塑造2017年面貌的会是什么?每当被问及这样的问题时,特朗普、民粹主义、分裂、愤怒等词汇都在人们最常给出的之列。Green — not so much.绿色则是一个不那么常见的。Yet if you believe the team at the Pantone Color Institute, which calls itself the global color authority, green will be everywhere in 2017. 不过,如果你信得过自称全球色权威的潘通色研究所(Pantone Color Institute)的团队,在2017年,绿色将无处不在。Not just any old green, of course: Pantone 15-0343, colloquially known as greenery, which is to say a yellow-green shade that evokes the first days of spring.当然了,并非任何一种绿,而是潘通15-0343,俗称青草绿,据说是一种让人联想起早春的黄绿色调。That is, the Color of the Year for 2017.它是2017年的年度色。Because, although you may not realize it, it turns out that green has everything to do with all of those other things. 因为,尽管你可能没意识到,但绿色和其他所有的一切息息相关。Not literally. 不是切实的息息相关。(Despite the fact that President-elect Donald Trump clearly loves green — at least when it comes to dollars — he rarely wears it, and it doesn’t figure much in his decorating sense or what we know of his diet.) But emotionally and imaginatively.(候任总统唐纳德#8226;特朗普[President-elect]显然很喜欢绿色——至少是在涉及美元的时候,但他很少穿绿色的衣,此外,绿色在他的装修品味或者据我们所知的他的饮食喜好中都没什么作为。)而是在情感上和想象中。We know what kind of world we are living in: one that is very stressful and very tense, said Leatrice Eiseman, the executive director of the Pantone Color Institute. 我们知道自己生活在什么样的世界里:一个充满压力和紧张感的世界,潘通色研究所的执行总监莱亚特丽斯#8226;艾斯曼(Leatrice Eiseman)说。This is the color of hopefulness, and of our connection to nature. 这种颜色代表着希望,以及我们和自然的关联。It speaks to what we call the ‘re’ words: regenerate, refresh, revitalize, renew. 它代表着我们平常所说的以‘re’(一再,重新)为词根的词:regenerate(再生),refresh(焕然一新),revitalize(重振),renew(更新)。Every spring we enter a new cycle and new shoots come from the ground. 每逢春天,我们都会进入一个新循环,新芽都会从泥土中冒出。It is something life-affirming to look forward to.它是某种令人期待的使人向上的东西。In other words, if 2016 was your annus horribilis, as 1992 was for Queen Elizabeth II, whether because of elections or market forces or because you were suckered by fake news on Facebook, this suggests the possibility of something different in 2017. 换言之,如果说2016年对你而言是可怕的一年——就如1992年对女王伊丽莎白二世(Queen Elizabeth II)而言一样——不论是因为选举、市场力量,还是因为Facebook上那些让你受到愚弄的假新闻,那么这种颜色就意味着事情在2017年有所不同的可能性。It contains within it the promise that we can all start afresh, with a healthier attitude unfurling like a pea shoot and our feet firmly planted on the earth, as opposed to that isolated, alienating place known as cyberspace.它蕴含着这样一种希望:我们都可以秉持像豌豆芽一样生机盎然的健康心态、脚踏实地重新来过,而不是沉迷于网络空间,一个孤立的让人产生疏离感的地方。That may seem facile as a ing, but, well ... 这种阐释看上去也许很浅显,但是,唉……谁说人性就一定是微妙的呢?显然,色心理学既然有浅显易懂的一面(红色代表侵略性;粉色很柔和,会让人感到平静),也有半隐半显的一面。who ever said humanity was subtle? Certainly the psychology of color ranges from the obvious (red represents aggression; pink is swaddling and calms people) to the chiaroscuro.When the Pantone team started noticing the creeping preponderance of green, there was a sense that perhaps it reflected what was regarded earlier this fall as the possibility of a new beginning with the first female president. 当潘通团队开始注意到绿色慢慢地变得越来越多,有人觉得它反映的或许是今年秋天早些时候我们眼中的这样一种可能性:一位女总统会带来一个新的开始。But in the wake of Trump’s victory and the dissension it highlighted, Eiseman said, green could have an even more significant meaning.但艾斯曼说,鉴于特朗普的胜选以及由此得以凸显的分歧,绿色可能具有更重要的意义。This particular green is an unusual color: a combination of yellow and blue, or warmth and a certain cool, she said. 这种绿很特别,是一种不同寻常的色:是黄与蓝相结合的产物,或者说是暖和某种冷相结合的产物,她说。It’s a complex marriage.这是一种复杂的联姻。Which is probably putting what is going to have to happen in the current political climate mildly.这或许也是对当前政治氛围中必将发生的情况轻描淡写的一种形容。Pantone started choosing Colors of the Year at the turn of the millennium, in part as a way to demonstrate the psychology around what makes a color take off and to answer the question every fashion person is routinely asked, Why is the color -___ so popular this season?潘通是从新千年之初开始挑选年度色的,部分是为了以此展示关于某种颜色何以成为流行色的心理学理论,并回答每一个时尚人士常常会问的问题,为什么___色在本季如此流行?Although the selections serve no direct consumer purpose — Pantone doesn’t sell any products related to the choices, nor does it license a symbol to other companies to denote they are using the Color of the Year — and hence the company has no way of measuring the effect of its declaration, the colors have become a sort of windsock for determining which way the national mood is blowing.