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Almost all of the talent Apple acquired from the original Siri team has reportedly left the company, with a pair of key departures having taken place in recent weeks.据报道,苹果公司Siri原创团队几乎所有的人才全部离职,其中几位关键人物在最近几周刚刚离开。Calling him ;one of the last members of the original Siri team,; The Information reported on last Wednesday that Darren Haas has left Apple for General Electric. He#39;ll join Steve D#39;Aurora, another ex-Siri team member who resigned from Apple for GE a few weeks ago.Information网站于上周三报道称,此前自称是“Siri团队的最后几位原创成员之一”的达伦·哈斯已于几周前离开苹果公司,赴通用电气任职。他会和几周前另一名Siri团队的前成员史蒂夫·德洛拉一道前往任职。The changeups also come a few days after a team of ex-Siri personnel unveiled Viv, a new, advanced virtual assistant that aims to offer functionality well beyond what Apple#39;s Siri can currently do. Demonstrated tasks include ordering a car from Uber, buying flowers from FTD, and ordering tickets from a variety of services, and offer intelligent, contextual responses, such as alternatives when a showtime for a movie is sold out.在此次离职潮发生的几天前,前Siri团队成员刚刚发布了Viv。Viv是一款功能类似Siri但性能远胜于其的软件。目前其演示的功能包括呼叫优步专车,通过FTD去购买鲜花,通过一系列其他务去买票,提供如某时段电影票售罄时的解决方案等在内的智能情景响应务。Haas#39;s departure affirms an earlier rumor suggesting Apple#39;s ;head of cloud engineering; was on his way out the door. The Siri team is said to have clashed with management at Apple, and have particularly been at odds with the team that oversees Apple#39;s iCloud services.哈斯的离职实此前苹果“云计算负责人”即将离开公司的传言。据称Siri团队同管理层产生过冲突,和负责管理云务的团队也存在分歧。Apple apparently decided to extend the Siri cloud computing platform to include services under the iCloud team#39;s banner, like iTunes and iMessages. That transition is said to have made some at Apple feel uneasy about job security.苹果公司将Siri云计算平台纳入iCloud团队旗下(包括iTunes和iMessages)的意图非常明显,此举令许多职工担忧自己能否保住工作。Both Haas and D#39;Angelo were key acqui-hires that came on board through Apple#39;s purchase of Siri in 2010. The tech developed by the company debuted on the iPhone 4s and is now integrated into all current iOS devices, serving functions from creating calendar entries to answering basic user inquiries.2010年苹果公司收购了Siri团队,而哈斯和德洛拉是团队中的关键人物。Siri在iPhone 4s中首次亮相,如今已预装在所有使用iOS系统的设备中,功能包括查看日历,回答用户提出的基本问题等。However, Siri was meant to do much more than its current feature set as developed under Apple. Prior to the acquisition, Siri integrated with a number of e-commerce providers, ranging from movie tickets to food orders.然而若非苹果的缘故,Siri本应具备更多的功能。并购前,Siri上能联系到很多电商,用户可以用软件订电影票,叫外卖等。 /201605/445278

CAIRO — When it comes to home delivery and services, Cairo has most other places beat.开罗――在快递到家和务上门方面,没有多少城市能胜过开罗。Suffering from a hangover and perhaps some regrets? Costa Coffee will send around a single shot of espresso (.70), and the neighborhood pharmacy will dispatch one morning-after pill ().为宿醉苦恼?或许为昨晚的事后悔?Costa咖啡可以送来一杯意式浓缩咖啡(2.70美元),附近的药店也能送来一片事后避药(2美元)。Want a Brazilian bikini wax? It can be done in the privacy of your home for . 想来个巴西式比基尼脱毛?可以在家中私密环境下完成,价格6美元。Need a birth or death certificate? Just put in a call to the government, which will dispatch it within 72 hours.需要出生或死亡明?只需给政府打电话,72小时内就会得到解决。For city dwellers in Egypt, almost anything can be delivered, and for nearly nothing.对于埃及的城市居民来说,几乎一切都可以快递,而且近乎免费。Home deliveries started with fast food, but have come to include an array of other goods and services. 快递到家务始于快餐业,但是渐渐发展到一系列其他货品与务。Upscale restaurants will deliver a salad or a single slice of cake; stationers will send pens to the office; liquor stores will supply alcohol if a party runs dry; bakeries will send fresh b and pastries straight from the oven — most of it carried on the backs of battered old motorcycles.高级餐厅可以只送一份沙拉或一小块蛋糕;文具店可以把钢笔送到办公室;如果派对上的酒喝完了,可以要酒类商店送来;蛋糕房可以送来刚出炉的新鲜面包和甜点——多数商品都是用破旧托车送来的Driving the trend is a middle class willing to spend money to avoid hassles, plus large numbers of poorer people willing to zoom around on motorcycles for less than a day. 推动这种趋势的是中产阶级愿意花钱避免麻烦的愿望,此外还有众多比较穷的人愿意骑着托车到处穿梭,换来每天不到10美元的报酬。Given Cairo’s bad traffic and long, hot summers, the capital’s dwellers need little encouragement to pick up the phone. (Deliveries spike especially in July and August, when daytime temperatures rarely drop below 90 degrees.)鉴于开罗糟糕的交通状况,以及夏日的漫长酷热,首都的居民不用太多想就会打电话叫快递(快递在7月和8月会达到高峰,那段时间白日的温度很少低于90华氏度)。The customers pay very little for the convenience — delivery charges are typically less than a dollar.客户不用付多少钱就可以得到这种便利——快递费一般不到1美元。It is too hot for anyone to walk, and no one wants to drive through a traffic jam and then have to look for a parking spot, said Shady Ahmed, who delivers for Costa Coffee in Zamalek, an affluent Cairo neighborhood. 天气太热了,大家都不愿意走路,也没人愿意开车遇到拥堵,然后还要找停车位,在扎马利克为Costa咖啡送货的沙迪#8226;艾哈迈德(Shady Ahmed)说,扎马利克是开罗一个繁华的地带。Why would anyone waste money on a cab coming and going when we can deliver to them for less?既然我们可以廉价送货上门,为什么还要浪费钱打车呢?Even the government’s creaky bureaucracy has seized on the trend. 就连破败的政府官僚体制也赶上了这股潮流。In January, the civil registry created a call center for people to renew their national IDs and then get birth, death and marriage certificates delivered to their homes, a service they can also find online.1月,民政注册处开放了一个电话中心,提供上门务,帮人们更新身份号,之后又提供了快递出生、死亡和结婚的务,这些务也可以上网办理。We did this to make life easier, said Ehab el-Attar, the registry’s head. 我们这样做都是为了提供方便,注册处的长官埃哈卜#8226;艾尔-阿塔尔(Ehab el-Attar)说。Not everyone can use the internet, and this way they don’t waste time coming here and make traffic worse. 不是所有人都能用互联网,这样他们就不用浪费时间跑到这里,让交通进一步恶化。I don’t think this particular service is a proof of laziness. 我不觉得这项务明人们懒惰。But, he added with a laugh, there is definitely plenty of laziness around.不过他笑着补充说,现在确实有不少懒人。The home delivery culture is sping into the service sector as well. 上门文化也发展到了务行业。Now an ailing runner can have her knees X-rayed in bed for about , and while she is at it, get a haircut and a pedicure.现在,如果跑步受伤,可以在家里,躺在床上给膝盖做X光检查,只需55美元,与此同时,还可以理发和美甲。While businesses have jumped at the opportunities, some of their workers grumble about the customers’ attitudes. 商家抓住机会的同时,有些员工也在抱怨客户的态度。They’ll just sit there with coffee mugs and barely look at you. 他们就是端着咖啡坐在那儿,几乎不看你一眼。You just want to tell them, ‘You are not rich, this is just cheap,’ said Nagat Hosny, a body waxer who does home visits.你忍不住想告诉他们,‘不是你太有钱,是务太便宜’,提供上门务的身体脱毛师纳加#8226;胡斯尼(Nagat Hosny)说。