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Hi, I#39;m Katie, and I#39;m making Avocado Co-Wash today.嗨,我是Katie,我今天要来做酪梨滋润洗发皂。Our Avocado Co-Wash is a rich and creamy alternative to traditional shampoo.我们的酪梨滋润洗发皂是款营养又细致的传统洗发精替代品。It#39;s actually a lot more like a conditioner, hence the name Avocado Co-Wash.它其实比较像润发乳,因此才会取酪梨滋润洗发皂这名字。I#39;m gonna make a really gorgeous tea infusion with rosemary, lavender, and nettle flowers.我要制作非常棒的花茶泡剂,使用迷迭香、熏衣草以及荨麻花。They#39;re gonna be very balancing on the scalp and makes sure that, you know, your scalp#39;s nice and healthy.它们在头皮上会非常和谐,而且可以确保,你知道,让你的头皮美丽健康。But for the second step, I#39;m going to take my cocoa butter and melt it down.但在第二步,我要拿可可脂然后将它融解。I wanna make sure that I#39;m getting the right temperature for it.我要确保温度是正确的。I#39;m then going to add my cupuacu butter. What a fun word to say.接着加上我的古布阿苏果油。这个字讲起来好有趣。Gonna pile it in with the cocoa butter.把它混进可可脂里。Then I#39;m going to take my olive oil, put it in with my cupuacu and cocoa butter接着用橄榄油,将它和古布阿苏果油和可可脂加在一起...add that strengthening component to the moisturizing effects that it#39;s going to give.添加强韧发丝的成份到它的滋润效果中。Then I#39;m going to take my surfactants, apply it into my butters and melt those down gently.接着用界面活性剂,加进脂质内然后缓缓融解。Now we#39;re y for the avocado part, which is my absolute favorite.现在我们准备好进入酪梨的部分了,那是我的最爱。I#39;m taking so many avocados... I#39;m gonna cut them all by hand, and then add them into a bowl.我拿了超多酪梨... 我要用手切完全部,接着把它们放到一个碗里。I#39;ll be right back—I need to go grab more avocados.我马上回来 --得去拿更多酪梨。Check out all of these avocados I#39;m putting in here. There#39;s so many of them—they#39;re beautiful.看看我放进去的这所有酪梨。有好多喔--它们太美了。I personally love to eat them because they#39;re delicious.我个人喜欢吃掉它们,因为酪梨很美味。But in your hair, they#39;re going to be super nourishing, add a ton of shine as well, too.不过用在头发里,它们会超级滋养,也会增添许多光泽。I#39;m going to add it to a pot, where I#39;m going to also put in my apple cider vinegar. Whiz them together, gently.我要把这加到锅里,我还会在里面倒入苹果醋。把它们拌在一块,轻轻地。Add them through a cheesecloth, making sure that it#39;s going to be nice and smooth in the product.把它们用纱布过滤,确保这在产品中会丝滑完美。Now I#39;m going to add my blend of essential oils to the product, which includes olibanum oil and bergamot,现在我要加混合精油到产品中,其中包含乳香精油跟佛手柑,which will add this beautiful herbal scent to it.那会将这美妙的草本香气加进去。I have these molds set up here that I#39;m going to pour the product into, making sure that, you know, the consistency is perfect.我在这摆好了这些模具,我要将产品倒入,确认浓稠度是完美的。In the morning, when it#39;s finally y and perfect,到了早上,终于准备好而且一切到位时,we#39;re going to dip them in some beautiful red wax and send them off to the shop.我们要将它们浸到美丽的红蜡中,然后送到店里。And that is how we make Avocado Co-Wash.那就是我们制作酪梨滋润洗发皂的方法。If you wanna see any more of our How It#39;s Made s, make sure to hit the ;Subscribe; button below.如果你想看更多我们的产品制作影片,一定要点击下方订阅钮。But if you wanna take a look at some of our other Lush s, make sure to check out our YouTube.但如果你想看一些其它的Lush影片,务必到我们的YouTube频道逛逛。 Article/201703/494923

Hey,Vsauce,Micheal here.Attachment,of two people#39;s lips,KISSING.The average person will spend about 20,160 minutes of his or her life KISSING.Hey 欢迎来到Vsauce 我是Micheal.二人嘴唇的亲密接触 就是“吻”,平均每人一生中亲吻的时间为20160分钟。And the world record for the longest continuous kiss is 58hrs,35mins and 58secs,But why do we kiss?I mean if you think about it,it seems kind of weird,right? I mean,sure Today,kissing represents peace,respect,passion love,But when the first two people in human history KISSED.were they just kind of being gross?世界持续接吻时间最长的纪录为58小时35分58秒,但是我们为什么要接吻?我的意思是 如果你曾经想过这个问题 它感觉有点奇怪 对吧?当然 今天吻是和平、尊敬、和爱情的象征。