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成都哪家看男科技术好四川省四院收费好不好Hi everyone. Sorry I’m late.大家好,抱歉来晚了。Hi Anna. Look Mr Socrates is enjoying our English beer.你好,安娜,苏格拉底先生看起来很喜欢我们的英式啤酒。I think it’s going to his head.我想他喝多了。Anna! Our best worker. Get Anna a drink.安娜,我们最好的员工,给安娜来一杯酒。Yes Mr Socrates. Of course Mr Socrates.是的,苏格拉底先生。当然,苏格拉底先生。Anna, come over here, let’s talk.安娜,过来,我们聊聊。Oh right. What about…好的,那么关于……There you go Anna. I got you some crisps too.给你,安娜,我还给你拿了一些薯片。So what are we talking about?那么我们聊点什么?Nothing. Thank you… bye bye.没什么,谢谢,再见。Oh right. Yes. Bye bye.好的,再见。I’ll go and talk to Paul and Denise.我去找保罗和丹尼斯。I’ll just be over here.我就在那里。What a loser. I can tell he’s all talk and no action.真是个失败者。我能看出他是只说不做的人。Well, Tom’s a good worker really and…汤姆是个好员工,而且………and as for Paul. God, what a manager. Always eating cookies.至于保罗,上帝,糟糕的经理。就知道吃饼干。You know he was fired from his last job because…上一个工作他被解雇了是因为……Anna, I think he’s getting a bit too personal.我认为他有点太针对个人了。That beer is making him say things he shouldn’t.啤酒让他说出了一些本不该说的话。I know. What should I say?我知道,我该说什么?Try saying “it’s not appropriate to talk like that” or “could we change the subject please.”试着说“这么说不太合适”或“我们可以换个话题吗”。OK thanks.好,谢谢。Mr Socrates I don’t think it’s appropriate to talk like that, could we change the subject please?苏格拉底先生,这么说不太合适,我们可以换个话题吗?Oh, sorry have I said too much?对不起,我说太多了吗? /201703/497206成都军区医院看泌尿科怎么样 Pope Expresses Deep Shame Over Clergy Sex Abuse Scandal教皇称他为美国教会的性丑闻蒙羞  Pope Benedict XVI says he is "deeply ashamed" of the sex abuse scandal staining the U.S. Catholic Church and is pledging to work to make sure pedophiles do not become priests.  教皇本笃说,他对玷污美国天主教会的性侵害丑闻感到“极为羞愧”。他誓言采取行动确保有虐童癖的人不会成为神父。Speaking to reporters aboard the Alitalia airliner taking him from Rome to his first papal visit to the ed States, Pope Benedict says the sex scandal has caused great suffering for the church and for him personally. 教皇本笃作为第一位访问美国的罗马天主教皇在搭乘意大利航班从罗马前往美国途中对记者说,性侵害丑闻为教会和他本人造成巨大的伤害。The pontiff says it is difficult for him to understand how priests could betray their mission to children. 教皇说,他很难理解神父怎么能够背叛他们对儿童的使命。Benedict says he is deeply ashamed by the scandal and that pedophiles will be banned from ministry. 本笃说他对丑闻事件感到极为惭愧,并且将禁止有虐童癖的人成为神父。This is the first visit by this pope to America and it comes after a massive scandal erupted involving sexual abuse of children by Catholic priests. 这是这位教皇第一次访问美国。此前,爆出大量涉及天主教神父对儿童进行性侵犯的丑闻。The church has paid at least billion to victims of abuse since 1950, the majority of it since 2002. Hundreds of priests have been removed. 天主教会自从1950年以来已经向受害人赔偿了20多亿美元,其中大部分是在2002年以来付的。数百名神父被逐出教会。Both U.S. Catholic cardinals and groups representing victims have recommended that the pope meet with some of the abused church members during his visit, although no such meetings have been announced. 但是,美国天主教的大主教们和代表受害人的团体提议教皇在访问美国时会见被侵害的教徒,尽管还没有宣布有这样的会见。Helen Alvare, an associate professor of law at Catholic University, chaired a commission investigating clerical abuse. 调查神父性侵害问题的一个委员会主席、美国天主教大学法律副教授阿尔瓦说:"One of the greatest sorrows, the greatest violations, was what I would almost say was an inability to understand how deep the violation goes," she said. "As a church that speaks about the sacredness of sex, one would think that we would have had a grip on how deep that violation went for those children and the those families and we did not seem to." “一个最大的悲哀,最严重的侵害,就是,我认为几乎可以说是不能理解这种伤害有多深。作为一个谈论性圣洁的教会,人们以为我们能够理解这种侵害造成孩子和家人的伤害程度。但我们好像没有做到这一点。”