Mostafa Mahmoud travels the city taking blood from people at home — he is a phlebotomist, not a vampire — and delivers it to Al Borg, one of the capital’s leading medical labs.穆斯塔法#8226;马哈茂德(Mostafa Mahmoud)在整个城市四处上门采集血液——他是抽血者,不是吸血者——然后把这些血液提供给开罗最大的医疗实验室之一Al Borg。It is often exasperating when you go and find that the person is absolutely fine and just chilling at home, he said. 有时候你上门去,发现那人完全没问题,悠闲自得地待在家里,这经常让人恼怒,他说。Some even have the audacity to scold you if you are 10 minutes late.有些人因为你晚了10分钟,就敢教训你。With an increasing number of goods and services finding their way to the doorsteps of customers, it was inevitable that some high-tech solutions would also come along.愈来愈多的货物和务被直接送上门,一些高科技的解决办法也就不可避免地随之而来。Waleed Rashed is the founder of a company that plans to introduce a delivery app called Voo in October. 瓦利德#8226;拉希德(Waleed Rashed)是一家公司的创始人,该公司计划在10月推出一款名叫Voo的快递手机应用。Voo (the name is meant to suggest the sound of speed) aims to do almost any chore for anyone.Voo(这个名字让人联想起飞速移动的声音)旨在为所有人提供几乎所有的跑腿务。There is no incentive to go outside, Mr. Rashed said. 人们不愿出门,拉希德说。Just one hour outside is enough to ruin anyone’s day.出门一小时就能毁掉一整天。Voo might, for example, pick up keys you left at a friend’s house and return them to you within an hour for an average of , he said.比如说,Voo可以在一个小时内帮你拿回留在朋友家里的钥匙,再交还给你,平均只需5美元,他说。Ingez, an Egyptian company whose name translates as hurry up, has also latched onto the delivery craze. 埃及公司因格兹(Ingez——意思是赶快)也跟上了这股快递热潮。It offers services such as driving sundry goods — a single cellphone cover, say — from one end of Cairo to another for as little as .50, or taking flowers to someone in the hospital on behalf of a busy relative.它可以把各种货物(比如说,一个手机壳)从开罗的一头送到另一头,只需要2.5美元,或者帮一个忙碌的亲戚给医院里的病人送花。Sometimes we find it funny, said Ahmed Farouk, the company’s manager of operations. 有时候,我们觉得这很有趣,公司的运营经理艾哈迈德#8226;法鲁克(Ahmed Farouk)说。I personally wouldn’t request a delivery for a small order myself, but people generally are never shy about it.我自己从来不会为了小额商品叫快递,但是大多数人毫无顾忌。Ammar Ali Hassan, a prominent Egyptian novelist and political sociologist, attributes such attitudes to the return of many relatively affluent Egyptians who were guest workers in Saudi Arabia and other countries on the Persian Gulf.埃及著名的小说家和政治社会学家阿马尔#8226;阿里#8226;哈桑(Ammar Ali Hassan)觉得,这种态度是因为许多相对富裕的埃及人正在回国。他们曾在沙特阿拉伯和波斯湾其他国家打工。Many were influenced by the Gulf, Mr. Hassan said. 很多人受到海湾地区的影响,哈桑说。They think, ‘Oh I am a big deal and can act like a member of the upper class now. 他们想,‘现在我是大人物,可以像上层阶级一样了。I am too big for queues.’ ’我太了不起,不能排队。Home delivery has become so habitual here that Egyptians abroad tend to feel deprived.接受上门务成了一种习惯,一些海外的埃及人甚至觉得失去了什么。Salma Adel, a young Egyptian physician who moved to Ireland more than a year ago, said delivery was one of the things she missed most.一年多前移居爱尔兰的年轻埃及医生萨尔玛#8226;阿德尔(Salma Adel)说,快递是她最怀念的一件事。It has to be up there with family, she said. 最好是和家人在一起,她说。It’s not like it’s just fast food. It’s all food.不仅仅是快餐,而是所有的餐饮都能送达。There’s something beautiful about being able to conjure up a beautiful meal out of thin air when you’re sat at home and can’t be bothered to cook, she added.坐在家里,不用费力做饭,凭空就有好饭好菜变出来,真是太美了,她说。 /201609/463845

It is one of the most beloved and famous of all songs, belted out at countless gatherings for infant and octogenarian alike. Yet “Happy Birthday to You,” far from being as free as a piece of cake at a party, is actually considered private property.这首歌家喻户晓、备受喜爱。下至学步婴儿,上至耄耋老人,无数人的聚会上都有这首歌高声响起。不过,《祝你生日快乐》并不像派对上的蛋糕一样免费,它的版权其实属于私人。A federal lawsuit filed by a group of independent artists is trying to change that, and lawyers in the case, in a filing last week, said they had found evidence in the yellowed pages of a nearly century-old songbook that proves the song’s copyright — first issued in 1935 — is no longer valid.一群独立艺术家发起联邦诉讼,试图改变这个局面,本案原告律师们在上周提交的一份文件中声称,他们在一本近百年前的旧歌集泛黄的纸页间找到了据,明这首歌的版权已经过了保护期(1935年初次登记注册)。 A judge may rule in the case in coming weeks. If the song becomes part of the public domain, it would cost the Warner Music Group, which holds the rights, millions of dollars in lost licensing fees. It would also be a victory for those who see “Happy Birthday to You” as emblematic of the problems with copyright — a song that has long since survived anyone involved in its creation, yet is still owned by a corporation that charges for its use.接下来的几个星期里,法官将会对此案做出判决。如果这首歌属于公共版权,它目前的版权所有者华纳音乐集团将会损失数百万美元的版权许可费用。此外,还有许多人认为,《祝你生日快乐》堪称现行版权制度中各种问题的象征,这首歌所涉及的所有创作者均已作古,但它的版权却仍然属于一家大公司,使用它还要向公司缴纳费用。此案如果胜诉,对于这些人来说也不啻为一种胜利。“It is one of the few songs that you’ve heard for as long as you’ve lived, and you kind of think of it as a folk song,” said Robert Brauneis, a professor at the George Washington University Law School who in 2010 published a skeptical study of the copyright of “Happy Birthday to You.”“几乎没有什么歌能让人听一辈子,这首歌就是其中之一,你觉得它应该是属于民歌,”乔治·华盛顿大学法律学院的罗伯特·布罗奈斯(Robert Brauneis)说,2010年,他就《祝你生日快乐》的版权问题发表了一份充满怀疑的研究报告。The case also highlights the centrality of copyright claims to media businesses like the music industry, where the question of who owns the rights to a song can be worth millions of dollars. Advocates for rigorous copyright laws point out that they protect musicians as well as the companies that represent them. Still, their interpretation can rattle the industry; that was the case in March, when a jury found that Robin Thicke’s song “Blurred Lines” had copied “Got to Give It Up,” a 1977 hit by Marvin Gaye.这个案子也凸显出,对于音乐行业这样的媒体业来说,对版权的要求可谓重中之重——在音乐行业内,一首歌的版权归属价值成百上千万美元。持严密的版权法的人指出,这些法律保护音乐人的利益,也保护代表音乐人的公司的利益。但是他们的解释也会令这个行业感到不安;比如今年三月,法庭判决罗宾·西克(Robin Thicke)的歌《含糊其辞》(Blurred Lines)抄袭了马文·盖伊(Marvin Gaye)1977年的金曲《要放弃了》(Got to Give It Up)。Part of the dispute over “Happy Birthday” derives from the song’s byzantine publishing history. Its familiar melody was first published in 1893 as “Good Morning to All,” written by Mildred Hill and her sister Patty, a kindergarten teacher in Kentucky. Birthday-themed variations began to appear in the early 1900s, and soon “Happy Birthday to You” was a phenomenon, popping up in films and hundreds of thousands of singing telegrams in the 1930s.围绕着《生日快乐》的争议有部分是来自这首歌错综复杂的出版史。1893年出版了一首名为《大家早上好》(Good Morning to All)的歌,与它旋律颇为类似,创作者是米尔德里德·希尔(Mildered Hill)和她的姊——肯塔基州的幼儿园老师帕蒂(Patty)。生日快乐主题的演变版本于20世纪初出现;30年代,《祝你生日快乐》开始风靡一时,出现在许多电影里,乃至数十万“唱歌电报”中(由歌手为接收电报的人唱出电文内容,是一种礼物——译注)。