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2019年09月21日 23:12:11

Norway's prime minister says European intelligence agencies have joined the investigation into last week's terror attacks that left at least 76 people dead. Jens Stoltenberg says the country's core values will grow stronger. Friday's attacks have been linked to far-right Norwegian zealot Anders Behring Breivik. The views he allegedly published on the Internet have put Europe's far right in the spotlight. 挪威首相表示,欧洲的情报部门目前已经在和挪威方面一道,调查上个星期在挪威发生至少76人死亡的恐怖袭击事件。挪威首相斯托尔滕贝格说,这次恐怖袭击事件之后,挪威的核心价值只会进一步加深。身为挪威公民的极右人士安德斯·布雷维克是上个星期恐怖袭击事件的主要嫌疑人,他并且已经对发动袭击供认不讳。事发前,布雷维克据说在网络上发表的一些观点和言论,使得人们不得不将目光转向欧洲当前的极右派。Speaking Wednesday, Norway's prime minister, Jens Stoltenberg, said there will be a security review in Norway that will include police organization and capacity. 挪威首相斯托尔滕贝格7月27日(星期三)发表讲话说,挪威政府将就国家安全问题进行审议,这其中将包括警方部门的重组以及执法人员是否人手充足等问题。He said Friday's attacks will bring more political engagement to Norway. 他说,上个星期五发生的袭击事件迫使挪威人更多地参与到政治过程中来。"The Norwegian response to violence is more democracy, more openness and greater political participation," said Stoltenberg. 他说:“这次暴力事件之后,挪威人的反应是:我们需要更多的民主、更多的开放、更大程度上的政治参与。”Details of the deadly attacks continue to emerge including a more detailed profile of the man who says he is responsible. 上个星期五发生的暴力袭击事件的具体细节,日益被披露出来,其中包括主要嫌疑人布雷维克的背景,等等。The defense lawyer for Anders Behring Breivik says his client's actions suggest he is insane. But political analysts say the gunman's opinions, which seem to have motivated him, are in line with many among Europe's extreme right. 布雷维克的辩护律师说,从布雷维克的行动中或许可以看出,他精神有问题。不过,政治分析人士指出,布雷维克公开陈述的那些观点,实际上和欧洲很多极右派人士的观点,如出一辙;布雷维克正是在这些观点的驱使下,做出屠杀行动的。201107/146304郴州哪个医院有不孕不育专科Untold numbers of Haitians are dead, trapped in rubble or missing after the country's worst earthquake in two centuries. The international community is rushing to provide emergency aid for the impoverished Caribbean nation, where as many as three million people are believed to have been affected by Tuesday's 7.0-magnitude temblor that struck outside the capital, Port-au-Prince.自海地发生两个世纪以来最严重的地震之后,目前已经有不计其数的当地居民不幸遇难、身陷废墟或者下落不明。国际社会正在加紧对这个贫困的加勒比海国家提供紧急援助。据信星期二在海地首都太子港城外发生的里氏7.0级的地震已经影响到多达300万人。Haiti's streets have become impromptu morgues, with grief-stricken survivors lining roads with bodies even as trapped survivors continue to scream for help.海地的街道已经成了临时停尸房,悲痛的幸存者们把遇难者的尸体排放在路上。而被埋在废墟下的人还在不断呼救。Frank Thorp, the husband of an American aid worker in Haiti, described the scene on N television's Today program.一名在海地的美国救援人员的丈夫索普在美国全美广播公司的“今日”节目中,描述了他看到的景象。"There are dead people," said Frank Thorp. "There are people dying on the streets. There are injured on the streets. There are so many people here that need help."他说:“有死去的人。街上有奄奄一息的人。街上有受伤的人。这里有太多的人需要帮助。”The national palace, Port-au-Prince's main hospital, and the headquarters of the U.N. mission in Haiti are among the thousands of structures that collapsed - inflicting a death toll that could take weeks to compile. Scores of U.N. personnel are unaccounted for.太子港的主要医院,以及联合国在海地的总部大楼是倒塌的数千座建筑物之一,造成的死亡人数可能要好几个星期才能统计出来。数十名联合国工作人员下落不明。