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新津县妇幼保健院全瓷牙怎么样成都怎样矫正牙齿3.Mark#39;s Wife Priscilla Chan Is Even More Private than He Is3.马克的妻子普利西亚·陈比马克还低调The irony of the couple at the heart of the biggest source of personal information in the world being extremely private is amusing, and even Zuckerberg and his wife, Priscilla Chan, can see that. Chan recently gave one of her first and only interviews on The Today Show where she revealed a number of things about herself and her husband. Chan was a grade school teacher and is now a medical school graduate and hopes to become a pediatrician. She lives a very humble life considering she has been attached to one of the wealthiest and most controversial figures in tech for the last 13 years. Chan#39;s parents left their home country in a refugee boat seeking a better life for themselves and their future children, and she is the first in her family to graduate from college. Education is very important to her and she and Mark have announced that they are donated 0 million to improve Bay Area public schools. Priscilla admits that the couple want to have kids, but their busy lives mean that they will be putting it off for a while. Besides, they aly have a child named Beast, a Hungarian sheepdog who has 1.8 million followers on Facebook and possibly even more hair. Priscilla jokes that Beast is Zuckerberg#39;s number two priority after Facebook. She finds it strange that the public has so much curiosity about her because she is just the daughter of an immigrant family training to be a doctor, and that is how the people in her life treat her. She laments that it is sad that the public do not see her husband as she knows him, and Priscilla describes Mark as funny, thoughtful, sensitive and caring.这对夫妻想要在个人信息最易泄露的城市中心保有极度的个人隐私简直是荒谬、讽刺,而他们也意识到这一点了。陈最近上了《今日之秀》(The Today Show),这是她第一次也是唯一一次接受访谈。在节目里,她透露了关于她自己和马克的很多事情。陈以前是一位小学教师,现在呢,是医学院的研究生,并希望能成为儿科医师。考虑到过去的13年里她已经跟世界上最富有且最受关注的人紧紧地联系在一起了,她的生活堪称简朴。陈的父母当时是搭着一艘难民船离开了自己的国家,想要为自己,为将来的孩子寻求更好的生活。陈也是家里面第一个大学生。教育对她来说很重要,所以她和马克已经捐献了一亿两千万美元来改建旧金山湾区的公共学校。普利西亚也承认了他们其实是想要孩子的,但是他们太忙了,所以只能将生宝宝的计划延后。此外,她表示他们已经有一个;小孩;了,是一只名叫比斯特(Beast)的匈牙利牧羊犬。它在脸书上已经有一千八百万的粉丝了,并且可能还将不断上涨。普利西亚开玩笑说,比斯特是扎克伯格除了脸书之外最关心的东西了。她发现大众对她过分好奇了,这让她觉得很奇怪,因为她也不过是来自一个移民家庭,努力培训,梦想成为一名医生的普通人。她周围的人也就是这样看待她的。她感慨说大家并没有像她那样了解她的丈夫扎克伯格,她眼中的扎克伯格是一个有趣、有思想力、有点敏感又很有爱心的男人。2.Facebook Is Buying up Innovation Left and Right2.脸书正四处购买创意Facebook does not just want to be a social networking site, instead Zuckerberg dreams of a one stop shop for all online communication and development. Zuckerberg recently bought Whatsapp, a major player in online mobile messaging, for billion. If you have ever wondered how Facebook can suggest who to tag in your uploaded photos, that#39;s because they also purchased facial recognition software Face.com for somewhere between and 0 million. In the same year, Facebook bought the photo sharing Instagram for billion. While the purchase was scoffed at because Instagram wasn#39;t profitable, Zuckerberg reiterated his mission of providing an even better sharing experience. Facebook has also purchased location sharing services, advertising software, and other social media feeds including ConnectU. ConnectU is the platform created by the Winklevoss brothers and Facebook purchased it according to a court settlement for cash and a share in Facebook stock.脸书不仅仅想成为一个社交网站,相反,扎克伯格梦想把它打造成一个适合所有人网上交流、发展的一站式商店。扎克伯格最近斥资190亿美元收购了Whatsapp——一款主要用于智能手机之间通讯的应用软件。你想知道脸书是怎么实现圈人标记上传照片的功能的吗?这是因为他们大概花了五千五百万到一亿美元收购了人脸识别软件——Face.com。同年,脸书以10亿美元收购了照片分享软件——Instagram。这一收购决策遭到了众人的嘲笑,因为Instagram并不盈利,但扎克伯格却一再重复强调他的使命是提供一个更好的经验交流平台。脸书还收购了位置分享务、广告软件以及其他社交媒体订阅,包括 ConnectU。ConnectU 是温克里弗斯兄弟(Winklevoss brothers)创建的一个平台,脸书用法定结算资金及脸书的一部分股份换得了ConnectU。