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Heather shows VideoJug how to tie a great tie. Practise and perfect your half Windsor knot with this helpful step by step guide on how to tie a tie. 希瑟展示给VideoJug如何如何打一条伟大的领带。按照这个怎样系一条领带的视频指导一步一步练习,直到完美掌握半温莎结吧。 Article/201203/174425【视频文本】经典搭讪对白:第一回合:男:Did you know there is a mistake in the English alphabet? (你知道英文字母表有一个非常严重的错误是什么吗?)女:Em, no. I didn’t.(厄,不知道。)男: Yeah! They should have put U and I together! (耶!那就是,他们应该把你(U)和我(I)放在一起!)女: …(无语。。。)第二回合:男:Do you believe in love at first sight? 你相信一见钟情吗女:No. 不相信。男:Then maybe I should walk in again then! 那我应该再走进来一次!女:Or just walk out. 或者直接离开也行。。。第三回合:男: Are we er…are we near the airport? 我们是在飞机场附近吗?女: No. 不是男: Then maybe that was my heart taking off. 那应该是我的心被你偷走了。。。女: (sighs and shakes head)(摇头amp;叹气)第四回合:男: Is it hot in here? 这儿怎么这么热女: No. 没有啊男: Then it must be you. 那一定是你太火辣了!(其实用hot夸女孩是很高的褒奖哦1)女: I don’t think so. 我可不这么认为第五回合:男: There er…seems to be some problem with my mobile phone. 我的手机好像出了点问题。。女: What? 怎么了Man: Yeah, (it) doesn’t have your number in it! 它里面竟然没有你的手机号!女:…抓狂ing Article/201006/105656If slogging through mud and ice has ruined your favorite shoes, this guide will keep your dogs warm and dry in the perfect pair of boots.如果在冰天雪地的泥泞中行走毁了你最爱的鞋子,这段视频可以教给你怎样挑选一双完美的靴子,保持温暖和干燥。Step 1 Inspect the boot1.检查Inspect the boot inside and out -- the liner should be thick and soft, and the outside should be made of waterproof leather or rubber.对靴子的内外进行检查——内衬必须柔软厚实,外表必须用防水皮革或橡胶制成。Tip PAC boots are best for frigid conditions, but their hard rubber design can make mobility difficult.小贴士:聚合氯化铝靴子对于冰冻的环境是最好的,但是坚硬的橡胶设计会让你行走起来很困难。Step 2 Pick a full lace2.选择系鞋带的靴子Pick a full lacing system for a tighter fit and to prevent sock slippage.选择有鞋带的靴子,这样可以绑的更紧,也防止袜子滑动。Step 3 Check t3.检查鞋底Check the t of the boot. Look for cross-hatching on the sole that will grip and bite in icy conditions without clogging with snow.检查一下靴底。看一下靴底与靴面的缝合在冰冻的环境下是否会裂开。Step 4 Invest in quality4.保质量Invest in quality -- a good pair of winter boots may cost extra, but can last years longer in brutal conditions than cheaper boots.要选择质量较好的靴子——一双好的靴子可能价格不菲,但是比廉价的靴子更耐穿。Tip Don#39;t sacrifice style for warmth and safety. Don#39;t opt for boots with tall heels and smooth soles.小贴士:不要为了时尚和款式而牺牲温暖和安全。不要选择高跟和鞋底很滑的靴子。Step 5 Test everything5.试穿Test each pair of boots, as sizing among manufacturers can vary greatly, and take your time -- you#39;ll be climbing Everest before you know it.每一对靴子都要试穿,因为不同生产商的尺码有很大的不同。不要仓促,一双舒适的靴子可以让你走很远都不觉得累。Fact Antarctica is the fifth largest continent at 8.68 million square miles, but over eight and a half million square miles are covered in ice.事实:南极洲的面积为868万平方英里,是世界第五大洲,但是超过850万平方英里的面积被冰雪覆盖。 Article/201212/216275See how to work your TVA muscles to quickly get a flat stomach or flat abs in no time at all.本视频讲述了怎样对腹部的TVA肌肉进行锻炼,几乎不花费什么时间就可以让腹部迅速变平。Step 1: Understand why you don#39;t have a flat stoamch1.了解为何你的腹部不平One reason for not having flat abs or a flat belly is because You may have weak TVA muscles.腹部不平的其中一个原因是你的TVA肌肉不够发达。Your TVA or TransVerseAbdomiuns muscles are located behind your six-pack or rectus abdominus.你的TVA肌肉位于六块腹肌或直肌后面。The reason why people have flat midsections is NOT because they have strong abs (or a strong rectus abdominus or ;6-pack;)...People Have Flat Abs Because Their TVA muscles Are Strong...人们的腹部比较平的原因不是他们的腹肌比较发达,而是因为他们的TVA肌肉比较发达。And your TVA muscles don#39;t have to be super strong... You just have to exercise them every so often to keep your tummy flat.你的TVA肌肉不需要到达非常发达的程度,只要经常锻炼就可以使腹部保持平坦。A combination of weak TVA muscles and accumlation of belly fat leads to you having a pot belly or pooch insted of flat sexy absTVA肌肉不发达,再加上腹部脂肪就会导致你的腹部像水壶一样,而不是拥有扁平性感的腹肌。Step 2: How to work your TVA muscles for flat abs2.怎样锻炼TVA肌肉Place one of your fingers on your belly button将一个手指放在肚脐上Without taking in a deep breath. Try to move your belly button inward as far away from your finger as you can.不需要进行深呼吸。向内移动肚脐,尽最大可能的远离手指。(Basically all you#39;re doing is holding in your stomach while breathing normally) Hold your belly button in for 5 seconds working your way up to a minute or...(你所做的最基本的就是在正常呼吸的同时保持肚脐向内吸。)将肚脐向内吸5秒钟,坚持一分钟或更长时间。Instead of increasing the time... You can try to draw in your belly button further away from your finger.此后不需要增加锻炼的时间,只要增加肚脐与手指的距离就可以了。Step 3: A faster way to get a flat stomach3.锻炼出平坦的腹部更快速的方法Place one of your fingers on your belly button将一个手指放在肚脐上Without taking in a deep breath. Move your belly button inward just a little bit from your finger but not as far away as you did in the first TVA exercise -不需要进行深呼吸。将肚脐向内收紧一点,移动的距离不需要像第一次TVA肌肉锻炼时那样远。Tie a piece of string (or rope) not too tightly around your midsection.在腹肌周围绑上一根绳子,不要太紧。Every time you relax your TVA muscles... the rope will tighten up around your waist reminding you to tighten your TVA muscles.每次放松TVA肌肉的时候,腰部周围的绳子会绷紧,提醒你收紧TVA肌肉。You can do this exercise all day long if you want to. You can do it at work, home, or at the mall... It doesn#39;t matter and people won#39;t know you#39;re exercising because they wont see the rope tied around your belly under your shirt.如果你想的话,一整天都可以进行这项锻炼。工作的时候,在家中,或者在商场……这项锻炼无伤大雅,人们不会注意到你在锻炼,因为他们看不到你衬衫下面绑在腹部周围的绳子。And Everyday If you can stand it... Keep moving your belly button in a little further.你每天都可以进行这项锻炼。每天都增加肚脐向内移动的距离。Thanks for watching How To Get A Flat Stomach In Under 9 Minutes感谢收看“9分钟之内让腹部变平”视频节目。 Article/201209/198360Article/200908/81726

