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It is still terribly hard those who opposed her to admit it, but Margaret Thatcher was right about most things.在大部分事务上玛格丽特#86;撒切尔(Margaret Thatcher)都是正确的,虽然反对她的人还是很难认同这一点She was right that Britain’s trade unions had become much too powerful. She was right that nationalised industries had to be privatised. She was right that inflation has monetary causes.她说得对,英国的工会已经变得过于强大她说得对,国有化的产业必须私有化她说得对,通胀有货币的成因She was also mostly right about eign policy. She was right to drive the ces of Argentina’s junta out of the Falklands and she was right to exhort a “wobbly” George H.W. Bush to mete out the same treatment to Saddam Hussein’s ces in Kuwait.在外交政策上她大多数时候也是正确的她将阿根廷军政府的部队赶出福克兰群岛(Falklands,即马尔维纳斯群岛)是正确之举;她告诫“摇摆不定的”老布什(George H.W. Bush)对萨达姆#86;候赛因(Saddam Hussein)在科威特的军队采取同样的措施也是正确的Though dubbed the “Iron Lady” by a Soviet magazine, her hawkishness in the cold war did not blind her to the possibilities of doing business with Mikhail Gorbachev. Like Ronald Reagan, she was quick to see the opporty offered by his policies of glasnost and perestroika.尽管被一家苏联杂志称为“铁娘子”,她在冷战期间的鹰派立场并没有使她无视与米哈伊尔#86;戈尔巴乔夫(Mikhail Gorbachev)打交道的可能性与罗纳德#86;里根(Ronald Reagan)一样,她很快就从戈尔巴乔夫的开放与改革政策中看到了机会

5.Dieter Dengler Prison Camp Escape5.迪特·丹格拉丛林战俘营越狱事件Dieter Dengler was a German-American Navy pilot who made a famous escape from a jungle prison camp during the Vietnam War. In early 1966, Dengler plane was shot down by anti-aircraft fire over Laos, and he was captured and shipped to a prison camp run by the Pathet Lao, a group of North Vietnamese sympathizers. Dengler had earned a reputation his uncanny ability to escape from mock-POW camps during his military training, and he immediately contributed to a plan the prisoners had to make a getaway. On June 9, 1966, he and six other prisoners managed to escape from their hand and foot restraints and get a hold of the guard weapons. After gunning down three guards, Dengler escaped into the dense est. He would eventually spend 3 days in the jungle enduring extreme heat, insects, leeches, parasites, and starvation bee being rescued by an American helicopter. Only one of the other prisoners, a Thai contractor, survived the escape. The others were all either killed or disappeared in the jungle. Dengler would go on to become a successful test pilot in his later years, and to this day he is credited as the only American soldier to successfully escape from a prison camp during the Vietnam War.迪特·丹格拉是一名德裔美国海军飞行员他在越南战争期间曾经策划了一场举世闻名的丛林战俘营越狱在1966年早期,丹格拉驾驶的飞机被老挝军队的防空火力击落,他被抓获并经由小船运到了老挝人民军监管的一个丛林战俘营中但实际上,早在丹格拉的军事训练期间,他就以他神奇的逃脱能力闻名每次训练中,他都能成功从模拟战俘营中逃脱所以在被捕后,他立即开始和狱友制定出一项逃亡计划在1966年6月9日,他与其他六个囚犯设法挣脱了手铐和脚链,并抢来了一个卫兵的武器在射杀了三名守卫之后,丹格拉一行逃到了茂密的丛林之中丹格拉在极端酷热,到处是昆虫、水蛭、寄生虫,食物严重短缺的热带雨林苦熬了足足二十三天,最后终于等来了美国直升机的营救除了他以外,只有一名囚犯,一名泰国的承包商,得以在这次逃亡中幸存其他的人不是被杀死了,就是被雨林所吞噬丹格拉在后来成为了一名成功的试飞员直到今天,他仍被誉为越南战争中唯一一名成功逃离丛林战俘营的美国士兵.Escape From Alcatraz.