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沙坪坝区去色斑多少钱重庆大坪医院激光去痘多少钱重庆第七人民医院口碑怎样 Don:Say something, Yael.唐:说点什么, 雅艾尔。Say whatever you want, but talk directly into my right ear.随便说什么,但声音要直接进入我的右耳。YAEL:Youre a nut.雅艾尔:你可真够较真儿的。DON:Okay. Now say the same thing in my left ear.唐:好的。现在对我的左耳说一模一样的。YAEL:Sure thing. Youre still a nut. Now what on earth is this about?雅艾尔:没问题。你个顽固。现在这到底是在演哪出?DON:Hold up. Now sing something in my right ear.唐:等等。现在在我的右耳朵边唱歌。YAEL:Forget it. Im doing no such thing until you tell me whats going on.雅艾尔:你得了吧。我不干了,除非你告诉我发生什么事。DON:Im testing out the differences in how my right and left ears process sound.唐:我在测试左右两耳在处理声音上的差异。They dont process sound in the same way, you know.你知道吗,它们不是以同样的方式处理声音。YAEL:Are you sure about that?雅艾尔:你肯定?The left hemisphere of the brain dominates over the right in processing different sounds.大脑的左半球配着右边处理不同的声音。I know that. Specifically, the left hemisphere dominates in processing rapidly changing sounds such as in speech, and the right hemisphere dominates in processing prolonged tones such as in music,我明白。具体点说,左脑配处理如演讲等快速变化的声音,而右脑主导处理如音乐等的长期音调,but I didnt think that had anything to do with how our ears function.但我不认为这些对于我们的耳朵功能有任何作用。Dont they just deliver the signals to the brain, where all the processing happens?它们不是所有处理都在发生时传递信号给大脑?DON:Thats what scientists used to think.唐:这正是科学家们需要思考的问题。But now they know that the processing of sound actually begins in our ears, before sound reaches the brain.但是现在他们了解到在到达大脑前声音处理是从我们的耳朵开始。And because the right ear connects to the brains left hemisphere,而且因为右耳连接大脑的左半球,its the dominant ear for processing rapidly changing sounds, and vice versa, the left ear dominates in processing prolonged tones.这是处理快速变化的声音占主导地位的耳朵,反之亦然,左耳负责处理长时间的音调。YAEL:Wow. This could mean some significant changes in the design of hearing devices.雅艾尔:哇。这可能意味着在设计听力设备上会有一些显著的变化。DON:Thats a possibility, but only time will tell what the real implications for this finding are.唐:这是一种可能性,但只有时间才能揭晓这一发现的真正含义。 201311/263443重庆市儿童医院价格表

开州区人民医院门诊部预约European migration欧洲移民The great escape胜利大逃亡Emigration may not relieve pressure on wages in weak economies在经济疲软的背景下,欧洲人移民国外也许不能在工资方面缓解压力Purchasing power on the move购买力在移动TO ECONOMISTS, an “optimal currency area” is one in which the gains from sharing a single currency outweigh the costs. There is some debate as to whether the euro area qualifies.对于经济学家来说,一个“最优货币区”意味着共用同一种货币的收益要大于成本。欧元区是否符合“最优货币区”的条件,存在一些争议。Among the keys to making shared currencies work, according to Robert Mundell, the godfather of optimal-currency theory, is a mobile workforce. Countries tying the monetary knot give up the right to slash interest rates or devalue when stormclouds gather. A slump focused on just one region of the currency zone can therefore last a long time: until falling wages make hiring there attractive once more. But if the jobless can up sticks for sunnier shores, this discomfort can be curbed.根据最优货币理论的鼻祖,罗伯特.蒙代尔的理论,流动的劳动力是从统一货币的政策中获利的关键。当不利的经济信号显现时,参与实施统一货币政策的众多国家将放弃削减利率或干预货币贬值的权力。在统一货币区内,经济衰退集中在一个地区,因此,这种经济衰退会持续很长一段时间,直到这个地区的工资下降,使得招聘启事再次具有吸引力。但是如果失业者可以迁居到经济状况较好的地区,这种经济衰退就可以得到抑制。In the 1990s a few prescient critics noted that “fluidity” was not a characteristic commonly used to describe European labour markets. Just 0.35% of Europeans migrate across borders each year, compared with the nearly 2.5% of Americans leaving one state for another. The crisis boosted euro-area migration rates, but overall numbers remain small.20世纪90年代,几位有先见之明的家指出,“流动性”指标不常用来说明欧洲劳动力市场特征。每年跨国迁移的欧洲人仅有0.35%,而有近2.5%的美国人跨州迁移,两者相比,前者迁移人数很少。经济危机提升了欧元区的人口迁移比率,但总体迁移人数并不多。Immobility might not always be quite the drag academics fear, however. New research by Emmanuel Farhi of Harvard University and Iván Werning of MIT finds that although migrants out of depressed regions get the expected boost from relocation, those left behind may or may not benefit, depending on the nature of the slump.