Facebook also bought the virtual reality firm Oculus VR for billion dollars. Zuckerberg hasn#39;t announced a specific plan for this massive purchase and so the public will just have to use their imagination for now.脸书还耗资20亿美元收购了虚拟现实公司Oculus VR。扎克伯格并没有公布详细的大批量收购计划,因此欲知详情,就只能靠猜喽。1.Zuckerberg Does Not Want to Simply Change the Internet- He Wants to Bring It to the Whole World1.扎克伯格不仅想改变互联网,他还想把它推向全世界Zuckerberg built the prototype for Facebook.com in only one week, but he is going to take his time in changing the world. Zuckerberg wants to bring Internet access to the other two-thirds of the world#39;s population because only 2.7 billion people have access right now. Zuckerberg insists that the whole world should get in on the Internet because we#39;re missing out on the creativity and ingenuity of almost two thirds of the world#39;s population. Facebook is working with NASA on a new ;Connectivity Lab; on Zuckerberg#39;s latest mission which involves drones, satellites and even laser beams. Zuckerberg hasn#39;t released a timeline yet for his massive project, but he has said that over the last year, 3 million people now have access to the Internet that didn#39;t before in the countries of Paraguay and the Philippines. This venture, entitled Internet.org, is working with manufacturer#39;s of mobile internet device and technology companies to achieve the massive goal of bringing the Internet to the entire world#39;s population. Zuckerberg has even issued a call to arms to Google, with whom they compete for advertising space, saying that everyone should be participating in this coalition because a bigger Internet is better for everyone.扎克伯格一周内建立了脸书的原型,但是他将花更多的时间来改变世界。扎克伯格想让世界上其他2/3的人口也接触互联网,因为现在互联网的使用人数只有27亿。扎克伯格坚持认为整个世界都应该参与进互联网的世界,因为我们错过了世界上大约2/3的人口的创造力。在扎克伯格的最新工作日程中,脸书会与美国国家航空航天局(NASA)合作,在新的;互联实验室;(Connectivity Lab)中对无人侦察机、卫星甚至激光束进行相关的研究。扎克伯格并没有公布这个庞大的项目的运行时间,但是他透露说,去年巴拉圭(Paraguay)和菲律宾(Philippines)已有300万人开始接触互联网了。这个名为Internet.org的联合机构与移动互联网企业携手合作,预计实现一项重大目标:向全人类推广普及互联网。扎克伯格甚至向谷歌;宣战;,与他们争夺广告空间,声称每个人都应加入这个联盟,因为互联网范围越广,对每个人就更有利。Internet.org has recently come under fire for supposedly violating the idea of net neutrality. Zuckerberg says that programs like his can co-exist with net neutrality and that having some connectivity is better than having no connectivity at all. Net neutrality has been a hot button issue in the last few years. It is a movement against internet providers like Comcast, who want to charge more data to visit certain websites. This practice is seen as discriminatory and Zuckerberg will have to face it sooner or later or face the wrath of the 5 billion new people he has worked so hard to connect to the Internet.Internet.org最近因为违反网络中立原则而受到攻击。扎克伯格表示,这个项目并不违背网络中立原则,企业联合模式优于;孤军奋战;。过去几年,网络中立原则成为一个热门话题。它是一项反对供应商(比如康卡斯特Comcast)为控制传输数据优先级,不平等对待互联网访问的运动。这种做法被视为具有歧视性,扎克伯格迟早都要面对这一问题,否则他将他将承受50亿网民的愤怒。Mark Zuckerberg is one of a number of young CEOs in Silicon Valley, but he is also one of the wealthiest and most controversial. He runs a company that provides a product that 1 billion people want to use, and that many people want to work at. His employees praise his egalitarian office structure but some lament the lack of organization in the young company. Facebook constantly surprises with new innovations and opened the gate for an entirely new use of the Internet. The man behind it is a private man but is described by those around him as a man with a big heart. Zuckerberg says that he created Facebook to be useful, not to be cool but it appears that he may have accomplished both.马克·扎克伯格是硅谷最年轻、最富有且最具争议性的首席执行官(CEO)之一。他的公司运营的产品拥有10亿用户,且许多人想为他工作。他的员工都称赞这家企业崇尚的平等理念,但同时也对其松散的管理制度表示不满。脸书不断地给用户带来了新的惊喜,并向世人打开了互联网全新应用的大门。