Its appearance in a scene in Irving Berlin’s show “As Thousands Cheer” in 1933 led to a lawsuit, and in 1935 the copyright for “Happy Birthday to You” was registered by the Clayton F. Summy Company, the Hill sisters’ publisher. The song changed hands over the years, and Warner acquired it in 1988 when buying the song’s owner, Birchtree Ltd., as part of a publishing deal reported at the time to be worth million. According to some estimates, the song now generates about million in licensing income each year, mostly from its use in television and film.1933年,这首曲子出现在欧文·柏林(Irving Berlin)的演出里,名为《千万欢呼》(As Thousands Cheer),引发了一场法律诉讼;1935年,《祝你生日快乐》的版权被希尔姊的出版商克莱顿·F·萨米公司(Clayton F. Summy Company)注册。多年来,这首歌的版权几经易手,1988年,华纳公司买下了这首歌的所有者伯奇特里有限公司(Birchtree Ltd.),作为一项出版合约中的一部分,据当时的报道,该交易价值在250万美元。据估计,如今,《祝你生日快乐》每年为华纳公司带来200万美元的许可收益,大都来自电视和电影中的使用。Yet while the song is widely performed at private gatherings, its copyright status leads to peculiar workarounds in public settings. Chain restaurants often come up with their own songs to avoid paying licensing fees, according to Mr. Brauneis’s paper. On live television, it is not uncommon for an impromptu performance to be quickly silenced by producers.诚然,这首歌在私下场合广为使用,但它的版权状况在公共环境下却导致了各种应变之道。根据布罗奈斯的文章,(有人庆祝生日时)连锁餐厅经常播放自己的歌曲,避免为播放这首歌付费用。在电视现场节目里,如果有嘉宾即兴演唱这首歌,制作人就赶快消音,这种事屡见不鲜。Jennifer Nelson, who is making a documentary about the song and first filed the lawsuit against Warner two years ago, said that the company charged her ,500 to use the song. The case, which has been joined by other artists and seeks class-action status, is being heard in federal court in Los Angeles. Plaintiffs want the song to be declared part of the public domain, and for Warner to return licensing fees dating to at least 2009.詹妮弗·纳尔逊(Jennifer Nelson)正在为这首歌拍摄一部纪录片,两年前正是她首次起诉华纳公司,她说,公司要求她为使用这首歌付1500美元。后来其他艺术家也加入进来共同起诉,洛杉矶联邦法庭已经受理这一案件。原告们希望这首歌可以被改判为属于公共版权,华纳公司则需退还至少到2009年为止他人付的许可费用。“Our clients want to give ‘Happy Birthday to You’ back to the public, which is what Patty Hill wanted all along,” said Mark C. Rifkin, a lawyer for the plaintiffs.“我们的客户希望把《祝你生日快乐》归还给公众,这也是帕蒂·希尔一直以来的愿望,”原告的一位律师马克·C·里夫金(Mark C. Rifkin)说。Warner, which declined to comment for this article, contends in court filings that its copyright is valid. The song also generates hundreds of thousands of dollars each year for a nonprofit group, the Association for Childhood Education International.华纳公司拒绝为本文接受采访,它在法律文书中主张,自己的版权是有效的。这首歌每年亦为非营利组织“国际儿童教育协会”(Association for Childhood Education International)带来数十万美元的收入。Yet “Happy Birthday to You” has long been a prime target for critics of the laws that regulate copyright. Thanks to an extension made under the Sonny Bono Copyright Term Extension Act of 1998 — which was lobbied for heavily by Hollywood — the song remains under protection through 2030.其实《祝你生日快乐》早已是版权法批评者们的主要抨击对象。由于1998年通过的桑尼·波诺版权延长期法案(Sonny Bono Copyright Term Extension Act,规定版权的保护期限是作者有生之年加死后70年,比伯尔尼公约规定的国际惯例多20年,1923年前的出版物均属公共版权——译注),版权保护期限得以延长(好莱坞做了大量院外游说,力主通过这一法案),因此这首歌直到2030年都在版权期保护之内。“The fact that ‘Happy Birthday to You’ is still under copyright is the most symbolic example of how copyright has expanded and overreached beyond its Constitutional purpose,” said Kembrew McLeod, a communications professor at the University of Iowa who has written about the song.“《祝你生日快乐》仍在版权保护期内,这是版权法过度扩张,达到违宪地步的最典型例子,”爱荷华大学传播学教授坎姆布鲁·麦克里奥德(Kembrew McLeod)为这首歌撰文写道。Mr. Brauneis contended in his 2010 study that the song’s copyright may not have been properly renewed when its initial term expired, in 1963. But lawyers for the plaintiffs in the “Happy Birthday” suit — for whom Mr. Brauneis said he was working as an unpaid consultant — now say they have proof of deeper problems.1963年,这首歌的版权期第一次到期,布罗奈斯在他2010年的那篇文章中主张,当时就不应当将它的版权期予以延长。但《生日快乐》一案的原告律师们(布罗奈斯为他们充当免费顾问)说,他们有据,可以揭示更深层次的问题。Last week, they submitted evidence that they called “a proverbial smoking gun”: a 1922 songbook containing “Good Morning and Birthday Song,” with the birthday lyrics in the third verse. While other songs in the book are given with copyright notices, “Good Morning and Birthday Song” says only that it appears through “special permission” of the Summy Company. Under the laws of the time, an authorized publication without proper copyright notice would result in forfeiture of the copyright, according to lawyers involved in the case. Furthermore, under the 1998 law, anything published before 1923 is considered part of the public domain.上星期,他们提交了一桩据,他们称之为“众所周知的冒烟火”:那是一本1922年的歌集,里面收录了名为《早安与生日歌》(Good Morning and Birthday Song)的歌曲,第三段是生日快乐的歌词。那本书里的所有歌曲都附上了版权声明,《早安与生日歌》则是经过萨米公司的“特别许可”才得以使用的。本案律师称,根据当时的法律,正式出版物如果没有版权声明,就会导致版权被没收。根据1998年的法律,任何1923年以前出版的作品均属公共版权领域。Warner argued that while earlier versions of the birthday song may have been published, they were not authorized by the sisters themselves. Also, no copyright covered “Happy Birthday,” the label argues, until it was registered in 1935, so there was no copyright to be invalidated in 1922.华纳公司称,尽管生日歌的若干早期版本可能早早就得以发表,但它们都未经过两本人授权。此外,公司声称,没有一项版权涵盖了《祝你生日快乐》,直至这首歌于1935年正式注册,所以,不存在失效的1922年版权。Both sides have asked for summary judgment, and the judge, George H. King of ed States District Court in Los Angeles, is expected to rule soon. Judge King could deny both motions and hold a trial — raising the possibility of a strange proceeding in which all principal witnesses are long dead.双方都要求做出简易程序判决(summary judgment),期望此案法官,美国洛杉矶地区法庭的乔治·H·金(George H. King)能够速战速决。金法官也可以否决双方的要求,举行庭审——这可能会很奇怪,因为所有关键人都早已身故。As part of the evidence submission last week, the plaintiffs included a paper trail showing how they tracked down the songbook. It started with electronically scanned images from Warner of a 1927 edition of the same book, but with the publisher’s crucial permission line about “Good Morning and Birthday Song” blurred. Lawyers for the plaintiffs searched for other copies of the book and found one at the University of Pittsburgh; a 1922 edition was also located.原告上周呈送的据中包括书面文件,追溯他们是怎样查找到那本歌集。一开始,他们在华纳找到那本歌集1927年版的电子扫描图片,但关于《早安与生日歌》最关键的出版者许可那一行是模糊的。原告律师开始寻觅这本书的其他版本,最后在匹兹堡大学找到了;而且还找到了1922年的版本。In a series of emails about the 1927 edition, a Pittsburgh librarian told Mr. Rifkin that the songbook had been found in a university storage facility.在一系列关于该书1927年版的电子邮件通信里,匹兹堡的图书管理员告诉里夫金,这本歌集是在一间大学的储藏室里找到的。“Here you go,” she wrote in sending it to him. “Surely the copyright hasn’t lasted this long.”“加油吧,”她在随书附上的邮件里写道,“版权肯定持续不了这么久。” /201508/396168