但是说到人类史上最先接吻的那两个人,他们是不是有点恶心呢?Well,let#39;s begin with what we do know,Kissing feels good,and it#39;s good for you,A passionate kiss burns about 2-3 calories per minute,And releases epinephrine and norepinephrine into the blood making your heart pump faster.Kissing,more often,is correlated with a reduction of bad cholesterol and perceived stress.But these positive affects didn#39;t become widesp by accident.那么先从我们知道的开始说吧,接吻感觉好好 并且对你也有好处,人热吻时每分钟消耗2-3卡路里能量,并会向血液中释放肾上腺素和降肾上腺素 使你的心跳加速,接吻常与降低胆固醇和减轻压力有关,但是这些积极效应分布面广并非巧合。Why did brains and bodies that love kissing become so common?Well,a popular story holds that pacman#39;s shape was inspired by the shape of a pizza with a slice missing,But Toru Iwatani,the creator of pacman,admitted that was only half true.Paceman#39;s shape was also inspired by rounding up the shape of the Japanese character of a mouth.And its mouth and pacman#39;s favorite activity,eating.which together bring us closer to the heart of a kiss.为什么人类热爱接吻是如此的常见,在一则流行故事中提到 吃豆人的形状灵感正来源于缺了一块的披萨饼,但是Pacman之父Toru Iwatani 承认这并非完全正确,Pacman的形状灵感也来源于一个闭合的形状,也就是日文中“口“ 的形状。Pacman的嘴以及它最喜欢的行为 吃。让我们逐渐接近了“吻”的核心要义。Evolutionary psychologists have argued that what we know today as KISSING may have come from kiss-feeding.the exchange of pre-chewed food from one mouth to another.Mother birds are famous for doing this.And many primates are frequently seen doing this as well.进化心理学家认为我们今日所熟知的“接吻”可能是由“咀嚼喂养”而来,即将咀嚼过的食物从一方口中喂到另一方。雌鸟正以此而闻名,许多灵长类动物也常被发现以此喂养后……Not that long ago it was common between human nothers and their children.In fact,before commercially produced or DIY baby food instructions were ily available,it made a lot of sense.不长时间前这种行为也常在人类母子间出现,事实上 在商业生产的幼儿食品或DIY食品指南出现前,这种喂养方式意义非凡。Recently,Alicia Silverstone uploaded a clip of herself mouth-feeding her child.It seemed strange to some people,but even though,yeah,it exchanges saliva.which,like any contact with an infant can transfer pathogens,healthy mother and healthy children can benefit from the fact that kiss-feeding provides nutrients,carbohydrates,proteins,iron and zine,which are not always available in breast milk.最近Alicia Silverstone 上传了一段好自己用嘴喂孩子的视频,对一些人来说 这看上去很无厘头,但尽管这的确交换了唾液,而这和任何与婴儿接触的方式一样 都可能传播病菌,但健康的母亲和健康的孩子可以从这个事实中获利,咀嚼喂养可提供许多营养物如碳水化合物、蛋白质、铁和锌,母乳中并不会一直出现这些东西。Plus,an adult#39;s saliva can help predigest the food,making vitamins like B12 easier for the baby to absorb.So,mouth to mouth attachment has a history of intimacy,trust and closeness.另外,一个成年人的唾液可以帮助预防消化食物,使婴儿更容易吸收多种维生素如B12。所以,嘴对嘴的接触有亲近,信任和亲密的历史。Your saliva also carries information about who you are,your level of health.and mucous membranes in our mouth are permeable to hormones like testosterome,making a kiss a way to taste test a potential mate.A good kiss can be biological evidence that your kisser might be a good mate,So as a strategy for make selection prehistoric people who enjoyed kissing and did it more often may have made better decisions.picked better mates reproduced more successfully and eventually become the norm.giving us,US,people who love kissing,你的唾液中也承载着有关你是谁 你的健康程度等等信息,最终薄薄的一层粘膜可以渗透睾酮等荷尔蒙,让接吻成为一种老师潜在配偶的“口味测试”,一次热吻可以作为另一半达标的生物据,那么 作为选择的一种手段,史前热爱接吻并且接吻次数多的人可能做出的决定更理想,选择更合适的配偶 繁育后代成功率更高 最终成为人们的模范。并让我们这些热爱接吻的人得以存在。Any infant could have seen those benefits coming from a mile away,even though an infant#39;s vision isn#39;t that great.From birth to four months,babies can only focus on things about eight to ten inches away from their face.which not surprisingly is about the distance to their mothers#39; face while breast-feeding.任何一个婴儿都能看到从远方来的好处,即使婴儿的视力并非如此的好,从降生到四月大时 婴儿们只能将注意力集中在距离自己脸8-10英尺远的东西上,在意料中的是 这和母乳喂养时婴儿和母亲脸庞的距离相近。So faces,especially those looking right at us,tend to be the very first things in our lives,we can focus on and see clearly.This might explain why we are so good at detecting faces,Humans are off the charts when it comes to this,in fact,we tend to see faces even when there aren#39;t any,It#39;s called Pareidolia.