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长春白求恩医大一院妇产科怎样长春阳光医院做流产多少钱UN Security Council Approves Anti-Piracy MeasureUN授权成员国海陆空打击索海盗The U.N. Security Council has unanimously adopted a resolution authorizing member states to fight pirates in Somali territory by land, sea and air. 联合国安理会一致通过决议,授权各成员国在陆地、海上和空中打击索马里海盗。Resolution 1851 takes current anti-piracy measures a step further, authorizing states with permission from Somalia's transitional federal government, to "undertake all necessary measures in Somalia" to pursue and capture pirates or armed robbers.  安理会第1851号决议把目前的反海盗措施向前推进了一步,授权得到索马里过渡联邦政府允许的国家“在索马里采取所有必要的手段”,抓捕海盗或武装强盗。The ed States drafted the resolution, and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice led the delegation during the vote. She welcomed the adoption of the measure.  这项决议由美国起草,美国国务卿赖斯率领美国代表团投票。她对这项决议获得通过表示欢迎。"The Security Council adopted Resolution 1851 which is a very strong resolution that deals with issues of detention of pirates, with prosecution of pirates, with the ability to use all necessary means on land as well as at sea, because we know from history that it is not really possible to contain this problem just as a maritime issue," said Condoleezza Rice. 赖斯说:“安理会通过的1851号决议是针对拘捕海盗问题的一项非常有力的决议,涉及起诉这些海盗,以及可以在陆地以及海上使用所有必要手段,因为历史告诉我们,仅仅把这看作是一个海事问题,其实是不可能遏制海盗活动的。”Secretary Rice said there is a need for more intelligence and information sharing, and the ed States would lead a contact group on Somali piracy.  赖斯国务卿指出,需要加强情报和信息交流,而美国将领导一个索马里海盗问题联络小组。Repeating the common concern that the root cause of the piracy problem is the instability in Somalia, Secretary Rice said it is time to consider an African Union request to send a U.N. peacekeeping mission to that conflict torn country. 有关各方都认为,海盗问题最根本的原因是索马里的不稳定。赖斯对此回应说,现在是考虑非洲联盟有关向冲突四伏的索马里派遣联合国维和部队的请求的时候了。"While conditions may not be auspicious for peacekeeping, they will be less auspicious if chaos reigns in Somalia and we have to turn at some point to peacemaking," said Ms. Rice. "Prevention is the issue here." “虽然那里的条件可能不利于维和工作,但是如果索马里继续混乱不堪,而我们在今后的某个时候不得不派遣维和部队的话,情况就会更加糟糕。预防是问题的关键。”Piracy off Somalia's 3,000-kilometer coastline has become a serious problem, with more than 40 ships and their crews seized this year. The ed States, the European Union and several other nations have sent naval ships to patrol the unsafe waters and to escort humanitarian and commercial ships off the Somali coast.  美国、欧盟和其他几个国家已经派出军舰在那一带海域巡逻,为途经索马里沿海的人道救援和商业舰船护航。But the pirates continue to brazenly attack vulnerable vessels.  但是海盗仍然肆无忌惮地攻击容易受到攻击的船只。Just hours before the Security Council adopted the new resolution, an Indonesian tugboat and a Turkish cargo ship were hijacked in the Gulf of Aden.  就在联合国安理会通过这项新的决议的几个小时以前,一艘印尼拖轮和一艘土耳其货轮又在亚丁湾被劫持。Resolution 1851 is the fourth Somalia anti-piracy resolution the council has passed this year. While it gives additional powers to member states, the resolution makes clear that it applies only to the Somalia problem and does not set a precedent for international maritime law. 第1851号决议是今年以来联合国安理会通过的第4个反索马里海盗决议。除了赋予联合国成员国更多的权力,决议还明确表示,决议所涉及的仅仅是索马里问题,而并非为国际海事法创造先例。