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龙华中心卫生院治疗腋臭多少钱MILL VALLEY, Calif. — Seven-year-old Jordan Lisle, a second grader, joined his family at a packed after-hours school event last month aimed at inspiring a new interest: computer programming.加州米尔谷——上个月,7岁的小学二年级学生乔丹·莱尔(Jordan Lisle)和家人参加了一场人满为患的课外活动,活动旨在为学生培养一个新爱好:计算机编程。“I’m a little afraid he’s falling behind,” his mother, Wendy Lisle, said, explaining why they had signed up for the class at Strawberry Point Elementary School.“我有点担心他会落在别人后面,”他的母亲温迪·莱尔(Wendy Lisle)说,这是他们报名参加斯特罗伯里波因特小学(Strawberry Point Elementary School)这个辅导班的原因。The event was part of a national educational movement in computer coding instruction that is growing at Internet speeds. Since December, 20,000 teachers from kindergarten through 12th grade have introduced coding lessons, according to Code.org, a group backed by the tech industry that offers free curriculums. In addition, some 30 school districts have agreed to add coding classes in the fall, mainly in high schools but in lower grades, too. And policy makers in nine states have begun awarding the same credits for computer science classes that they do for basic math and science courses, rather than treating them as electives.一场全国性计算机编程教育运动正在不断扩大,此次活动就是其中的一部分。根据Code.org网站,自去年12月以来,从幼儿园到12年级,共有2万名老师开设了编程课。Code.org是一家由科技行业持的组织,提供免费的课程。除此之外,大约30个校区已经同意在秋季增设编程课,主要是高中,但也包括低年级。九个州的决策者已经开始给计算机科学课设定与数学和理科等基础课程相同的学分,不再将其作为选修课来对待。There are after-school events, too, like the one in Mill Valley, where 70 parents and 90 children, from kindergartners to fifth graders, huddled over computers solving animated puzzles to learn the basics of computer logic.相关的课外活动也在开展,比如在米尔谷的这次活动。活动中,从幼儿园到五年级的90个学生和70名家长围在计算机旁,通过动画智力游戏来学习计算机逻辑的基本知识。It is a stark change for computer science, which for decades was treated like a stepchild, equated with trade classes like wood shop. But smartphones and apps are ubiquitous now, and engineering careers are hot. To many parents — particularly ones here in the heart of the technology corridor — coding looks less like an extracurricular activity and more like a basic life skill, one that might someday lead to a great job or even instant riches.这是计算机科学教育的一个显著改变,几十年来,计算机科学一直受到冷遇,地位与木工课等职业技能课程相差无几。但如今,智能手机和应用程序无处不在,软件工程方面的就业机会炙手可热。对于许多家长来说——尤其是居住在科技走廊核心地带的家长——编程不像是一种课外活动,更像是一种基本的生存技能,说不定哪天可能让你得到一份不错的工作,甚至一夕暴富。The sp of coding instruction, while still nascent, is “unprecedented — there’s never been a move this fast in education,” said Elliot Soloway, a professor of education and computer science at the University of Michigan. He sees it as very positive, potentially inspiring students to develop a new passion, perhaps the way that teaching frog dissection may inspire future surgeons and biologists.编程教学的普及虽然刚刚开始,却呈现出“前所未有之势——教育领域从未有过如此迅速的行动”,密歇根大学(University of Michigan)教育和计算机科学教授埃利奥特·索洛韦(Elliot Soloway)说。他认为这是一个非常积极的现象,可能会激发学生们培养新的爱好,或许就像学习青蛙解剖可能会让更多孩子立志成为外科医生和生物学家那样。But the momentum for early coding comes with caveats, too. It is not clear that teaching basic computer science in grade school will beget future jobs or foster broader creativity and logical thinking, as some champions of the movement are projecting. And particularly for younger children, Dr. Soloway said, the activity is more like a game — better than simulated gunplay, but not likely to impart actual programming skills.不过,一些人也对让儿童过早接触编程的做法发出警告。目前还不清楚,在小学讲授计算机科学的基本知识是否会对未来的工作有帮助,也不清楚这能否培养学生总体上的创造力和逻辑思维。