那么 说到脸 尤其是那些正在盯着我们看的脸,似乎也是我们生命中第一件我们能集中地看 能看清楚的事物,这可能可以解释我们如此善于辨识面庞的原因,事实上 提及此事 人们在这方面的能力早已超出量表范围,我们能在没有脸的地方看到“脸”,这就是“空想性错视”。Because humans are so cooperative it makes sense for us to be good at recognizing faces.And more importantly detecting when someone is looking directly at us,and clearly expressing when we are looking at someone else.A predator who lives by not being seen,needs a gaze that#39;s less obvious.人类的合作意识如此地强 以至于我们善于辨识人脸完全说得通,更重要的理 能在某些人盯着我们看的时候有所感受,并且当我们在看别人的时候能表达清楚,以不被发觉为生的捕食者 需要让他们的眼光不那么明显。 In fact,research has shown that our surprisingly white scleras,the area that borders the iris,isn#39;t just an accident,But is a vital piece of human eye morphology that makes it easier for us to ascertain the direction of someone else#39;s gaze at a glance,We also have impressive gaze direction networks inside our brains,containing individual neurons that fire when someone is staring directly at us,but that stop firing if that gaze shifts just a degree or two.事实上 研究表明我们那如此洁白的巩膜,也就是虹膜边境的东西,并非是个巧合,但从人眼形态学来看这至关重要 它让我们更容易在一瞥间确定其他人所注视的方向,我们大脑中有着令人惊异的注视方向判别系统,包括许多神经元个体 并会在我们被人注视的时候发生冲动,但当别人目光转过一两度之后冲动就会消失。So,yeah,you can tell when you are being watched,We humans are quite sensitive to it,even those of us with scopophobia,the fear of being stared at.But to be sure,in order for this to work.the other person#39;s gaze must be within you line of sight,your field of vision that is you can see them.那么 的确 在别人看你的时候你会有感觉,我们人类对此特别敏感,即便是那些害怕被别人盯着 有着“被视恐怖”的人,但是 这里要说清楚 为人使这种方法有效,其他人凝视你的目光必须在你的视线之内,也就是你的视野之内 你能看到他们(盯着你)。Otherwise,if the stare is coming say,from behind,there#39;s no evidence that people can tell they are being watched.The psychic staring effect falls within the realm of psudoscience,No widely accepted studies have ever found evidence that it exists.否则 比如凝视的目光从身后而来,没有据能说明人可以感受到他们被注视着,这种超自然的凝视效应最终被归结到了伪科学的范畴内,尚无广泛承认的研究能明它的确存在。Anecdotally,what#39;s more likely is that the very act of rubbernecking to see who#39;s watching causes people to look up and for your gazes to attach.But what about attachment when no one is watching?有趣的是 人们伸长脖子东张西望来寻找盯着他们的人反倒造成了人们目光的交汇,那么那种无人注视时的“依恋”又是什么?One explanation for an infant#39;s love attachment to their mother doesn#39;t involve vision or staring,but instead,food.The idea is that we love our mothers because as soon as we are born.they are a source of life-sustaining nourishment.婴儿喜欢依恋在母亲身边的原因之—,和视野范围或凝视无关 但与食物有关,意思就是我们之所以爱母亲 是因为我们出生时,她们是维系我们生命的食物来源之一。But what if that nourishment came not from a loving mother,but from a scary wire mother?In the 1950s,Harry Harlow conducted a series of famous but controversial experiments.on monkeys at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.Harlow#39;s findings have substantial implications on our understanding of attachment.但是如果食物并非来自于慈爱的母亲,而是一位吓人的“电线母亲”呢?在上世纪五十年代 Harry Harlow 进行了一系列著名但颇有争议的实验,实验在威斯康星大学麦迪逊分校进行 对象是猴子。Harlow#39;s的发现对于我们对依恋的理解有着重大影响。By today#39;s standards,his work would largely be considered unethical,And one of his most famous experiments,Harlow separated young monkeys from their mothers as soon as they were born,and stuck them in cages with two fake mothers.A soft one wrapped in cloth that did nothing and a cold mechanical mother made of wire,but nonetheless did provide food,But despite being a cupboard mother.the young baby monkeys didn#39;t bond with her,而从今天的标准而言 他的工作很大程度上会被认为有悖伦理,在他最著名的实验之一中,Harlow在小猴子出生时就把它们从母猴身边带走,把他们关到有两个假“母亲”的笼子里,一个是软软的 包裹在布中什么都不做的“母亲”,另一个是由电线做成的冷血母亲,但是它会提供食物,但是 尽管它为猴子提供食物,猴子们却不依赖它。When Harlow or his team scare the baby monkeys with a strange contraption,the monkeys ran and clung not to their wire source of life sustaining nourishment,but to the soft,cuddly and otherwise useless cloth mother.