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佛山新世纪医院治疗前列腺疾病多少钱南方医科大学顺德医院不孕不育多少钱Business: The future of Apple Shake it off商业:苹果的未来,摆脱窘境The world’s most valuable company needs another mega hit.世界市值最高的公司现需另一款爆款产品。“Our product pipeline has amazing innovations in store,” Tim Cook, the boss of Apple, declared on April 26th.4月26日,苹果首席执行官蒂姆·库克公开声称:“我们的产品线上即将有重大创新”。He hoped to sound reassuring after the company reported its first year-on-year quarterly revenue decline since 2003.自2003年以来,该公司公布的同比一季度财政收入首次出现下滑后,蒂姆·库克希望这番话能安抚人心。But he was not convincing enough.但他此番话难以众。Shares of Apple fell by around 8% in the hours after its results emerged, erasing more than billion in market value.结果公布后的几个小时,苹果股份暴跌了近8个百分点,市值蒸发多达460亿美元。Investors’ immediate concern is the popularity of the iPhone.投资者最为关心的是iPhone的畅销程度。It accounts for the bulk of Apple’s revenues and profits; sales were 18% lower than a year ago.它是苹果公司财政收入及利润的主要来源,销售额与去年同期相比降低了18%。The broader smartphone market is sluggish, says Mr Cook.库克先生称,整个智能手机大市场现今疲软萎靡。Apple hopes that the flashy new features of the iPhone 7, which it is expected to introduce in September, will convince customers to abandon older models.苹果指望iPhone7手机全新闪耀的功能将说顾客放弃旧机型,该手机预计九月推出。Until then, the company will probably face a further fall in revenue.但在此之前,公司将极有可能面临财政收入的进一步下挫。The bigger question that Mr Cook must answer is whether Apple will ever have another product as successful as the iPhone, the most lucrative in the technology business to date.库克先生必须要回答的一个更大的问题是:未来苹果公司是否能再推出一款像iPhone一样成功的产品,iPhone是科技产业迄今为止利润最丰厚的产品。Enthusiasm has waned for some of its other older products, such as iPads, and its newer ones remain niche offerings.一些顾客对苹果其他老款产品的热情已渐渐减弱,各机型的iPad便是其中一例,并且其新款产品维持在一些专营市场发售。The Apple Watch celebrated its first full year on the market on April 24th.4月24日是苹果手表发行上市整一周年的纪念日。It sold more in its first year than the iPhone did in 2007.相较2007年第一代iPhone的上市首年度销量,它的销售额更高。But today’s consumers are better primed to buy gadgets now than they were then; watch sales should be far higher.然而现在的消费者应该远比之前更倾向于购置科技产品,手表销量本该远超目前的业绩。The cost of the Apple Watch—which starts at 0—puts people off.苹果手表以300美元开售的价格让很多人望而却步。So does its dependence on a smartphone for most activities, such as providing directions.苹果手表在提供导航等大多数功能操作上仍需依赖智能手机,这也是顾客不愿购买的原因。The firm will sell a mere 8m watches in 2016, generating billion in sales, thinks Toni Sacconaghi of Sanford C.Bernstein, a research firm.桑福德·伯恩斯坦研究公司的分析师托尼·萨科纳吉认为,苹果公司2016年仅能售出800万只苹果手表,销售额为40亿美元。One bright spot is Apple’s services business, which is expected to grow steadily.苹果的务业务是其一大亮点,务业务预计发展稳定。As it sells more gadgets—over 1 billion devices are in use—it can also sell content and services, and gain revenue from music, its app store and more.现今有超过十亿的终端正在使用苹果产品,由于苹果卖出的产品越来越多,它同时也可以出售更多务业务及务内容,在音乐务,应用商店以及更多领域中获得收益。In the second quarter Apple had billion in services revenues, more than for Macs or iPads.在第二季度,苹果在务业务上营收多达60亿美元,这是Mac或iPad各种机型所难以企及的数字。What else could the firm come up with?苹果公司还能推出哪些新产品呢?That Apple has been working on an electric car is one of the worst-kept secrets in the technology business.苹果研发电动车是科技领域人尽皆知的秘密。Reported disagreements with German carmakers over control of users’ data may have halted a potential alliance.据报导,苹果公司与德国汽车商在用户数据管理的问题上出现分歧,可能已经导致中止了俩家公司之间可能存在的合作关系。