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黄冈中心医院男科电话广州军区武汉总医院割包皮More government support, including subsidies and a favorable pricing mechanism, is neededfor the country to use desalinated seawater to quench its thirst, a top industry expert said.;The lack of an effective pricing mechanism for desalinated water and support for an operablepolicy is affecting the development of the country#39;s sea desalination industry,; said Li Linmei,director of the State Oceanic Administration#39;s Institute of Seawater Desalination andMultipurpose Utilization in Tianjin.The country aims to produce 2.2 million cubic meters of desalinated seawater daily in 2015,about three times current capacity, according to a National Development and ReformCommission plan released last year.Current domestic water prices range from 2.4 yuan to 4.9 yuan a metric ton in the coastalregions, while the price of water for industry ranges from 3.3 yuan to 7.9 yuan a ton, accordingto ChinaWaterNet.However, desalination plants can produce 674,000 tons daily at a cost of about 5 yuan (Chinese officials ratcheted up recovery efforts, which included a high-profile visit from Premier Wen Jiabao, after earthquakes in southwestern China killed at least 81 people and injured 800. 中国西南部地区发生地震,至少81人死亡,800人受伤。中国官员加大力度推进灾后救援重建工作,中国国务院总理温家宝对灾区的高调访问即是一例。 In addition to the casualties, more than 200,000 people were displaced by earthquakes and aftershocks that have rattled the region since Friday, according to local authorities and state media. 据中国当地政府和国家媒体报道,除造成人员伤亡外,发生在上周五的地震以及之后接连不断的余震还导致20余万人无家可归。 The state-run Xinhua news agency said Mr. Wen reached Yunnan province#39;s hardest-hit Yiliang county early Saturday morning, where he was shown on state television directing rescue efforts and comforting the injured. 中国官方通讯社新华社(Xinhua news agency)说,温家宝周六凌晨抵达云南省受灾最严重的彝良县。从中国国家电视台播放的新闻画面上可以看到,温家宝在彝良县指挥救灾,安慰伤员。 In Yiliang county#39;s main square, state television showed columns of blue relief tents, where families huddled together inside. Authorities said 21,000 tents and 31,000 quilts had been sent to the area as of Saturday. 中国国家电视台播放的画面显示,在彝良县的大广场上,有一排排的蓝色救灾帐篷,人们以家庭为单位挤在帐篷里。有关部门说,截至周六已向该地区运送了2.1万顶帐篷和3.1万条棉被。 Mr. Wen, dressed in gray sneakers and a short-sleeved dress shirt, was shown on state broadcaster China Central Television sitting together with injured children on their cots and rallying rescue workers. 温家宝穿着灰色运动鞋和短袖衬衫出现在中国国有电视台中央电视台(China Central Television)的转播画面中。他与受伤儿童一起坐在简易床上,并为救援人员鼓舞打气。 #39;Your challenges are the challenges of the party and the government,#39; he was ed by the state broadcaster as saying. #39;Your suffering is the suffering of the party and the government.#39; 中央电视台援引温家宝的话说:你们的困难就是党和政府的困难,你们的痛苦就是党和政府的痛苦。 The earthquakes rekindled memories of the 2008 earthquake in Yunnan#39;s neighboring Sichuan province, which left more than 80,000 people dead. Mr. Wen, 69 years old, is widely known in China as Grandpa Wen, where he has cultivated an everyman image during his decade as premier. 这次地震让人们想起了云南邻省四川2008年发生的那场地震,逾八万人在那次地震中遇难。69岁的温家宝在中国被普遍称为“温爷爷”。任国家总理这10年期间,他塑造了一个平民总理的形象。 According to authorities, 517 schools were damaged in the earthquakes, and at least 86 school buildings collapsed as a result. Local authorities said three students were killed at Yunluo Primary School in the township of Jiaokui following the first earthquake. 