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If youre over 40, gray hairs aren't your only problem. You may also smell old.如果你年过40,白发还不是唯一的困扰。你的体味可能也会出现老化。That, at least, is what U.S. fragrance maker Harvey Prince would like you to think. The company's solution? "AgelessFantasy" perfume, a mix of flower and fruit aromas that promises to make you seem eight years younger than youare.至少,美国香水制造商“汉威王子”公司会让你这么想。公司的解决方法是什么呢?——那就是“岁月无痕”香水。这款香水混合了花香和果香,保让你闻上去年轻8岁。Harvey Prince president Kumar Ramani told the Daily Mail:" From the point of arriving at the fragrance, we had to negate the body odor that comes with age. It is not enough to simply mask the smells of aging. Our goal was to find a fragrance that women and men would associate with youth."“汉威王子”的总裁库马尔拉马尼对《每日邮报》说:“只是简单地遮盖老化的体味是不够的。我们的目标是找到一种让人觉得能永葆青春的芳香。” Will that argument get women rushing to the shops for their own 100ml bottle? Only time will tell.这一番言论会让女性们冲进商店选购100毫升装的香水吗?只有时间会给出。 /200904/662571. Only in America......can a pizza get to your house faster than an ambulance。  只有在美国……叫pizza比叫救护车快。 /201001/94648

Scientists develop non-stick chewing gumScientists have developed a non-stick chewing gum that can be easily removed from pavements, shoes and clothes.The new gum, the result of polymer research at the University of Bristol, could be launched commercially in 2008, its developers said on Friday.If it catches on, the product will solve a major headache for local authorities around the world."The advantage of our Clean Gum is that it has a great taste, it is easy to remove and has the potential to be environmentally degradable," said Terence Cosgrove, a professor of chemistry who helped found a company called Revolymer to commercialize the technology.Today's chewing gums are made from synthetic latex, which is resistant to the weather and is strongly adhesive. The new gum adds a special polymer to modify its properties, making it far less sticky.In two street trials, leading commercial gums remained stuck to the pavement three out or four times, while Clean Gum came away naturally in all cases, Revolymer said.(Agencies) 近日,科学家们研发出一种“不粘口香糖”,这种新型口香糖很容易从街道、鞋子和衣上清除。据该产品的开发商上周五介绍,这种新型口香糖是由英国布里斯托尔大学聚合体研究中心研发出来的,有望于明年上市。如果这种口香糖上市,能为世界各地的政府解决一个大难题。布里斯托尔大学的化学教授特伦斯#8226;考斯格鲁夫说:“我们这种‘清洁口香糖’口味好、易清除、而且具有可降解性。” 他协助成立了一个名叫Revolymer的公司,以实现该项技术的商业化。现在的口香糖是由合成乳胶制成的,这种物质对外界环境具有抵抗性(无法分解),而且粘性很强。新型口香糖中添加了一种能改变其属性的特殊聚合物,从而使它的粘性大大降低。据Revolymer公司介绍,两次街道测试的结果发现,现在市面上四分之三的口香糖都会粘在街道上, 而“清洁口香糖”在任何情况下都能自然脱落。 /200804/33391

I have just three words for you today: I love you.   今天我只为你献上三个字: 我爱你。一项研究表明,为身材所困的年轻女性看到杂志广告上的超级模特或是有着“魔鬼”身材的女性,会食量大增;有意思的是,身材匀称的女性看到这样的广告后反而会吃得更少。 a picture of Jiang QinqinStudy: Magazine ads of thin models make women overeatResearch now shows a supermodel figure or the "ideal" thin woman image reflected in magazine advertisements trigger young women, obsessed with their own body image, to eat more. Interestingly, those with a more balanced healthy body image tend to eat less. The study done in Australia is important in bringing out the point that advertising not only affects the way we think but also our patterns of eating behavior. Fiona Monro, graduate student at the University of New South Wales, explains the results of the study published in the November edition of the journal, Eating Behaviors: "We would expect people who value the way they look would be reminded by viewing the image and not eat." "We're not sure why we found the reverse but possibly because of stress...[women obsessed with their appearance] see the idealized image and think about their own body so turn to food," she adds. Monro says, "They might think 'what's the point, I'm never going to look like that, I may as well eat; or the image makes them think they're thinner than they are so they eat more." Sixty-eight female university students took part in the study: two hours after their last meal, they were asked to prioritize the importance of physical attractiveness, health and physical fitness to find out whether they give importance to the way their body looks. Monro and her team were studying the phenomenon of "self-objectification," or the way people perceive themselves and their bodies as an object to be valued for outward show as opposed to intrinsic worth. (AHN) /200903/65394少臭屁No cocky /200911/88308