然而它背后的这位孤僻的创始人却被周围的人描绘成了一位野心家。扎克伯格说他创造脸书是为了应用而非耍酷,只是他恰好完成了这两项而已。审校:围巾 校对:Candy 旭旭 /201507/386496四川省镶烤瓷牙最值得信赖的医院 Sometime in 2000, my colleague Verlyn Klinkenborg started bringing his Mac laptop to our New York Times editorial board meetings. The rest of us would hover around the sleek white machine with the cool lighting radiating from it, wondering if Verlyn could possibly be serious. Some of us had used Apple computers AAPL -0.84% in college, sure, but everyone does crazy things in college.2000年的某个时候,我的同事福林o克林肯伯格开始带着自己的苹果笔记本电脑参加《纽约时报》编委会。一看到这玩意,其他人立刻纷涌上前,围观这台散发酷炫背光、圆润光滑的白色电脑,吃不准福林到底是不是真的要用它工作。一些同事上大学时也用过苹果电脑,但谁没在大学时干过点疯狂的事儿呢?Was an Apple really fit for a workplace? Verlyn assured us that it was no toy, and that his Mac could do all the things ours could—the mix of surfing, emailing, and pontificating that the gig entailed—without crashing as frequently as our PCs. Verlyn claimed that his Apple was not susceptible to those nasty viruses that plagued our land of “WinTel,” and I wanted to believe him. I too bought a Mac and instantly felt cooler as a result.苹果电脑真能用来办公吗?福林向我们保,它可不是什么玩具,我们的电脑能干的这台Mac都能干——上网、发邮件之类的,并信誓旦旦地断言它很可靠,绝不会像PC那样经常死机。福林宣称,他的苹果电脑不会感染一直困扰“微软英特尔联盟”的各种讨厌病毒,我对此将信将疑。等我也买了一台Mac后,立刻觉得自己时尚多了。Fast forward to 2015, when the novelty would be for someone at a meeting to take out a laptop that isn’t an Apple. And, somehow, the caché remains. Apple has walked the tightrope between ubiquity and coolness, attaining one without sacrificing the other.时光飞逝,转眼就到了2015年,现在如果有人在会议上拿出一台不是苹果的笔记本电脑,那才是新鲜事儿呢。同时苹果也保留了其独特性。可以说它一直是在大众化和引领潮流之间走钢丝,在努力赢得前者的同时,不牺牲后者。The company recently announced the most profitable quarter in U.S. corporate history, a three-month period in which it sold almost 75 million iPhones and 5.5 million Macs. CEO Tim Cook, Steve Jobs’ down-to-earth successor, couldn’t help himself on the earnings call, describing the quarter as “historic” and his company’s performance—selling an average of 34,000 iPhones an hour, 24/7—as “hard to comprehend.” Apple is now the world’s most valuable company, with a stock market valuation of some 0 billion and nearly 0 billion in cash on hand. The company’s iTunes store counts a staggering 800 million active users.最近,苹果公司公布了美国公司史上盈利最丰厚的一个财季,在过去三个月中,它售出了约7500万台iPhone和550万台Mac。这使首席执行官蒂姆o库克,史蒂夫o乔布斯脚踏实地的继任者,在季报电话会议上情难自禁,称这个财季“具有历史意义”,公司的业绩——按一周七天,每天24小时算,相当于每小时卖出34,000台iPhone——“令人难以置信”。苹果现在是全球价值最高的公司,市值约7000亿美元,手握1800亿美元现金。iTunes商店拥有8亿活跃用户,着实令人惊叹。What’s most astonishing, given those numbers, is that Apple is far less ubiquitous than you might think. It has plenty of room to grow. Indeed, it may only be getting started.尽管这些数字如此巨大,但最让人目瞪口呆的是,苹果产品远不如一般人所想象的那么普及。它还有很大的成长空间,实际上,它可能才刚起步。If you look at its existing product lines, Apple only dominates the tablet market. The competing Android operating system runs more than two-thirds of the world’s smartphones. Apple ranks fifth worldwide in the number of computers sold, and third in the U.S. There is plenty of market share left for Apple to steal from others.看看现有产品线就会发现,苹果只不过统治了平板电脑市场。全球有三分之二的智能手机搭载的是安卓操作系统。在全球电脑销量排行中,苹果仅位列第五,在美国市场上也仅位列第三。苹果还能从对手那里抢到很大的市场份额。Apple’s growth strategy is disciplined. The company doesn’t slash prices or create subpar products to meet less affluent consumers in emerging markets halfway. Apple instead holds out its meticulously designed, pricier products as coveted trophies for new middle-class consumers.苹果的增长战略是极具原则的。它不会大幅降价或推出性能平平的产品来迎合新兴市场中那些囊中羞涩的消费者。它只会拿出精心设计、价格高昂的产品,将其打造为新兴中产消费者渴望的、彰显身份的象征。Apple is only starting to wade into an array of markets that it will likely revolutionize, and dominate, in short order. Apple Pay, its bid to become your all-encompassing cashless wallet, is off to a strong start. Fledgling Apple ventures like HomeKit, CarPlay, iBeacon, and the Apple Watch provide clues to Apple’s unstated, ultimate goal: providing you with one portal, or operating system, that links your Apple devices to your car and your home.