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Peggy Whitson is now the oldest woman to orbit Earth.佩吉·惠特森现在是绕地球飞行的最年长者。The 56-year-old NASA astronaut arrived at the International Space Station on Saturday.这位56岁的美国宇航局宇航员于周六抵达国际空间站。That just beats the previous record-holder, Barbara Morgan, who was 55 when she went to space. 这刚好击败以前的纪录保持者芭芭拉·根,她在55岁上太空。This is far from Whitsons first record, though. Shes on her third mission in space, having aly become the ISS first female commander and the only woman to ever lead NASAs astronaut corps.这远不是惠特森的首个纪录。他是第三次执行太空任务,已成为国际空间站的首位女性指挥官,以及唯一领导美国宇航局宇航员队的女性。She even holds the record for most time in space among female astronauts –– which actually made getting cleared this time more difficult, since NASA limits how much radiation astronauts are exposed to.她甚至是在太空时间最长的女性宇航员,实际上使得这次更为艰难,因为美国宇航局限制宇航员暴露辐射的量。By the end of her mission, Whitson should break another record: Most days spent in space by an American, regardless of gender.任务结束后,惠特森要打破另一项记录:在太空时间最长的美国人,无论性别。译文属。201611/479799原味人文风情:So this morning, I went to Starbucks. You know Starbucks. Youve heard of Starbucks? Yup.今天早上我去了星巴克。你知道星巴克。听过星巴克吧?没错。Theres one on the corner next to the Starbucks across from the Starbucks.转角那有一家在星巴克对面那家星巴克旁边的星巴克。Go in there for coffee—should be simple.进去那点咖啡--应该没什么困难。You go in, you order; they say, ;Whats your name?; You tell them your name.你进去、点餐;店员说:「你的名字是?」你告诉他们你的名字。A few minutes later, they hand you a coffee that says ;Helen.; You know.几分钟后,他们递给你一杯写着「Helen」的咖啡。你懂的。Should be easy—its not. First, theres a long line.应该要很简单--并不简单。首先,有一条长长的排队队伍。Why is there a line? I mean, there are more Starbucks in the world than there are people.怎么要排队哩?我是说,世界上的星巴克都比人多了。We should all—we should have our individual Starbucks by now.我们应该都--我们现在应该都有个人专属星巴克吧。I think one reason is—the line is so long because there are people dont know what to order.我想一个原因是--队伍那么长,因为有人不知道要点什么。Thats one of the things. These people, they go every single day, and then they just stare up at the .那是其中一件事。这些人,他们每天都去星巴克,然后他们就只是傻傻看着饮料目录。Like seeing it for the first time. Its the same .就像第一次看到它一样。那是同样的饮料目录。Nothings changed. They have coffee, they have tea, and they have Michael Buble CDs. Choose something!什么都没变。星巴克有咖啡、有茶,然后他们还有 Michael Buble 的 CD。选一样就好啦!And then there are the people who know what they want, but theyre...they—its so complicated.然后有知道自己要什么的人,不过他们...他们--有够复杂的。Thats the problem with it.那就是问题所在。Theres a woman in front of me, she ordered a...a mocha no-foam extra-whip sugar-free double-shot non-fat vanilla iced Ariana Grande. And...我前面有一个女人,她点一杯...一杯卡无奶泡多鲜奶油无糖双份浓缩咖啡无脂香草小天后大杯星冰乐。然后...Then after you place your order, you walk over to the barista station, which is a fancy name for ;coffee-pourer person,; and— This is a place where people stand as close to the counter as they possibly can, even though there are 12 people waiting for their order that were before them.接着你点完咖啡后,你走去咖啡调理师柜台,那是「倒咖啡的人」比较厉害的名字,然后-- 这是一个大家都尽可能要站得离柜台很近的地方,就算前面有十二个人在等他们的咖啡了。And then, after you get your coffee, you have a seat, which—you cant find a seat.然后,你拿到咖啡后,你有座位,那--你找不到半个位子。Its impossible, because I call them ;Starbucks Squatters.;不可能有位子,因为我叫他们「星巴克非法居民」。Thats what they—they order one coffee, and then they sit there...eight to 12 hours.那就是他们--他们点一杯咖啡,接着他们就坐在那...八到十二个小时。And they bring so much stuff with them. It looks like theyre moving in.他们带了一堆东西。看起来就像他们要搬进去住一样。They have a newspaper. They have a book, a charger, a laptop, extension cords, a cot... pictures of their family, a personal assistant, a garden hose—I dont know why.他们有一份报纸。他们有一本书、充电器、笔电、延长线、一张折迭床...家人的照片、个人助理、花园水管--不知道干嘛带。No one should spend that much time at a Starbucks, which brings me to the dress code.没有人应该花那么多时间在星巴克,那让我想到仪规定。And Ive mentioned this before, but spandex bike shorts are not acceptable.我之前提过这,不过弹性单车短裤是不可接受的。A. Youre sweaty. B. No one wants to see you dig in there for exact change. There is nothing worse than a warm dollar.A. 你臭汗淋漓。B. 没人想看你在单车短裤里挖零钱。没有什么比残有体温的钱更糟了。Uh-oh. Did you wanna see more s? Hold on.喔喔。想看更多影片吗?等等。201610/474634栏目简介:The art world has been buzzing for the last couple of years about another Mona Lisa painting. Its known as the ;Earlier Mona Lisa; and some believe its an authentic da Vinci work that he painted before the Mona Lisa hanging in the Louvre. However, other art experts still arent convinced its a da Vinci work. The ;Earlier Mona Lisa; is now in Shanghai and I had the chance to find out why exhibition organizers are convinced it is the Italian artists creation.201703/492627

