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彭州市妇幼保健医院在线咨询攀枝花妇幼保健医院医生的QQ号码南充妇幼保健医院做输卵管通液多少钱 It#39;s 4 a.m., and the big test is in eight hours, followed by a piano recital.现在是凌晨四点,八小时之后你有一场重要的考试,接着还有一场钢琴独奏会。You#39;ve been studying and playing for days, but you still don#39;t feel y for either.你已经连日学习和苦练钢琴,但你仍觉得你还未准备好。So, what can you do?那么你能做些什么呢?Well, you can drink another cup of coffee and spend the next few hours cramming and practicing,你可以再喝一杯咖啡,并在仅剩的一点时间里继续奋战,but believe it or not, you might be better off closing the books, putting away the music, and going to sleep.但是你也许不相信,如果你关上书本,停止练习并去睡一觉,效果会更好。Sleep occupies nearly a third of our lives, but many of us give surprisingly little attention and care to it.睡眠几乎占据了我们生命的三分之一,可令人惊讶的是,许多人并不关心他们的睡眠。This neglect is often the result of a major misunderstanding.人们对睡眠的忽视往往是来自于一个很大的误解。Sleep isn#39;t lost time, or just a way to rest when all our important work is done.睡觉并不是浪费时间,睡眠也不仅仅是工作后的休息。Instead, it#39;s a critical function, during which your body balances and regulates its vital systems,相反,睡眠是一个很关键的过程,睡眠期间,你的身体会对各系统进行调节,affecting respiration and regulating everything from circulation to growth and immune response.你的呼吸系统会受到影响,血液循环系统、免疫系统与身体的成长都会受到影响。That#39;s great, but you can worry about all those things after this test, right?听起来很棒,但你可以等考完试以后再来担心睡眠,对吧?Well, not so fast. It turns out that sleep is also crucial for your brain,先别这么快下结论。原来睡眠对你的大脑也至关重要,with a fifth of your body#39;s circulatory blood being channeled to it as you drift off.在你进入梦乡的时候,你身体里五分之一的血液都会流入到你的大脑。And what goes on in your brain while you sleep is an intensely active period of restructuring that#39;s crucial for how our memory works.你睡觉的时间正是你的大脑内部重新调整组合的时间,这个阶段对我们的记忆功能十分重要。At first glance, our ability to remember things doesn#39;t seem very impressive at all.乍一看,我们的记忆能力并不值得惊叹。19th century psychologist Herman Ebbinghaus demonstrated that十九世纪心理学家赫尔曼·艾宾浩斯发现,we normally forget 40% of new material within the first twenty minutes, a phenomenon known as the forgetting curve.一般在20分钟内我们会忘记40%的新事物,这个现象被称作“遗忘曲线”。But this loss can be prevented through memory consolidation,可是可以通过对记忆的巩固来提高,the process by which information is moved from our fleeting short-term memory to our more durable long-term memory.在这个巩固的过程中,新的事物会从短期记忆移到更稳定的长期记忆。This consolidation occurs with the help of a major part of the brain, known as the hippocampus.记忆巩固得益于脑部的一个重要部位,这个部位被称为海马体。Its role in long-term memory formation was demonstrated in the 1950s by Brenda Milner in her research with a patient known as H.M.海马体在长期记忆形成中扮演的角色于1950年代被布兰达·米尔内通过她对一位名为H.M.的病人的研究实。After having his hippocampus removed, H.M.#39;s ability to form new short-term memories was damaged,H.M.的海马体被移除后,他形成新的短期记忆的能力遭到破坏,but he was able to learn physical tasks through repetition.但他仍能够通过不断重复学习新的体能任务。Due to the removal of his hippocampus, H.M.#39;s ability to form long-term memories was also damaged.由于海马体的移除,H.M形成长期记忆的能力也被破坏了。What this case revealed, among other things, was that the hippocampus was specifically involved in the consolidation of long-term declarative memory,这个例子反映出,海马体在长期陈述性记忆而非程序性记忆巩固的过程中至关重要,such as the facts and concepts you need to remember for that test,陈述性记忆包括你考试要记的事实、概念等,rather than procedural memory, such as the finger movements you need to master for that recital.