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2019年08月25日 07:00:36 | 作者:最新网 | 来源:新华社
Australia began an underwater search of the southern Indian Ocean for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 using military hardware from U.S. and U.K. Navies, despite repeated air sorties that have so far failed to find any wreckage from the missing plane.尽管到目前为止,反复出动的飞机都未能找到马来西亚航空(Malaysia Airlines) 370航班的任何残骸,但澳大利亚已经开始用美国和英国海军提供的军用设备在印度洋南部进行水下搜索。Air Chief Marshal Angus Houston, who is coordinating the multinational search off the coast of Australia, said the Australian defense vessel Ocean Shield and HMS Echo would cover a 240 kilometer area of ocean where authorities think the plane is most likely to have gone down. Ocean Shield is equipped with a U.S. device designed to detect signals from the aircraft#39;s black box flight recorders deep below the ocean surface. HMS Echo is a U.K. military survey vessel able to profile ocean depths.负责协调多国搜救行动的澳大利亚空军上将休斯敦(Angus Houston)说,澳大利亚军舰“海洋之盾”号(Ocean Shield)和英国海军“回声”号将在有关部门认为最可能是飞机触海地点的方圆240公里海域进行搜索。“海洋盾号”配备了美国提供的一种装备,可以探测飞机黑匣子在深海发出的信号。“回声号”是英国的一艘军用测量船,可以对海底进行测绘。The former Australian defense chief said investigators were reaching the end of their analysis of radar data and satellite communications from the plane.曾担任澳大利亚国防军司令的休斯敦说,调查人员对雷达数据和飞机发出卫星通讯信号的分析已经接近完成。#39;I think we have probably got to the end of the process of analysis. My expectation is we#39;re into a situation where the data we#39;ve got is the data we#39;ve got, and we#39;ll proceed on the basis of that,#39; he said.他说,他本人认为数据分析可能已经进入尾声,有关部门将在这些数据的基础上来继续下一步行动。 /201404/284978China is still the most favoured manufacturing destination in the emerging markets. But other developing countries such as Mexico and Indonesia are showing promise.中国仍是新兴市场中最受青睐的制造业投资目的地。但墨西哥和印度尼西亚等其他发展中国家开始显现出潜质。Over the past decade, China reigned comfortably atop the list of destinations for greenfield manufacturing facilities by foreign companies, with its level of inbound capital investment on manufacturing projects dwarfing that of other developing countries. Since 2005, China has received three times the number of projects and capital investment of its closest competitor, India, according to fDi Markets, an FT data service.过去十年里,中国一直在外企新建制造业设施投资目的地榜单上稳坐头把交椅,流入中国的制造业项目资本投资额令其他发展中国家相形见绌。英国《金融时报》旗下数据务机构fDi Markets的数据显示,自2005年以来,中国吸引到的项目数量以及资本投资额是与其差距最小的竞争对手印度的3倍。But over the past year Mexico has gained momentum as a manufacturing destination, moving up to the number two spot and edging out India by number of projects. In 2014 Mexico attracted 165 investments. Vietnam is another fast riser, ranking second by capital investment, at bn against China’s bn and Mexico’s bn. India, riding on an economic resurgence and an FDI boom, continues to perform well in manufacturing, attracting 149 projects worth bn.但就过去一年的情况而言,墨西哥作为制造业投资目的地的势头有所增强,以项目数量计在榜单上升至第二位,略领先于印度。2014年,墨西哥吸引到165个投资项目。越南是另一个在榜单上攀升速度很快的国家,以资本投资额计名列第二位,越南吸引到的资本投资额为190亿美元,中国和墨西哥分别为400亿美元和160亿美元。得益于经济复兴和外商直接投资(FDI)迅速增长,印度在制造业方面继续表现良好,吸引到149个项目,价值70亿美元。Russia, suffering from a lack of investor confidence due to geopolitical tensions and economic uncertainty, has slipped down the charts. Having been ranked fifth by number of projects between 2010-14, last year it came tenth by the same measure. But large investments by Chinese automotive companies bolstered capital investment levels to bn.