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泉州安溪县最好的狐臭医院泉州市收窄鼻翼切开双眼皮切开重睑术哪家便宜价格Are we better off today? 经济衰退 CNN's Christine Romans examines whether the U.S. economy is in better shape now than it was when President Bush took office. President Bush took off as just before a recession began and it's quite possible he'll end his term amid or after another recession. In between was the weakest economic expansion since World War Two, and that had both parties asking,"Are YOU better off today?" "Ask yourself a simple question, that is , 'Are you better off now?' than you were when George Bush took office?"You'll hear a lot over the next nine weeks about family budgets and the struggling middle- class and whether the economy is better-off today."In a word, NO! A comparing reccession, uh today, with 8 years ago, when you were in a boom. And that's a tough comparison , no matter how you slice it."Tough comparison indeed. Remember gas at .49? It has more than doubled during the George W.Bush's administration. Most recently, .68 a gallon. Medical costs are gobbling up an ever-bigger chunk of your heart and dollar.Think of it this way, more than 17 cents of every consumer dollar is spent on health care. Tuition and food prices are exploding as paychecks, after inflation, shrink. Economist Marks Andy says the richer , a little richer. The poorer, a litter poorer. And everyone else?."I think for the average American, they are ting water financially. Their incomes are about what they were years ago. And their net work is about what it was years ago as well. "Historically, income rises. The Democrat's playing White House economic policy. It's one reason many say John McCain must distance himself from Bush and choose a running mate strong on the economy. At the same time ,the GOP warns against democrats, taxing is expanding in the country further in the whole. Despite millions of foreclusures and a housing crisis, the average house is still worth more than what it was in 2001.That's a good news, if you have a steady job, are paying your mortgage , and haven't raided the home involved with equity . So how are you doing? Are you better or worse- off? You can let us know, at I REPORT.com, forward slash, better-off, tell us your story and you might see it down in CNN Money .com . For CNN, money, I'm Christine Romans.200811/55824泉州人民医院种植牙 UK Sinks into Recession英国宣布经济陷入衰退 Britain has officially sunk into recession, with its economy shrinking by 1.5 percent in the fourth quarter of last year. This comes amid the growing financial crisis around the world. 英国正式陷入了衰退,去年第四季度的增长收缩了1.5%。这个消息是在金融危机还在世界各地继续扩大的时候发布的。It's official - the British economy is in recession. Government figures released Friday show the economy contracted by a larger than expected 1.5 percent in the last three months of 2008, after a 0.6 percent drop in the previous quarter.  英国经济陷入衰退现在是正式的了。英国政府星期五公布的数据显示,在2008年的最后三个月,英国经济收缩了1.5%,超过了预期。在第三季度,英国经济下滑了0.6%。Britain's finance chief, Chancellor Alistair Darling acknowledged the economy had taken a sharper downturn than anticipated. 英国财政大臣达林承认,英国经济滑坡的程度比预期的还要糟糕。"If you look at today's figures, what you're seeing is a very significant fall in industrial production and that's been caused because world trade has really fallen away very rapidly over the past few weeks and months," said Chancellor Darling. 他说:“如果你看今天的数据,你所看到的是工业生产上出现的很大下滑。这是因为全球贸易在过去几个星期和几个月的时间里出现了急剧减少所造成的。”What started as a crisis in the financial sector in Britain continues to infect the wider economy. Unemployment is accelerating sharply, with nearly two million people now out of work, the housing market remains severely depressed and retail sales are weak. For the U.K., Friday's figures show the biggest decline in nearly 30 years. 英国始于金融行业的危机继续对更广泛的经济造成损害。失业率正在急剧攀升,现在将近有2百万人失业,住房市场仍然极为低迷,零售销售也相当疲软。 But, Chancellor Darling was quick to point out Britain is certainly not alone. 不过,财政大臣达林很快的指出,英国并不是唯一处于这种状态的国家。"We're facing this problem everywhere," he said. "America has been in recession for a year now, even Germany, Italy, Japan. Countries in the Far East are seeing a substantial slowdown in growth." 他说:“我们大家都面临这个问题。美国陷入衰退已经有一年的时间了,就连德国、意大利和日本也陷入了衰退。