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淮安治疗前列腺炎价格盱眙县做无痛人流需要多少钱China has executed eight people in the frontier region of Xinjiang for what it said were “terrorist” acts, including masterminding last year’s suicide car attack on Tiananmen Square.中国在新疆对其所称的犯有“恐怖”罪行的八人执行死刑,包括去年策划在天安门广场发动自杀式汽车袭击的罪犯。The official Xinhua news agency said yesterday that the executions had been approved by the top court in Xinjiang, an area on the far western border that is home to Muslim Uighurs and other ethnic minorities. The report did not say when the executions had been carried out.官方的新华社(Xinhua)昨日表示,死刑由新疆地方法院依法执行。报道没有说明执行死刑的具体时间。新疆位于中国的西北边陲,是信仰伊斯兰教的维吾尔族和其他一些少数民族的家园。The sentences highlight Beijing’s determination to take a tough line on separatists in the province.这些处决行动突显北京方面决心用强硬手段对付新疆的分离主义者。The government believes extremists from Xinjiang were responsible for several brutal incidents in recent months, including a knife attack on a train station in Kunming, southern China, in March in which 29 people died. In May, 39 people were killed, along with four attackers, and more than 90 wounded when assailants threw explosives and drove two off-road vehicles through a crowd at a market in the Xinjiang capital of Urumqi.中国政府相信,来自新疆的极端分子要对近几个月来的多起凶残事件负责,包括3月在中国南方城市昆明的火车站发起的持刀攻击,那次攻击导致29人被害。5月,攻击者在新疆首府乌鲁木齐市开着两辆越野车冲击一个早市,还投掷爆炸物,这起事件导致39人死亡,超过90人受伤;4个攻击者也当场丧生。Xinhua said the crimes of those executed included masterminding the 2013 crash of a car into a crowd of tourists at the entrance to Beijing’s Forbidden City, in which those driving the car and two bystanders were killed.新华社说,被处决的人所犯的罪行包括策划2013年在北京天安门广场驾车冲撞金水桥的游客人群,那次事件造成车内人员和两名路人死亡。Xinhua added the other executions were punishment for crimes ranging from the illegal manufacture of explosives to the establishment of a terrorist organisation.新华社补充说,被处决的其他人所犯的罪行包括非法制造爆炸物和建立一个恐怖组织。The news agency also said one man had been executed for his role in the attack on a police station in the Xinjiang city of Aksu last year, while another had been put to death because he had “watched audiovisual materials on religious extremism”, and “killed an innocent civilian” last year.新华社还表示,有一个人是因为去年在阿克苏地区袭击警察而被处决,还有一个人被执行死刑是因为他曾在去年“收听观看宣扬宗教极端、暴力恐怖内容的音视频”,然后“持刀闯入一群众家中并将其杀害”。The executions and sentences are part of a crackdown that comes after Beijing vowed a year-long campaign against terrorism in the wake of the market attack.这些处决和判决是一场打击行动的一部分。此前在新疆早市爆炸袭击事件之后,北京方面誓言以新疆为主战场,开展为期一年的严打暴恐专项行动。In June, 13 people were executed for Xinjiang-linked terrorist attacks.今年6月,13人因涉及新疆的恐怖袭击而被处决。Last month the government-appointed imam of the region’s largest and most prestigious mosque was stabbed to death in the street in Kashgar, China’s westernmost city.上个月,新疆最大且最知名的清真寺——艾提尕尔清真寺由政府任命的大毛拉在喀什的街道上被刺死。喀什是中国最西部的城市。 /201408/324436盱眙县男科医院 Just one week ahead of David Cameron’s trade visit to China, the Office for National Statistics confirmed that, for the first time, Chinese citizens account for the largest group of migrants to the UK, with 40,000 coming to Britain in 2012 compared with 29,000 in 2010.就在戴维?卡梅伦(David Cameron)对华贸易访问前一周,英国国家统计局(Office for National Statistics)确认中国公民首次成为移民英国人数最多的群体,2012年进入英国的中国人有4万人,相比之下2010年为2.9万。China’s rise to top spot is partly because of India’s sharp decline – caused by steep falls in the number of Indian students coming to the UK to study. While Indian arrivals topped 60,000 in 2011 and 65,000 in 2010, the number has now fallen to 37,000 after a clampdown on student visas and Home Office rhetoric about cutting immigration from outside the EU.中国升至移民人数榜首,部分是因为印度移民人数出现了剧烈下滑,主因是到英国学习的印度学生人数剧烈减少。