据有关部门统计,此次地震中有517所学校受损,至少86栋校舍坍塌。当地政府说,发生第一次地震后,彝良县角奎镇云洛小学至少三名学生遇难。 In 2008, thousands of students were killed in Sichuan when their shoddily built schools collapsed, sparking nationwide outrage toward the government over lax building standards. 2008年四川大地震时,由于校舍建筑质量不达标,数千名学生遇难。此事在全国范围内引发了针对建筑标准过低的愤怒情绪。 The quake was widely discussed on China#39;s popular online forums over the weekend, where many questioned how a moderate-strength earthquake appeared to have caused extensive damage to homes and infrastructure. The earthquake measured at a relatively shallow depth of 14 kilometers, authorities said. 上周末,中国多个人气很旺的网络论坛都在广泛讨论此次地震,很多人质疑一次中等强度的地震为何能给房屋和基础设施造成如此大规模的破坏。有关部门说,此次地震属浅源地震,震源深度仅有14公里。 Yiliang county, a poor and mountainous area, is near Yunnan province#39;s border with neighboring Guizhou. The region is populated by many non-Han Chinese ethnic minority groups, such as the Yi and Hui people, many of whom remain reliant on farming of rice, corn and other staples. 彝良地区靠近云南和邻近省份贵州的交界,属贫困山区。这一地区大量居住着汉族以外的少数民族,比如彝族和回族居民。他们中的很多人仍然依靠种植水稻、玉米和其它主食生活。 Officials in Guizhou province said nearly 28,000 people there were affected by the quakes, with more than 10,000 houses damaged. 贵州省官员说,该省有近2.8万人受地震影响,超过1万间房屋受损。 Authorities estimated direct economic losses of at least 3.69 billion yuan (1.5 million) in Yunnan and Guizhou as a result of the earthquakes. 有关部门估计,此次地震给云南和贵州带来的直接经济损失至少达人民币36.9亿元(约合5.815亿美元)。 Xinhua said the first earthquake, which reached magnitude 5.7, struck at 11:19 a.m. Friday. More than 15 aftershocks quickly followed, the strongest of which measured magnitude 5.6. Xinhua said a 3.7-magnitude aftershock Saturday evening resulted in the death of a two-year-old child. 新华社说,第一次地震发生在上周五上午11点19分,震级达到里氏5.7级。此后不久又发生超过15次余震,其中强度最大的一次余震有5.6级。新华社说,上周六晚上发生的一次3.7级余震导致一名两岁儿童死亡。 Police, firefighters and volunteers rushed during the weekend to repair damaged roads leading to the areas hardest hit villages and towns. Mr. Wen ordered rescue workers to reach every affected village on Saturday. Landslides and rock fall across the hilly terrain caused significant damage to some roads threatening to slow rescue workers#39; efforts. 上周末,警察、消防员和志愿者在抓紧修复通向受灾最严重村镇的道路。上周六温家宝下令救援人员必须到达每一个受灾村镇。这一多山地带发生的山体滑坡和岩崩给某些道路造成严重损毁,可能拖累救援人员的工作。 The Chinese government is under heightened pressure to respond quickly to potential sources of social unrest ahead of its sensitive, once-a-decade leadership change, which is expected to begin in the coming weeks or months. 在敏感的、10年一次的领导层换届开始前,中国政府承受着巨大压力,必须对可能引发社会动乱的事件迅速做出反应。领导层换届预计将在未来数周或数月开始。 High casualties among children in the 2008 Sichuan earthquake sowed widesp public discontent in China. The government since promised to improve building safety, particularly in China#39;s earthquake-prone southwest. 2008年四川大地震中,大量儿童的伤亡在中国引发公众的普遍不满。政府此后承诺提高建筑安全,尤其是在地震频发的中国西南地区。 /201209/198888.80)a ton - not including infrastructure such as pipelines.Li said the government should consider bringing desalinated water into the water grid.Aside from subsidies and funding for pilot programs, Li believes desalination is a key part ofwater security.尽管中国已将海水淡化视为解决沿海未来淡水资源短缺的措施之一,但是业内专家认为,淡化水的广泛应用仍存在一定难度。国家海洋局天津海水淡化与综合利用研究所所长李琳梅在接受本报专访时指出,“尚未形成有效淡化水价格机制以及缺乏具体可操作的优惠政策在一定程度上影响了中国海水淡化产业的发展。”