Many also expected Apple to disrupt television.许多人认为苹果会搅乱电视领域。But Apple TV, the firm’s alternative to a set-top box and subscription, sells most shows and films à la carte, which becomes expensive very quickly. Its appeal is limited.但作为苹果公司替代机顶盒以及订阅付费的一款产品,苹果电视以点单的方式对大多数节目及电影收费,很快会产生昂贵的费用,因而影响力也有限。The problem, says James McQuivey of Forrester, another research firm, is that it will be difficult for Apple to come up with another single product as central to daily routines as the iPhone.另一家研究公司福雷斯特的分析师,詹姆斯·麦克奎维则表示:问题的实质在于苹果很难再推出一款像iPhone般在日常生活举足轻重的单品。Collections of devices in connected homes will matter more instead.智能家居设备将转而变得越来越重要。The exception may be augmented reality, but Apple’s rivals aly appear to be ahead.虽然增强现实技术可能是个例外,但是苹果的竞争对手似乎已在这方面取得领先。Apple’s biggest problem is its past success.苹果最大的问题在于其辉煌的过去。It is the most valuable company in the world by market capitalisation because investors believe the firm can make new technologies popular.从市场资本来说,苹果是世界市值最高的公司,因为投资者相信这家公司能让新科技流行起来。Mr Cook, who took over as chief executive in 2011, soon before the death of the firm’s co-founder, Steve Jobs, has led Apple competently.2011年,在苹果公司联合创始人史蒂夫·乔布斯逝世前不久,库克先生接任首席执行官一职,他出色地领导着苹果公司。But there are lingering doubts about whether he can produce the sort of smash for which Jobs was so feted.但是,人们依然心存疑虑,他究竟是否能推出一款当初令乔布斯那样名声大噪受欢迎的产品。译文属译生译世 /201610/474867南方医科大学顺德医院属于几级 关键词: sbs mind/ a mind er肚子里的蛔虫,心照不宣短语释义:今天的图片给我们展示了两只小羊,其中一只说;Baa;,感叹一声而已,另外一只说;damn it!I was just about to say that!;他说;真该死,我本来也想说这个的。;在我们中国,如果一个人完全猜到另外一个人的想法,我们会有种说法是;你真是我肚子里的蛔虫;。那么这个短语在英文中该怎么表达呢?英文里类似的说法是: sbs mind,或者用名词来表示:a mind er肚子里的蛔虫,比喻的说法。也就是;心照不宣;。情景释义:Its easy to your mind ,Tom.猜出你的想法很容易,汤姆。Look at your friends and family and see if you are a mind er.留意你的朋友和家人,看看你是否是一个善解人意的观察者。可可地盘,英语学习者的乐园Click here gt;gt;gt;http://dipan.kekenet.com/ /201209/200599暨南大学附属顺德医院前列腺炎多少钱

广东省佛山治疗早泄多少钱And I literary make my brain snapped into,and I really didnt know what to say.我的大脑就扭曲了 我真不知道该说什么So I just kept going,My god,you are Strip.Oh my god,you are Merrill Strip.我就不停的说 天呐 你是Strip 天呐 你是Merrill StripAnd she was chatting like a normal human being.她聊天就像一个正常人And I said,oh my god,Im sorry,I thought over the years so many things I ever got to meet you.What I would say.然后我说 天呐 真抱歉 我想了这么多年 如果我见到你 我会说什么And this is not it.And she said,oh my god,dont even worry about it.但我想说的不是这个 她说 嗨 别为那担心And then for some reason I thought I need bookend it and repeat,我觉得我需要做记录 然后没事看看Oh,my god,you are Merrill Strip.Oh,my god,you are Merrill Strip.天呐 你是Merrill Strip 天呐 你是Merrill StripWhich is a wired pattern Ive started,I done this when I met Steve Marten.这开始成了一种奇怪的习惯 就像我碰到Steve MartenYou said he was Merrill Strip.yeah.To me,everyone I love is Merrill Strip.你叫他Merrill Strip 是啊 对我来说 每个我喜欢的人都是Merrill StripBut its like a wired pattern however.But its good to book in.但就形成这个怪习惯 但是做记录挺好的Its good to open it and close.Apparently people like to know who they are.想不起来的时候翻翻的确 人们喜欢知道自己是谁I like to make sure,yeah,people lost themselves sometimes in this business.So its good.我喜欢不要搞错 是 干这行人们老迷失自己 很好We gonna take a break,And uhh,Ellen Ill handle this,We gonna take a break.And uhh,我们休息一下 然后 Ellen 让我来 我们要休息一下 然后She has a surprise for me of something,Theres gonna be surprise.Some surprise,sure.她似乎有个惊喜给我 会有一个惊喜 对 惊喜 I just gonna load myself in the monitor,and thats not anybody want to see.