201001/94534郴州人民医院包皮术后线头怎么样French researchers are predicting doom for Planet Earth. They believe neighboring planets could stray out of orbit and collide with the Earth billions of years from now. The B's David Shukman explains their theory.A view of Earth from orbit and a strange question "how long would it last?" Scientists have long known about the violent event that formed solar system. But now they study the movements of our nearest neighbors. Mars, they reckon, could drift uncomfortably close or do this. If we are really unlucky, it can actually collide with us. Literally, the end of the world."So what exactly is this research saying? Well,one key thing that the orbits of the planets which look steady aren't all that regular. Over the years, some start to move pretty wildly.These are the projected tracks. And the odds are that will lead to a very big collision in about threebillion years'time."With that long to go, the researcher involved doesn't look too worried. But amid the old instruments of the observatory in Paris where he works, he has a doom-laden message about the future and what a collision would eventually mean."It would be totally devastating because the relative speed is very high. They go at ten kilometers per second. So it's ten times the velocity of a bullet . And the impact is enormous. Everything will be destroyed on Earth."Until now, the worry has been one of these, an asteroid. It's thought one of them finished off the dinosaurs. Think what a planet would do.But this is just a computer graphic. The calculations may be wrong. The only people who need to react to this research are film producers in Hollywood. David Shukman, B News.We are gonna have to say those might be the most menacing graphics we'd ever used. Watching things collide on the planet that I live on? Can't tell like that very much.It's almost Biblical-financial meltdown, swine flu and now this. What's next, the rain of frogs?But still watch the news. We want you to keep watching.Yeah. Please do. You'll still be here as long as that doesn't happen. 06/74397U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner is urging a common, coordinated approach to dealing with global financial reforms and says Europe must act quickly, and with force, to reassure markets that the euro-currency crisis will not sp. The American official is holding talks with finance leaders in Europe.Treasury chief Timothy Geithner is discussing European measures to stabilize the ailing euro currency in a bid to reassure markets the crisis will not sp throughout the eurozone.He is also talking about financial reform measures being proposed.After meeting in London with his British counterpart, George Osborne, Geithner said the ed States wants a careful and consistent approach to financial reform."That will put in place stronger, global standards across the system that provide the right balance between stability, preserving the capacity for innovation, make sure we reduce the risk of future crises," said Geithner.The U.S. treasury chief's comments come amid indications some European countries may work independently to regulate banks and financial markets. Europe's biggest economy, Germany, last week banned some speculative trading and has indicated it may do so in the longer term.Geithner said a common approach in a world of global markets is crucial.European countries have been trying to stem the tide of a near financial meltdown that started in Greece, but is now threatening to engulf other heavily indebted countries. European nations have put together rescue packages for Greece and the broader eurozone. As a major contributor to such loan guarantees, Germany wants stricter measures in place to keep countries from running up such high debts and to regulate the banking and financial sectors.Geithner said the European aid package has the right elements, but now needs to be put into action.After talks in London, Geithner is to meet with German and other European officials in the coming days.美国财政部长盖特纳呼吁共同采取协调方式进行全球金融改革,他说,欧洲必须迅速有力地行动,向市场确保欧元危机不会扩散。盖特纳正在欧洲与各国财长举行会谈。美国财长盖特纳正在讨论欧洲应采取哪些措施来稳定不断贬值的欧元,从而向市场确保这场危机不会在整个欧元区扩散。他还将讨论正在提议的金融改革措施。盖特纳在伦敦会见英国财政大臣奥斯本之后说,美国希望对金融改革采取谨慎和一致的方式。他说:“金融改革将在整个金融系统制定更强有力的全球性标准,在稳定和保持创新能力之间提供适当的平衡,确保我们可以降低未来发生危机的风险。”盖特纳在说这番话之际,有迹象显示一些欧洲国家可能单独行动对各自的和金融市场进行监管。欧洲最大的经济体德国上个星期禁止一些投机性交易,并表示可能采取一些更长期的类似措施。盖特纳说,全球市场采取统一行动至关重要。欧洲国家一直在试图遏制一场接近金融崩溃的危机,这次危机始于希腊,但现在已经威胁到其他几个债务累累的国家。欧洲国家已经为希腊和欧元区推出了救助计划。德国作为这些贷款担保的主要持方,希望各国能够采取更严格的措施,避免国家陷入高额债务,并对和金融业进行监管。盖特纳说,欧洲救助计划的内容正确,但现在需要付诸行动。盖特纳在伦敦之行后,还将在未来几天内会见德国和其他欧洲官员。201005/104924郴州阳痿早泄治疗医院