苹果进军一系列新兴市场的脚步才刚刚启动,它很可能将在很短时间内彻底改变或统治这些市场。号称要成为无所不能的电子钱包的Apple Pay,就是一个强劲的开端。而那些羽翼未丰的项目,如HomeKit,CarPlay,iBeacon以及Apple Watch,则让我们看清了苹果未曾明说的终极目标:提供一个端口或一套操作系统,将你的苹果设备与你的汽车和住宅连接在一起。No other company is anywhere near being able to match Apple in providing us with such seamless curation of our lives. The Italian novelist Umberto Eco famously said in the 1990s that Apple was like Catholicism in that its followers had to adhere to one way of doing things, while Microsoft (you could say Google nowadays) was more akin to Protestantism, which gave followers more latitude to reach their own conclusions and organize themselves accordingly.没有哪家公司能像苹果这样,让我们的生活实现无缝连接。意大利小说家安伯托o艾柯1990年代曾说过一句名言,苹果就像天主教,信徒们只能遵循一种行为方式,而微软(如今你也可以说谷歌)则更像是新教,信徒们可以有更多方式得出自己的结论并自行组织起来。And so Apple’s prospects appear brighter than ever. Its own success would seem to be the only threat to a company that has billed itself as the scrappy underdog that promised to help us “think different.” Therein lies the company’s existential challenge: Can Apple remain cool if its products become the one indispensable means of controlling your life and communicating with others?有鉴于此,苹果的前景看上去比以往任何时候都更加光明。这家公司曾经自称为斗志昂扬的失败者,声称要帮我们“不同凡想”(think different),而如今,过于成功才是它面临的唯一威胁。苹果现在面临的挑战在于:如果苹果的产品成为控制我们生活并与他人联络的不可或缺的手段时,它还能那么酷吗?I reached out to Verlyn, who now teaches at Yale, to ask whether he’s still inhabiting the Apple ecosystem. He is, and his disgust at his pre-2000 Windows experience sounds as raw as it did when he first started proselytizing for the Mac. But he draws a line at the coming Apple Watch: “I’ve never worn a watch, and I can’t imagine starting now.”为此我特地去请教目前在耶鲁大学任教的福林,看他是否还固守着苹果的生态系统。确实还这样,而且他现在依然还清楚地记得在2000年开始膜拜Mac电脑之前使用Windows系统的糟糕体验。但他跟即将上市的Apple Watch划清了界线:“我从来就不戴手表,也不能想象现在要开始戴。” /201502/360374Typing English on the tiny touch screen of a smartwatch is challenging enough, let alone Chinese characters. However, a small Belgian company is confident that they have come up with an ideal solution that would make smartwatch users in China happy.在智能手表上的微小屏幕上输入英文就已经具有足够的挑战性了,更不用说汉字。然而,一家小的比利时公司相信,他们想出了一个理想的解决方案,将能迎合中国的智能手表用户,让他们用的开心。The name of this startup, iBeezi, resembles the sound of ;yibiyizi; or ;one stroke one character; in Chinese, and that is exactly the concept of the new Chinese input method it developed.这家公司,名称ibeezi,类似汉语的发音“yibiyizi”或“一笔一字”,它恰好就是研发这种新的中文输入法。On its interface, the iBeezi input allows users to type even the trickiest character with only one stroke, which makes it perfect for smartwatches and other electronic devices with small touch screens.在它的界面上,ibeezi输入法可以实现用户的汉字输入,即使是非常复杂的汉字也只用输入一笔就能打出。这使得它能完美应用在智能手表和其它小触摸屏的电子设备上。;It#39;s currently the only solution for writing Chinese on a smartwatch,; CEO of iBeezi Alexis Van Gestel told Xinhua. ;When the project started, smartwatches or wearables weren#39;t even considered a serious device category. However, as time evolves we noticed how wearables in general became a global trend.;“这是目前在智能手表上输入汉字的唯一解决方案,” ibeezi公司首席执行官Alexis Van Gestel告诉新华社记者。“在项目初启动时,智能手表或其它可穿戴电子设备甚至不被考虑在设备种类内,然而,随着时间的推移,我们注意到可穿戴电子设备已经成为一个全球性的趋势。”Van Gestel used to work in Hong Kong, and the company managed to raise funding from both Belgium and China for this innovative project. The first incorporation of the input on smartwatches was made successful in August.Van Gestel过去曾在香港工作,公司设法从比利时和中国为这一创新项目筹集资金。首次汉字编入程序已在8月取得成功。So far the iBeezi input method has incorporated over 8,500 characters, according to de Bruyn, and the corpus is still expanding. At the moment, both free versions and paid professional versions of the input app can be downloaded for wearables as well as smartphones and tablets.到目前为止,ibeezi输入法已经编入了超过8500个字符,据德布鲁因讲,数据库仍在扩大。目前,输入APP的免费版本和付费的专业版本都已经可以下载,供智能手表、智能手机和平板电脑使用。 /201512/416809崇州根管治疗氟斑牙去哪里医院好