索洛韦说,尤其是对年幼的儿童来说,这种活动更像是视频游戏——比模拟战高级一些,但不太可能学会真正的编程技能。Some educators worry about the industry’s heavy role: Major tech companies and their founders, including Bill Gates and Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, have put up about million for Code.org. The organization pays to train high school teachers to offer more advanced curriculums, and, for younger students, it has developed a coding curriculum that marries basic instruction with games involving Angry Birds and hungry zombies.一些教育专家对这个行业的大举投入表示担忧:一些大型科技公司及其创始人,包括比尔·盖茨(Bill Gates)和Facebook的马克·扎克伯格(Mark Zuckberg),已经为Code.org投资了大约1000万美元(约合6255万人民币)。Code.org提供资金培训高中老师,让他们能够讲授更高级的课程,此外,对于年龄更小的学生,该组织还开发了一套专门的编程课程,把基本的教学内容融入到了《愤怒的小鸟》和《植物大战僵尸》等视频游戏中。The lessons do not involve traditional computer language. Rather, they use simple word commands — like “move forward” or “turn right” — that children can click on and move around to, say, direct an Angry Bird to capture a pig.这些课程不讲授传统的计算机语言,而是使用简单的文字指令——比如“前进”或“向右转”——孩子们可以通过点击和移动的操作,让一只小鸟抓住一只猪。The movement comes with no shortage of “we’re changing the world” marketing fervor from Silicon Valley. “This is strategically significant for the economy of the ed States,” said John Pearce, a technology entrepreneur. He and another entrepreneur, Jeff Leane, have started a nonprofit, MV Gate, to bring youth and family coding courses developed by Code.org to Mill Valley, an affluent suburb across the Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco.这项活动并不缺少硅谷的那种“我们正在改变世界”的营销狂热。科技创业者约翰·皮尔斯(John Pearce)说,这对美国的经济具有战略意义。他和另外一名创业者杰夫·利恩(Jeff Leane)创办了非盈利组织MV Gate,把Code.org开发的适用于小学生和家庭的编程课程带给米尔谷。米尔谷是一个富裕的郊区,与旧金山之间隔着金门大桥。Parents love the idea of giving children something to do with computers that they see as productive, Mr. Pearce said. “We have any number of parents who say, ‘I can’t take my kid playing one more hour of games,’ ” he said. But if the children are exploring coding, the parents tell him, “ ‘I can live with that all night long.’ ”皮尔斯说,家长们乐于看到孩子们在电脑上做他们认为有意义的事。“无数家长对我们说,‘我不能让我家孩子再玩电脑游戏了’,”他说。但如果孩子们在研究编程,家长们告诉他,“‘编一晚上我也没意见。’”The concept has caught on with James Meezan, a second grader. He attended one of the first “Hour of Code” events sponsored by MV Gate in December with his mother, Karen Meezan, the local PTA president and a former tech-industry executive who now runs a real estate company. She is among the enthusiastic supporters of the coding courses, along with several local principals.这个想法吸引了二年级学生詹姆斯·米赞(James Meezan)。他和妈妈参加了12月份由MV Gate持的“代码时刻”(Hour of Code)活动。他的妈妈凯伦·米赞是当地家长教师联谊会(PTA)主席、前科技行业高管,目前经营着一家房地产公司。她和几名当地校长都非常持编程课程。Her son, she said, does well in school but had not quite found his special interest and was “not the fastest runner on the playground.” But he loves programming and spends at least an hour a week at CodeKids, after-school programs organized by MV Gate and held at three of Mill Valley’s five elementary schools.她说,她的儿子在学校表现很好,但是没有找到自己特别的兴趣,也“不是操场上跑的最快的那个”。但他喜欢编程,每周至少花一小时参加MV Gate组织的课后项目CodeKids。该项目已经在米尔谷的五所小学开展。James, 8, explained that programming is “getting the computer to do something by itself.” It is fun, he said, and, besides, if he gets good, he might be able to do stuff like get a computer to turn on when it has suddenly died. His mother said he had found his niche; when it comes to programming, “he is the fastest runner.”八岁的詹姆斯解释说,编程就是“让计算机自己做事”。