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On Tuesday night, at her final state dinner as first lady, Michelle Obama solidified her legacy as perhaps the most adept and successful practitioner of the art of political dressing that any administration has seen.周二晚上,米歇尔#8226;奥巴马(Michelle Obama)以第一夫人的身份参加她的最后一个国事晚宴时,巩固了她的政治遗产——她是历届政府中最熟练、最成功的政治着装艺术实践者。Her choice of an Atelier Versace gown for the Italy state dinner was not only a nice bit of sartorial diplomacy — Versace being an Italian success story, a company often touted as a candidate for a public offering — but, coming less than a week after her magnetic speech in New Hampshire on women and respect, it went far beyond being simply an ambassadorial nod to a guest country’s talent and made a powerful subliminal statement.她身着范思哲高定(Atelier Versace)参加意大利国宴,这不仅是很出色的时装外交——范思哲是意大利的成功品牌,一直传说要上市——不到一周前,她刚在新罕布什尔州就女性和尊重议题发表了一个非常精的演讲,她选择这件礼远远不止是对来访国家的人才所做的外交致意,同时也是在下意识地表达一个强有力的声明。The dress, after all, was made of rose gold … chain mail. 要知道这件衣还是玫瑰金色的……护身铠甲。As much as it was gracefully cut and draped, it also spoke of armor and female strength, of the need to gird yourself to fight for what you believe in. 它不仅拥有优雅的裁剪和褶裥,同时也是对防御和女性力量的表达,暗示需要做好准备,为信仰而战。And it was designed by Donatella Versace, a woman who was famously thrust into one of the most difficult situations of all: having to take over and preserve the company founded by her brother after his murder in Miami. 而且大家都知道,它的设计师多娜泰拉#8226;范思哲(Donatella Versace)是一个挺身而出、直面困境的女性:当哥哥在迈阿密遇害后,她不得不接手并扛起他所创办的这家公司。And who, despite a fair number of doubts, has ultimately triumphed — in part by transforming the aesthetic of her company from one built on the power of sex to one built on the power of self.尽管面临着相当多的质疑,她最终还是取得了成功——部分是因为她将这个品牌的美学标准从基于性的力量转移了自我的力量上。After all, Ms Versace did describe her most recent women’s wear collection, shown in Milan last month, as, all about a woman’s freedom: freedom of movement, freedom of activity, freedom to fight for their ideas, freedom to be whomever you want to be. 要知道,对于上个月在米兰亮相的范思哲最新女装系列,范思哲女士进行过这样的描述,它们完全关乎女人的自由:行动自由、活动自由、为自己的理念而战的自由,你想要成为什么人的自由。And she set it to a soundtrack by the trance duo Violet + Photonz that featured the statement that it was time for women to take the lead.她为这个系列选择的背景音乐是迷幻音乐二人组Violet+ Photonz的作品,里面表达的是让女性带头的时候到了。Given the current political conversation in the ed States, think that’s a coincidence? Think that escaped the East Wing?鉴于美国目前的政治对话,你认为这是巧合吗?你认为这没有被白宫东翼注意到吗?Especially given that Mrs Obama has worn other Italian labels, including Gucci (on The Ellen DeGeneres Show last month), Missoni (during her 2013 trip to Italy and Britain with her daughters) and a black-and-white print Giambattista Valli earlier in the day when she and the president greeted Prime Minister Matteo Renzi and his wife, Agnese Landini. 特别是考虑到奥巴马夫人曾穿过其他意大利品牌,包括Gucci(上个月的《艾伦秀》上),Missoni(2013年她和两个女儿去意大利和英国旅行的时候),以及她和总统迎接意大利总理马泰奥#8226;伦齐(Matteo Renzi)及夫人阿涅塞#8226;兰迪尼(Agnese Landini)的当天,她穿的是一件黑白印花的Giambattista Valli。But, until Tuesday evening, she had not appeared in Versace.但在本周二晚上之前,她从没有公开穿过范思哲。