乐山牙齿美白什么价格IBM reported a decline in revenues for the 11th consecutive quarter on Tuesday, as it tries to divest unprofitable businesses and focus on cloud computing, big data and cyber security.IBM周二称,在继续重组业务之际,其营收连续第11个季度下降。该公司正在努力剥离盈利较差的业务,并将主要精力放在云计算、大数据和网络安全上。The New York-listed company said revenue had fallen 12 per cent to .1bn in the fourth quarter, compared to the same period the year before, lower than the average analyst estimate of .8bn.这家在纽约上市的企业表示,2014年第四季度,该公司营收同比下降12%,跌至241亿美元,也低于248亿美元的分析师平均预期。Fourth-quarter earnings were down 6 per cent to .81 per share on a non-GAAP basis, beating the average prediction of .41 per share. Earnings per share on a GAAP basis were .54 and net income was .5bn, down 17 per cent.按非公认会计准则(GAAP)计,该公司第四季度盈利下跌6%,降至每股5.81美元,高于每股5.41美元的平均预期。按公认会计准则计算,该公司净收入为55亿美元,每股盈利5.54美元,下降17%。For 2015, the company forecast a rise in earnings per share to between .75 and .50, slightly below the average analyst forecast of .51 because of investment costs and currency headwinds.IBM预计,2015年该公司每股盈利将升至15.75美元到16.5美元之间。由于投资成本及汇率方面的不利因素,上述预期略低于16.51美元的分析师平均预期。Despite the overall decline last year, Ginni Rometty, IBM chairman and chief executive, said the company’s “strategic” businesses of cloud, analytics, mobile, social and security grew 16 per cent in 2014 to represent 27 per cent of revenue. These businesses are forecast to grow in double digits next year, the company said.不过,尽管去年IBM总体营收出现下滑,该公司董事长兼首席执行官罗睿兰(Ginni Rometty)表示,去年它的云计算业务、分析业务、移动业务、社交网络业务及安全业务等“战略性”业务增长了16%,占全部营收的27%。该公司预计明年这部分业务将出现两位数增长。“We are making significant progress in our transformation, continuing to shift IBM’s business to higher value, and investing and positioning ourselves for the longer term,” she said.罗睿兰表示:“我们在转型方面取得了巨大进步。我们继续令IBM转向价值更高的业务,并在投资和定位上更着眼于长期。”Revenue from its mobile business was up over 200 per cent, cloud computing rose 60 per cent, security added 19 per cent and analytics increased by 7 per cent.IBM移动业务的营收增长了两倍以上,云计算业务增长60%,网络安全增长19%,分析业务则增长7%。The hardware business led the declines, down 39 per cent, or 12 per cent excluding a divestment and on a constant currency basis.在营收下滑的业务中,硬件业务首当其冲,下跌39%。在刨除资产剥离因素之后,以不变汇率计算,该部门营收下跌12%。 /201501/355985金牛区妇幼保健院治疗矫正龅牙牙齿好吗 The Chinese smartphone family, long known by its average-quality and inexpensive devices, is all set to welcome a new member. Only, the new entrant is a cut above the rest as its major customers are nattily dressed businesspeople who sport customized gadgets handcrafted with sapphire crystal screens and high-end leather.中国的智能手机产品,以其性价比优势为人熟知,现在,中国智能手机产品这个大家庭又迎来一位新成员。有一点不同的是,这位新成员的客户主要是那些穿着西装革履的高端商务人士,配备该品牌由蓝宝石水晶、高级皮质雕刻制作的手机。The ed Kingdom-based luxury smartphone vendor Vertu Co Ltd was sold by its Swedish owner EQT Holdings AB to a group of unknown investors in Hong Kong.总部设在英国,由瑞典投资集团殷拓EQT所有的智能手机奢侈品牌Vertu(威图)有限公司,日前已被香港某投资集团收购。EQT said the ownership change was completed in mid-October. Details of the transaction, including the amount, were not disclosed.EQT集团表示,Vertu(威图)在10月中便已易主,但交易的诸多细节,如成交额等信息未予披露。The private equity firm acquired Vertu from Nokia in 2012 for more than 200 million euros (0 million). The phone maker subsequently changed its operating system from Symbian to Google Inc#39;s Android and launched a range of new products.2012年,瑞典的投资集团殷拓EQT以逾2亿欧元的价格从诺基亚手中收购了Vertu。手机制造商随后便放弃其塞班操作系统,加入谷歌的安卓系统阵营,并推出了系列新产品。