相关数据显示,我国海水淡化装机能力为67.4m3/d,海水淡化水综合成本价格约为5元/吨左右。中国水网显示目前我国沿海居民生活用水价格介于为2.4元/吨~4.9元/吨;工业用水价格3.3元/吨~7.85元/吨。与自来水相比,淡化水显然没有价格优势。李琳梅提出,为了促进中国海水淡化产业的发展,国家首先要将海水淡化水视为保障国家水资源安全的重要组成,将淡化水纳入国家水资源配置体系和区域水资源规划。同时,政府应为公益性海水淡化工程提供补贴。;The seawater desalination industry is as important as water conservancy projects for China tocope with its water shortage,; Li said.China suffers from severe water shortages, nearly 54 billion cubic meters on average everyyear. This means that more than 66 percent of cities experience water shortages.To compound that difficulty, water consumption is expected to surge to about 700 billion cubicmeters in 2030, up from 600 billion cubic meters.根据去年国家发展改革委员会发布的《海水淡化产业发展“十二五”规划》,到2015年,海水淡化产能规模将达到220万立方米/日以上,约为目前产能的3倍。该规划还提出,到2015年,海水淡化对解决海岛新增供水量的贡献率达到50%以上,对沿海缺水地区新增工业供水量的贡献率达到15%以上。李琳梅指出,目前中国海水淡化技术发展已基本成熟,但其市场的培育和发展需要实质性的产业政策持。她认为国家财政应设立专项资金,用于持具有自主创新的海水淡化技术及其规模化示范的试点项目。李琳梅说:“作为中国应对水资源短缺的措施,海水淡化与水资源保护同等重要。”根据水利部发布的统计数据,我国年平均缺水量接近540亿立方米,66%以上的城市受到水资源短缺的困扰。水资源缺口仍在不断扩大。到2030年,年水资源消耗量将由目前的600亿立方米增至7000亿立方米。Facing such a severe shortage, authorities are taking measures.In March, the NDRC identified the regions and companies selected to carry out the firstdesalination projects, including heavily populated areas such as Zhejiang and Hebei provinces,and the municipalities of Shenzhen and Tianjin.The commission asked regions and companies to encourage desalinated water use forindustrial and domestic purposes.The industry is expected to get a 10-billion-yuan boost from the plan.Li said the policy showed the country#39;s determination and confidence in boosting the industry.面对如此严峻的水资源短缺,国家开始采取措施以推动海水淡化产业发展。三月份,国家发改委公布了第一批海水淡化工程试点区域和企业,浙江、河北、深圳和天津均榜上有名。发改委要求试点区域和企业积极促进将淡化水应用于工业和住宅。国家发改委预计,海水淡化设备的快速发展将使该行业年均增长达10亿元。李琳梅说,这些政策初步显示了国家推动海水淡化产业发展的决心和信心。Key technologyReverse osmosis technology and other areas of development vital for desalination have beenmastered, Li said.Osmosis technology pushes water under high pressure through fine membranes, filtering thesalt.Coupled with the distilling process of high-pressure steam and evaporators, this means that thetechnology is, in more ways than one, on tap.The country has 16 seawater desalination plants with a daily capacity of more than 10,000metric tons of fresh water, according to the NDRC.;Although we have made great progress in technology, large-scale plants in China still dependon foreign technology,; Li said.中国海水淡化技术李琳梅说,经过50多年的研究,我国已经掌握了反渗透海水淡化技术和低温多效蒸馏海水淡化技术。反渗透技术利用高压推动水通过膜分离出盐,而低温多效蒸馏则由多级组成,通过利用低压蒸汽以产生高纯水。国家发改委表示,2012年我国产水量高于10000立方米/天的海水淡化工程有16个。“尽管我们在海水淡化技术领域已经取得了长足的进步,但目前国内大型海水淡化工程仍主要使用国外技术。”李琳梅这样表示。将国产海水淡化技术应用于工程实践,是提高我国海水淡化自主创新能力的关键。Desalination is used in more than 150 countries to supply water to more than 200 millionpeople.The Tianjin Institute of Seawater Desalination and Multipurpose Utilization is strengtheninginternational cooperation to raise China#39;s domestic seawater desalination technology and boostexports, Li said.There are concerns about the potential environmental effects of large-scale seawaterdesalination plants, especially wastewater discharges.Li said the government should launch an environmental assessment before any major upgrade.至2010年,海水淡化工程已被应用于世界上150多个国家,解决了2亿多人的饮水问题。李琳梅说,目前淡化所正积极开展国际合作,以提升我国自主海水淡化技术在国际市场中的地位,促进国产淡化设备大规模向国外输出。