Especially because Ms Versace designed the gown specifically for Mrs Obama, according to a company spokeswoman.尤其是因为范思哲女士专门为奥巴马夫人设计了这身礼——该公司发言人说道。Especially because Ms Versace then said, I am humbled and honored to have the opportunity to dress the first lady of the ed States, Michelle Obama. 尤其是因为范思哲女士说:有机会为美国第一夫人米歇尔#8226;奥巴马设计衣,本人深感谦卑与荣幸。Thank you Michelle for all the things you did for America and for the rest of the world, for the women in the U.S. and the rest of the world.谢谢米歇尔,谢谢你为美国和世界其他地方,为美国和世界其他地方的女性所做的一切。The first lady’s wardrobe adviser, Meredith Koop, is on record as telling Harper’s Bazaar that when engaging in cross-border events, Mrs Obama always takes into account a country’s cultural norms and attempts to pay tribute.第一夫人的着装顾问梅雷迪思#8226;科普(Meredith Koop)有一次告诉《哈泼斯芭莎》杂志(Harper’s Bazaar),在参与国事活动时,米歇尔总是会考虑到对方国家的文化范式,并试图向其致以敬意。During her eight years in the White House and 14 state dinners, Mrs Obama has not always hewed to this policy (at the Nordic state dinner in May she wore the Indian-American designer Naeem Khan), but for the majority of the time it has proved the rule. 她在白宫8年,参加过14次国宴,虽然并非总是遵行这种做法(在今年5月的北欧国家晚宴上,她穿着印裔美国设计师纳伊姆#8226;汗[Naeem Khan]的装),但大多数时候都是如此。As a result, it has changed expectations about the role of dress in apparently ceremonial situations. 这就改变了人们对女装在仪式类场合中发挥的作用的期望。Every look the first lady wears to a state dinner practically breaks the internet and is described with adjectives such as stuns and wows and slays. 第一夫人在国宴上的每个造型都引爆了互联网,人们用惊艳、超赞和必杀这样的词汇来描述它们。But the fact is, what makes them really notable is that they go beyond the simply pretty (though they are also pretty).但其实真正值得注意的是,这些造型不仅仅是漂亮(虽然也很漂亮)。They demonstrate, in the same conscious way that characterizes so many of Mrs Obama’s choices, that even the most seemingly superficial detail, when considered, can have a meaningful resonance. 这些造型,就像奥巴马夫人其他很多有意识的选择一样,即使看似最表面的细节,如果琢磨一下,也能产生有意义的共鸣。Whether the next person to occupy her position is a first gentleman or a first lady, he or she should take note.无论接下来接替她位置的是第一丈夫还是第一夫人,都应该注意到这一点。 /201610/473114A survey of 2,003 respondents aged 20-40 found that over half were dissatisfied with the over-commercialization of many Chinese ;festivals.;一项对2003名20至40岁的受访者的调查发现,超过半数的人对中国许多“节日”的过度商业化感到不满。The survey results, published by China Youth Daily showed that of 2,003 respondents, 63.1 percent said they were ;tired; of many of today#39;s so-called festivals.《中国青年报》于日前公布的调查结果显示,在2003名受访者中,63.1%的人表示,自己对现在所谓的节日感到“很累”。Over 70 percent of respondents voiced frustration with the social pressure to attend parties or dinners or engage in commercial promotions.70%以上的人对于出席聚会、聚餐,以及参与商业营销的社会压力感到不满。Gao Yufei, 23, who works for a media company, said too many new festivals -- such as the online shopping spree ;Double Eleven,; so called because it occurs on Nov. 11 -- are merely ;traps; to make people spend money.23岁的高雨菲在一家媒体公司工作,她认为许多新节日只不过是让人们花钱的“陷阱”--例如每年11月11日的“双十一”购物节。Gao said she prefers traditional festivals like Spring Festival or Dragon Boat Festival.高雨菲表示,她更喜欢春节和端午节等传统节日。During many festive periods it is common to send electronic ;hongbao; -- red envelopes containing gift money -- on messaging apps or social media, according to the survey.