However, the price of Vertu devices far exceeds the flagship devices sold by Apple Inc or Samsung Electronics Co Ltd. Prices for a Vertu phone easily reach 50,000 yuan (,900) in China, compared to 7,788-yuan price tag for the most expensive model of the iPhone 6S Plus selling in the country. Vertu provides 24-hour worldwide concierge service to its phone users to access ;money-can#39;t-buy; events and experiences.但是,Vertu的手机价格远远超过了苹果、三星等手机。在中国,一部普通Vertu手机的价格高达5万,而时下热销中国最贵的iPhone 6S Plus也才7788元。此外,Vertu不仅仅是一部手机,它能为用户提供24小时的全球贵宾务,让用户体验到用钱都难买到的私人务。The company runs retail outlets in high-end shopping malls in cities including Beijing and Shanghai. Chinese shoppers#39; zeal for luxury products has been driving Vertu#39;s expansion.该公司门店主要集中于北京、上海等城市的高端商场。中国消费者对奢侈品的购买欲推动了Vertu的扩展。Vertu, which was originally started by Nokia in 1998, will need to find a new chief executive following the change in ownership.Vertu,由诺基亚于1998年创建,随着此次所有权的变更,需要一位新的执行总官。Massimiliano Pogliani, the company#39;s chief executive for three years, is believed to have stepped down from his post.时任三年Vertu首席执行官的MassimilianoPogliani表示,是时候将接力棒交给新团队了。It was also not immediately clear as to how the ownership change would affect Vertu#39;s operations. Hong Kong-based investment company Godin Holdings, a key investor in Vertu, did not reply to e-mails sent by China Daily seeking comments.Vertu所有权变化对公司的影响也不会立即明确显现。总部位于香港的投资公司戈丁控股公司, Vertu的一个主要投资公司,没有答复中国日报寻求意见的电子邮件。Vertu#39;s Hong Kong office said the company would issue a statement regarding the ownership and leadership changes on Wednesday. But no statement was made by Wednesday evening.Vertu的香港公司表示,公司会在周三发出关于Vertu所有权和领导权变更的声明。但是,周三晚上并没有相关声明发布。Hong Kong investors have showed a rare interest in buying overseas smartphone makers lately.香港投资商最近已经表现出收购海外智能手机的极大兴趣。REX Global Entertainment Holdings Ltd, a Hong Kong-listed firm, paid 0 million for 64.9 percent stake in Russian smartphone maker Yota Devices last week.REX环球集团有限公司,是一家香港上市公司,上周付 1亿美元收购了俄罗斯的智能手机制造商Yota公司64.9%的股份。TZ Wong, a senior analyst at Singapore-based research company Canalys, said Vertu is facing strong headwinds because of its pricing strategy.黄,新加坡一家调研公司的资深分析师表示,Vertu由于其定价策略正面临强大的瓶颈。;The previous owner chose a good timing to exit as Vertu is facing expansion pressures,; he said. ;The company may shift its focus to China and other Asian markets after the takeover.;他分析到,“Vertu的前老板在面临公司扩展压力时,选择了一个恰当的时机退出”,“目前该公司被收购后,其市场重心可能会转投中国和其他亚洲市场。” /201511/408390成都装义齿多少钱

新都区妇幼保健院口腔科SAN FRANCISCO — As stocks in the ed States tumbled Monday morning after another sell-off in China, Timothy D. Cook, the chief executive of Apple, took an unusual step to put investors at ease: He emailed Jim Cramer, the television host of CN’s “Mad Money.”旧金山——中国股市出现另一波抛售行情之后,美国股票也在周一上午纷纷下跌,然后苹果公司(Apple)的首席执行官蒂莫西·D·库克(Timothy D. Cook)采取了一个不同寻常的举动来让投资者安心:他向CN电视节目“疯狂金钱”(Mad Money)的主持人吉姆·克拉默(Jim Cramer)发了一封电邮。In the email, Mr. Cook said iPhone activations had accelerated recently, and that Apple’s App Store in China had its best performance of the year in the last two weeks.库克在电邮中说,iPhone的激活最近加快了,过去两周里,苹果应用商店App Store在中国也取得了全年最佳业绩。“I get updates on our performance in China every day, including this morning, and I can tell you that we have continued to experience strong growth for our business in China through July and August,” Mr. Cook said in the email to Mr. Cramer. “Obviously I can’t predict the future, but our performance so far this quarter is reassuring.”“我每天都能看到苹果在中国的最新业绩,今天早上当然也是如此。我可以告诉你,7月份和8月份,苹果在中国的业务保持了强劲增长,”库克在电邮中告诉克拉默。“很显然我不能预测未来,但我们本季度迄今为止的表现,相当让人安心。”The email seemed to ease the minds of some investors. After falling about 10 percent when the markets opened, shares of Apple recouped their losses and even entered positive territory. By the end of the day, shares were 2.5 percent lower.