面对迅速发展的中国海水淡化产业,也有人对大规模海水淡化工程的潜在环境影响表示担忧。因为浓海水排放可能会影响临海水域的水质,引起受纳海域盐度、温度的升高。李琳梅表示政府应对高盐度浓海水的排放进行环境影响评估,并提供排放标准。 /201305/238396武汉华夏男子皮肤科 When Feng Tianwei scooped bronze in the women#39;s table tennis in London last week, it was Singapore#39;s first individual Olympic medal in 52 years. 上周,新加坡选手冯天薇在伦敦奥运会上摘得乒乓球女子单打铜牌,这是新加坡52年来首次获得奥运个人项目奖牌。 Yet amid the outpouring of pride in the city-state of 5.2m, a jarring note of resentment has surfaced. 但在这个有520万人口的城市国家里,除了到处洋溢着的自豪感,也出现了一种不和谐的怨愤声。 Comments on social media sites were quick to point out that Ms Feng was born in mainland China and did not get Singapore citizenship until 2008. Meanwhile, 77 per cent of respondents in an online poll by Yahoo Singapore said they were ;not proud; of a ;foreign import; winning an Olympic medal. 社交媒体上很快有指出,冯天薇出生于中国大陆,直到2008年才取得新加坡国籍。同时,在雅虎(Yahoo)新加坡的一项在线调查中,77%的回答者表示,他们对一名;引进的外援;赢得奥运会奖牌;并不感到自豪;。 ;Honestly, I cannot bring myself to feel proud for a foreigner to win a medal for us, although they carry our Singapore flag,; one person wrote on Yahoo#39;s Facebook page. 有位用户在雅虎的Facebook页面上写道,;说实话,一个外国人为我们赢得一枚奖牌,我无法为此感到自豪,尽管他们的运动上也印着新加坡国旗图案。; As Singapore yesterday marked 47 years since its founding – under the slogan ;Loving Singapore, our home; – the reaction to Ms Feng has highlighted mounting friction over immigration. Much of it is focused on the wave of mainland Chinese immigrants that has landed in Singapore over the past two years. 昨日,新加坡以;爱在新加坡,我们的家;( Loving Singapore, Our Home)为主题,庆祝建国47周年。值此之际,新加坡人对冯天薇得奖的反应,凸显了该国在移民问题上日益严重的意见争执。争执主要集中于过去两年中来到新加坡的中国大陆移民潮。 Paradoxically, most of Singapore#39;s Chinese population – its largest ethnic group – are descendants of immigrants from the Chinese provinces of Fujian and Guangdong. 但矛盾的是,新加坡人数最多的民族是华人,其中大多数都是祖籍中国福建和广东省移民的后代。Immigration has led to overcrowding on public transport and competition for lower-paid jobs, escalating housing costs and widening income disparities. Of the 5.2m population, 1.5m people are immigrants. 移民导致公共交通过于拥挤、低薪岗位竞争激烈、房价不断上涨、收入差距不断扩大。在新加坡520万总人口中,移民占150万。 Resentment at the arrival of wealthy mainland Chinese, too, flared recently after a young Chinese businessman crashed his Ferrari at high speed into a taxi two months ago, killing himself, a local taxi driver and a Japanese passenger. 两个月前,一名年轻的中国商人驾驶法拉利车与一辆出租车高速相撞,导致他本人、出租车司机和一名日本乘客死亡。此事也激化了新加坡人对中国大陆富人到来的不满。 This is all causing a headache for the government, which is trying to balance a falling birth rate with the need to maintain a degree of population buoyancy to keep Singapore#39;s economic miracle on track. 这一切让新加坡政府感到头疼。该国政府正在试图在出生率不断下降与保持人口活跃增长之间找到一个平衡。后者是维持新加坡经济奇迹所必须的。 The government projects the economy will expand 1.5-2.5 per cent this year, compared with 1.7 per cent last year. But Singapore is increasingly dependent for growth on lower-income immigrant workers to help build infrastructure and foreigners working in areas, such as commodity trading. 新加坡政府预测今年经济增长率将达1.5%至2.5%,而去年实际增长率为1.7%。但新加坡经济增长对低收入移民工人以及外国人的依赖度正变得越来越高。新加坡需要前者帮助修建基础设施,需要后者在商品贸易等领域为其工作。 ;Immigration is the big thing now,; says Eugene Tan, a law professor at Singapore Management University. ;It impacts everything: property prices, rental, the cost of living and the sense of belonging and what it means to be a Singaporean.; ;如今移民是个大问题,; 新加坡管理大学(Singapore Management University)法学教授尤金#8226;谭(Eugene Tan)表示,;它影响方方面面:房价、房租、生活成本、归属感,以及做一个新加坡人意味着什么。