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栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghai#39;s English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。 Article/201510/403718More than 700 dead and over 850 injured is the sickening death toll following a stampede near Mecca during the Hajj religious festival.麦加朝觐宗教节日踩踏事故已造成700余人死亡、850多人受伤。Pilgrims were on their way to the “stoning of the devil” ritual at the pillars of Jamarat when two large groups met at a crossroads in the tented town in Mina valley.在米纳山谷帐篷城两股人群在十字路口碰面,朝圣者正在前往“石击恶魔”仪式的路上,向代表撒旦魔鬼的柱子投掷石头。The Hajj is the world’s largest annual gathering of people and there have been regular accidents in Mecca, despite the Saudi authorities spending billions to improve infrastructure.朝觐是世界上最大的年度集会,尽管沙特政府花费数十亿美元来改善基础设施,麦加每年仍有事故发生。“ I express my condolences to me, to you and to all pilgrims for the stampede that happened today in Mina. I also express my condolences to the relatives of the victims. We asked the concerned authorities to investigate into the causes of the dramatic incident and come out with the results of the investigations as soon as possible,” said King Salman bin Abdulaziz.“对今日米纳发生的踩踏事故我表示慰问。我还要向遇难者家属表示慰问。我们要求有关当局调查这起事件的原因,并尽快得出调查结果。”国王沙尔曼说道。The Saudi Health Minister said pilgrims failing to follow instructions had been the main cause of the tragedy.沙特卫生部长说,朝圣者未能按照指示行事是造成悲剧的主要原因。Security at the Hajj is a politically sensitive issue for Saudi Arabia, the guardians of the Islamic world’s most sacred sites.朝觐安全是沙特阿拉伯的政治敏感问题,伊斯兰世界最神圣遗址的守护者。译文属。 /201509/400979Now let#39;s see what happens when Dr. Dolhun adds the gummy bear下面来看Dolhun士加入橡皮糖熊会怎样Alright, so let#39;s just break down what just happened好 我来讲解一下发生了什么The sugar from the gummy bear橡皮糖熊中的糖and oxygen react to produce carbon dioxide and water同氧气反应 生成二氧化碳和水releasing a lot of energy as heat and light以热和光的形式释放出大量能量This is what that looks like情况是这样的And I#39;m going to draw sucrose or sugar in a red我用红色来画蔗糖 这是糖because that#39;s from the gummy bear来自于橡皮糖熊This reaction is probably familiar to you这个反应你们可能很熟悉It#39;s a combustion reaction这是一个燃烧反应which has been a fuel reacts with oxygen to produce carbon dioxide and water一种燃料同氧气反应 生成二氧化碳和水and at the same time releasing a bunch of energy同时释放出大量能量So why is so much energy released and where does it come from?为什么释放出这么多能量 能量来自何方To show you, I#39;m going to draw the structures为了说明这一点 我将画出结构图Now if you#39;re unfamiliar with organic chemistry notation给不熟悉有机化学表示法的同学解释下each of the lines between the elements that I#39;m going to draw我要画的每一条线represents a covalent bond都表示一条共价键which is the sharing of two electrons between two atoms也就是两原子间共用的两个电子So let me draw those我来画一下So here are the reactants这里是反应物and here are the products这里是产物Now by looking at the number of bonds and the type of bonds so我们可以观察键的数量和键的类型a carbon bonded to an oxygen碳同氧之间的键or carbon bonded to a carbon或碳同碳之间的键and a single bond versus a double bond还有单键同双键之间的区别you can calculate the energy difference由此可以计算出between the left side of the reaction, the reactants左侧反应物和右侧产物之间的能量差异and the right side or the products左侧反应物和右侧产物之间的能量差异Now all combustion reactions所有燃烧反应have more energy stored in the reactants than the products在反应物中储存的能量都大于产物So as the reaction progresses所以随着反应进行this energy has to go somewhere and it#39;s released as heat and light这些能量需要释放 于是就会生成热和光Now the amount of energy released from this explosion这个爆发中释放出来的能量is exactly the same as