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Cracks are beginning to show in Vladimir Putin’s grand project to form a Eurasian union to rival the EU as Russia’s partners have so far balked at joining Moscow’s trade war with the west.俄罗斯总统弗拉基米#8226;普京(Vladimir Putin)组建“欧亚联盟Eurasian Union)以对抗欧盟的宏大项目开始出现裂痕,因为俄罗斯的合作伙伴迄今不愿加入莫斯科与西方的贸易战。When the presidents of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan gathered in May to sign the Eurasian Economic Union into existence, it was hailed as an “epochalmoment with geostrategic implications.今年5月俄罗斯、白俄罗斯和哈萨克斯坦的总统齐聚一堂,签约成立欧亚经济联盟(Eurasian Economic Union)的时候,此举被誉为地缘战略的“划时代”时刻。“Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan are moving towards a completely new level of co-operation,Mr Putin said at a ceremony in Astana’s Palace of Independence, Kazakhstan.普京在哈萨克斯坦首都阿斯塔纳独立宫举行的一个庆典仪式上表示:“俄罗斯、白俄罗斯和哈萨克斯坦的合作正在迈向全新的水平。”But when the Kremlin last month announced a ban on imports of meat, fish, fruit, vegetables, and dairy products from Europe and other western countries, Belarus and Kazakh#173;stan refused to follow suit.但是,当克里姆林宫上月宣布禁止从欧洲和其他西方国家进口肉、鱼、水果、蔬菜和乳制品的时候,白俄罗斯和哈萨克斯坦拒绝跟随。“This is our internal affair,said Alexander Lukashenko, the president of Belarus. “We need Polish apples#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201; We need some German delicacies.”白俄罗斯总统亚历山大#8226;卢卡申科(Alexander Lukashenko)表示:“这是我们的内部事务。我们需要波兰的苹果……我们需要一些德国美食。”Nursultan Nazarbayev, the Kazakh president, implicitly criticised Russian policy last week in Minsk, saying tit-for-tat sanctions were “a road to nowhere哈萨克斯坦总统努尔苏丹#8226;纳扎尔巴耶夫(Nursultan Nazarbayev)上周在明斯克含蓄批评了俄罗斯的政策,称针锋相对的制裁是“无果之路”。The Eurasian Economic Union is viewed by some in the west as an attempt by Mr Putin to recreate the Soviet Union.欧亚经济联盟被西方某些人视为普京重建苏联的努力。Yet the lack of a common stance undermines its stated aim of creating a common market with free movement of capital, goods, services, and labour.然而,由于缺乏共同立场,其宣示的创建一个资本、商品、务和劳动力自由流动的共同市场的目标遭到削弱。“It’s very much a problem for relations inside the union,says Dosym Satpayev, head of Risk Assessment Group, a think-tank in Almaty. “I am not sure that this integration project will exist in the long term.”阿拉木图智库风险评估集Risk Assessment Group)掌门人多瑟姆#8226;萨帕耶夫(Dosym Satpayev)表示:“欧亚联盟内部关系存在很大的问题。我不确定这个一体化项目是否会长期存在。”The strains have become clearer in recent days. Last week, amid growing concerns about Russia’s stand-off with the west, Mr Nazarbayev, who first proposed the idea of a union of post-Soviet states two decades ago, raised the possibility of leaving it.近日这种内部紧张变得更为明显。上周,在各方越来越担心俄罗斯与西方对峙的背景下,纳扎尔巴耶夫提出了退出欧亚联盟的可能性。纳扎尔巴耶夫0年前首先提出了后苏联国家成立联盟的想法。“Kazakhstan has the right to leave the Eurasian Economic Union,he said in an interview with state television. “Kazakhstan will not enter an organisation which threatens our independence.”他在接受官方电视台采访时表示:“哈萨克斯坦有权退出欧亚经济联盟。哈萨克斯坦不会加入危及本国独立的组织。”Both Moscow and Astana play down the prospect of Kazakhstan’s leaving the EEU, which is not due to come into existence formally until January.