Time 美国人的时间观 What is time? Is it a thing to be saved or spent or wasted, like money? Or is it something we have no control over, like the weather? Is time the same all over the world? That's an easy question, you say. Wherever you go, a minute is 60 seconds, an hour is 60 minutes, a day is 24 hours, and so forth. Well, maybe. But in America, time is more than that. Americans see time as a valuable resource. Maybe that's why they are fond of the expression, "Time is money."   时间是什么?是一种像金钱一样可以节省、花用或浪费的东西吗?或者它像天气那样,是一种我们无法掌握的东西?全世界的时间是不是都一样呢?你会说,那是一个简单的问题,不管你去那里,一分钟都是60秒,一小时是60分钟,一天是24个小时,以此类推。嗯,也许是这样吧。但是在美国,时间的意义不只是如此而已。美国人视时间为一项重要的资源,也许这就是为什么他们喜欢说「时间就是金钱」的缘故。   Because Americans believe time is a limited resource, they try to conserve and manage it. People in the U.S. often attend seminars or books on time management. It seems they all want to organize their time better. Professionals carry around pocket planners-some in electronic form-to keep track of appointments and deadlines. People do all they can to squeeze more life out of their time. The early American hero Benjamin Franklin expressed this view best: "Do you love life? Then do not waste time, for that is the stuff life is made of."   美国人认为时间是一项有限的资源,所以他们试着去爱惜时间且加以管理。美国人经常参加有关时间管理的研习会或阅读这方面的书籍,他们似乎都希望能把自己的时间安排得更好。专业人士随身带着口袋型记事本,有些甚至是电子的记事本,好随时留意所订的约会与工作截止日期。人们想尽办法要在有限的时间内挤出更多的时间来。早期的美国英雄班哲明?富兰克林将这种想法表达得最淋漓尽致:「你爱生命吗?如果爱就不要浪费时间,因为生命即是由时间组成的。」   To Americans, punctuality is a way of showing respect for other people's time. Being more than 10 minutes late to an appointment usually calls for an apology, and maybe an explanation. People who are running late often call ahead to let others know of the delay. Of course, the less formal the situation, the less important it is to be exactly on time. At informal get-togethers, for example, people often arrive as much as 30 minutes past the appointed time. But they usually don't try that at work.   对美国人来说,守时是一种尊重他人时间的表现。通常若约会迟到超过10分钟,就应该向对方道歉或解释原因。知道自己会迟到的人往往会先打个电话,让对方知道自己会晚一点到。当然,会面场合愈不正式,精确准时的重要性就愈小。举例来说,在非正式的聚会中,人们往往会在约定时间过后30分钟才到,不过,他们上班通常就不会这样做。   American lifestyles show how much people respect the time of others. When people plan an event, they often set the time days or weeks in advance. Once the time is fixed, it takes almost an emergency to change it. If people want to come to your house for a friendly visit, they will usually call first to make sure it is convenient. Only very close friends will just "drop by" unannounced. Also, people hesitate to call others late at night for fear they might be in bed. The time may vary, but most folks think twice about calling after 10:00 p.m.   美国人的生活型态表现出他们对别人的时间有多尊重。当人们在计划一项活动时,通常会在几天或几个星期前把时间定好。时间一旦决定,除非情况紧急,否则不会轻易改变。如果有人想到家里拜访你,他们通常会先打电话过来,以确定你是否方便,只有很熟的朋友才会未经通知就突然造访。同时,人们也不太喜欢太晚打电话给别人,因为怕对方已经上床睡觉了。何时才算太晚并不一定,不过,大部分的人若想在晚上10点钟以后打电话,都会再三考虑。   To outsiders, Americans seem tied to the clock. People in other cultures value relationships more than schedules. In these societies, people don't try to control time, but to experience it. Many Eastern cultures, for example, view time as a cycle. The rhythm of nature-from the passing of the seasons to the monthly cycle of the moon-shapes their view of events. People learn to respond to their environment. As a result, they find it easier to "go with the flow" than Americans, who like plans to be fixed and unchangeable.   对外人而言,美国人似乎很依赖时钟;其它文化背景出身的人则看重人际关系甚于时间表。在那些社会型态中,人们不会设法去控制时间,而是去经历享受它。举例来说,很多东方文化把时间视为一个周期。从季节的更替到每个月亮圆缺变化的周期,这些大自然的节奏塑造了他们对事情的看法。人们学习去因应环境的变化,因此他们比美国人更容易视情境而作弹性的应变;而美国人则喜欢将计划固定好不要更动。   Even Americans would admit that no one can master time. Time-like money-slips all too easily through our fingers. And time-like the weather-is very hard to predict. Nevertheless, time is one of life's most precious gifts. And unwrapping it is half the fun.   不过连美国人都承认,没有人能够完全掌握时间。时间就像金钱一样,很容易就从我们的指间溜走;时间也像天气一样,是很难预测的。然而,时间是生命中最宝贵的礼物之一,而拆开(这项难以掌握和预料的)礼物本身就已经是一种乐趣了。 /201004/101438'Change' voted Japan's character of the yearAfter helping Barack Obama sweep to victory in the US election, the president-elect's motto of "change" was Friday declared character of the year by a monk at one of Japan's most revered temples.Using a calligraphy brush to write the single character on a wooden platform as tourists looked on, Seihan Mori, chief monk at Kiyomizu temple in the ancient capital of Kyoto, declared "change" to be Japan's character of the year.The event was hosted by a Kyoto-based group that promotes the use of "kanji," the Chinese characters used in the Japanese language.The public sent in 111,200 nominations for the kanji of the year.Of those, a majority 5.42 percent endorsed "change," followed by "gold," suggesting the Beijing Olympics, and "fall" to reflect the global market plunge."I think it is an expression of the Japanese people's wishes to see political, economic and societal changes, as they were impressed by Mr. Obama's message of change," Mori said.He added that the term's significance also came into prominence because of the world's growing attention to the impact of climate change.The Japan Kanji Aptitude Testing Foundation has been conducting a poll on the year's kanji each year since 1995.Last year’s top choice was 'Nise' (fake). /200812/58914