Most Catholic dioceses in America now require criminal background checks on employees. They are also teaching parents, children and teachers how to recognize and respond to signs of abuse. 大多数在美国的主教教区现在需要对雇员进行刑事背景调查。他们还教导家长、儿童和老师如何识别和应对侵害现象。Catholic University Provost James Brennan says the church has taken major steps to address the scandal. 天主教大学的布伦南说,教会采取了重要步骤来解决丑闻问题。"Once the hierarchy and the church in general realized the severity of the problem, the devastation that the problem brought upon children, I think that the proactive steps that the bishops have taken to address that in a Christian, loving way, has been positive," he said. 他说:“一旦各级神职人员和教会从总体上认识到问题的严重性,认识到这个问题给孩子带来的打击,我想主教采取主动措施以基督和爱的方式来解决这个问题是有积极意义的。”A newly released poll by the Washington Post newspaper says 74 percent of American Catholics have favorable views of Pope Benedict. 华盛顿邮报新公布的一项民调显示,74%的美国天主教徒对教皇本笃有好感。However, nearly the same number, 73 percent, say they do not approve of how the Catholic Church has handled the sex abuse scandal.  然而,几乎同样多的人,即73%的人表示他们不同意天主教会处理性侵害丑闻的方式。While in the U.S., the pope will mark two personal milestones. His 81st birthday is Wednesday. Saturday marks the third anniversary of his election as pontiff. 200804/35102US Government Takes Over Two Major Financial Firms保尔森:接管两公司以防金融动荡  Amid a continuing housing crisis in the ed States, the Bush administration is taking over two failing mortgage firms in an effort to limit further turmoil in the sector. 就在美国房地产市场继续在危机中挣扎时,布什政府将接管两个陷入困境的住房抵押贷款融资公司,以防止金融市场出现进一步的动荡。The last year has seen a spike in foreclosures among U.S. homeowners, falling housing values in most parts of the country, and tighter credit that has made it more difficult for Americans to acquire loans.  在过去一年中,美国房主因无法偿还贷款而被金融机构收回房屋的情况大幅增加,美国大部分地区的房价下跌,而且市场信贷紧缩使美国人更难获得贷款。In recent months, the picture has grown worse with news that two mortgage giants, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, were on the verge of insolvency. Combined, the two firms own or guarantee close to half of all home loans in the ed States. 在最近几个月中,情况变得更糟。美国两大住房抵押贷款融资机构房利美和房地美已经频临破产边缘。这两个公司持有或担保的住房抵押贷款几乎占全美住房抵押贷款总量的一半。In a news conference Sunday, Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson announced that the federal government is taking control of the firms - a move he described as necessary to avoid further financial upheaval. 美国财政部长保尔森星期天在新闻发布会上宣布,联邦政府将接管这两个公司,他说,这是为了避免金融市场进一步动荡而采取的必要措施。"Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are so large and so interwoven in our financial system, that a failure of either of them would cause great turmoil in the financial markets here at home and around the globe. This turmoil would directly and negatively impact household wealth, from family budgets to home values, to savings for college and retirement," he said. "And a failure would be harmful to economic growth and job creation." 他说:“房利美和房地美的规模太大,而且它们和美国的财政系统有着千丝万缕的联系。让它们中的任何一个倒闭都会强烈动荡美国及全球的金融市场。而这种动荡将直接给家庭财产带来负面影响,从家庭预算、房产价值到人们为大学教育和退休而储蓄的存款。这两家机构的倒闭会伤害美国的经济发展和就业市场。”The Bush administration says Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are being placed in a government conservatorship with new executive leadership. They will be operated by a government agency until their financial pictures improve and they are no longer at risk of failing.  布什政府说,房利美和房地美目前处于政府接管状态中,政府还任命了这两个机构的新领导人。这两家机构将由一个政府部门来管理,直到它们的财政状况出现好转,不再面临倒闭风险时为止。Paulson says every effort will be made to spare taxpayers from having to assume massive financial burdens stemming from the takeover. 保尔森说,政府会尽全力避免让纳税人承担这次接管所带来的巨大经济负担。