受困于地缘政治紧张和经济不确定性导致的投资者信心缺失,俄罗斯在榜单上的位置有所下降。2010年至2014年,俄吸引到的项目数量排在第五位,就去年一年的情况而言,则排在第十位。不过,中国车企对俄的大举投资使得俄吸引到资本投资额上升到90亿美元。Indonesia attracted only 56 projects last year — a sixth of the number that went to China — but for an estimated total of an impressive bn. The country’s performance as a manufacturing country has been strong over the past five years, with its bn in capital investment placing it fifth during that period. Among the more sizeable recent investments, Netherlands-based VI Holding, through its subsidiary Vimetco, a producer of aluminium products, said in the autumn of 2014 that it planned to invest bn to establish an alumina refinery in Kalimantan. The company also announced plans to invest 0m to establish a ferronickel smelter in Indonesia through a joint venture with a local partner. And late run 2014, China-based Shandong Fuhai Group, another provider of aluminium products, said it would invest .2bn with Ansteel Group in the development of an industrial estate and infrastructure facilities in Ujung Jabung. The project includes a steel plant that is expected to have a 1.75m tonnes-per-year capacity, to be primarily sold in the domestic market.去年,印尼只吸引到56个项目——为中国的六分之一——但项目总价值却高达120亿美元左右。过去五年里,印尼作为制造业国家的表现很突出,吸引到的资本投资额为550亿美元,排在第五位。2014年秋,总部位于荷兰的VI Holding通过子公司、铝材生产商Vimetco表示,打算投资10亿美元在加里曼丹建立一家氧化铝冶炼厂。该公司还宣布,打算通过与当地一个合作伙伴组建合资企业,投资5亿美元在印尼建立一家镍铁冶炼厂。2014年底,另一家铝材生产商、中国山东富海集团(Shandong Fuhai Group)表示,将与鞍钢集团(Ansteel Group)共同投资12亿美元,在乌戎嘉翁(Ujung Jabung)开发一个工业园区和基础设施。该项目包括一个预计年产能达175万吨的钢厂,产品主要供应印尼国内市场。这些都是近来一些较为大手笔的投资的例子。An analysis of manufacturing costs byfDi Benchmark, a location assessment data service owned by the FT, reveals that Indonesia’s success could be at least in part cost-driven. Combining compound labour costs for a hypothetical aerospace manufacturing facility, the study shows costs in Indonesia declining 5 per cent since 2010. Costs in China, in contrast, have increased nearly 16 per cent, against a nearly 4 per cent rise in Vietnam and 3 per cent in Mexico. Thailand has experienced a notable cost inflation of more than 10 per cent, although this does not appear yet to be hurting its attractiveness for manufacturing projects: the country continues to rank comfortably within the top ten locations.英国《金融时报》旗下投资地点评估数据务机构fDi Benchmark在分析制造业成本后发现,印尼的成功至少在一定程度上是由成本驱动的。汇总了一个假想的航空航天制造设施的复合劳动成本后,该调查显示,印尼的成本自2010年以来下降了5%。相比之下,中国的成本升高了近16%,越南和墨西哥分别升高了近4%和3%。泰国的成本上升显著,升幅达10%以上,不过这似乎还没有伤及该国对制造业项目的吸引力:泰国在项目数量上继续稳居前十之列。Indonesia, though, stands poised to take on other Southeast Asian countries as a manufacturing hub for the region, if it could tackle its longstanding problems of bureaucracy and corruption, improve infrastructure and make other improvements to the investment climate.不过,如果印尼能够解决其长期存在官僚和腐败问题、完善基础设施并在其他方面改善投资环境,它就有望挑战其他东南亚国家的地区制造业中心地位。 /201507/385281

