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上海复旦大学附属眼耳鼻喉科医院丰胸多少钱上海市中西医结合医院韩式三点多少钱The in-laws, or your love interest#39;s parents送礼对象:岳父岳母大人/公公婆婆;你男(女)朋友的父母;你重要的另一半的父母大人Gift-giving philosophy: You want your in-laws or significant other#39;s parents to feel comfortable around you, so give them the gift of comfort.送礼哲学:还有什么比最重要的另一半的父母大人和你在一起时觉得非常舒更开心的事情呢?所以给他们买能让人觉得舒的礼物吧。Shopping strategy: High-end department stores, sleep specialty stores, big box stores, bath and body stores, home goods stores like Restoration Hardware and even some drugstores will likely have the gifts you want.送礼策略:从高档百货店到睡眠用品专卖店,从大卖场到洗浴与身体护肤商店,再到Restoration Hardware这样的家居用品店,甚至是杂货店,你都能在这些商店里找到让人觉得舒适的商品Examples: Cashmere slippers, essential oil or lavender eye pillow.礼品样品:羊绒拖鞋、精油或者薰衣草眼枕。 /201312/269279上海医院做去疤手术价格 The following guest post is by Amy Morin, a licensed clinical social worker in Lincoln, Maine. In addition to working as a psychotherapist, she is also an adjunct college psychology instructor and she serves as About.com’s Parenting Teens expert.以下这篇客座文章的作者是艾米·莫兰(Amy Morin),她是缅因州林肯市一位持有执照的临床社会工作者。除了作为一名心理治疗师外,她还是兼职大学心理学讲师,此外她也担任About.com网站的青少年养育专家。Psychology often discusses mental health — but what’s not often discussed is a clear definition of mental strength. To me, mental strength means that you regulate your emotions, manage your thoughts, and behave in a positive manner, despite your circumstances. Developing mental strength is about finding the courage to live according to your values and being bold enough to create your own definition of success.心理学常常讨论精神健康问题——但如何清晰地定义精神力量却不常被拿来讨论。在我看来,精神力量意味着:无论处于何种环境中,都能够调节自己的情绪,管理自己的思想,并且表现出积极的态度。培养精神力量就是根据自己的价值观找到生活的勇气,并勇敢地创造符合自己定义的成功。Mental strength involves more than just willpower; it requires hard work and commitment. It’s about establishing healthy habits and choosing to devote your time and energy to self-improvement. (Check out Cheryl Snapp Connor’s post, based on my list of the 13 things mentally strong people avoid.)精神力量不仅仅包含意志力;还要求勤奋努力和全力以赴。这其实是关于培养健康的习惯并选择将时间和精力用于自我提高。Although it’s easier to feel mentally strong when life seems simple — often, true mental strength becomes most apparent in the midst of tragedy. Choosing to develop skills that increase your mental strength is the best way to prepare for life’s inevitable obstacles.尽管当生活平顺时很容易感到精神强大,但真正的精神力量常常是在逆境中才最得以彰显。掌握一些能够增强精神力量的技能,是为生命中不可避免的挫折做好准备的最佳方式。Many exercises exist that can help you develop mental strength. But here are five that can get you started:有许多练习能够帮助培养精神力量,但你可以从以下五个方面做起:1. Evaluate Your Core Beliefs1.评估你的核心信念We’ve all developed core beliefs about ourselves, our lives and the world in general. Core beliefs develop over time and largely depend upon our past experiences. Whether you’re aware of your core beliefs or not, they influence your thoughts, your behavior and emotions.我们都已经形成了关于我们自己、我们的生活以及世界的核心信念。核心信念随着时间的推移而发展,并且主要取决于我们过去的经历。无论你意识到与否,自己的核心信念都影响着你的思想、行为和情感。Sometimes, core beliefs are inaccurate and unproductive. For example, if you believe that you’ll never succeed in life, you may be less apt to apply for new jobs — and inadvertently, you may not present yourself well on job interviews. Therefore, your core beliefs may become a self-fulfilling prophecy.有时,你的核心价值观是不正确的和徒劳的。例如,如果你认为自己此生都不会成功,你可能不大易于申请新的职位——而且无意间,你可能不会在工作面试中好好表现。于是,你的核心价值观可能就成为了一种自我应验的预言。Identify and evaluate your core beliefs. Look for beliefs that are black and white, and then find exceptions to the rule. Very few things in life are “always” or “never” true. Modifying core beliefs requires purposeful intention and hard work, but it can change the entire course of your life.识别并评估你的核心价值观。