200812/59106长春市妇科较好的医院 Preschool funding学前教育经费Toddle to the top走到了头Cash-strapped states cut funding for nurseries资金短缺的州政府削减了对托儿所的经费May 5th 2011 | NEW YORK | from the print editionThey can’t take that away from me他们不能把它给拿走LILY, who is three-and-a-half, loves her nursery school in Queens. Her mother calls her “the sponge” because every day she comes home with new nuggets of knowledge. But not every child is as lucky as Lily. A new report by the National Institute for Early Education Research (NIEER) shows that states’ preschool funding is declining, which means fewer children will have access to early education, which most agree is essential especially for children living in low-income households. The study looked at the 40 states which fund programmes for three- or four-year-olds. “State cuts to preschool funding transformed the recession into a depression for many young children,” says Steven Barnett, author of the NIEER report. 莉莉,一个三岁半的小女孩,爱她的位于纽约皇后区的托儿所。她妈妈 叫她“海绵宝宝”,因为每天她都带着一些新的知识回家。但并不是每个小孩都像莉莉那么幸运。一份美国国家早期教育研究所(NIEER)的新报告显示,各州的学前教育经费正在减少,这意味着更多的孩子将失去接受学前教育的机会。大多数人都同意说这极为重要,尤其是对生活在低收入家庭中的儿童。该研究对40个设立了对三到四岁儿童资金项目的州进行了调查。“州政府削减学前教育经费,对许多儿童来说,就相当于把经济衰退变成 济大萧条,”史蒂芬#8226;巴纳特说道。他是NIEER的这份新报告的作者。201105/135925Dear Annie: When my son was 14, he was friends with "Tim," a boy who drank and did drugs at a young age and who once stole his father's car and took my son joyriding around the neighborhood. I didn't want our son hanging out with Tim after that, but my husband thought the boy should be forgiven and gave our son permission to keep seeing him. 当我儿子14岁的时候,他和一个叫Tim的男孩成了朋友,那是个年纪轻轻就喝酒,吸毒的小子,曾经偷他爸爸的车,带我的儿子去附近兜风。那件事发生以后,我就不想让我的儿子和Tim在一起了,但是我丈夫认为Tim应该得到原谅,并向儿子承诺可以让他继续见Tim。That was four years ago. Tim, now 17, continued breaking the law and is currently serving time in a juvenile facility for various felony convictions. He will be getting out in a couple of months. I do not want him on my property or hanging out with my son (who does not use the best judgment when he is around Tim), but my husband still believes Tim should be forgiven. Please help. 那是4年前的事了,现在Tim已经17岁了,他不断犯法,因为犯下各种重罪目前在少年监狱关押。我不想让他再带着我儿子鬼混了,他和Tim在一起就不会正确判断。但是我丈夫仍然相信可以原谅Tim。请帮帮我。 — Distraught and Worried ——烦恼又担忧的一位母亲——————————————Dear Distraught and Worried: 你好,烦恼又担忧的母亲You can forgive Tim without letting him be an influence on your son. Inform your husband that forgiveness doesn't mean disregarding another's safety. It means you let go of your anger toward the person. 如果Tim没有给你儿子带来坏的影响,你可以原谅他。告诉你的丈夫原谅并不意味着不顾别人的安全。那意味着将你的脾气撒到别人身上。It is important to discuss your concerns with your son. Calmly explain why you think spending time with Tim is not in his best interests. Tell him you have confidence in his maturity and trust him. Beyond that, have faith that you have raised him right.和你的儿子一起讨论你的关心是很重要的。平静地解释为什么和Tim呆在一起并不是最好的。告诉你的儿子你相信他的成熟,并信任他。还有,你也相信自己正确地教导了他。【生词注释】joyriding n.开车兜风to hang out with 跟…在一起;与…为伍permission n.允许;许可to break the law 犯法juvenile facility 少年辅导中心;少年监狱felony n.重罪property n.所有物;不动产distraught adj.心烦意乱的;发狂的to disregard v.不顾;忽视maturity n.成熟;完成distraught a.烦扰的201110/156766长春人流比较便宜医院

