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成都市三院有微创手术吗广安割痔疮多少钱Cloning Pets克隆宠物Is animal cloning for real? I want to have my cat cloned.动物真的可以克隆吗?我想克隆家里的猫。Well, animal cloning technology exists, but pet cloning isnt quite there yet. And it may never be.动物克隆确实存在,但是,宠物克隆现在还没有。估计以后也不会有。Why not? I could think lots of people could want to have copies of their pets.为什么不呢?我觉得有不少人想克隆宠物吧?Thats just a problem. A clone isnt a copy. Its a separate, individual organism. The only thing clone of Mr. Wolfs and Mr. Wolfs of themselves have in common is their genetic sequence.因为你得考虑这样一个问题:克隆并非复制。克隆是独立的生物个体。沃夫先生的克隆产物(对话人中的宠物名字)和生物体本身唯一的共同点在于基因序列。The only thing? Isnt that everything?只是基因序列吗?不是所有的都相同?Apparently not! As cloning technology has improved, more and more evidence has come out of clones that dont look alike or act alike. For example, Ted Friend and Greg Archer, both at Texas A amp; M, have cloned piglets.当然不是!随着克隆科技的不断发展,越来越多的明显示克隆并非看起来一样或行为一样。比如,德州农工大学的Ted Friend 和Greg Archer教授克隆了一批小猪。They report that there is just as much variation in appearance among the clones as among the non-clones. Some have bristly coats, others not; some have more teeth, some fewer.报告显示在克隆猪和正常繁殖的猪并无二致,都存在生物变异。有的鬓毛较多,有的没有鬓毛。有的有的牙齿更多;有的牙齿更少。But wouldnt a clone of Mr. Wolf at least have its charming personality?克隆的宠物猫至少保留了讨人喜欢的个性吧?Maybe not. The worlds first cloned cat was made by Duane Kraemer, also at Texas A amp; M. He reports that the clone has a different personality altogether than its clone mother—its much more friendly, in fact.也许不会哦!同是德州农工大学的Duane Kraemer研究出了世界上第一只克隆猫。克隆猫的性情和原来那只猫的性情大不同——友善了不少。 /201210/203763四川生殖专科医院检查能用医保卡吗 The Royal Jelly神奇的蜂王浆According to legend, King Arthur gained the crown by pulling a sword from a rock. Queen honeybees have an equally enchanting way of ascending to the throne. Introducing… the Royal Jelly!据说,亚瑟王当年从岩石里拔出一把剑就得到了王位。蜂王也是通过类似的方式登上王位的。那就是蜂王浆。This special jelly is made of water, proteins, fatty acids, organic acids, vitamins and minerals. These substances are mixed with bee milk, a liquid produced by young worker bees.这是一种特别的粘稠浆状物,由水分,蛋白质,脂肪酸,有机酸,维生素和矿物质组成。这些物质与王浆混合在一起,王浆是一种由年轻的工蜂产生的液体。When the reining queen begins to show signs of old age, worker bees select her successors from among the developing queen bee larvae.到了当权蜂王开始衰老的时候,工蜂们就会从蜂王幼虫中挑选出继任者。Although all baby bees are fed royal jelly at first, queen bee larvae receive extra helpings and continue to be fed the rich food longer than regular larvae. The jelly fed to developing queens is also packed with higher concentrations of sugar and various proteins.虽然刚开始所有的蜜蜂宝宝都是吃的蜂王浆,但比起普通的幼虫,蜂王幼虫会得到额外的关注,并且会一直有丰富的食物。蜂王吃的东西含有更多的糖类和各种维生素。The results are spectacular. Thanks to their super-nutritious diet, queen bees grow up to one and a half times larger than regular bees, live forty times longer than normal bees, and lay up to two thousand eggs per day.结果非常惊人。由于超有营养的饮食,蜂王长大后的身体比工蜂长1/3,寿命是工蜂的40倍,每天产卵2000个左右。Inevitably, entrepreneurs have attempted to capitalize on royal jelly by creating jelly-infused dietary supplements that supposedly make people stronger and more virile. But dont go sping royal jelly on your toast just yet.必然地,企业家们试图利用蜂王浆牟利。他们大量制作注入浆状物的营养保健品,大概能使人的身体更强壮和更有男子气概。但别马上把蜂王浆涂到烤面包上。Although it does the trick for bees, theres no solid proof that the stuff will make you king or queen for even a day.尽管它对蜜蜂管用,但并没有确凿的据明它能够让你成为哪怕一天的国王或女王。 /201212/217338In todays TechBytes, good news for parents who have been experiencing iTune sticker shock. Apple is now requiring users to re-enter their passwords when making in-app purchases. Now the hope is that this will prevent kids from inadvertently buying virtual goods while playing games on their parents iPhones and iPads.欢迎收看今天的TechBytes节目,对iTune的价签瞠目结舌的父母们有福音了。现在在应用商城购买商品,苹果公司会要求再次输入密码。这么做是希望可以阻止孩子们在父母的iPhone或者iPad上玩游戏时无意购买产品。Original programming may be coming to Netflix. The movie-oriental service is reportedly in talks to acquire a TV series, starring Kevin Spacey and directed by The Social Networks David Fincher. This will be the first time a programme will be streamed on Netflix before seen anywhere else.网飞公司将提供原创影视节目。这项影视方向的务据报道是一部由凯文·史派西领衔主演,大卫·芬奇导演的电视剧。这将是电视节目首度在网络媒体,也是网飞上独家播出。And it seems like theres an app for just about everything these days while now smokers have one that can help them quit. Canadian scientists have developed Nicot which encourages users to find and crush as many virtual cigarettes as they can over a 12-week period. The app is available for in the iTune store.最近仿佛到处都是app的消息,现在更是有了一款帮助吸烟者戒烟的应用。加拿大科学家开发了一款名为Nicot的应用,这款应用鼓励用户在为期12周的疗程期间找到并销毁尽可能多的烟类品种。这款应用在iTone商城里售价5美元。Those are your TechBytes. Im Peggy Bunker.以上就是今天的TechBytes。我是Peggy Bunker。注:本篇文章英文来自普特论坛,译文属原创,,。201210/204944成都都江堰市保胎多少钱

新津县治疗前列腺炎哪家医院最好雅安市人民医院人流多钱 Science and technology.科技。Insect acrobatics.昆虫的绝活。Flipping roaches.非常。How cockroaches vanish.是怎么消失不见的?ANYONE who has tried to swat a cockroach will know those insects strange ability, in the heat of pursuit, to disappear. Robert Full and his colleagues at the University of California, Berkeley, have now worked out how they do this-and taught a miniature robot to copy the feat.只要打过的都知道它们特殊的本领——往往在追赶最激烈的时候突然消失不见了。加州大学伯克利分校的Robert Full和他的同事现在已明白它们是怎么做到的,并用一个微型机器人模拟了这个过程。Dr Full had been using high-speed photography to study how cockroaches employ their antennae to sense and cross gaps. When the researchers made the gaps wider, they saw the animals flipping back underneath the ledge at the edge of the gap, rather than jumping across the empty space. As they report in the Public Library of Science, cockroaches running towards a gap suddenly grip the edge with the hooklike claws on their rear legs and swing 180° to land firmly underneath the ledge, upside down. They can pull off this stunt in a fifth of a second-so fast that the animals bodies are subject to between three and five times the force of gravity, and also so fast that the movement is invisible to the human eye.Full士运用了高速摄影技术来研究是如何使触须去感知和穿过缝隙。当研究者把缝隙扩宽,发现直接在缝隙边缘翻转下去,而不是跳过缝隙,正如《科学公共图书馆》所报道的那样,先迅速冲向缝隙,然后用后腿上的钩状爪子抓住边缘,顺势摆动180°,头朝下牢牢抓住平板底部。它们能在0.2秒内完成这项绝技,这么快的速度的身体要承受3到5倍的重力加速度,也正是由于这么快的移动速度才让人类难以发现。Dr Full and his colleagues have since identified similar behaviour in other animals with hooklike toes that are good at escaping pursuit: geckos, for example. They have also teamed up with members of Berkeleys robotics laboratory to program a small six-legged robot that has strips of Velcro attached to its rear legs to do the same trick. Such a robot could be fitted with a camera and used as a surveillance device. Some people, though, might prefer it to be fitted with a miniature machinegun and used as a UCPV (unmanned cockroach pursuit vehicle).Full士和同事后来又发现了其他具有类似特性的生物,它们同样具有钩状的脚趾并擅长逃离追杀,比如壁虎。他们也与伯克利分校机器人实验室合作,设计了一只小型六脚机器人,然后把魔术贴粘在机器人的后腿上,最后成功完成了类似动作。这种机器人可以用来装配相机作为监视装置,尽管如此,一些人更希望它装配微型机变成自动捕杀器。201208/195020成都第四医院社保卡