寻找那些好的和不好的信念,然后找找例外。在生命中很少有什么是“一直”或“从不”正确的。修正核心价值观需要下定决心并付出努力,但这能改变你的整个生命历程。2. Expend Your Mental Energy Wisely2.明智地投放你的精力Wasting brain power ruminating about things you can’t control drains mental energy quickly. The more you think about negative problems that you can’t solve, the less energy you’ll have leftover for creative endeavors. For example, sitting and worrying about the weather forecast isn’t helpful. If a major storm is headed your way, worrying about it won’t prevent it. You can, however, choose to prepare for it. Focus on what is only within your control.浪费脑力反复琢磨你所不能控制的事情会很快耗尽精力。在你无力解决的负面问题上想得越多,留给创造性活动的精力就越少。例如,坐在那里担忧天气预报无助于事。如果一场大风暴正向你袭来,再怎么担心也阻止不了。然而,你可以选择做好相应的准备。只关注那些在你掌控范围内的事吧。Save your mental energy for productive tasks, such as solving problems or setting goals. When your thoughts aren’t productive, make a conscious effort to shift your mental energy to more helpful topics. The more you practice expending your mental energy wisely, the more it will become a habit.省下精力留给一些有产出的任务吧,如解决问题或设定目标。当你的想法不会产生什么成果时,有意地将精力转移到一些更有帮助的话题上。在如何明智地投放精力方面练习得越多,就越能习惯成自然。3. Replace Negative Thoughts with Productive Thoughts3.用有用的想法代替消极想法Although most of us don’t spend time thinking about our thoughts, increasing your awareness of your thinking habits proves useful in building resilience. Exaggerated, negative thoughts, such as, “I can’t ever do anything right, ” hold you back from reaching your full potential. Catch your negative thoughts before they spiral out of control and influence your behavior.尽管我们大多都不会花时间反思我们的想法,但事实明,提高你对自己思考习惯的意识对培养韧性而言很有帮助。夸大的负面想法,如“我总是做不对事情”,会限制你充分发挥自己的潜力。在负面想法开始疯长并影响你的行为之前把它们揪出来吧。Identify and replace overly negative thoughts with thoughts that are more productive. Productive thoughts don’t need to be extremely positive, but should be realistic. A more balanced thought may be, “I have some weaknesses, but I also have plenty of strengths.” Changing your thoughts requires constant monitoring, but the process can be instrumental in helping you become your best self.找出过于消极的想法,并用更有用的想法取而代之。有用的想法不必非常积极,但应该讲求实际。一个更加平衡的想法可能是,“我有一些弱点,但我也有许多长处。”改变自己的想法需要不断地自我监测,但这一过程有助于实现最好的自我。4. Practice Tolerating Discomfort4.练习对不适的忍耐度Being mentally strong doesn’t mean you don’t experience emotions. In fact, mental strength requires you to become acutely aware of your emotions so you can make the best choice about how to respond. Mental strength is about accepting your feelings without being controlled by them.精神强大并不意味着不会经历情绪波动。事实上,精神强大要求你能够敏锐地意识到自己的情绪,这样你就能在如何应对方面做出最好的决定。精神强大是接受自己的情绪,并不被它们所控制。Mental strength also involves an understanding of when it makes sense to behave contrary to your emotions. For example, if you experience anxiety that prevents you from trying new things or accepting new opportunities, try stepping out of your comfort zone if you want to continue to challenge yourself. Tolerating uncomfortable emotions takes practice, but it becomes easier as your confidence grows.精神力量还包括知道何时应与自己的情绪反着来。例如,如果你很忧虑以至于不能尝试新的事物或者接受新的机会,想要继续挑战自己的话就试着勇敢地走出自己的舒适区。容忍令人难受的情绪需要练习,但随着你的自信心不断增长,这会变得越来越容易。Practice behaving like the person you’d like to become. Instead of saying, “I wish I could be more outgoing, ” choose to behave in a more outgoing manner, whether you feel like it or not. Some discomfort is often necessary for greater gain, and tolerating that discomfort will help make your vision a reality, one small step at a time.你想成为什么样的人,就练习着像他们一样行事。不要只在嘴上说:“我希望我能变得更加外向。”而是选择以一种更加外向的方式行事,无论自己是否喜欢这样做。为了有更大的收获,经历些许不适常常是必要的。忍耐这种不适将有助于你愿望成真,不积跬步无以至千里。5. Reflect on Your Progress Daily5.