  Chinese women are beautiful. So are American ones. Actually, all women are beautiful. However,the way to express beauty is quite different due to the disparity of culture and national conditions.1. Chinese women are more hardworking than American women whether in manual work or brainwork. Chinese women work far more toughly than American women and they show a stronger power of will.2. Chinese women are more willing to bear the burden of hard work. The American women prefer complaining, while the Chinese ones, especially those women who live in the rural areas, are more contained with few complains when treated unfairly.3. Chinese women are more tolerant to their husbans compared with their Ameircan counterparts. Few wives in China will divorce with their husbands who have love affairs with other women, while, to American wives, cheating is absolutely intolerant and divorce is the only solution.4. Chinese women believe more in fate than American women, especially when their husbands cheat on them。On this occasion, they first blame all to their unlucky fate. Comparatively. the Americans first prefer to find a good lawyer ,who can bring them more possession in the divorce, with the slightest idea of complaining their poor destiny.5. Compared with the American female, Chinese female lay much emphasis on their husbands. However, the Americans, male or female, value their own freedom and happiness most. Female will never love boyfriends more than themselves. In this term, Chinese women are quite opposite--they love their husband far more than themselves. According to a report released last week, China ranks the first in terms of female suicide, however, it is not the first in pure suicide. Just think about the large population of China, you will find the figure even more terrible. Thousands of female in China (most live in rural areas) feel desperate and then commit suicide every year just because their husbands leave them.6. In the eye of Chinese women, a job means working outside. Oppositely, American female regard housework as important as working outside; sometimes, they think working outside is harder, more valuable to their family.7. Loving period for Chinese women is shorter than that for the American women.An American woman can fall in love with a man in their tens and keep such kind of enthusiasm till they get old. While Chinese women can only last from their tens to thirties.8. Chinese women will face huge pressure from society and family if they haven't got married when they are over twenty. For American women, this kind of pressure is nowhere to find. No matter how old they are, they always have pursuers. Chinese women seldom have pursuers when they get old.9. Chinese women like making up when they are young, but give up make-up when they get old. American women make up more when they are old.10. Chinese women adore men, especially those who have a less education background; while American women admire men.11. Chinese women will devote all to men when they fall in love with them, mentally and phsically. American women love men and at the same time wait for responses.12. Chinese female have a lower rate of love affairs than Chinese men. Even though i have no statistics, i can guess the gap is more than ten times, especially in the expansive rural areas. It is easy to find a man who has love affairs with other woman, whick is no more strange. However, it is a big event that a woman has a love affair with another man and the bad news runs faster. Finally, it can be a shame on the whole family. This rate in America even out according to statistics.Although sex discrimination in America still exists and it is a long way for Ameircan female to pursue the equal treatment. Compared with Chinese women, American women indeed do less than their Chinese counterparts for their family and husbands. /200804/34587

  Standing in Levi’ssweaty atelier, where the jeans maker experiments with new designs, just blocksfrom the San Francisco Bay, Paul Dillinger pulls on a new denim jacket. Createdfor cyclists, it has a drop-back tail, so your back isn’t left exposed; stormcuffs, to stop air blowing up your sleeves; and, unexpectedly, thetechnological equivalent of a magic wand.保罗.狄林格(Paul Dillinger)站在牛仔装生产商李维斯(Levi’s)异常闷热的新装试验室里,正在试穿一件牛仔夹克新样装。这件牛仔装专为自行车运动员打造:防止参赛车手露出后背的圆尾形后摆(drop-back tail)以及防止窜风的防风式袖口,这款牛仔夹克犹如从天而降的魔杖,无所不能。 “What spells would you like to casttoday? he laughs, tapping on his left arm, where sensors have been woven intothe fabric and a colour-changing light is snapped on to the cuff.看看这件新装今天能施展什么魔法?他敲击着左胳膊笑问道,传感器缝进了牛仔面料中,变幻颜色的光束照射到了衣袖口处。The sleeve isenchanted: inside is technology that can help cyclists do everything fromanswer phone calls to avoid getting lost. 袖口也如同被施了魔法:内置的高科技能让车手实现从接听电话到查询方位的各项功能。Cyclists can usetheir smartphone to set up the jacket so it recognises favourite callers. 车手可以用自己的智能手机对夹克进行设置,夹克就能识别出车手最常用的电话联系人;通过谷歌地图(Google Maps)提供的具体方位信息,They can then tapor swipe their sleeve to send a text saying what time they are likely to arrivehome — drawn from data on their location via Google Maps.车手可以轻击或重击袖口来发送大约何时到家的短信。The jacket — dueout in spring 2017 — is part of a new generation of wearables aiming to maketechnology fashionable. 这款夹克预定2017年春季推出,它属于新一代科技时尚化的可穿戴产品。Fashion has beenexperimenting with technology in high profile one-off garments for a while. 时尚界曾经在知名品牌的一次性装上试验高科技,但无法实现大规模市场化应用。But it has not yetbrought that technology to a larger market. People were wowed by the Marchesadress — developed with IBM’s artificial intelligence system, Watson — thatchanged colour when people tweeted, which Karolina Kurkova wore to the Met Galathis year. IBM使用Watson人工智能系统设计的玛切萨(Marchesa)裙子让时尚拥趸如痴如醉,它能根据Twitter用户的情绪变化实时变换颜色,超模卡罗莱娜.库科娃(Karolina Kurkova)穿着它参加了今年的纽约大都会物馆慈善晚会(Met Gala)。Make Fashion, agroup of Canadian artists and engineers, have spent five years creating playfuldesigns such as Gamer Girls dresses — where the dress changes depending onwhether they win or lose. 由加拿大一些艺术家与工程师组成的团队Make Fashion花了五年时间设计Gamer Girls这类妙趣横生的女裙——它能根据输赢结果变换颜色。But thus farwidesp uptake of such technologies has been slow.但迄今为止,对此类高科技时装的市场认同度仍然相当低。Even technologycompanies led by Apple, the most design conscious in the industry, havefloundered in creating products that appeal beyond their geeky base. 即使是苹果公司引领的高科技公司研发的产品,其影响力也仍然没走出自家的创意工作室。The Apple Watchoffers a wide range of straps, including a collection handmade by Hermesartisans in France.苹果手表(Apple Watch)推出的表带样式五花八门,其中就包括由爱马仕(Hermes)设计师在法国手工打造的一个系列。