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I knew I had to take a banjo with me to China.我这时候知道我肯定会带着班卓琴去中国了So before going to law school in China, I bought a banjo,在出发去中国的法学院之前,我买了个班卓琴,I threw it in my little red truck and I traveled down through Appalachia把它扔进我的红色小皮卡里,然后我一路开到了阿巴拉契亚and I learned a bunch of old American songs,途中也学了一堆美国风老歌and I ended up in Kentucky at the International Bluegrass Music Association Convention.最后我来到了肯塔基的国际蓝草音乐联盟大会And I was sitting in a hallway one night and a couple girls came up to me.有天晚上我坐在走廊里,几个姑娘走了过来And they said, ;Hey, do you want to jam?; And I was like, ;Sure.;她们问我:“嘿,来个小合奏呗?”我说:“成啊!”So I picked up my banjo and I nervously played four songs that I actually knew with them.然后我拿起班卓琴,非常紧张地和她们合奏了四首歌And a record executive walked up to me and invited me to Nashville, Tennessee to make a record.然后一个唱片公司的管理人员走了过来,然后邀请我去田纳西的纳什维尔(被称为音乐之都)录专辑Its been eight years, and I can tell you that I didnt go to China to become a lawyer.八年过去了,我没去中国当律师In fact, I went to Nashville. And after a few months I was writing songs.事实上,我去了纳什维尔。几个月之后我就开始自己写歌And the first song I wrote was in English, and the second one was in Chinese.第一首是用英文写的,第二首是中文Outside your door the world is waiting. Inside your heart a voice is calling.门外有个世界,心中有个声音The four corners of the world are watching, so travel daughter, travel. Go get it, girl.四方等你来啊,远行吧我的姑娘,去远行。去追逐你的梦201612/482661Hope to see you again next year.希望明年再见A: I've come to say goodbye.B: When do you leave?A: I'm catching the 11:00 train.B: Take care of yourself and don't forget to keep in touch.A: Goodbye. Hope to see you again next year.译文:A: 我是来跟你告别的。B: 你什么时候走?A: 我赶11:00的火车。B: 请多保重,别忘了保持联系。A: 再见。希望明年能再见到你。注解 :1) catch take 赶(乘、看),抓 例: I tried to catch a glimpse of the fireworks show, but there was a big tree in the way.我尽力想看到一眼焰火表演,但是被一个大树挡住了。2) take care of: 照顾 /200708/1642210. The Future of Cars10. 汽车的未来The fact is, when we do our market research around the world, we see that theres nearly a universal aspiration on the part of people to own an automobile. And 750 million people in the world today own a car. And you say, boy, thats a lot. But you know what? Thats just 12 percent of the population. We really have to ask the question: Can the world sustain that number of automobiles? And if you look at projections over the next 10 to 15 to 20 years, it looks like the world car park could grow to on the order of 1.1 billion vehicles. Now, if you Parked those end to end and wrapped them around the Earth; that would stretch around the Earth 125 times.实际上,我们在做世界范围的市场调研时,发现人们都是对车充满渴望的。现在全球有7亿5千万人拥有汽车。你可能觉得,哇,这么多!但你们知道么?这个数字仅仅占全球人口的12%。我们不得不问这样一个问题:地球能承受得了这么多车么?如果你注意到对未来10年、15年至20年的预测,你会发现世界上停车场的数量将会增长到能容纳下11亿车辆。如果将这些车首尾相连绕地球停放,那么其长度将是地球周长的125倍。Now, weve made great progress with automobile technology over the last 100 years. Cars are dramatically cleaner, dramatically safer, more efficient and radically more affordable than they were 100 years ago. But the fact remains: the fundamental DNA of the automobile has stayed pretty much the same. If we are going to reinvent the automobile today, rather than 100 years ago, knowing what we know about the issues associated with our product and about the technologies that exist today, what would we do?在过去的100年里,汽车技术飞速发展。汽车变得更加清洁、安全、高效,而且价格更加低廉,而不是让我们望而兴叹的东西。但实际上,汽车的基本构造功能没变。如果我们今天来重新发明汽车,而不是在100年前,在已经知道汽车的各种缺陷之后,结合现在的各种先进技术,我们会如何制造汽车?What weve targeted for ourselves--and were making great progress for this goal--is to have a propulsion system based on hydrogen and fuel cells, designed and validated, that can go head-to-head with the internal combustion engine.我们的目标是制造一个以氢燃料电池为基础的推进系统,这个目标正在进展中并且不断得到改进。经过设计及验后,这个推进系统将能与内燃机媲美。201705/50569852. I'm just a little... 我只是有点······ 用法透视 该句用于表达自己的心情和感受"只是有点......"。 持范例 1. Why the long face? I'm just a little sad. 为什么拉长脸?我只是觉得有点悲哀。 2. I'm just a little afraid of you. 我只是有点怕你。 3. I'm just a little out of my mind. 我只是有点疯狂而已。 会话记忆 A: I've just been a little depressed lately. 我最近有点沮丧。 B: What's wrong? 怎么了? A: Nothing really. 其实也没什么。 B: Then just keep your chin up. 那就打起精神来啊! /200705/13331