尽管2011年和2010年从印度移民至英国的人数分别以6万人和6.5万人位居第一,今年在英国收紧学生签及英国内政部宣称要减少欧盟(EU)外移民人数之后,这一数字下跌至3.7万人The latest statistics show the number of visas being granted to Indian students has fallen 24 per cent.最新统计数据表明,发给印度学生的签数量已下跌了24%。China’s new dominance in the immigration table represents a partial success for the coalition, which has been striving to build links with the country. But critics urged ministers not to pursue new diplomatic ties at the expense of existing friendships.中国在移民人数中新占据的首要地位在一定程度上表明了英国政府的成功——这届政府一直在努力加强与中国的联系。不过,批评者敦促政府官员不要以牺牲传统友好关系为代价培养新的外交关系。Mark Hilton, head of immigration policy at business lobby London First, said there was a “worrying decline” in markets such as India. “While we must engage with new markets like China, we ignore our traditional ones – which remain much larger – at our peril,” Mr Hilton said.商业游说团体London First移民政策主管马克?希尔顿(Mark Hilton)表示,印度这类市场出现了“令人担心的下滑”。希尔顿表示:“尽管我们必须努力与中国这类新市场接触,但如果我们忽略了依然大得多的传统市场,那将是非常不利的。” /201311/266650淮安中山切包皮

淮安早泄治疗哪家医院最好Malaysia has disclosed new satellite images of 122 objects that were spotted near two earlier sets of debris in the southern Indian Ocean, providing the latest clue in the hunt for missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, writes Jeremy Grant in Kuala Lumpur.马来西亚公布了在南印度洋发现122个物体的最新卫星照片,它们位于此前发现的两组碎片附近。这为搜寻失踪的马来西亚航空公司(Malaysia Airlines) MH370航班提供了最新线索。The latest images, provided by Airbus Defence and Space, a division of France’s Airbus Group, showed the objects – between 1m and 23m in length – in an area of about 400 sq km, approximately 2,500km southwest of the Australian city of Perth.最新图片来自法国空客集团(Airbus Group)下属的空客防务及航天公司(Airbus Defence and Space)。图片显示,这些物体的长度在1米至23米之间,散落在距澳大利亚城市珀斯西南约2500公里处一个大约400平方公里的海域。“Some of the objects appeared to be bright, possibly indicating solid materials,” Hishammuddin Hussein, Malaysia’s defence and acting transport minister, told a daily briefing.“一些物体看起来是反光的,可能表明它们是坚固材料,”马来西亚国防部长和代理交通部长希沙姆丁#8226;侯赛因(Hishammuddin Hussein)在每日通报会上表示。The images had been taken on March 23, the same day Malaysia received earlier French satellite images. These, and a third set of Chinese images, were in about the same area of ocean.图片摄于3月23日,同日马来西亚收到了之前法国卫星拍摄到的图像。这些图像和来自中国的一组图像基本上拍摄的是同一片海域。Improved weather conditions have allowed the Australian-led search for the missing jet to stretch into a ninth day.由于气象状况改善,澳大利亚领头的失踪客机搜寻行动进入第9天。The hunt involved 12 aircraft from Australia, China, Japan, South Korea, New Zealand and the US.参与搜寻的有来自澳大利亚、中国、日本、韩国、新西兰和美国的12架飞机。Searchers are running out of time to locate the aircraft’s black box recorder, which is estimated to have 30 days of battery life.留给搜寻人员寻找飞机黑匣子的时间越来越少。黑匣子的电池寿命估计只有30天。The Malaysia Airlines aircraft disappeared on a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing on March 8.这架从吉隆坡飞往北京的马航客机于3月8日失踪。 /201403/282281淮安医院性病检测多少钱 淮安包皮过长医院哪里比较好

淮安女子医院博客 Maria das Gra#231;as Foster is no average Brazilian executive. For a start, the chief executive of Petrobras is a woman — in fact, the first woman to lead an oil major. Nor was she born into a life of privilege but raised in one of Rio de Janeiro’s most dangerous slums. After collecting scrap metal for cash as a child, she joined Petrobras as an intern in 1978 and accumulated an encyclopedic knowledge of Brazil’s state-controlled oil producer that would put any boss to shame.玛丽亚#8226;格拉卡斯#8226;福斯特(Maria das Gra#231;as Foster)并非等闲的巴西企业高管。首先,这位巴西国家石油公司(Petrobras)的前首席执行官是位女性——事实上,也是执掌大型石油企业的首位女性。她也没有显赫出身,相反她是在里约热内卢最危险的贫民窟之一长大。小时候曾捡废金属卖钱的她,于1978年以实习生的身份进入巴西国家石油公司,逐渐对这家国有石油生产商了如指掌,足以让任何一个老板自惭形愧。