当Harlow或团队成员用奇怪装置吓猴子的时候,猴子逃跑了 但并未抱在为它提供食物的那个“电线母亲”身上,而是那个柔软却毫无用处的布妈妈。This suggested that warmth and comfort was more important than food,when it came to nurturing attachment.Harlow also built a rejecting mother,which used a blast of pressurized air to push baby monkeys away.But instead of finding a another source of comfort.these monkeys clung even tighter at all times.than monkeys raised without rejecting mothers.这说明了温暖和安慰比食物更重要,当我们提到抚养时的依恋的话,Harlow也做了一个喜欢排斥的母亲,它会用压缩空气把猴子推开,但是 猴子们并未寻找其他的能求得安慰的东西,它们反倒抱得更紧 而且一直是这样,比那些不会“气绝”的母亲抚养大的猴子抱得更紧。And this is what blows my mind,The instinct for warmth and comfort in newborn creature is so strong,It not only resists attempts to frustrate it,but is paradoxically strengthen by it,Eckhard Hess tested this by using electric shocks to discourage duckings from following the object they were imprinted on.But it only strengthen the behavior and made them follow more closely than never before.这让我为之震惊,新生儿寻找温暖和安慰的本能是如此的强烈,它不仅没被各种抵抗阻挠 反而很矛盾得加强了,Eckhard Hess验了这一理论 他用电击来阻止鸭子去跟随它们生来就要跟随的东西,但这反而加强了这种行为,让它们比任何时候都跟得更紧。The fact that a wire mother,or an rejecting mother or receiving the electric shock from attaching their mother,would cause more attachment,more love,more dependence,seems like a paradox,Paradoxes can teach us,as Oscar Wilde put it,A paradox is the truth standing on its head to attract attention,And what gets our attention here is the effect uncertainty can have.事实是 无论电线母亲还是一直在排斥的母亲,或者说在跟随母亲的遭到的电击,都会产生更强的依恋 更多的爱以及更强的依赖感,听上去似乎是个矛盾,矛盾能让我们有所收获,正如Oscar Wilde所说,矛盾就是那些以倒立来吸引我们关注的真理,这里所吸引我们的是不确定性带来的结果。In 1955.A.E.Fisher conducted an experiment on puppies,His team separated puppies into three groups:members of the first group were treated kindly every time they approach to a researcher;Members of the second group were punished for approaching the researchers and puppies in the third group were randomly treated kindly or punished,They grew up never knowing what to expect,Their world was not a world of kindness or punishment,but rather,one of uncertainty.在1955年A.E.Fisher在小身上进行了一项实验,你将分成了三组:第一组的们在接近研究者时受到了良好的待遇,第二组在接近研究者时受到了惩罚,第三组的们被善待和惩罚完全是随机的,们们在完全不知道能即将发生什么的情况下长大,这个世界并非尽是善行或是惩罚,而是一个充满未知的世界。What#39;s really chilling is that the study found that that group,the third group of puppies round up being the most attached to the researchers.The third group loved the researchers the strongest and was the most dependent upon them.让我们震惊的是 研究者发现是那一组,是第三组们最终对研究者的依赖最强,第三组们对研究者们的爱最深,也是最依赖他们的一组。Guy Murchie call this ;The polarity principle;.Stress,including the mental stress of uncertainty is ingredient in attachment or love,And perhaps even manifestations of hatred is polar opposite somehow enhance love,Uncertainty,psychologically can lead to some of the greatest feeling of attachment and dependence.Guy Murchie称此为“反向原理”,压力 包括心理压力和不确定性是依恋和爱的原料之一,可能表现出的仇恨也会南辕北辙 在一定程度上加深爱意,不确定性 在心理上会产生一些最深最强烈的依恋和依赖感 。Good things and bad things in our lives often seem radom and out of our control.So it#39;s no surprise that we often react with blind,love and acceptance,in the face of unfair existance.because what else should we supposed to do?我们生活中好事坏事看似随机,也在我们控制范围之外,因此我们常做出盲从 热爱或是接受的反应不足为奇,当我们面对所存在的不公平时,因为除此之外我们还能做什么呢?We are that third group of puppies,But investigating uncertainty,conquering it,so as to make the best decisions possible is advantageous,So overtime,life has favored activities that turn uncertainty into knowledge.Not every person out there is the best mate for you.But if you didn#39;t matter which one you picked,A kiss,a taste test wouldn#39;t be necessary,And it wouldn#39;t need to feel so good or bring us so much pleasure.我们就是那第三组小,而深究不确定之事 征它以作出最好的决定本身对我们有利,渐渐地 生命中的大多事情都会将不确定性转化成知识,并非所有人都是最适合你的伴侣。但如果你并不在意选择哪个的话,若一个吻 一个口味测试并非必要,并且并不需要这个吻感觉多好 或是带来多少乐趣的话。So go out there and kiss someone today.那么今天就请走出房门给某个人一个吻吧,And as always,thanks for watching.还是如往常一样感谢观看。 Article/201501/351303