根据调查显示,在许多节日期间用社交媒体软件发电子“红包”是一件很常见的事。Zhou Yaping, associate professor with Lanzhou University, said people today are more concerned with the material side of festivities.兰州大学副教授周亚平表示,现在的人们更关注节日的物质方面。Many celebrations have little more to offer than shopping or partying, which reflects a shift away from spiritual and cultural celebrations, Zhou said.周亚平称,许多节日除了购物和聚会以外再无其他内涵,这反映了精神和文化活动的一种转变。 /201704/502370I was sitting in Heathrow Terminal 2 last Wednesday, having arrived a couple of hours early for a short flight to Dublin. I had installed myself in Eat, where I was enjoying a bowl of porridge and doing my emails, when I came upon a link to the latest ad for the Clinton campaign.上个月,我坐在希思罗机场(Heathrow) 2号航站楼,早到了两小时,准备搭乘短途航班到都柏林。我走进Eat餐厅,点了一碗粥,顺便收发邮件,这时我看到有一个链接指向希拉里竞选活动的最新广告。Normally I would have ignored it: the US election has become so ugly that the only rational response is to pretend it isn’t happening. But as I had time to kill I clicked on the link and there was Barack Obama, his handsome face alert and amused, speaking to camera. “My greatest strength? Probably that I’m always early.”我通常不会去理睬这种东西:今年的美国大选变得非常丑陋,唯一理性的回应是假装它没发生。但由于我在消磨时间,我点开了那个链接,出现的是巴拉克.奥巴马(Barack Obama)那张英俊的脸,机智且有趣,他对着镜头说:“我的最大优点?或许是我总是早到。”The president went on to explain that he likes to turn up early for every meeting, speech and press conference. “My commitment to being early isn’t just good for me. It’s good for the nation. It’s good for the world.” At this I started nodding so violently that the man next to me looked up to see what was going on.奥巴马继续解释道,他喜欢提前到达所有的会议、演讲和记者会现场。“我事事提前的做法不仅对我有好处,对国家也有好处。对世界也是有利的。”看到这儿,我开始狂点头,以至于坐在我身边的男子不禁抬头看我出了什么事。Earliness has almost everything going for it. Being early makes you feel in control — or makes others think you are in control, which is the next best thing. It gives you the moral high ground. If you arrive first at a meeting, not only do you choose where to sit, you are also in a position to lord it over those arriving later.提前的好处太多了。它让你感觉自己掌控局面,或者让其他人认为你在掌控局面,这是第二好的事情。它让你占据道德高地。如果你第一个到达会场,你不仅可以选择坐在哪里,还处于一种凌驾于晚到者的地位。The only time when it is not entirely good to be super-punctual is when arriving for a meal at a private house. But in that case, all you need do is walk round the block a few times, by which time you will have built up an appetite for the meal ahead.超级准时并不完全是好事的唯一场合是去私人家中吃饭。但在那种情况下,你所需要的是在大楼外面多转悠几圈,把它当作餐前开胃。Earliness is the defining characteristic of my entire family. Both my parents were wildly early for everything. All three of their children and all 10 grandchildren — even when in the throes of assorted teenage phases — could always be relied upon to pitch up with bags of time to spare for any given occasion.提前是我们家的鲜明特点。我的父母总是什么事都提前。他们的3个孩子以及所有10个孙辈(甚至包括几个不同年龄的青少年)无论参加什么场合的活动都会留出大把时间。To my knowledge, none of my blood relations has ever missed a plane. This means, according to George Stigler, the Nobel Prize-winning economist, we are managing our time poorly and spend far too much time in airports. I have seen the maths that supposedly proves this, but I am unmoved.