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Want to insult a woman? Then offer her a compliment.想侮辱一个女人吗?那就赞美她吧。Only half of women actually enjoy being praised and many others misinterpret well-meant words as offensive, according to new research.新研究发现,只有半数女性受到赞美会感到高兴,其他许多女性会将好意的赞美误解成冒犯。And ;you look well; is one of the worst things a man can say to a woman - because she just thinks it means she looks fat.“你看起来不错”是男人能对女人说的最糟的话之一,因为女人会认为这句话的意思是她看起来很胖。Other compliments likely to backfire include telling a woman that you like her make-up, or that her dress is figure hugging.其他会弄巧成拙的赞美还包括告诉一个女人你喜欢她化的妆,或者她的裙子很紧身。Calling a woman ;curvy; or saying she looks like her mother or father are also absolute no-nos, according to a survey that will ring true to husbands who decided long ago that paying their wives compliments is more trouble than it#39;s worth.调查还显示,说一个女人“有曲线”或者说她长得像她母亲或父亲也是绝对的禁忌,这一点会得到丈夫们的响应,他们在很久以前就决定赞美老婆是件不值得做的麻烦事。The social minefield was revealed in a new survey by a health-care company that interviewed more than 2,000 men and women.一家保健公司开展的新调查揭示了这一社交雷区,该调查访问了2000多名男性和女性。It found that many women view compliments as ;back handed; and are likely to throw them back in your face.调查发现,许多女性将赞美视为“含沙射影的讥讽”,而且很可能会以牙还牙。The best way to compliment a woman is to mention her weight loss, saying that she looks thinner than normal.赞美一个女人最好的方法是夸她成功瘦身,说她看起来比往常瘦了。Around 43 percent of those surveyed said this was the best compliment.约43%的被调查者说这是最好的赞美。A further four in 10 are happiest when someone comments on their gorgeous smile.还有十分之四的女性在别人夸她们笑靥如花时最开心。Focusing on the way a woman smells, how nice her hair is, or what beautiful eyes she has are also unlikely to be misinterpreted.称赞一个女人身上散发的香气好闻、夸她的头发美丽,或者夸她的眼睛漂亮也不容易被误解。But men should avoid talking about how well a woman looks as she will think he is saying she is fat.但是男人应避免谈论一个女人看起来气色如何,因为女人会以为他指的是她很胖。Other backhanded compliments include ;you#39;re not as stupid as you look; and ;you don#39;t look as bad as I thought you would;.其他表面恭维实则挖苦的话还有“你不像你看起来那么愚蠢”,或者“你看起来不像我预料的那么糟”。Women also hate anyone to make reference to their ;large features; and are particularly unimpressed if someone says they are strong or broad.女人还讨厌任何人说她们的五官大,特别反感别人说她们强壮或魁梧。More than one in 10 misunderstood praise about their make-up, assuming they were wearing too much.超过十分之一的女性会误解人们对她们妆容的称赞,以为是自己妆化得太浓了。 /201204/177903

1. Ask questions that require more than a one-word response. You do not want to put the other person in a position to be able to say yes or no. Instead of saying "are you going away this weekend?" ask "where are you going this weekend?" Now the person will probably answer with a location, for example, the beach. Now you have something else to talk about! The beach, silly!避免问一般疑问句。不要问对方“你周末是否出去?”而是问“你周末有什么打算?”然后你可以沿着他的话题接着问下去。 /201001/94814

In the past 3 summer Olympic Games, only 64 of the 1,707 athletes of team USA have been over the age of 40. The Washington Post created a data visualization of average age ranges for Olympic sports, including an interactive tool to see if you’d be too old to compete.过去三届的夏季奥运会的1707名美国运动员中,仅有64名超过了40岁。《华盛顿邮报》对奥运运动员们的年龄进行了一项数据调查,使用了一个交互工具来统计年龄过大是否不适合竞技比赛。As presented, athlete ages range from 15 for female gymnasts to nearly 60 for male sailors.根据调查结果,奥运最年轻的运动员是年仅15岁的体操女孩,而年龄最大的是年近60岁的划艇男运动员。In a recent Washington Post profile on 45-year-old female swimmer Dana Torres, she discusses the effects of age on the body, and how she works to overcome these obstacles. Although muscles deteriorate and recovery becomes slower, Torres believes that age is on her side. Since age comes with experience, the twelve-time Olympic medalist is more mentally prepared for the Games than any other female swimmer.在《华盛顿邮报》最近对于45岁的女游泳运动员Dana Torres的介绍中,文章探讨了年龄对身体的影响以及她如何克这些障碍的。尽管肌体素质降低,肌肉复原率减慢,年龄对于她而言仍是很大的助力。因为流逝的岁月化为了经历,从而帮助这位12度奥运摘牌的选手比其他女性运动员具有更多的大赛经验。However, with sports such as gymnastics that require more flexibility than sheer force and power, younger bodies have a far greater advantage. Youth is so beneficial in gymnastics that a minimum age requirement of 16 was implemented to protect athletes with developing bodies from serious injuries.然而,像体操一样的运动,比起直接的冲劲和力量,更需要好的灵活性。年轻的躯体在这方面具有更好的优势,而且16岁的年龄更适合体操这样的运动,因为它能保护身体免受严重的伤害。A recent Wired article provides an explanation for theseaberrations: people age at different rates and, although younger athletes are generally stronger and more flexible, people age at different rates, allowing some athletes to remain competitive – despite the ticking clock.最近Wired 杂志的一篇文章为这些差异性做出了解释。人们老化的频率是不同的。尽管年轻的运动员更强壮灵活,但正是因为人们的老化频率不同,因此某些运动员尽管上了年纪仍具有很强的竞争力。 /201208/193578

Chicken SoupWhy it’s a cold/flu fighter: When you have a cold or the flu, a major symptom includes congestion in the nose, chest, and throat. Chicken soup has specifically been shown in studies to thin mucus secretions. Broth and noodles provide carbohydrates for maintaining your energy levels, potentially helping you feel less lethargic. If you add vegetables, you’ll boost the level of nutrients in the soup, which will help support immune function. Slurp away on low- sodium soups that contain 30% less salt. You want the soup to contain some salt, though, because sodium helps regulate the amount of fluid in the body. Basically, the saltiness in soup may help encourage hydration, says Lawrence D. Rosen, MD, chair of the Integrative Pediatrics Council, and author of The Whole Child blog. This is important because fevers can contribute to dehydration.鸡汤普通感冒和流感都有鼻塞、咽部不适的感觉,其实这是病毒引起上呼吸道炎症的表现。很多研究已经验了鸡汤的抗感冒作用:鸡汤能够减少呼吸道分泌炎性液体;肉汤和面条内含有碳水化合物,为患者提供能量,患者才不会总是昏昏欲睡;如果在鸡汤里加点蔬菜,营养会更丰富,对提高自身免疫力很有帮助;鸡汤里含有少量的盐,这对感冒病人也是有益的。因为盐里的钠离子可以促进水合作用,而感冒病人发烧时身体往往会脱水。 /201104/131421

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