  Even though these hothouses are now irrigated drop by drop,water consumption continues to increase along with exports.尽管温室使用滴灌方法,出口的增长还是令耗水量持续增加。The once mighty river Jordan is now just a trickle.奔流的约旦河已成为涓滴细流。Its water has flown to supermarkets all over the world...in crates of fruit and vegetables.其河水伴随着一箱箱蔬菜水果飞往世界各大超市。The Jordan#39;s fate is not unique.约旦河的命运并不少见。Across the planet, one major river in 10 no longer flows into the sea for several months of the year.地球上每十条大河就有一条每年数月不能流进大海。The Dead Sea derives its name from its incredibly high salinity that makes all life impossible.死海的名字来自它极高的盐度没有生命可以生存。Deprived of the Jordan#39;s water, Deprived of the Jordan#39;s water,its level goes down by over one meter per year.缺少了约旦河水死海的海平面每年减少一米多。Its salinity is increasing.盐度一直在增加。Evaporation, due to the heat,produces these fine islands of salt evaporites-beautiful but sterile.高温蒸发了海水造成了这些漂亮的盐岛美丽却不毛。In Rajasthan, India, Udaipur is a miracle of water.在印度的拉贾斯坦邦 乌代布尔创造了一个水的奇迹。The city was made possible by a system of dams and channels...that created an artificial lake.城市因这些大坝和水渠系统构成的人工湖而存在。For its architects, was water so precious that they dedicated a palace to it?对它的建设者来说 水是如此珍贵值得为它建一座宫殿。India risks being the country that suffers most...下一世纪 印度可能是最受。from the lack of water in the coming century.缺水问题困扰的国家。Massive irrigation has fed the growing population,and in the last 50 years, 21 million wells have been dug.大规模灌溉养活日益增长的人口过去五十年他们挖了二千一百万口井。 Article/201410/337136。

  三分钟搞定科技英语(视频+中英字幕) 第4期:Twitter 推特《三分钟搞定科技英语》属于《原来如此》系列的英语视频听力栏目,用一系列绘图拼接视频,生动形象地展示了科技英语知识,能够激发人们的英语学习兴趣 ,是拓展英语知识面,积累科技英语词汇,了解科技中的一些常识的极好材料。 Article/201508/389802

  This discovery helped Valter[qh]这一发现使得瓦尔特[qh]piece together role that IGF-1 plays[qh]弄清了类胰岛素一号生长因子[qh]in the complicated business of ageing.[qh]在衰老这一复杂过程中的作用[qh]Our bodies are normally in go-go mode-[qh]我们的身体通常是处于加油模式[qh]cells constantly driven to divide by IGF-1.[qh]类胰岛素一号生长因子不断促使细胞分裂[qh]But when IGF-1 levels drop,[qh]但当类胰岛素一号生长因子水平降低时[qh]our cells shift into a completely different mode.[qh]细胞活动将转换到另一种完全不同的模式[qh]The body slows production of new cells[qh]身体产生新细胞的速率降低[qh]and starts repairing existing ones instead.[qh]并开始修复原有细胞[qh]DNA damage is more likely to get fixed.[qh]DNA损伤很可能会得以修复[qh]And that#39;s why the mice AND the villagers[qh]所以那只小鼠和那些村民[qh]are protected from age-related diseases.[qh]不会得与衰老有关疾病的原因[qh]But what#39;s the link to calorie restriction in humans?[qh]那这和低热量饮食有什么关系呢[qh]Valter has lined up a very simple,[qh]瓦尔特作了一个非常简单[qh]very Californian analogy.[qh]非常加州风格的类比重点解释:1.shift into转移进 ...例句:Time to shift into high gear!该是时候卯足全劲的时候了!2.protect ... from ... 保护 ... 免受例句:An umbrella will protect you from the rain.雨伞可以保护你不致雨淋。3.line up安排例句:He#39;s lined up a live band for the party.他为晚会安排了一充满活力的乐队。 Article/201510/4027072015 Summer Davos session starts in Dalian2015夏季达沃斯论坛于大连举行The World Economic Forum, also known as the Summer Davos, opens today in Dalian, Northeast China.世界经济论坛暨2015年夏季达沃斯今天开始在中国东北方大连举行。This is the ninth such gathering.这是达沃斯论坛第9次开始。More than 1,600 delegates coming from 90 countries and regions attended the three-day meeting.来自90个国家和地区的1600多名代表参加了为期3天的达沃斯论坛。 译文属 Article/201509/398075When a creature croaks,its natural defenses fail and tiny decomposers start digging in within just five minutes.To deter bigger carnivores in search of a meal,some feasting microbes produce toxins like anthrax and botulinum,tiny doses of which are fatal to much of the animal kingdom.Yet many scavengers get shoulder deep in deed meat without seeming to suffer and we#39;re just beginning to understand how they do it.