; In his national day speech, Lee Hsien Loong, prime minister, said a feeling of belonging and identity for Singaporeans had become ;harder to nurture when we have new immigrants and foreign workers;. 新加坡总理李显龙(Lee Hsien Loong)在国庆节演讲中表示,;加上新移民和外国工人的引入;,归属感和认同感的培养;显得更为复杂;。 Alarm bells were rung earlier this year by his father, the 88-year-old founder of modern Singapore, Lee Kuan Yew, who warned that increasing the birth rate was the country#39;s ;biggest challenge;. 今年早些时候,现代新加坡的缔造者、现年88岁的李光耀(Lee Kuan Yew,李显龙之父)向新加坡人敲响警钟,提醒他们:提高生育率是新加坡面临的;最大挑战;。 /201208/194734Interesting: Volunteering in the local community is the only area where people under 33 are likely to be more generous with their time当你对那些以自我为中心的二十多岁的人忍无可忍时,你可以想想有一天他们也会到33岁的。When you#39;re fed up with self-obsessed twenty-somethings, try to remember that they#39;ll be 33 one day.因为有研究显示,33岁是人们抛弃那种一切围着自己转的心态的年龄。For that#39;s the age when they lose the #39;all about me#39; attitude, research suggests.研究人员称,到了33岁,年轻时的自私心将消退,人们会开始更多地考虑他人的感受。By then, youthful selfishness subsides and people begin to consider others#39; feelings more often, researchers say.当我们到了33岁,我们也会更努力地和父母、祖父母相处,会更愿意积极化解和家人或朋友间的积怨。When we reach 33, we are also more likely to make an effort with parents and grandparents and take a positive attitude towards ending feuds with family or friends.当我们到了33岁,我们也会更努力地和父母、祖父母相处,会更愿意积极化解和家人或朋友间的积怨。The older we get, the more selfless we are in almost all areas of life – with the exception of volunteering in the community, the report suggests.研究报告显示,我们年龄越大,在生活的各个方面也会变得更无私——除了社区志愿务外。Most people agree that having children is the turning point in changing our attitudes towards other people.许多人都认为生育小孩是我们改变对他人态度的转折点。This is when we apparently find ourselves worrying more about others and doing things for them, such as checking how they are getting home, offering to help with childcare and doing airport runs.这个时候,我们会明显发现自己更多地为他人操心、为他人做事,如确认他人如何回家,主动提出帮忙照顾小孩,或去接机送机。And we are more likely to keep an eye out for neighbours, as well as give up seats to elderly people on public transport.而且我们会更愿意帮邻居留心,在公交车、地铁上给老人让座。We will probably also be more involved in the community and willing to donate money to good causes.我们还可能会更多地参与社区的活动,更愿意给公益事业捐钱。Those under 33 are most likely to admit to being very selfish – with 40 percent saying that they put themselves first in all circumstances.33岁以下的人最可能承认自己十分自私——40%的人说他们在所有情况下都把自己放在第一位。However, 40 percent of this age group regularly volunteer for charity or their community – higher than any other age group.然而,这个年龄段的人有40%经常为慈善组织或自己的社区做志愿务,比例高于任何其他年龄段。The age at which we are most selfish is our teenage years, researchers found – with people saying that just growing up made them more likely to consider others.研究人员发现,我们在青少年时期最自私。有人说长大后自然就会更多地为他人考虑。Others cite meeting their partner or buying a house as the point at which they started being more compassionate and putting others first.其他人称遇见伴侣或买房是转折点,自那以后他们开始变得更有同情心,会先为别人考虑。Researchers at Make-A-Wish Foundation UK came to their conclusion after studying the attitudes of 2,000 adults aged from 20 to 60.这些结论是英国许愿基金会的研究人员在调查了20岁到60岁的2000名成人的态度后得出的。 /201302/227112孝感市大悟县男性专科

