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Equatorial East Africa.赤道附近的东非地区It#39;s hard to image a place more different from Antarctica.这里和南极洲有天壤之别To survive here, mammals need additional talents.哺乳动物要有特殊本领 才能在这里生存This tree shelters the territory of a tiny mammal这棵树下是一只 娇小哺乳动物的地盘that spends its whole life in frenzied activity.它终其一生都过得狂乱忙碌It used to be called an elephant shrew,这种动物以前叫做象鼩鼱but now it#39;s called by its African name of sengi.但现在很多人都改用 它的非洲名字桑吉This is a female rufous sengi.这是一只母红象鼩鼱And, like all sengis, she#39;s so active, she#39;s permanently hungry.和所有的象鼩鼱一样,它因为活动量极大 所以时时刻刻都觉得饿To get all the food she needs,为了填饱肚子she has to be both industrious and ingenious.它除了勤劳之外还得要有创意She has made an intricate network of trails它建立了一个 错综复杂的道路网络that enable her to hunt her insect prey very efficiently.以有效率地捕食昆虫But these pathways have another important function但这些道路的另一个重要功能when she meets her enemies.在它碰到敌人时就派上用场了 Article/201307/249756And I remember the first call we made was down to, uh, LA, one of Woz‘s relatives. 我记得第一个电话想打给Woz住在洛杉矶的亲戚We dialed the wrong number. But we woke some guy up in the middle of the night. 我们拨错了号码,大半夜把某个家伙吵醒了We were yelling at him like ‘Don’t you understand we made this call for free!’ 我们兴奋地冲他嚷嚷:打这个电话是免费的and this person didn’t appreciate that.对方一点也不感激我们But it was miraculous.但这已经是奇迹了And we build these little boxes to do Blue Box as it was called. 我们做出了这个称为“蓝盒子”的装置And we put a little note in the bottom of them, and our logo was he’s got the whole world in his hands, hahaha.盒子底部贴着我们的logo,写着“世界握在手中” And, they work. We built the best blue box in the world, it was all digital, no adjustments.这是世界上最好的“蓝盒子”,全数字化,简便易用And, so you could go to the pay phone, you could, you know, take a trunk over the white plane, 你可以拿着它去电话亭轻松拨打长途电话and take a satellite over the Europe, and then go to Turkey, take a cable back to Atlanta. 打卫星电话去欧洲、去土耳其,然后接有线电话打回亚特兰大You could go around the world, you could go around the world 5 or 6 times cause we learned all the codes and how to get on the satellite and stuff. 你可以满世界跑,跑五六趟,因为我们知道所有的交换密码And then you could call the pay phone next doors, so you could shout at the phone, 你可以给家门口的电话亭打电话,在家喊话after about a minute it would come to another phone, it was, it was miraculous.隔一会电话亭就能听到,真是奇妙And you might ask what so interesting about that. 你也许会问这样做有意思吗?What so interesting is that we were young, 它的意义在于虽然我们年纪还小and what we learned was that we could build something, ourselves, that could control billions of dollars worth of infrastructure in the world. 但已经意识到我们有能力做出控制庞大系统的工具That was what we learned, was that, us, two, you know, we didn’t know much, 这就是我们得到的启发,我们两个人尽管懂得不多we could build the little thing that could control a giant thing. And that was an incredible lesson. 但我们制造的小玩意可以控制庞然大物I don’t think there would have ever been an Apple computer had there not been Blue Box.这是不可思议的经历,没有“蓝盒子”就不会有苹果电脑 /201306/243514

Flu Cases Increase Across AmericaDr. Jennifer Ashton reports the latest health news going into the flu season.Turning now to a health alert this morning, we’re seeing a real jump in the flu across America. 10 states are now seeing widesp outbreaks,up from just 4 one week earlier. Let’s go now to Dr. Jenifer Ashton who’s in Boston this morning. Dr. Ashton good morning, how severe is the flu we’re seeing at this point in the season?Well, Dan, in terms of severity, it’s really the same severity that we’ve been seeing so far. The flu season hasn’t peaked yet, we expect that to happen in January, February, but what’s changed recently is how many states are affected, as you said, now 10 states report widesp flu activity, that’s up from 4. And if you look at a map, it’s everywhere from Alaska and Wyoming to New York and right here in Massachusetts. Yes. It’s interesting to see how sp out it is. What flu strain is predominant and what are the signs and symptoms of this particular strain?So far, what states are reporting to the CDC and their local health offices are the influenza A H1N1 strain, this is the strain that caused the pandemic in 2009. It is contained in this year’s flu vaccine, so it’s a well-match to the circulating strain, and we have to remember, the symptoms are not subtle, this causes very high fever, severe headache, chest pain and body aches, cough, you can remain sick for a week and remain contagious for up to a week after that. There aly have been deaths, and unfortunately, Dan, we do expect there to be more.And so, if you get the flu, you are not gonna be questioning whether you have the flu, it won’t be subtle as you said.Correct.Here’s the question you hear all the time, especially when we get to this point in the season. Is it too late to get vaccinated?Absolutely not, it is not too late to vaccinate. We have to remember the flu season goes up until April. There is plenty of vaccine available; about 140 million doses were made this year. It does take about 2 weeks for you to get that immune protection, so you should talk to your clinic, your pharmacy, your doctor about getting that vaccine right now. And you know, we have to remember, this is not a bad cold, I actually had H1N1 a few years ago. I do not smoke, I do not have asthma, Dan, I thought I was gonna die, it is very serious and it needs to be taken seriously.I think I remember that, it really knocks you out. Dr. Ashton, thank you very much, and again, just hammer on that point, it is not too late to get vaccinated, this is serious stuff.Correct.Dr. Ashton, thanks again.Especially for the young and elderly across the country as well. /201401/271925

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