the amount of energy that would be released在量上同人体内消化这个橡皮糖熊时完全一样in my body when I eat this gummy bear在量上同人体内消化这个橡皮糖熊时完全一样The difference is that proteins in my body are set up in pathways差异在于 人体内的蛋白质在代谢途径中有很好的设计that extract the energy in small manageable bundles能够以可控方式逐步少量提取能量So I power my everyday activities like dancing and running这样我就能为日常活动 如跳舞 跑步 提供能量but I don#39;t explode但我不会爆掉Evolution has trained biological systems进化让生物系统组织得很好to efficiently extract energy from our environment由此能够有效提取环境中的能量Alright, that#39;s it for me today. I#39;ll see you next time好 今天就到这里 下次再见 Article/201412/350951The educated materials presented here这里所用的教学材料were developed by students and faculty由爱荷华州立大学of the Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition食品科学与人类营养学系at Iowa State University.师生共同制作完成Funding for this project was provided by grants本项目的赞助资金来源于from the American Cancer Society Midwest美国中西部癌症学会and the Lance Armstrong Foundation.以及兰斯·阿姆斯特朗基金The materials are intended for educational use此材料仅供教育教学使用and are not meant to provide medical advice.不能作为医学指导We welcome your feedback about these materials.我们欢迎您有关本材料的反馈Please use the evaluation survey link on the homepage请登陆主页点击评估调查链接to provide your comments and suggestions.告诉我们您的意见和建议Sodium: to salt or not to salt? Why talk about sodium?钠:要用盐还是不要用盐?为什么要讨论钠?Sodium is something that affects everyone, everyday.钠与每个人的日常生活都息息相关Everybody eats it and most people are unaware人们每天都会摄入钠,大多数人却没有意识到that they ingest far too much and are also unaware of他们已经摄入了过量的钠,也没有意识到the health implications of a high sodium diet.高钠食品对健康意味着什么Currently the government is trying to目前政府正试图要求食品公司push corporations to lower sodium in foods在出售给消费者的食品中available to consumers.降低钠的含量Sodium is an essential mineral钠是一种非常重要的矿物质which means it is vital for the human body.这也意味着它对于人类身体健康意义重大Chemically sodium is an electrolyte.从化学意义上讲钠是一种电解质Table salt is made up of both sodium and chloride.餐桌上的盐则是氯化钠Chloride is also an important nutrient.氯化物也是一种重要的营养物质But there#39;s no major health concerns但是在有关氯化物的摄入方面related to consumption of chloride.人们却没有特别的有关健康的忧虑As stated earlier sodium is an electrolyte.前面已经提到,钠是一种电解质A normal balance of electrolytes is essential to正常的电解质的平衡状态the normal function of cells and organs.对于细胞和器官的正常运转非常重要Electrolytes help maintain voltages across电解质有助于cell membranes especially维持细胞跨膜电压in heart muscle and nerve cells.尤其是心肌细胞和神经细胞They also carry electrical impulses它们还可以进行电脉冲to create nerve impulses and muscle contractions.来产生神经冲动和肌肉收缩Kidneys work to肾脏可以keep the electrolyte concentrations in blood constant.保持血液中的电解质浓度恒定In simpler terms sodium helps用简单的话来讲,钠有助于maintain balance of fluids,保持液体的平衡helps transmit nerve impulses有助于神经冲动的传递and influences contraction and relaxation of muscles.以及影响肌肉的收缩和放松Many foods naturally contain sodium.许多食品天然地含有钠元素The main source of sodium in processed foods加工食品中钠的来源plays an integral role in在食品加工和食品安全方面food processing and food safety.起着不可或缺的作用It enhances the flavor of foods by masking bitterness它通过掩盖苦和酸的味道and acidity and has the ability to来改善食品的口味make sweets taste sweeter.同时也可以使甜的味道更加浓烈Salt regulates the fermentation of yeast盐可以在烘培食品和酒精饮料中in baked goods and alcoholic beverages.调节酵母的发酵过程It is useful in the manipulation of aroma,它也有助于调节食品的香味color and texture of food.颜色和质地The most important function of salt is盐最重要的作用是to preserve food and slow microbial growth它有助于储存食品,减缓微生物生长速度which extends the shelf-life of perishable items.