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长清区中医医院专业的医生济南市阳光女子女子有做阴道松弛的Popular hot drinks containing a ‘shocking’ 25 teaspoons of sugar are being sold by high street coffee shop chains.高街咖啡连锁店热门热饮含糖量惊人,达25茶匙之多。That is more than three times the recommended maximum for an adult for an entire day. Recommended maximum daily intake of added sugar for an adult is 30g or around seven teaspoons.这高出成人每日推荐摄入量的两倍之多。建议成人每天最高糖分摄入是30克,约7茶匙。The campaigning group Action on Sugar surveyed of 131 flavoured hot drinks and found 98 per cent would receive a red label for high sugar content under guidelines drawn up by the Food Standards Agency.限糖行动小组调查了131款含糖风味热饮, 发现其中98%的热饮都会贴上英国食物标准局制订的红色高糖标签。And 35 per cent of the speciality flavoured drinks contain the same amount or more sugar than Coca Cola, which is nine teaspoons per can – equivalent to seven chocolate biscuits.35%的特色风味饮品含糖量要和可口可乐每罐9茶匙含糖量相当,甚至要更高。Action on Sugar said coffee shops have an enormous influence because there are more than 18,000 outlets selling an estimated 1.7 billion hot drinks a year.限糖行动称咖啡店影响力巨大,因为据估计18000多家门店每天卖出约17亿份热饮。The agency would be responsible for banning of all forms of advertising and promotion of unhealthy foods and drinks to children and adolescents.这一限糖组织将会打击一切形式的不健康食物和饮品的广告和促销活动,禁止出售给孩子和成年人。 /201605/442621肥城市中心医院是国家医院吗 聊城市妇幼保健院妇科

济南流产的价格是多少钱Australia are refusing to move their athletes into the Rio Olympic Village because of concerns about the state of their accommodation.澳大利亚拒绝让运动员搬进里约的奥运村,因为他们担心那里的住所状况不佳。Problems include ;blocked toilets, leaking pipes and exposed wiring;, according to team boss Kitty Chiller.据澳大利亚团队主管凯蒂#8226;奇利尔称,奥运村的问题包括“堵塞的厕所,漏水的管道和暴露的电线”。Chiller said she had raised concerns with local event organisers and the International Olympic Committee, and was ;pushing hard for a solution;.奇利尔说,她已要求当地的奥运会组织者和国际奥委会关注此事,并“大力催促他们给出解决方案”。Australian staff are in nearby hotels with the first athletes due on Monday.澳大利亚的工作人员以及将于周一(7/25)抵达的第一批运动员住在奥运村附近的酒店。Alternative accommodation for team members arriving over the next three days has been arranged.未来三天将要抵达的团队成员的替代住所也已安排好。Chiller, the head of Australia#39;s Olympic delegation, said extra maintenance staff and more than 1,000 cleaners have been engaged to fix the problems but the faults, particularly the plumbing issues, have not been resolved.奇利尔是澳大利亚奥运代表团团长,她说,临时的维修人员和1000多名清洁工已开始处理各种问题,但是各种故障,特别是管道问题,还没有得到解决。She said in a statement on the Australian Olympic website: ;Due to a variety of problems in the Village, including gas, electricity and plumbing, I have decided that no Australian team member will move into our allocated building.她在澳大利亚奥运网站的一份声明中说:“由于奥运村里存在包括天然气,电力和管道在内的各种问题,我已经决定不让任何澳大利亚团队成员搬进给我们分配的住处。”;Problems include blocked toilets, leaking pipes, exposed wiring, darkened stairwells where no lighting has been installed and dirty floors in need of a massive clean.;“这些问题包括堵塞的厕所,漏水的管道,暴露的电线,未安装照明设施的昏暗楼梯间,以及需要大规模清洗的肮脏地板。”The British team have had staff in place for several days and a spokesman told Reuters: ;We are confident that our accommodation is y to receive athletes and will be to the highest standards within the village.英国奥运代表队已让工作人员在里约奥运村住了几天,一位发言人接受路透社采访称:“我们相信我们的房间已做好准备接收运动员,而且将是奥运村里最高标准的住所。”