远东国家的增长也出现了严重的滑坡。”The British government has moved to bail out failing banks and has put in place a multi-billion dollar stimulus package to shore up the ailing economy, including a cut in the national sales tax and help for businesses, homeowners and low-income families. 英国政府已经采取了行动,对提供救助,而且制订了几十亿美元的刺激方案来撑萎靡不振的经济,包括削减全国销售税以及对企业、房屋拥有者以及低收入家庭提供帮助。Prime Minister Gordon Brown says these measures will work, but he says there needs to be a coordinated international effort. 英国首相布朗表示,这些措施将会起作用,不过他说,国际社会需要采取协调一致的努力。"What we need is a degree of international cooperation here, so that all countries who are affected by this can work together to do similar things," he said. 他说:“我们需要的是一定程度的国际合作,这样所有受到危机影响的国家可以共同采取类似的行动。”Mr. Brown says he is talking with world leaders about ways to overcome this crisis. 布朗说,他正在同世界各国领导人讨论克这个危机的途径。Britain is due to host the next financial crisis summit of the G-20 group of industrialized and emerging economies in April. 英国将在今年4月主办下一次由工业化国家和新兴经济体组成的20国集团金融危机峰会。01/61490Rednet: Don't Promote Hatred When Watching "Nanking, Nanking"The highly anticipated historical epic film "Nanking, Nanking," also known as "A City of Life and Death," is now being shown in cinemas around China.When it recently premiered in eastern China's Hangzhou city, some moviegoers shouted, "Overthrow Japanese imperialism" at the Japanese actors who appeared in the film, while others said the Chinese should show respect for the Japanese actors.The website Rednet.cn published an article warning the Chinese not to blindly use the movie as an excuse to rouse hatred toward the Japanese. It ed Lu Chuan, director of "Nanking, Nanking," who said the movie aimed to remind the world of the suffering and misery of common Chinese at the hands of Japanese aggressors.He welcomed the tolerant and rational attitudes of some Hangzhou moviegoers toward the Japanese actors when watching "Nanking, Nanking."The article echoed Lu's sentiment, saying that both the Chinese and Japanese should remember their history and respect the truth of the Nanking massacre.More importantly, the article urged people from the two countries to abandon hatred and promote friendship in an effort to build a bright and prosperous future for both.People's Daily: Let Public Places Serve the Public Orange Island park, a famous scenic spot in central China's Changsha city, recently reopened to locals after a major renovation.The park's management office initially wanted to charge a 100-yuan, or 15-U.S. dollars, admission fee. But the high fee prompted complaints from local residents. As a result, the management office opened the park free of charge.An article in the People's Daily on Friday applauded the decision, saying public places should be used to serve the needs of common citizens. It pointed out that public funds were used in the construciton of various parks in different cities so the parks should benefit average people.The commentary also criticized park managers in some cities for allowing exhibition booths and small shops to occupy large public areas in parks. It also noted that cities built too many entertainment facilities within their parks just to charge visitors additional fees.In light of this situation, the article said municipal governments should oversee park administrators. It emphasized that authorities need to make continual efforts to ensure parks and other public facilities better serve the interest of the public.China Watches Health of Migrant Workers Ministerial-level authorities in public health, social security, and work security supervision joined trade unions and business representatives in discussions.Health Minister Chen Zhu said during the forum he is particularly concerned about migrant workers."Migrant workers tend to change their jobs frequently. They also move around a lot. So it has been hard for us to trace them and assess their health conditions."The minister noted that law enforcements are needed so that employers fulfill their responsibilities.It is estimated that 2 hundred million Chinese have at least one kind of disease related to their jobs,many of them suffer from dust lung.As of 2007, 600 thousand people in