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2019年11月21日 13:23:04

达州市中心医院无痛人流的收费标准President Barack Obama took a break from sorting out the shutdown of the federal government on Monday to make sandwiches for low-income and homeless families.美国总统奥巴马在应付联邦政府关门之际忙里偷闲,本周一亲临一家慈善机构,为低收入群体和无房家庭制作三明治。President Obama visited Martha’s Table in Washington D.C. Monday. The food bank helps low-income families. Dozens of photos were taken showing Obama smearing peanut butter and #39;sticky#39; jelly on what appears to be processed, white b. Menu option number two appeared to be stacks of processed meat, also on white b.奥巴马总统在周一光顾了华盛顿特区的一家非盈利机构“玛莎的餐桌”,这是一家旨在帮助低收入家庭的食品。奥巴马将花生奶油酱和“黏黏的”果酱涂在加工过的白面包上。另一种三明治是将加工熟肉放在白面包上。人们纷纷拍照记录下这一景象。“Can I just say just in the few moments I’ve been here I’m feeling a little sticky. I think I got some PBJ on my fingers,” Obama said.“我想说,我才刚做了一会儿,已经感觉手指有些黏黏的了。我想我的手指粘了些果酱。”This doesn#39;t exactly jibe with Michelle Obama#39;s primary initiative as first lady: healthy eating.这与米歇尔·奥巴马成为第一夫人后的第一项倡议:“健康饮食”似乎有些不符。Mrs. Obama started the #39;Let#39;s Move#39; movement, a program billed as #39;America#39;s move to raise a healthier generation of kids.奥巴马夫人发起了名为“行动起来”的倡议,这各项目旨在“培养更健康的下一代”。#39;In total, we are now eating 31 percent more calories than we were forty years ago–including 56 percent more fats and oils and 14 percent more sugars and sweeteners. The average American now eats fifteen more pounds of sugar a year than in 1970,#39; Mrs. Obama#39;s organization explains on its website.据奥巴马夫人这一项目的官方网站上称“总体上说,我们饮食中的热量比40年前多了30%——其中脂肪热量增长了56%,糖类和糖类添加剂热量增长了14%。现在美国人均每年比上世纪70年代多摄入15磅的糖分。”Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches have roughly 350 calories per sandwich, depending on the amount of peanut butter and jelly added to the sandwich, according to an online calorie counter.根据一个在线热量测评网站,每份花生酱奶油三明治的热量大约为350卡路里,依据三明治中花生酱和果酱分量多少而上下变动。To promote her initiative, Mrs. Obama even has written a book about the White House garden entitled #39;American Grown.#39;为了推广她的倡议,奥巴马夫人甚至写了一本关于白宫蔬菜种植园的书,题为“美国种植”。The situation might get even stickier when the president gets home and has to tell his wife that he#39;s been wrist-deep in peanut butter and jelly all day.试想总统回到家里,告诉夫人他一整天都在涂花生奶油和果酱,他可能会遇到比果酱更难对付的状况吧。 /201310/260835四川成都第三人民医院挂号*(7t[m1m2USeveral years ago, that is since singer Rihanna and fashion icon Victoria Beckham made their haircuts as Bob, GFwuDZzGFx几年前自歌手蕾哈娜和時尚偶像维多利亚·贝克汉姆剪了个不对称波波头后,KPIxFDXS#Q,Rw+z-)vYv~@q7Q7jrX([[Bob cut soon became popular among people.;(3WdHeb~I|%E立即掀起了一阵不对称波波头的风潮LeezA344gjvi79M5Edv.。U!6SI-1XB4;LPh*BFHJaGu7Q[.^iQe+.FgAjFK#ouBS.S%,TNri(MtkH[MLCUFTBnHBLA1P]g]LZQ /201410/335407成都中医看前列腺炎

四川省医学科学院医院阳痿早泄价格攀钢集团成都医院网上预约In the frosty winter, it’s easy to forget about style and just bundle up in the coziest clothes you can find. But actually, fashion and warmth can be satisfied at the same time. There’s no need to sacrifice one for the other.寒冷冬日里,人们往往将时尚抛在脑后,用手边的厚衣把自己包成“粽子”。而事实上,时尚与保暖可以兼得,没必要“厚此薄彼”。Here, we pull together a few basic wardrobe pieces and layering tips. You can mix and match these staples following the layering principles to create stylish and fresh outfits —while still feeling comfortably warm all the time.