程序性记忆包括你钢琴独奏要记住的手指动作。Milner#39;s findings, along with work by Eric Kandel in the 90#39;s, have given us our current model of how this consolidation process works.米尔内的发现加上埃里克·坎德尔在90年代的发现给我们提供了这个巩固过程的现有模型。Sensory data is initially transcribed and temporarily recorded in the neurons as short-term memory.感官数据会先被暂时转录到短期记忆的神经元上面。From there, it travels to the hippocampus, which strengthens and enhances the neurons in that cortical area.从那里再进入到海马体,而海马体再将其皮质区的神经元进行强化。Thanks to the phenomenon of neuroplasticity, new synaptic buds are formed,多亏了这一神经可塑性,新的突触芽得以形成allowing new connections between neurons, and strengthening the neural network where the information will be returned as long-term memory.并在神经元之间建立新的连接,从而强化相应神经网络并形成长期记忆。So why do we remember some things and not others?为什么我们会记住一些而忘掉另一些?Well, there are a few ways to influence the extent and effectiveness of memory retention.那是因为有很多东西会影响记忆形成的程度和有效性。For example, memories that are formed in times of heightened feeling, or even stress,比如,那些在情感或压力强烈的时候形成的记忆will be better recorded due to the hippocampus#39; link with emotion.会更容易被记录下来因为海马体和情感之间的关联。But one of the major factors contributing to memory consolidation is, you guessed it, a good night#39;s sleep.但是一个影响记忆巩固的重要因素是,你已经猜到了,就是一晚好的睡眠。Sleep is composed of four stages, the deepest of which are known as slow-wave sleep and rapid eye movement.睡眠有四个阶段组成,最深的就是慢波睡眠和快速眼动睡眠。EEG machines monitoring people during these stages have shown electrical impulses moving between the brainstem,脑电图监测结果显示在这些阶段电脉冲在脑干、hippocampus, thalamus, and cortex, which serve as relay stations of memory formation.海马体、丘脑和大脑皮层间移动,而这些都是记忆形成的中转站。And the different stages of sleep have been shown to help consolidate different types of memories.不同的睡眠阶段有助于巩固不同类型的记忆。During the non-REM slow-wave sleep, declarative memory is encoded into a temporary store in the anterior part of the hippocampus.在非快速眼动慢波睡眠阶段,陈述性记忆被暂时放在海马体的前部。Through a continuing dialogue between the cortex and hippocampus, it is then repeatedly reactivated,通过大脑皮层和海马体的不断对话,这些记忆反复被激活,driving its gradual redistribution to long-term storage in the cortex.使得它们慢慢转到大脑皮层的长期记忆存储区域。REM sleep, on the other hand, with its similarity to waking brain activity, is associated with the consolidation of procedural memory.同时,快速眼动睡眠,跟大脑醒着的时候相似,跟程序性记忆的巩固有关。So based on the studies, going to sleep three hours after memorizing your formulas and one hour after practicing your scales would be the most ideal.基于这些研究,在你背公式三个小时后,练习钢琴一个小时后进入睡眠是最好的。So hopefully you can see now that skimping on sleep not only harms your long-term health,希望你现在已经明白牺牲睡眠不仅对你的长期健康有害,but actually makes it less likely that you#39;ll retain all that knowledge and practice from the previous night,而且会影响你记住前晚的知识和练习的能力,all of which just goes to affirm the wisdom of the phrase, ;Sleep on it.;这些都明了这句话的智慧——先睡一觉再说。When you think about all the internal restructuring and forming of new connections that occurs while you slumber,想一下你睡觉的时候,你的大脑在忙着重组、形成新连接等,you could even say that proper sleep will have you waking up every morning with a new and improved brain, y to face the challenges ahead.你甚至可以说,好的睡眠让你第二天有一个全新的更好的大脑,准备迎接新的挑战。 Article/201706/515605四川成都三院妇科咨询