Most Americans secure home mortgages through private banks. For decades, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have made it more attractive to banks to make mortgage loans by purchasing the loans from the banks, and then selling them to private investors. 大部分美国人通过私人来获得住房抵押贷款。几十年来,房利美和房地美从手中购买贷款项目,再把它们转卖给私人投资者,以吸引发放更多的抵押贷款。But recent years have seen mortgage loans made to millions of individuals with poor, risky, or insufficient credit - many of whom have either defaulted on the loans or are at risk of doing so. Fannie Mae's and Freddie Mac's exposure to massive financial losses stemming from the housing crisis has put them on the verge of insolvency. 但是在最近几年里,数百万贫穷、有欠款危险或者信用值不够的个人得到了抵押贷款,现在,他们中的许多人已经或即将无法偿还贷款。房屋市场的危机给房利美和房地美带来了巨额亏损,把它们推到了破产的边缘。News of the government takeover prompted swift reaction from both presidential candidates. Speaking on CBS' Face the Nation program, Republican presidential nominee John McCain said the move "has to be done.""I think that we have got to keep people in their homes. There has got to be restructuring, there has got to be reorganization, and there has got to be some confidence that we have stopped this downward spiral. It is hard, it is tough," said McCain.McCain added that the woes of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are symptomatic of an overall failure of Washington to tackle important issues. He said the federal government has become less effective due to what he termed cronyism and the influence of special interests and lobbyists.His Democratic challenger, Barack Obama, also expressed support for the government takeover. But an Obama ally, Virginia Democratic Governor Tim Kaine, said blame for the financial upheaval lies with President Bush."It is an important step that they [the Bush administration] have taken, but they are way too late. During the Bush administration there has been a complete abdication of responsibility for regulating the nation's financial markets, and so it has come to this," said Kaine.Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have seen their stocks plummet in value in recent months. The federal takeover includes some government purchasing of the firms' stock and an infusion of funds to assure the firms' continued operation.  房利美和房地美的股票价格在最近几个月里大幅度下跌。这次联邦政府的接管计划包括政府购买这两家公司的股票以及向它们注入资金,以保这它们能继续经营下去。Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are government-sponsored enterprises, which are among several financial service corporations created by the ed States Congress. 房利美和房地美是受到政府持的企业,是由美国国会创立的几个金融务公司之中的两个。200809/47735成都铁路分局医院治疗子宫肌瘤好吗

四川大学华西第四医院做不孕不育怎么样divagate ——— 跑题(不及物动词)英文释义 (Intransitive verb) To wander or stray from the main topic while discussing something.例句 The elderly professors lectures often divagated into odd topics unrelated to his primary subject.这位老教授讲课时经常跑偏到与他的主科不相关的奇怪话题上。 /201607/453209成都治阳痿的费用是多少 成都省妇幼保健院要预约吗

蒲江县做流产哪家医院最好的Iraqi officials say much work is needed to secure and restore the port of Umm Qasr in the oil-rich province of Basra. They charge criminals and corrupt officials have been working together to siphon off wealth while terrorists are sabotaging reconstruction.  伊拉克官员说,需要经过大量的努力才能确保盛产石油的巴士拉省的乌姆盖斯尔港口恢复安全,正常运作。他们指责罪犯分子和腐败官员狼狈为奸,吸取民脂民膏。与此同时,恐怖分子又在破坏重建工程。Iraq's government has held a conference in the southeast city of Basra Wednesday to discuss efforts at reconstructing the important port of Umm Qasr. 伊拉克政府星期三在这个巴士拉省最南端的城市举行会议,讨论重要港口乌姆盖斯尔的重建工作。Iraqi officials say there are about 80 shipwrecks littering the coastal area and blocking shipping lanes that need to be removed. They say the port also needs to be dredged so larger ships can get closer for loading and unloading. They also want to almost double the tonnage of ships the port currently handles. 