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Motherly love by its very nature is unconditional.Mother loves the newborn infant because it is her child,not because the child has fulfilled any specific condition,or lived up to any specific expectation.Unconditional love corresponds in one of the deepest longings,not only of the child, but of every human being;on the other hand, to be loved because of one’s merit, because one deserves it, always leaves doubt;maybe I did not please the person whom I want to love me,maybe this or that—there is always a fear that love could disappear.Furthermore,“deserved” love easily leaves a bitter feeling that one is not loved oneself,that one is loved only because one pleases,that one is, in the last analysis, not loved at all but used.No wonder that we all cling to the longing motherly love,as children and also as adults.The relationship to father is quite different.Mother is the home we come from, she is nature, soil, the ocean;father does not represent any such natural home.He has little connection with the child in the first years of its life,and his importance the child in this early period cannot be compared with that of mother.But while father does not represent the natural world,he represents the other pole of human existence;the world of thought,of man-made things, of law and order, of discipline, of travel and adventure.Father is the one who teaches the child, who shows him the road into the world.Fatherly love is conditional love.Its principle is “I love you because you fulfill my expectations,because you do your duty,because you are like me.”In conditional fatherly love we find, as with unconditional motherly love,a negative and a positive aspect.The negative aspect is the very fact that fatherly love has to be deserved,that it can be lost if one does not do to what is expected.In the nature of fatherly love lies the fact that obedience becomes the main virtue,that disobedience is the main sin—and its punishment the withdrawal of fatherly love.The positive side is equally important.Since his love is conditional, I can do something to acquire it, I can work it;his love is not outside of my control as motherly love is. 595Promise yourself to dream more and hesitate less.努力让自己多一点如心所愿,少一些己所不愿 To believe in yourself more and judge yourself less by the accomplishments of others.多一点相信自己,少一点将他人成就作为自我评价的标准尺度To appreciate your family and friends all the wonderful ways they make your life better.珍视家庭和朋友,他们为你的生命增添光Promise yourself to accept life as it comes and truly make each day special.努力让自己接受生活的本来面目,让生命的每一天变得意义非凡To become more independent and more willing to change.独立自强,乐于应对生活的变化 To fill your life with special times, and make your dreams come true.让生命中充满特别的时刻,努力让梦想成真我们常把生活比作镜子,它折射出你对生活的态度,当你微笑时,镜中的人也会对你微笑;当你苦恼时,镜中的人也会和你一起苦恼;当你生气时,镜中的人也会生气对生活微笑吧,生活也会给你带来微笑! A son and his father were walking on the mountains. Suddenly, the son falls, hurts himself and screams, "AAAhhhh!!!"To his surprise, he hears the voice repeating, somewhere in the mountain," AAAhhhh!!!" Curious, he yells," Who are you?" He receives the answer,"Who are you?" Angered at the response, he scream,"Coward!" He receives the answer,"Coward!"He looks to his father and asks,"What's going on?" The father smiles and says,"My son, pay attention." And then he screams to the mountain, "I admire you!" The voice answers," I admire you!" Again the man screams,"You are a champion!" The voice answers,"You are a champion!" The boy is surprised, but does not understand. Then the father explains,"People call this ECHO, but really this is LIFE. It gives you back everything you say or do. Our life is simply a reflection of our actions. If you want more love in the world, create more love in your heart. If you want more competence in you team, improve your competence. This relationship applies to everything, in all aspects of life. Life will give you back everything you have given to it."