Most people learn over time, but often learning comes too late to be fully useful. There are certainly many things that I know now that would have been extremely useful to me earlier in my life; things that could have saved me from many of the mistakes and hurts I suffered over the years—and most of those that I inflicted on others too。   随着时间的流逝我们一直在获得新的知识,但是这些学问却往往在我们需要它的时候姗姗来迟。很多对我早期生活应该极其有用的事情我却现在才知道,它们本可以帮助我在那些年里避免很多错误跟伤害--大部分事情我也曾经强加于别人身上过。  I don’t buy the romantic notion that my life has been somehow richer or more interesting because of all the times I screwed up; nor that the mistakes were “put” there to help me learn. I made them myself—through ignorance, fear, and a dumb wish to have everyone like me—and life and work would have been less stressful and more enjoyable (and certainly more successful) without them. So here are some of the things I wish I had learned long ago. I hope they may help a few of you avoid the mistakes that I made back then.   我不相信生活会无故地变得富裕而有情趣,那只是浪漫的妄想。因为我一生都充满动荡和不安。也不同意错误是已经存在于某个地方好帮助我们学习的。那些错误都是我自己犯的- ---出于无知、害怕还有希望所有人都喜欢自己的愚蠢愿望----没有了它们我们的生活工作就会有更少的压力更多的快乐(当然还包括成功)。下面有几点是我很久以前就希望自己能够了解的。期待它们能帮助大家,即使是小部份人,能够避免重蹈我的覆辙。  1. Most of it doesn’t matter.So much of what I got excited about, anxious about, or wasted my time and energy on, turned out not to matter. There are only a few things that truly count for a happy life. I wish I had known to concentrate on those and ignore the rest。  1。拥有一颗平常心。  太多我曾经为其兴奋,为其焦虑,亦或是浪费了我时间以及精力的事情到最后却被明是无关紧要的。它们只是幸福生活里极其微小的一部分。我多么希望早点知道这些,以便能把精力都投入到这些关乎幸福的事,而不是其他。 /200912/91347We are all human and have flaws. Even if your physical appearance, unique personality, or social skills aren't what you wish they were, that doesn't have to stop you from being confident. You are beautiful inside and out so you should love yourself unconditionally. Here's how to believe in yourself.每个人都有自己的长处和短处,别人经常拥有我们所缺乏的所谓的长处,但这些并不能阻止我们自己的自信。1.Make a list of special talents you have, or things you do that are good. Focusing on your attributes helps distract you from those parts of yourself that you think are flawed. It doesn't have to be a specific skill or activity either; it can be an approach or an attitude that you champion through life. Do you always stay calm, cool and collected, even in hurried situations? Are you very patient with people? Do you always see the humorous side of things? Are you always there for your friends? 列出自己的长处。注意自己的长处就会让你忘记自己认为缺乏的地方。这个长处不一定有多么地与众不同,只要是你在生活中有所成就的即可。譬如,面对吵杂的环境,你是不是能做到心静如水呢?你是不是很有耐心呢?你是不是经常为自己的朋友着想? /200911/89686

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