然而,人口流动停滞也许并不总是那么让学者们担心。在一项新开展的研究中,哈佛大学的Emmanuel Farhi和麻省理工的Iván Werning发现,尽管人们从经济萧条地区迁移出去可以按照预期推动迁居地的经济发展,但原住地是否能从中获益,这取决于经济衰退的性质。The problem, they note, is that departing migrants take their purchasing power with them when they go. If a regions troubles are the result of tumbling exports that is no big deal. Exporting surplus labour spares the struggling economy the need to suffer falling wages.他们指出,问题是,移民者的离去使得原住地失去了这部分人群的购买力。如果一个地区的困扰是出口严重下滑的结果,这没什么大不了的。出口剩余的劳动力使得疲弱的经济不必再遭受工资下降的打击。If instead the struggling region is facing weak domestic demand then shipping excess labour abroad does not help, because the loss of migrants spending further weakens demand. Instead, higher exports are needed to make up for insufficient domestic spending. That requires improved competitiveness—which often means lower wages.如果情况相反,经济疲弱地区正面临的是内需不足,再向国外输出过剩劳动力就无益了,因为若失去这部分移民者的购买力,则会进一步削弱内需。取而代之的解决方案应该是,需要更高的出口来弥补国内消费不足。这就需要提高竞争力,而提高竞争力通常意味着低工资。Interestingly, however much their lot improves when they move, migrants tend to judge their fortunes relative to economic conditions at home. According to a new working paper from the Institute for the Study of Labour, a German think-tank, migrants to Germanybecome glummer the better the economy in their country of origin does. But they cheer up considerably when unemployment rises at home, presumably because that confirms the wisdom of having moved. By then, they have perhaps been in Germanylong enough to learn the word Schadenfreude.有趣的是,迁移过程中,无论移民者的生活怎样改善,他们都倾向于依据家乡的经济状况来评判自己的财富状况。根据一个德国智囊团,劳动力研究所的一份新的工作报告,迁入德国的移民变得愈加愁苦,他们本国的经济就变得愈好。但是当发现本国失业率上升,他们就明显振作起来,大概是因为这明了自己当初移民是明智的抉择。到那时,他们也许已经在德国居住了很久,以至于都学会了“幸灾乐祸”这类德语单词。 /201405/299314重庆手臂溶脂哪家医院好 I stuck him twice and quick abscission with two backhand strokes behind the left shoulder. 我砍了两刀,用两次反手砍解除了左肩后的威胁。The lion let out a furious roar and I desperately stuck him again, this time upwards into his throat. 狮子发出愤怒的咆哮,我拼命地砍,这次直至咽喉。I think this third thrust savaged the in vein as the blood spurtout in the stream all over me.我认为这第三次切断了静脉,血从我面前喷涌而出。As if that was enough, lion number one who was after the horse came back for him, so he had to escape up a tree, and apparently, 如果足够的话,追赶马的第一头狮子会回来追他,所以他必须逃到树上,显然,it was only his faithful hunting dog barkingand distracting that lion, and he survived. 这次是他的忠实猎再次让狮子分心,所以他活了下来。Its all very jock of the bush,isnt it? Very exciting.这就是那次经历,不是吗?令人兴奋。The next day filled with the heroics of Harry Voliter, theres a fresh feeling of apprehension. 第二天充满了哈利的英雄感,有新鲜的感觉。As a new comer,you can cage yourself that dangerous route just imagined, but no.作为一个新来者,你可以让自己置身于那条只是想象的危险路线中,但最好不要。201307/248652重庆儿童医院几级

四川省隆鼻子要多少钱 The Welsh language威尔士语Dragonian measures龙之旋律Government meddling has created a new Welsh dialect政府干预创造了一种新威尔士方言Pay attention if you want a good job要想得到好工作可得注意啦IN THE Blue Boar, a pub so local that the landlord is surprised to hear its sign is missing, Roy Thomas picks up a text from his grandson. It contains the word “brechdanau”, meaning sandwiches. A Welsh speaker, Mr Thomas knows the word, but only because he has it in old books. “Ill probably text back in English,” he says. “Otherwise Ill make a mistake.”在一家名为Blue Boar的地方酒吧里,店主对于其店名正在逐渐丧失含义而感到吃惊。罗伊·托马斯从他孙子的课本里挑出了一段文章,里面包含着“brechdanau”这个单词,意为“三明治”。作为一名讲威尔士语的人,托马斯知道这个词的意思,但仅仅因为他曾在旧书里看过。他说:“我也许会将它改成英语,不然我会犯错的。”Waless native language is in decline. Between 2001 and 2011 the proportion of people in the principality who speak it fell from 21% to 19%, with the steepest decline in its rural northern and western heartland. Native Welsh-speakers continue to leave for work, to be replaced, in those beautiful districts, by English retirees. But a new kind of Welsh language is rising, giving hope to some and perplexing others.威尔士的本土语言正在衰落。在2001年到2011年间,讲方言的人比率从21%降到了19%,以北部农业区和西部中心区衰落最为明显。