他说这很有趣,此外,如果他做的好,说不定能够让计算机突然死机的时候自动重启。他的妈妈说,他发现了自己的兴趣点;在编程上,“他是跑的最快的那一个”。Well into the session, the youngsters were digging in, moving basic command blocks to get the Angry Bird to its prey, and then playing with slightly more complex commands like “repeat” and learning about “if-then” statements, an elemental coding concept.活动过程中,现场的孩子都全情投入,移动着基本的指令模块,让愤怒的小鸟抵达目标,然后使用稍微复杂一些的命令,比如“重复”,并学习“if-then”语句——一个基本的编程概念。The use of these word-command blocks to simplify coding logic stems largely from the work of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Lab, which introduced a visual programming language called Scratch in 2007. It claims a following of millions of users, but mostly outside the schools.使用这些文字命令块来简化编程的逻辑,这很大程度上源于麻省理工学院媒体实验室(Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Lab)的研究成果。这个实验室2007年引入了视觉编程语言Scratch。该机构声称,这种编程语言已经有数百万用户,但大多数都是学校以外的用户。Then, in 2013, came Code.org, which borrowed basic Scratch ideas and aimed to sp the concept among schools and policy makers. Computer programming should be taught in every school, said Hadi Partovi, the founder of Code.org and a former executive at Microsoft. He called it as essential as “learning about gravity or molecules, electricity or photosynthesis.”后来,2013年出现了Code.org,它借鉴了Scratch的基本想法,旨在向学校和决策者传播这个概念。Code.org创始人、前微软高管哈迪·帕尔托维(Hadi Partovi)说,每个学校都应该教授编程。他说编程非常必要,就像“学习重力或分子,电学和光合作用”一样。Among the 20,000 teachers who Code.org says have signed on is Alana Aaron, a fifth-grade math and science teacher in the Washington Heights neighborhood of Manhattan. She heard about the idea late last year at a professional development meeting and, with her principal’s permission, swapped a two-month earth sciences lesson she was going to teach on land masses for the Code.org curriculum.Code.org称,已有2万名老师注册该项目。曼哈顿华盛顿高地社区五年级的数学和自然科学老师阿兰娜·亚伦(Alana Aaron)是其中之一。她去年在一个职业发展会议上听说了这个项目,在获得了校长同意之后,她放弃了原本打算教授的长达两个月的关于陆地的地球科学课程,将其换成了Code.org的课程。“Computer science is big right now — in our country, the world,” she said. “If my kids aren’t exposed to things like that, they could miss out on potential opportunities and careers.”“计算机科学现在很重要——在美国和全世界都是如此,”她说。“如果我的学生们没有接触到这样的东西,他们可能会错过潜在的机遇和工作机会。” /201412/347277赣州哪家医院抽脂好 赣州俪人医院美容科

赣州医疗美容整形医院FRANKFURT — WHETHER or not Apple’s secretive car project ever leads to an actual automobile, the technology company has aly had a profound effect on the vehicle business.法兰克福——不管苹果公司藏而不露的汽车研发项目未来是否真的会让它生产某款汽车,这家科技公司都已经对汽车行业产生了深远的影响。The mere knowledge that Apple has a team of several hundred people working on car designs changed the conversation this week at the Frankfurt International Motor Show. Along with Google, Apple has focused the minds of auto executives on the challenge posed by new technologies that have the potential to disrupt traditional auto industry hierarchies.仅仅是知道苹果有一个几百人的团队在做汽车设计方面的研发,就足以改变人们在本周举行的法兰克福国际车展(Frankfurt International Motor Show )上谈论的话题。苹果,再加上谷歌,让汽车公司的高管们把注意力都放在了新技术带来的挑战上,这些新技术有可能会打破汽车行业的传统实力格局。This year, “connectivity” has supplanted “horsepower” or “torque” as the prevailing buzzword in Frankfurt. The talk is of self-driving cars, battery-powered cars and information technology designed to link cars with data networks to make driving safer and more efficient.今年,“连通性”已经取代“马力“或“扭矩”,成为法兰克福车展的热门词汇。人们谈论的是自驾车、电动汽车,以及将汽车和数据网络连接起来以提高驾驶安全性和效率的信息技术。Even though neither Apple nor Google is close to mass-producing a vehicle, nervousness about their intentions — which remain cloaked in mystery — is understandable.