这里,我们收集整理了一些衣橱必备单品及搭配小贴士。你可以根据搭配原则进行混搭,这样,既可以穿出时尚清新之感,又避免了“美丽冻人”的尴尬,可谓一举两得。Essential winter pieces衣橱必备单品Besides heavy coats and puffy down jackets, the following items will certainly make your winter wardrobe fun and easy to mix and match.除了厚重的外套和蓬松的羽绒,以下这些百搭单品也会让你的冬季衣橱乐趣十足,易于混搭。Cute boot可爱风女靴The rustic yet stylish Zorrba boots are popular this season because they’re versatile, comfortable, and fun. Any lace-up or combat-inspired boots paired with your leggings or skinny jeans will be trendy.凭借百搭、舒适、有趣等特点,质朴而时尚的女士翻帮中筒靴成为今年冬季大热单品。你可以用系带靴、军靴搭配打底裤或紧身牛仔裤,时髦立现。Cool cardigan酷帅的羊毛开衫Adding a neutral cardigan into the mix makes you instantly stylish. Choose the most flattering cardigan that hits right below the hips. Navy is a good option for color, as it looks great on all skin tones. You can pair it with a simple white T-shirt for a casual and laidback look or slip it over a sleek button-down for a more classic style.一件羊毛开衫可以立刻让你化身混搭达人。挑选一件你最喜欢的羊毛开衫,长短刚好盖过臀部。颜色方面,海军蓝是一个不错的选择,因为它适合任何肤色的人。你可以用它和白色T恤搭配出休闲风;你也可以在里面搭上一件带有领扣的衬衫,更显复古韵味。Dark jean queen深色牛仔达人Dark wash jeans strike the perfect balance between polished and comfortable, which is the ideal winter clothing combination. You can easily tuck them into your boots without any bunching at the knees or ankle. To show off your sleek silhouette in a chic and trendy way, get a pair of dark wash jeans.深色水洗牛仔裤是舒适与时尚的完美统一体,也是冬季混搭的理想之选。你可以轻而易举地就把裤腿塞入靴中,膝盖和脚踝处不会有一丝褶皱出现。想要时尚而别致地秀出魔鬼身材吗?穿上深色水洗牛仔裤吧!Sharp scarf靓丽围巾Scarves are among the most versatile accessories in your wardrobe. From different patterns and textures to varying fabrics and styles, they always make you look chic. A bold scarf can add a little brightness to your outfit. Just don’t forget to choose one that keeps you warm.围巾堪称衣橱里最百搭的饰品。从花色到纹理,从面料到款式,各式围巾会让你看上去靓丽时髦,一条抢眼的围巾更会为你的整体造型增添一抹亮色。当然也不要忘了兼顾保暖性哦。 /201401/274234彭山县人民医院网上预约Just how big are the nation’s biggest banks? Well, the top four alone manage roughly trillion in assets.美国最大的到底有多大?仅前四大就管理着大约8万亿美元资产。Bank of America with .12 trillion. The two banks are the only ones with assets exceeding trillion.根大通(JPMorgan Chase)位居榜首,资产达到惊人的2.46万亿美元。紧随其后的是资产为2.12万亿美元的美国(Bank of America)。只有这两家的资产超过了2万亿美元。Citigroup, the third largest bank by assets, isn’t too far behind with .89 trillion and San Francisco-based Wells Fargo按资产规模排序,花旗集团(Citigroup)排名第三,资产为1.89万亿美元,落后第二名不多。总部位于旧金山的富国(Wells Fargo)位居第四,资产为1.48万亿美元。From there the 5th largest bank’s assets, Bank of New York Mellon到了排名第五的纽约梅隆(Bank of New York Mellon),差距一下子拉开,其资产仅为3,710亿美元。The ranking comes from SNL Financial which compiles the data each quarter.排名来自市场研究公司SNL Financial,每季度编制一次。There’s hasn’t been much change at the top of the ranking since 2011 when JPM claimed the #1 spot from BofA.自根大通于2011年从美国手中夺走第一的殊荣以来,榜首就没有出现多大变化。Ever since, JPM has held a steady lead over the rest of the nation’s banks–a lead that keeps getting bigger. Just a year ago in the third quarter 2012, JPM’s assets stood at .32 trillion; they’ve since increased 6%.自那以后,根大通始终领先于美国的其他,而且优势不断扩大。去年第三季度,根大通的资产达到2.32万亿美元,今年则增长了6%。It will be interesting to see how JPM’s assets evolve over the next 12 months. 