当生物死去,躯体防御瓦解,五分钟后微生物就会开始分解尸体,为了防止大型动物跟它们抢食,一此微生物会释放毒素,诸如炭疽和肉毒菌,剂量虽小,但对许多动物而言却是致命的,但许多食腐动物食用这种毒肉后却安然无恙,我们来了解一下其中的奥秘。Quality control is one of their earliest lines of defense.Wolves and foxes have been known to pass up diseased reindeer carasses in favor of prey killed by other predators,although it#39;s not yet clear how they can tell the difference.And,despite their reputation,spooted hyenas prefer to dine on fresh meat,minimizing their contact with microbes.质量控制是它们的初始防御线之一,我们知道,狼和狐狸会避开,其他捕杀的患病的驯鹿肉,不过它们是如何判断的,我们还不了解,且不论斑鼠的恶名,它们喜欢食用鲜肉,尽量避免与微生物打交道。But sometimes,severly rotten flesh is the only item on the .And some scavengers,such as burying beetles and vultures.actually seek out putrid carrion because it#39;s easier to detect,dig into,and defend.To combat the microorganisms in these meals,the beetles smear carcasses with antimicrobial slime before feeding.但是有时,动物们只能找到严重腐烂的尸体,埋葬虫和秃鹰等良腐动物,会特意寻找腐肉,因为腐肉好找,易食,没人抢,为了斗赢腐肉里的微生物,曱虫在食用腐肉前会在上面涂上一层抗菌粘液。Other scavengers prefer an after-dinner antibiotic.Bearded vultures assault microbes with stomach acid that#39;s ten times more acidic than our own,and strong enough to corrode steel.But some tenacious pathogens,including the ones that cause botulism and tetanus,make it through this caustic cauldron and thrive in the intestines beyond.有些食腐动物则选择饱食后再反腐抗生素,秃鹰用胃酸来对付微生物,它们的胃酸酸度是人类的十倍,浓度高到足以腐蚀钢铁,但是一些顽强的病原体,包括那种导致肉毒和破伤风的病原体,它可以活着通过秃鹰强腐蚀胃液,并在肠道另一端繁衍生息。We#39;re not sure how vultures survive their first few toxic exposures,but we know that with each encouter,their immune systems churn out more and more antibodies,building resistance to the toxins.Socializing can also give scavengers an immune boost.Hyenas and lions,for instance,likely pass small doses of germs around as they groom,eat,and compete with each other,which may help build up group-wide immunity to toxins like anthrax.我们也不清楚秃鹰一开始是如何熬过毒素活下来的,但我们知道在经此磨难后,秃鹰的免疫系统开始大量分泌抗体,抵抗毒素,社交也有助于食腐动物提高免疫力,例如,土狼和狮子,会在舔毛和进食的时候摄入少量病菌,并且互相竞争,这可以让整个种群获得对抗病毒的免疫力,如炭疽。Similarly,we humans have establishe our herd immunity through controlled exposure to diseases like meningitis and smallpox-we call it vaccination.But we have yet to beat botulism or anthrax,so perhaps we can scavenge some of these scavengers#39; tricks-after all,we have more in common with them than we may like to admit.同样的,我们人类也通过接触微量病毒,建立起集体免疫力,如脑膜炎和天花,我们称之为疫苗接种,但是我们无法抵抗肉毒和炭疽,或许我们可以向这些食腐动物学习一下,不管我们承认与否,我们与它们确实很相像。 Article/201505/373543

  TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想 Article/201612/480370栏目介绍:搞笑英语轻松学通过不同的搞笑生活片段来学习日常口语,领域涉及生活的各个方面,让我们既可以学习到地道的口语,还能够爆笑一番。快来看看吧。 Article/201508/389965

  What do we know of the marine world, of which we see only the surface,and which covers three-quarters of the planet?对海洋世界我们了解什么?它覆盖了地球四分之三的面积。The ocean depths remain a secret.海洋深度仍是个秘密。They contain thousands of species whose existence remains a mystery to us.海洋中存在的数千物种对我们来说也是一个谜。Since 1950, fishing catches have increased fivefold,from 18 to 100 million metric tons a year.自1950年起 渔业捕获量增加了5倍,由每年一千八百万吨增至一亿吨。Thousands of factory ships are emptying the oceans.数以千计的加工渔船淘空海洋。Three-quarters of fishing grounds are exhausted,depleted or in danger of being so.四分之三的渔场已枯竭,废弃或是频临废弃。Most large fish have been fished out of existence,since they have no time to reproduce.大型鱼类已所剩无几,因为没有时间繁殖。We are destroying the cycle of a life that was given to us.我们把上苍赋予的生命循环摧毁了。On the coastlines, signs of the exhaustion of stocks abound.在海岸线上 到处都是资源耗尽的迹象。First sign: Colonies of sea mammals are getting smaller.第一幕:海洋哺乳动物的栖息地越来越小。Made vulnerable by urbanization of the coasts and pollution,they now face a new threat: famine.海洋沿岸的城市化和污染已让它们变得异常脆弱,现在它们又要面对一个新的威胁:饥荒。 Article/201410/336301