武汉华夏男子医院割包皮是韩式的吗武汉广州军区医院男科专家挂号 Most Asians feel as though they#39;re poorer than they really are and expect income inequality to climb over the next decade, according to a new survey by Fidelity Worldwide Investment. However, the survey also found that Asians are also generally optimistic about their future, with 90% believing that their children will manage to achieve middle or high income status by dint of good education and hard work.富达国际投资(Fidelity Worldwide Investment)新近进行的一项调查显示,大多数亚洲人感觉自己比真实情况更为贫穷,并且预计收入不平等现象将在未来10年变得更加严重。不过,调查还发现,亚洲人普遍对未来持乐观态度,90%的被调查者认为,他们的子女将会凭借良好的教育和勤奋的工作进入中等或高收入阶层。Those are the findings of a survey commissioned by Fidelity, a global asset management company, which was carried out this spring in ten cities, including Beijing, Shanghai, Mumbai and New Delhi, Hong Kong, Taipei, Singapore, Seoul, Sydney and Tokyo.这项由全球性资产管理公司富达国际进行的调查于今年春天在10个城市展开,这些城市包括北京、上海、孟买、新德里、香港、台北、新加坡、首尔、悉尼和东京。Among the 5,186 respondents, a majority of 66% described themselves as middle-class, though they often had difficulty defining what that meant. The survey also found that 86% of Asians have trouble identifying how rich or poor they are relative to others, with 66% of such respondents believing they are relatively poorer than in fact they are.在5,186名受访者中,66%的人认为自己属中产阶级,不过他们往往并不清楚中产阶级的含义。调查还发现,86%的亚洲人不知道相对于他人来说,自己的贫穷或富裕程度如何,在这类受访者中,有66%的人认为他们比实际状况更加贫穷。Fidelity#39;s Betty Ng, director of Fidelity#39;s Asia-Pacific investment communications, says that the findings suggest Asians may face challenges in their future investment decisions, causing them to be overly cautious or too quick to embrace risk. For example, she notes, China has ;a long history of being a poor country, so some people have a very conservative mindset of wanting to guard their wealth; a fact that may complicate China#39;s efforts to boost domestic consumption to drive its economy. While some investors may be overly cautious, she notes that others will tend to swing to the other extreme. ;There#39;s also the possibility that they feel so insecure that they want to make quick bets quick bets and big bets to catch up with their peers,; she says.富达的亚太投资信息总监吴玉慈(Betty Ng)说,此次调查结果显示,亚洲人未来在投资决策方面可能会面临着一些挑战,他们有可能过于谨慎,或是缺乏必要的风险防范意识。她举例说,中国拥有很长一段作为穷国的历史,所以一些人拥有非常保守的思维方式,他们只是想守住自己的财富──这一点可能会让中国更加难以通过刺激国内消费来推动经济增长。她指出,尽管一些投资者可能过于谨慎,另外的一些人则走向了另一个极端。她说,还有一种可能性是,一些人由于太缺乏安全感,于是就仓促冒险──为了赶上同龄人而大规模地、仓促地冒险。In recent years, Asia#39;s middle class has boomed, propelling a new wave of consumption across the region. For example, though just 21% of Asia was middle-class in 1990, by 2008, that figure had more than doubled to 56%, according to the Asian Development Bank, as defined by people living on between -20 per day. In China, that figure is significantly higher, with data collected by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences suggesting that the middle class grew from 56% of the population in 1995 to 89% in 2007.最近几年,亚洲中产阶级的规模不断壮大,在该地区引发了一轮新的消费热潮。例如,亚洲开发(Asian Development Bank)的数据显示,上世纪90年代只有21%的亚洲人属中产阶级,到了2008年,该比例翻了一番还多,达到了56%。中产阶级的定义是每天的生活消费在2美元到20美元之间的人。在中国,中产阶级的比例大大高于亚洲平均水平,中国社会科学院收集的数据显示,中国人口里中产阶级的比例已经从1995年的56%上升到了2007年的89%。Respondents from region#39;s two biggest emerging economies, India and China, were particularly upbeat about their prospects. ;Indians seem very optimistic about how their income status will change in the next 10 years and how their children will fare,; says Ms. Ng.;Mainland Chinese also tend to have a lot of faith in how they#39;ll move up economically.;该地区最大两个新兴经济体──印度和中国的受访者对于未来前景尤其乐观。