It is a remarkable career path but one that looks likely to end in a sadly familiar way by Latin American standards: with a corruption scandal. Over the past few months, Petrobras has become engulfed in the largest bribery and kickback investigation in Brazil’s history. Prosecutors believe that for much of the past decade, Petrobras executives conspired with Brazil’s largest construction firms to inflate the oil company’s contracts, stealing billions of dollars to fund lavish lifestyles, pay bribes and funnel money to politicians, largely from the ruling Workers’ party.这是一条不同寻常的职业道路,但似乎也是一条很可能以拉丁美洲惯有的悲惨结局告终的道路:以腐败丑闻的方式。在过去几个月中,巴西国家石油公司卷入了该国史上最大的受贿与回扣案。检察官相信,在过去十年大部分时间内,巴西国家石油公司高层与巴西最大的几家工程建设公司合谋虚报该公司合同价格,从中牟取数十亿美元用以享受奢侈生活、行贿以及向政客输送资金,而受贿官员多出自执政的劳工党(Workers#39;Party)。While Ms Gra#231;as Foster has not been accused of involvement in the scheme, the straight-talking 61-year-old has repeatedly offered her resignation to President Dilma Rousseff. “The president thought I should stay,” she told reporters bluntly in December. The reality, analysts say, is that no sane executive would be willing to take over the company in its current uncertain state.尽管格拉卡斯#8226;福斯特并未被指卷入这一丑闻,但这位说话坦率的61岁女掌门多次向巴西总统迪尔玛#8226;罗塞夫(Dilma Rousseff)提出了辞职。“总统认为我应该留下来,”去年12月她对记者坦言。分析师称,实际情况是没有哪个明智的高管会愿意接手这家目前看来前景不明的公司。As well as facing a Securities and Exchange Commission investigation in the US, Petrobras remains cut off from capital markets and risks technical default after its auditors PwC refused to approve its accounts in November. “Any potential candidate to replace Ms Gra#231;as Foster would be wary of coming on before the current executives sign off the damage,” says Jo#227;o Augusto de Castro Neves of Eurasia Group, a political risk consultancy.除了要面对美国券交易委员会(SEC)的调查,由于去年11月其审计机构普华永道会计事务所(PwC)拒绝核实该公司的账目,巴西国家石油公司仍然被挡在资本市场之外并面临技术性违约的风险。“任何可能接替格拉卡斯#8226;福斯特的人选都会心存警惕,不愿在现任高管结束这个烂摊子前接手,”政治风险咨询机构欧亚集团(Eurasia Group)的若昂#8226;奥古斯托#8226;德卡斯特罗#8226;内维斯(Jo#227;o Augusto de Castro Neves)称。The scandal — dubbed “Car Wash” as petrol stations were allegedly used to launder some of the money — is not only a sorry turn of events for Ms Gra#231;as Foster but also for Petrobras and Brazil itself. After winning respect for its technological prowess and becoming the envy of the global industry in 2007 by making the largest offshore oil discoveries in decades, Petrobras may soon have to resort to a government bailout. Similarly, after wowing investors with 7.5 per cent growth in 2010, Brazil once again finds itself an object of ridicule in international markets as the corruption scandal threatens to deepen an expected recession this year. As former president Fernando Henrique Cardoso wrote in his memoirs, “hope followed by disappointment is a particularly Brazilian cycle”.因加油站被指用于部分洗钱活动而被称为“洗车”(Car Wash)的丑闻,不论对格拉卡斯#8226;福斯特个人,还是对巴西国家石油公司甚至巴西来说都是一个可悲的转折点。由于发现了几处数十年来最大的海上油田,2007年巴西国家石油公司在技术实力上赢得尊重,并且成为全球石油业令人羡慕的对象。然而,如今该公司可能很快将不得不求助于政府援助。同样,2010年巴西以7.5%的增长率令投资者惊艳,但今年因腐败丑闻可能加深预期中的衰退程度,巴西发现自己再次成了国际市场嘲笑的对象。巴西前总统费尔南多#8226;恩里克#8226;卡多佐(Fernando Henrique Cardoso)在其回忆录中写道:“希望之后是失望,这是典型的巴西式循环。”Ms Gra#231;as Foster, a towering and somewhat gaunt figure, never appeared to harbour any illusions about the challenges that lay ahead when she became chief executive in February 2012.格拉卡斯#8226;福斯特是高个子,略显瘦削,2012年2月出任首席执行官,当时她对即将面临的挑战似乎不抱任何幻想。When asked in an FT interview that year about her ascension up the Petrobras ranks, she replied: “Power doesn’t come by itself, it comes with responsibility and it’s the responsibility I live with, which weighs on me, which wakes me up at two o’clock in the morning, takes me away from my friends, and makes me a more impatient and irritable person”. Despite having the vestiges of a personal life — a husband, two children, a granddaughter, and a love of cats and cooking — she has been ed as saying she would “die” for the company that transformed her life.