虽说苹果和谷歌都离批量生产汽车还很远,但汽车行业依然为两家公司不为外界所知的研发意图而紧张,这不难理解。As cars increasingly become rolling software platforms, Apple and Google have depths of tech expertise that the carmakers would have trouble duplicating. And those Silicon Valley companies have financial resources that dwarf those of even behemoth companies like Daimler and Volkswagen. Google, which began working on self-driving cars in 2009, is valued by the stock market at more than five times the worth of either of those carmakers. Apple is worth eight times as much. That gives them an advantage in a business that requires huge investment in research and development.随着汽车越来越多地成为装上车轮的软件平台,汽车制造商却很难复制苹果和谷歌所拥有的强大技术专长。而且即便是奔驰和大众这样的汽车业巨头,其财力与这两家硅谷公司相比,也会相形见绌。从2009年开始研发自驾车的谷歌,在股票市场上的估值已经是上述两家汽车厂商中任一家的五倍还要多。苹果的估值则是它们中任一家的八倍。在一个需要在研发上进行巨额投入的行业里,这让谷歌和苹果显得更具优势。The main risk for carmakers is probably not so much that an Apple car would destroy Mercedes-Benz or BMW the way the iPhone gutted Nokia, the Finnish company that was once the world’s largest maker of mobile phones. Rather, the risk is that Apple and Google would turn the carmakers into mere hardware makers — and hog the profit.汽车生厂商面临的主要风险,也许并非苹果汽车(Apple car)有可能会摧毁奔驰或宝马汽车的市场,如同iPhone击溃了曾经是世界第一大手机厂商的芬兰公司诺基亚(Nokia)那样。而是说,苹果和谷歌有可能将汽车厂商变成纯粹的硬件制造者,进而独占这个行业的利润。Carmakers say they are determined to resist that danger by maintaining control of the software that is proliferating inside vehicles.汽车厂商们表示,他们决心对正在激增的汽车内置软件保持掌控,以对抗这种风险。“What is important for us is that the brain of the car, the operating system, is not iOS or Android or someone else but it’s our brain,” Dieter Zetsche, the chief executive of Daimler, the maker of Mercedes vehicles, told reporters at the car show. IOS is Apple’s operating system for mobile devices.“对我们来说比较重要的是,作为汽车大脑的操作系统不能是iOS、安卓或其他系统,它得是我们自己的,”奔驰汽车的制造商戴姆勒公司(Daimler)的首席执行官迪特·蔡澈(Dieter Zetsche)在车展上对记者表示。iOS是苹果为其移动设备研发的操作系统。“We do not plan to become the Foxconn of Apple,” Mr. Zetsche said, referring to the Chinese company that manufactures iPhones.“我们不打算做苹果的富士康(Foxconn),”蔡澈说道,他指的是为苹果生产iPhones的中国公司。Even without competition from Apple and Google, the carmakers are under extreme pressure to change the way they build cars. Regulators in Europe and the ed States are demanding that cars emit less carbon dioxide, a culprit in global warming. The only way the automakers can meet increasingly stringent emissions standards is by selling more hybrid vehicles, and eventually all-electric cars. Both technologies require more software than gasoline or diesel engines.即便没有来自苹果和谷歌的竞争,汽车厂商们也面临着极大的压力,需要改变生产汽车的方式。欧洲和美国监管机构要求汽车厂商进一步降低汽车碳排放量,因为汽车排放是导致全球变暖的原因之一。而满足越来越严格的排放标准的唯一方式,就是销售更多混合动力汽车,最终实现只销售电动汽车。这两种技术都更加依赖软件研发,而非汽油或柴油发动机。Technology that links cars to data networks, so-called connectivity, also plays a role in reducing emissions and satisfying regulators. Systems that help drivers quickly find a parking space or avoid traffic jams, besides being convenient, help limit unnecessary driving and save fuel. But the new technologies are expensive, and car buyers are not necessarily willing to pay. Electric cars account for a sliver of the market so far.将汽车与数据网络相连的技术,即所谓的连通性,对于实现更少碳排放和让监管机构满意,也很重要。帮助司机快速找到停车位或避开交通拥堵的系统,除了方便之外,也有助于减少驾驶时长和节省燃料。但新技术相当昂贵,汽车购买者未必愿意为之买单。目前电动汽车的销售量只占整个市场很小一部分。Those pressures have been building for several years, but they have intensified since word leaked out early this year that Apple was studying whether to build a car.