这封电邮似乎安抚了一些投资者。在开盘下跌约10%后,苹果的股价开始收复失地,甚至还一度由跌转涨。收盘时苹果跌幅为2.5%。Jan Dawson, an independent technology analyst for Jackdaw Research, said Apple’s stock had taken a beating largely because of growing concerns about China. A simple solution was to send signals of positive performance in China to Mr. Cramer, he said.穴鸟研究公司(Jackdaw Research)的独立科技分析师简·道森(Jan Dawson)表示,苹果的股价受到冲击,主要是由于市场对中国经济形势的担忧加剧了。把公司在中国表现出色的正面信号传递给克拉默,是一个简单的解决办法,他说。“I’m sure Cook was well aware that Cramer would share it with his viewers and it would therefore quickly become public,” Mr. Dawson said. “Apple stock has certainly risen sharply since the email was made public, so it’s arguable that it worked.”“我敢肯定,库克非常清楚克拉默会向观众分享这份邮件,因此消息很快就会公之于众,”道森说。“自从该电邮公开之后,苹果公司的股票确实出现了大幅回升,所以可以说这个行动奏效了。”Mr. Cramer is the co-manager of a charitable trust portfolio, Action Alerts Plus, which holds shares of Apple.克拉默是公益信托投资组合Action Alerts Plus的共同管理人,组合中包含苹果股票。Mr. Cramer said in an interview that he decided to try contacting Mr. Cook after a company called Skyworks Solutions, a chip supplier for Apple, appeared on “Mad Money” last week. Skyworks had said on the show that its sales were strong in China, but its stock plummeted afterward anyway. That made Mr. Cramer curious about what Mr. Cook would have to say about iPhone sales in China. He sent the email to the Apple chief Sunday evening.克拉默在接受采访时说,他之所以决定与苹果联系,是因为上周有一家名为Skyworks Solutions的苹果芯片供应商上了“疯狂金钱”节目。该公司在节目中表示,自己在中国的销售势头很强劲,可是之后它的股价还是出现了大幅下挫。克拉默开始好奇,对于iPhone在中国的销售形势,库克会说些什么。于是在周日晚上,他向库克发了一封电邮。His letter : “Dear Tim, Just trying to do my best to cover Apple, as always, and I keep running up against ‘China fears’ and ‘China worries.’ We are in a tough moment in the market, and any clarity I might be able to get before Squawk on the Street at 9 Eastern would really help.”他在信中写道:“亲爱的蒂姆,我写信是为了尽我所能地报道苹果的情况,就像我一直以来所做的那样。现在我总是遇到有人‘害怕’、‘担心’中国的形势。眼下我们的市场状况很糟,如果你能进行一些澄清,让我在东部时间9点的‘华尔街直播室’(Squawk on the Street)里谈论一下,真的会很有帮助。”Mr. Cook, who is known for being an early riser, sent his reply around 8 a.m. on Monday — 5 a.m. in California, where he lives.库克一向起得很早,他在周一早8点左右回复了电邮——在他居住生活的美国加州,那时还是凌晨5点。Mr. Cramer said he was surprised to get a response. In March, the Apple chief called in to ;Mad Money; to congratulate Mr. Cramer on the 10th anniversary of the show. Beyond that, Mr. Cramer said he had not cultivated a personal relationship with Mr. Cook, though the TV host noted he had long been an advocate for holding on to the Cupertino, Calif., company’s stock.克拉默说,收到回复出乎他的意料。今年3月,库克曾致电“疯狂金钱”,祝贺克拉默的这个节目诞生10周年。但克拉默说,除此之外,自己和库克没有私交,尽管他长期主张持有苹果股票。“I’ve been a stalwart in saying, ‘Don’t trade Apple,’ ” he said. “I think it’s a mistake to trade it. I think you should own it.”“我一直坚定不移地劝说大家,不要卖掉苹果的股票,”他说。“我觉得卖掉是个错误,你应该持有。”China has become an increasingly important market for Apple. The company’s growth has slowed over the last few years in mature markets like the ed States and parts of Europe, where the smartphone market has become saturated. China, however, remains a huge untapped market where plenty of people are still buying smartphones for the first time.中国市场对于苹果的重要性与日俱增。在美国和欧洲一些国家的成熟市场,随着智能手机市场趋于饱和,苹果的增速在过去的几年里有所放缓。然而中国却是一个尚未开发的巨大市场,很多人仍是第一次购买智能手机。Apple has long laid the groundwork to reap big sales in China, and revenue growth from the region has steadily gained momentum. The company in late 2013 struck an important deal to sell iPhones through China Mobile, the world’s largest phone carrier. Apple is also expanding its operations in the region, planning to increase its number of stores to 40 by mid-2016.长期以来,苹果为在中国大卖奠定了基础。该地区营收的增长趋势一直很稳定。2013年底,苹果公司达成了一项重要的协议,通过全世界最大的移动电话运营商中国移动销售iPhone。苹果也在扩大该地区的业务规模,计划到2016年中期,让店铺数量增加到40家。