Now some fashionhouses are starting to form partnerships with technology companies to swapexpertise and fill in blind spots. 如今一些时尚品牌开始与科技类公司建立合作关系,以换取对方的专业技能,弥补自身盲区。Tech manufacturersare teaching fashion companies about how to make chips and batteries thin,while fashion houses are teaching techies about the trials of making many sizesand ensuring a teched-up garment is fit to launder. 科技类公司向时装公司传授制作小型芯片与电池的技术,而时装公司则向对方传授设计不同型号时装以及确保高科技时装耐洗的诀窍。Chipmaker Intelhas worked with watchmakers Fossil and Tag Heuer and eyewear company Luxottica,while fitness-tracker maker Fitbit has teamed up with both Tory Burch andclothing company Public School.芯片生产商英特尔(Intel)联手Fossil、豪雅(T Heuer)等腕表品牌以及全球最大的眼镜公司Luxottica,而穿戴式健身追踪器生产商Fitbit与汤丽柏琦(Tory Burch)以及时装品牌Public School成了合作伙伴。Earlier this monthduring New York Fashion Week Michael Kors announced its first foray intowearable tech. 九月初的纽约时装周(New York Fashion Week)期间,迈克.科尔斯(Michael Kors)首次宣布进军高科技可穿戴设备领域。In partnershipwith Google, the brand has unveiled a smart watch based on its bestsellinganalogue collection. 在自己最畅销的analogue指针系列手表基础上,它与谷歌合作推出了一款智能腕表。The new Dylan andBradshaw models include features such as notification functions, maps, and avoice-directed Google search facility. It will retail for £329 — about £100more than the analogue version最新推出的Dylan男表与Bradshaw女表拥有通知、地图以及语音定向谷歌探索等功能,其零售价为329英镑,比analogue系列腕表大约贵100英镑。For Sidney Chang,the principal of business development at Google, these collaborations are anessential part of the company’s future. 在谷歌业务开发部主管Sidney Chang看来,与时尚公司的合作对谷歌未来的发展至关重要。We’re very nimble,he explained during the launch last week. 我们会伺机而动。We’ve alypartnered with Fossil, Tag Heuer and Nixon on smartwatches, but each brandrepresents a different customer and a different set of criteria. 在不久前的新品发布会上,他这样说道,谷歌已与Fossil、豪雅以及Nixon合推了智能腕表,但每个品牌又代表了各自不同的消费群体与技术标准。We love thediversity of working with different brands, and developing wearables thatreflect your identity. 我们喜欢与风格各异的不同品牌合作,研发反映品牌自身特色的可穿戴产品。Of course, we havethe physics to enable these technologies, but we can’t bring the people, or theparty, or the associations.当然,谷歌有科技产品化的雄厚实力,但没有消费者、群体或团体等人脉资源。If Google Glasswas an excellent example of a great idea that looked tragically uncool, thesenew collaborations should go some way to bridging the gulf between function andfashionability. 如果说谷歌眼镜是绝妙的想法开发成土里土气产品的典范,那么高科技公司与时尚品牌的珠联璧合或多或少弥补了功能与时尚之间的鸿沟。Google gets accessto a younger, more image-focused market and all the benefits of a high-endmarketing campaign. 谷歌的受众是那些形象至上的年轻人,也是高端营销活动的最大受益者。The fashion housegets to bring its brand to life in new ways, to a new audience. Everyone wins.时尚公司实现了品牌的脱胎换骨,又增加了新的消费群体,这对双方来说是双赢之举。Google was alsoLevis’ partner in developing the cycling jacket, bringing together Google’sAdvanced Technology and Projects team in Silicon Valley, with the brand’sin-house skunk works.谷歌也是李维斯牛仔研发自行车手夹克外套的合作者,谷歌位于硅谷的前沿科技攻关小组与李维斯的研发团队(skunk works)实现了珠联璧合。Dillinger, Levi’sglobal product innovation lead, says the partnership worked because Google camewilling to learn from Levi’s as much as the other way round. And there wereconsiderable challenges: the technology had to survive the aggressive testingconditions demanded of the denim before it gets into stores.李维斯产品创新部全球主管狄林格说双方的合作之所以成功,是因为双方都愿意从对方身上取长补短,当然双方的合作也面临艰巨挑战:谷歌的高科技必须经受住牛仔装投放市场前的严格测试。We had the bestcapabilities of the two companies frankly, says Dillinger. 平心而论,我们实现了集双方之优点于一身。We are not verygood at technology and they are not very good at garments.狄林格说,高科技并非我们的强项,而装也不是谷歌的强项。Sandra Lopez,vice-president at Intel’s new technology group, has both skillsets: she studiedtextiles and clothes marketing, and then went on to work in tech, including atAdobe and Macromedia, before arriving at Intel.英特尔新技术部副总裁桑德拉.洛佩兹(Sandra Lopez)则是两者皆备:她的专业是纺织品装营销,毕业后则在高科技公司工作,来英特尔之前,曾谋职于Adobe与全球最大的网络多媒体软件公司Macromedia。Intel bringsretailers into its Silicon Valley office to discuss the challenges and has evenhad its own wearables shown at New York Fashion Week. 英特尔把零售商邀请至其硅谷总部,共同探讨面临的挑战,它甚至把自己设计的穿戴设备在纽约时装周上展出。For example, itworked on the MICA (My Intelligent Communication Accessory) designed by OpeningCeremony and launched in 2014. 比方说,它智能化了Opening Ceremony设计的MICA手镯,并于2014年推出。The chunkybracelet, with precious gems and Ayers snakeskin sends the user notificationsfrom SMS and social apps.这串沉甸甸的手镯用宝石与Ayers蛇皮装饰,可接收短信及社交应用软件的通知。In the last yearand a half Lopez says she has begun to see real progress as more fashion housesare building their own research and development departments to examine how touse technology in their collections. 过去一年半里,随着更多时尚公司自建高科技的研发部门,洛佩兹说自己就已看到切实进展。Sometimes, shesays, the key is to strip down the technology to streamline a product, so itdoesn’t need as many buttons or as large a battery.她说有时候最关键的是科技助力产品的小型化,这样一来就实现了按钮最少化与电池最小化。Engineers like topush technological boundaries — bring in a bunch of features — that is theirmindset. 工程技术人员青睐于技术突破——那是他们的‘癖好’。We see this whenwe are creating a product for a young woman, aged 18 to 35, and asking whatwould be relevant for her? Engineers want to add more tech for tech’s sake, buta designer with a customer-centric mindset thinks ‘what is really needed?’为18-35岁的年轻女人设计产品时,这种特性体现得一清二楚,这些产品与她们的关联度到底有多大,很值得商榷。工程技术人员希望科技运用得多多益善,但设计师考虑的则是客户是上帝的‘消费者需求至上’原则。Designers are alsolearning from a set of data they never had before: information on how acustomer actually uses the product. 设计师还从之前从未掌握的数据中获益,比如消费者使用产品的真实信息。On the MICA,designers assumed their audience would prioritise the social notifications — infact wearers were using the fitness functions much more than expected.在MICA智能腕表上,设计师本认为消费者会优先使用其社交通知功能,而事实上使用最多的却是健身追踪功能,这大大出乎设计师所料。Those aha momentswere never possible before, once someone had left the store. 顾客过去从门店购完物离开后,那种顿悟时刻(aha moments,思考过程中一种特殊的、愉悦的体验,期间会突然对之前并不明朗的某个局面产生深入的认识。)从未有之。What does it meanfor merchandising strategy? Should design get sportier? Lopez asks.科技对促销策略意味着什么?设计是否应该更加花哨些?洛佩兹这样问道。Fashion andtechnology are edging closer to a relationship that could produce more stylishwearables, but a future where every wardrobe needs its own chargers still looksa way off.时尚与科技越发亲密无间,造就了更为时尚的可穿戴产品,但普通装实现科技化依然任重而道远。Carolina Milanesi,a consumer technology analyst at Silicon Valley market research firm CreativeStrategies, says the tech industry has failed to make wearables fashionableenough to expand beyond a niche of — often male — early adopters. 硅谷市场分析公司Creative Strategies消费科技分析师卡罗琳娜.米拉内西(CarolinaMilanesi)说,科技在实现可穿戴产品时尚化方面差强人意,接受者仍然仅限先期饯行者这一小撮人而已(通常为男性)。As a segment,technology doesn’t do gender differentiation very well so far. 作为市场区隔(Segment,即把消费者依不同需求、特征区分成若干个不同的群体,而形成各个不同的消费群)的一部分,科技迄今为止,在性别差异化方面做得仍不尽如人意。You don’t need itwhen a PC is a PC — and you don’t need to change it if I’m a man or a woman —but it is different if I’m wearing it, she said.就事论事时无需分析性别差异——也无需因性别而改动数据,但穿戴后的效果就大相径庭了。她说。 /201610/473155。