莫斯科和阿斯塔纳双方都有意淡化哈萨克斯坦退出欧亚经济联盟的前景。欧亚经济联盟要到明月才会正式问世。Nonetheless, officials and analysts agree that the crisis in Ukraine has strained relations. “It is clear now that this association with Russia can cost Kazakhstan dearly,says one person with knowledge of government thinking in Astana.然而,官员和分析师们同意乌克兰危机让各方关系紧张的看法。一位了解阿斯塔纳政府思路的人士表示:“现在明显的是,与俄罗斯的这种联系可能让哈萨克斯坦吃大亏。”Kazakhstan has long sought to balance the competing interests of its two powerful neighbours, Russia and China. But its strong trade, financial and social ties with Russia mean that sanctions against Moscow are inevitably affecting Kazakhstan, says Umut Shayakhmetova, chairman of the board of Halyk Bank, Kazakhstan’s second-largest lender.哈萨克斯坦长期寻求平衡两大邻国俄罗斯和中国相互竞争的利益。但哈萨克斯坦第二大——国民银Halyk Bank)董事长乌穆特#8226;沙亚赫梅托瓦(Umut Shayakhmetova)表示,该国与俄罗斯密切的贸易、金融和社会联系意味着,对莫斯科的制裁将不可避免地影响哈萨克斯坦。“We are aly getting lots of compliance questions from western banks,she says, predicting the effect of sanctions against Moscow would be “very badfor Kazakhstan.沙亚赫梅托瓦表示:“西方已经对我们提出了许多合规问题。”她预计,制裁莫斯科将对哈萨克斯坦产生“非常不利”的影响。Kazakhstan’s economy is aly feeling the chill, with gross domestic product growth slowing to 3.9 per cent in the first half of the year from 6 per cent last year, while trade with Russia has fallen by a fifth. The country’s economy minister last month revealed that it had prepared a Plan C in the event of further western sanctions against Russia.哈萨克斯坦的经济已经感受到寒流,今年上半年国内生产总GDP)增长从去年的6%放缓.9%,同时与俄罗斯的贸易下降五分之一。哈萨克斯坦经济部长上月披露称,该国已经准备了一份C计划,以应对西方可能进一步对俄罗斯施加的制裁。“Reciprocal sanctions have been taken between countries accounting for 60 per cent of global GDP this implies serious adjustments,Mr Nazarbayev said upon opening a new session of the Kazakh parliament yesterday.纳扎尔巴耶夫日前在哈萨克斯坦议会开始新的会期时表示:“占全球GDP 60%的国家实施了针锋相对的制裁,这意味着将会出现严重的调整。”But Mr Putin has appeared irked. Speaking at a town hall-style gathering, he took a question on whether Kazakhstan could see “a Ukrainian scenariowhen Mr Nazarbayev is succeeded as president.但普京似乎被激怒了。他在一个基层集会上被问到,当纳扎尔巴耶夫卸任总统、由其他人接替的时候,哈萨克斯坦是否会出现“乌克兰情景”?Given how carefully choreographed Mr Putin’s public appearances are, the question itself touched a nerve in Kazakhstan.鉴于普京在公众面前的形象是经过精心设计的,这个问题本身就触动了哈萨克斯坦的神经。The country’s single greatest uncertainty is what will happen after Mr Nazarbayev, who has ruled since the break-up of the Soviet Union, stands aside or dies.哈萨克斯坦最大的不确定性是,在纳扎尔巴耶夫下台或死亡后将会出现何种局面。纳扎尔巴耶夫自苏联解体后一直统治着哈萨克斯坦。Mr Putin praised the Kazakh president’s intelligence before asserting that “the Kazakhs never had statehoodbefore 1991. He was convinced that Kazakhstan would remain in the EEU, he added, because its people recognised that it was “good for them to remain in the sphere of the so-called greater Russian world, which is a part of global civilisation普京首先赞扬哈萨克斯坦总统非常聪明,然后宣称,991年前“哈萨克斯坦国从未存在过”。他补充称,他认为哈萨克斯坦将会留在欧亚经济联盟,因为其民众认识到,“留在所谓的大俄罗斯世界的势力范围内是有利的,大俄罗斯世界是全球文明的一部分。”