每日反思你的进展Today’s busy world doesn’t lend itself to making much time available for quiet reflection. Create time to reflect upon your progress toward developing mental strength. At the end of each day, ask yourself what you’ve learned about your thoughts, emotions and behavior. Consider what you hope to improve upon or accomplish tomorrow.当今忙碌的世界使人们没有很多时间可以静静地思考。创造一些时间,反思你在培养精神力量方面的进展。每天结束之时,问问自己在思想、情绪和行为方面学到了什么。思考一下明天你希望提高哪些方面或者完成哪些目标。Developing mental strength is a work in progress. There is always room for improvement, and at times this will seem more difficult than at other times. Reflecting upon your progress can reinforce your ability to reach your definition of success while living according to your values.培养精神力量是一个循序渐进的过程。总有提高的余地,而且有时这似乎会格外困难。反观你的进展能够强化你的能力,实现你所定义的成功,同时按照你的价值观生活。 /201312/270395Taiwan has long been known for its night markets.台湾夜市闻名已久。According to the island#39;s tourism bureau, night markets attract more than 70% of foreign visitors. The popularity of these nightly bazaars even prompted the bureau to come up with an app in which players can be virtual street hawkers in the markets.据台湾观光局透露,夜市吸引了70%以上的外国游客。由于这些夜间市集的人气高涨,台湾观光局还推出了一个应用,让用户可以成为这些市场的虚拟小贩。But as Taiwan becomes more globalized, so too has the selection at the night markets.但随着台湾的进一步全球化,夜市提供的选择也更具国际特色。Visitors to Taipei#39;s famed Raohe Night Market can still get their fill of Taiwanese standbys like stinky tofu, pork intestine soup and pig#39;s blood rice cakes smothered with peanut powder. But those in the mood for something a little different can now also find Italian pizza cones, French crepes and Thai banana roti.在台北有名的饶河街夜市,游客仍然可以吃到臭豆腐、猪肠汤、铺着花生碎的猪血糕等台湾美食。但如果想吃点不同的风味,现在游客还可以找到意大利手握披萨、法式可丽饼和泰式香蕉煎饼。For Kao Tzu-fang, the best way to enjoy India without leaving Taiwan is a visit to her neighborhood night market.对于Kao Tzu-fang来说,能够一尝印度美食又不用离开台湾的最好办法就是逛一逛她家附近的夜市。#39;I love the Indian milk tea here. I don#39;t need a visa or a plane ticket, #39; she said, while fixing her eyes on the Taiwanese man showing off his #39;pull tea#39; skill--a common Southeast Asian trick involving pouring a mixture of sweet, condensed milk and black tea back and forth repeatedly between two pitchers from a distance.她说,她喜欢这里的印度奶茶;她都不需要办理签,也不用买飞机票。她目不转睛地看着眼前这个台湾本地人表演他的“拉茶”技术。拉茶是一种在东南亚很普遍的做茶技术,即将糖、炼乳和红茶的混合物在两个距离较远的容器内不断地倒来倒去。Although Ms. Kao, a Taipei resident, has never been to India and admitted she doesn#39;t know what real Indian masala tea tastes like, she is happy with the Taiwanese version. She said she and many of her friends rely on the night markets when craving something exotic and different.作为一个台北本地人,Kao从没去过印度,也承认自己并不知道真正的印度玛莎拉茶到底什么味道,不过她对台湾夜市版的拉茶很满意。她说,自己和许多朋友想要尝试异国风味时都会去夜市。Wearing a sweat-soaked black tank top with a towel around his neck, Tu Ming-hsiu stands in front of a smoldering hot grill each night at the Shilin Night Market, hoping the cumin-infused aroma from his Chinese Xinjiang meat skewers will appeal to passersby, especially those from the mainland, where it#39;s a popular street snack.Tu Ming-hsiu穿着被汗水湿透的黑色背心,脖子上搭着一条毛巾,站在自己位于士林夜市内的烤肉摊前,每天晚上如此。他希望自己新疆烤肉摊的孜然香味能够吸引到来来往往的食客,尤其是来自于中国大陆的游客。新疆烤肉是大陆流行的街边小吃。#39;Taiwan receives lots of Chinese tourists and many of them probably would like to have a taste of home,#39; the Taiwan native said, noting his business is doing #39;better than ever.#39;这个台湾本地人说,来台湾旅游的大陆游客很多,他们中很多人可能很想在台湾尝一尝大陆的食物。他还称,自己的生意从来没有像现在这么好。Some foreign vendors are also seeking to feast upon Taiwan#39;s craze for exotic food. Halit Toprak, has been selling Turkish ice cream, or dondurma, in various night markets for the five years. He said selling a beloved dessert from his home country is his way of sharing his culture with Taiwanese people.一些外国商贩也瞄准了台湾人对于外来美食的痴迷,准备大赚一笔。