恶魔岛监狱越狱事件In 196, Frank Morris and Clarence and John Anglin used months of meticulous planning to make what has become the prototypical prison escape. The trio were being held in the infamous prison on Alcatraz Island in San Francisco, which was reserved the most hardened criminals and considered to be one of the most escape-proof prisons ever built. The men used a series of tools including a drill assembled from a vacuum cleaner motor to chip away at the aging concrete in their cells and make it to a nearby ventilation shaft. They then made their way down a chimney to the beach, where they quickly assembled a handmade raft and escaped into the San Francisco Bay. Their escape was not realized until the next morning, as the men had fashioned some dummy heads from soap, human hair, and toilet paper to make it look like they were asleep in their beds. The men were never heard from again, and most evidence suggests they drowned in the bay, but no bodies were ever found.在196年,弗兰克·莫里斯、克劳伦斯和约翰·安格林经过几个月的精心策划,最终制订出一份严密谨慎的越狱计划这三个人被关押在旧金山臭名昭著的恶魔岛监狱,那里关着最为穷凶极恶的罪犯,是有史以来最难逃脱的监狱之一他们使用了一系列的工具(其中包括一个由真空吸尘器的马达制成的钻头),从牢房里老化的混凝土凿出了一条通向附近一个通风井的隧道他们顺着烟囱爬到海边,随后迅速自制了一艘小木筏,乘着木筏驶进了旧金山港直到第二天早上,人们惊讶地才发现他们已经逃走了这三个人用肥皂、毛发和纸巾制作了足以乱真的假头,从外面看上去就好像他们还在里面睡觉一样从此之后,他们就再没有任何音信了,大部分据都显示他们最终淹死在海湾,但是他们的尸体却从来没被找到过3.The Maze Prison Escape3.迷宫监狱越狱事件One of the most violent prison escapes of all time, the Maze Prison break took place in 1983, when 35 inmates escaped after taking control of the prison by ce. The Maze was reserved Irish Republican Army paramilitary combatants and terrorists, and was considered to be one of the most inescapable prisons in all of Europe. But after several months of planning, a group of prisoners led by IRA members Gerry Kelly and Bobby Storey seized control of an entire cellblock by using handguns that had been smuggled into the jail. After wounding several of the guards and stealing their unims, the prisoners hijacked a car and took over a nearby guard post, but when they couldnt get past the main gate, the men hopped the fence and made a run it on foot. All told, 35 men escaped from the prison– sixteen of whom were recaptured soon after–and twenty guards were injured.下面要讲的是有史以来最为暴力的越狱——发生在1983年的迷宫监狱越狱事件三十五名囚犯在武力占领监狱之后逃走迷宫监狱里主要关押着爱尔兰共和军的武警战士以及恐怖分子,号称全欧洲最为森严的监狱之一这伙囚犯由爱尔兰共和军成员格里·凯利和鲍比·斯托里领导,经过几个月的严密策划之后,他们使用偷运进监狱的手控制了整座监狱在激战中,囚犯们射伤了几名卫兵,偷走了他们的制,随后劫持了一辆汽车并占领了附近的一个哨所但后来他们发现,他们无法开车通过大门,于是大家纷纷跳过栅栏跑着逃走最终,在越狱的三十五名罪犯中,十六名逃犯很快就被抓了回来在这次暴力越狱中,共有二十名卫兵负伤.Billy Hayes Escape From Turkish Prison.比因·海因斯土耳其越狱事件Billy Hayes was an American student who was arrested in 1970 when he tried to smuggle two pounds of hash onto a plane in Turkey. After being caught, he was sentenced to thirty years in the harsh Turkish prison system. Hayes toiled in Sagmilicar Prison five years, but he was eventually transferred to an island prison in the Sea of Marmara, and it was here that he began to seriously plan his escape. The island had no boats, but a nearby harbor would frequently fill up with small fishing vessels any time there was a strong storm. Hayes spent days hiding in a concrete bin, and when the time was right, he swam to the harbor and stole a small dinghy. From here, he was able to make his way to Greece, and eventually traveled halfway around the world bee arriving safely back in the ed States. Hayes later wrote a book about his ordeal called Midnight Express, which was adapted into a fictionalized film of the same name.