吴玉慈说,印度人似乎对未来10年收入水平的变化以及他们子女的生活状况非常乐观。中国大陆的受访者往往也对自己未来的经济状况充满信心。Fully 81% of respondents in Mumbai said they expected their household income to increase in the next 10 years, a sentiment shared by 75% of those polled in New Delhi. Next on the list of most optimistic cities were Beijing and Shanghai, where 65% and 61% of respondents said they expected their household income to go up in the next decade, respectively.81%的孟买受访者说,他们预计自己的家庭收入未来10年将会增加,新德里的受访者中有75%持同样观点。北京和上海人的乐观度紧随其后,这两个城市分别有65%和61%的受访者表示,他们预计自己的家庭收入未来10年将会增长。;They#39;re hopeful. They seem to feel that the economy will offer them more opportunities,; says Ms. Ng. ;These are people who feel they#39;re in control, that there are things they can do.;吴玉慈说,这些人充满希望。他们似乎相信,本国经济会为他们提供更多机会。他们认为自己可以掌控生活,认为自己可以有所作为。By contrast, more developed economies such as Tokyo and Hong Kong exhibited considerably less buoyancy, with 72% and 61% believing that their household income would stagnate or worsen in the coming 10 years.相比之下,东京和香港等经济更发达城市的人则明显没这么乐观,在东京和香港,分别有72%和61%的受访者认为他们的家庭收入在未来10年会停滞不前甚至降低。The income gap has grown significantly across Asia in the past decade, with the region#39;s overall Gini coefficient岸which captures the degree of wealth inequality岸rising to 0.46 in 2010 from 0.33 in 1990. In response to Fidelity#39;s survey, fully 76% of respondents said that over the coming decade, they expect the wealth gap will only continue to grow.过去的10年里,整个亚洲的收入差距都在大幅增加,该地区的整体基尼系数从1990年的0.33上升到了2010年的0.46。基尼系数是衡量贫富差距的指标。在调查中,有76%的受访者说,他们预计未来10年内贫富差距只会愈加严重。 /201206/188493武汉武昌区哪家医院割包皮好

黄冈市麻城县治疗龟头炎多少钱The people of the Brussels will have to mind their manners from now on, with the city authorities announcing new fines of up to 250 euros (pound;200) for insults traded on the streets.生活在比利时布鲁塞尔的人们今后要注意言语文明了,该市政府宣布了一项新举措,要对在公众场合骂人者予以最高250欧元(200英镑)的罚款。;Any form of insult is from now on punishable, whether it be racist,homophobicor otherwise,; a spokesman ed Socialist mayor Freddy Thielemans as saying.一名发言人援引社会党市长弗雷迪-蒂勒曼斯的话说,“任何讲污言秽语的人都将受到惩罚,不管是种族主义言论,歧视同性恋者的言论,还是别的。”Brussels, home to the EU and many top international institutions, is known for its family-friendly and cultivated lifestyle but the mayor wants tocrack down onthe everyday unpleasantness found in any big city.布鲁塞尔是欧盟总部和很多高级国际机构的所在地,以有利于家庭和有教养的生活方式而著称,但市长想以此打击在所有大城市都存在的脏话问题。To do so, officials came to an agreement with judicial authorities to impose fines of between 75 and 250 euros for insults,petty theftand rough jostling where no physical harm is caused.为此,当地政府和司法机关达成一致,对骂人者、小偷小摸、和没有造成身体伤害的粗鲁推撞予以75欧元到250欧元的罚款。The spokesman for the mayor said the courts up to now had been too busy to take up such cases and as a result many police ;had little incentive to take any action over such incidents;.市长发言人说,法院一直太忙,没有精力处理类似案件,因此很多警察“没有什么动力处理骂人这种事”。The issue was highlighted in a recent film by Belgian director Sofie Peeters who recorded in secret the everyday insults andexchangesshe ran into on the streets of the city.比利时导演苏菲-皮特斯最近拍摄的一部影片里也强调了这一状况。她在影片中秘密拍摄了自己在该市的街道上碰到的辱骂和口角。 /201209/198409 <牛人_句子>武汉切包皮哪家医院最好武汉华夏男子看不孕不育



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