The comment was taken as part threat, part insult in Kazakhstan which, like Ukraine, has regions with a majority ethnic Russian population, fuelling fears it might share Kiev’s fate.哈萨克斯坦认为这番话一半是威胁,一半是侮辱。与乌克兰一样,在哈萨克斯坦的某些地区,俄罗斯族人口占绝大多数,这令人担心它可能遭遇与基辅类似的命运。来 /201409/326617Have the US and its allies in Asia reached a tipping point in their relations with China? The question posed by US China scholar, David Lampton, in a speech in Shanghai in March looks disturbingly prescient after a whirl of diplomatic and security offensives in recent weeks in the region.美国及其亚洲盟友与中国的关系是否已经到了临界点?在亚洲近几周来上演了一连串外交和安全攻势后,美国的中国问题专家戴维#8226;兰普David Lampton)今年3月在上海发表讲话时提出的这个问题,现在看来有着惊人的预见性。The US and Japan substantially upgraded their defence alliance in a high profile summit meeting in Washington earlier this month. Japan, in turn, held its first naval exercises with Vietnam and the Philippines in the South China Sea. This week, the US announced (and then later denied) it would station B-1 bombers in northern Australia, also with an eye on balancing China in the region.在本月早些时候于华盛顿举行的备受瞩目的峰会上,美国和日本实质性升级了它们的防卫同盟。日本进而在南中国海与越南和菲律宾举行了首次联合海上军演。上周,美国宣布将在澳大利亚北部部署B-1轰炸机(这条消息后来被否认),目标也是在该地区制衡中囀?Then, just in time for John Kerry’s weekend visit to Beijing, the Pentagon made it known it was contemplating limited military options in the form of naval patrols and surveillance flights in contested areas in the South China Sea to reinforce its opposition to Chinese actions.接下来,就在美国国务卿约#8226;克里(John Kerry)上周末访问北京之际,五角大楼透露它正考虑在南中国海争议地区以海上巡逻和侦察飞行形式采取有限军事行动,以强化它对中方行动的反对。At issue is China’s “island factory a series of intensifying reclamation works in the South China Sea to strengthen Beijing’s control over areas claimed by numerous Asia nations.目前人们争论的焦点是中国的“岛屿工厂”(island factory,在礁盘上填海造岛——译者注),这是指中国在南中国海开展的一连串愈演愈烈的填海工事,目的在于加强中方对亚洲多国声索的区域的控制。The possibility of a limited but risky challenge to Chinese actions by the US military hasn’t come out of the blue. Policy heavyweights in Washington policy and defence circles have been marshalling their arguments for the US to push back against what they regard as aggressive Chinese behavior in the South China Sea for months.美军对中方行动发起有限但危险挑战的可能性并不是突然出现的。几个月来,华盛顿政策和防务圈子里的要人一直在汇集整理他们的论据,持美国反击他们眼中中国在南中国海的咄咄逼人行为。Robert Blackwill and Ashley Tellis, of the Council on Foreign Relations, bought the debate to the surface in a report in March, which calls for the US to build up its economic, diplomatic and military position in Asia. In short, less accommodation of China and more balancing.美国外交关系委员Council on Foreign Relations)的罗伯特#8226;布莱克威Robert Blackwill)和阿什#8226;泰利Ashley Tellis)月份的一份报告中将这一辩论提上了台面。该报告呼吁美国在亚洲确立经济、外交和军事地位。简而言之,对待中国要少些迁就、多些制衡。“Because the American effort to ‘integrateChina into the liberal international order has now generated new threats to US primacy in Asia and could eventually result in a consequential challenge to American power globally,the report argues, “Washington needs a new grand strategy toward China that centers on balancing the rise of Chinese power rather than continuing to assist its ascendancy.”