原味人文风情:Britain and the European Union may be in for a messy divorce. Britains exit, or Brexit, from one of the worlds most powerful trading blocs will happen if Brits vote to leave, in a national referendum on June 23. Polls showed the Brexit vote could go either way.英国和欧盟可能面临一场麻烦的离婚。英国的出走,或称 Brexit,脱离世界最强大贸易联盟之一,将会在英国人于 6 月 23 日一场全民公投中表决离去时发生。民调显示英国脱欧的投票结果两种都有可能。So heres how we got to this situation: The camp that wants to leave the EU are the so-called Euroskeptics. They kept the UK from adopting the Euro when it was launched in 1999. Nowadays, theyre more worried about the surge of immigration. The UK gets about 500 people added to its population every day. Since EU systems have the freedom to live in any country they choose, leaving the bloc is the only sure way to stem the flow of people.我们是这样走到这步的:想要脱离欧盟的阵营是所谓质疑欧盟者。他们在 1999 年欧元发行时阻止英国采用欧元。如今,他们更担忧移民潮。英国每天约增加五百名人口。因为欧盟体系拥有居住在他们想要的任何国家内的自由,离开联盟是遏制移民潮的唯一确定方法。Arguing to stay in is Prime Minister David Cameron. He negotiated new terms to the UKs EU membership, including some reassurances for Londons financial industry and the right to restrict welfare payments to migrants. He says a breakup would be an economic disaster. Europe accounts for nearly half of UK exports. And, he says, a Brexit would create a decade of uncertainty for financial markets, investment, and the wider economy. The debate is whiplashing markets and has sent the pound tumbling.主张留在欧盟的是首相卡麦隆。他协商英国新的欧盟会员条款,包含一些对伦敦金融业的保障,以及限制对移民福利出的权利。卡麦隆表示,脱欧将是场经济灾难。欧洲占英国出口近一半。另外,他表示英国脱欧会造成十年金融市场、投资的不确定性,以及影响更广层面的经济。脱欧争议正重挫市场并让英镑骤跌。Now, heres the argument: Those pushing for a Brexit say the EU has morphed from a free-trade zone into a superstate thats eating away at Britains national sovereignty. The vote will likely come down to two issues: the economic risks of an exit versus concern about a flow of immigrants that cant be stopped. Whichever way the vote goes, Britains long love-hate relationship with the EU will rumble on.现在,论点如此:那些推动英国脱欧的人们说欧盟已经从自由贸易区变成一个超国家,持续侵蚀英国国家主权。这场投票归根究底可能来到两个议题:脱欧带来的经济风险与对无法抵抗的移民潮的忧虑。无论投票结果如何,英国和欧盟长久以来的爱恨情仇将继续演下去。201609/468243

Finding that fish fossil proved easy. By the turn of the 19th century寻找那条鱼的化石好像并不难。到了19世纪末all eyes were on a Devonian group called the lobe-finned.所有目光都聚集在泥盆纪的一类鱼身上,它们叫做肉鳍鱼Lobe-finned uniquely have a bone structure in their fins that seems to be a precursor to our legs and arms肉鳍鱼的鳍内有独特的骨结构,看起来像是腿或胳膊的前身and one particular lobe-finned, the long extinct eusthenopteron had all the leg bones except the feet and toes.尤其是一类肉鳍鱼--早已灭绝的真掌鳍鱼,几乎拥有所有腿骨,只是少了足和趾Here in these fossils the limb was just laid out simply beautifully这些化石中伸展出来的肢非常完整,and it was so easy to turn it in your mind into a tetrapod when these bones,不难想象它将进化成四足动物,这些骨头,the 1 and the 2 bones, they were, they were laid out and there were these这一根和这两根骨头都已伸长bits in the, the, the ankle and the, the wrist and so on.另外还有踝部和腕部的骨块,等等Absolutely fantastic, beautiful material, clinched it really.真是太神奇了,非常好的资料,把它都串起来了What they thought theyd clinched was the fish from which we all came, the ancestor without legs,他们所说的串起来的就是我们起源的那种鱼,一个没有腿的祖先and early last century scholars developed a theory to explain why it might have evolved legs and started walking.上世纪初,有学者提出了一种理论,用来解释它为何进化出腿并开始行走That brutal Devonian sun must have been the cause of droughts.泥盆纪毒辣的阳光一定是引起干旱的原因Fish would have been trapped in drying pools and faced death.鱼可能困在日渐干涸的水塘中,面临着死亡的威胁To survive a few eusthenopterons must have dragged themselves on their fins,为了活下去,一小部分真掌鳍鱼不得不用它们的鳍撑着身体as mudskippers do today, out of the puddles in search of deeper water.像今天的弹涂鱼那样,从水坑爬到深水里去。201701/489450

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