  In a study performed by Karl Braunshweig and在2001年,卡尔.布朗斯威格colleagues in 2001 researches looked at the cases of及他的同事做的研究表明,他们通过27 cancer patients and examined the relationship对27例癌症患者的观测检查出癌症between nutritional intervention methods, meaning与营养干预方式之间的关系:if the received enteral or parenteral nutrition那就是,如果把吸收肠胃营养或肠胃外营养and compared these feeding methods to complications同那些复杂的喂养方式相比and mortality rates in order to determine whether对于患癌病人来说,死亡率是为了确定results supported the use of enteral nutrition i调查结果持使用肠胃营养nstead of parenteral nutrition for patients suffering而不是肠胃外营养from cancer. The results of this study showed that这个研究结果表明了enteral nutrition or tube feeding were associated with从整体上来说肠内营养或者胃管喂食a significantly lower risk of infection overall存在较低传染的风险however in the studies with which patients had a higher然而,在研究中一些病人含有较高的rate of protein energy nutrition such as cancer蛋白质能量营养 像癌症恶病质cachexia there is a significantly higher risk of使用肠内营养mortality and infections with enteral nutrition而不是肠胃外营养rather than with parenteral nutrition.就会有较高的死亡及传染风险Parenteral nutrition was thus determined to be the因此在病人营养不良的情况下preferred route of treatment when patients are肠胃外营养是更好的治疗途径malnourished. While these practices are best used虽然,这些实际操作方法最好在癌症治疗during cancer therapy we will now focus of nutritional过程中使用 但我们现在开始将会关注intervention strategies for after therapy.治疗后的营养干预策略Once children have entered remission nutrition儿童一旦进入缓解营养康复阶段rehabilitation may still be needed in order to get the为了让小孩回到正常喂养和饮食模式中child back into normal feeding and eating patterns.营养康复是仍然需要的Some of the side effects of chemotherapy may化疗的一些不良反应仍然存在still exist. These side effects such as diarrhea,这些不良反应如腹泻constipation, sore mouth, weight loss or poor appetite便秘、口腔溃疡、体重下降、食欲不振and poor digestion can often be combated nutritionally,及消化不良等,经常阻止营养的吸收for instance if a patient is suffering from diarrhea,例如,如果一个孩子腹泻kid friendly foods that children would benefit from对他最有益处的食物有苹果汁in this state include apple sauce or other ripe fruits或者其他成熟的果蔬 因为这些食物含有and vegetables because these foods contain high amounts大量的果胶,果胶里的水溶纤维可以缓解of pectin, a water soluble fiber that can form肠道不适。酸乳酪因为其里面含有益生菌a soothing coating in the intestines. Yoghurt because含钠较高的清汤和饼干it contains beneficial bacteria to the gastro因其钠元素能在人腹泻的时候intestinal tract and high sodium soups and crackers帮助保持水分而不流失because this sodium helps the body retain water lost使人不会脱水during diarrhea and helps prevent dehydration.这些都是有益食物There really can be a wide range of nutrient实际上,营养不良的范围很广deficiencies but there was a very recent study done但最近的一个研究表明that actually took a look at the diet of childhood他们为了确定癌症儿童所少的营养成分cancer survivors in order to establish what nutrients他们观察了癌症幸存儿童的饮食习惯they were deficient in. In a 2011 study entitled在2011年一篇名为‘the dietary intake after treatment in childhood《儿童癌症患者治愈后的营养摄入》cancer survivors’, the diet of 50 childhood cancer的研究报告中 50名儿童癌症治愈者survivors was assessed with a 3 day food diary recorded的父母记录了他们三天的食谱by their parents. This was done to see if there were做这些是为了观察那些儿童癌症治愈者any specific nutrients that childhood cancer survivors是不是缺少某些特别的营养物质were lacking specifically. Of the 50 childhood cancer50名儿童癌症治愈者survivors 20% of the participants were overweight or其中20%的儿童超重或者肥胖obese, 54% were consuming above their estimate energy54%的儿童消耗的能量远远大于预计的requirements, more specifically the 3 day food diary能量需求 值得注意的是revealed that 50% of children did not meet their三天的食谱记录显示,有50%的儿童requirements for folate. 32% of children did not叶酸盐需求量没有达到要求meet their requirements for calcium and 44% of32%的儿童钙元素children did not meet their requirements for iron.44%的儿童铁元素没达到要求 Article/201501/352248。