那年,在接受英国《金融时报》采访时被问及升职一事,格拉卡斯#8226;福斯特回答称:“权力不会独自到来,而是伴随着责任,那就是我要接受的责任,它压在我身上,让我到凌晨2点醒来,让我远离朋友,让我成为一个更易怒而急躁的人。”尽管她尚拥有一部分私人生活——丈夫、两个孩子、一个孙女,爱猫,爱烹饪——但据称她曾说过愿意为了这家改变她一生的公司而“死”的话。New York and S#227;o Paulo ed Petrobras itself was aly in trouble when she took charge. Covert fuel subsidies to help the government battle inflation were costing the company billions of dollars and there was little Ms Gra#231;as Foster could do to change a practice that enraged private minority investors. She and Ms Rousseff had been close friends since the president’s days as an energy official in the 1990s.在纽约和圣保罗两地上市的巴西国家石油公司在格拉卡斯#8226;福斯特接管时就已经陷入困境。帮助政府抵御通胀而提供的隐蔽的燃料补贴,耗费了该公司数十亿美元的资金,这一做法激怒了私人投资者,但格拉卡斯#8226;福斯特对此无计可施。自20世纪90年代罗塞夫担任能源官员起,她们便一直是亲密的朋友。Some say the weight on Ms Gra#231;as Foster’s shoulders was, in fact, the knowledge of a vast corruption scandal that had yet to come to light. Venina Velosa da Fonseca, a former Petrobras manager, said during a tearful television interview last month that she had warned several directors of inflated contracts in 2008, including Ms Gra#231;as Foster who was head of the gas and energy division at the time. Ms Gra#231;as Foster has vehemently denied she was aware of the scheme and Petrobras said it has been taking all necessary measures to investigate alleged irregularities.有人说,格拉卡斯#8226;福斯特肩上的压力,实际上是她知道公司内存在一个尚未曝光的巨大腐败丑闻。巴西国家石油公司前经理韦尼娜#8226;韦洛萨达方茜卡(Venina Velosa da Fonseca)在不久前的电视采访中含泪称,她曾在2008年就虚报合同价格问题提醒过数位高管,其中包括当时主管天然气和能源部门的格拉卡斯#8226;福斯特。格拉卡斯#8226;福斯特极力否认她事先知情,巴西国家石油公司则表示一直在采取所有必要措施对涉嫌违规行为进行调查。Whistleblower tales, along with rumours of death threats and money hidden in buried swimming pools have gripped Brazilians like a sordid soap opera, prompting both despair and fascination. But in two weeks’ time, many will finally get the chance to vent their frustration over the scandal in a typically Brazilian way — by dressing up for Carnival. Masks modelled on Ms Gra#231;as Foster’s face are expected to sell out.举报人讲的故事,再加上死亡威胁的传言和藏在被填埋的游泳池内的现金,就像一部鄙俗的肥皂剧一样,紧紧抓住了巴西人的眼球,让人们既心寒又好奇。但不久后,很多人将有机会用典型的巴西方式发泄对丑闻的愤怒——在嘉年华(Carnival)上乔装打扮。仿照格拉卡斯#8226;福斯特样貌的面具预计将会热销。Her no-nonsense management style has won her the nickname “the tank”, but Ms Gra#231;as Foster also knows how to have fun — a big rock fan, she once admitted to having tattoos in “places you can’t see with clothes on”, according to state-owned broadcaster E.格拉卡斯#8226;福斯特说一不二的管理风格为自己赢得了“坦克”的绰号,但她也知道如何享受生活乐趣——她是个铁杆的摇滚迷。据巴西国有广播公司E报道,她曾承认自己在“衣底下、你看不到的地方”有纹身。Yet, she is unlikely to see the funny side this Carnival. More than most, Ms Gra#231;as Foster understands the struggles of Brazil’s less fortunate and that their capacity to accept perennial disappointment has limits. Protesters have taken to the streets to demand Ms Rousseff’s impeachment over the scandal — a proposition that is gaining some sympathy in the country’s increasingly dissatisfied Congress. Ms Rousseff, who was chair of Petrobras when much of the graft supposedly took place, has denied any involvement in the alleged scheme.不过,她不太可能会看到嘉年华有趣的一面了。格拉卡斯#8226;福斯特无比了解巴西穷人的艰辛,也知道他们接受再三失望的能力是有极限的。抗议者走上街头,要求就丑闻一事弹劾罗塞夫——这一提议在日益不满的巴西议会也获得一些持。据称巴西国家石油公司内部的部分贪腐行为发生在罗塞夫担任该公司董事会主席期间。罗塞夫否认与贿赂丑闻有任何牵连。If the protesters get their way, Brazil’s two first ladies may soon both be out of a job.如果抗议者如愿以偿,那么巴西两位第一夫人可能都要失业了。 /201502/359394淮安中山医院在线问答淮安尿道炎的治疗



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