我自己太抢镜了 大家都不想看了 /201703/497449顺德乐从医院地址在哪 特别声明该文章中的迷你对话选自口语书籍,对话精讲为可可签约编辑编写,版权归可可所有。第一、迷你对话A: My son has really taken it out of me. He never keeps out of mischief.儿子累得精疲力尽,他总是胡闹。B: After all, he is a baby.毕竟他还是个婴儿。A: Yeah. Anyway he is driving me mad.是啊,不管怎么说,我都快疯了。第二、对话精讲1.地道表达【地道短语】take it out of someone【解词释义】此短语有2个意思,一个是“使......精疲力竭”,一个是“强行从......拿走钱”。【典型范例】 If you have had a bad day at work, theres no need to take it out of your wife when you get home. 如果你一天工作不顺心,回到家里也无需拿你老婆出气。If you dont pay, Ill take it out of your deposit.你再不交,我就要从你的押金里扣了。2. 词海拾贝1. keep out of mischief【解词释义】不胡闹,别捣蛋【典型范例】 This will learn you to keep out of mischief.这将教训你不要再捣蛋了。Make my words, Ill tell your father if you dont keep out of mischief.你听着,如果你再捣蛋, 我就告诉你爸爸。The next morning we took the herd a few miles east, to keep them out of mischief. 第二天早晨我们把牛群往东赶了几英里,免得它们胡作非为。To keep us out of mischief, my mother often took my brother and me with her to her cooking job. 妈妈不让我和弟弟淘气,常把我们俩带到她做饭的那家去。 2. drive sb mad【解词释义】驱使某人发疯【典型范例】This worry is enough to drive me mad. 这烦恼足以使我发疯。 Loneliness almost drive her mad. 孤独几乎使她发疯了。Every look and word of her father put her in mind of her transgression, and was likely to drive her mad. 她父亲的一言一瞥都使她想起自己的罪过简直要使她发疯。 You can even use your free hand to massage her clitoris and drive her mad. 你可以用你空闲的那只手扣摸她的阴蒂,使她高潮连连。 /201305/238547佛山市中医医院割包皮手术价格

顺德新世纪男科关键词:cough up 勉强说出;被迫付出短语释义:今天我们要学的短语很生动,叫做cough up。还记不记得童话里那位一说话就能吐出金子的公主呢?那今天的图片上有这样一个人虽然吐不出金子,但他一咳嗽,就能够吐出钱。别人满意了,但他自己这钱给得真的unwillingly很不情愿。咳嗽: cough,人们在着凉感冒或者发生过敏反应的时候会咳嗽,也就是会不由自主地从口腔和喉咙里突然重重地排出气流来,你想抑制也抑制不了。其实cough up的含义就是:勉强说出;被迫付出。比如在百般无奈的情况下交出钱款啦等等。情景领悟:1. After hours of questioning, the man coughed up and admitted to stealing jewels. 经过几个小时的审讯,那家伙认了罪,承认他偷了珠宝。Questioning 质问,审讯 admit to 承认2. Steve finally coughed up the money he owed us.史蒂夫最终勉强归还了他欠我们的钱。Owe 在这个句子中是指“欠钱”。本节目属 /201303/231423 And Ryan Reynolds is a young,like a CIA guy.Rayan Reynolds演一个年轻的中情局特工They bring me to his safe house,where hes sitting and waiting for someone to be brought there.他们把我带到他的藏身之所 在那他坐等有人被带到那And we are chased the rest of the movie basically.Right.电影的其余部分我们基本就是一直被追击 嗯Its real intense and its a really good movie.是很紧张激烈的电影 很好看的Yeah,its really good,but yeah,because something happens,是啊 真的很不错 但是发生了一些事情Where people come in and hes got to get you out of there.有人进来 他就要把你弄出去Get me out and Im trying to kill him.Right.把我弄出去 然后我要杀掉他 是 Next two hours.Right,exactly.接下来两小时 是这样All right,so theres a scene in there in the beginning.好了 最开始有一个场景Um,before you and he leave,theres waterboarding,在你和他离开之前 你经历了水刑Which I have never seen waterboarding,you hear that term all the time.我从来没有见到过水刑 你只是老听见这个词语Its a form of,torture.Horrible torture.这是一种 折磨 很残忍的折磨But theyre actually doing it to you,you are being waterboarded.yes.但是他们对你是来真的 你被施以水刑 是的And how did you,I gave up all the secrets,I told them.You did?那你是怎么 我把什么都告诉他们了 真的吗its intense,and we didnt do it for the amount of time.是很紧张 我们也没有拍很长时间You know,I guess one,Ive never been there for natural waterboarding.你知道 我觉得没有人 我从来没有经历过正常的水刑But it was just a short period of time.Right.You know,Im a good swimmer,so I just held my breath.You just held your breath.这只是很短的一段时间 我游泳很好 所以我屏住了呼吸 你就屏住呼吸 /201704/505131佛山市顺德区中医院预约南海经济开发区人民医院治疗阳痿多少钱



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