伊拉克官员说,在沿海一带有大约80艘堵塞航道的沉船,必须予以清除。此外,为了让大型船只停靠还得挖掘疏通这个港口。他们还希望把这个港口目前的船只吞吐量吨位提高一倍。Iraq's Deputy Prime Minister Barham Saleh said some improvements were being made, but criminal gangs and corrupt officials were colluding together, slowing their efforts.  伊拉克副总理萨勒赫说,某些工作已经开始着手进行,但是犯罪团伙和腐败官员相互勾结,阻碍了他们的努力。Salah says gangs are stealing everything good in the area. He says all the government agencies need to work together to stop these bandits that corrupt the country's treasures and prevent the distribution of wealth for all Iraqis. 他说,犯罪团伙盗窃一切值钱的东西。他说,所有的政府机构需要通力协作,制止这些匪徒败坏国家财产,并且防止他们窃取属于全体伊拉克人民的财富。The British troops bombed Umm Qasr during the 2003 US-led invasion of Iraq and took over security. Reconstruction efforts started almost immediately, but sabotage has slowed the work. 英国部队2003年在美国主导的出兵伊拉克行动中轰炸了乌姆盖斯尔港,事后接手了几乎是立即开始的安全重建工作,但是各类破坏行动却阻碍了有关努力。Mowaffak al-Rubaie is Iraq's National Security Advisor. He says corruption and bad elements in the port are one of the groups supporting terrorism in Iraq.  伊拉克国家安全顾问鲁柏依说:“港口地区的腐败现象和犯罪分子是伊拉克恐怖主义的持力量之一。Residents of Basra say crime and terrorism have flourished since the Britain handed control back to Iraqi forces in December. 巴士拉省居民说,自从英国12月把控制权交还给伊拉克部队以后,犯罪活动和恐怖行动日益猖狂。”Thousands of people protested in Basra over the weekend demanding police do more to stop rampant crime and restore order. 数以千计的人上周末在巴士拉举行抗议,要求警方制止猖獗的犯罪行为,恢复治安。Britain's Defense Secretary Des Browne made a surprise visit to Iraq Wednesday and pledged support at the conference, held at the Basra airport. 英国国防大臣德斯.布朗星期三突访伊拉克,并在巴士拉机场举行的会议上承诺提供持。"The oil infrastructure and this magnificent airport we are in today and the port of Umm Qasr are potentially some of Iraq's most valuable assets," he said. 他说:“这个漂亮的机场和这里石油工业基础设施以及乌姆盖斯尔港口,这些都可能是伊拉克最宝贵的潜在财富。”But Browne said they should not underestimate the challenges they are facing. He said it would require a strong commitment from the Iraqi government to achieve the minimum level of security required for international shipping codes. He said without that accreditation the big international shipping companies would refuse to use the port. 但是布朗说,不可低估他们所面临的困难。他说,伊拉克政府必须付出极大的努力才能达到符合国际海运最低限度的安全标准。他说,如果达不到合格标准,大型国际海运公司会拒绝使用这个港口。Britain still has about 4,000 troops in Iraq but is considering withdrawing a large portion in the coming months. 目前还有约4千名英国官兵留在伊拉克,但是英国当局正考虑在今后几个月内撤回其中的很大一部分。200803/30509 Just to be absolutely clear...只是要百分百明确……One thing I wasnt sure of was...有一件事我不太确定……Good luck!好运!Mr Ingle, I dont think weve met yet, Im Anna.英格尔先生,我想我们还没见过,我是安娜。Hello. Oi! What are you doing with those boxes?你好。喂!你弄那些箱子干嘛?I told you to put them in storage.我跟你说了把它们存起来。Anna, is it?安娜是吗?Yes, sorry to bother you, I just want to check something.是的,抱歉打扰你了,我只是想核对一些事情。Weve had a few problems with orders….我们的订单出了一些问题……Well, thats not my fault. I do exactly what Im asked to do.这不是我的问题。我都是按要求做的。No, not there, in storage!不,不是那里,储藏室。Oh, well, I just want to make sure that….我只是想确认……Thirty years Ive been doing this job, and Ive never made a mistake.我做这个工作30年了,从没犯过一个错误。Of course, but because weve had problems, we need to make absolutely sure that all deliveries are correct.当然,但因为我们遇到了问题,我们需要百分百确认所有送货都无误。Could you possibly clarify what went out in todays delivery to Mr Berry of, er, Bluetree Enterprises?你能说明确的说一下今天给Bluetree Enterprises先生送去了什么货物吗?500 redcurrants. Right. Thats fine.500个红醋栗。 对,没问题。Well done Anna, this is going very well.干得好,安娜,进行得不错。 /201612/483617成华区妇女医院开住院证明邛崃市妇幼保健院院长是谁



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