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第十一届“汉语桥”中文比赛肯尼亚赛区选拔赛在内罗毕大学孔子学院举行,来自内罗毕大学孔子学院、肯雅塔大学孔子学院等院校和机构的16名选手参加了比赛。The 11th Chinese bridge competition was recently held in the Kenyan capital Nairobi. It’s a one-of-a-kind contest that showcases Kenyan students’ Chinese language skills.This year it attracted 16 competitors who showed off their talents at the Confucius Institute at the University of Nairobi. CCTV’s Susan Mwongeli reports.16 students from the Confucius Institute at the University of Nairobi participated in the Kenya finals. The competition was divided into three parts: Chinese speech, a 3-minute talent show and a segment on general knowledge. The 1st part was rather interesting and attracted many.Student Liu Mei said, Leaders, judges, friends, hello everybody!Student Nobert said, I’ve learnt Chinese for 9 months, I don’t think it is difficult.Although most of the contestants had only studied Chinese for a short time, they were determined to show case their prowess in the Chinese language.Student Mercy said, Chinese culture and Kenyan culture have similar parts and different parts.Student Benson said, My name is Benson, I don’t have an English name, because I am Chinese.Among the participants was Anthony, his passion for the Chinese language was evident in his performance.Anthony competitor said, ;When I graduated from senior high school, my mother asked me which major I want to be. I told her without any hesitation ;I want to learn Chinese;. My mum thought it is a crazy choice,she said ;What?!Are you crazy? Why do you want to learn Chinese?!!; I told her ;I am not a baby,.It is my choice,never change!;The second part of the completion was the talent show and here, the students out did themselves with both song and dance. After an exciting competition Anthony was crowned the winner. He will now visit China to take part in the Chinese Bridge Competition semi-finals and finals.The prize also includes a 1 semester scholarship from the Confucius Institute to learn Chinese in China and a free international tickets. He also assumes the tittle of ;Chinese Language Envoy; in Kenya. With events like these, the director of the Confucius institute in Kenya hopes Chinese language studies will catch on, and bring in new students.Yang Daping, Confucius Inst., Kenyatta Univ., said, ;Chinese is a hot subject in Kenya. Kenya’s Education Departments are now planning to make Chinese a course in primary schools. At the Confucius Institutes, we will do our best to help them expand the subject. We hope Chinese culture and education will have a big future.;Kenya built the 1st Confucius Institute in African continent in 2005, which later grew into two Institutes. It now boasts over 2000 students, which serves as proof of the increased political and cultural cooperation between the two countries.201205/182623

How to Live Like a Pioneer on HowcastIf leg warmers could make a comeback, then so can the eco-friendly ways of our forefathers. See if you have what it takes to turn back the clock and rock the less-is-more trend.如果袜套能够卷土重来,那么我们祖先那种环保的生活方式也可以。看下你需要什么东西来过先前那样的生活并造成更大的声势。Step 1: Build yourself a homeMove into a 1-room log cabin — that you build yourself. Make sure it’s near a water source, because you won’t have indoor plumbing. Or outdoor plumbing, for that matter. Hello, outhouse!自己建一个家搬进1室的木头小屋——必须是你自己建造的屋子。确保屋子在水源地附近,因为你没有室内管道。也没有户外管道。所以,去室外上厕所吧。Tip:Giving up a bathroom means huge water savings. The average person uses about 80-100 gallons of water a day — most of it to flush the toilet.小贴士:不洗澡意味着会节省大量的谁。平均每人每天要使用 80-100加仑的水——大部分水斗用来冲厕所。Step 2: Get cooking!Learn how to salt, smoke, pickle, can, and preserve; you won’t have a refrigerator. Become proficient at 1-pot meals: You’ll be cooking everything in a large kettle over your fireplace. You did build a fireplace, didn’t you?学会做饭学会如何用盐腌制,熏烤, 腌和把食品装罐,不必有电冰箱。要熟悉做用1个锅做饭:也是就是无论做什么都要在壁炉旁的大罐来做。你已经造了一个壁炉,是吧?Tip:If you live for a year without a refrigerator, you’ll save around 0 and 1,200 or more kilowatt-hours of energy.小贴士:如果一年不用电冰箱,你会节省200美元左右,节省1200千瓦或更多的能量。Step 3: Embrace dirtGet used to smelling a little gamy: Your whole family will be taking turns bathing in a single tub of water, once a week, with soap you make yourself out of lye and grease. Afterwards, use the dirty bath water to clean the cabin. Now that’s recycling!拥抱昵图要习惯闻起来有点体味重。因为一家人都要在一个浴盆洗澡,每周一次。用碱液和油脂自制肥皂。然后用洗澡的废水去冲洗屋子。这真是循环利用。Step 4: Give away your electronicsGive away all your electronics and enjoy simpler pastimes. Pioneers often pasted layers of newspaper to their walls for both insulation and entertainment. You can also take up quilting and square dancing — 2 more favorite leisure activities on the frontier.不用电子产品不用如何电子产品享受更加简单的过去时光。拓荒者经常将很多新闻报纸粘在墙上来了解信息同时下。你还可以跳舞——两种边界上受欢迎的。Step 5: Learn your lessonNot quite y to shove your belongings into a covered wagon and head into the sunset? Try bringing a bit of the pioneer sensibility into your modern lifestyle. Just think of all the water you’ll save by not flushing!学习还没做好准备将自己的物品放进车里并在落日中前行?试着将拓荒者的感觉带进现代的生活方式中。想想不冲厕所就能够节省那么多水。201102/126042