中新网1月6日电 综合消息,目前,华北地区降雪已基本停止,强冷空气向南方转移。今天14时,华南东部及南部、福建西部的24小时降温幅度达8~10℃,江西南部及广西南部局地降温幅度达10~12℃。西南地区东部、江汉、江南、华南等地出现大范围雨雪天气。湖南中北部出现大范围冻雨,贵州东部、江西北部部分地区也出现了冻雨。 Southern China confronts icy weatherAfter taking a swipe at Northern China, the cold front has reached into the south. Wuhan, one of the busiest municipal hubs connecting the north and south of the country, has seen traffic snarled by heavy snowfall. Now, fuel supplies are also running short.By 5:30 pm on Tuesday, Wuhan was covered by 20 centimeters of snow.At the half-century-old Wuhan Yangtze River Highway-Railway Bridge, traffic began flowing at glacial speed. Some bus passengers were stranded on the Yangtze River bridge for more than two hours.I've been stuck on the bus for 2 hours after 8 hours of work. I'm hungry and my kids are alone at home. What can I do?With vehicles barely crawling, some anxious passengers got off the bus and and made better time walking."The cars are moving really slowly, walking is faster than driving now."At Jiujiang, a city farther down stream, drivers were much luckier. The local authorities removed the snow from the bridge to make sure everyone enjoyed a smooth crossing.To counter power shortages caused by the cold snap, local authorities in southern China decided to cut industrial power supplies and cap civilian use. Coal producing and transporting companies were also asked to maximize their output to meet increasing demand. Article/201001/93963

I don#39;t think she#39;s a real princess!我想她并不是真的公主!(大家一定想起了安徒生童话中豌豆公主的故事,厚厚的床垫下的一粒豌豆竟让豌豆公主睡不好觉,这货的床垫下有辆小汽车,她竟睡的喷香!她能是真的么?) /201705/511154

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