比因·海因斯是一名美国学生在1970年,他试图把两磅毒品偷偷带到土耳其的飞机上,由此发现被捕土耳其的监狱制度之残酷严厉举世闻名,而他被审判在土耳其监狱刑三十年海因斯在萨格米利卡监狱度过了五年暗无天日的生活之后,最终被转移到马尔马拉海上一个小岛之上的监狱中来到这里后,他开始认真策划自己的逃亡计划岛上是没有船的,但是一旦暴风雨来临的时候,大量渔船就会停泊在附近的港口海因斯连着几天躲避在一个混凝土卸料斗里,直到暴风雨来临之后,他才偷偷游过港口偷了一条小渔船海因斯从那里驶向了希腊,最终环绕了半个地球才安全返回美国后来,海因斯把这次惊险的逃亡之旅写成了一本书,叫做《午夜快车,还被改编拍成了一部同名电影1.The Great Escape1.大逃亡 sheer planning, risk, and scale, prison escapes dont get much more complex than the 19 escape of 76 Allied soldiers from Stalag Luft III, a German prison that operated during WWII. The escape was the culmination of over a year of work by some 600 prisoners. The men dug three tunnels (nicknamed ;Tom,; ;Dick,; and ;Harry;) 30 feet beneath the surface of the prison with the plan of tunneling past the main fence and surfacing in the nearby est. This required a sophisticated construction process that included the use of wood blocks support, a series of lamps, and even a pump to make sure the soldiers digging had enough air to breathe. After gathering a collection of civilian clothes and passports, on March , 19 the soldiers began to make their escape. Untunately, the tunnel had come up short of the est, and as the men surfaced they were in clear sight of the guards. 76 men still managed to escape, but the 77th was spotted and the tunnel was shut down. The Nazis took a special interest in the escaped prisoners, and all but three were eventually caught. Still, thanks to the popularity of the famous movie based on it, as well as its sheer scale and audacity, ;the Great Escape; remains one of the most well-known prison escapes of all time.要说到计划之严密,过程之惊险,规模之巨大,没有哪次越狱能比得过19年发生在德国的史塔拉格·洛夫特第三监狱大越狱了在那次越狱中,共有76名囚犯成功逃离史塔拉格监狱是二战期间的一个德国监狱这次越狱由大约六百名囚犯策划了整整一年,囚犯们在监狱之下三十英尺深的地方一共挖了三条隧道(分别取名为;汤姆;;迪克;和;哈利;),隧道一直穿过层层围栏通向附近的森林深处这可是一项浩大的工程,需要一位复杂的建造过程,还需要用来撑的木块,大量的油灯来照明,甚至还需要气泵来保从事挖掘的士兵有充足的氧气以供呼吸(真搞不清楚他们都是从哪弄来的这些东西)在19年3月日,囚犯们准备了足够的平民衣物和伪造件之后开始了越狱不幸的是,由于森林不够茂密,隧道显露了出来,所以当他们在地上行进时,卫兵可以清楚地看到他们尽管如此,仍有七十六名囚犯成功逃脱但第七十七个人被发现了,隧道就被堵死了纳粹党对这些逃跑的人投入极大兵力抓捕,最终除了三个人没有抓到,剩下的全部被重新抓捕归案尽管如此,基于后来与这次逃亡同名电影的传播,以及其巨大的规模和大无畏的精神,;大逃亡;仍然是有史以来最为著名的越狱,没有之一翻译:郭瑞 来源:前十网 396871

"The intelligent man finds almost everything ridiculous, the sensible man hardly anything." -- Johann von Goethe (Sun and Venus in Virgo, Moon in Pisces) “天才认为世间荒谬,明智之人却不”—— 歌德 (太阳和金星落在处女座, 月亮落在双鱼座) "Some people bear three kinds of trouble - the ones they've had, the ones they have, and the ones they expect to have." -- H. G. Wells (Sun and Mercury in Virgo) “世人总是为三样东西烦恼——曾拥有的,如今拥有的,以及想要拥有的”—— 赫伯特·乔治·威尔斯 (太阳和水星落在处女座) "No passion in the world is equal to the passion to alter someone else's draft." -- H. G. Wells (Sun and Mercury in Virgo) “世间没有就是一个人改变自己人生规划的” —— 赫伯特·乔治·威尔斯 (太阳和水星落在处女座) "Man invented language to satisfy his deep need to complain." -- Lily Tomlin (Sun and Venus in Virgo) “人类创造语言用于诉说他们内心的不满” —— 莉莉·汤姆林 (太阳和金星落在处女座) 97

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