  Saudi-led coalition warplane missing in Yemen洛哥战机执行任务时于也门境内失踪A Moroccan F-16 warplane from the Saudi-led coalition went missing on Sunday.沙特领导的联军在周日执行任务期间一架洛哥F-16战机失踪。According to the Moroccan Royal Armed Forces, the plane was hit at 6 pm local time.洛哥皇家武装部队表示这架战机在当地时间下午6点被击中。The pilot of a second jet in the same squadron said he could not see if the pilot had ejected from the jet.在同一中队驾驶第二架战机的飞行员表示无法看清发生事故的飞行员是否通过跳伞逃生。An investigation is under way.目前就此事件仍在进行调查。 Article/201505/374543

  Every man alive today shares a portion of his DNA.如今每个人都有着他的部分基因Two inches taller than a modern american,他比现代的美国人高两英寸(约5厘米)A natural athlete, a born hunter.是天生的运动健将和猎手This is his home.这里是他的家园The Rift Valley of East Africa.东非大裂谷A fertile laboratory for life.是一座丰富的生命研究室In his sights, a thousand pounds of meat.在他的眼中 这是一千磅的肉Enough to feed his family of six for a month.足够他一家六口吃上一个月Soon there will be seven,不就他们就会迎来第七个家庭成员The woman he shares his life with与他共度一生的女人Is expecting their first child.正迎来自己第一个孩子的降临Stereoscopic vision to accurately judge distance.立体的视觉让他们准确判断距离Dexterous hands.他们还有一双灵巧的手Speed on two legs.两条速度惊人的腿But he has none of the natural weapons但是他没有非洲其他捕食者of Africa#39;s other predators.所拥有的天然武器He can#39;t outrun a cheetah.他没有猎豹的速度Nowhere near the strength of a lion.没有狮子的力量Or the bone-crushing jaws of a hyena.也没有土狼那碎骨有力的下颚So he invents.所以他开始发明创造Tools make me better.工具在手 天下我有Weapons make me more powerful.武器一出 谁与争锋You have to be on two feet.你必须双脚站立You have to free up your hands.腾出双手And freeing up your hands to work with tools而腾出双手制造武器这一举动changes the game.改变了游戏规则And there#39;s no other species on this planet这个星球上没有任何物种比人类that committed to weapon use and tool use like us.对使用武器和工具更加情有独钟 Article/201508/392294

  As the freshwater of Greenland#39;s ice sheet gradually seeps into the salt water of the oceans, low-lying lands around the globe are threatened.当格陵兰的冰原淡水慢慢渗入海洋的咸水。地球各处低洼地区将受到威胁。Sea levels are rising.海平面正在上升。Water expanding as it gets warmer caused,in the 20th century alone, a rise of 20 centimeters.单是上世纪因海水暖化膨胀,海水升高了二十毫米。Everything becomes unstable.一切变得不稳定。Coral reefs, for example, are extremely sensitive to the slightest change in water temperature.例如 珊瑚礁对海水温度的,轻微变化非常敏感。Thirty percent have disappeared.三成已消失。They are an essential link in the chain of species.它们是生物链中重要一环。In the atmosphere, the major wind streams are changing direction.在大气层主要的季风已改变方向。Rain cycles are altered.雨水循环被改变。The geography of climates is modified.气候地理也被更改。The inhabitants of low-lying islands here in the Maldives,for example, are on the front line.住在像马尔代夫这样的低洼岛屿的居民处于最前沿。They are increasingly concerned.他们越来越感到忧虑。Some are aly looking for new, more hospitable lands.有些开始寻找新的 更适宜居住的土地。If sea levels continue to rise faster and faster,what will major cities like Tokyo,the world#39;s most populous city, do?如果海水上升越来越快,像东京这样人口最多的大城市会怎样做?Every year, scientists#39; predictions become more and more alarming.每一年 科学家的预测越来越令人担忧。Seventy percent of the world#39;s population lives on coastal plains.全球70%的人口住在沿海平原。Eleven of the 15 biggest cities stand on a coastline or river estuary.十五个最大城市有十一个位于海岸线或河口。As the seas rise, salt will invade the water table, depriving inhabitants of drinking water.如果海水上升咸水会侵入地下水令居民失去饮用水。Migratory phenomena are inevitable.人口迁徙已无可避免。The only uncertainty concerns their scale.唯一不能肯定的只是其规模。In Africa, Mount Kilimanjaro is unrecognizable.在非洲 乞力马扎罗山已面目全非。Eighty percent of its glaciers have disappeared.它的80%冰川已经消失。In summer, the rivers no longer flow.在夏天 江河已断流。Local peoples are affected by the lack of water.当地人受缺水影响。Even on the world#39;s highest peaks, in the heart of the Himalayas,eternal snows and glaciers are receding.即使在喜马拉雅山的世界最高峰终年积雪和冰川也在减少。Yet these glaciers play an essential role in the water cycle.这些冰川在水循环中扮演重要角色。 Article/201411/341636

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