长春看妇科最好的医院是哪个New Bin Laden Tape Calls Obama Powerless to Stop Afghanistan War本拉登新录音带称美无力阻止阿富汗战争 A new audio message, directed at the American people - purported to be from al-Qaida mastermind Osama bin Laden - claims the President Barack Obama will find himself powerless to halt the American-led war in Afghanistan.新近传出的录音带是针对美国人民的。一个自称是基地组织头目本拉登的男子在录音带中说,奥巴马总统会发现自己没有能力阻止美国领导的阿富汗战争。The latest audio recording, attributed to Bin Laden, again attempts to justify al-Qaida's September 11, 2001, terror attack on the ed States as being part of the group's quest for the liberation of Palestine. 这盘最新的自称是本拉登的录音带再次企图把基地组织2001年9月11日在美国的恐怖袭击说成是该组织解放巴勒斯坦人诉求的一部分。The tape was provided by an American-based firm - IntelCenter, which monitors terrorist propaganda. It says the 11-minute shows a still picture of bin Laden while audio of the address plays.这盘录音带是总部设在美国的情报中心提供的。这个公司负责监测恐怖主义宣传。据报,这盘11分钟的录像带在显示本拉登的静止画面的同时播放了音频。In the recording, the man identified as Bin Laden reiterates long-standing grievances including American support for Israel and "some other injustices." 在录音中,一名自称是本拉登的男子重申了他对包括美国长期持以色列和和“其他一些不公正现象”的不满。He puts forward a ing list of recent books, including one by a former CIA agent, which the tape says will clarify the "message" of the terrorist attack eight years ago. 这名男子提供了他最近阅读的一份书单,其中包括一名前中央情报局特工写的书,这盘磁带声称这本书将澄清八年前进行“恐怖袭击”的“信息”。The recording notes that the Obama administration includes key figures from the previous Bush administration, including Defense Secretary Robert Gates. 录音提到奥巴马内阁中包括了前布什政府的一些重要官员,如美国国防部长罗伯特.盖茨。The voice, believed to be that of Bin Laden, thus concludes President Obama is a weakened man and powerless to change course in Afghanistan because of "pressure groups." And, if he tries, the tape says "his fate will be feared" to be like that of the assassinated President John Kennedy and his brother, Robert. 这个据信是本拉登的声音做出结论说,奥巴马总统是一个软弱的人,他无力更改阿富汗的进程,因为存在着“压力团体”。录音带说,如果他作出尝试,他的命运恐怕要象“被暗杀的前总统约翰.肯尼迪及其兄弟罗伯特.肯尼迪那样”。It is the first message believed to be from the reclusive terrorist leader since one in June, in which bin Laden accused President Obama of sowing new seeds of hatred against America among Muslims.这是自从6月份以来这位藏匿的恐怖分子发出的第一条信息,今年6月本拉登指责奥巴马总统在穆斯林当中播下仇恨美国的新种子。The ed States now has about 60,000 troops in Afghanistan - the largest contingent in the 42-nation international force. 美国目前在阿富汗的兵力约6万,在42个国家的国际部队中美军的人数最多。Following the September 2001 attack, the ed States invaded to oust the Taliban from power in Kabul. 2001年9月美军攻入阿富汗并推翻了塔利班政权。The Taliban had given safe haven to al-Qaida, which had carried out the hijacking of four airliners to attack New York and Washington, in which more than 3,000 people died. Bin Laden is believed to be in hiding in Pakistan, along the remote mountainous terrain border with Afghanistan. Pakistani leaders have recently said they believe the terrorist leader is dead. But top American officials say there is no credible evidence to confirm that. 本拉登据信藏匿在巴基斯坦和阿富汗边界的偏远山区。巴基斯坦领导人最近表示,他们认为这位恐怖分子头目已经死了。但美国高级官员说,没有可信的据来实这点。The audio recording, posted on a web site, includes an undated photograph of the al-Qaida leader. There is also a scene of a banner with an American flag in the background and the New York City skyline with the destroyed World Trade Center twin towers. 