  Funding of 17.3 million pounds for artificial intelligence and robotics research to be carried out by British universities is to be announced by the government.英国政府日前宣布,将向全国各所大学投入1730万英镑,以用于人工智能和机器人的研究。It is part of the government#39;s digital strategy, to be published by Culture Secretary Karen Bradley last Wednesday.文化部部长卡伦·布拉得利在上周三表示,这是政府数字战略的一部分。#39;Backing our thriving digital economy to expand and grow by putting the best foundations in place to develop new technology is a vital part of this government#39;s plan to build a modern, dynamic and global trading nation#39;, she said.她说道:“持我们正兴起的数字化经济,把最好的硬件设施提供给发展中的新技术是政府计划的一部分,这一计划就是要发展一个现代化的、有活力的、国际贸易型的国家。”A report by Accenture released last year estimated that AI could contribute up to 654bn pound to the UK economy by 2035.Accenture公司在去年发布的调查报告中预测,截至2035年,人工智能对英国经济作出的贡献将高达6540亿英镑。But the government was criticised last year for its support of the UK tech scene.但是英国政府由于对科技的过高投入而在去年曾遭到批评。As part of the new digital strategy, computer scientist Prof Dame Wendy Hall and tech CEO Jerome Pesenti, former chief data scientist at IBM, have been asked to review the UK#39;s artificial intelligence sector.作为新兴数字战略的一部分,计算机科学家达梅·温迪·霍尔教授和科技公司CEO、前IBM首席数据科学家杰罗姆·佩森迪已经受邀重返人工智能领域。#39;Our scientists, researchers and entrepreneurs are at the forefront of the development of artificial intelligence and I#39;m looking forward to exploring how industry and government can work together to support the technology in the UK#39;, said Dame Wendy.达梅·温迪表示:“我们的科学家、研究工作者和企业家们都走在人工智能发展的最前沿,我对这一产业和政府之间将会怎样合作互助、从而推动英国科技的发展很期待。” /201703/497032

  Apple is tackling an outbreak of spam on iPhone calendars by introducing a button that lets users report the junk appointments.苹果正在通过引入一个按钮来让用户报告垃圾邮件,以此解决iPhone日历上垃圾邮件爆发的问题。The messages appear as invitations to events but are sent by spammers not the brands.这些信息会以活动邀请的形式显示出来,但是由垃圾邮件发送者发送的,而不是该品牌。The ;report junk; button has been added to Apple#39;s iCloud.com site and is expected to be included in an iOS update soon.“报告垃圾”按钮已添加到苹果的iCloud.com网站,预计很快就会出现在iOS的更新中。The calendar bug was heavily exploited this year around Black Friday. Some people reported that declining an invitation led to them receiving more spam from the same source.该日历漏洞在今年黑色星期五前后被大量利用。而有些人报告称,拒绝邀请导致他们从同一来源接收到更多的垃圾邮件。The reporting button removes the junk invitations from a person#39;s calendar and lets Apple know about it.报告按钮会从用户的日历中删除垃圾邀请,并让Apple知道。Until iOS is updated, anyone wishing to tackle the spam on their calendar must visit iCloud.com and click to report the faked messages. The invitation will then disappear from all synched calendars.在iOS完成更新之后,任何想要在日历上处理垃圾邮件的人必须访问iCloud.com并点击报告虚假邮件。然后该邀请就会从所有已同步的日历中消失。Late last month, Apple apologised for the sudden influx of calendar spam and said it was working on ways to fix it.上个月末,苹果公司对突然涌入的垃圾邮件致歉,并表示正在努力解决这个问题。Before the introduction of the reporting system, many people fixed the problem by creating a second calendar only for spam. They moved all the junk invitations into that calendar and then deleted it.在引入报告系统之前,很多人通过仅为垃圾邮件创建第二日历来解决该问题。他们将所有的垃圾邀请移动到该日历,然后再将其删除。 /201612/485082Electronic Dreams: How 1980s Britain Learned to Love the Computer By Tom Lean Bloomsbury/Sigma £16.99 《电子梦:20世纪80年代英国人如何迷上计算机》(Electronic Dreams: How 1980s Britain Learned to Love the Computer),汤姆#8226;利恩(Tom Lean)著,Bloomsbury/Sigma出版,售价16.99英镑。 In 1983 Britain proudly boasted the highest level of computer ownership in the world, technology historian Tom Lean tells us in his entertaining and affectionate, if for the most part nostalgic, book on the country’s relationship with computers. About one in 10 UK homes, he writes, had a computer, more than in the US or Japan. 1983年英国自豪地宣称拥有全球最高的计算机普及率,科技史学家汤姆#8226;利恩在他的书中写道。这本书有趣、深情,以大篇幅的怀旧,叙写了英国和计算机之间的渊源。他写道,大约每10个英国家庭就有1家拥有计算机,超过当时的美国或日本。 At the same time, the UK had several computer manufacturers, one of which was making more of them than any other company in the world — Sir Clive Sinclair’s Sinclair Research. There was even a Welsh computer, the Dragon 32. And the UK had an early version of the internet, Prestel, set up by the Post Office. It trialled an early version of Ocado et al, with the wonderfully terrible name, The Armchair Grocer. 同时,英国当时有数家计算机制造商,其中一家的计算机产量超过世界上的任何其他公司,这就是克莱夫#8226;辛克莱爵士(Sir Clive Sinclair)的Sinclair Research公司。当时甚至还有一种名为Dragon 32的威尔士产计算机。英国还出现了互联网的雏形——英国邮局(Post Office)建立的视讯系统Prestel。Prestel试验了类似Ocado等在线超市的雏形系统,就是名字蹩脚了点儿,叫“扶手椅杂货铺”(The Armchair Grocer)。 Another remarkable fact from Electronic Dreams: which UK company would you imagine was, by 1951, the world’s first to use a computer for business, and started making computers for other companies? 《电子梦》还展示了另一个令人惊讶的事实:你能想象在1951年是哪家英国企业在全世界率先将计算机应用于商业、并开始为其他公司制造计算机吗? It was J. Lyons and Co, the teashop chain. Its computer business, LEO, kept going until 1963. Lyons’ role as a computer manufacturing pioneer is the more astonishing — at least to anyone old enough to remember the ostensibly low-tech J. Lyons cafés — in that there was stiff competition from within the UK; companies such as Ferranti, Elliott Brothers, English Electric and British Tabulating Machinery were all selling British boffin-made computers globally. 那就是连锁茶商J. Lyons and Co。其计算机业务LEO一直经营至1963年。Lyons作为计算机制造业先驱更为令人震惊的是(至少对年纪足够大的人而言是如此,他们还记得Lyons看起来科技含量很低的咖啡馆),当时Lyons在英国面临激烈的竞争。Ferranti、Elliott Brothers、英国电气(English Electric)以及英国制表机械(British Tabulating Machinery)等公司都在向全球出售着英产计算机。 Britain’s role in computing, as it emerges in Lean’s book, is similar to England’s place in the history of football. At each juncture, from the work of Alan Turing to Sir Clive to Sir Tim Berners-Lee, even to Sir Alan Sugar at a stretch, the UK was a prime innovator, only later to become a minor player. 在利恩的书中,英国在计算机领域的地位,堪比英格兰之于足球史。在每一个转折点上,从艾伦#8226;图灵(Alan Turing)的研究,至克莱夫爵士,再至蒂姆#8226;伯纳斯#8226;李爵士(Sir Tim Berners-Lee),直至艾伦#8226;休格爵士( Sir Alan Sugar),英国一度都是计算机行业的创新先锋,后来却变得无足轻重。 