China were recorded to be living with the disease.140 thousand people had died of the disease by then.Li Yuhuan is vice chairman of a major fund for treatment of the disease."We now have 100 million Yuan in funds. That is enough to cover lung lavage treatments for just 10 thousand patients. Compared to the number of such patients, what we can do is limited."Chen Rui, with the Health Ministry, says migrant workers need to take health into consideration when looking for jobs."They need to keep in mind several things. First, they must sign legally effective labor contracts. Also, make sure that they have work-related injury insurance paid by the employers. And they have to make sure they are provided with proper industrial safety costumes and equipment."Governments around China have launched educational campaigns this week, educating workers on how to find proper legal solutions for physical damage they incur at work.04/68140福建儿童医院收费标准

泉州地区整形美容医院排行A new study indicates that combining aerobics and weight lifting can help people with Type 2 diabetes keep their blood sugar levels under control.Most people probably think of diabetes control in terms of diet or insulin, but Dr. Tim Church says exercise can play a big role.大部分人都知道,可以通过饮食和胰岛素控制糖尿病。但迪姆·丘奇医生说,运动能够发挥很大的作用。"If you look at what diabetes is, it's the failure of the body to manage the blood sugar, and the biggest consumer of blood sugar in the human body is skeletal muscle," he says. "So if you keep skeletal muscle happy, it's chewing up blood sugar 24 hours a day."“糖尿病是怎么回事呢,它就是人体不能控制控制血糖了。人体消耗血糖最多的组织是骨骼肌,因此,只要让骨骼肌高兴,它就能每天24小时消耗血糖。”Church is a researcher at Louisiana State University's Pennington Center. He says most previous studies looked at the impact on diabetes of one kind of exercise only - typically aerobic exercise, like walking or bicycling. So he and his colleagues recruited more than 250 patients with diabetes and randomly assigned them to an aerobic exercise group, a weightlifting group, a group that did both kinds of exercise, or a control group that had no organized exercise program.丘奇医生是路易斯安那州立大学彭宁顿生物医学研究中心的研究员。他说,过去的研究,大部分只关注一类运动对糖尿病的影响,一般都是有氧运动,例如走路或骑自行车。他和他的同事招募了250名糖尿病患者,随机将他们分成有氧运动组,举重组,两者都做的组,还有不做任何有组织运动的对照组。After nine months, he said, the results were clear.他说,9个月后,结果非常清楚。"And for virtually everything we looked at, but in particular related to hemoglobin A1C - that represents blood sugar control - the group that did both the walking and the resistance training, or weight lifting, did by far the best."“在我们观察的每一个项目上,特别是和代表血糖控制的‘糖化血红蛋白’有关的项目上,走路和举重并举的一组效果最好。”201012/119830泉州车祸疤痕整容 在泉州妇幼保健院医院点痣

泉州韩式无痕开眼角价格India Begins Trials to Select Air Force Combat Jets印度空军更新战机 国际厂商争抢商机In India, trials have begun to select a fighter aircraft for the country's air force. Six aircraft manufacturers are in the race to win what will be one of the world's biggest defense contracts worth billions of dollars.印度开始为本国空军选择战斗机而进行试飞。六家飞机制造商正在角逐,以赢得价值100多亿美元的这个世界上最大国防合同之一。In the southern city of Bangalore, Indian air force pilots have carried out sorties of two F 18 "Super hornet" fighter jets manufactured by U.S. based Boeing. The trials began Monday.在南部城市班加罗尔,印度空军飞行员驾驶两架由美国波音公司制造的F-18超级大黄蜂战机进行了单机飞行。试飞是在星期一开始的。This marked the start of trials of six combat jets short listed by India, which plans to buy 126 new aircraft to modernize its air force. 这标志着印度筛选出来的6架喷气式战机开始试飞。印度计划购买126架新飞机来使本国空军现代化。Another U.S. based company, Lockheed Martin will be next in line to put its F 16 aircraft through tactical maneuvers. Others competing for the lucrative contract are Russia's MiG 35, France's Rafale, Sweden's Gripen and the Eurofighter Typhoon.另一家以美国为基地的公司洛克希德.马丁公司将随后出场,让该公司的F-16飞机完成战术动作。参加竞标这项庞大合同的其他机型是俄罗斯的米格35、法国的拉法叶、瑞典的“鹰狮”和欧洲战机“台风”。The contract will be worth approximately billion - one of the largest defense contracts to be handed out in the world. 这个合同价值大约120亿美元,是世界上将要拿出的最大国防合同之一。An air force spokesman, P.R. Singha, says the trials will be conducted in different stages over one year. Besides Bangalore, the jets will be tested in different climate zones - in the desert state of Rajasthan and in the Himalayan mountains. The final stage of trials will involve mounting weapons systems on the combat jets.