2013 wasn’t JPM’s best. CEO Jamie Dimon reported the bank’s first quarterly loss under his watch, it paid billion to settle a big case with the Department of Justice and paid out billions in other suits as well. It was also the first time the bank made a big announcement recently about shutting down a line of business; in September JPM announced it would no longer accept applications for student loans.根大通的资产在过去12个月里是如何变化的?这个问题很有趣。对根大通而言,2013年不算太理想。CEO杰米·戴蒙(Jamie Dimon)公布了该在他领导下的首次出现季度亏损,该还向司法部付了130亿美元,以了结一宗重大官司,并在其他诉讼案中付出了数十亿美元的代价。根大通最近还首次宣布关闭一项业务。今年9月,宣布不再接受学生贷款申请。Wells Fargo, though #4, has also been steadily growing its asset base at a rate even higher than JPM. Over the last 12 months, Wells, lead by CEO John Stumpf, has seen its total assets jump 8% from .37 trillion in the third quarter of 2012. That’s the biggest increase among the big four banks.富国虽然排名第四,但资产稳步增长,其速度甚至超过了根大通。过去12个月里,由CEO约翰·斯坦普夫(John Stumpf)领导的富国总资产在2012年第三季度的1.37万亿美元基础上增长了8%。增速堪为四大之首。Much of Wells’ growth is due to some key loan purchases the bank has been making overseas. The bank has picked up several loan portfolios on the cheap from banks in Europe as the market there has been struggling and institutions there look to off-load assets.这种增长在很大程度上得益于富国在海外购入的若干重要贷款资产。该从欧洲手中以低价购买了几个贷款资产组合,因为欧洲市场步履维艰,因此欧洲机构希望出售资产。Wells CFO Tim Sloan spoke about the bank’s overall loan growth at a conference last week and noted the foreign loans. “Foreign loans grew .9 billion or 17%, which included billion from the UK CRE acquisition we completed in the third quarter, as well as growth in our trade finance business, ” he said.富国首席财务官蒂姆·斯隆(Tim Sloan)在上周某次会议上谈到了该的整体贷款增长,并特别提及了外国贷款。“外国贷款增加69亿美元,增幅为17%,其中包括我们在第三季度完成英国CRE并购交易所获得的40亿美元,以及我们贸易融资业务的增长。”他说。Meanwhile both Citi and Bank of America have seen their assets drop over the last few years. Just over the last 12 months both banks shed assets by about 2%.与此同时,花旗集团和美国的资产在过去几年里不断下滑。在过去12个月里,这两家的资产减少了约2%。Both bank have been actively selling non-core assets since the peak of the crisis in order to meet both regulator and shareholder demands.自金融危机达到顶峰以来,这两家都积极出售非核心资产,以满足监管机构和股东的要求。Back in early 2009, BofA’s assets were .32 trillion, or 8.4% more than where they stand today.2009年初,美国的资产为2.32万亿美元,比现在高出8.4%。SNL notes that Citi’s assets will decline even further by approximately .91 billion from the planned sale of its Brazilian credit card and consumer finance business.SNL Financial指出,花旗集团的资产将进一步减少大约39.1亿美元,因为该计划出售其在巴西的信用卡和消费信贷业务。There was only one new bank on the most recent list from SNL. Santa Clara, Calif.-based SVB Financial Group was the lone new entry coming in at #50 with .7 billion in assets.在SNL Financial的最新榜单上只有一个新面孔。总部位于加州圣塔克拉拉的SVB 金融集团(SVB Financial Group)是唯一的新晋成员,排在第50位,资产为237亿美元。SNL’s rankings include banks and thrifts operating in the U.S. with a deposits-to-assets ratio of at least 25%. That means big firms like Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley don’t make the cut since they don’t hold significant deposits.SNL Financial的排名囊括了在美国经营的、存款与资产比率至少为25%的和储蓄机构。这意味着像高盛(Goldman Sachs)和根士丹利(Morgan Stanley)这样的大公司无法上榜,因为它们不具备可观的存款。 /201312/267418四川省成都市第二人民医院产前检查好吗

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