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Space is unchartered territory.太空仍是无主领地Like the expansion westward.就好比西进运动A grueling five-month journey through the interior.经过漫长艰苦的五个月穿越内陆It hasn#39;t stopped America before.即使这样 美国人也不曾退缩The pioneering spirit drives people onward.这种开拓精神促使人们不断前行Americans are impatient.美国人民急于进取They want to see new things, new opportunities.他们渴望了解新事物 获得新机遇And they challenged millions of people into putting this program together.这激发了上百万人为这一项目共同努力And you know what? They did it.结果真的成功了We just made it.我们成功了July of that last year of that decade,we just made it.1969年7月,我们做到了400,000 Americans worked directly on ;Apollo; 11.40万美国人直接参与了阿波罗11号的工作Flight controllers, engineers, scientists, seamstresses.航空指挥官 工程师 科学家 裁缝After 8 years, they#39;re y for the big one.历时八年 终于迎来最后时刻And the fact that this team of delicate people from astronauts all the way down to, you know,这些来自各行各业的精英从宇航员到每一位工程师 every engineer to achieve that goal为同一个目标而奋斗it#39;s really one of the truly inspiring stories in American history.这真的是美国历史上一个激动人心的故事A timeline planned down to the last second.时间安排周密而完备17,000 people in Florida to handle take-off.佛罗里达州有一万七千人负责起飞工作131 people man the mission control room in Houston, Texas.131人坐镇德克萨斯州休斯顿的任务控制室Ten, nine... ignition sequence, start.十 九 开始点火3,000 tons of metal and three astronauts set off for the moon.3000吨重的金属载着3名宇航员飞往月球Six, five, four, three, two, one.Zero.六 五 四 三 二 一 零All engine running.发动机全部启动Liftoff. We have a liftoff.起飞,起飞了 /201303/230635。

  • Islamist militants attack presidential compound in Somalia索马里总统府遭伊斯兰武装分子袭击Islamist militants have attacked Somalia#39;s presidential compound with a car bomb in the capital Mogadishu.伊斯兰武装分子在首都加迪沙对索马里总统府引爆了一颗汽车炸弹。 Article/201407/310868。
  • ;It used to be considered that the Kushites were slavishly borrowing things from Egypt and just copying Egyptian models, but what we see...以前人们认为,库施只是全盘抄袭埃及模式,照搬所有元素,但如今我们了解到,they#39;re picking and choosing, they#39;re choosing the things that are enhancing their view of the world, the status of their ruler and so on, and they#39;re retaining many of their local cultural elements as well.其实他们有自己的筛选过程。他们选择了那些能拓宽自己视野,加强统治者地位的元素,同时也保留了自己的文化特色。这一点在宗教中表现得最为明显。You see this particularly in their religion because, not only do you get the Egyptian gods like Amun, but you also get the major local Kushite gods such as Apademak, being worshipped sometimes in the same temples.;库施不只有来自埃及的神祇,如阿蒙神等,也有重要的本土神如狮神阿皮德马克等,有时他们还被供奉在同一座庙宇里。As originally placed in the temple, Taharqo#39;s sphinx would have been seen only by the ruler and by his closest circle - which would have included priests and officials from both Egypt and Kush.塔哈尔卡的狮身人面像最初被安放在庙宇里,因此只有统治者与他身边极为亲近的人才能看到,如来自埃及与库施的神职人员和官员等。Coming upon it in an inner sanctuary, Kushites would have been reassured by its black African features, while Egyptians would have immediately felt at home with its peculiarly Egyptian iconography.在圣殿内部看到这样的形象,库施人会因为其中的非洲黑人特征而感到欣慰,而其埃及特色则会让埃及人感觉自在。Taharqo#39;s sphinx is a very sophisticated piece of political imagery, for it#39;s not just a mix of north and south, it also combines the present with the long distant past.除了南北特色的融合之外,塔哈尔卡的狮身人面像还有更为复杂的政治含义:它连接了当下与历史。The form of the lion#39;s mane and his ears closely resemble elements found on Ancient Egyptian sphinxes as far back as the 12th Dynasty, that#39;s about a thousand years before this.狮子的鬃毛和耳朵十分接近一千年前第十二王朝所釆用的雕刻形式。The message is clear: this black pharaoh, Taharqo, stands in a long line of great Egyptian rulers, who have held dominion over all the lands of the Nile.它想传达的意思十分明确:这位黑人法老,塔哈尔卡,与曾经统治过整个尼罗河流域的众多埃及君主是一脉相承的。 Article/201408/321429。
  • steven paul jobs died on october 5, 2011,史蒂文.保罗.乔布斯于2011年10月5日去世,at the age of 56,享年56岁,a life cut short in its creative prime by cancer.因为癌症,一个生命短暂消失在了他最具有创造力的年纪.his death was not a surprise,他的死讯并不令人惊讶,and yet its impact reverberated around the world.却广泛的影响着整个世界.the news had sp, and the tributes were created新闻和悼念活动被传递在on the new idevices that his visionary genius had made.他用他天才的远见创造的所有设备上.his is a success story that could only have happened他成功的故事仅仅只能发生在一个国度,in the u.s.a.美国.I don#39;t mean to say that there aren#39;t geniuses我并不是说世界上没有其他的天才人物能够and world-changing people everywhere there are如此广泛的改变人的生活... 绝对有...but I think in jobs#39; case,但是我认为在乔布斯的例子上,the particular path of his career,独特之处在于他传奇人生的轨迹,this could only have happened in america.这只可能发生在美国.steve jobs#39; world-class salesmanship found从乔布斯著名的苹果产品发布会上,a global audience in his famous apple product presentations.全世界的观众 领略了他世界一流的销售技巧.he always had ;one more thing; to announce.他常常宣布说 ;还有一点; .everyone thinks, ;wow. that#39;s that#39;s so much,;所有人会想到, ;哇喔. 这,这太值得了!and, ;well, we got one more thing,;这样, ;好吧, 这里还有一件事,;and then you put your biggest thing at the end于是你把你最重要的注意力放在了这件事上because it#39;ll tip it.因为他提示了你.it#39;s good, uh it#39;s good showmanship really.这真的很棒,嗯,这真的是一种非常棒的演讲技巧.tragically that ;one more thing;可悲的事 那;还有一件事;has now become ;one last thing.;现在变成了 ;最后一件事.; /201308/254582。
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