;Whilst we have encountered some maintenance difficulties this is not uncommon with new build structures of this type and we have been working hard to overcome them.;“虽然我们遇到了一些维修方面的困难,但这对此种新的建筑结构来说很常见,我们也一直在努力克困难。”The 31-building village will house 18,000 athletes and officials at the height of the Games, which start on 5 August.里约奥运会将于8月5日开始举行,在比赛最火热的阶段,这个拥有31栋楼房的奥运村将容纳1.8万名运动员和工作人员。 /201607/456455济南市中心医院有微创手术吗 Due to our inability to see past the propaganda bombarded on us by various outlets, we believe that all is good in the world with the ‘us vs them’ fight. However, according to the Institute for Women’s Policy Research, in 2015 women received 79 cents for every dollar earned by men, giving us a gender wage gap of 21%.由于我们没有能力去审视过去那些对我们进行的爆炸式宣传,各式各样的传单等,我们相信通过“我们对抗他们”的战斗,最后世界上所有的东西都是好的。然而,根据女性政策调查机构的数据,在2015年,与男性相比,女性的收入仅为男性的79%,相当于男性挣一美元,女性仅收入79美分,性别薪资差距为21%。Women are often subject to abuse and rejection女性总是受到侮辱和拒绝That is only in the workplace – but there are many other avenues where women are subject to abuse and rejection: Women feel they have to succumb to the ideal picture society (that is mostly dictated by men) set out for them to be and they take extreme and many times, dangerous measures to comply with it.这仅仅是在工作场所——但是在许多其他的大街上,女性也会受到侮辱和拒绝:女性认为他们不得不屈于摆在她们面前的理想社会画面(大部分是男性主导的世界),而且认为她们需要采取极端多次的危险措施来应对这些。It is time to remember our worth是时候记住我们的价值了Ladies, it is time to remember our worth. It is time to remember we are roaring lionesses that no one should dare to mess with. It is time that we stop our bickering and criticizing, come together in unity and teach the cubs – and by cubs, I mean boys and girls – of tomorrow that they are powerful beyond measure.女士们,是时候记住我们的价值了。是时候记住我们是咆哮的雌狮,任何人都不敢来打扰我们。是时候停止我们的争论和批判了,团结起来教育未来的孩子——说到孩子,我指的是男孩和女孩们——告诉他们的能力无可限量。 /201607/454351聊城妇幼保健医院彩超

济南哪家看妇科好点 Perhaps the best evidence comes from twotroubled women who approached Gallup soon after he first published his results.Both were looking for relief from pathological yawning attacks, sometimeslasting an hour at a time. “It was extremely debilitating and interferes withany basic activity,” says Gallup. “They’d have to walk away and go to a secludedarea – it affected their personal and professional lives.” Intriguingly, one ofthe women found the only way to stop the yawning attack was to throw herself intocold water. Inspired, Gallup asked them to place a thermometer in their mouthsbefore and after the attacks. Sure enough, he saw a slight rise in temperaturejust before the yawning bouts, which continued until it dropped back to 37C.可能最好的据来自于两位受哈欠困扰的女士,她们在盖勒普第一次发布了他的研究成果后便找到了他。这两位女士都患有疾病性的哈欠症状,有时候哈欠会一次持续一个小时之久,她们一直都在寻找治疗方法。“当某项日常活动出现了问题,日常生活就会遇到极大的困扰与麻烦,令人身心俱疲,”盖勒普说。“他们就不得不远离他人,走到一个隐蔽的区域——从而影响到他们的私人以及职业生活。”有趣的是,其中的一位女士发现唯一能让自己停止打哈欠的办法就是把她整个人浸入冷水当中。受到这一方法的启发,盖勒普让她们在打哈欠之前及之后都要将一个温度计放入各自的嘴里。果然,盖勒普观察到了温度在哈欠刚发作之前有所轻微上升,持续一段时间后温度再度回落到37℃。Importantly, this brain chill mightunderlie the many, seemingly contradictory, events that lead to yawning. Ourbody temperature naturally rises before and after sleep, for instance. Coolingthe brain slightly might also make us more alert – waking us up when we arebored and distracted. And by sping from person to person, contagious yawnscould therefore help a whole group to focus.重要的是,这一冷却大脑的作用可能能够解释众多看似矛盾的会导致打哈欠的各类原因。比如我们的体温在睡觉之前、之后会自然地上升。对大脑进行稍稍的冷却也可以让我们变得更加警觉,当我们无聊、走神的时候可以重振我们的精神。