当地说威尔士方言的人不断离开家乡外出工作,取而代之的是,英格兰退休者们来到了这些美丽的区域。但一种新的威尔士方言正在崛起,这让一些人燃起了希望,也让一些人困惑不解。Welsh identity is linked to the Welsh language—far more than, say, Scottishness is linked to Gaelic—and the devolved government has done much to promote it. Almost a quarter of primary schoolchildren in Wales are now taught mostly in Welsh, and the proportion is steadily rising. Civil-service and media jobs often require it. As a result, the language is holding on, and sometimes even growing, in traditionally Anglophone south Wales, particularly in and around Cardiff, where politics and the media are clustered.威尔士的身份认同与威尔士语是联系在一起的—这种联系比苏格兰语与盖尔人之间的联系更加紧密——当地政府也为发扬威尔士语做出了不小的努力。在威尔士,近四分之一的小学生接受的是威尔士语教学,这个比例还在稳步上升。市政务和媒体工作也通常会对这方面有要求。其结果就是在传统的以英语为母语的南威尔士地区,这种语言延续下来了,有时还呈回暖趋势,尤其是在政治、媒体聚集的加的夫。But the Welsh that can be heard in schools and that is spoken by the sports commentators on the Blue Boars small television set is different from the kind that many native speakers grew up with. A standardisation centre at Bangor University has added new words, such as “cyfrifiadur” for computer. Old words that had fallen out of use in many parts, like “brechdanau”, have been revived. Grammar is more English and less complicated.但是人们在学校听到的、在Blue Boar酒吧的小电视机听到体育员讲的威尔士语和本地人从小听到大的威尔士语还有些不同。班戈大学的标准化中心在其中加入了新的单词,比如说表示电脑的“cyfrifiadur”。一些地方不再使用的古词,比如“brechdanau”,已重新进入使用。语法方面也更近英语化,不再那么复杂了。The new Welsh also sounds different. The second syllable of “tadau” (fathers) now has an a-sound in the north and an e-sound in the south. But in the 16th century it sounded something like the English “die”, and this is the way the new speakers have it. This is also the way the word is out loud: written Welsh emerged when the Bible was translated in 1588, and preserves the ancient pronunciation.新的威尔士语在发音方面也不一样了。“tadau”的第二个音节如今在北方有个“a”的音,在南方有“e”的音。而在16世纪,这个音听起来像是英语的“die”,这是新一代讲威尔士语的人所采取的读音。这也是官方读音:在1588年翻译圣经时出现了书面威尔士语,保留了古老的读音。Not everybody is delighted with the new lingo. “So bloody fake”, mutters the Blue Boars landlord at the television, while local comedians like Daniel Glyn mock the clunky phrases on stage: “I can speak English and Welsh, but neither of them proper, bach.” Jonathan Snicker of St Johns College, Oxford, says the change breaks the link between older villagers and the urbane young, who can struggle to understand each other.并不是每个人都乐于接受新的方言。电视里地方喜剧演员丹尼尔·格林在台上嘲弄笨拙的语句说:“我能说英语和威尔士语,但两种都不好,伙计。”看到这一幕时,Blue Boar酒吧的店主嘟哝道:“简直虚伪做作!”牛津圣约翰大学的乔纳森·思尼克说这种变化割断了老一辈村民和生活在城市的年轻人之间的联系,他们需要费一番劲才能理解对方。But Colin Nosworthy, a spokesman for the Welsh Language Board, points out that the birth of a new dialect is a good sign for a language. “Better a slack Welsh than a slick English,” he says—and many agree. Efforts are being made to sp the new dialect to a belt above Swansea, where Welsh is doing particularly badly. S4C, the Welsh-language broadcaster, is moving from Cardiff to Carmarthen taking Welsh-speakers with it. This years Eisteddfod, a cultural festival, is in nearby Llanelli.但威尔士语言委员会的发言人科林·诺维斯指出,一种新方言的诞生对一种语言来说是一个好的迹象。他说:“半拉子威尔士语总比流畅的英语好。”很多人都同意这一点。各方正在付诸努力将新方言传播到斯旺西海湾一带,那里的威尔士语很不得到重视。威尔士语广播S4C正在从加的夫转移到喀麦登,追随它的还有一批讲威尔士语的人。今年的文化盛会诗歌音乐比赛会将在拉内利附近举行。There are worse ways of trying to preserve a language, some of which are also being tried in Wales. A planned nuclear power station in Anglesey has run into opposition from people who worry that many of the 6,000 construction jobs would go to non-Welsh speakers, diluting the language. Protests from the same quarters have held up the building of 8,000 homes in Gwynedd. A few awkward phrases from schoolchildren seems like a relatively small price to pay.在保留语言方面有很多糟糕的方法,而威尔士正在尝试其中一些。一原计划在安格尔西岛建设的核电站遭到了人们的抵制,他们认为这项需6,000人的建筑工作大部分将由不讲威尔士语的人完成,这将削弱威尔士语。同一季度的抗议使得格温内思郡8,000住宅的建设计划搁浅了。这么看来学生的几句不正宗词句似乎代价相对较小。 /201408/321027重庆哪家医院调理治疗色斑好江津区哪家绣眉好



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