该报告辩称:“由于美国让中国‘融入’自由国际秩序的努力如今已对美国在亚洲的主导地位产生新的威胁、并且最终有可能对美国的全球影响力构成重大挑战,华盛顿方面需要针对中国出台新的宏大战略,核心是制衡中国影响力的上升,而不是继续助其崛起。”An alternative set of voices who had largely prevailed in China policy in the Obama and George W. Bush administrations, and who advocated against the US adopting a more nakedly aggressive policy, are now on the back foot in Washington.在奥巴马(Obama)和小布什(George W. Bush)政府内曾大行其道的另一种声音——即反对美国对华采取更裸的咄咄逼人政策——如今在华盛顿已落下风。来 /201505/376267

Hong Kong’s chief executive has refused to respond to claims that he should have paid tax on millions of pounds he received in undisclosed payments related to the purchase of a property company.香港特首曾在一家房地产公司的收购中收取数百万英镑“秘密款项”,而他拒绝对应缴纳税款的要求作出回应。Media reports last week revealed that CY Leung was paid #163;4m by an Australian engineering firm called UGL in relation to its acquisition of DTZ, a property company, during his time as leader of the Chinese territory.上周有媒体报道,一家名为UGL的澳大利亚工程公司在对物业公司戴德梁DTZ)的收购中,付了时任香港特首的梁振英(CY Leung) 400万英镑。Mr Leung has rejected the claims that he should have revealed the payments and said he was under no obligation to pay “salaries tax since the money was part of a non-compete deal that was not taxable.梁振英对他应披露这笔款项的要求予以拒绝,并表示自己没有义务付“薪俸税”,因为这笔钱是一份竞业禁止协议的一部分,不必缴税。Critics have pointed out that the deal contained a provision for him to act as an adviser from “time to timemeaning that some of the #163;4m would qualify as income which would be taxable in Hong Kong.批评人士指出,该协议包含了他“时不时”担任顾问的条款,这意味着400万英镑中的一部分属于香港的应征税收入。Kenneth Leung, a tax expert and opposition politician, last week told the Financial Times that the chief executive would be obliged to pay tax on part of the money. He has since asked the Hong Kong Inland Revenue Department to look into the matter and to determine whether the leader should have paid tax.税务专家、反对派政治人士梁继Kenneth Leung)上周对英囀?金融时报》表示,特首有义务为这笔款项的一部分交税。之后梁继昌要求香港税务局(Hong Kong Inland Revenue Department)调查此事,并确定梁振英是否应纳税。He has also asked the UK’s Serious Fraud Office and the Financial Conduct Authority to look into the deal because DTZ was a UK-listed company at the time of the takeover.他还要求英国严重欺诈办公Serious Fraud Office)和金融市场行为监管局(Financial Conduct Authority)调查这项协议,因为戴德梁行在被收购时是一家英国上市公司。Hong Kong’s anti-graft agency has also been asked to investigate the payments, which were arranged before Mr Leung became chief executive but paid after he assumed the role in 2012.香港反贪部门也被要求调查这笔款项,因为虽然相关协议达成于梁振英成为香港特首之前,但款项付是012年他出任该职务之后。Despite multiple requests to his office, the chief executive declined to respond to questions about whether he should have paid the tax.尽管梁振英办公室多次收到要求,但这位特首拒绝对是否应缴纳税款的问题作出回应。In a television interview at the weekend, Mr Leung reiterated that the money was not income and said it was “not necessaryto pay tax.上周末梁振英在一次电视采访中强调这笔钱不属于收入,并表示没必要交税。