托普拉克(Halit Toprak)在各色夜市贩卖土耳其冰淇淋(dondurma)已有五年之久,他说,他通过兜售祖国受欢迎的甜品来跟台湾人民分享土耳其文化。#39;I want my Taiwanese customers to experience the original taste, so I even get my salep [a type of flour] from Turkey,#39; he said, but he admits he has to dial down the levels of sugar to cater to Taiwanese taste buds.托普拉克称,他希望台湾客人们品尝到原汁原味,所以他连做甜品用的兰茎粉(一种面粉)都从土耳其运来。不过他也承认,为了迎合台湾人的味蕾,他少放了糖。While the globalization of street snacks is giving night market shoppers more options, not everyone embraces the foreign influence. Some fear the influx of cheesy fries, Japanese moichi and Indian chapati is spoiling the essence of something so quintessential Taiwan.虽然街头小吃的国际化给了夜市游客提供了更多选择,但并非每个人都欢迎这种外来影响。一些人担心,奶酪薯条、日本麻 、印度面饼等小吃破坏了台湾风味的精髓。#39;When I was in America, I missed Taiwan#39;s night market food so much. But now there is all this Western food here, and it isn#39;t even good or authentic,#39; said Michael Shih, a 28-year-old manager at a startup. #39;People who want burgers should just go to McDonald#39;s or a food court, but leave my night market alone.#39;现年28岁的某初创公司经理Michael Shih称,他在美国的时候特别想念台湾夜市的小吃,但现在的夜市充斥着西方食品,既不好吃,也不正宗。他表示,想吃汉堡的人应该去麦当劳(McDonald#39;s)或美食街,而不要来夜市。Mr. Shih said one of his favorite memories growing up in Taipei was grabbing a plate of stinky tofu with a heap of pickled cabbage after an intense basketball game.Shih说,他是在台北长大的,记忆中最美妙的事情之一就是在打完一场激烈的篮球赛后,就着腌白菜吃一盘臭豆腐。#39;It was dirty, cheap, and messy, but that#39;s what made it so good and so Taiwan,#39; he recalled.他回忆道:(这样的吃法)确实不卫生、廉价而又杂乱,但那种感觉特别棒,才是原汁原味的台湾风味。Second-generation street vendor Huang Ying-tong said the invasion of foreign food in Shilin Night Market, where his family has been selling an array of barbecued grub for 30 years, doesn#39;t bother him at all. In fact, he said he feels it#39;s something Taiwan should be proud of.第二代街头小贩Huang Ying-tong称,他家在台北士林夜市上经营烧烤大排档已经有30年了,外来小吃的入侵对他而言一点都不构成困扰。他表示,事实上台湾应该为此而骄傲。#39;Taiwan is small island but it is a giant melting pot,#39; Mr. Huang said. #39;The constant changing selections of night market food proves just that.#39;他说,台湾只是个小小岛屿,但同时又是个巨大的熔炉。他认为,夜市小吃不断推陈出新,恰恰佐了这一点。 /201406/308087上海市去除疤痕多少钱

上海中医药大学附属龙华医院激光祛痘多少钱First there was a website that predicted when your parents would die; now there#39;s a watch that not only predicts when you will die, it also begins counting down.先是出现了一个能预测你双亲何时去世的网站;现在有一种手表,不仅能预测你将何时去世,而且开始了死亡倒计时。Users fill out a questionnaire about their medical history before subtracting their age from the overall results to get their death score. This score is entered into the Tikker and the countdown begins.使用者首先要填写一张疾病史的调查问卷,然后根据问卷的综合结果减去他们的现有年龄,就得到了他们的死亡倒计时数字。这一数字被输入到手表Tikker中,倒计时就开始了。Dubbed the #39;death watch#39;, Tikker has been created by Swedish inventor Fredrik Colting but far from being morbid, Colting calls it #39;The Happiness Watch#39; and claims it has been designed to help people make the most of their life and cherish the time they have left.Tikker又被称为“死亡手表”,是瑞士发明家弗里德里克·科尔廷发明的。科尔廷绝非出于病态的意图,他把这款手表称为“幸福手表”,并称他的设计意图是帮助人们更好的实现生活价值,珍惜所剩下的光阴。#39;Imagine someone told you that you only had one year left to live. How would that change your life? For all of us life comes with a best-before date,#39; said Colting.“想象一下如果有人告诉你,你的生命只剩下一年时间,你的生活会发生什么变化?对于我们所有人来说,生命都是一次前所未有的约会。” 科尔廷这样表示。#39;While death is non-negotiable, life isn’t. All we have to do is learn how to cherish the time and the life that we have been given; seize the day and follow our hearts.#39;“虽然死亡是不可避免的,生活方式却是可以选择的。我们所必须做的就是学习如何珍惜时间和我们被赐予的生命。把握今天,随心而行。”Colting came up with the idea when his grandfather passed away. To set up Tikker, the wearer fills out a questionnaire by entering information about their medical history.