After the McDonald#39;s black burger and Burger King#39;s scarlet creation, KFC China has now sandwiched its chicken leg patty with cheese between two pink buns。继麦当劳和汉堡王分别推出黑色汉堡和亮红色汉堡之后,肯德基中国餐厅也推出新汉堡,把鸡腿肉和芝士夹在两片粉色面包中间。The fast food giant introduced the unusual new burger to its summer , along with another fried option wedged between black buns。这家快餐业巨头把这款汉堡加入到今年的夏季菜单,一同加入的还有另一款汉堡,是黑色面包片夹炸鸡腿肉。According to The Nangfang the limited edition treats consist of the Black diamond bacon spicy chicken leg burger and the Rose cheese roasted chicken leg burger。根据The Nangfang网站的介绍,这次的限量版汉堡是黑钻培根辣鸡腿堡和玫瑰芝士烤鸡腿堡。But fast food fans have taken to Instagram to share their own experience of the bizarre meals, which appear quite different in reality to the pictures in the ads。但是快餐迷们把他们自己吃到的这款奇异汉堡的样子分享到Instagram上,和广告图片上的样子大不相同。One diner, Chris Tweten, tweeted: #39;Chinese #KFC is #MindBlowing and not in a good way. #Rose flavoured chicken burger?#39;用餐者Chris Tweten在推特上说:“中国的肯德基很新奇但这并不是个好办法。玫瑰和鸡肉汉堡搭在一起能吃吗?”From fast food fans#39; pictures the rose burger#39;s bun is more anaemic in real life and lacks the moulded appearance。从快餐迷们拍的照片上可以看出,玫瑰汉堡的面包在现实中非常干瘪,一点也不饱满。Meanwhile, the filing also looks deflated, the buns shade of pink has a brownish hue and the lettuce is hard to spot。与此同时,它的外形看上去就像泄气了一样,粉色面包看着像褐色而且生菜也少得根本看不见。The Black diamond burger looks far more similar to the sandwich advertised, with shiny ink-coloured buns。黑钻培根辣鸡腿堡看起来像广告上的三明治,面包上闪着油墨一样的光泽。However, many KFC diners seemed undisturbed by the difference between the advertised pink burger and the reality, enthusiastically tagging images on social media with #pinkburger, #yummy and #unique。然而,很多肯德基用餐者似乎很从容地对待粉色汉堡在广告和现实之间的巨大落差,很兴奋地给发到社交媒体上的照片打上#粉色汉堡#好吃#独特的标签。One theory behind the two new bun shades is that they#39;re based on the protagonists in Puella Magi Madoka Magica, a Japanese anime that is popular in China。在这两款新汉堡的背后有这么一种说法,它们的原型来自一部在中国很受欢迎的日本动画《魔法少女小圆》。The two main characters, Madoka Kaname and her friend Homura Akemi, wear signature black and pink outfits。其中两个主要角色,鹿目圆和晓美焰,她们就分别穿粉色和黑色的饰。 /201508/393749

BEIJING — The loudspeakers in the pricey Temple bar erupted at 11:50 p.m. on Sunday with an announcement that set off either joy or despair, depending on the customer: Patrons had 10 more minutes to smoke.北京——周日夜里11点50分,人均消费不菲的坛酒吧的音箱响起,宣布了一条有人欢喜有人愁的消息:顾客们的吸烟时间还剩10分钟。A tough new ban on smoking in public took effect at midnight in the Chinese capital, aimed at ending the era of tobacco fumes clinging to clothes and lungs. The estimated 4 million smokers in the city — one-fifth of the population, the government reckons — now have to avoid lighting up in any enclosed public space, including offices, shops, bars, restaurants, nightclubs, airports and trains.当天午夜,一项严厉的新公共场所禁烟令在北京生效,旨在结束衣和肺部被烟味附着的时代。这座城市的大约400万烟民——据政府统计,占人口的五分之一——现在不得不避免在任何封闭的公共空间吸烟,比如办公室、商店、酒吧、餐厅、夜总会、机场和火车站。Some outdoor spaces are to be smoke-free now as well, including areas outside schools and hospitals as well as some tourist sites. Thinking of lighting up at the Forbidden City or on the Great Wall? Then be prepared for a fine of up to 200 renminbi, or about .一些户外空间也将禁烟,比如学校和医院外的区域,以及一些旅游景点。想在故宫或长城点棵烟抽?等着交200元罚款吧。And if you are a business owner who permits smoking on your premises or fails to post signs and other information about the ban, including the phone number for reporting violations, the fine can run up to 10,000 renminbi (,600).而如果你是一名商家,在自己的经营场所允许吸烟,或是没有张贴关于禁烟令的标识或其他信息,比如举报电话,罚款最高可达1万元人民币。State news media cheered the ban as necessary to protect the public from dangerous secondhand smoke, but many Beijing residents were skeptical that it would actually be enforced. The municipal government has banned smoking twice before — in 1996 and before the 2008 Olympic Games — and each time the ban was widely ignored, with smoke continuing to waft through hotel lobbies, public lavatories and gym locker rooms.