青羊区妇幼保健院前列腺炎多少钱 TheUK’s biggest games event onlyhappens once a year, so when the doors opened Eurogame Expo 2012, ticketholders wont waste any time. 50,000 gaming fans from across the UK and Europeall head to London’s escort over the next few days to get a first go on themost anticipated games and consoles due to go on sale over the coming months.英国最大的游戏盛会一年仅举办一次,所以当2012欧洲玩家览会开始开放时,无论什么时候都能看到持票等候的人们。在未来几天内,将有大约5万名来自大不列颠、欧洲等地的游戏爱好者向伦敦前进,为了抢先试玩最值得期待的游戏,这些游戏将会在未来几个月内开始销售。It’s been predicted by the year 2015, theUK’sgaming industry will be worth well over 3 billion pounds and its at eventslike this where gamers get a glimpse of the future.有人预计,到2015年,英国的游戏产业其价值将会大大超过30亿英磅,这一点,只需要看看本次盛会中的玩家就可以预见得到。It’s a pivotal time for British gamesproduction. the past few year have seen a lot of homegrown talents headoverseas while the recession has led to the closure of manyUKstudios but now with the move todigital and upcoming tax breaks, the future is starting to look brighter.对于英国游戏制作来说这是关键时刻,在过去的几年里,因为经济衰退,很多英国游戏设计工作室关闭,导致很多本土高手不得不前往国外,但是现在,随着数字技术的发展和即将到来的税收减免,看起来未来似乎很有前景。Gaming is definitely undergoing arenaissance. Youve got a lot of new platforms. You know this is absolutely anew business models, new business models coming out, you know there’s a lot offree-to-play games, a lot of mobile gaming and a lot of the studios in London and in the wideUK. So there’s a lot of new, newjobs coming up, theres a lot of opportunity in gaming in the UK and you know Ithink its a really, really exciting time to be making games.毫无疑问的,游戏业正在经历一场复兴。现在出现了很多新平台。你知道,这绝对是一种新商业模式,这种新模式正在展现出来,嗯,你知道,在伦敦乃至泛联合王国,有很多免费游戏,很多移动设备游戏以及很多相应的游戏工作室。因此,这里会出现很多新的职业,在联合王国,游戏业有相当多的机遇,你知道,我认为这正是制作电视游戏的最佳时机。But for the British games industry to grabthat success and maintain it, developing new human talent also needs to boostwhich is why the government’s backed the introduction of computer sciencelessons in schools. But that might need to go further still.但是,对于英国游戏业,想要抓住并维持成功,必须发现新的人才,并且在学校中推进由政府持的对计算机科学的引进。但是,这仍然可能需要更进一步。It’s the key skills when they could be thescientists, coders, all just animators. People actually can make games not justtalk about them, not just design them. And so we have to make sure that thoseskills are in place. So we introduce coding into the classroom. So children asyoung as 16s and17s can create 3D animations.想成为科学家、程序员,甚至只是动画设计师,都必须掌握这些关键技能。实际上,人们可以制作游戏而不仅仅只是在口头上讨论或者只是构思。因此,我们必须确保人们有地方可以学到这些技能。所以,我们将编程引进了课堂。这样,那些不到16或者17岁的孩子们都可以成立三维动画设计工作室了。But as for where the exactly gamingindustry as a whole is headed, well, that one is debatable. There’s no doubtonline gaming is becoming more popular but does that spell the end for thetraditional consoles. While the man behind Xbox 360 s Halo 4 certainly doesntthink so. 但是,对于游戏产业来说,究竟什么才是正确的发展方向,这一点曾经很有争议。毫无疑问,在线游戏已经变得更为流行了,于是乎,这是否意味着传统游戏主机的消亡呢?但是,用XBOX360玩光晕4的某玩家却完全不这么认为。Your console does a lot more than just playgames. You can watch Netflix, you can play DVDs, you can browse the Internet,you can use Facebook, you do Skype calls. So your consoles gonna be on your TVfor a lot longer this generation and with a lot more utility than they everhave previously. So things really have changed. But rumors of death are greatlyexaggerated as Mark Twain once pointed it out.游戏主机能做的可不仅仅只是玩游戏而已。可以看Netflix,可以播放DVD,可以浏览Internet,可以上Facebook,甚至可以打Skype电话。因此,这一代游戏主机可以做很多事,并且其应用也要比上一代更多。事情真的发生变化了。但是,就像马克吐温曾经指出的那样,它被极度夸大的谣言给终结了。Whichever way gaming goes, it’s events likethis which proved the pace of innovation shows no signs of slowing down.无论游戏业会走向何方,游戏展明了改革的步伐并没有减慢的迹象。 201211/207354成都市治疗前列腺疾病哪家医院最好成都大邑县无痛人流手术哪家医院最好的



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