Yet while the average non-Brit would probably regard Britain’s part in computing history to be about as interesting as, say, Portugal’s, the UK does still punch significantly above its weight. While few in Britain, you would suspect, used a British computer between around 1995 and the emergence of the Raspberry Pi in 2012, UK tech companies such as ARM, which has its roots in Acorn Computers, are still of global importance. 不过,虽然对那些并非英国人的大众而言,在计算机史上英国就跟葡萄牙一样名不见经传,英国却仍然在这一领域尽力而为。难以想象在1995年左右至2012年卡片式电脑树莓派(Raspberry Pi)诞生之间,在英国还有人使用国产电脑,然而,英国的科技公司,比如起源于Acorn计算机公司(Acorn Computers)的ARM,在全球仍然举足轻重。 But the British are slightly in love with stories of national failure, and it is hard for a true Brit not to giggle slightly ing that the Post Office picked up only 6,000 Prestel users in its first year, peaking at 90,000, with just 12,000 when it died in 1991. The French pre-internet computer network equivalent, Minitel, peaked at 9m. 但英国人对于讲英国失败的故事会有一种微妙的喜爱,读到Prestel的兴衰史每个真正的英国人都会忍俊不禁。在Prestel建立的头一年,英国邮局只网罗到6000名该系统的用户,Prestel巅峰时期的用户量是9万,到1991年倒闭时是1.2万。而法国与之对应的互联网前身Minitel,用户量的巅峰值是900万。 This book is nevertheless very much for British ers, mostly of a certain age. I enjoyed reminiscences of people starting British computer magazines and shops in the 1970s, but as history it is a little niche. 不过这本书在很大程度上是为英国人而写,特别是某特定年龄段的英国人。我就很喜欢其中追忆上世纪70年代英国计算机杂志及商店创始者的部分。但作为历史类书籍,这本书略显小众。 When it steers, however, towards the colourful history of Sir Clive — especially reminding us of the 1984 fight in a Cambridge pub with his erstwhile right-hand man, Chris Curry, by then at rival Acorn — it is glorious stuff. Lean accuses the British tabloid press of overblowing the incident, but I still feel it was a bit underblown. 书中对克莱夫爵士的精轶事描写尤为精湛,使我们对1984年剑桥小酒馆发生的冲突记忆犹新,在那里克莱夫爵士与他曾经的得力助手、当时为竞争对手Acorn效力的克里斯#8226;柯里(Chris Curry)发生争执。利恩指责英国小报对这一事件过分渲染,但我仍觉意犹未尽。 It prompted a marvellous 2009 B drama, Micro Men, but had it happened in Palo Alto, it would have made a Hollywood movie. 由这段插曲还衍生出一部精的B电视电影《英国电脑鼻祖》(Micro Men),如果它发生在帕罗奥图(Palo Alto),一部好莱坞电影说不定会应运而生。 /201604/436632


  Standing in line for the latest iPhone at the Apple store, queueing for tickets to Wimbledon or even just waiting at the post office might just have got a lot easier.无论你是要排队抢购新出的苹果手机还是买温网比赛的门票,或是在邮局等候,现在看来,这一切都不会那么折磨人了。Japanese car-maker Nissan claims to have just the thing to relieve the sore legs of weary queuers.日本的汽车制造商日产公司声称他们的神器将让疲劳的排队者免受双腿酸痛之苦。The new system of #39;self-driving#39; chairs is designed to detect when someone at the front of the queue is summoned, and automatically move everyone else one step forward in line.当排在队伍前面的人被叫到号离开时,这款“自动行驶”座椅的新系统会马上检测到并自动把每个人的座椅向前移动一个位置。The new invention is shown off in a company , which re-enacts a busy restaurant with patrons waiting outside.公司发布的一段视频展示了这一新发明,这段视频再现了一家生意繁忙的餐厅外顾客们等候的场景。In the , diners are sitting in a row of chairs, but will not have to stand when the next hungry diner is called to a table.在视频中,等候就餐的顾客们坐在一排椅子上。即使下一个饥肠辘辘的顾客被叫到号,他们也无需站起来向前挪位子。Instead, the chairs, equipped with autonomous technology that detects the seat ahead, glide along a path toward the front of the line.这种配备了自控技术的椅子可以检测到前方的椅子,并按轨道往前挪动一位。When the person at the front of the queue is summoned, the empty chair at the front can sense it is empty and so moves out of pole position.一旦排在队伍前面的人被叫到号离开座位,他的椅子感知到无人就坐后会自行离开队伍。Cameras on the remaining chairs then sense the movement and follow automatically.其他椅子上的摄像头会感知到运动并自主跟踪。The system, which is similar to the kind used in Nissan#39;s autonomous vehicle technology, will be tested at select restaurants in Japan this year, Nissan said.日产公司表示,这一新系统和用在日产汽车上的自主驾驶系统类似,今年公司将会在日本选择一些餐馆进行测试。#39;(It) appeals to anyone who has queued for hours outside a crowded restaurant: it eliminates the tedium and physical strain of standing in line,#39; it added.它还补充道:“对于要在人气火爆的餐馆外等待好几个小时的消费者来说,这项发明充满了吸引力:人们可以和久站排队的乏味和身体酸痛说再见了。”Although Tokyo has some 160,000 restaurants, long queues are not uncommon.尽管东京拥有超过16万家的餐厅,但餐厅外面排长队的情景依然随处可见。Chosen restaurants that fill the logistic criteria will be able to showcase the chairs at their venue in 2017.2017年,达到后勤标准的被选中的餐厅将能在门外展示“自动排队椅”。Nissan also released a short clip showing the chairs being used in an art gallery, moving slowly in front of the various paintings to let viewers appreciate the art without the need to stand up.日产公司还发布了一个短片,展示这种椅子被用于画廊中的场景。短片中椅子在一幅又一幅画作前缓慢移动,参观者无需站起来就可以欣赏艺术。 /201611/476531

  Bad news for those with bulging bellies: fat that builds up around the waist during middle age may cause dementia decades later, say researchers who examined the health records of thousands of senior citizens.Scientists aly know that overweight adults risk developing diabetes, heart problems and other medical conditions. But over the last few years researchers have noticed that obesity in middle age is linked with cognitive problems in the aged.Now it seems that overall body mass is not so important – it's the fat around the belly that appears to cause the problems.Epidemiologist Rachel Whitmer and colleagues looked at the medical records of 6583 adults registered with the healthcare firm she works for – Kaiser Permanente of Oakland, California.During the 1960s and 1970s, records were taken of the diameters of the adults' bellies, which gave Whitmer a rough idea of how much fat they were carrying around the waist.Metabolically activeWhen she compared the measurements with the subjects' current medical records, the results were startling. Incidence of dementia increased steadily with the amount of belly fat, such that the 20% with the most belly fat were over two and half times more likely to develop dementia that those carrying the least.Levels of total fat also seemed to increase dementia risk, but not by the same magnitude."This is an important paper," says Sudha Seshadri, a neurologist at Boston University who has also found evidence linking belly fat to cognitive problems. "I believe the effect is real."The link may seem odd, but Whitmer notes that the fat around the belly is the most metabolically active of all fat types.For example, it secretes larger amounts of cytokines, molecules that carry chemical signals between cells. Some of these molecules, such as leptin, have been shown in animal studies to cross the blood-brain barrier, suggesting a mechanism by which extra weight around the belly could be affecting the brain.Slimming exerciseYet Seshadri also notes that factors other than fat could be responsible for the