郴州那家医院看男科郴州治疗慢性生殖器疱疹需要多少钱Japan's economy日本经济On a mission使命在身A rare reformist zeal is emerging in post-quake Japan. The government ignores it at the country’s peril 震后日本出现了少见的改革热情。政府不顾国家安危,对此置若罔闻THERE is something awe-inspiring about the Japanese on a mission. During Golden Week holidays this month, thousands of volunteers helped to sift through the muddy wreckage left by the March tsunami. Stricken roads, bullet trains and factories have returned to normal with astonishing speed. In people’s ardour to rebuild, once-taboo ideas are emerging on how to reform and deregulate not just the damaged areas but the country at large (see article). The government urgently needs to develop a sense of mission, too.重任在身的日本确实有令人敬畏之处。就在这个月的黄金周假期期间,数千名志愿者帮助清理三月海啸留下的废墟。受灾道路、高铁和工厂都以惊人速度恢复正常运转。与人民的重建热情共同高涨的,还有一度被视为禁忌的观念,即:如何对受灾地区、甚至对全国进行改革,解除管制(见文章)。政府当前也亟需树立使命感。日本工业生产与过去相比的变动幅度The combined power of a quake, tsunami and full-scale nuclear accident has jolted whatever sense of complacency the Japanese had about the resilience of their country. The ham-fisted efforts of Tokyo Electric Power (TEPCO) to stem the crisis at the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear-power plant have exposed the company for what it is: an inept monopoly so big it could co-opt or run rings around its regulators. It should be broken up. Meanwhile, the smashed-up fishing fleets and sea-swamped rice paddies in the north-east have prompted discussion on bringing private investment into these heavily protected areas which no longer provide a future for the young. Many are championing the idea of special economic zones in the north-east, which would free the area from the cat’s cradle of rules imposed from Tokyo that hamper free enterprise. All of these are good ideas. But they will wither unless the central government throws its weight squarely behind them.地震、海啸和大规模核事故的联合效应已动摇了日本人民所谓的对国家应对灾害能力的自负信心。东京电力公司为遏制福岛核电站危机所做出的拙手笨脚的努力充分暴露了公司的本质:一个无能的垄断巨头,它既可以增补管理人员,又可以在处事能力上遥遥领先于管理人员。公司应当解体。同时,日本东北部被摧毁的“舰队”和被海水吞噬的稻田引发讨论,要求吸引私人投资进入这些严重保护的领域,因为它们不能再保年轻人的未来生活。许多人都在提倡在东北部设立经济特区,从而使这一地区摆脱东京制定的各种繁文缛节,因为正是这些妨碍了自由经营活动。以上诸种倡议均是良策。但除非中央政府鼎力持这些措施,否则它们都将夭折。For much of the crisis, Naoto Kan, the prime minister, has been a sadly withdrawn figure. Yet when he does show leadership, the public responds. His popularity, though low, rose this month after he unexpectedly pressed for the closure of the nuclear-power plant nearest to Tokyo because it sits on a fault line. He has won plaudits for suspending plans to build more nuclear facilities. No doubt he could do more to accelerate an emergency 10 trillion (3 billion) plan for rebuilding damaged parts of the Tohoku region if he were not faced by a “Bring Down Kan” campaign within the opposition and even his own party. But he must get around such pettiness.在大部分危机时期内,日本首相菅直人一直是悲伤地离群索居的形象。然而当它真正展现号召力时,公众便积极回应。福岛核电站距东京最近,且正处断层线上,菅直人出人意料地施压,关闭了距东京最近的福岛核电站,因为该核电站正处断层线上。菅直人的民意持率虽然很低,但本月持率也借此上涨。他也因中止增建核设施而赢得一片掌声。倘若不是遭遇反对党和本党人士发动的“拉菅直人下马”运动,他定能进一步加快10万亿日元(1230亿美元)紧急方案的实施,以用于重建受灾的仙台地区。但他必须处理好这些琐碎杂事。201105/137886谷歌在华广告代理商联名致函谷歌说,如果谷歌关闭旗下的中文搜索引擎,它们的业务将陷入危险,并要求谷歌给代理商合理的解决方案。《华尔街日报》马塞洛·普林斯(Marcelo Prince)报道。