四川省生殖专业医院属于专科医院吗四川省第三人民医院属于私人医院吗 Botos are highly social, and in the breeding season, there is stiff competition for mates.亚马逊江豚是高度社会型动物。在繁殖季节,会有一场激烈的求偶竞赛The males hold court in a unique way.雄江豚会以独特的方式向雌江豚示爱They pick up rocks in their jaws and flaunt them to their attending females.它们用长嘴捡起石块,然后向自己的“心上人”炫耀。Maybe each male is trying to show how strong and dexterous he is这或许是雄江豚展示自己强壮身体和敏捷身手的一种方式and that he therefore is the best father a female could have for her young.以此来明自己将是最好的父亲,雌江豚为了孩子就应该选它Successful displays lead to mating.求爱成功后,它们便开始交配Even for giant rivers like the Amazon,即使像亚马逊河这般巨大的江河the journey to the sea is not always smooth or uninterrupted.流向大海的过程也并非都是平缓连续的Iguagu Falls, on the border of Brazil and Argentina,位于巴西和阿根廷边境的伊瓜苏瀑布is one of the widest waterfalls in the world, 1.5 miles across.是世界上最宽的瀑布之一,宽幅达1.5英里。In flood, 30 million litres of water spill over every second.瀑布每秒的水流量达到3000万立方米。 Article/201706/513064乐山治疗前列腺疾病多少钱

成都生殖专科医院网上预约挂号Anna? It#39;s Rhys! No the other one…嗨,是安娜吗?我是里斯!噢不,是另一个...Hey listen, I#39;ve written a safety for Air New Zealand and I want you to be in it. It#39;s like a Hollywood cop movie…听我说,我帮新西兰航空写了一个飞安影片的剧本,我希望你能演出!像是好莱坞的警匪片那种...There he is, the pot dealer!就在那,那个卖锅子的毒贩!Kia ora - before we leave, we#39;d like to remind you to obey all crew member instructions, placards and illuminated signs. We#39;ve got to go now!!!在起飞之前,我们想先提醒您遵守机组人员的指示、警示标语和照明指示灯。我们得出发啦!Loose items must be stowed in the overhead locker, or underneath the seat in front. Those are Police donuts.易松落的物品请放置于头上的置物柜,或放在前面座位的下方。那些是警察的甜甜圈!If the seatbelt sign were to illuminate, return to your seat straight away.当安全带指示灯亮起,请立刻回到您的座位上Belts fit low across your hips. Keep it on throughout the flight, but should you need to get up, just lift the lever.安全带系于肚脐下方,飞行中请务必保持系上,如果要离开座位,拉杆拉起就可以松开。He#39;s getting away… No, no, no, no, no, no. Stop. Cut! A cop movie?他要跑走了.....噢不不不,这不行,停下来吧。卡!警匪片?Rhys, if I#39;m going to do a safety , I want to a least do something that#39;s finally going to win me an award. How about romance?里斯,如果要拍一部安全影片,至少也让我拍个会拿奖的东西。那爱情片怎么样?Anna, Anna, Anna! I came to tell you that… I love you.安娜,安娜,安娜!我跑来是为了告诉你.....我爱妳!I think I#39;m going faint!我觉得我快要昏倒了!If you need some air, oxygen masks will fall down from above.在您需要空气时,氧气罩会从上面掉下来Pull down on the mask, place over your nose and mouth and adjust the elastic for a secure fit.拉下面罩,覆盖于您的鼻子与嘴巴上,并调整松紧至最合适的位置。If the bag doesn#39;t inflate, oxygen will still flow.如果面罩没有膨胀起来,氧气仍会流动出来And remember, secure your own mask before assisting little ones. Merci beaucoup. Kiss me!请记得,协助幼童前,先确认装上您自己的面罩。非常感谢您。吻我吧!If an emergency were to happen during takeoff or landing, fasten your seatbelt and place your forehead against the seat in front.起飞或降落时落发生紧急状况,请将安全带确实系紧,将您的额头靠在前座的椅背上。Put your feet back and firmly on the floor, and hold your lower legs.双脚向后靠拢并牢牢踩在地面上,双脚抱住小腿If there#39;s no seat in front or it#39;s too far away,如果没有前座,或是距离太远碰不到,put one hand over the other on top of your head, elbows either side of your legs, and feet back firmly on the floor.