空军发言人辛加说,这次试飞活动将在一年内分阶段进行。除了班加罗尔,这些喷气式飞机还将在沙漠之邦拉贾斯坦邦和喜马拉雅山区等不同气候区域内接受测试。试飞的最后阶段将涉及在这些喷气式战机上安装武器系统。"As far as the field trials, the calendar is there,it is one after the other, the six aircraft, and in three places, Bangalore, Jaisalmer and Leh," explained Singha. "We have the desert sector, the high temperature, the high altitude, the cold temperature. These three [trials] will take place in India, and the remaining, whatever is left will take place in the place of origin of the aircraft."他说:“就现场试飞而言,日期已经有了,6架飞机一个接着一个试飞,在三个不同地方,班加罗尔、贾伊萨尔梅尔和莱赫。我们有沙漠部分、高温、高纬度、低温。这三场试飞将在印度进行,其余的试验将在飞机原产地进行。”The trials began after Indian pilots were trained in the use of the combat jets.这些试飞是在印度飞行员接受了使用这些战机的训练之后开始的。India plans to buy 18 aircraft initially. The rest will be manufactured in India under an agreement which will include transfer of technology to India.印度计划起初先购买18架飞机。其余的飞机将按照包括技术转让在内的一份协议在印度制造。The ed States hopes that its blossoming relationship with New Delhi will help one of its two companies win the contract.美国希望美国跟新德里大大改善的关系将有助于两家美国公司中的一家赢得这项合同。Rahul Bedi at Jane's Defense Weekly says it is very difficult to say at this stage which aircraft has the edge.简氏防务周刊的拉胡尔.贝蒂说,现阶段很难说哪种飞机独占鳌头。"It is very much an open race," Bedi said. "Most of the six competitors are broadly equal as far as their capabilities of the basic platforms are concerned. But the price as well as political considerations will ultimately decide the final winner."他说:“很大程度上这是一场开放的竞争。就这些飞机的基本性能而论,这6家竞标公司大致相等。不过,价格以及政治考量将最终决定花落谁家。”U.S. companies are relatively new to the Indian defense market. The Indian military is mostly equipped with hardware from the former Soviet Union, but in the past decade, India has been looking to Western countries to meet its defense requirements. The biggest deal with a U.S. company involved the purchase of six military transport planes from Lockheed Martin. India is expected to spend billion over the next decade to modernize its military.美国公司对于印度国防市场相对来说是初来乍到。印度军队大多是由来自前苏联的硬件装备起来的。不过,过去十年来,印度盯住西方国家来满足本国的国防需求。印度跟美国公司的最大交易包括从洛克希德.马丁公司购买6架军用运输机。印度预计在10年内将出300亿美元来使其军队现代化。08/82264 在21日的太空行走中,阿卡巴误将一个螺钉安装颠倒了,致使空间站托架左侧的设备储存平台只能部分展开。23日,阿卡巴和阿诺尔德用锤子反复敲打这个螺钉,虽然最终让螺钉"松了口",但平台仍不能完全展开。二人最后只得放弃。根据地面控制中心的指令,宇航员用绳索固定了平台,以防止其晃动。两位宇航员当天还将一个手推车从空间站一端移到了另一端,润滑了空间站机械臂并为一个断路器重新布线。整个太空行走持续了约6小时27分钟。Glad you are with us everyone. I am Catherine Callaway and here is a look at what's happening Now In The News.The Treasury Department has unveiled a bank rescue plan that will help banks remove billions of dollars in toxic assets from their books. The plan calls for the US government to partner with private investors to buy mortgage- back securities. To kickstart things, the Obama administration said it will commit 75 to 100 billion dollars and would consider how the program is progressing before they committed any more money.Some startling of a Fedex plane crash in Japan. The pilot and co-pilot died when the cargo plane bounced on the runway, veered left and then burst into a ball of flames. That all happened at Japan's Narita International Airport.In the US, another deadly plane crash under investigation. A single engine plane went down Sunday in Butte, Montana. It apparently nose-dived into this cemetery, killing every one on board. Official says seven children are among the 14 dead.The one thing I gotta say there ain't nobody here but us chicken. Another busy day today for the crew of Space Shuttle Discovery. Today is the third and the final planned spacewalk. Two astronauts will try and repair a jammed platform on the International Space Station. That spacewalk set to begin at 11:45 a.m. Eastern Time. We'll bring that to you live.Bruce Willis is a married man again. His publicist says that Willis and 30-year-old model and actress Emma Heming will marry this weekend at his home in the Turks amp; Caicos islands. Guests include his daughter and his ex-wife Demi Moore along with her husband Ashton Kutcher.Be sure to stick with CNN.com 24/7 from news around the world. We'll also have updates for you right here throughout the day.03/65732医科大学第二医院胸部整形福建医科大学附属第二医院打瘦脸



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