官方媒体称赞该禁令十分必要,可以防止公众接触危险的二手烟,但许多北京市民对规定能否落实表示怀疑。北京市政府曾经两次发布禁烟令——分别是在1996年和2008年奥运会之前——每一次都被人们普遍无视,在酒店大堂、公共卫生间和健身房的更衣室,仍然烟雾弥漫。City officials say this time will be different. Thousands of “health police officers” trained by the Beijing Health Inspection and Supervision Bureau will fan out to make sure the law is implemented, according to an official at the Beijing Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning who would give only his surname, Ma.北京市的官员称,这一次的结果会不同。北京市卫生计生委的一位官员说,该市的卫生监督局将确保该法规得到落实。这位官员只透露自己姓马。“We are not depriving smokers of the right to smoke,” the official said by telephone, explaining that the law merely restricts where they do it. “I’m confident that it will be carried out smoothly and guide people to quit smoking.”“我们不是在剥夺吸烟者吸烟的权利,”这名官员通过电话说。他解释说,这项规定只是限定了他们吸烟的场所。“我相信这项规定会顺利实施,并引导人们戒烟。”Suan Weiqing, a waitress at a dumpling restaurant, was less sure. It would be very difficult to stop diners from smoking, she said: “You can’t tell them they’re not allowed to smoke. We’re only a small restaurant, and we can’t offend our customers.”在一家饺子馆当务员的孙卫青(音)就没那么肯定了。让顾客不抽烟将十分困难,她说:“你不能告诉他们,这里不许抽烟。我们只是个小餐馆,不能得罪客人。”With a cigarette in one hand and a pair of chopsticks in the other, Zhang Jiawei, a man in his 50s who said he has been smoking for more than over 30 years, said he supported the ban for health reasons, and that he planned to smoke less because of it.50多岁的张家伟(音)一只手拿着烟,另一只手拿着一双筷子,说自己已经抽了30多年的烟。他说,从健康角度出发,他持禁烟,而且因为这项禁令,他打算以后少抽。His friend Gao Jianjun, seated across from him, disagreed. “Cigarettes are a good thing,” he said. “I feel sick when I don’t smoke.”坐在他对面的朋友高建军(音)却不同意。“烟是好东西,”他说。“不抽我就觉得不舒。”Cigarettes are something of a national pastime in China, especially among men. Wedding banquet tables routinely feature plates of stacked cigarettes for guests. Cartons of expensive brands have long been given as presents or to curry favor with officials.在中国,香烟称得上一种全体国民消遣物,对于男性尤其如此。婚礼的宴席上往往会为客人准备香烟,成堆地摆在碟子里。长期以来,装在纸盒里的昂贵品牌一直是馈赠或者讨好官员的佳品。Smoking is also important to the country financially: A state-run monopoly manufactures one-third of the world’s cigarettes and accounts for a significant share of state revenue.吸烟对中国经济也十分重要:一个国家垄断产业制造了世界上三分之一的香烟,在政府财政收入中占很大比重。China has some 301 million smokers, almost one-third of the world’s total, according to the World Health Organization. Nearly 53 percent of men and 2.4 percent of women smoke regularly, the organization estimates, and the habit contributes to a million deaths a year from heart disease, cancer and other ailments. Secondhand smoke causes another 100,000 deaths a year, the organization estimates.据世界卫生组织(World Health Organization)调查,中国共有3.01亿烟民,几乎占世界烟民总人数的三分之一。世卫组织估计,有将近53%的男性和2.4%的女性有抽烟习惯,而与吸烟有关的心脏病、癌症和其他疾病每年会导致100万人死亡。世卫组织估计,每年另有10万人死于二手烟。In Beijing alone, smokers burn through 14.6 million cigarettes a day on average, according to a study conducted last year by the Beijing Patriotic Health Campaign Committee. The study found that secondhand smoke was probably inhaled by 90 percent of people who went to bars and clubs, 65 percent of diners in restaurants and 40 percent of people in their own homes.根据北京爱国卫生运动委员会去年的调查,仅仅在北京,烟民平均每天要抽掉1460万香烟。调查发现,可能90%前往酒吧和夜店的人、65%的餐厅用餐者,以及40%待在自己家中的人,都是二手烟受害者。Against that backdrop, the ban’s impact could be significant. “Beijing has now set the bar very high,” said Dr. Bernhard Schwartl#228;nder, the W.H.O. representative in China, in a statement. “We now look forward to other cities around China, and the world, following Beijing’s excellent example.”在这样的情况下,禁令的影响可能会很大。“北京已经树立了一个很高的标杆,”世卫组织驻华代表施贺德士(Dr. Bernhard Schwartl#228;nder)在声明中称。“现在,世卫组织期待中国其他省市、全世界其他地方,都能向北京看齐。” /201506/378756