科尔廷是在祖父去世时产生了发明此物的念头。佩戴Tikker的人只需填写一份关于疾病史信息的调查问卷,就可以启动手表。They are also asked whether they drink or smoke and if there are any instances of cancer, diabetes and other diseases in their family.问卷还会问及佩戴者是否酗酒,抽烟,有无癌症,糖尿病等家族病史。We arers are additionally asked about how much exercise they do, as well as how much they weigh before receiving a score.同时佩戴者们还会被问及他们是否锻炼身体,在得出死亡倒计时数字之前体重多少。Their age is then deducted from the results to predict a death date, and the Tikker begins the countdown.然后从结果中减去他们现有的年龄,Tikker就开始倒计时了。 /201408/317566上海那家去液毛好 Young people from less-privileged homes are more likely to graduate from college and earn more if raised by two married parents.不富裕家庭的年轻人,若是由父母双亲抚养长大,更有机会大学毕业并获得高薪。Young adults are 44 percent more likely to have graduated from college if they were raised by their married parents.在由已婚父母养育下长大的年轻人大学毕业的机会要多出44%。In fact, the opportunity story begins with our families—in particularly, with our parents. As the Nobel-prize-winning economist James Heckman recently noted, “the family into which a child is born plays a powerful role in determining lifetime opportunities.”事实上,机会始于家庭——特别是父母。诺贝尔经济学奖得主詹姆斯·海克曼最近指出,“家庭在孩子的出生中扮演了强有力的角色,决定了其一生的机会。”Research indicates that adolescents raised in intact, married homes are significantly more likely to succeed educationally and financially. The benefits are greatest for less privileged homes—that is, where their mother did not have a college degree.研究表明健全的婚姻家庭中长大的青年人在教育上和经济上都更有可能成功。在母亲没有大学学历的不富裕家庭,家庭完整就是最大的优势。As the next graph indicates, young men and women who hail from intact, married homes are much more likely to graduate from college. More precisely, young adults are at least 44 percent more likely to have graduated from college if they were raised by their married parents. This is important because a college degree is associated with better work opportunities, lower odds of unemployment, and a substantial wage premium.来自完整家庭的年轻男女更有可能从大学顺利毕业。确切的说,已婚家庭长大的青年人大学毕业的机会要多出44%。而大学毕业至关重要,因为它意味着更好的工作机会,更低的失业率和工资的大幅溢价。The marriage bump is strongest among families where the parents didn#39;t go to college (the left half of the graph above). Among less-educated families, the children of married parents earn about , 000 more than their peers from non-intact families, as the next chart shows. The association between intact families and income is not significant for children of college-educated parents.父母没念过大学的家庭婚姻是最坎坷的 。下图表明,受教育程度低的家庭中,已婚父母的孩子同离异家庭的同龄孩子相比能多赚4000美元,而对受教育程度高的家庭的孩子来说,家庭完整与收入之间的关系并不大。Adolescent family structure also has important implications for family formation among young adults. The next graph indicates that men and women who hail from intact families are about 40 percent less likely to father or bear a child outside of wedlock. This is important because nonmarital childbearing reduces your odds of successfully getting and staying married down the road, maximizing your income, and of providing a stable home to your children.青少年的家庭结构对年轻一代成年人家庭的形成有着重要的意义。下图表明,完整家庭中成长起来的男女婚外生育的几率要小40%,这一结论非常重要,因为非婚生育将使你今后成婚和维系婚姻都步履维艰,大幅加薪机会渺茫,甚至为子女提供一个安稳的家都遥不可及。Marriage might even have economic benefits at the citywide level. A recentstudy from Harvard and UC-Berkeley found that the most important predictor of economic mobility was the low share of single moms in a community. Mobility for poor kids was highest in the Salt Lake City metro area, which also happens to have one of the lowest rates of single motherhood of any major metro area in the country.婚姻甚至在全市层面带来经济效益。哈佛和加州大学伯克利分校最近一项研究表明一个社区经济流动性的最重要迹象是该社区的单身母亲为数不多。盐湖城大都会区是贫困孩子的流动率是最高的地方,也是全美大都会区母亲单身率最低的地方。 /201311/264420上海市曙光医院割双眼皮手术价格

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