Mr Leung, who is widely considered to be pro-Beijing, rejected calls for his resignation. He said protesters would not be satisfied with his departure because their goal was to get China to reverse course on a plan for electoral reform in the former British colony something that he said had “zerochance of happening.梁振英拒绝了要求他辞职的呼吁,他被广泛认为是亲北京的。他表示抗议者不会满足于他下台,因为他们的目标是让中央推翻之前对这块前英国殖民地选举制度改革作出的计划,梁振英说此事的机会“等于零”。The questions come as the chief executive is under pressure over the democracy protests that have paralysed the Central district of Hong Kong. Harcourt Road, the main protest zone close to the government’s headquarters, is replete with street art depicting Mr Leung as everything from Dracula to the Devil.梁振英遭到质疑之际,正面临民主抗议带来的压力,民主抗议已使香港中环瘫痪。靠近港府总部的主要抗议区夏悫Harcourt Road)充斥着把梁振英描绘成吸血鬼德古拉(Dracula)和魔鬼等各种形象的街头艺术。“OccupyHong Kong entered its 16th day on Monday with no sign that the students leading the peaceful civil disobedience movement were prepared to end their campaign for more political rights in the Chinese territory.香港“占中”活动在周一已进入第16天,领导这一和平的不合作公民运动的学生仍未显露出准备结束这一运动的迹象。该运动的目的是在香港争取更多政治权利。Police started removing some of the barricades blocking entry to the main protest zone on Monday, but said the action was intended to ease traffic congestion and was not a move to clear demonstrators. Groups opposed to the Occupy movement clashed with demonstrators close to the government buildings.警方周一开始拆除一些挡住主要抗议区入口的路障,但表示此举旨在缓解交通堵塞,并不是为了赶走示威人士。反对“占中”活动的人群在政府大楼附近与示威人士发生了冲突。Criticism of the protests has grown in recent days as people hit by the road closures have called on the students to stop disrupting traffic and commerce.近日,对抗议的批评增多,受到道路封锁影响的人们呼吁学生停止扰乱交通和商业。来 /201410/335308

A court in the Chinese capital Beijing has commuted the suspended death sentence of Gu Kailai, wife of disgraced former Politburo member Bo Xilai, to life in prison. The court said Gu showed repentance and ;did not commit any crimes; in jail.中国北京市最高法院依法作出裁定,将罪犯薄谷开来(名誉扫地的前政治局委员薄熙来的妻子)死刑缓期二年执行的刑罚减为无期徒刑。该法院表示,谷开来在死刑缓期二年刑期间,有悔改表现,并“无任何故意犯罪记录。”Gu was sentenced in 2012 for murdering British businessman Neil Heywood. Her husband was jailed for life in 2013 for corruption and abuse of power. The cases were Chinas biggest political scandal in years.谷开来因谋杀英国商人尼尔·伍德012年被判处死刑。她的丈夫因腐败和滥用职权,2013年被判入狱。薄熙来的案件是中国多年来最大的政治丑闻。The statement was dated 11 December but released only on Monday. It added that she had ;obeyed discipline;, and ;completed labour tasks in a timely manner;. As a result she was ;eligible for the legal conditions for a commutation;.121日北京市高级人民法院已经作出了裁定,但直到周一24日)才对外宣布。在公示中还说,谷开来“遵守纪律”,并“按时完成劳动任务”。所以她“有资格获得减刑的法律条件”。Gus case sparked the series of events which brought down her high-flying husband. Bo Xilai was removed as Communist Party boss of the important metropolis of Chongqing in south-western China, and from the Politburo, which makes key party decisions, in 2012.谷开来的案件像一个导火线,引起了一系列事件,并把她青云直上的丈夫薄熙来拉下了马012年,薄熙来被免去中国西南部重要中心城市重庆市市委书记的职务,并停止担任制定党的重要决策的中央政治局委员。来 /201512/416458

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