潘通的选择并不直接牵涉消费目的——它没有出售与其选择有关的产品,也没有把某个标识授权给其他公司,以表明后者正在使用年度色——因此该机构无法衡量公布年度色的效应,但这些色已经成为了某种预示国民情绪走向的风向标。Certainly, I can attest to the fact that pretty much just minutes after the announcement is made, my inbox is inundated with emails from brands and retailers promoting products available in the Color of the Year. 对此我深有感触:潘通发布消息仅仅几分钟后,我的收件箱里就塞满了各个品牌和零售商发来的邮件,推广的都是主打年度色的产品。Airbnb was so excited, it is collaborating with Pantone for the first time next year on a Color of the Year experience, transforming one of its listed properties into an immersive greenery environment.Airbnb非常兴奋,它将在明年与潘通合作提供年度色体验,把在其网站上挂牌的一处房产,变成沉浸于青草绿之中的所在。You could argue that the selection is something of a self-fulfilling prophecy, except the point is that the products are aly there (otherwise they couldn’t be marketed so immediately), which supports Pantone’s contention that it has identified a burgeoning trend.你或许认为潘通的选择有点像是自我实现的预言,但重点是那些产品已经存在(否则不可能立即展开推广),从而为潘通的说法提供了撑:它识别出了一种方兴未艾的趋势。For 2015, thus, it chose Marsala, an earthy red-brown shade named after the fortified wine, 因此,潘通为2015年选择的年度色是玛莎拉红(Marsala),一种以加烈葡萄酒玛莎拉命名的质朴的红棕色。which also happened to be the color of many politicians’ ties leading up to election year, in part because the color conveys a sense of comfort and security. 在大选年即将到来的时候,很多政治人物恰好都扎起了这种颜色领带,部分是因为它给人以舒适和安全质感。For 2013, it was emerald, as seen that year on Michelle Obama in Marchesa at the Kennedy Center Honors, a dress that practically broke the internet.2013年的年度色则是祖母绿,那一年,米歇尔#8226;奥巴马(Michelle Obama)出席肯尼迪中心荣誉奖(Kennedy Center Honors)颁奖典礼时穿的祖母绿色玛切萨(Marchesa)礼在网上红极一时。Last year, Pantone took the radical step of choosing two colors — serenity and rose quartz (aka baby blue and light pink) — the better to reflect the gender-bending move toward equality and fluidity taking place across society (and fashion).去年,潘通剑走偏锋,选了两种色——宁静蓝天(一种浅蓝色)和粉水晶(一种浅粉色)——以便更好地反映在整个社会(以及时尚界)兴起的主张平等和流动性的运动。The process, which takes about nine months, is highly subjective, as Pantone admits, and more about instinct than science. 正如潘通所承认的那样,耗时9个月的选择过程极为主观,更多地是以直觉而非科学为依据。Essentially, the team fans out across the globe and explores industries, to collect what they refer to as proof points — from car shows, on the runways, in decorator showcases and so on. 该团队基本跑遍了全球,对各个行业进行研究,从车展、伸展台、家居装饰展等各种场合搜集他们口中的据点。At a certain stage they begin to notice meaningful overlap and narrow down the choices. 在某个阶段,他们会开始注意有意义的重合,并缩小选择范围。Then one shade achieves critical mass.然后,有一种色调会达到临界值。We ask ourselves about the message that color brings, and how we may be trying to use color to shape our experience, Eiseman said.我们会问自己:那种颜色所传递的信息是什么,我们可能以何种方式竭力用颜色塑造我们的体验,艾斯曼说。Although many women may recoil when they are told green is the Color of the Year — some think it is hard to wear — Julianne Moore wore leaf green Givenchy to the 2016 Screen Actors Guild awards, and Hillary Clinton wore it on the campaign trail. 当被告知年度色是绿色时,很多女人可能会退缩——一些人认为这是一种很难穿出去的颜色——但朱丽安#8226;尔(Julianne Moore)穿着叶绿色的纪梵希(Givenchy)礼参加了2016年美国演员工会奖颁奖典礼,希拉里#8226;克林顿(Hillary Clinton)在一连串竞选活动中也曾把绿色穿在身上。(Full disclosure: The New York Times has leaf green office chairs in many of its meeting rooms and offices.) (大揭秘:《纽约时报》的很多会议室和办公室里都摆放着叶绿色的办公椅。)If, as fashion theory holds, three examples of anything is a trend, this is a tsunami.如果真的像时尚理论所言,只要找出三个随便什么例子就能明一种潮流的存在,那这简直是山呼海啸般的潮流。There’s a Japanese concept called ‘forest bathing,’ which says that when you are feeling stressed, one of the best things to do is go walk in the forest, Eiseman said. 有一种日式概念叫‘森林浴’,说是当你觉得压力大的时候,最好是到森林里走走,艾斯曼说。But if you can’t do that, what can you do? Bring green into your environment. 但如果你无法那样做,该怎么办呢?可以让你周围的环境充满绿色。Put in on your body, or in your house or near your desk. 把绿色穿在你身上,让绿色出现在你的房子里或者桌子旁。That symbolic message is very important.那种象征意义是非常重要的。In any case, you get the idea. 无论如何,你应该明白了。And if you don’t, the seeds have been planted. 如果还没有,种子也已经在你内心种下。It’ll grow on you.它会生根发芽的。 /201612/483174 襄阳市四院打胎流产好吗襄阳治疗梅毒最专业医院



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