“做真实的自己”英语怎么说? -01-7 18:5:51 来源: 是敞开心扉,展示真实的自己,还是每天带着面具过疲惫人生It's up to you!希望自己做回真实的自己!Just be yourself! better or worse, to be yourself not just a saying.And to be yourself is all that you can do!“做真实的自己”除了上面的 Just be yourself 外,在英文中还有另外一个表达是"let your hair down"这一说法源自19世纪,描绘出一幅可爱的画面过去,西方女子很多都留长头发,出去应酬时把头发盘在头上梳出各种式样来晚上回家后,她们就把发卡一个个地从头发里拿出来,让头发很自然地披在肩上To let one's hair down 的实质意思也就是解除表面的装饰,使一切显得很自然、真实和放松后来,"let your hair down"(把头发散开)就用来表示“放松、展现真实的自己”1. To let one's hair down 不一定用在女性上,男性同样可以用!例如:The president has to make so many official appearances that he seldom gets a chance to let his hair down and enjoy life like ordinary people.总统要出席许多公开场合,他很少有机会像普通老百姓那样轻松地享受生活. To let one's hair down 也可以用在朋友之间,就像下面这个例子一样:Sally, we've been good friends a long time. But lately I get the idea you are very much upset with me. I wish you'd let your hair down and tell me what's wrong to make you feel this way.萨莉,我们多年来一直是好朋友,可是最近我感到你对我非常不高兴我希望你能够坦率地告诉我,到底是哪些事让你这么不高兴 怎么 英语 自己 真实

地道美语教程:American Englishamlt;第十课 外出就餐 -- ::35 来源: 1. Do you like to go out eating?想不想出去吃呢?有次我问老美出去吃东西怎么说, 他回答说一般出去吃饭, 他们只说 go to eat , go out eating 或是 eat out 而不会说 go to dinner, go lunch, 也就是不需特地说中餐或是晚餐. 所以后来老美问我刚去哪了, 我应该要说 I just went out eating, 而不会说 I just went to dinner. 小明细多注意, 你的英文会更棒.如果要强调是去吃午餐或晚餐的话, 一般就直接说 lunch 或是 dinner. 例如人家问你, "Where did you go?" 你就可以答说 "lunch.". There is a Deli over there, do you like it?那里有一家 Deli (餐厅), 你喜不喜欢呢?美国的餐厅可分很多种, Restaurant 是一般的通称, 另外常用到的有 Deli : 供应三明治, 沙拉这种现成的, 不需再经过烹调的餐厅, 例如 SUBWAY 就可以算是 Deli. 另外还有 Grill 也随处可见, 翻译成烤肉餐厅, 多半是提供牛排, 汉堡热食类的食物.Deli 这个字是 delicatessen 的简写, 可是现今在美国一般只会听到 deli 而很少听到 delicatessen 了!3. What do you like to drink?想要喝什么?美国餐厅的习惯, 吃饭时都会点一大杯饮料, 所以侍者一定会先问你 What do you like to drink. 也有人会这么说, Can I get you something to drink?. 一般餐厅都会提供的有 Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Iced Tea, 以及 Lemonade 等. 如果什么都不要, 就说 Just water.值得注意的是, 在一般的速食店提到 drink 都是指 soft drink 而言. 但是一般人说到 have a drink 时, 他们多半指的是 alcoholic, 也就是含酒精的饮料. 所以如果有人问你, "Come on, have a drink with us." 他绝不是要你跟他们一起喝可乐的意思, 而是要你跟他们一起喝酒啦!. Are you y to order or just a minute?你们准备好了吗? 还是要再等一会?通常饮料上桌之后, 大伙都还要花点时间研究一下菜单, 如果侍者看你们大概都差不多了, 他就会过来问你们, Are you y to order or just a minute? 如果是已经准备好要点餐了, 就直接跟她说你想吃什么, 如果大家还要再研究研究, 则可以跟侍者说 Just a minute. 或是 Wait a few more minutes. 请他等一下, 他会说 OK. I'll be back. (好, 那我等下再来.)5. Do you want to separate check?你们要不要分开付帐?比如说二对夫妻出去吃饭, 大家想各自付自己的, 则你们可以主动跟侍者说 We want to separate check. 有时他们也会主动问你, Do you want to separate check? 或是 Do you want separate checks? 这样的话帐单就会有二张. 但有些餐厅 separate check 会多收务费, 最好先问清楚. 如果是要一起付, 则简单地说, together 或是 one check 就可以了.6. How do you like your steak cooked?你的牛排要几分熟?