对汽车厂商而言,这些压力过去几年一直在增加,但今年年初苹果就是否生产汽车的问题进行研究的消息传出后,他们的压力更是瞬间加剧。“What has been an evolution is going to be a revolution,” said Stephan Winkelmann, the chief executive of Lamborghini, the Italian maker of super sports cars that is part of the Volkswagen group.“原先在不断演进的过程,如今要成为革命性巨变了,”兰基尼(Lamborghini)首席执行官斯特凡·温克尔曼(Stephan Winkelmann)说,这家意大利顶级跑车企业是大众汽车集团的子公司。“Starting from sustainability, going over to digitalization, and ending up at autonomous driving — these three big things are really something that is a game changer for the automotive industry,” Mr. Winkelmann said in an interview. “Everybody has to tackle these challenges.”“从可持续性,到数字化,再到最终的自动驾驶,这是未来会真正改变汽车行业游戏规则的三件大事,”温克尔曼在接受采访时说道。“所有汽车企业都必须应对这些挑战。”Volkswagen, previously regarded as a laggard in vehicle electrification, said in Frankfurt this week that it would introduce 20 new plug-in hybrid or all-electric models by 2020, and it introduced a battery-powered Porsche concept car. At the company’s preshow extravaganza for the media Monday night at a repurposed basketball arena, there was nary a mention of internal combustion. Instead, Martin Winterkorn, the Volkswagen chief executive, spoke of cars that would park themselves and eventually run completely on autopilot.之前被认为在汽车电气化方面落后于其他公司的大众集团,本周在法兰克福推出了一款保时捷电动概念车,并表示至2020年大众集团将陆续推出20款新的插电式混合动力或全电动车型。周一晚上,该集团在一个重新布置的篮球馆举行了声势浩大的展前发布会。在会上,无人提起内燃机之类的词汇。大众集团首席执行官文德恩(Martin Winterkorn)转而谈到了可以自动停车以及最终可以完全自动驾驶的汽车。“By the end of this decade we will have transformed all of our new cars into smartphones on wheels,” he said.“截至2020年,大众所有新款车型都将转变成带轮子的智能手机,”他说。It is not only the European carmakers closely watching Apple and Google. Anthony Foxx, the ed States transportation secretary, in Frankfurt for a meeting on Thursday with his counterparts from other G7 nations, said conventional automakers were trying to roll out technology as fast as they can, while some in Silicon Valley were aiming to leap straight to self-driving cars.不是只有欧洲汽车厂商在密切关注苹果和谷歌的动向。美国运输部部长安东尼·福克斯(Anthony Foxx)周四在法兰克福与来自其他G7国家的运输交通部长召开会议。他表示,传统汽车厂商正在尽可能快地推出新技术,而硅谷的科技公司则想一步到位地推出自动驾驶汽车。“There is an interesting dialogue between Detroit and Silicon Valley on this,” Mr. Foxx said during a meeting with several reporters. “There is probably some tension there, but maybe that is good creative tension.”“在这方面,底特律和硅谷之间形成了有趣的互动,”福克斯在会见几位记者时讲道。“他们之间可能存在一些紧张情绪,但或许这是有益创造性的紧张情绪。”One of the main guessing games at the auto show was whether Apple or Google would ever build a car. Both companies have met with German car companies as well as suppliers. Google executives have said the company will not become a carmaker.在车展上,大家猜测比较多的是一个问题是,苹果或谷歌是否会生产汽车。两家公司都和一些德国汽车公司和供应商见过面。谷歌的高管已经表示,它不会做汽车厂商。“Google is not a car manufacturer and does not intend to become one,” John Krafcik, a former Ford and Hyundai executive who runs Google’s self-driving car program, said in Frankfurt.“谷歌不是汽车制造商,也不打算成为这样的角色,”之前曾担任福特(Ford)和现代(Hyundai)汽车公司高管、现为谷歌自驾车项目负责人的约翰·克拉夫茨克(John Krafcik)在车展上表示。But it was not clear yet whether he meant that Google would license self-driving technology to traditional carmakers, or use contract manufacturers to build a vehicle. A Google spokesman declined to elaborate.但此话是否代表着谷歌会将其自驾车技术授权给传统汽车厂商,或通过签约汽车厂商生产汽车,还不清楚。一位谷歌发言人拒绝透露这方面的详细信息。