就我所知,我们家的人甚至从未错过航班。按照诺贝尔奖(Nobel Prize)得主、经济学家乔治.斯蒂格勒(George Stigler)的理论,这意味着我们的时间管理很糟糕,在机场停留了太长时间。我看到过据称明这一点的计算,但我一点也不在乎。Time spent waiting is not wasted. It is time that you have chosen to set aside and is a peaceful period that can be used for ing, making phone calls and emailing. Moreover, the stress saved by knowing that you will never have to run down a moving conveyor belt with heavy bags just as flights close has too great a value to be captured by any equation.等待的时间并没有浪费。这是你选择留出的时间,是一段安静的时光,可以用来读书、打电话和收发电邮。另外,如果你知道自己不必在登机门即将关闭时拖着沉重的箱子在传送带上狂奔,那么这为你省去的压力价值之大,不是任何方程式可以捕捉到的。To see how the famous and successful feel about turning up before the appointed time, I have been leafing through the archives of Lunch with the FT. My impression was that our most self-important guests were routinely late — their time, after all, being more important than the time of journalists.为了考察知名和成功人士对于比预定时间早到的看法,我翻阅了《与FT共进午餐》剪报。之前我的印象是,我们邀请的最高傲的嘉宾经常迟到,毕竟他们的时间要比记者更重要。I was wrong. Most of our interviewees arrive on the dot — or are neither early nor late enough to warrant the recording of it. Among the rest, the early outstrip the late by about five to one. The only two examples of lateness in recent interviews were Edward Snowden and Russell Brand — both of whom have upset so many people in the course of what they do, it makes no odds if they upset them a bit more by virtue of showing up late.我错了。我们的多数被采访者都是准点到达(或者说没有早到或姗姗来迟到值得记录的程度)。在其他被采访者中,早到的人数与晚到的人数之比大约是5:1。在近期的采访中,仅有的两个晚到者是爱德华.斯诺登(Edward Snowden)和罗素.布朗德(Russell Brand),这二人所做的事情让很多人失望,因此他们晚到让人们更失望一点并不奇怪。The early crowd were more of a mixed bunch. Adair Turner, former head of the Financial Services Authority, was predictably early. So was Paul Krugman and Nouriel Roubini and, more surprisingly, Sean Penn, the former Hollywood hell raiser turned political activist. People on the back foot seem to make a point of arriving super-promptly, possibly in the hope of reclaiming a few brownie points. Sepp Blatter got there early for his lunch. So did Jeremy Clarkson.早到的人士形形色色。英国金融务(Financial Services Authority)前局长阿代尔.特纳(Adair Turner)不出所料地早到。保罗.克鲁格曼(Paul Krugman)和鲁里埃尔.鲁比尼(Nouriel Roubini)以及(这比较让人意外)由好莱坞硬汉变成政治活动人士的西恩.潘(Sean Penn)也都提前到达。处于较不利境地的人似乎刻意超级准时,可能是希望赢得几个印象分。塞普.布拉特(Sepp Blatter)提前到达了午餐地点。杰里米.克拉克森(Jeremy Clarkson)也是。But my favourite lesson from Lunch with the FT cuttings comes from Stephen Green, then head of HS. He turned up three minutes early for the meeting and apologised for being late.但我最喜欢的是与FT共进午餐系列中的汇丰(HS)董事长葛霖(Stephen Green)。他早到了3分钟,但道歉说自己迟到了。This is a stroke of genius. It forces the other person, who had been occupying the moral high ground by dint of getting there even earlier, to pull out his watch and protest that, on the contrary, the new arrival is early too.这一招真了不起。它迫使本来因为更早到而占据道德高地的对方拿出手表辩驳说,葛霖也早到了。Thank you, Mr Green. I will remember this trick if I ever find myself in the unusual position of arriving at anything after anyone else.谢谢你,葛霖。如果我发现自己处于比别人晚到的不同寻常的处境时,我会记得这种做法。 /201611/478971