results. Whitmer's team controlled for some of these, such as education and rates of other illnesses. But other issues were not taken into account. Overweight people are less likely to exercise, for instance. Physical activity is known to decrease obesity risk, as well as being psychologically beneficial.Whitmer acknowledges this short-coming, but points out that the dementia rates were greater among those who were not overweight during middle-age, but did have high levels of belly fat. These people are likely to have exercised since their weight was normal, she says, but they still went on to develop cognitive problems.Researchers next need to study the impact that the molecules released by body fat have on the brain. If Whitmer's hypothesis proves right, the conclusions could be disturbing – those beer bellies may be silently damaging the brain, long before old age sets in.But she notes that there are also grounds for optimism, since moderate exercise and diet can reduce weight around the belly more easily that it can in other parts of the body."It's the least stubborn fat," Whitmer says. 对于大腹便便者来说这是个不幸的消息: 研究者在仔细查阅了成千上万的老年人健康记录后作出结论,中年人腰部的赘肉可能会成为几十年后患老年痴呆症的诱因.科学家已经查明超重的成年人更容易患糖尿病, 心脏疾病和其他病症. 然而在过去几年里研究人员发现中年肥胖与老年时发生认知障碍有关联.如今看来似乎身体肥胖并非如此紧要 – 而是啤酒肚上的脂肪造成了这种疾患。流行病学家Rachel Whitmer和他的同事查看了6583名成年人的医疗记录,这些患者都在她工作的保健公司——加利福尼亚奥克兰的Kaiser Permanente 公司做过登记。20世纪60年代到70 年代,该公司测量了这些成年患者的腹部直径,Whitmer 据此大致了解了他们在这个部位上含有多少脂肪。新陈代谢旺盛当她把测量结果与患者现在的医疗报告进行比较后 ,发现了一个惊人的事实. 老年痴呆症的发生随着腹部脂肪的含量成正比例增长, 例如与肚子较小的人相比,20% 啤酒肚最大的病人患老年痴呆症的几率是前者的两倍半.全身肥胖似乎也会增加患痴呆症的几率,但是远比不上腹部发胖造成的影响。"这是一个重要的报告,"波斯顿大学的神经学家Sudha Seshadri说, 他也发现啤酒肚与认知障碍有显著的关联性. "我认为这种影响是真实的."这种关联看起来似乎稀奇古怪, 但是Whitmer注意到在所有的脂肪类型中,肚子周围的脂肪新陈代谢是最活跃的.比方说, 它分泌大量能在细胞间传递化学信号的细胞因子,分子。 其中有些分子, 如瘦素, 在动物实验中已经表明能够穿越脑血管屏障, 促成这样一个机制,即腹部过胖能影响到大脑.瘦身运动Seshadri 也注意到了脂肪以外造成痴呆的原因. Whitmer的团队控制了其他一些因素, 例如教育和其他疾病. 但是还有一些原因没有考虑进来. 比如说肥胖的人不太喜欢运动. 众所周知运动可以降低患痴呆的危险, 而且有利于心理健康.Whitmer 承认了这个缺陷, 但是指出那些中年时虽然没有超重,但腹部脂肪含量确实过多的人到了老年痴呆症发病率更高. 她说,这些人也许锻炼过,因为他们的体重正常 ,但还是发生了认知障碍.研究者接下来需要研究身体脂肪释放出来的分子对大脑造成的影响. 如果 Whitmer的假说成立,这个结论会让人困扰– 虽然还远未到老年,那些啤酒肚却已经悄声无息地在损伤着大脑了.但她说仍然有值得乐观的地方, 因为适量的运动和节食可以更加容易地减消腹部脂肪,而其他的部位就没有这么容易达到减肥效果."这是最不顽固的脂肪," Whitmer 说. /200808/45866。


  HONG KONG — In China, cheap smartphones made by relatively obscure companies aping branded designs are ubiquitous.香港——在中国,相对不知名的公司模仿名牌设计生产的廉价智能手机随处可见。Usually it is the major brands that go after the smaller companies for patent infringement. But one of China’s low-cost phone makers recently filed a patent complaint against Apple in the city of Beijing — and for now, it has won.通常是大品牌追究小公司侵犯专利的责任。但最近,中国一家低价手机生产商在北京对苹果(Apple)提起专利申诉——目前暂时取得了胜利。With an appeals process ahead, the ruling is unlikely to have a major impact on Apple. Still, the action spotlights the growing number of cases of municipal patent offices in China backing local companies against larger, international brands.由于接下来将进入诉讼程序,这项裁决不太可能给苹果带来大的影响。但这起案件突显出在和更大的国际品牌的对抗中,本土公司得到中国地方专利局持的案例越来越多。According to a statement from the Beijing Intellectual Property Office, Apple infringed on a design patent used in a phone called the 100C, made by the Chinese phone maker Baili. The statement ordered Apple to stop selling certain older versions of the iPhone within Beijing, though an appeal of such a ruling to the courts in China usually forestalls any sales injunctions. 北京市知识产权局发布的一则通告称,苹果侵犯了中国手机生产商佰利生产的100C手机使用的一项设计专利。通告下令苹果在北京停售iPhone的某些较老的型号,不过在中国,这类裁决被告上法庭后通常会先停止销售禁令。Apple said it had appealed, and a sales clerk at the Apple Store in the Sanlitun area of Beijing said on Friday evening that the store had received no instructions to stop selling the iPhone models and that “it is business as usual.” At the store, a handful of iPhone 6 models stood mostly unused as shoppers tapped on the newer 6s models at a nearby table.苹果称已提起诉讼。周五傍晚,北京市三里屯苹果店的一名销售人员称该店未收到停售相关iPhone产品的指示,表示“照常营业”。店内,几部iPhone 6基本上都闲置着,顾客在体验旁边一张桌子上的新款iPhone 6s。“IPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, as well as iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus and iPhone SE models, are all available for sale today in China,” Apple said in a statement. “We appealed an administrative order from a regional patent tribunal in Beijing last month, and as a result the order has been stayed pending review by the Beijing I.P. Court.”“IPhone 6和iPhone 6 Plus,以及iPhone 6s、iPhone 6s Plus和iPhone SE今日在华均有售,”苹果在一则声明中称。“我们对北京一个地区性专利机构上月发布的行政命令提起了诉讼,因此该命令还需接受北京知识产权法院的审查。”The new headache for Apple comes after increased regulatory pressure and problems in China. Recently, a Chinese company won the right to sell leather goods under the iPhone trademark after years of legal back and forth. And Apple’s movie and book services were shut down in the country shortly after they were introduced, a sign of more serious scrutiny from China’s media regulator. 在这件令人头疼的事情发生之前,苹果在中国面临的监管压力和问题正在加剧。前不久,一家中国公司赢得了使用iPhone商标销售皮具制品的权利。在这之前,双方的法律纠纷持续了数年。苹果的电影和图书务也在引入后不久被关闭。这个迹象表明,中国媒体监管机构的审查变得更加严厉。The Baili patent case pales in comparison to those troubles, though it underscores the day-to-day annoyances that can come with running a tech business in China.和那些问题相比,佰利专利案微不足道,但它突显了在中国经营一家科技企业可能会频频遇到的麻烦。The country has had its fair share of cases in which low-level manufacturers take on global brands. In perhaps the most famous, Apple paid million to use the iPad trademark. 在中国,低端生产商挑战国际品牌的案件相当多。在其中一起或许最为人所知的案件中,苹果为使用iPad商标付了6000万美元。Patent issues like the one Apple has with Baili are common enough that a recent paper in the Vanderbilt Journal of Entertainment amp; Technology Law examined the topic. While the paper found that China’s patent system was not structured to benefit Chinese companies, it said there had been a number of recent “high-profile patent suits filed by relatively unknown Chinese firms against high-profile foreign tech companies like Apple, Samsung and Dell.” 像苹果和佰利之间的这种专利问题非常普遍。最近发表在《范德堡大学科技法期刊》(Vanderbilt Journal of Entertainment amp; Technology Law)上的一篇论文对此进行了研究。尽管文章认为中国专利制度并非朝向有利于中国公司的方向进行构建,但它表示最近“相对不知名的中国公司对苹果、三星(Samsung)和戴尔(Dell)等著名外国科技公司提起了大量广受关注的专利诉讼”。Once a local intellectual property office in China finds an issue of infringement, companies can decide whether to appeal the matter. At that point, the issue typically is litigated or resolved via a settlement of some kind.在中国,被地方性的知识产权局认定侵权后,公司可决定是否申诉。如果申诉,往往会将问题诉至法院或是达成某种和解。 /201606/450368


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