Some analysts have raised questions about whether Apple, the most valuable company in the world by market capitalization, can maintain its overall torrid pace of growth. Shares in the company are up about 45 percent in the last two years. But in the last six months, the stock has fallen over 18 percent.一些分析人士质疑,作为全世界市值最高的公司,苹果迅猛的总体增速能否持续下去。过去两年间,苹果公司的股价上涨大约45%,但在过去六个月里,该公司的股价下跌逾18%。Mr. Cook also wrote to Mr. Cramer that he continued to believe “that China represents an unprecedented opportunity over the long term.”库克还在信中对克拉默说,他依然相信“从长期来看,中国代表着一个史无前例的机遇”。Unlike his predecessor, Steven P. Jobs, Mr. Cook has been increasingly outspoken about a number of matters, including his views on civil rights, his sexual orientation and his concern for the environment. Aside from during quarterly earnings calls and major company events, though, he has generally been tight-lipped about sales and other financial figures.不同于前任史蒂夫·P·乔布斯(Steven P. Jobs),库克在很多事情上越来越坦率,包括他对民权问题的看法、他的性取向,以及他对环境的担忧。但除了每季度的财报会议和公司的重要活动外,他总体上对销售额和其他财务数据闭口不谈。On Monday, some regulatory experts raised concerns about whether Mr. Cook’s email to Mr. Cramer had violated the Securities and Exchange Commission’s fair disclosure regulations. The rules, commonly known as Reg F.D., requires companies to share material information to all investors at the same time.周一当天,一些券监管专家对于库克写给克拉默的电子邮件提出了疑问,因为这样做或许违反了美国券交易委员会(Securities and Exchange Commission,简称SEC)的公平披露规则。通常简称为Reg FD的相关规定,要求企业同时向所有投资者分享重大信息。In previous financial earnings calls, Apple had said it was bullish about its strong, long-term growth in China. But the S.E.C. has signaled that reaffirmation of financial guidance, in some contexts, could even lead to a full-disclosure violation, according to Thomas A. Sporkin, a partner for Buckley Sandler and a former S.E.C. enforcement official. In 2005, the commission charged the Flowserve Corporation, a manufacturer, with violating Reg F.D. for reiterating its guidance to a group of analysts before sharing the same information with the public.在之前的财报会议中,苹果曾表示对在中国实现强劲的长期增长持乐观态度。但据巴克利桑德勒(Buckley Sandler)合伙人、SEC前执法官员托马斯·A·斯波金(Thomas A. Sporkin)介绍,SEC发出的信号表明,在某些情况下,重申企业的财务表现,也可能属于全面违反了涉及披露的规则。2005年,SEC指控制造业企业福斯公司(Flowserve Corporation)违反了公平披露规则,因为该公司是在对一群分析人士重申自己的业绩之后,才向公众披露同一信息的。Mr. Cook’s reaffirmation to Mr. Cramer of Apple’s performance in China was softer and more generalized than when Flowserve shared specific numbers, Mr. Sporkin said. But he added that it was unclear whether Mr. Cramer could have a different interpretation of the email based on his relationship with Mr. Cook.斯波金称,福斯当时透露了具体数字,相比之下,库克向克拉默重申苹果在中国的表现时,措辞更温和,也更笼统。但他接着表示,尚不清楚克拉默是否会基于他与库克的关系,而对这封邮件有不同的解读。Apple, CN and the S.E.C. declined to comment. In response to questions raised about potential violations of the S.E.C.’s disclosure rules, Mr. Cramer would only say: “I got what I got. I got an email from Tim Cook.”苹果、CN和SEC拒绝置评。在被问到违反SEC披露规则的可能性时,克拉默只是回答:“我是收到了。我收到了蒂姆·库克发来的电子邮件。”Bill Singer, a regulatory lawyer, said he expected the S.E.C. to investigate the context of the email and provide guidelines as to whether companies can disclose financial information this way to selected news reporters.监管领域的律师比尔·辛格(Bill Singer)表示,他预计SEC会调查邮件的来龙去脉,并发布指导意见,阐述企业是否能以这种方式,向特定的新闻记者披露财务信息。“I can see here that Cook is literally dancing on the edge of a razor,” he said. “At the end of the day it’s one of the largest companies in the world telling one reporter via a private email that our ongoing quarter is actually going to surprise people, and I consider that material.”“在这件事上,我感觉库克是在刀尖上跳舞,”他说。“说到底,一家规模在全世界数一数二的公司,通过私人电子邮件告诉了一名记者,我们目前这一季度的业绩真的会让人们吃惊。我认为,这属于重大消息。” /201508/395287 成都成年人矫正牙齿要多少钱成都牙龈萎缩治疗多少钱



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