It#39;s news no parent wants to break to a child.没有父母愿意向孩子透露这种消息。Brenden Clark had to tell his 8-year-old son Cameron his mother had died from a drug overdose the night before.布雷顿·克拉克不得不告诉他8岁的儿子卡梅伦,他的母亲因为吸毒过量永远离开了这个世界。He recorded the moment, and posted it to his Facebook page -- as a cautionary tale, he says. A week later, the has over 34 million views.他将这个过程录成视频发到了脸书网上--据他说是为了起警示作用。上传才一周,视频点击量就超过了3400万。Sitting at a picnic table in northeastern Ohio, Clark told the boy there#39;s something he needed to hear. ;Mommy died last night.;在美国俄亥俄州的一个野餐桌上,克拉克告诉孩子,有些事他得知道。“妈妈昨天晚上去世了。”Cameron appeared shocked, prompting his father to repeat it several times.;What do you mean? My mom? How?; the boy asked.卡梅伦听到这个消息显然很震惊,重复问道:“什么?你说的话是什么意思?我的妈妈?怎么死的?”;From drugs,; Clark replied.随后克拉克答道:“因为毒品。”The boy broke down in tears, falling into his grandmother#39;s arms.这个小男孩瞬间痛哭流涕,哭倒在奶奶的怀抱里。;This is for any and every addict with children,; the father wrote on Facebook.这位父亲在脸书网上这样写道:“这是给任何人,给每一个吸毒的父母看的。”Clark said he took the without his child#39;s permission -- but got his approval to post it online.克拉克表示,他拍摄这段视频并未经过孩子的允许,不过,孩子同意将视频上传到网上。;This wasn#39;t staged. This was real. I had someone record this so addicts with children can see the seriousness of our epidemic,; he said. ;Don#39;t let this disease have to make someone tell your child that you#39;re dead because of drugs.;他说:“这段视频并不是经过排练的。这是真实的。我请人帮忙录下来,以让那些吸毒的父母能看到我们的悲剧并引以为戒。不要让人告诉你的孩子,你因为吸毒死了。” /201610/474950

How to boost a flagging sex drive has been the subject of endless discussions and countless column inches, with the prevailing wisdom being that everyone wants to give their libido a lift.如何提高萎靡不振的性欲一直以来都是无数讨论和无数专题文章的主题,普遍的观点是每个人都想提高一下自己的性欲。But now there#39;s been a backlash from women who insist that there#39;s nothing wrong with not wanting to have sex - and that it#39;s possible to enjoy a perfectly happy relationship without it.但是现在女人们似乎在强烈反对这一观点,她们坚称不想有性行为并没有错--而在无性的情况下,也可以享受和伴侣完美的关系。The debate was ignited on Mumsnet after one poster revealed how she disagrees with the assumption that everyone wants sex, and she was by no means the only one.这场争论始于Mumsnet(英国育儿交流社区)上一篇帖子,一名女子在发文表示,她不同意“所有人都想要有性生活”这一假设,并表示她绝不是唯一这么想的人。Even those who have previously enjoyed an active and even satisfying sex life agreed that they were perfectly happy never to be intimate with a partner again.即使对那些之前在性生活中非常主动、甚至非常满足的人来说,他们也很高兴不用再与伴侣亲密了。Others admitted that now they#39;ve had children they feel relieved that there#39;s no need to have sex ever again.而其他人则承认,有了孩子之后就放心了--因为再也没有必要做爱了。One woman said that she#39;s very attracted to her partner and they have an #39;intimate#39; relationship that doesn#39;t involve sex.一名女性表示,她的伴侣非常迷恋自己,他们有过“亲密”接触,但是却没有涉及性。She and others pointed out that believing everyone should want sex is akin to thinking everyone must like cake or cats, and there#39;s something wrong with anyone who doesn#39;t.这名女子和其他一些人指出,认为所有人都想做爱就好像认为所有人都必须喜欢蛋糕或者猫咪、而如果有人不这样那他就一定有问题一样。However, some posters insisted that those who have lost interest in sex are with the wrong partners or have never experienced it at its best.但是,一些发帖者坚持认为,那些失去了做爱兴趣的人,要么是没有遇到对的人,要么就是从未体验过最棒的性生活。 /201703/498314

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