One of China’s biggest oil companies signed a billion deal with BP PLC BP for liquefied natural gas deliveries, and announced a strategic partnership with Royal Dutch Shell PLC RD , in a flurry of activity marking a three-day visit to the UK by Chinese Premier Li Keqiang.中国总理李克强对英国进行为期三天的访问期间,中国最大的石油企业之一与英国石油公司(BP PLC)签订了一份价值200亿美元的液化天然气供应协议,同时还宣布与荷兰皇家壳牌石油公司(Royal Dutch Shell PLC)达成了战略伙伴关系。Li also repeated China’s interest in financing the construction of the next generation of nuclear power plants in the UK, although there were no firm deals struck due to the ongoing uncertainty over whether the government’s policy on new nuclear build breaks European Union law on state aid.另外,李克强总理再次提出中国有意向资助英国建设下一代核电站,尽管由于担心政府建设新型核能的政策有可能会违反欧盟有关政府救助的法律,双方并未签订正式的投资协议。The deal with BP is the latest in a series of mega-deals illustrating China’s insatiable demand for clean-burning gas, as pollution from coal-fired power plants and vehicle use threatens to reach crisis levels in many of its cities. Only last month, China signed a much larger 0 billion 30-year deal to import gas from Russia. That deal, ironically, was based in part on supplies of gas from fields in eastern Siberia which BP’s former joint venture in Russia had been squeezed out of as Vladimir Putin’s Kremlin assumed more direct control of the country’s mineral wealth.因为电厂燃煤和交通工具尾气导致很多城市空气重度污染,近年来中国对清洁能源的需求激增,与外国签订了大量订单,与英国石油公司的订单就是其中最新的一个。上个月,中国刚刚与俄国签订了一份为期30年、价值4,000亿美元的天然气供应协议。颇为讽刺的是,协议中部分天然气的供应来自于东西伯利亚油田。英国石油公司与俄国的合资企业就曾坐落于这个地区,但由于普京政府加强了对矿藏的直接控制,收购了这家合资公司中英国石油公司的股份。The Chinese deal is a welcome piece of good news for BP after repeated disappointments in the U.S. as it struggles with the aftermath of the Deepwater Horizon disaster. It will see BP will deliver up to 1.5 million tons a year of LNG–equivalent to 72 billion cubic feet of gas–to China National Offshore Oil Company, or CNOOC, for 20 years from 2019 onwards. It’s not yet fixed where the gas will come from, but BP has a global portfolio of LNG assets, including the opportunity to export from terminals in the Gulf of Mexico. It aly supplies LNG to CNOOC from Indonesia.自从“深水地平线”钻井平台事故后,英国石油公司在美国屡次碰壁。因此,这次与中国成功达成协议对它来说确实是件好事。根据项目要求,从2019年开始,英国石油公司每年要向中国海洋石油总公司( China National Offshore Oil Company, 简称中海油)供应150万吨液化天然气,相当于720亿立方英尺的天然气,为期20年。协议虽然没有确定天然气供应地,但英国石油公司液化天然气供应地遍布全球,甚至包括墨西哥湾天然气管道终端。据称,它已经在从印度尼西亚向中海油供应液化天然气。The office of UK Prime Minister David Cameron, in an ostentatious display of coyness, made no mention of the deal in briefing notes on Li’s visit, focusing instead on a list of less controversial deals involving furniture and children’s TV programs.卡梅伦政府对这个项目态度暧昧,在李克强访英的简报中只字未提该石油协议,而把话题集中在其它不痛不痒的项目上,包括家具与儿童电视节目等。Li also confirmed that China would lift a ban on imports of beef from Britain that has been in place since contaminated feed triggered a widesp outbreak of Bovine spongiform encephalitis, or Mad Cow Disease.自牛脑海绵状病(疯牛病)大规模爆发以来,中国一直禁止从英国进口牛肉。李克强此行还明确表示中国会解除对进口英国牛肉的禁令。 /201406/307071

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