56. I prefer... 我更愿意······ 用法透视 这个句型的意思是"认为......更可取,宁愿......"。 持范例 1. I prefer coffee to tea. 比起喝茶,我更喜欢喝咖啡 2. I prefer to rather than watch TV. 我更愿意读书而不是看电视。 3. I'd prefer that she act the young lady. 我倒认为她演那个年轻女子更好。 会话记忆 A: At last! The weekend comes again! 终于又到周末了! B: Yes. What will you do these two days? 是啊。这两天你干嘛? A: After five days' hard work, I'm surely going to have some fun. 辛苦工作了五天,我当然要去找些乐子。 B: But I'd prefer to stay at home and have a good rest. 但我倒更愿意呆在家里好好休息一下 /200705/13335

VOA流行美语 83: SHOOT / SHOTMichael和李华刚在外面吃完晚饭。李华会学到两个常用语:shoot和shot。L: 嗨,这顿饭吃得真不错。Michael, 快付帐,我们走吧。这次该你付了吧?M: Yeah yeah, I know. I'll just charge it to my credit card.... oh shoot! I forgot my wallet!L: 你忘了带钱包?没有信用卡你就要shoot. Shoot不是开吗?M: I said "Oh shoot!". If you say "shoot" loudly and suddenly, it's a way to express alarm or disappointment. If you say it slowly, and with a low tone of voice, it shows disgust or indifference.L: 噢,shoot在这里不是开的意思呀?你说,突然大声地说shoot,就表示惊吓或者是失望。如果是低声地说,那就表示讨厌或者是不在乎。Michael, 你先给我举个大声说的例子吧。M: Well, if I close my car door and realize that I just locked my keys inside, I might yell "Aw, shoot!"L: 关了车门才发现车钥匙给锁在车里了,那是很烦人的,在中文里我们就会说:啊呀,真糟糕!那Michael, 可不可以再给我举一个低声说的例子呢?M: If someone tells me a story about a scar on their little finger, I might say "Shoot, that's nothing. Look at this big scar on my back."L: 你的意思是,如果小手指上一个疤跟你背上的大疤比算不了什么。在中文里我们是说:嗨,那算什么! 对了,Michael, 这个shoot是不是骂人的话?M: (slowly) Li Hua, the word "shoot" isn't vulgar! Actually, it's a word people use when they want to avoid cursing. A little kid could say it, and no one would care.L: 噢,shoot是心里很火,可是又不想骂人的时候说的。所以不是什么难听的话。得了,你忘了钱包,那看来只能我来付钱了!Oh shoot! I don't believe it. 我也没带信用卡。那我们怎么办哪?M: (slowly) Shoot, it's nothing to worry about, Li Hua. My house is close by. I can walk home and get my wallet.******L: Michael, 你怎么那么快就回来了?M: (panting) I ran as fast as I could. (pants some more) Boy, am I shot!L: 你从家里跑来的! 你那么紧张干什么呀! 对了,你刚才说:I am shot! 在路上有人对你开,所以你才跑那么快啊?M: What? No, of course not! "To be shot" means to have no energy, to feel weak and tired. I really tired myself out running so fast: I'm really shot now!L: 噢,to be shot是累了,觉得没劲的意思。哎哟,你跑那么快当然会累咯。对不起,本来我也可以走回家去拿信用卡的,可是我昨晚只睡了五个小时,所以我今天也感到很累 - so I'm shot too.M: I used to stay up late studying too, and sometimes I'd be so shot that I'd fall asleep in class.L: 我也跟你一样,老是开夜车念书,结果上课的时候悃得打瞌睡。以前在国内念书的时候好象都没有这么紧张呢!M: (slowly) Shoot, Li Hua. If you feel that way, you might as well stay in China.L: 哼,要是我这么想,我就最好呆在中国!你说这话是什么意思呀!那你老觉得累,你干脆呆在家里算了。M: Shoot! Don't be mad! I was just kidding.L: Shoot, 我也是跟你开玩笑嘛。李华学到了两个常用语,一个是shoot,这是一个惊叹词,表示讨厌,失望或者是烦恼,也就是有的时候心里不高兴,但是又不想用脏话骂人的时候用的词。李华还学到了to be shot,这是很累的意思。 /200602/3158

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