Apple’s intentions are murkier. As is customary for Apple, the company has provided no information. But Timothy D. Cook, the Apple chief executive, reportedly visited a factory in Leipzig, Germany, last year where BMW manufactures the i3, an all-electric sedan with a carbon fiber body.苹果的意图更加模糊。如其一贯作风,苹果不曾透露过这方面的任何信息。但据说苹果首席执行官蒂莫西·D·库克(Timothy D. Cook)去年曾拜访德国莱比锡市的一家工厂,那是宝马公司生产拥有碳纤维车身的全电动小轿车宝马i3的地方。“We are not quite sure what Apple is prepared to do,” Friedrich Eichiner, the chief financial officer of BMW, said during a meeting with a group of reporters in Frankfurt. He said he thought Apple was still trying to understand the implications of getting into the car business.“我们不太确定苹果准备做什么,”宝马集团首席财务官弗里德里希·埃希纳(Friedrich Eichiner)在法兰克福接受记者群访时说。他说,他认为苹果还在努力弄清楚自己进入汽车行业有可能产生的结果。“Financially they are very strong,” Mr. Eichiner said. “They could do it.”“就财力而言,他们很强,”埃希纳说。“生产汽车没问题。”Luca de Meo, head of sales and marketing at Audi, another Volkswagen unit, said it would be out of character for Apple not to build its own vehicle, if it decides to get into the car business. “The Apple style is the ability to do software and hardware at the same time,” Mr. de Meo said in an interview.大众集团另一子公司奥迪(Audi)的销售与市场总监卢卡·德·梅奥(Luca de Meo)表示,如果苹果决定进入汽车行业,不生产自己的汽车的做法不符合它一贯的风格。“苹果的优势就在于同时集成软硬件的能力,”德·梅奥在接受采访时讲道。The traditional carmakers’ big advantage is that they have aly mastered the formidable complexity of manufacturing vehicles that are reliable, comfortable and safe. But it is becoming more feasible for a newcomer to outsource vehicle manufacturing the same way that Apple outsources production of iPhones. And the outsourcer wouldn’t necessarily be in China.传统汽车厂商的一大优势是,他们已经掌握了生产可靠、安全和舒适的汽车所需的极其复杂的工艺。但是对于进入这一行业不久的企业来说,像苹果外包iPhones的生产那样将汽车生产业务外包出去,正在变得愈发可行。而汽车生产外包商不一定来自中国。One company aly working with Google is ZF, a large German auto components supplier that in May completed an acquisition of TRW, a company based in Michigan that provides auto electronics such as airbag systems. TRW has been working on sensors and other hardware for self-driving cars.德国的大型汽车配件供应商ZF已经和谷歌展开合作,该公司在今年5月收购了位于密歇根的TRW,后者是一家生产安全气囊装置等汽车电子元件的企业,一直在研发和生产用于自驾车的传感器和其他硬件。Stefan Sommer, the chief executive of ZF, said the company would be able to produce a Google-branded car along with two or three other partners supplying components that ZF can’t, such as sheet metal body parts. “We would be a partner in that, for sure,” Mr. Sommer said in an interview.ZF公司首席执行官斯特凡·佐默(Stefan Sommer)表示,只要有两三个提供配件的合作企业与之相配合,该公司未来就可以生产谷歌牌汽车,合作企业可以为之供应包括金属板车身在内的ZF无法生产的汽车部件。“作为合作伙伴,我们肯定会参与谷歌汽车的生产,”佐默在接受采访时讲。But he said ZF could not work with Apple under the conditions it now imposes on suppliers. ZF sees itself as an innovator, not just a supplier. In Frankfurt, it displayed a car with electrically powered wheels that allow the car to turn 360 degrees almost on its own axis. ZF could not agree to demands by Apple for exclusive rights to such inventions, Mr. Sommer said.但他也表示,ZF无法按照苹果目前强加于其供应商的要求与之合作。因为ZF将自身看作创新企业,而不只是供应商。在法兰克福,该公司展示了一款配备电动车轮、几乎可以360度自转的汽车。佐默表示,ZF无法同意将这类创新技术独家授权给苹果。While Apple and Google pose a threat to traditional automakers, the mood in Frankfurt is not gloomy. Not long ago, analysts were predicting that the auto industry faced long-term decline. Surveys showed that younger people were less interested than their parents in cars and driving. But if Apple and Google are interested in the car industry, auto executives reason, cars and driving must be cool again.尽管苹果和谷歌给传统汽车厂商带来了威胁,但法兰克福车展上并非愁云密布。