这段音频张贴在一个伊斯兰网站上,还包括一幅没有注明日期的本拉登的照片。另外还有一面美国国旗,背景是纽约和被摧毁的世贸中心大楼。No fresh images of Bin Laden appear. He was last seen in that coincided with the sixth anniversary of the 9/11 attack.没有出现任何本拉登的新的照片。他最后一次露面是在9/11袭击六周年之际的一段视频录象中。09/84248吉林大学第四医院是公立的 Europe is suffering from its worst ever real-estate market. And one country that seems to be pushing back hard at its government is Spain. More than two months after Spain's so-called "indignados" began occupying city squares to protest high unemployment and perceived government corruption, they have turned to a new target: Spanish banks. Protesters say Spain's banking laws - some of the strictest in the world - leave mortgage borrowers with too much debt.欧洲正经历有史以来最糟糕的房地产市场。而西班牙看来是政府受到民众施压的国家。两个多月前,西班牙民众开始进行所谓的“愤怒者”游行运动,抗议高失业率和政府腐败,而现在这场运动已转向新的目标:西班牙。抗议者说,世界最严格的法之一--西班牙的法,导致抵押贷款借款人债务过重。The Spanish protesters who first took over Madrid's central square in May are back again, this time with a new target: Spain's banking laws, which are some of the strictest in Europe, particularly when it comes to mortgages. 5月份在西班牙首都马德里市中心广场举行集会的抗议者又回来了,这一次他们有了新的目标:西班牙法,这是欧洲最严格的法之一,尤其是在抵押贷款方面。In Spain, if the bank forecloses on your home, you are still liable for your mortgage debt. That means people who have lost their homes are saddled with mountains of debt as well. 在西班牙,如果没收你的住房,你仍然要承担抵押贷款债务。这意味着,失去住房的人还是背负堆积如山的债务。It is a predicament that has happened to more than 300,000 Spaniards since the housing bubble burst in 2008. And it is something protesters like Susana Garcia do not like. 自2008年房地产泡沫破裂以来,西班牙有30多万人陷入这种困境。像苏珊纳·加西亚这样的抗议者对此非常不满。"This is a big, big shame. Because people have no houses, and big debt for the rest of their lives," said Garcia. "It's like a crime. It's state terrorism." 苏珊纳说:“这真是很大、很大的耻辱。因为人们失去了住房,而他们的余生还要背负大量的债务。这就像一种罪行--是国家恐怖主义。”Garcia and other protesters find out where the next housing eviction will be, and go to the house. Often they form a human chain around the property, blocking bank officials from entering and serving foreclosure papers. 苏珊纳·加西亚和其他抗议者先找出下一个将被驱逐出房屋的借款人,然后聚集到他的房子那里。通常他们围绕这所房子形成人链,阻止官员进入房屋办理止赎手续。201107/146305九台街道体检多少钱

长春治疗霉菌性阴道炎多少钱Wikileaks has received widesp attention for releasing classified U.S. government documents. But if you want to examine notes from White House meetings with foreign leaders, email from a Cabinet secretary, or look at photos taken by U.S. surveillance satellites… you can, thanks to the Freedom of Information Act, which grants access to declassified government records. Millions of those documents are available at the National Security Archive, a private research group in Washington.维基揭秘由于公布美国政府机密文件而受到广泛关注。不过,如果你想查阅白宫官员与外国领导人的会议纪要,阅读内阁部长的电子邮件或者观看美国监视卫星拍摄的照片,你完全可以。这要归功于美国的信息自由法。这部法律允许公众查阅美国政府解密的文件档案。位于华盛顿的一个私营研究团体国家安全档案馆专门提供了数百万份这类档案。