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Rainstorms wreak havoc, bring welcome relief暴雨突降缓解各地高温天气During China#39;s hottest period of the year when many regions are baking, others are getting drenched by heavy rain.在最为炎热的夏季,许多地区在经历高温天气,而其他地区则饱受降雨困扰。Weather authorities in Beijing said rainstorms will drop more than 30 millimeters on the capital Tuesday, resulting in flooded streets and severe traffic congestion during rush hours.北京气象部门表示周二北京降雨量将达30多毫米,造成道路积水,高峰期间交通拥堵。The weather authorities expect the rain to last until Wednesday.气象局预计降雨将会持续至周三。 译文属 Article/201507/389078。

  • 为什么有物存在,而不是一切皆空?换句话说:为什么宇宙会存在(我们为何会在宇宙中)?哲学家及作家吉姆#8226;霍尔特针对这个问题,为我们带来了三种,抑或是四种解答。或者,根本没有。 Article/201412/350457。
  • TED演讲者们对网络革命的影响各抒己见。 Article/201504/370326。
  • Giving Confidence to Homeless Men through Grooming有爱心的纽约发型师,用一把剪刀帮助流浪汉重拾自信!I feel good about this. I really do. Thank you. Thank you very much.我觉得这很棒。我真的这样觉得。谢谢你。非常谢谢你。Of course.不用谢。My name is Mark Bustos. I#39;m a hairstylist based out of New York City. On my days off, I go out on the street, and I look for homeless people to help out, whether it be a haircut or just a conversation—just try to help out in any way to brighten someone#39;s day.我的名字是 Mark Bustos。我是据点在纽约市的发型师。放假的时候,我会到街上,寻找无家可归的人们去给予协助,无论是剪个头发或仅是聊个天--只是试着用任何方式帮忙,让某人的一天更美好。Nice to meet you.很高兴认识你。What do you think about a haircut today?你觉得今天剪个头发如何?Free?免费?Free.免费。Is this my seat?这是我的座位吗?This is your seat.这是你的座位。Have a seat, my friend.坐下吧,我的朋友。Feels good.感觉很好。I feel like a new man.我觉得就像个全新的人。Thank you.谢谢你。I see myself now.我现在看见自己了。Thank you. Thank you very much.谢谢你。非常感谢你。I think grooming helps them take the next step in life just by giving them a little bit more confidence, or even to just walk a little taller.我认为替他们打理外表能给他们多一点自信,帮助他们踏出人生的下一步,或甚至帮他们更抬头挺胸点也好。I wanna feel good when I go on my interview next week, and now I feel that way. I feel real good.我想在下星期的面试时感到自信,现在我就那样觉得。我觉得很好。 Article/201508/396256。
  • In Chuandixia village, I#39;m up early to join my homestay host,在爨底下村,我起得很早,和女主人--Mrs Han, making our country breakfast.韩大一起准备早餐It#39;s Tong Dan Bing,spring onion flatb.这是Cong Dan Bing 就是葱蛋饼My mother taught me how to make them我妈妈教过我怎么做but I#39;m pretty sure Mrs Han has her own particular way of doing it.但是我知道韩大有其独家秘方The way I was taught is you put a layer of spring onion, oil,妈妈教我的是,先在饼外面撒一层葱花,倒些油then you fold it like a pastry almost like a pastry.然后把它像千层糕一样卷起来,几乎就是千层糕Oh, wow, she#39;s making it...额,哇,她开始做了…She#39;s making it a different way!她在用另外一种不同的方法在做She cuts it like a cake and then she folds it back on itself她像切蛋糕一样把它切开,然后in like a clockwise direction and then she kneads it again.顺时针折起来,最后再揉在一起Quite a good technique, actually.手艺确实不错It means it has these stretchy kind of layers.这样的话,饼的表层很有弹性She has to cook it until the dough is cooked through.你得烹饪直到它熟了为止Normally...一般情况下we have a thin layer of, um...egg,上面有一层,呃,鸡蛋beaten egg, like a crepe that we put on top and we roll it.像一个把打好的鸡蛋放到上面的饼卷,然后左右转一转That#39;s how I#39;m used to eating it过去我都习惯了这样吃but she#39;s going to be serving it with boiled eggs.但现在她准备用煮熟的鸡蛋配着葱花饼I haven#39;t tried it with boiled eggs before.以前我从来没吃过加上水煮蛋的薄饼I#39;m going to risk rocking the boat here and make my crepe version too.下来我要冒险试试,做做我说的那种薄饼It#39;s really simple.Just eggs, salt and spring onion.很简单,只要鸡蛋,盐,葱花With the wok on a medium heat, add the beaten egg mixture,把锅放到中火上,加入鸡蛋混合物swirl it around so it coats the wok and creates a thin egg crepe.然后向四周旋转,这样鸡蛋就会覆盖锅底,煎饼就做成了Once it#39;s cooked on one side, flip it over and cook the other side.一面好了,就要把它翻过来,再煎另一面This is how we have it normally in Taiwan.在台湾我们通常是这样吃的Like that.像那样Tong Dan Bing, with an egg, like that.葱蛋饼,加一个鸡蛋This is how we would serve it in Taiwan.在台湾我们就是这么做的It#39;s very good.很好吃Phew! Finally!哎呀,做完了Now we can eat.我们可以享用了To accompany our two different versions of the flatbs,为配上两种类型的薄饼Mrs Han has also made corn porridge.韩大还做了玉米粥Because we#39;re in the north of China,they don#39;t really grow rice here,因为在中国北方,这里不长大米so instead they have sweet corn porridge.然而他们却有美味的玉米粥You know, it#39;s got a wonderful, smoky flavour to this.呃,它香味很重It#39;s really delicious.喝起来味道美极了Thank God!谢天谢地She said everyone has their own way of cooking and their own style.她说每个人都有做薄冰的独特方法和类型 Article/201507/383494。
  • TED演讲视频:南布鲁克斯的环保教师史蒂夫·瑞茨,纽约州的一名教师,在寸草不生的南布鲁克斯刮起一阵环保旋风,他带着他的学生们种植花圃、食物,播撒绿色,还创造了就业!他还把其这一想法推广到其他社区,给人们带来希望。 Article/201701/488742。
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