不久前,分析师们预测汽车业将面临长期的业绩下降。不少问卷调查也显示,更年轻的一代对汽车和驾驶的兴趣,比他们的父母辈一代要少。但汽车公司高管们推断,如果苹果和谷歌对汽车行业感兴趣,汽车和驾驶肯定会再度变酷。“It’s confirmation that we are working in a future industry,” said Ola , head of marketing and sales for Mercedes-Benz cars.“这明,我们从事的是一个拥有未来的行业,”奔驰的市场和销售总监奥拉·凯伦纽斯(Ola )说。Apple and Google have given the car industry a jolt. Now the question is whether carmakers can respond quickly enough.苹果和谷歌已经给汽车行业带来冲击。现在的问题是,汽车厂商们能否足够快地予以应对。And they are trying to raise their games. Daimler, for example, reorganized its factories around the world last year, eliminating plant managers and giving control over production to the executives in charge of different model lines. The change allowed Mercedes to introduce a new variant of its popular C-Class at four factories, on four continents, in six months — about half of what it would have taken earlier, said Markus , head of production at Mercedes.他们正努力改善自身的现状。比如,奔驰在去年重组了它分布于全球的工厂,裁掉工厂经理,将生产的控制权交给负责各个产品线的高管。该公司的生产总监马库斯·舍费尔(Markus Sch昀 )表示,这让他们可以在6个月内在位于4个大陆的4家工厂开工生产备受欢迎的C-Class的一个新款车型,而在此前这样的工作大约需要花费一年的时间。“This enables us to be more competitive in a world where new competitors come to the table,” Mr. Sch said.“在一个有新竞争对手开始入场的世界里,这会让我们更具竞争力,”舍费尔说。“We created the automobile,” he said, “and we will not be a hardware provider to somebody else.”“我们发明了汽车,”他说,“我们不会沦为其他企业的硬件供应商。” /201509/400017 Alibaba Group announced Monday that it invested 0 million in one of China’s lesser-known smartphone makers, Meizu, a company with small market share but a long history as one of the country’s smartest device makers. In the 2000s it turned out popular Mp3 players and one of China’s first smartphones it called an iPhone-killer.阿里巴巴集团周一宣布,对魅族投资5.9亿美元。尽管魅族在中国知名度和市场份额较弱,但在很长一段时间内,魅族是国内最聪敏的电子设备制造商之一。在本世纪的头十年里,魅族推出过热门MP3播放器和中国最早的智能手机之一,当时该公司将其称为“iPhone杀手”。The big investment, which earned Alibaba a minority but undisclosed stake in Meizu, comes eight months after Alibaba bought outright China’s largest mobile browser company, UCWeb. That purchase was the first signal that Alibaba wanted a piece of China’s booming smartphone landscape.这笔巨额投资让阿里巴巴获得了魅族的少数股份,但具体数量尚未披露。8个月前,阿里巴巴整体收购了中国最大的移动浏览器公司优视科技。此举是阿里巴巴意欲分食中国蓬勃发展的智能手机市场的首个信号。China’s more than 550 million smartphone users represent a lucrative market. Apple’s iPhone and products, for instance, were recently named the top luxury gift to give someone in Mainland China. Xiaomi, the most successful of China’s dozens of smartphone startups, raised money at a billion valuation late last year to become the highest-valued private startup in the world—after only selling phones since 2011.在中国,智能手机用户超过5.5亿,是一个利润丰厚的市场。举例来说,苹果公司的iPhone等产品最近被评为中国大陆首选高档礼物。在中国的十几家初创智能手机厂商中,最成功的是小米。在于去年年底完成融资后,小米的估值达到了460亿美元,成为世界上价值最高的私人初创企业,而它从2011年才开始销售智能手机。“The (Meizu) investment like any other is ‘future betting’ on a company which has some promise and could be a dark-horse in the smartphone race,” says Counterpoint Research director Neil Shah. “Alibaba is essentially locking-in cool and bright brands to expand its ecosystem with its investment spree.”市场研究公司Counterpoint Research董事尼尔o沙哈认为:“这次(对魅族的)投资和其他类似行为都是在‘押注未来’,而押注的对象是有一定前途,而且可能在智能手机竞争中成为黑马的公司。实际上,阿里巴巴斥巨资锁定了一些很酷、很抢眼的品牌,以扩张自己的生态系统。”It’s also catching up with the competition. Rival Tencent has a partnership with Xiaomi through their mutual stake in software maker Kingsoft and Qihoo, another Chinese Internet player specializing in security, invested 0 million in Shenzhen-based smartphone maker Coolpad in December. By those standards, Alibaba has been behind the game.