通常点牛排, 或是在高级一点的餐厅点牛肉汉堡, 务生都会这样问你, How do you like it cooked? 回答的方式, 全熟是 well done, 七分熟: medium well, 五分熟: medium, 四分熟: medium rare, 三分熟: rare. 老美有时在开玩笑时也用 bloody 来代替 rare 这个字, 听来是不是更传神? 所以如果各位嗜食生牛肉的话, 下次不妨试试 bloody as hell 的点法. 但请注意一下 bloody 这个字在英国英语中有点类似 fxxx 的意思, 所以除非有把握不然不要拿出来乱用.记得有一次我去一家蛮高级的法国餐厅用餐, 结果我跟他要 well-done 的牛排, 结果煮出来的东西跟橡皮一样难吃. 后来老美跟我解释, 你摸摸自己头上的各部位就知道你的牛排等一下煮出来是什么样子, well-done 就是头顶, 硬梆梆的, medium well 就是额头, 稍微有点弹性. medium 是鼻头, 软软的. rare 是下巴最柔软的部份. 我觉得这个分法蛮实用的, 跟各位分享一下.7. How do you like you egg cooked?你的蛋要几分熟?蛋的说法跟肉类又不一样,不要像我刚来时听人家这么问就自作聪明回答 Well done. 把人家给笑掉大牙. 蛋的回答方法是 1. Scramble 炒蛋 . Sunny side up 只煎一面的荷包蛋, (这句话很有意思, 因为荷包蛋像太阳, 所以老美用 sunny side 来形容) 3, Sunny side down 二面都煎或是 ease over.白煮蛋的话也分二种, 一种叫 soft boil 一种叫 hard boil. 所谓的 soft boil 是指让蛋黄的部份还有点液体状, 而 hard boil 则是指整个的蛋黄都煮成固体状的.有些店例如 Waffle House 连 hash brown 也会问 How do you like it cooked? 这个也有很多选择, 不过一般我只会回答二种, patty (饼状) 跟 scattered (分散状)8. Did you burn it?你把它烤焦了吗?记得刚来美国时烤焦了不知怎么说, 我就说 Why do you have black part on your steak, 结果人家当然也是有听没有懂, 其实烤焦了很简单, 就是 burn. 美国许多建筑物都有浓烟侦测警报, 所以每次要是有人忘了什么东西在炉子里警报大作, 真是乱吓人的. 这时如果你看到你的室友一脸无辜地站在你面前, 你就可以问他, Did you burn something?9. Can I have some more b?能再多给我点面包吗?美国餐厅中的面包吃完了可以一直拿不用钱, 所以吃不饱时就尽量吃面包吧! 另外提醒一点, 国内说的土司面包在美国就叫 b, 所谓的土司面包 (toast) 指的是在面包上涂上一层蒜泥或是奶油下去烤的面包才叫 toast, 就像是去 "我家牛排" 他们给的那种面包才叫 toast.当初一直以为我们说的土司面包就叫 toast, 造成不少误会. 故事就是有一次我去美国接待家庭住, 早餐时妈妈问我要吃什么, 因为我不想太麻烦人家, 我又刚好看到桌上有土司面包, 所以我就说 toast, 结果害人家还大费周章跑去帮我烤面包. 其实我应该说 b. 就不会造成别人的误会了.. Can you give me a doggie bag?能不能给我一个食袋?东西点太多吃不完怎么办? 这么说就对了. 说 doggie bag 是因为不希望别人觉的你太小气, 吃不完还要带回家吃, 所以说是给吃的. 或是用 doggie box 代替 doggie bag 也可以, 因为大部份的餐厅给的都是盒子而不是袋子.最后提醒一点, 请不要在高级的餐厅说 doggie bag , 那是不太礼貌的, 你可以只说 Can you give me a box? 就好了.另外一种常用的讲法叫 "Wrap it up." 这就相当于中文里的, 帮我打包起来的意思. 在美国的中餐馆打包也很有意思, 有时候你说要打包他们还会问你要不要饭? 当然要啦! 这样子下一餐的饭跟菜就通通有著落了.. Check, please.结帐.吃完饭别忘了给钱喔! check 就是结帐的意思, 另外也可以说 buy the bill, 就跟中文里说的买单是一样的. 当然吃完了饭请别忘了给小费喔! 至于小费的给法, 请参阅美国求生手册: 小费的介绍. 外出 美语 教程 地道

Stool pigeon: 警察的“眼线” -01-6 3:50:51 来源: passenger pigeon(候鸽)若直接告诉您,stool pigeon(字面意:凳子上的鸽子)指的是“警察的眼线”,似乎太突兀若追根溯源,寻求“凳子上的鸽子”和“眼线”间的联系,却着实会令你我心痛重温血淋淋的物种灭绝史,“stool pigeon”将成为人类屠杀无辜生灵的有力见世纪之前,在北美,每到秋季,会有成群的“passenger pigeon”(候鸽)向南迁徙,迁飞时,鸽群宛若云、蔚为壮观…… 可惜,美丽的事物多薄命,自19世纪,“候鸽”开始遭受“肉食人类”的棒打杀到世纪初,鸽群所剩无几19年,最后一只人工饲养的“候鸽”殁于美国辛辛那堤动物园“候鸽”鸽群被猎捕的方式近乎残忍,一只“候鸽”被捕后,会成为人类绝杀其同类的诱饵——人们把它绑在凳子上,刺瞎它的双眼,靠它在凳子上痛苦的挣扎、失声的鸣叫引诱鸽群在当时,“stool pigeon”指的就是这种无辜的“诱饵鸽”具有讽刺意义的是,在日常生活中,它竟被借喻为警方打入黑帮的“卧底”到了世纪,“候鸽”绝种,“stool pigeon”的借喻意也发生了变化,开始由“卧底警察”转为警方买通的“线人”看例句:Watch out John; I'm sure he's a stool pigeon the police.(防着约翰,我肯定他是警方的眼线)Ducks and drakes:打水漂(英语点津陈蓓编辑) 警察 pigeon stool 世纪

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