将两只手交迭放在头顶上,手肘靠在腿上,双脚向后靠拢牢牢踩在地面上In Business Premier, sit upright, put your hands on your thighs and your feet firmly on the floor.如果您在商务舱,将身体坐直,双手放在你的大腿上,双脚牢牢地在地板上。Rhys, stop. What? Too French?里斯,够了。怎么?太法式吗?I just don#39;t think people are going to believe an Australian actor playing a Frenchman. New Zealand.我觉得大家根本不会相信一个澳大利亚人在演法国人。是新西兰人。Do you like scary movies, Rhys? Ummmmm…里斯,你喜欢惊悚片吗?这个嘛...Oh, these woods are scary. But what a perfect place for a swim…多么恐怖的森林...不过是很适合游泳的地方...Lifejackets are within easy reach of your seat. Are they? In Economy class, it#39;s located under your seat.安全救生衣就在座位触手可及的地方。这样啊。在经济舱,救生衣位于你座位下方They#39;re easy fastened sitting down. Just rip back the tag, pull over your head, clip the straps together, and tighten.坐着也能轻松穿好救生衣,将上面的标签撕下,套过头,将松紧带绑在一起,并扣紧Pull the red tab to inflate your lifejacket, but only after you#39;ve exited the aircraft.拉下红色的扣环能使救生衣充气,请离开机舱后再拉下即可For more inflation blow into the mouthpiece. Crew have infant lifejackets, should you need them.如果需要充更多气,可以从吹口吹入。如果有需要婴幼儿的救生衣,可以向机组人员索取Hahaaaaa!!!!! What? Not scary? What about now? Argggggggghhhhhh!!!!哈哈!怎么?不恐怖吗?那这样呢!啊!!!Crew are now pointing out your exits. Count the rows to your nearest exit. It could be behind you.现在我们将说明离您最近的逃生口。请记下离您座位最近的出口--有可能在前方、也有可能在后方In the event of an emergency, escape path lighting will guide you. If we have to evacuate, leave all baggage behind.紧急状况发生时,逃生路径指示灯会亮起以引导乘客。要疏散的时候,请将行李留在原座位。You can#39;t escape me, Rhys! Let#39;s cut to something else…. This is better...Oh...你逃不出我的魔掌,里斯!我看我们还是切换到别的场景...这好多了...哦...Howdy. Smoking is not allowed anywhere on this aircraft.您好,飞机上全面禁烟。And that includes using or charging electronic cigarettes.使用电子香烟或充电也是被禁止的。Draw! Eh? Draw! Or? Or what? Draw!抽!啊?抽啊!或?或什么?抽啊!You can#39;t start a sentence with or. You can end one with or.‘或’不能当一个句子的开头啊!句子的最后才能用‘或’We do that in New Zealand a lot. Like, do you want fish and chips, or? Draw!!!!我们新西兰人常常会这样说,像是:你要一些炸鱼和薯片,还是?抽!!!I#39;ve done a lot of gun-fighting so… Ugh. I#39;ll text you!我经历过不少战,所以可能耳朵...哎,我传简讯给你!Lightweight handheld electronic devices may be used at any time.您随时都能使用轻型的手持电子装置These must be secured in your hand, or in a clothing or seat pocket.确保他们在你的手中、衣物,或者是在前座的置物袋里Still larger devices such as laptops, in the overhead locker or in a bag underneath the seat in front. What did he say?更大的电子装置像是笔记本电脑,需放置于头顶上的置物柜,或是前座下方的空间。他说什么?Ensure all devices are switched to flight mode as Wi-Fi is not available on this aircraft.确保所有装置都切换至飞航模式。机上无WiFi可使用Feel free to use Bluetooth, but only after selecting flight mode. What?您可以使用蓝芽功能,但请记得先选择飞航模式。我听不到啊?For more information, just look at the safety card in the seat pocket in front. Or ask your flight attendant.需要更多信息,前座置物袋里有放置安全指南,您也可以询问机组人员。That#39;s it from us. From all your crew. Thanks for flying Air New Zealand.我们就到这里了。以上来自全机组人员。感谢您搭乘新西兰航空。Ah-ha…Classic… What? The tumbleweed thing….哈!太棒了,换经典名著!你说什么?荒漠余生怎么样...Haha – it was great working with you too, Anna. Your warrior outfit?哈哈,和你合作真是很棒的体验,安娜。什么?我没看到妳的战士装备呀! Article/201704/501571 栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghai#39;s English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。 Article/201610/464462成都452医院妇科地址成都省第八人民医院价格



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