201003/99032郴州市人民医院南院看泌尿科怎么样Pakistan: Up to 500,000 May Flee Taliban-Held Swat多达50万人或撤离巴西北地区 Security forces have been battling with Taliban fighters for more than a week in the northwest Malakand division, but troops have largely avoided entering the militant stronghold in Swat Valley.巴基斯坦安全部队在西北部的马拉坎地区同塔利班战斗人员交战已经一个多星期,但巴基斯坦军队基本上避免进入在斯瓦特河谷的激进分子大本营。But residents of the main city Mingora began leaving Tuesday when officials lifted a curfew in some places to allow civilians to relocate.但是星期二在当局解除了一些地方的戒严、允许平民重新安置之后,主要城镇明戈拉的居民开始离开。One resident who left with his family told VOA that militants completely control the town, have taken up fighting positions in large buildings and placed landmines along key routes. He said the Taliban did not prevent people from leaving during the suspended curfew.一位和家人一起出逃的居民告诉美国之音说,激进分子已经完全控制了明戈拉,已经将一些主要建筑物作为他们的战斗阵地,并在主要道路上埋下地雷。他说,在暂停戒严期间, 塔利班没有阻止人们离开。"We are leaving our homes from Mingora. Some people going to Mardan, some are going to Peshawar. The government gave us only three or four hours, so that is why the people of Mingora are leaving Mingora," he said.“我们离开明戈拉的家园。一些人前往马尔丹,一些人去白沙瓦。政府仅给我们3-4个小时的时间,这就是明戈拉居民离开那里的原因。”The information minister for the North-West Frontier province predicted as many as 500,000 people may flee the Swat Valley. He said the government is preparing temporary camps to house those who have nowhere else to go.西北边境省的新闻部长预计,多达50万人可能逃离斯瓦特河谷。他说,政府正准备临时营地,收留那些无处可去的人们。Pakistan's army has not said if it is planning an assault on Swat, which would be the final blow for a much criticized peace deal with the Swat Taliban. Provincial officials had reached a deal with the militants that allowed the establishment of Islamic courts in parts of the northwest in exchange for the disarming of the militants, something they did not do.巴基斯坦军方还没有表示他们是否要进攻斯瓦特。军方进攻斯瓦特将是对斯瓦特和平协议的最后打击。政府同斯瓦特塔利班签署的这项和平协议受到广泛的批评。马拉坎省的官员同激进分子达成一项协议,允许在西北部分地区设立一个伊斯兰法院,以此作为交换来解除激进分子的武装,但是激进分子却没有这样做。But even staunch defenders of the agreement have in recent days harshly criticized the Taliban for failing to hold up their end of the bargain.但是,即使极力维护该协议的人们最近也严厉抨击塔利班未能兑现他们在谈判中做出的承诺。Bashir Bilour is a senior member of the Awami National Party, which played a key role in setting up the deal. He defended the recent military action by citing a long list of grievances.比卢尔是“人民民族党”的资深党员,在达成这项和平协议努力中发挥了重要作用。他列举了很多令人不满的事例,为最近的军事行动辩护。"After we discussed implementing Sharia, the other side smashed our schools, slaughtered our men and hanged our people. They stopped girls from attending school and women from going to the market," he said.Since last week, Pakistan's army said it killed more than 100 militants and secured three districts that earlier had been controlled by the Taliban. Fighting continues in some of those places, but overall, the military said its operations have gone smoothly.从上星期以来,巴基斯坦军方说,他们打死100多名激进分子,占领此前塔利班激进分子控制的三个区。军方说,战斗仍在其中一些地方进行,但总的来说,军方的行动进展顺利。In Swat, there is concern among residents who have aly been through two previous military operations that failed to dislodge the militants. The resident of Mingora who spoke to VOA said people are opposed to the Taliban, but are equally wary of military operations that have killed civilians in the past.在斯瓦特,当地居民忧心忡忡,因为他们已经历了两次没有把激进分子赶走的军事行动。接受美国之音采访的这位明戈拉的居民反对塔利班,但是他同样对军事行动表示担心。过去的军事行动造成了平民的伤亡。"People want operation against the militancy, but not against the innocent people. This is the big problem for us, the Swati people, also for Buner," he said.这位居民说:“人民希望军方采取打击激进分子的行动,但是不希望伤及无辜人民。这是我们、斯瓦特人民,以及布纳尔人民关心的最主要问题。”He said residents worry the military's attempts to dislodge the Taliban could fail once again.他说,居民们担心,军方赶走塔利班的企图可能会再次失败。05/68901郴州人民中妇幼保健医院阳痿早泄价格

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