Step 1 Prevent sun damage1.防止阳光伤害Protect your skin from sun damage every single day, year-round, by wearing a broad-spectrum sunscreen with a minimum SPF 15—including on your lips. And wear sunglasses to prevent squinting.每天都要保护皮肤免受阳光伤害,可以涂抹一层防晒系数至少15的防晒霜,包括嘴唇。戴太阳镜来防止眯着眼睛看阳光。Tip Look for sunscreen that contains Mexoryl SX, an ingredient that is more effective at blocking UVA rays than other compounds.小贴士:寻找一种含有麦素宁滤光环成份的防晒霜。这种成分比其他任何化合物都能更有效的抵抗紫外线。Step 2 Curb sweets2.减少糖分摄入Cut down on sugar, which some dermatologists believe attaches itself to collagen, causing stiffness that leads to wrinkles.减少糖分摄入。一些皮肤病专家相信糖分会跟胶原蛋白结合,造成皮肤僵硬,出现皱纹。Step 3 Eat anti-wrinkle foods3.食用抗皱食品Eat foods that have been linked to wrinkle prevention: beans, berries, almonds, apples, apricots, oily fish, spinach,sunflower seeds, sweet potatoes, cooked tomatoes, and watermelon.食用一些与抗皱有关的食品,蚕豆,浆果,杏仁,苹果,杏,含油鱼类,菠菜,葵花籽,甜土豆,煮番茄,西瓜。Step 4 Drink from the fountain of youth4.饮水方式Try beverages that have been linked with smooth skin. Acai berry juice, goji berry juice, and green tea may inhibit wrinkles and help regenerate skin.尝试一些与皮肤光滑有关的饮料。巴西莓汁和绿茶等等,可以隐藏皱纹,帮助皮肤获得新生。Step 5 Apply the right face cream5.选择合适的面霜Apply a daily face cream containing the ingredient retinol, a form of vitamin A that boosts collagen, plus a few of the following antioxidants that prevent wrinkles by protecting skin against free-radical damage: vitamin E, coenzyme Q10, green tea, acai berry, caffeine, and selenium.每天使用含有瑞叮醇成分的面霜。这种成分是一种维他命A,可以促进胶原蛋白的形成。此外,还含有以下一系列抗氧化剂,可以保护皮肤免受自由射线损害,防止皱纹出现:维生素E,Q10辅酶,绿茶,巴西莓,咖啡因和非金属元素。Tip To make sure you’re getting the most anti-wrinkle bang for your buck, look for a cream that lists an antioxidant-containing nutrient as one of the first five ingredients.小贴士:为了确保获得最佳抗皱效果,寻找将抗氧化剂列为首要的五种成分之一的面霜。Step 6 Moisturize before bed6.睡前保湿Apply moisturizer just before you go to bed. Dehydrated skin creases more easily, leading to lines. To further minimize wrinkling, sleep on your back.上床睡觉前涂抹保湿霜。脱水皮肤更容易褶皱,导致皱纹出现。为了进一步减少皱纹,平躺睡觉。Step 7 Don’t smoke7.不要吸烟Don’t smoke, and avoid second-hand smoke. Smoking depletes your skin of oxygen and essential nutrients like vitamin A. It also damages collagen and elastin fibers, which are key to maintaining elasticity.不要吸烟,避免二手烟。吸烟会耗尽皮肤中的氧和必须营养,例如维生素A。还会损害胶原蛋白和对保持弹性非常关键的弹力素。Step 8 Limit booze8.禁止酗酒Limit alcohol intake. Alcohol dehydrates skin, leading to wrinkling. When you do drink, choose red wine, which offers antioxidants to offset alcohol’s negative impact.限制酒精摄入量。酒精会造成皮肤脱水,导致皱纹出现。饮酒的时候,选择红酒。红酒中含有抗氧化剂,可以抵消酒精的负面影响。201212/212372

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Today ;Shoutout; goes out to Mr. Breeses class at Odyssey Charter School inn Palm Bay, Florida.今天的“大声喊出来”来到了布里斯老师的课堂。What U.S. State is home to the National Baseball Hall of Fame?美国棒球名人堂在哪个州?You know what to do, is it in New York, Ohio, Texas or California?你知道该怎么做,它是纽约州,俄亥俄州,德克萨斯州还是加利福尼亚州?Youve got three seconds, go!你有三秒钟的时间,开始!Baseballs Hall of Fame is in Cooperstown.棒球名人堂在库珀斯顿。So if you said New York, you hit out the park. Thats your answer and thats your shoutout.如果你说的是纽约州,你做的太棒了。那就是你的,那就是你的大喊。(END VIDEO CLIP)AZUZ: That Hall of Fame isnt getting any new members this year: there were 37 players eligible to get into Cooperstown on the 2013 ballot.名人堂今年没有新成员加入,在2013年的投票中有37个有资格进入库珀斯顿选手。But when the votes came in, no one was elected to the Hall of Fame.但当投票进行时,没有人入选名人堂。This isnt that unusual, it has happened before seven other times since the Hall of Fame voting started in 1936.那并不是特别不寻常,自从名人堂从1936年开始投票以来这种情况已经发生过7次了。Whats really interesting about this, this time around is that some of the players who were eligible for the first time have been accused of using performance enhancing drugs.最有趣的是,这次一些有资格的选手第一次被指用了提高表现成绩的药物。 /201301/220797

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