Boxes filled with documents are stacked six shelves high in a storage room at the National Security Archive. These copies of government papers are only a small part of its collection, which also includes materials which can be viewed on the group’s website. The archive was started more than 25 years ago by a group of journalists and historians who used the Freedom of Information Act to get documents they needed for research. The act was passed by Congress in 1966 to make U.S. government agencies more accountable to the American public. However, some information is protected, including classified national defense or foreign policy materials, trade secrets and other confidential business information. 在国家安全档案馆的一个储藏室里,一箱箱装满文件的箱子被码放在六层架子上。这些政府文件的复印本只是档案馆馆藏的很小一部分。档案馆收藏的很多文件还可从网上查询。档案馆25年前由一群记者和历史学家创办。他们利用信息自由法来获取资料以供他们研究。信息自由法1966年由国会通过,目的是让美国政府机构能够更加对公众负责。但是,一些重要信息仍然不能对外公布,这包括机密国防和外交资料、商业机密和其它机密商业信息。Today, the archive collects materials on a variety of topics, analyzes the information and publishes books about what they've found.目前,国家安全档案馆收集各个种类的资料,对这些资料进行分析,然后出书介绍他们的发现。Director Tom Blanton says a retired spy even wrote part of his memoir using information from the archive. 据档案馆馆长汤姆.布兰顿介绍,甚至一名退役间谍的回忆录中部分内容都是利用档案馆提供的资料写成的。“So it’s an interesting hybrid of different functions, all meant to make the Freedom of Information Act idea come true in the toughest area, the most closed area of American government and that’s national security," said Blanton. 他说:“档案馆集很多功能于一身,目的是让信息自由法的作用在一些最困难、美国政府最封闭的领域中发挥出来。这就是国家安全。”Blanton says even when material is declassified, it can be difficult to get intelligence agencies to release sensitive information. 布兰顿说,即使有些文件已经解密,情报机构也不愿意把某些敏感内容公之于众。201105/134597 U.S. President Barack Obama says to support economic growth, the government has to be willing to cut spending. He says lawmakers should lead by cutting back federal spending on local projects.美国总统奥巴马表示,为了持经济增长,政府必须缩减开。他说,议员们应当成为榜样,在地区性项目上减少联邦出。President Obama's weekly address to the nation comes as he concludes a trip to Asia aimed at opening up new, fast-growing markets for American products. He notes that the economic competition is fierce.奥巴马总统在结束亚洲行之际发表每周例行讲话。他到亚洲访问的目的是使新兴国家迅速增长的市场向美国产品打开大门。他指出,经济竞争是激烈的。"But as I've said many times, America doesn't play for second place," said President Obama. "The future we're fighting for isn't as the world's largest importer, consuming products made elsewhere, but as the world's largest manufacturer of ideas and goods sold around the world."他说:“但是正如我多次提及的那样,美国不甘屈居第二。我们所争取的未来并不是成为世界最大的进口国、消费在其它地方制造的产品,而是成为世界上产生理念与产品的最大的国家。”The U.S. president says in order to make the most of economic growth, the U.S. must reduce its budget deficit and cut spending.奥巴马总统说,为了尽快达到经济增长,美国必须减少财政赤字和减少出。The Republican opposition has repeatedly accused the administration of overspending. That message helped Republicans trounce President Obama's Democratic Party in recent Congressional elections.共和党反对派多次指责奥巴马出过度。这帮助了共和党人在最近的国会选举中战胜奥巴马的民主党。Now, the President says he is calling on Democratic and Republican lawmakers to show they are serious about reform, and to stop funding projects in their own local districts through so-called "earmarks" inserted into federal spending bills.现在,奥巴马正在呼吁民主党和共和党议员表现出他们对于改革的认真态度,停止为自己本地区的项目提供“指定用途资金”来增加联邦出。201011/118285长春那个医院做人流最好长春人流治疗好医院



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