使易腐败食品延长保质期The 2005 dietary guidelines for healthy adults is2005年的健康成人膳食指南中推荐2300 mg per day,每天钠的摄入量为2300毫克while the populations that are high risk而高危人群的摄入量则仅为should only consume 1500 mg.1500毫克The average American consumes 3500 mg daily,普通美国人每天摄入量为3500毫克more than 1000 mg above the recommended amount.这一数值比推荐值高了1000毫克 Article/201505/373972Chinese smartphone-makers grab bigger share of world market中国智能手机制造商前途不可估量Chinese smartphone-makers took quite an impressive part of the smartphone market pie last year.中国智能手机制造商去年成功分得市场的一杯羹。According to preliminary data from IDC Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker, both China#39;s Huawei and Lenovo saw shipment volumes increase more than 50 percent in 2014, outperforming their competitors.据国际数据公司所发布的IDC全球手机季度跟踪报告显示,2014年华为和联想出货量增加50%,远将竞争对手甩在身后。As a result, Huawei kept its third place position worldwide.结果华为维持了在全球第3的位置。Lenovo, which came in at number four on the list, posted the largest year-over-year increase among the leading vendors, with continued success in Asia-Pacific and a nominal presence elsewhere.而联想则凭借其在亚太地区市场的持续成功及其他地区的名声位列第4。But Samsung and Apple succeeded in keeping their number one-and-two positions in the world#39;s smartphone market in 2014.但2014年的三星和苹果依旧稳居其在全球智能手机市场的冠亚军宝座。 Article/201503/367352

Your Wishes Delivered: Driver for a Day小卡森的快递梦I made deliveries to Carson probably two or three times a week. When I first started off, he wouldn#39;t even come out of the house. He would just look at the truck from inside the window. There#39;s a picture window. He loved just trucks in general, but for some reason, the UPS truck really captivated him. He#39;s just intrigued by it.我大概一星期送货给 Carson 二或三次。我刚开始时,他甚至不会从屋子出来。他就只会从窗户内看着卡车。那有片大玻璃窗。他只要是卡车都爱,但因为某种原因,UPS 的卡车真的很吸引他。他就是被它给迷住了。Who is that guy?那是谁啊?Mr. Ernie and me.Erine 先生和我。Yeah, it#39;s pretty neat to see him all the time with his UPS uniform on. He is always looking really sharp. You know, with his hat and his boots and his...I mean the whole outfit.对啊,看到他总是穿着他的 UPS 制还蛮棒的。他总是看起来十分有型。你知道,戴着他的帽子和他的靴子以及...我是指整套装。Who#39;s that? Mr. Ernie!是谁?Ernie 先生!Hey!嗨!Every single day, like I said, I can come here, you know, three times in a week, and I get the same reaction every single time—all that excitement, you know. So...and he is always y, waiting.每一天,像我说过的,我可以来这儿,你知道,一星期三次,而我每一次都得到同样的反应--那整个兴奋之情,你知道。所以...他一直都准备好、等待着。I can#39;t see! I can#39;t see. Oh, my god... That has a pedal in there. Oh, my gosh! Oh, my gosh...我看不到!我看不到。喔,我的天... 那有个踏板在里面耶。喔,我的天!喔,我的天...Well, are you y to do some deliveries?嗯,你准备好要送些货了吗?Carson#39;s always wanted to be a UPS driver. And today, we#39;re gonna make his wish come true.Carson 一直都想要当个 UPS 驾驶。而今天,我们将让他的梦想成真。It#39;s locked. One, two, three, four, five...锁上了。一、二、三、四、五...Is this trick-or-treat again?这又是不给糖就捣蛋吗?It#39;s package day.是包裹日。It#39;s... It#39;s what day?是... 是什么日?Package.包裹。Package day.包裹日。You can pretend you#39;re signing. Okay.你可以假装你在签名。好。Okay!好了!We got a bone for Miko.我们有根给 Miko 的骨头。Oh...thank you!噢...谢谢你!Thank you.谢谢你。Well, I#39;ve been driving for over 25 years. You know, everything is different every single day. And there#39;s a lot of really neat people, but nobody, you know, stands out like Carson does. Yup, he#39;s really special.嗯,我已经开车超过二十五年了。你知道,每一天每件事物都不一样。而有很多真的很美好的人,但没有人,你知道,像 Carson 这般与众不同。没错,他真的很特别。I really like Mr. Ernie.我真的很喜欢 Ernie 先生。 Article/201508/392984

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