同时,阿里巴巴在竞争中正迎头赶上。它的对手腾讯已经通过参股金山软件以及奇虎360和小米成为合作伙伴,并于去年12月向深圳智能手机厂商酷派投资4亿美元。如果以此为标准,阿里巴巴已经处于落后位置。Alibaba said its mobile operating system, YunOS, will be integrated into Meizu’s phones that now run on Google’s free Android operating system. A handful of tiny Chinese smartphone makers use YunOS, but the system is basically unknown in China where 80% of smartphones run on Android. In pushing its own operating system, Alibaba is taking a page from Amazon’s playbook and creating a platform on which consumers are seamlessly plugged into its shopping and entertainment sites through their phone. (Only Alibaba isn’t taking the concept quite as far as Amazon—it will leave building the phones to Meizu.)魅族手机目前使用免费的谷歌安卓操作系统。阿里巴巴表示,它的阿里云OS移动操作系统将集成到魅族手机中。有几家很小的中国手机厂商使用阿里云OS,但该系统在国内基本处于默默无闻状态——中国80%的智能手机都使用安卓系统。推广自己的操作系统是阿里巴巴对亚马逊Kindle Fire业务的借鉴。由此,阿里巴巴可以打造一个平台,让消费者的手机和阿里巴巴的购物和网站实现无缝对接(只不过阿里巴巴在这方面没有亚马逊走的那么远,它把制造手机的工作留给了魅族)。“The investment in Meizu represents a significant expansion of the Alibaba Group ecosystem,” said Jian Wang, Chief Technology Officer of Alibaba, in a statement. An Alibaba spokeswoman declined to comment more on the deal.阿里巴巴首席技术官王坚在一份声明中表示,“投资魅族代表着阿里巴巴集团生态系统的一次大规模扩张。”该公司女发言人拒绝对这次投资发表其他。While Alibaba gets a new (bigger) host for its operating system, Meizu gets a shot at greater sales across Alibaba’s e-commerce platforms, which can spell life or death for brands. On the biggest online shopping day last year in China, Single’s Day in November, when Alibaba’s platforms become the de facto shopping destinations, Xiaomi sold 0 million worth of phones in 24 hours. A Meizu spokesperson said the investment will help the company get more aggressive in pricing and product lines to reach its sales goal of 20 million phones this year.阿里巴巴为自己的操作系统找到了新的(而且是更大的)使用者,魅族则有机会通过阿里巴巴的一系列电子商务平台提高自己的销售规模,这对一些品牌来说是生死攸关的大事。去年双十一期间,阿里巴巴的电商平台成为网购首选,小米手机则在24小时内实现了2.5亿美元的销售额。魅族发言人称,这次投资将让魅族在定价和产品线方面变得更大胆,从而实现今年2000万美元的手机销售目标。A strong comeback for Meizu, using Alibaba’s operating system, could resurrect an old fight. More than two years ago Google protested that YunOS, also known as Aliyun, was ripping off Android’s source code. When Acer announced a phone based on the operating system, after Acer had agreed not to ship “non-compatible” Android versions, Google cried foul. Alibaba responded that its engineers spent three years developing the operating system. Acer’s phone was never released.借助阿里巴巴的操作系统,魅族强势回归,而这有可能再次点燃熄灭已久的战火。两年多以前,谷歌曾指责阿里云OS使用了安卓源代码。当时宏碁(Acer)宣布将推出基于阿里云OS的手机,谷歌随即表示强烈抗议,理由是宏碁已经同意不采用“非兼容”的安卓版本。阿里巴巴则回应称,阿里云OS由自己的技术人员用了三年时间开发而成。但基于阿里云OS 的宏碁手机并未上市。The arguments haven’t been raised since. But Shah of Counterpoint says for Meizu, the Alibaba tie-up “could significantly improve its product portfolio, retail presence and overall visibility for its products.” That greater visibility could also bring renewed scrutiny from Google.从那以后,这一战事便淡出了人们的视线。但Counterpoint Research董事沙哈指出,阿里巴巴携手魅族“可能极大地改善阿里巴巴的产品结构和零售市场布局,以及产品的整体清晰度”。而更高的产品清晰度有可能再次引起谷歌的关注。For now, Alibaba’s 0 million splurge on Monday earns the e-commerce giant a play in smartphones and makes the China market even more competitive than it was.眼下,这笔5.9亿美元的巨额投资让这家电商巨擘在智能手机领域获得了一席之地,也让中国市场的竞争变得比以前更加激烈。(财富中文网) /201502/359897赣州兔唇整形哪家好瑞金市丰唇手术费用




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