通过人与人之间的互相感染,打哈欠能够帮助一个团队的人集中起注意力。Gallup’s unified theory has been somewhatcontentious among yawning researchers. “Gallup’s group has failed to presentany convincing experimental evidence to support his theory,” says Hess. Inparticular, his critics point out he hasn’t made direct measurements oftemperature changes in the human brain, though Gallup says he has found theexpected fluctuations in yawning rats. Provine is more positive, however –believingthat it could be one way in which yawning helps the brain change state, andfocus.盖勒普这一统一的理论在哈欠研究者之间引起了争论。“盖勒普的团队没有拿出任何有说力的实验据来持他的理论,”赫斯这样评价。他的批评者尤其指出了他并没有对人脑的温度变化进行直接的测量,尽管盖勒普本人说他自己在打哈欠的老鼠身上已经发现了预想当中的温度波动。普罗文对此则持更为积极的态度,他相信这可能是打哈欠帮助大脑改变状态以及集中注意力的一种途径。Even if Gallup has managed to find thatunified theory, many mysteries remain. Why do foetuses yawn in the womb, forinstance?即使盖勒普成功找到了这样一个统一化的理论,仍有很多的谜题有待解开。比如为什么胎儿会在子宫里打哈欠?It could just be that they are practicingfor life outside, or perhaps the yawn plays a more active role in guiding thebody’s growth – by helping to develop articulation in the jaws joints, forinstance, or by encouraging the growth of the lungs, says Provine. If so,Provine suggests that yawning’s functions in the womb may be more important than our attacks asadults.普罗文说胎儿可能是在为外面的生活做演练,或者也有可能是打哈欠能够促进身体的生长——比如促进颌关节或是肺器官的发育。如果是这样的话,普罗文就认为子宫内哈欠的作用可能比我们成人在外界打的哈欠来得更为重要。Provine also points out that yawning – andperhaps other bodily functions, like sneezing – shares some strange parallelswith sex. The facial expressions involved are surprisingly similar, he says –just take a look at this picture and you can see where he’s comingfrom.普罗文还指出打哈欠——可能还有其他身体机能比如打喷嚏——同性行为有着神奇的联系。两者的面部表情惊人得相似,普罗文说——看一看这张图片你就能看出他刚经历了什么。Like sex, yawns and sneezes involve abuild-up that ends in a pleasant climax. “Once initiated, they go to completion– you don’t want a yawnus interruptus,” is how Provine puts it. For thesereasons, he wonders if a shared neural machinery underlying these differentfeelings. “Mother Nature does not reinvent the wheel,”he says. Asevidence, he points to the fact that certain anti-depressants can lead somepatients to orgasm during a yawn –a rare side effect that could quickly lose its appeal.同性行为类似,打哈欠与打喷嚏涉都有一个快感积累,并以高潮结束的过程。“这种行为一旦启动,就必须进行完整——你可不会希望有人在你打哈欠的时候打扰你,”普罗文如此解释。基于这些原因,他想知道的是在这些不同的感觉背后是否有一种共享的神经机制。“大自然母亲不可能把轮子发明两次,”普罗文说。作为据,他指出这样一个事实,那就是某一种特定的抗抑郁药能够导致某些病人在打哈欠过程中体会到性高潮——这是一个很快就会失去其吸引力的罕见的副作用。Eventually, the temptation to yawn justproved too irresistible during my conversation with Provine. It was a warmsummer day, so perhaps my yawns were stopping my brain from over-heating duringour stimulating conversation. Whatever function it was serving, the relief wasalmost worth the agonising wait.最后,在同普罗文交谈的过程中,打哈欠的诱惑是如此得无法抵抗。那是一个温和的夏日,所以我的哈欠可能是在防止我的大脑在我们的谈话中升温过度。不论它发挥着什么作用,最终的释放值得此前煎熬的等待。I’m willing to bet you’ve been stifling afew yawns yourself by this point – as Provine points out, ing or eventhinking about yawning can be enough to set us off. So go ahead, let it out –and do so in the knowledge that you are enjoying one of life’s most enduringmysteries.我敢打赌现在的你看到这里肯定已经打了好几次的哈欠——就像普罗文指出的那样,阅读或甚至是想到打哈欠这件事都会足够引起哈欠。所以别憋着了,尽情地张开嘴吧——要知道你可是在享受一个生命最持久的秘密。 /201604/437094山东省济南妇幼保健医院治疗妇科炎症好吗槐荫区妇幼保健站预约四维彩超



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